The Taz Murray Group

Would You Watch 2 Short Videos

On Success And Money

If You Made $10?

Would You Tell Family And Friends If You Received

A Reward

For Each Of Them That Watch The 2 Short Videos?

Would You Refer Your School, Church Or Group

If You Made An Additional Reward

The Success And Money Foundation
Invites You And Your Group To Participate In The
Success And Money Challenge

Where Everyone Wins And Some Win Big

There Is Nothing To Buy, Just Knowledge To Be Gained

You Can Play Online Anytime
In A Live Interactive Class
Online Or In Person

Our Purpose



Success And Money Classes

For Anyone, Anywhere

Mission #1

Provide Financial Rewards

To Students For Attending Online Classes

And Sharing With Others

Rewards To Be Added To Their Investment Account

Mission #2

Provide Donations And

An Educational Platform


Schools, Churches, Charities, Groups And Teams

Mission #3

Improve People’s Lives


Help Those In Need

The Success And Money Foundation

Is a Non Profit Educational Charity

The Foundation Has

Over 400 FREE Success And Money Classes
By Best Selling Authors, Educators And Entrepreneurs

We Have Students
From Over 80 Countries

The Foundation Has Been Gifted

$3 Million Dollars


Has Sent Out

27,000 Financial Rewards

To Individuals, Schools, Churches, Charities, Groups And Teams

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Study Successful

How Do
Earn Cash And Prizes?

#1. Attend a Live Class (In Person Or Online)
#2. Attend Recorded Online Courses
#3. Give Away FREE Memberships To Friends and Family

How Does
Earn Cash And Prizes?

By Having It's Members Attend FREE Classes

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