About Tom & LaDawn

Our Story

Tom and LaDawn Painter are the Parents of 

5 Children and 4 Grandchildren

After I Suffered and Survived A Heart Attack At Age 34

I Knew I Had to Get Financial Systems in Place to Take Care of My 2 Special Needs Children 


Following the Advice of My Father, James Painter and A Friend and Mentor Robert Allen

My Wife And I Started Working On Our Finances

We Fixed Up Houses and Invested in Real Estate

Created A Stream of Income from A Direct Selling Company

Created Businesses and Invested in the Stock Market

Today, We Are Financially Independent and Our Special Needs Children are Taken Care Of

When I turned 55 I Decided That I Would Like To Create a Non Profit Foundation That Would Do 2 Things

Teach Success and Money Principles and Donate To Non Profit Groups

The Painter Family Foundation and Success And Money Foundation Were Created

My Wife and I Have Already Given Over $2,000,000 to Schools, Churches, Charities, Groups and Teams


A Few Years Ago We Donated the 1st Four Unit Building We Bought 38 Years Ago and 2 Additional Four Unit Buildings Plus A House to the Foundation

This Added And Additional $1,700,000 to the Foundation

Last Year We Added Another $1,000,000 In Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett’s Company) and Facebook Stock

This Money is Invested And Will Produce Profits That Will Be Given Away In The Years to Come


Outside Donations Are Welcome To Help Further The Work of FREE Financial Education Throughout The World