Robert Allen & Thomas Painter Success Stories

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I spent about a month studying Google Cash – and eBook about writing Google AdWords. The unique thing about this is that after that short time, I was able to actually get online, write ads, get clicks, sales, track our progress and learn how to improve our ads. In just a few days, we had our first two sales! There are so many possibilities for Google Adwords and others. I”m really looking forward to getting these going to “eliminate my money pressures, enjoy a life of complete financial freedom, and share my abundance wtih others.” We”re on the way!
Pam H & Jeff M
I ordered my domain name from godaddy.com in March 2003 and forwarded a network marketing site, with a hideous URL, to it. I”ve had two people contact me so far.
Pam H & Jeff M
I started telling people, sending emails and published an article about great long distance service from One Suite. I”ve had 8 people sign up using my code so the company gave me (and my friends) free long distance minutes!! That”s almost two hours of long distance I don”t have to pay for!!!
Pam H & Jeff M
I am here because I have always had a dream of being independently wealthy and doing it myself. I am here at my first Robert Allen workshop and I know I am on the right path to my first million!!! Thank you Bob!
Pam S
In 2001, a large conglomerate bought out the medical start up company I worked for and our technology was taken to the Midwest. Unless I moved, my job was gone. I took a year to take computer training and my insurance license classes. I found a mentor and started working as an employee in her agency. Within a year I was making enough to go independent and work on commission only. I started an S-Corp to assist with taxes and liability protection. 2004 will be my first year to be on my own and I am on target to make $30,000+ this year. With the tax benefits of my business, I get to keep and use most of that. I joined a networking group and that has been the biggest boost to my sales. I have learned to network with other agents who have different specialties to manage the work that they can”t or don”t want to do. I offer referral fees to keep this business coming in. One man I have never met 500 miles away has generated at least $3,000 for me this year and sends more new referrals each month. I am going to continue to grow this business while learning to invest in real estate through the protege program. The members of my leads group are now power partners for the real estate team I am forming. From that group I have strong ties with a real estate agent, mortgage broker, title company officer, and real estate attorney. My goal is to purchase the agency I work through when my mentor retires (she is 60+ and interested in doing so). By working in the protege program, I will learn skills to be an effective business owner and train the agents that work for me to improve their income and mine.
Pamela F & Robin A
Yesterday, 12.22.04 we just signed a contract to purchase a greystone 3 flat with a 2 flat coachhouse in the Lakeview area of Chicago. This is a piece of property that we have been analyzing and comparing all fall and we have been negotiating back and forth with the owner for several weeks. We are guardedly please. Out of the several different types of properties that we have been looking at from REOs – single family homes in blue collar neighborhoods, to 4-flats in chicago neighborhoods to condos….this is the first one where we have been successful in reaching an agreement that we think is fair to all. It is a very different situation than we ever thought that we would get involved in. Serendipty brought my 23 year old son back home from California when his job fell through. When he got involved, he began to focus on the locations that the young people want to live – in the city and where the action is. After 3 decades in the suburbs raising a family this was foreign territory. Suddenly a long lost cousin appeared and lo and behold is a real estate czar. He took our son under his wing and put his youthful testosterone and nothing to lose, everything to gain attitude, enthusiasm, hard work and dedication and pointed. We were pushed FAR out of our comfort zone -and ALL of us benefitted. This deal had a highly motivated seller – the desire to close FOUR MONTHS FROM NOW IN APRIL giving us plenty of time to figure out financing AND he offered a $50K decorating allowance to be given back at closing that we plan to use as a down payment. In addition, My husband who has his brokers license, is entitled to 1/2 the commission. (Please note: people may think – oh well – your husband is a broker so you had an easier time – true…he has had years of experience – but as a developer and custome home builder. But several years ago after a number of extremely negative experiences he vowed never to be involved in real estate again. It was me – his wife – who wanted to do this when my husband became critically ill last Spring and I realized that I would be a single parent raising an adult dependent child alone. Then at the same time I wanted something that I knew would be good for my son. My husband has reluctantly and slowly begun to pay attention and join us in our activities.
Pamela P & David P
In October of 2003, my world came to a screeching halt. A career that I had devoted the last 4 years to, building and putting thousands of dollars and hours into came to an end. I suddenly realized that I had no income and my husband had suffered bankruptcy and was starting all over as well. So I decided that I wanted to take what little I knew of the stock market and to give it serious study. I already belonged to an investment group – 10 years – and had a fairly good foundation in studying and analyzing stocks. In addition, I had a small amount of money that I had inherited that was in an account that offered excellent online research and tools. In addition to that, my husband had been studying for several years and had some excellent software. I decided to take all of this and spend several hours a day studying. I began to make some small trades in some large cap blue chip companies and began very conservatively with an eye toward long term holding. I would not buy a company that I was not comfortable owning for at least 5 – 10 years or more. I selected a few and then with the help of my husband who understands a great deal about technical trading (trading based on charts only and not emotions or news) I selected prices and times to enter the market based on Standard Deviations. Therefore I found that I entered the market on these stocks at a time when their prices were low. To my surprise and delight they have continued to go up. In a few cases they went up significantly and I felt it was important to capture the income. Now I wish, because these were such good stocks that I had kept them as they also gave excellent dividends which I had in dividend reinvestment. However, I learned a lot. I also began to buy very conservatively – a few stocks that were considered high risk. That is when I learned about putting a stop to control losses. That worked really well for an excellent but volatile stock thar rose and fell quickly – So far 6 out of 7 stocks have done very well. Fingers crossed
Pamela P & David P
My husband and I began our Robert Allen training in May, 2004. He works full time and I have an adult dependent child living at home. We had to learn how to begin by grabbing time in between and after all our responsibilities and obligations at work and home to try to reach our goal of buying property. It took several months to find a piece of property that we actually thought was a good opportunity. It was a REO in a town close by. It was an all brick ranch on a small corner lot with large old trees in a nice blue blue collar neighborhood. The house was in very good condition in spite of being a REO. The bank was asking a price that we thought was way too high – $155,900. It was only about $5-$10 K less than it would have been fixed up. We had been surprised that many of the REO were being purchased for very high prices. After studying the comps and pricing the things we needed to do to the house and taking into consideration a fair profit, we submitted an offer in mid September for $125K. The bank countered at $150K. We raised ours to $130K. But, the bank rejected it saying that the house was only on the market for a short time. We decided to be patient. In late November we saw that the house was STILL for sale AND now the price was lowered to within $139. But by this time the market had significantly softened as the interest rates had been raised 5 times. Nothing seemed to be selling. We made a NEW offer for $130K – they came down to $136K and threw in $1500 at closing for any costs incurred. However, we decided that we were going to stick to our guns at $130K because of a number of reasons – especially the comps right now. Another couple had offered significantly more for the property and were planning to live in it. The bank said thier situation was shaky. We decided to let them go for it and if that fell through we would revisit it. We have a number of other properties that we are interested in and decided to focus on them instead as we felt that they had more potential in the long run. This was going to be our practice house.
Pamela P & David P
We bought a nice 2 bedroom condo which was going into foreclosure from the owner. It cost $54,000 with a value of $60,000. We still own it (bought out in 1997). The value is now $95,000, and the original owner still rents from us. Since the time we bought his home from him, he has thanked us several times for saving his credit rating. It really feels good.
Pat E & Stan E
We bought our first property in February. It needs a lot of repairs, but the price we paid will allow us the money to fix it up, and make a good profit. We purchased it for $20k. Fix-up will cost $45k, and the value will be $90k. We will retail it in another month.
Pat J & Mark J
Although I have blindly traded in the stock market for several years, the personal coaching program has helped me formulate a system that is making me more productive and profitable. I am learning how to identify stocks that are moving up and stay detached emotionally when I buy and sell. I am studying the Options Program and taking the eight-week teleconference classes with Dr. Cooper. I look forward to my first 10 paper trades on options and attending my first EMI Retreat in Orlando.
Patricia A
500% on my very first paper OPTION trade!  Just finished the 8 week session with Dr Cooper. I bought ADVP FEB 60 Call on 2/10 at $1.60 and sold on 2/18 at $9.60, for a 500% profit. It was unbelievable. Thanks for teaching me a system that can work. Both your style of teaching and knowledge have motivated me to become successful at something I was afraid of in the beginning. Patience and persistence are my mantras!!
Patricia A
At the November Enlightened Millionaire Retreat I presented an idea for a new product that Robert Allen had the other participants vote on. The majority voted that it was a millionaire idea. I was told to get in touch with Jerry Oakes” company Synergy and get my idea protected which I did in December of 2003. Synergy reviewed my idea and they thought it was worth pursuing so I had them do a patent search. The search turned up that there is not a patent held on a product like mine. This month I will have Synergy start the design drawings and the patent application process. I am deeply grateful to the staff of the Millionaire Institute and the protégé’s that attended the November retreat for giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams. Thank-you!
I unfortunately expected my father to die in the early spring of 2004. I had been his caregiver for over 6 years, which started immediately following the end of my 30-year marriage. I however did not expect the turmoil of finding a new residence to happen so fast when my Dad died this March. I did not expect pettiness and greed to occur with two of my four brothers. Three years earlier I had moved in with my 87-year-old father to be a roommate and caregiver. I took the Robert Allen Real Estate Workshop three months after the living trust was read. I discovered I could buy property. I had leverage! I know I made quite a few mistakes, but taking the course taught me how much financial maneuverability I had to find, make an offer and purchase a home. I closed on September 23, and look forward to purchasing more investment properties as soon as possible. I am determined to learn, to do whatever it takes, climb mountains, slay dragons or fumigate houses. I have the power, the potential, the desire and determination to succeed and I will. I see myself making deposits at my business account smiling, feeling wonderful, safe, secure and empowered. Thank you Robert Allen for this new lease on Life!
Patricia C
Immediately upon finishing our training on 7/25/04, my partner and I became consumed with finding properties. On 8/1/04 I made an offer on a duplex in a low to middle class area of blocks and blocks of duplexes. It had been on the market 11 days. Here in Phoenix investors are snatching up these properties sight unseen. This property had been listed in the MLS, but under the wrong category – as single family residence instead of income property which is the only reason it had not been snatched up already. I looked at it three days ago, made an offer, seller countered, and now I am coming back with an offer more than list price and asking 3% back at closing to cover some acquisition costs. SECOND PROPERTY – Builder close out. Upscale single family residence and European styled loft townhouses under market. Development is sold out, but developer is now releasing the last 17 lots, after every six released the price goes up $5000. There was a waiting list. I put my name on the list and they called me yesterday to come in and put down a deposit. I am in the first six on the list, so I have guaranteed appreciation on this unit before it”s even built. They are only asking $1,500 down, but also offering 100% financing, and interest only financing. Closing TBD. The developer told me yesterday that after the community is fully built out, the units are expected to appreciate $40,000 to $50,000 right away. Housing is hot here. Also working 5-6 FSBOs. Will close on first property (the duplex) on 9/1/04.
Patricia H & Barbara B
We looked at a 2 family house in Beverly Farms, MA and two months later made our first offer after the original broker lost the listing. Our plan was to perform substantial renovations and convert the property to 2 condos and resell it. The house had originally been listed at 699K and had been reduced to 599K. Our offer of 490K was rejected. We were relieved because if it had been accepted, we would have been hard pressed to make the numbers work due to severely underestimating the carrying costs. The process gave us the courage to jump in and try and we have since embraced the concept of 1. not needing to have perfect conditions before proceeding and 2. Trusting that the money and other requisite details will all come together somehow. The lessons learned on this and other subsequent offers have proven more valuable than simply reading about how deals are made.
Patricia M & James M
Created a 9% gain in one day with a S&P 500 E-mini option contract. This is the first trade using the DayTrading2004 service, automatically traded through Man Financial. This provides a potential investment income stream, passively and with minimal risk. The profits will be reinvested to increase potential returns.
Patricia N
Created a one day 9% gain with minimal risk, auto-trading one S&P 500 E-mini contract. This was the first trade executed using the DayTrading2004 system, which is automatically traded through Man Financial. This provides an excellent vehicle for generating potential investment income, passively and with minimal risk.
Patricia N
After listening to the multi-units class, I decided to focus on this area. After contacting several commercial real estate agents, I received and analyzed 22 properties. Six of them pass the desired threshold and submitted the contracts. All of them counter offered asking more deposit and higher price. I placed an Ad in the newspaper for a month, looking for investors. Twenty six people have responded so far, and I have made 4 presentations but so far have not secured the investor/partner I am looking for. If this is a numbers game I should be getting close now.
Patricia V & Claude G
About a month ago, you helped me buy a starter home that was assessed at $95,000 for just $66,000. Since than I have completed the repairs, which cost about $7,000 (including closing costs). Last week I had my first open house on Saturday, had two interested buyers, and sold it to one young couple for $92,500!! This was the first day I marketed it. I will close on April 18!. Without your guidance this deal would have never happened. I can”t wait to move on to the next project and I have you and all the coaches at Robert Allen”s Protege program to thank for it.
Patti A
It was a real blessing that I was able to make my first offer – only because a friend was unable to purchase the property, and allowed me to purchase it instead. What a thrill after attending many meetings and trainings to actually make an offer following Robert Allen”s techniques and find out that the offer was accepted!!
I joined the Protégé program September 25th, 2003, while working two jobs in Alaska. Not having enough time to devote to the program I quit my jobs Oct 31st and drove to CA. In spite of a moose crashing through my windshield in British Columbia, I made it to the Last Minute Millionaire Retreat which turned out to be a life-changing event. Immediately after, I relocated to Las Vegas and on Dec 3rd, 2003, I purchased two properties currently valued at $686,000 — with only $8,000 down!!! Just three months ago I never could have imagined it would even be possible! More PROOF that Robert Allen”s methods work!
After relocating from Alaska to Las Vegas to take advantage of the “HOTTEST” real estate market, I met a realtor through a meeting at Karen Nelson Bell”s home. We became friends and began searching for new development properties. New rules have been making it more difficult for investors and I felt extremely fortunate when another friend, unable to purchase a property, allowed me to purchase it in her place! The very same day, while driving around looking for others, we found another property that I was able to purchase – located on a golf course. God certainly blessed me that day!! That was on Dec 3, 2003 and by Jan 13, 2004 the two properties have already appreciated $77,000!!!
After attending Real Estate seminars, I became comfortable to start investing in Real Estate. I”ve never thought that I could buy 3 properties at the same time for 5% down payment, and I attest to everybody that that”s very doable. I now own 3 Rental properties (1 in NLV, NV, 1 in Pendleton, OR & 1 in Pensacola, FL). Who would think that a Travel Agent like me selling cruises would be able to accomplish a life changing move like that? Just do it!
Paul C
In the first six months as an Infopreneuring protege, my partner, her husband, my wife, and I covered massive ground without compromising our full time jobs by working in the evenings on the following successes. We setup an LLC, we self-published a book, we developed and launched a website, we developed and executed a marketing plan, we designed and delivered workshops, and gave over 10% of our revenue to charity (before profit). As the author of our first book, my partner also appeared on radio stations in USA, Ireland, and Australia in addition to TV appearance on Fox and Friends Cable Network. All this in less than 6 months and on a part-time basis with 7 kids (oldest being 9 years old) in tow!!
Paul D & Melanie H
I had filled out over 100 profile forms and made 15 offers before I had my first offer accepted. The property failed the home inspection and I backed out of the deal. Some more profiles and offers later I had my second offer accepted. I purchased that property. My next offer was accepted and I purchased that property, and my next offer was accepted and I purchased that property! The three properties have me on my way to financial freedom!
Paul E
Our best deal so far was the 11 unit apartment building in Port Angeles, Washington. We bought it for $260,000 with a 100% private loan at 8%. We recieved $7,000 at closing in rent and commission. We put in $30,000 for repairs, then refinanced for $317,000 at 6.5%, giving us $67,000 as well as lowering our monthly payment and increasing our cashflow. It was appraised for the new loan at $400,000.
Paul M & Margie M
I have felt that the internet side of things was a natural for me as I have been in the technical end of the computer industry for over 20 years. I built my first site as an informational site to help ordinary people using home computers. The site aims to help them protect their machines from viruses & spyware and aims to help parents protect their kids while browsing. Some sections are not complete yet as it is quite a lot of work to research each section so I believe I am giving the very best advice I can.  In order to recoup some of the cost I have used some affiliate links to products I feel I can recommend and have signed up for to host ads which pay a small amount if a visitor clicks on them.
Paul Q & Mark Q
My first profits are rather small, not even $10 yet, but as we have not even finished all the site sections and started advertising it yet I am pretty pleased – it shows that the ideas have potential.
Paul Q & Mark Q
The idea for this website came from a disappointment. A year or so ago I had purchased two computers for a local charity and my brother and I had provided software & installed them ready for use. I bumped into one of the leaders of the charity recently and he told me he was “ready to throw the computer out of the window”. Imagine my shock at that statement. After some time I realized that the computer was infected with a virus. However we had left the machines set so this shouldn’t happen, with current anti-virus software, firewalls etc. It became clear that they had not been managing the computers at all, the anti-virus had never been updated (even though we had demonstrated how) and the firewall had been accidentally turned off. At first my thoughts were along the lines of “some people shouldn’t be allowed to use computers”. Then I remembered my more fundamental view – computers are there to help people; it’s just the people need a little help to care for them. I thought about producing an e-book on how to look after things, but decided on an informational web site instead. This week (Nov 2004) I took a week off work to create and work on the site. So far it’s not yet finished but it’s there on the internet.
Paul Q & Mark Q
I completed my 10 paper trades over about 2 months as I followed along with Dr Coopers 8 week course. I have been interested in the Stock Market for many years but had not made the time to study properly and my simple attempt made very little money or even lost some. This course gave me tools to use to recognize likely suitable trades and execute them. I found problems with paper trading, in that there was no real skin in the game. Although most rose to profit I left a number to carry on to loose value, but I did prove the technique worked and that I had to watch my exit strategies.
Paul Q & Mark Q
Carrying on from the paper trading I decided to start with real money. I sold some of my company shares to raise some capital and using cash pulled from my mortgage. I choose two tactics. I knew a certain company was going to be paying a $3 dividend, so I tried to send enough money to the account to buy 1,000 shares. However by the time the money had crossed the water from the UK to the US the stock had risen so I bought 990, then sold 90 at a small profit to free some for an options trade. I then opened two more trades. A week later both were in profit and I sold (too early really) at a good profit. I sold (now down about 2.50 but expecting the 3.00 dividend soon so I have reported the sale price as if it was $3 higher to show the profit on the 90-day challenge). All in all I cleared over $1,000 profit in 11 days. Very encourging! At the point of writing this I am opening 2-3 more small trades to continue to gain experience while still managing risk.
Paul Q & Mark Q
With my heart pounding and my legs weak, I answered the add in the San Fran Chronicle for a condo in Las Vegas—ad said “good terms”!—-ah ah! That sounds familiar, I”ll call. With even more trepidation I went to meet the owner in his office in downtown San Francisco. Long story short, he was easy on me (he, a seasoned investor, me a complete novice, out of my depth, comfort zone and everything else!!)I bought the condo with no money down and without even seeing the place! I just felt that I had to get started, and this was going to be it, and for $60,000 I wasn’t exactly risking the farm!! This took place at the end of Jan 2003. In April 03 I took the equity out of our own house and purchased 2 four plexes, also in Las Vegas. Next I got on to “new developments”, also in Las Vegas——Here I tied up unbuilt properties for as low as $2500! When they became ready to occupy, I found investors who were interested in investing 20% of my purchase price—-which in these cases were $40,000 and $35,000 each. This enabled me to get the very best financing at the lowest rates. I can pay all costs, inc 10.5% on their investment, and buy with a very low down for me. The properties are going up so rapidly that I don”t mind if they are not even totally covered. I have got 8 of these now. Together with the other buildings, there is a collective equity of close to $700,000!!! The way that it is going in Vegas, that will be well over $1,000,000(I’m not even sure how to write that!!) by September this year. I can hardly believe it! Oh, about that $60,000 condo that got it all going——-last week I was informed that a group had made a written offer for the whole complex for $13,300,000—–which makes each condo valued at $130,000!!!. I feel so very blessed, and just thankful to be part of the enlightened millionaire movement.
paul s
We traded options primarily with home building stocks. In 5 weeks we made a profit around $13,000.00 net.
Paul Y & Andrea Y
I started with Robert Allen as an InfoPreneur and at the first protégé retreat I realized the importance of real estate as a foundational wealth building strategy. I quickly studied and learned all I could, devouring every book Robert Allen had ever written and fell in love with the idea of being able to help people across the United States, and possibly worldwide, by buying and selling houses nationwide as I help people get into their first or new home, resolve any situation regarding their property, making it a WIN/WIN situation for everyone involved. So like my first real estate mentor, Robert Allen, I followed suit and gave myself a challenge, actually several. I decided I”d learn all I could from this guru, attend all his seminars, read all his books, buy $5 million dollars worth of property in my first year as a new real estate entrepreneur, and buy ALL my single family residences using OPM. I must admit, I accomplished most of my challenges. I became a protégé, attended all Bob”s seminars that first year, read all his books, was on all his calls, and I bought a little under $4 million dollars worth of property in my first ten months as a new RE entrepreneur. And I did it all using private money. Not too bad, huh? My deals have been “no money down” deals just like Bob taught us. I take many of my properties “subject to,” and now, since I”ve learned to raise my own private money and have my own investors who fund all my acquisitions, I pay CA for my properties. What a great way to go! No contingencies, no falling out of escrow and not being able to close, and NO limits to what and how many properties I can buy. Having all the private money I need to buy all the properties I want IS a life saver and is continuing to grow my business. And now I”m teaching others all I”ve learned about buying properties right and raising UNLIMITED private money. Thanks, Robert Allen. I LOVE your genius!
Paula R.
As I”m filling this in while at conference in Orlando, I can”t access my data for full details. In a nutshell, however, I made 63% on my first “real money” trade on a covered call on QQQ. I did this after paper trading for a few months. Thank you Dr. Cooper!
Paula T
Coming to US about 10 years ago with no knowledge of business and very little knowledge of English language, I promised myself that no matter what, I will find my American dream and despite all the challenges and failures I have stayed persistence knowing that I WILL make this happen. While working in the restaurant temporarily due to being laid off and in order to get extra cash flow, about 2 years ago I found an unfulfilled need in this industry which after doing my research, I did not find any device that can accomplish that. So I invented the concept idea and after over a year of searching I was able to find the resources and contact to create a company and a great team around this invention to make it a reality. Now we are filling our second patent on it and we have one patent pending, we have a great team of advisors and coaches and a phenomenon management team and we are on a full momentum to create this invention. It is a device used in the food service industry to make them more sanitary and more efficient in time and cost. As some managements and corporate trainers of major restaurants have said: “this will revolutionize the food service industry”. I look forward to be an enlightened multi millionaire to be able to help as many others reach their American dreams too.
Payam L
After working for over 3 year for a Network Marketing Company, I was able to achieve the executive director position and within my first year of business to gain the “top 10 Diamond Leadership Award” for the people in their 1st year of business. Now also working with a phenomenon health benefit plan company, I was able to get my first check in this business in January of 2004.
Payam L
We have attended Dr. Coopers Options Class twice now and his Advanced Stock Class once. We find him to be an excellent teacher. What was once about as clear as pea soup is now logical and possible. Although we have not yet taken the plunge with real money, we have done many paper trades -some wise and profitable, some not. What we have discovered is that the two of us have different mind sets about trading and would do well to have separate accounts. One thing we learned is that we each have to recognize our own personal trading style. Paper trading has been an excellent training step for us. You will hear from us again – the next time with real money and real GAIN.
Peg R & Donald R
We have just finished the third step of Steve and Jarads Site Building Quick Start class. Our site is up and running although not yet fully functional. By the time we leave for the Wealth Retreat in Orlando we expect to be gathering names for our data bank and making money while we sleep. This is a very exciting venture finally accomplishing what we have been floundering with for some time.
Peg R & Donald R
This is not a story of financial success achieved. This is the tale of two people who thought they could but FELT that they could not – or should not. Knowing it is one thing, getting past the programmed barriers is another. It has been just over two years since we joined the protege program. Shortly after we joined we attended the Wealth Retreat in Orlando. Thanks to Robert Allens generosity we followed that with attendance at Harv Eckers Millionaire Mind Seminar. What a change that put into motion. It has taken many months to actually clear out the old and take action on the new mind set. We have taken many small steps one after the other. We have listened to many many phone classes, made some false starts, changed our ideas of which stream to focus on, and finally started on a path that excites us. Since we both agree that we want to work from home. We have put in our years already on day jobs that we have retired from we are concentrating on stocks and internet infopreneuring. We have our paper trading under our belts and will be trading with real money in the new year. One web site is up and several more in the planning stage. We no longer talk to our friends about making money since they really dont get it, we are just going ahead and doing it. The confidence that we feel now is real and the action feels like just the natural thing to do. A big part of our new attitude is the knowing that with more money we can do more good and with a lot more money we can do a lot more good.
Peg R & Donald R
When I attended the Glenn Purdy Real Estate week-end we were given an assignment of answering a bunch of questions. The next day Glenn told us that the assignment we did was a business plan. So I will use that plan as a template for future ones, although I will change the information accordingly.
Penny T
I spent last week-end in Las Vegas at Duncan and Karen”s MassivePassiveCashAction Week-end. I purchased a home in a new housing development. I put $2,500 down on a lot reservation. The home is to be completed in October 2004, and at the time it is completed it will have at least $30k of equity in it. Yeah!!! I may move into the house myself or do a 3 year lease option to buy.
Penny T
A real fixer-upper, and foreclosure imminent. Offered $5k to owner to let me work with the bank and ask them to take a haircut. Offer eventually expired.
Pete P
I purchased a fix-up property for $247K. APV is $350.
Peter H
I”ve completed Dr C”s Options course and have now been paper trading for a few months. Started off badly, but that”s partly down to the ready, fire, aim approach. Of the most recent eight trades closed, seven were in profit for an average gain over all eight of 44%. Of the four paper trades currently running, two are up and two are down. I”ll give it another month or so, and then it might be time to try some real money.
Peter O
Home was advertised with an appraised value of $985,000.00. I negotiated a purchase price of $719,000, which is what the seller needed to come out of the deal in the black. My intension is to assign the contract which is 73% of the appraised value. I have not been successful so far, but I have until the end of April to close/flip the contract which is written “subject to buyer obtaining suitable financing”
Peter R & Maureen R
I was so nervous when I made my first offer on an piece of Real Estate, but went ahead with it. To my surprise it was accepted! And, guess what, I made another offer on another piece of property and again to my surprise it also got accepted. After fixing up the properties, I sold both of them for a profit of $12,000 not bad for a rookie.
Peter S
Robert Allen Course is great it moved me into ACTION, and I love it. I just bought my first property and sign a contract on a second one on the same day. It feel wonderful, all you have to do is go out there and do it. Go ahead take the challenge, and create your own wealth. I feel like a million dollars already. Thanks BOB.
Peter S
The Robert Allen Course is great. It moved me and put me in ACTION, so I can start creating my own wealth. It feels wonderful!!! I just got my first property and signed a contact on the second one on the same day, I feel like a million already, thanks Bob.
Peter S
We purchased the property in Reunion because I loved it and wanted a piece of property in Florida. We bought based on intuition before starting with Robert Allen Insitute. In the meantime the resort is being built out. The property is appreciating. I am a veterinarian who is frustrated by the plateauing of my practice. I do well but I have not had a raise in 5 years. I am looking to have another stream of income inn real estate. Jane and I have our first he-hab property closing on Monday, January 26th.
Peter V & Jane V
We looked through the Sunday paper for property advertisements indicating motivated sellers. We found one and went to the home open. The property was vacant and the seller had already moved to a new house. We estimated that it would need $5,000 spent on grounds and painting, but that this would increase its value from $155,000 to $175,000. After carefully considering and preparing all of our offer conditions, which included: 1. Buying it in our “and/or nominees” so that we could pass the property on before settlement if we found an early buyer, or take in a partner for the purchase (we have no money for a deposit). 2. No title encumbrances; 3. Financing to be completely our choice; 4. Right of entry prior to settlement to renovated the property; 5. A building report to our satisfaction; 6. A termite clearance certificate, with Seller treating any live termites and repairing any damage; …We overcame our fear and trepidation and wrote up the offer for $120,000, then called the Real Estate Agent and faxed it. Now we wait.
Peter W & Jacqui W
After Looking at over 50 houses in 1984 and 1985 I purchased a duplex in NB NJ. I used my parents”cash which they got out of another investment property to purchase this one. The Rents covered the Mortagage and always had a positive cash flow. It has great cash flow now.
Philip C & Henny C
I have already submitted my personal thanks via e-mail however I am never sure if it gets read. This program has just changed my life so please read my story. For publication I would say that I saw a need for folks to be able to rent and own their homes in our small country college town. I realized the course didn’t cover it much and I winged it. It turned out that I bought the property and am renting it out to the old owner. The main thing I want to stress is the level of expertise and encouragement that was provided every stretch of the way. I started the program after listened to Bob on an infomercial (while in a hospital bed recovering from Throat Cancer Surgery) knowing my life as a Clinical Psychologist was over. He and others (especially the Monday night sessions group) gave me courage to approach folks even with my handicap. The profit gained after my tithes went to pay my medical bills. And thanks to God I was also able to still keep my daughter in private college. I use a prosthesis now and although I sound rather raspy I would have giving up 3 months ago. I stuck it out not because of the money gain (because I didn’t have it then. I stuck it out because of the others. Because they spoke up when I could not on Monday nights. They had the same fears just as large as mine. Thank you for explaining the big picture of the mine set of an Enlightened Millionaire.
Philip W & Dave M
I”ve been looking at properties for awhile. I heard that a good start would be to look at 4-units. So, that is what I have been doing for the few months. My target locations were in a location between El Monte, El Segundo, and Orange County. This first offer was a for two 4-units in Brea. I put down an offer for 1.2 mil. It didn”t go through. The demand is high in southern california, so there were 27 other offers. I happened to be one of the last two remaining.
Phillip H
I approached an owner of the property who rented his townhouse. I approached him with an offer. I was mentored by a local business man who put up the earnest money and helped me write the offer. The seller accepted the first offer and the rest is history. My offer was accepted 6 weeks after I had completed the 3-day Creating Wealth training. Pretty Cool.
phillip H
I attended the Creating Wealth seminar in January. I determined that I would set a goal date to purchase my property. In the start up seminar Scott Lamm said it was about four months before he had his first deal so I set this as my goal. I said I would by a property no money down by May 31, 2004. I went searching everywhere I could. I did not want the enthusiasm I felt from the workshop to wear down so I started looking right away. Six weeks after I had set my four month goal my first offer was accepted on March 17, 2004. I met someone in the seminar who has been investing in real estate for many years. I asked if he”d mentor me and he agreed. He and his wife were willing to partner up with me on this deal. They put up the earnest money which they got back at closing. I obtained a new loan and I put up the closing costs which I got back a week after closing. No money down for me; absolutely none. It can happen to me it can happen to anyone.
phillip H
In April of 2004, I met Mrs Scott while driving thru a neighborhood in search of fixer properties to flip to other investors. I knocked on the door of a house that looked a little distressed. The elderly woman who answered the door looked at me in fear and announced to me that I had come to foreclose on her property. I didnt know what she was saying and asked her to explain herself. She invited me in and told me that she thought that I was a collector and had come to take away her house. She had been in and out of the hospital and just recently had returned to her house and found herself very behind in her house payments and her family members taking advantage of her. With the help of another Real Estate investor, we structured a deal so that we would buy her house, and with the proceeds, she would have enough to pay her liens off and be able to move in with another family member and start anew. She was thankful that I had come to her house that day, and we were thankful we had come to help her and we were helped in return. That had become our first Real Estate wholesale deal. We did it without using any of our own money. We put the property under contract at a discount and assigned the contract to another investor. We made $6000 in the assignment of the contract all by spending time with a needy elderly lady looking for a solution for her problem property.
Phillip S & Cynthia S
I became a Protege in April of 2003 and started the Infopreneuring program. I have since written my first book. It is the story of my life, growing up in a family with alcohol abuse and financial hardship. The book is to help others who may be struggling in adulthood from the trauma of a similar childhood. I have a web-site up and the book available for sale from the web-site. I am currently starting the Real Estate portion of the Protege program. Thanks so much to Joyce and Bob for their help.
Phillip W
A realtor showed me a nice duplex on Woods street, Sherman, Texas. I offered $129,000. The asking price was $135,000. It was accepted. The mortgage company who loaned me the money for the other two properties was very willing to loan money for this one. I collected $1,500 for the first month”s rent. My cash flow from this propery is $225. So far no trouble in collecting rent; the tenants are very reliable.
Phyllis R
After many delays with techincal glitches, we finally went live with our website yesterday afternoon. Since we have not acquired any properties to date, we decided to add some items that we do have for sale. They include an RV, car and a classic 65 Chevy pick-up. I have only promoted the site to a few family members and our site is showing over 120 hits already. The family reports the site looks very professional!
Phyllis H & Tom H
We have been exploring our community and researching alot of properties. We were gathering our “success team” when we met a very entergetic realtor, Jan. Jan tipped us off on a 70 year old man who lost his wife and was living in a triplex that he was thinking of putting on the market. His needs are to find a place for him and his grown son to live together. We met with Mr. S, inspected the property and offered him $139K. We knew the going rate in the area was $150K for complexes in much worse condition then his. He verbally has accepted the offer, but has not signed off on it until he and his son find another place to live. He says he is a man of his word, and will sell to us. We have made the offer to let him and his son remain on as tenants at a reduced cost (for him) if he will continue to maintain the yard work…we are waiting to hear back from him now.
Phyllis H & Tom H
Located 1st Books in Bloomington, In. I talked with a marketing person and submitted my proposal of my book. The team told me they like what I was going to write about and to set dates to submit chapter to the reviewer. Times were set and discussions are continuing on a regular basis as I start to write.
Prudence B
I have just begun my training and working as a student of EMI (books are in the mail). I read Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen’s “One Minute Millionaire” about 2 months ago and I’ve been watching events in my life change ever since. My attitude was the first and most important thing to change. I’ve always heard my husband talk about wanting to have multiple streams of income and how he could see us living the lifestyle of a millionaire. He knew it was possible and I knew I’d be willing to support him. My attitude was always, “you go baby, I’ll be right here supporting and encouraging you”. After reading the “One Minute Millionaire”, I realized in my heart, the truth that I was actually holding him back by not believing it, for real, in my own heart. Since my attitude changed, I’ve been constantly aware of the fact, “we are abundant in all good ways”. I’ve received a promotion with my job, my husband has had 2 contracts fall into his lap in different fields, and I am now enrolled in the EMI and terribly excited about what I’m going to learn and the money that I am going to help produce for my family.
Rachel Queen
So far, our success involves simply stepping outside our personal comfort zones and asking the questions that we think are going to get “no””s. Everytime I put my personal fears aside and “just ask” I always get “yes” for an answer. Now that we have our first deal under our belt, we feel ready to really get with the program. We have 3 more multi-million dollar deals in the works and expect those to come to fruition shortly.
Rae E & Phyllis B
Our first offer was for a property I found on Ebay on an expired listing. I continued to pursue this motivated seller. I made an offer and he accepted, however, I didn”t get docs notorized so he later withdrew his acceptance. I learned not to give too much exit strategy information to a prospective seller because it”s got them thinking they can do the same thing.
Rae E & Phyllis B
My objective has been to increase the investment yields on my IRA accounts. Following the strategy outlined in Multiple Streams of Income, first I moved 50% of my ultra low risk IRAs into Indexed Funds. After two months they have increased by 3.4% (20% annualized rate), with my prior “investments” I was earning 1% annually. Three months ago I knew very little about options trading and felt it was far too risky to use successfully. After 4 weeks in Dr. Cooper”s class I started paper trading. The results I am attaining during paper trading are outstanding. My investment account grew by 11% the first month and by 27% during the second month. Looking back I see that during the first month I made a lot of mistakes as I started to learn the system. Also, understand that I never have more that 50% of my paper account actually in options trades at any one time, so that means the returns on the actual trades averaged at least 22% and 54%. My best options trades have been as follows: FFIV Apr 30 call moved up from $1.95 to $8.00 for a gain of 310% in 8 days. SRZ Apr 40 call moved up from $1.35 to $3.30 for a gain of 144% in 14 days. I am now starting to move slowly into trading real money where I can really learn the lessons. Also, my wife and I have been taking the Real Estate classes from Duncan and Karen and are starting to look seriously to get our Real Estate investments underway.
Ralph & Marilyn
I have been going out to schools Pre-K through College since 1991 but never dared to charge the kind of money I am worth or should have charged. I had a college call me up that normally paid me $500.00 for a one-hour cultural engagement. I told them that as a professional speaker my fee had gone up to a range of $1,500.00 to $2,500.00.They paid me what I asked for. Instead of making $500.00 for the program I made $1,500.00 for a 45-minute program. That was just the beginning. I have been inspired to dream bigger and do more in 2004.
Ramona M
Just started – registered two domains to promote books and services yesterday.
Randall G
I am preparing a book proposal that ties in with the “One Minute Millionaire” philosophy. I have outlined it to a couple potential contributors and am seeking “extras” like software tie-ins to help the reader act on the lessons in the book and add marketing value. I hope to submit the idea to your organization by the end of July to seek authorization and possible participation / publication, prior to persuing an open market deal.
Randall G
I have built a business plan, started the inquiry process on two possible real estate locations, and started building a team. I distributed “One Minute Millionaire” books to 3 trusted friends/business associates and asked them to read them. I provided them the first draft of the business plan.
Randall G
An former co-worker has his house for sale for $315k, appraised at $325. His new house construction completes 7/25/04 and he needs to sell to close. I made an offer at $270 which still leaves him with some equity. He does have a problem with a poor realty agent he has to overcome. My offer is open.
Randall G
Purchased @ 5 Acres of raw land in southern Colorado for $2000; owner was in Utah, flew to Denver for Closing; Borrowed the entire amount from my father. Sold the property on contract for $7,000 @ 5 years later.
Randall R
I started with the townhouse I”m living in. April 2000. I was renting (throwing my money away) when came the day I said to myself that I have to stop renting. I was a year out of bankruptcy but still had the determination to own rather than rent. I was still in the thinking and talking about it stage when my landlord told me they were selling the house that I was renting. Now I was forced to either rent somewhere else or own. The decision was easy but the fear of not being able to get a mortgage was stressful. But like I said I was determined to own rather than waist one more penny by renting. I found a townhouse I liked with an asking price of $79,000. I submitted an offer and eventually negotiated a selling price of $77,000 subject to me securing financing and $500 down payment. Great! Now how am I going to get someone to lend a self-employed bankrupt person money to buy a house. IT CAN BE DONE! A mortgage broker found a lender to take a mortgage from me. It was at a higher interest rate but I knew I could reestablish credit in two years then refinance my loan at a much better rate. BUT, here”s the kicker. The lender would only lend me $62,000. What do I do? I was a licensed real estate agent and knew I would get $3000 at closing as a commission. I”m still $12,000 + some closing costs short. I then asked the seller to take back a $12,500 purchase money mortgage. He agreed. The agreement was 10% simple interest payments bi-annually with the principal due in two years from the closing date. We closed. Two years later, May 2002, the townhouse was worth $110,000. I refinanced at half the interest rate, pulled the cash out to pay back the seller his money plus some more money to do some remodeling with equity still left over and the townhouse today, January 22,2004 is now worth $130,000 and growing.
Our real estate journey began one morning in late February 2004 at the local LA Fitness while we were on the treadmill. The television above the treadmill was playing an infomercial for Rich Dad Poor Dad presented by the author Robert T. Kiyosaki. After watching the infomercial we purchased the book and began reading and as it turned out, one of our friends had the infomercial materials which we borrowed. At the end of the book there is a suggested reading list and on that list was a Creating Wealth by Robert G. Allen. We purchased this book and that led us to a website for Robert G. Allen where we then purchased an e-book package to continue our real estate education. After purchasing the e-books we were contacted by PMG Mentors (a Robert G. Allen Company) and began to participate in a real estate mentor program. One of the benefits of this program is that you are assigned a personal mentor to work with you for the first year. Also, during the first 10 weeks you have a conference call with this mentor on a weekly basis to discuss what is going on, what progress has been made and at the same time the mentor begins teaching you about different kinds of real estate options. Included in the program that we purchased are several binders that include reading material and many CD’s sets with real world examples and explanations that have gone a long way to educate us in the world of real estate. We agree with many of the principles stated in the material especially the thought that you need to give back through charitable giving. As you read further you will see how we benefited from putting many these principles to work. As a result of our reading and studying we began to change the way we had thought about our financial situation. The first change came when we realized that a condo we have held for many years as a rental was not paying for itself. At that point we raised the rent and decided to refinance the condo. The result of this transaction was we walked away with $100,000 in our pockets and an increased monthly positive cash flow of $258 while at the same time lowering our interest rate and monthly payment. The next change was to apply for a line of credit on our home. Due to the large amount of equity we have in our home we were able to get a commitment from our lender for a $400,000 line of credit at 4% (adjustable) for 30 years. At the same time we were able to payoff the small mortgage on this house using the line of credit. The result of this transaction was we increase our monthly cash flow by more than $1,000 per month. During the time that these financing items were happening (both at the same time) we began to look at property. Our first goal was to have something in the works by April 30, 2004. So far we have looked at about 50-60 properties of various sizes. On April 29, 2004 we made offers on two SFR in San Bernardino, California and both offers were accepted (Goal 1 was met). As it turns out one of the houses was contingent upon inspection of the inside and once we made this inspection we withdrew our offer. The asking price of the house was $150,000 and we had offered $145,000. It was our estimation that the house would need at least $25,000 worth of work which would have priced itself out of the neighborhood. The second house was in turnkey condition, meaning that we would have to do very little to the house prior to renting or lease-optioning it. The house was listed for $165,000 we purchased it for $157,000 and it appraised for $172,000. Currently we are looking at some 4 plexes for our next acquisition.
Randy T & Dolores T
I attended Robert Allen”s institute training and was looking for motivated sellers. After 60 days of soul searching and an increased knowledge of real estate investing, I was trying to buy a single family home from a new home builder. I went to a lottery for new homes, and was the first to get an option to pick a house. I passed on this and did not buy from the builder. Instead I did comps in this area using Robert Allen”s techniques. I found a property from www.realtor.com, which had been for sale for 2.5 months. I went to an open house and found that the seller was motivated. He had lost his job in the Bay area and had moved away from the area. It was originally listed for $72,900. I made and offer for $69,000 with $5,000 cash back at closing. After a few negotiations, the seller accepted at $69,000 with $2,500 cash back at closing.
Well after reading Multiple Streams of Income First Edition, I decided to find a way to get off of somebody else’s Profit earning Treadmill. So I started to host sites by making a simple web page for people that didn”t know how. Offering a competitive price with annual payments it allows a simple stream of income. In Addition, when I got married we bought a new house. Instead of selling the old house, I fixed it up and started renting it out. I am now trying to learn to see when a great real estate opportunity is in front of me.
Raude W & Carole W
This was my first offer I made using the techniques of Robert Allen. I found a 4/2 fixer upper and made the analysis for the cost of repairing the property and the RV using comparables. I found a contractor who was willing to make the repairs without paying him money up-front, but sharing the profits after selling the property. After all costs we would be having a profit of around 80K I didn”t get the property, but was a good experience.
So far I have learned alot with respect to the stock market and about myself. The lessons about what I have learned about myself, especially the importance of gratitude and patience, have been the most beneficial. Although I haven”t yet acheived alot of financial success, I know that it is coming and I continue to be very grateful for the opportunity that I have to learn from the Masters!
Raven M
HI, my name is Ray, I wrote 5 offers with no money down my first 2 weeks from the class. All from investors that were in trouble and needed out from under there rental properties. I offered no money for earnest deposit, no money down, seller to pay up to 3% of sellers closing cost and prepays, and seller to carry 10% carry back to be for given after closing, and leader to carry a first at 80% with a 10% 2nd. Four of the five have good renters that want to stay. I am waiting for the lender to finalize the money and hope to close four of the five in 25 days. I did turn down one because the numbers did not work out. I am looking everyday for better deals I know will come my way after I get this first group done. I can not wait to help out other invertors in the area the same way.
Ray N
After attending the Real Estate Seminar with Glen Purdy I came back home determined and motivated. I went on the Fannie Mae website and came across a property in that had foreclosed. After conducting my research analysis and going to look at the property we determined it was definitely a diamond. After looking at the purchase contract for two hours I finally felt confident enough to submit my offer. We will see whether it is accepted in the next day or two. It really felt great. An hour later I began research on a second property I will be submitting an offer on tomorrow. I never thought it was this easy and exciting. Thank you.
Raymond K & Kristin K
I created a Web site to sell ebooks and take pre-orders for my dating guide for nice guys. I followed the advice from the Internet course and I am pretty happy with the results. My goal is to empower men (and soon women) to be confident in themselves and get the most out of their relationships with others. And of course, spread wealth to through teaching others what I have learn and through charitable contribution.
Raymond M & Carol A
I purchased a business worth 1.3 million with no money down. It”s a going concern and have increased revenues by 35% in the first 3 years.
Real S & Kevin S
Jeff and I purchased a commercial building nothing down for $295,000 which had a positive cash flow and we sold it 3 years later with a net gain of $100,000
Real S & Kevin S
In 5 days we secured a mall for $1.8 million which has a resale value of $3.5 million. Closing date August 12,2004. We will clean it up fill the empty spots and then sell or remortgage and carry on looking for more.
Real S & Kevin S
I attended Dr. Cooper”s very first Stock Option class he taught for Robert Allen. I am actively trading 4 brokerage accounts and averaging about 15 to 20 trades per month. I average about 10 to 15 % return doing covered calls.
Rebecca E
I have made several offers on properties in Pensacola that were not accepted, and recently I made an offer on an 80 unit trailer park on Bobe St, $800,000 offer, valued at $1.200,000. I will know in a few days if this offer is accepted.
Rebecca J
Found a property through a local real estate investor that I was able to pickup for $25,000. I will be putting $30,000 into the property with an estimated value of no less than $90,000. It took months to secure the difficult financing. Through a note from the seller and a willing vice president of a local bank, the financing was secured. I estimate a ROI of about $15-$30,000 within 3-6 months. This is very exciting as it is my first property and I almost gave up several times.
Reginald S
My first offer was on a property that another investor had located, but didn”t have the time to work on. He has accepted the offer and I hope to close by the end of the month. The property was purchased for $25,000 and after remodelling and improvements; expected sale price will be no less than $80,000. The remodelling is quite substancial $35,000-$40,000. But that still leaves anywhere from $15,000-$20,000 profit!
Reginald S
I attended the Creating Wealth seminar and was immediately excited and inspired. There were so many options for getting into real estate that it was hard to focus at first. I started trying to find “For sell by owners” in my area but they were hard to find. I was diligent about researching my area and getting to know what prices were in my area. This was all helpful but was distracting me from action. Most of the properties I could find were Agent represented. So I decided to start networking with Real estate agents! By the way I am in the San Francisco Bay area and most listings were getting multiple bids…even for distressed and rehabs. I found an agent at an investor meeting that wanted me to come to his office to share some information, which I did about 6 weeks after we met. In our discussions about what I needed and what he was good at, I found out he had connections with a modular builder. I mentioned to him a vacant lot that I had found in my area. He immediately brought up the property on the MLS and started getting excited. He started running the comps for the area and I found out I could build a house on this lot and make 100k plus because of the home prices in the area. He called the builder and we made an offer on the property and it was accepted all with in a few hours. The actual lot cost $159,950. The house will cost approximately 200k. The comps in the area were running 529k and up. The builder usually has a turn around time of 3-4 months. So in a market where people are making bids on 50 year old homes that still need work I can build new ones! I plan to do three or four of these per year and quit my day job as soon as the first one is sold. I am in my 40″s but have lost my father and one of my sisters in the last three years , I have realized my time and future with my family are the most precious gifts I have and plan to spend more time with them.
Renee L
I started investing in properties immediately after becoming a Robert Allen protege. I am a surgeon and am doing well financially, but realized that my income was 100% dependent on me working and that this income would stop immediately if I didn”t work. I needed to create “multiple streams of income”. After listening to this audio book and attending the seminars… the 90-day challenge was on. I will continue to invest in properties and not only create wealth for myself, but also for my children and hopefully their children. I was able to locate a fixer property that was in great need of rehab. I bought it with cash and was thus able to pay substantially below the market. The property was the ugliest house on the block with the worst tenants in the area. I now have neighbors coming up to us and thanking us for getting rid of the tenants and renovating the house and restoring the neighborhood.
Rennie C
I have .com. I sell nutritionals at great prices. I need more business to become profitable. But I am plugging away.
Reta H
My biggest success story is starting to write my book. I will have it finished and ready for publishing by the March Mega Book Fair. I will be speaking and selling byproducts by end of the year. This is solely because Mark told me I had to write the book. I like the vision he saw for me. I am truly glad I “Got IT”. It was “ah-inspiring” to wake up and have “little voice” feed me the information I needed to get started. Thank you everyone involved with EMI for the opportunities offered to all of us. It is amazing when your thoughts knock you down and make you realize all that you have to do is “feel the Magic” and it starts happening faster than you can keep up.
Reta H
SOUL TECHNOLOGY went live on August 1, 2004…The culmination of a “Life Work” and Divine mission!…AND, most importantly, an expression of the deepest part of my heart of hearts! IT HAS FINALLY BECOME A REALITY — This “enlightened” body of work which introduces the SOUL as an unseen PARTNER and FRIEND for our everyday experiences–one that can guide us and assist us–in ANY AND ALL OF OUR PRACTICAL considerations, was now online! SOUL TECHNOLOGY goes far beyond spiritual, it IS NOTHING LESS THAN AN ALL-AROUND TOOL FOR LIFE. WHAT HAPPENED?…In a concerted 30-day goal I wrote copy, designed pages and co-created images for a ten-page instrument to market “services” to the world!The groundbreaking coaching models that facilitate accelerated growth, the technology of cultivating DIVINE GUIDANCE, the program of GRIEF RECOVERY like none other, and even a process of using the wisdom of the Soul to perfect our presence, were now available at the touch of the fingertips! “I am grateful…may the will of the Higher Power be served!”
Rev. Aliah M & Sananda M
We finally hooked up with a realtor who would give us a mos listing of low priced properties in our area per lesson one of the 90 day challenge. We have products to offer but do not yet have a website. We have not started on the stock market yet but we are listening to the tapes. We do have a plan for selling the products we are creating and checking the trademark/copyright information.
Rev. Gloria S & Lois S
Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen were the first to make me aware of three things: (1) the necessity of having Multiple Streams of Income, (2) the need to diversify and the inter-relatedness of the Streams of Income for an effective portfolio; and (3) and the requirement of effectively being online if one is in business. Well, It has taken me a while, but I finally “broke the ice” and decided to JUST DO IT… I”m online with my Real Estate/Cash Flow business – Heaven on Earth Development Group/Heaven on Earth Investments. As the lyrics from the Pointer Sisters song go: “I”m so excited…” Mark and Bob also clearly emphasize how important it is to have a “niche” – an area of focus – in order to be more successful. In the area of real estate, focused on the “niche” of owner carry-back financing. I am presently working with a nationwide network of investors who invest in private mortgages. We further specialize in the area of “simultaneous closings” which allows the seller to cash out on his/her paper one hour after she/he has closed on the property. Rather than re-creating the wheel, I decided to utilize one of Robert Allen”s principles – “OPR… Other People”s Resources” – and elected to take advantage of a very simple, template site (for now) which gives me a presence on the web and to have my information posted there. The web address also added a measure of credibility to my business and it I could also give the address on my first, new “official” business cards for my business. The web address is: “http://www.Cash4CashFlows.com/HeavenOnEarth I”m presently in the process of learning how to register with the search engines, etc. for effective marketing of the website. I”m enjoying the process immensely! Thanks Mark… Thanks Bob!!
Rev. Sananda M & Rev. Aliah M
In 2001, we purchased Netstorm Internet Services in Frederick, Maryland—after having it support us at $60,000 a year—for a profit of $100,000. The original purchase was nothing down, $80,000 down from liens and credit, and the seller took back a $54,000 note. We used the concepts of John Childers in the real estate classes and applied them to the business purchase, and the world of possiblity opened up.
Ric T & Liz T
After months of preparing and setting up my own system and resources and team to move quickly in the overheated market in Southern California, I began researching properties and preparing to make offers, and I began asking friends, including friends at church, to watch for ForSaleByOwner”s or vacant houses and call me as soon as they see one. On Sunday, February 15, a friend told me he had just seen a FSBO that morning. I went there right after church, called the owner, and arranged a meeting the soonest she could get there, the next morning. That night, I researched the property and determined the price $398,000 was $30-50K less than comparables of $430-$450,000. I prepared an offer for $398,000 but with appropriate Subject To clauses to take with me the next morning. It became clear the owner, an elderly woman selling off her deceased brother”s assets, was not willing or interested in carrying paper, so I presented my offer for $398,000. Giving her until 8:00pm Wednesday night to accept. Wednesday morning at 9:00 she called me and agreed to open escrow.
Rich K & Bob D
When I first moved to California, I read Robert Allen”s NOTHING DOWN and decided to invest in residential real estate. I purchased my first house from a contractor who was under the strain of 22% interest with several houses in the ground. I went on to purchase two more properties from the same contractor, all nothing down. I rented these properties and used the double declining balance depreciation to offset W-2 income.It was not until years later, in 2003 that I decided to transform my wealth building strategy, and my life, by becoming a real estate investor, developer, motivational speaker, and infopreneur, inspired by Robert Allen”s own renaissance and the new organization of Protégés.
Rich K & Bob D
I am very new to all of this but here are the following: My gain is that I have been inspired by the One Minute Millionaire concept and have taken action based strictly on faith that this program will do what it says it will do and help me to create a plan for financial success for my family rather than just hoping my business will get stronger which is where I have been for many years. It feels good to have a plan and a strategy for moving forward. My success story is that I have begun. I have pulled myself out of total involvement in my business which I love, but which has not provided the security I was hoping for, and proceeded on a new pathway. Just to have another way of looking at life and a different strategy is cause for optimism and hope.
Richard D
I was broke and was on my last $10k. I just closed both my business and my present home was in foreclosure. I went to Bob”s 3-day boot camp in March. To today’s date I have made over $50k and I have two $100k deals (profit)closing with-in 2 months. Thank you God.
Richard D &
Back in 1990, I purchased my first house (with a partner who had a picture of himself shaking Robert Allen”s hand). I had read “Nothing Down”. We had ran into a problem trying to purchase the first house. But remembering to be flexible, I went back to the seller and agreed to pay the outrageous price of $22,5K for the first house, provided we could purchase his other house for $1. He readily agreed, and my partner and I had our first rehab projects, and I was hooked on real estate. Through the years, I bought out my partner and rehabbed more houses, eventually ending up with more than a dozen. I registered for your “Creating Wealth” course in April and was laid off the next day. Because of my houses, I reflected on the layoff for one night, and then got started with the rest of my life.  Within one week I was substitute teaching. Then I got the chance to purchase 1 Maryland Ave for $8/sq ft, and it”s in a decent neighborhood. Turns out the layoff hasn”t hurt me at all.
Richard M
After attending the Stock Trader three day seminar, Jen and I had the tools to start working in the market. To date we”ve only been trading on paper. 18 positions to date on paper, with gains of 175% in 8 weeks with 6 straddle plays closing in two weeks with aa unrealized gain of 200% expected. Cash trades will be starting Aug 1. 2004
Richard M & Jennifer M
I was enrolled in Karen and Duncans real estate class for eight weeks. I started making offers and had 3 accepted within 2 weeks. The first hurdle for me was to ask people for financing. We found a hard money lender in the local paper, just as we needed 150,000 to close our deal. Another deal fell into place as we found a buyer to purchase prior to our closing. Another tip that we learned from listening to our teleconferencing. The third deal we found by working with a Buyer”s Real Estate agent. We made an offer 20% under market value and was accepted. One deal we made, the seller priced the piece and said they would not accept anything under 85,000. We offered 65,000 and they accepted. Big AHA.
Richard S & Denise S
We are new proteges learning to deal with fears in the real estate world and starting an internet business. We are currently preparing an offer on a house to flip. We are also learning about stock options.
Richard S & Lisa S
I moved to Detroit from Long Island to join our wonderful, growing family of investors. My realtor, Sara, showed me a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage townhouse. It was offered by GMAC for $219,000, the comp was around $229,000. I offered $209,000 – they countered with $217,000 and $2000 back at closing. It appraised immediately at $240,000, and within a few days, another town home a couple of doors down sold for $279,000. The gated community on the river has 2 beautiful high-rise towers that are being converted from apartments to condos. That will increase the value of my town home tremendously over the next 6 months to a year. I love my new home, Detroit, and our fabulous, fun family there !!!
Richard V
I moved to Detroit to invest in real estate after the foreclosure seminar in February. My realtor, Sarah, located a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage townhouse in a beautiful community called Harbor Town, right on the river, in Detroit. The townhome had been owned by a couple who worked for GM. GM transferred them, and GMAC bought the townhome and had it for a couple of months. The comps were $229,000, and they were asking $219,000. I offered them $209,000, and they countered with $217,000 with $2000 back at closing. It then appraised at $240,000 (Immediate $25,000 equity!) Within a few days, it turns out that the townhome 2 doors down from me, sold for $279,000 ! There is another one (a tiny bit larger) selling for $300,000 ! I really love this place, and almost everyone that comes over comments how peaceful, and Spiritual it is.
Richard V
I moved to Detroit from Long Island to join our wonderful, growing family of investors. My realtor, Sara, showed me a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage townhouse. It was offered by GMAC for $219,000, the comp was around $229,000. I offered $209,000 – they countered with $217,000 and $2000 back at closing. It appraised immediately at $240,000, and within a few days, another townhome a couple of doors down sold for $279,000. The gated community on the river has 2 beautiful highrise towers that are being converted from apartments to condos. That will increase the value of my townhome tremendously over the next 6 months to a year. I love my new home, Detroit, and our fabulous, fun family there !!!
Richard V
I bought my first rental property on January 26, 2004. That happened to be on the first day of the second 90-day challenge. It was not on purpose. I had talked with this seller on several occasions prior about other properties he had for sale but none of them seemed good enough to get into debt for. After talking with him so many times about real estate he brought me a 5-plex he was in the middle of rehabbing and told me he would carry 95% of the financing for 3-5 years if I would put 5% down. All I had to do was wait until it was rehabbed. I did. We closed on the first day of the challenge so I was able to count that as my first 250 points. Happy day! I only have 5% equity in the deal but it is a non-recourse loan and the loan isn”t even in my name so the 5% equity was a good trade-off in my opinion. I have about $700 net profit per month coming in from this one. This is exciting! I”m scared to death and looking forward to doing more deals at the same time now that the “ice is broken” so-to-speak. See you all at the top!
Rick M
Back in the middle of 2002 I bought my first property. It was listed at $165,000 with an appraisal of $175,000. We found out the owner had passed away and the children were selling it so we came in with a low offer and ended up buying it for $153,000. Nine months later we bought our second property which made us think about the best way to handle the first one. We tried to sell it at first but since it wouldn”t sell we ended up renting it. This was our introduction into real estate. I haven”t looked back since and now own several other properties that are helping us get out of the rat race.
Rick M
Since the first day of this second 90 Day Challenge I have been blessed to be able to purchase 7 properties so far and have only paid down payments on 2 of them. The other five have been no money down deals. Also, I have over $77,000 in equity by buying most of them under FMV (Fair Market Value). On top of that I have 10 more properties under contract and set to close in the next two months. All I have left is to find ways to fund them and I”ll be just about out of the rat race. Though scared to death, being a Protégé in the Enlightened Millionaire Institute has given me the guts to go for it. I now know that anyone who truly desires to succeed in real estate can do so.
Rick M
Like many people Patricia dreamed of writing a book, and did so in late 2001. Partner Rick contributed all the creative aspects, including the book design and cover. Self-published in April 2002, we didn”t know much about marketing it. After joining the Enlightened Millionaire program, we used techniques we learned to boost sales on amazon.com (like posting a list with our book and the One Minute Millionaire), print articles, our website, and seminars to sell 4,500 books- and still counting! The book is now in its second printing. The publishing of the book has resulted in profit gains of $24,000 in book sales and generated speaking engagements all across the country.
Rick N & Patricia C
I was able to get my site live, but haven”t set it up to make money yet.
Rick T
Made a Commitment to pay due diligence 6 days a week for the duration of the challenge. To listen to my Mentors and to put into action their instructions. I will read all material assigned, and listen & read all CD”s, to listen & participate in all Confrence calls. This is my first success: Commitment.
I went to my very first Wealth Retreat as an Infopreneur. I returned from my very first Wealth Retreat as an Infopreneur but with the words of John Childers echoing in my consciousness. “First step, find a property.” I knew I could do that step. Driving home one afternoon, I spontaneously turned down a side road in the direction of a Century 21 For Sale sign. I knew the road ended on a point of land where there were several homes looking over an estuary of Casco Bay. The house in question sat right at water”s edge. And so did the one right next door that had a handwritten FSBO sign nailed to a tree. I went to the door just in case there was someone there who could show me the house immediately — and there was, the homeowner who showed me the house. It looked really good, especially considering the asking price was $230,000. I went home and said to my sister, “Well, I did step one. I wonder what step two is. Better go check my notes.” A friend of my brother”s decided to partner with me: he”s been a builder and knows what”s good as contrasted to what looks good. He also was a source of courage for me — kind of like having someone to hold your hand when you”re walking on a strange path in the woods in the dark. I”ve been following the steps, not necessarily with any finesse or elegance, but getting them done. Our offer of $210,000 was accepted. This week it was appraised at $275,000. The ad that will go up in the next few days is headlined: “Free Maine Waterfront with Purchase of Attached Home.” We will do a same day closing by the middle of May. Not bad for an Infopreneur!
Rita L
First of all, I just wanted to thank you for all the great motivation and inspiration you gave myself and my business partner. I bought a property here in Redondo Beach, CA two weeks ago with no money down. Most of that inspiration and confidence came from reading all of your previous books, especially creating wealth.
Rob L
I got involved with the internet about 2 years ago when I went to Carl Gallettis Internet Marketing Super conference in Las Vegas. I went to that seminar because the only person name I recognized was Robert Allen. The only reason I went is because I knew Robert Allens name. CD baby had a special promotion and the top 100 artist would win a special distribution deal. Because of that seminar, last month February 2004, I came in the top 100. I came in 52 place out of 60,000 artist in total unit sales on Cd Baby. Thank You Robert Allen!
Robby L & Vickie P
I created a Website to host Real Estate Investing. I filed for a corporate name and created marketing materials which I used to sell one property in Sacramento, CA. I plan to buy rental property and turn around as a lease with an option to buy.
Robert A
As a RE agent I was looking through the MLS. I saw a listing that I knew was under value. I went to the property ( 30 year old condo) and saw that it was in bad shape. I put an offer in at $900 less then their asking price ($84,900) and with $6000 held in escrow for repairs. It was accepted. I completed a total remodel, including some dem, within 8 weeks and put a renter in it with a $400 monthly cash flow. The property would likely sell for $125,000 if I sold it today and that would give me a profit of $25,000.00. As an agent, I also sold another unit in that complex to a freind therby making a commision on that sale. I wish I had bought both!
Robert C
I am currently negotiating to buy 2 vacant pieces of land in West Los Angeles. If we can finalize the price and agree on the terms there is a possible profit margin of $1,000,000. Basically I will be building 4 condos on the land. The reason why the land was not sold is because the owner does not speak a world of English (so I had to find a Japanese interpreter to help me through this deal).
When “Nothing Down” came out I was so excited that I rushed out and bought a house to rent out. Sadly, I did everyting wrong. Wrong location, wrong financing, wrong buyer, etc. So I lost money on the first property, but I learned from my mistakes. In 1987 I bought a 4-Plex for $100,000. The next year I bought another one for about the same price. I recently sold both of them for $250,000 each. I did a “1031 Exchange” to buy an office building which is much easier for me to manage. I guess the moral of my story is, “If at first you don”t succeed, learn from your mistakes and keep trying.” And in Real Estate, time and inflation are your greatest friends.
Robert H
THE DREAM DUPLEX OR WIN/WIN/WIN! I started in Robert Allen’s 90 Day Challenge on October 4, 2004. When the materials arrived I immediately started to read his book “The Road To Wealth”. Needless to say, I was very impressed and very eager to start ( doubtless the traits of a real “Rookie”). At almost the same time, my oldest son, Tom told me that the owner of the duplex that he and Karin live in was ready to sell the property. A note of explanation here; the owner is Karin’s father. And a difficult situation with the other renter in the duplex had made the Seller a “Don’t wanter”. The buyers (Tom & Karin) were eager to buy and the seller was eager to sell and the buyers asked me for help in purchasing the property. I practiced using the Property Profile on this property . It had scored a 13-14 in the Profile. It seemed as though this was a dream duplex. Indeed it is! The only trouble was that the “Orchestrater” for a “Win/ Win” deal was a Rookie. And all of this BEFORE the October 4th Challenge had started. Robert Allen has many quotes and sayings in his books to make important points. The one that stared me in the face was “You don’t wait to buy Real Estate, you buy it and then wait” (or words to that effect). I did two things. First I told the buyers that I would be happy to work out a solution and present an offer to the Seller that would give him the money he wanted and also get the buyers their dream of owning their own home. Second, I burned telephone wires to the Allen mentoring group asking for help and using the information from “The Road”, asked for help from two sources whom I knew before; one a Mortgage Broker and a Real Estate Invester . All came to my help and I proceeded to work the Property Profile and Tax records and other sources to gather data on the property. Here is what I found: 1. The property has been market valued for taxes at $253, 500 (Comps confirm this as a reasonable conservative amount). 2. The Seller has said he will sell it to his daughter Karin and Tom for $150,000. 3. We; Mortgage Broker and me suggested raising the Sell price to $198,000 with the Seller “Gifting back an agreed to $39,600 Down payment, leaving a base mortgage of $158,400 minus Buyer’s closing costs at $ 6,342. These cost s include adjusted interest, one year Home owners Insurance, and escrow for insurance and taxes. To sum up, the seller will get his $150,00+ and the buyers will get their home. With the rental of the other apartment in the building at present rates, the buyer will not pay any more money for the deal than they presently pay and they have an income producing property with almost $100,000 Equity from day one. That is a Win/Win in my book and all thanks to Robert G. Allen’s course and the wonderful staff of the finest Real Estate professionals anywhere. But to even make it a perfect deal, one element is missing? What about my profit? A year ago, this same pair and their kids came to see me and tell me about their fifth vacation in Canada. They have fallen in love with a cabin on Lake Winnipeg and they have dreams of a family vacation spot for our whole clan and a retirement home for Tom and Karin. But, no money, no property to leverage etc, etc. So Grandpa puts up a Home Equity loan on my home to fund the deal. It has been a great joy for me to be able to help them see their dream come true. So Hooray for me, huh? They have to pay the loan payments and have. So part of this present deal is a refinance of the duplex to pay me off and pay down their debt. The net result will be that I will receive a payoff of approximately $33,000 at refi time. NOW THAT’S WIN/WIN/WIN!! OR AS Robert Allen said to his St. Louis Group .. “Not bad for about six weeks work!”
Robert J & J
The Dream Duplex or Win/Win/Win I had just started reading the Road to Wealth and other materials when I was told about the Dream Duplex. This property is owned by the parents of my oldest sons partner. He and she have lived in the duplex for about fives years. They said that her parents were ready to sell them the property for $150,000. They were very excited about the deal but did not know who to go to as the sellers (parents) wanted to do this without using agents, etc. So they asked me to help them. I accepted their request and started to try to get help from the Allen group as well as reading all the material in one week. Fortunately, I did talk to Nate Stoddard and got some instructions on how to look up all the information needed to profile the property and to do other homework necessary to qualify the property. Next, I went to talk to a Mortgage Broker with whom I had done personal refinances before. He and I discussed several strategies for funding the property and getting approval for the Buyers credit. All of this work done BEFORE the first class in the 90 Day Challenge that I had signed up to do had started. Here is a summary of the data found: 1. The Sellers would sell the property to my son and his partner (Seller’s daughter). Seller wanted $150,000 (sale price). He and his wife are “Don’t Wanters”. 2. The property is tax appraised for 2005 at $253,500. 3. Seller’s current obligations amount to about $ 100,000 (including other outstanding loans as well as mortgage). 4. The Property Profile was used and the property score is 13/14. 5. The comps in the neighborhood all would support a sell price of $250 to 300 thousand. 6. The building has been updated over the past three years and is in excellent condition. The objective here is to give the seller $150,000, get the buyers into the property for “NO Money Down” and to realize a profit on the transaction for the “orchestrater”. The deal is as follows: Raise the selling price to $198,000 with a 20% down of $39,600 that is gifted back by the Sellers (Parents selling to Family member allows this in Minnesota); leaving a base mortgage of $158,400 which covers ths Closing costs and leaves the Seller with $150,000+ about $2000 against unknown contingencies. The Buyers get the property and the monthly cost of the loan is covered by their rent and the rent of the other unit in the property. All in all, The Parties get what each wanted with no money out of their own pockets to secure the deal. An offer has been submitted and accepted by the parties and the deal will close on January 4, 2005. That’s a Win/Win situation and all done using the practices of Robert Allen’s program. But wait a minute. Is the orchestrater not suppose to profit?? This is how that happens. I had given this same Buyer a loan for another property purchase about three years ago. I had taken out a Home Equity Loan on my home to give them the money needed for that purchase. They pay the monthly payments on that loan. When this deal is done they will , at the appropriate time, refinance and pay off my loan thereby freeing up my ability to get an Equity Line of credit for my Real Estate Investment Business. This deal will be worth at least $35,000. So now we have a WIN WIN WIN situation. Not bad, for about 60 days work. I need to say a word about Robert Allen here. I am still a Rookie in this business but the one thing that makes me a Robert Allen supporter is the fact that his philosophy is make a profit by helping others with their problems. Doing good for someone in trouble and realizing a reward from it is the name of the game and he will always get my vote because you can feel good each day by helping others. This is what my goal for being in this business is all about.
Robert J & J
The Dream Duplex or Win/Win/Win I had just started reading the “Road to Wealth” and other materials when I was told about the “Dream Duplex”. This property is owned by the parents of my oldest son’s partner. He and she have lived in the duplex for about fives years. They said that her parents were ready to sell them the property for $150,000. They were very excited about the deal but did not know who to go to as the sellers (parents) wanted to do this without using agents, etc. So they asked me to help them. I accepted their request and started to try to get help from the Allen group as well as reading all the material in one week. Fortunately, I did talk to Nate Stoddard and got some instructions on how to look up all the information needed to profile the property and to do other “homework” necessary to qualify the property. Next, I went to talk to a Mortgage Broker with whom I had done personal refinances before. He and I discussed several strategies for funding the property and getting approval for the Buyers credit. All of this work done BEFORE the first class in the 90 Day Challenge that I had signed up to do had started. Here is a summary of the data found: 1. The Sellers would sell the property to my son and his partner (Seller’s daughter). Seller wanted $150,000 (sale price). He and his wife are “Don’t Wanters”. 2. The property is tax appraised for 2005 at $253,500. 3. Seller’s current obligations amount to about $ 100,000 (including other outstanding loans as well as mortgage). 4. The Property Profile was used and the property score is 13/14. 5. The comps in the neighborhood all would support a sell price of $250 to 300 thousand. 6. The building has been updated over the past three years and is in excellent condition. The objective here is to give the seller $150,000, get the buyers into the property for “NO Money Down” and to realize a profit on the transaction for the “orchestrater”. The deal is as follows: Raise the selling price to $198,000 with a 20% down of $39,600 that is gifted back by the Sellers (Parents selling to Family member allows this in Minnesota); leaving a base mortgage of $158,400 which covers ths Closing costs and leaves the Seller with $150,000+ about $2000 against unknown contingencies. The Buyers get the property and the monthly cost of the loan is covered by their rent and the rent of the other unit in the property. All in all, The Parties get what each wanted with no money out of their own pockets to secure the deal. An offer has been submitted and accepted by the parties and the deal will close on January 4, 2005. That’s a Win/Win situation and all done using the practices of Robert Allen’s program. But wait a minute. Is the “orchestrater” not suppose to profit?? This is how that happens. I had given this same Buyer a loan for another property purchase about three years ago. I had taken out a Home Equity Loan on my home to give them the money needed for that purchase. They pay the monthly payments on that loan. When this deal is done they will , at the appropriate time, refinance and pay off my loan thereby freeing up my ability to get an Equity Line of credit for my Real Estate Investment Business. This deal will be worth at least $35,000. So now we have a “WIN/WIN/Win” situation. Not bad, for about 60 days work. I need to say a word about Robert Allen here. I am still a “Rookie” in this business but the one thing that makes me a Robert Allen supporter is the fact that his philosophy is make a profit by helping others with their problems. Doing good for someone in trouble and realizing a reward from it is the name of the game and he will always get my vote because you can feel good each day by helping others. This is what my goal for being in this business is all about.
Robert J & J
We now have 11 rental units using none of our own money and even got money back at close on one of the deals that returned all of the down payments our partner”s put. It works if you work it.
Robert K
I started looking for investment property in Dec of 2002 after being furloughed from my $95,000 per year job. I had no luck until I attended the Creating Wealth in RE seminar in Jan 2003. I closed on my first three properties on the same day in March. Since then I have done four more deals and have currently increased my net worth by approx. $170,000. I plan on doing at least 1 deal per month in 2004.
Robert K & Cheryl K
I am a new protege and I have been operating my own successful Canadian personal income tax practice for the past 10 years servicing individuals entering or leaving Canada, Canadians working out of the country and non-residents of Canada with Canadian source income. My current goals include leveraging my tax practice by making my knowledge & expertise available to my clients over the internet (internet marketing & infopreneuring) vs. direct one on one consultation and enhanced investment return performance (stock market). A secondary goal is to diversify my investments with real estate. I have aggressively pursued the EMI courses in my primary categories over the past two months and I will be realizing the above short/medium term objectives after the current tax filing season is complete.
Robert M
I am a new protege and I have recently completed Dr. Cooper”s stock & option trading course along with the 10 paper trades. I have commenced real money trades and I am delighted with the objective trigger points that will take the emotion out of trading thereby maximizing success.
Robert M
I had been working with my mentor/coach for about a month when I made my first offer on a residence that needed some work, but was in a good neighborhood. The listing had run out and the owner lived across the state. I offered 80% of the asking price. Never heard from the owner, but it felt good just to get that first one out there. Since then I have made three more. I am close to a deal on the last one.
Robert M
I got the idea for my book from one of the success stories mentioned in one of the books I received as part of the protege program. My book is coming out in May, 2004 from RoseDog Publishing. It is a blank book just like the one I got the idea from. It will be interesting to see what kind of marketing job they do. I am prepared to take some ideas from the protege program to market my book based on what they do or don”t do.
Robert M
After reading some of the materials and listening to the audio books, it came to me that there is a niche for buying notes that are secured by real estate and held privately, so I started a business, Belden Investing Company. I also did research on the subject I should add. I am marketing as follows: finding private noteholders willing to sell, funding them through investors in this field, and then eventually (in about a year) I will buy the notes to produce cash flow (residual income). I will also acquire real estate this way, because unfortunately there will be foreclosures. I charge a fee for brokering the deal and at the same time I am learning the “paper buying” business. But what is really exciting is I have discovered the “simultaneous closing.” Though I have not used this tool yet, it appears to be a clever way to finance a deal. The real estate investor (the buyer of the property) gets the seller to carry the note and then a person like me offers to buy that note at a discount at closing. I get a fee, the seller is out of the property entirely, the buyer pays the investor, and the note investor has residual income as long as the note is not paid off. So far I have spent most of my time studying and marketing. I have not put a deal together yet, but I am very excited about the possibilities–making fee income, cash flow, and acquiring property either through foreclosure or the “simultaneous closing.” I”ll keep you posted.
Robert M
Through a local Real Estate Agent, we found a listing for a home built around 1900 on about 8.5 acres . In the comments of the MLS listing, was “Owner says insult him, make offer”. The property was originally listed at $350K, but later was reduced to $300K. I offered 100K cash, no contingency, 30 day close. I was only trying to insult the owner as he had requested. Needless to say, he countered my offer at $250K. Considering the structural problems with the property, I chose to delay any further negotiations until 3 months pass. If the property is still available at that time, I”ll make another “insulting” offer – Let”s say $95K 🙂
Robert M
Just getting going. We have picked the Stock Market Mountain as our first target. We are paper trading in the 90 day stock challenge. Our first trade was up more than 75% in the first week – Amazing!
Robert M & Aleia O
I ordered a house to be built with $1,000.00 down. I got a partner to put the 10% down and closing cost for the bank loan. I bought the house for $131,600, and I have a contract for $160,000
Robert O & Kim O
Has $260,000 equity in property.
Robert R & Patricia R
I had been following the beach real-estate situation in the country of Belize (formerly British Honduras) for quite some time. I was interested in it for several reasons. As a Florida resident with proximity to Caribbean resorts, I have watched desirable island properties skyrocket out of reach over the years, and the few remaining beach properties become bought up. I liked Belize because it is relatively undiscovered, yet has good access to 4 major American cities (Houston, New Orleans, Tampa, and Miami) and the people there speak English. Also, as a recreational diver, I knew its Barrier Reef – biggest in the hemisphere and second only to Australia”s – would be a big draw to other divers. Since 1995 the price of a beachfront 1/4-acre lot on Ambergris Caye (the most popular tourist destination island) has gone from $5,500 to $250,000. I was making inquiries over the Net, and a real estate agent in Belize suggested I contact a developer she knew who was from Tampa (where I live) and had made several investments himself on Ambergris Caye. I met with him, and he had recently subdivided some land there. Although the lots directly on the beach had been sold, he still had some 1-row back. By being willing to buy two 1/2-acre lots, each of which can be subdivided into 2 1/4 acres, I negotiated a reduced price on the total. I estimate that within the year I could sell two of the back lots and pay off the front ones, or wait a bit longer and have profits from the back lots pay for a vacation-rental house on the front one.
Robert R & Robert R
I bought a 1/2-acre lot with road, electricity, water, and sewer in place, 1 house (100 feet) back from the beach on Ambergris Caye in Belize, for $45,000. I also bought the lot directly behind it for $25,000 (the difference reflecting proximity to beachfront). Both can be further divided into 1/4-acre pieces by local law. Financing was through the developer, with 20% down and he carrying the rest. He has more lots available if anyone is interested (why Belize? Read my “success story” about the offer for this). Next year, for the first time, major cruise lines like Carnival and Princess are stopping at Ambergris Caye. Also by then, the Mexico government is building a bridge connecting the island to the Yucatan mainland, which will make Ambergris a destination that tourists from Cancun can drive to. I believe these developments will make property values on the island rise very quickly. Even the heavies like Sheraton and Marriott should be sniffing around soon. Ambergris Caye has a lovely ambience. It has white sand beaches, great SCUBA diving (with many dive operations already in place), and zero automobile traffic; everyone gets around by golf cart! It is Buffet”s Margaritaville incarnate.
Robert R & Robert R
I found a definite fixer upper property that was in the probate process and desperate need of updating from the 70″s. My agent and I looked over the property together and saw some interesting things in that house. He also contacted the listing agent to pick his brain so we could determine the best offer to make. With not much help from the listing agent except to say, “come in strong” we submitted a full price offer. Needless to say I was just slightly apprehensive that the offer would be accepted. Alas, with the California market so hot in May 2004 three other buyers outbid us. I was disappointed and happy at the same time. What it did was give me the resolve and courage to approach my next offers with an eye to getting a YES so I could get on with my new career as a Real Estate Investor!
Robert S
After submitting approximately 5 offers I finally got an acceptance. I located an agent that farms a retirement community (55+) that has a monster CC&R and is governed by a board of directors no less. This agent educated me on the community. We looked at examples of the units available and she revealed to me she was looking for a new investor to work with. She chose me as that new investor and within two weeks we submitted an offer on a listing she just received and had not listed yet. Upon inspection of the property I saw a newly remodeled unit that she estimated I could offer $60,000 under market! Sure enough the offer was accepted June “04 and we opened escrow. A few glitches occurred such as a longer than anticipated probate delay and funding approval was slow. As probate dragged on my agent suggested a clever twist that the seller agreed to and we put under agreement in escrow. I was to get a $2,500 credit if the escrow did not close by a certain date! Escrow missed the date by two days and I got my $2,500 credit! August 17, 2004 I opened my 2nd escrow on another fixer purchased 12% under market. That escrow closed the Monday after my first. Now I”ve listed the first property $60,00 over purchase price and will spend $1,500 for painting and a new window! I”m in the rehab phase with the 2nd property and hope to have it done by the end of October “04 and will list for $90,000 over purchase price. I”m truly on my way to Real Estate Wealth Building.
Robert S
Being able to solve a wide variety of technical problems and “think outside the box” has made me quite successful in the employment of the few companies I have worked for. Going forward, I can take advantage of those skills to develop an Internet stream of income from unique web sites and an InfoPreneuring stream of income from teaching others how to develop web sites more efficiently.
Robert S
I have made about 20 successful paper trades. The trades include 75% in 4 days, 110% in one day and the biggest return was 155%.
Robert S
Following close to a year of training from various mentors, I finally got brave enough to make an offer on a luxury home that was discovered for me by a bird dog. The offer was declined three days later. HOWEVER, I met a Mortgage Broker at the LA Wealth Retreat. I showed her four offers on the same house that I would like to make. She is convinced she can find funding for the project, and so the story is not yet over.
Robert S
Using the Enlightened Millionaire Techniques, my brother and I brainstormed into existence a several new products. The first is based on the research he has been doing for his first book, we have crafted a DVD series allowing people to turn their TV into a window to some of the most exotic and relaxing vistas on the planet. We have designed a unique brand name which will easily unfold into a variety of additional products. We will be implimenting Internet promotion techniques from the Protege training. Product will launch early summer 2004. Stay tuned.
Robert S
I was not being very successful with my paper trading until I started sticking to the “exit rules” and now I am making on average 10% profits on all of my trades. I am still just paper trading trying to get my profit margin higher. My trading has improved also being in the 90 day stock challenge.
Robert S & Becky S
I have been approaching everyone I can about this wonderful business opportunity and I got to sign up my first associate! The more no”s I get the more confident I become.
Robert S & Becky S
I am pleased to announce that I have received my first network marketing commission check. This is just going to cover part of the expense for starting the business, therefore I have not been able to change my GAIN or GIFT totals………but that day is coming very soon!
Robert S & Becky S
We are very proud to have 8 working websites. We are not making any money from them YET, but we are being very patient and diligent as we are plugging away at promoting all of them. With all of these “lines in the water” we are bound to “catch the big one” soon!
Robert S & Becky S
We have found a property that meets the criteria for us to make an offer. We have also found a partner to go in on the deal with us, so we are using zero of our own money. Now we have to wait and see if the offer gets accepted.
Robert S & Becky S
Using Dr. Cooper”s recommendations and guidelines, I am seeing improvements in my trading as well as making better decisions on which stocks to purchase and when to get into and out of options. I have seen nice gains ( 50 to 100%) in TASR and URBN and look forward to starting covered calls soon.
Robert S & Lu Ann S
My wife and I have been in other network marketing businesses in the past, with little success. When we were contacted by Yvonne, we were skeptical to say the least. Yvonne told us that she would personally work with us and mentor us to assure our success. We had heard all this before, but there was something about Yvonne that told us to trust her and we”re glad we did. We have received checks totalling $300.00 so far. We are getting the training and coaching we never had before and it”s making a huge difference already.
Robert S & Lu Ann S
With Yvonne”s help we have sponsored our first of many associates and are looking forward to building a huge team of properly mentored and trained associates that will help create wealth that will help change the world.
Robert S & Lu Ann S
I work as a salesman for a successful real estate investment firm in Dallas, TX. I collected the lease option payment and 1 monthly payment from the prospect and submitted it to the principals. My commission check is my first remuneration as a real estate investor. To add some icing to the cake – the buyer of the lease option is a handyman/rehabber who is now a member of my dream team.
Robert W &
Eleven times,I Paper Traded 10 different companies. An average of 6 of the 10 companies was up between 8 to 19%. The 4 losers was minus 4 to 9%. Using the different websites to analyse the shares we have been able to make decisions that can be profitable.
Robert Z & S. Dorothy Z
Dorothy and I were driving around looking for property when I spotted a gentleman doing handywork. I approached him and before I knew it he was telling me he had a property in trouble and wanted out. When we close next week we will walk away with $7.000.00 and potentially the tenant will stay in a lease purchase.
Robert Z & S. Dorothy Z
We began trading stocks about 6 months before we came into your program. We have tripled our earnings since we are being coached. We have just taken a seminar on options and know we will increase our revenue as our knowledge is increasing. Win, win, we will donate more to charity, and continue to assist others as we improve the quality of our lives, living consciously, evey moment of every day.
Robert Z & S. Dorothy Z
As per the One Minute Millionaire, I put myself on a schedule, up by 5 am, morning routine,meditation, visualization,affirmations,exercise, shower. By 6, I am in front of the T.V. with companies I have researched,as per our coach,watching the market analysis, interviews with the CEO”s, I take notes of my favorite companies, analyse them, and when all is in place, I am ready to make decisions that will make money, I have learned to work with options and I am becoming more and more confident. I used to day trade only, now I see various options,loving stock options and feeling comfortable to let go, wait and see or sell and being content with my profits for this day. Using the guidance and tips from our coach, feeling more confident, we have been able to triple our daily gain. We were averaging $500.00 a day. In the last week using our newly acquired skills, last week our daily average profits are above $1.500.00. We are very excited for we have just begun. Next week we will be attending an Optionetics Seminar and then its off to Dallas for The Wealth Retreat.
Robert Z & S. Dorothy Z
My name is Roberta Green. I took the Creating Wealth course in New Jersey in June of this year. I could not wait until the third day of the training ended so I could start to peruse neighborhoods that interested me. On the second day after the training session was over, I drove home as fast as I could and then drove up and down Mt. Prospect Avenue (Newark) and wrote down the address of every house that had a for sale, for sale by owner etc. I recorded information on 20 properties that night! I called a few owners but most of the houses were way too expensive or under contract. This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in my city but I was determined to find something I could afford there! However, in the process of looking for a property, I met a realtor who was showing a single family home in the area who enticed me to look at a single family house out of the area that she said was a steal. By now I”m telling her. “Lady, I don”t want a single family house, I want a multi-family house with some cash flow. I don”t want to waste your time and I don”t want you to waste mine, I need CASH FLOW and I need it now because I have just run out of money and have no job. I”m in the process of refinancing my two-family and have some money to put down. Do you have a three-family for me?” “No,” she says. ” But I have a nice single family that is underpriced.” “Okay, I”ll take a look but I”m not going to buy it because I really want a three”. Anyway, to get to the point, I see the house and I fall in love with it (it really is a steal at $259,900 in a neighborhood where the houses are selling for $300,000 to $400,000 in Englewood, NJ ), I make an offer for a little more ($265K) that”s accepted. To sweeten the deal I have been offered $325,000 for it the day after I close.
We started our “success story” by signing up for a health product with a network marketing company. It “reversed” my diabetes. That was a story in itself and continued to launch our network marketing business. With that success we both started attending your classes and reading hordes of material about real estate. We did our first deal in 2001 (no money down) and shortly after that quit the “jobs” to do this “nothing down” business full time. This year we started our youngest daughter in the business and have been bringing her to the trainings and she”s reading all your books. Her first real estate deal made her over $100,000.00 and she”s 23.. So thanks from the whole family. Our future goals are to continue in stocks, and write a couple of books…
Roberta Q & Mike Q
I”ve dreamed about being a successful stock market trader and investor for years and 4 years ago I took $5000.00 and started to trade. Most people will tell you that this is not enough to trade with but I believed I could learn with this amount and I did. Three years in a row I took $5000.00, made some money, but each time I ended up going down to about $3000.00 and stopped trading each time. I kept a diary of each trade so that I could go back and analyze what I was doing wrong or right. Finally near the end of 2002 I paid off my house, got a home equity loan, took out $30,000.00 and went at my trading for a fourth time. Obviously, I”m either stupid, persistent, or both because up to this point I had only lost money in 3 attempts, but (and this is the key) I believed I could make money at this and had a passion for it. So, here I go for the fourth time and this time I made money right? Wrong! In 3 months I lost $18,000.00 of my investment and was down to $12,000.00. I realized that I was in serious trouble unless I stopped losing money and I had to figure out what I was doing wrong.(back to my trading diary.) I had only 1 option if I wanted to continue the trading that I love, stop losing money and start making money. To make a long story short it”s 8 months later, my account is back up from $12,000.00 to $30,000.00 and I am now consistently making money on my trading. I currently only trade on the long side, but am taking Dr.Coopers options course so that I can make money whether prices go up or down. I love my life and have many other interesting stories of success also. Thank you everyone at MSI.
I have purchased my first property by searching the HUD properties for sale. I took the real estate 3 day seminar with Glenn Purdy which helped me to focus my energies in one direction. I found a condo that has a FMV of $81k that was being offered by HUD at $67k. I made a bid of $61.5k. My bid was accepted. This purchase of my first property has me really excited about becoming financially independent. Depending on how fast I can flip this property I may have discovered a niche market for me to operate in. The condos offer a higher percentage on rate of return than the homes listed by HUD. If I can do one condo at a profit of $15k every two months, then I will have replaced my current income. The momentum is building and excitement can hardly be contained. The first deal has been challenging but the perseverance has paid off. I have been searching for my first deal for 8 months have finally gotten one! For those who read this I would strongly suggest taking the 3-day real estate seminar. It moved me to the next level.
Robin A & Clare A
I have made my first offer on a property in the Silicon Valley, CA! My story goes like this. I was working with a start up company chasing the dream of the IPO. After three years the company did not turn the corner to success. I am currently unemployed. I am the sole source of income for my family. We made preparations for the worst expecting the best. It was quite un-nerving to know that the unemployment check would only cover the mortgage. I was exposed to EMI and made a decision to invest in me. I went completely counter to logic and spent money when I should be conserving cash. It was a difficult decision for me, but I knew that I had to take charge of my financial future. My only income stream was cut off. Once I made the decision to join EMI, I have been searching for properties to rehabilitate. My first offer on a property was quite intimidating for me. I have no income to support the caring costs or the closing costs. The property was a “fixer upper.” The kitchen needed to be gutted and redone the bathrooms as well. I could see daylight through the floor in one bathroom. The asking price was $415,000. Yes, $415,000. I worked the numbers and came up with an offer price of $395,000. The property sold for $420,000. I made the first the step. My confidence is growing. I know that it is only a matter of time before I obtain my first property.
Robin A & Clare A
Heres a fun one — one of many successes this year: I was written up last week — with a biig color photo! — in the New York Post in a story about successful real estate investors! Sold my first investment property yesterday. Feels great!
Robin K &
Granted, my first offer was not accepted, but the actual process was definitely a learning experience. My first offer was done with an agent from Long&Foster. As others may know, this company tends to only do things the old fashioned way, carbon copies and all. I had to be approved by a conventional loan officer whom luckily, worked slightly more creatively than other bank lenders. We were preapproved for an arm loan for $142,00 including the closing costs, so it would have been a 103% financed loan. What a long experience that was. Two hours later with one offer written, we felt quite successful. Five days later, we came to find out one of the owners of the home had been committed to a mental institution and the other owner was working with a lawyer to gain access to sign for him. A few days after that, we found out we were bought out on price and the person paid in cash. During this contract writing process, we had to sign a Right to Represent Buyer Agreement. This agreement unfortunately is keeping us from looking at any more houses until October 29th. We have found a new agent, a creative investors” agent to work with after this point. The lesson learned is; do not sign anything until you”ve gotten all the facts. And, read what you”re signing.
Robin M & Lance M
Made two offers for bank owned foreclosure properties after reviewing hundred of properties in area. One was rejected. The second offer was countered. We accepted the counteroffer, but after having 3 contractors bid on the rehab work required to resell property, attempted to renegotiate cost or closing costs with bank. They refused so we walked away. Four days later the bank agreed to take $4,000 off the price for a final price of $31,000. Estimated value of property after $8,000-$12,000 will be $60,000-$65,000. We are now searching for financing on the revised deal.
Robin M & Steven M
I am submitting updated information about the details of the purchase we made at Sheriffs Auction of our first investment property. I already submitted the basics but today just confirmed that we will be able to do a cashout refinance of the property in the next one-two weeks. I Paid $5,766 in cash(from pcL and credit card advance) for a 3900 square foot old “victorian”duplex in a lower income but tidy neighborhood (this was a Tax Deed property). After receiving title which took about 2 months we began the rehab work which will be completed by November 1st, the rehab loan we started in September has still not come through but today I called to switch it to cash-out refinance with same lender since the appraisal came in at $65,000. They approved a 75%loan to value at same rate as rehab loan. We have advanced contractor about $6,000 from our home equity line of credit so will owe him about $21,000 when work is completed. That leaves us with $49,000- $27,000 or about $22,000 of borrowed cash to eliminate all our unsecured debt(credit cards) with a a nice chunk left over to do the next deal. Property will clear at least $400 positive cash-flow as well.
Robin M & Steven M
We are in the process of selling our first property. We began with EMI this past summer and purchased a large duplex for next to nothing that needed a lot of work and kept me too busy to take advantage of the recommended no money down strategies. We were able to refinance it after completion, which covered all costs and gave us about 5000 in profit and we have 1100 per month rental income from it. We were able to purchase a second property in November that was a REO for 50% of its after repair value. The house was purchased for 31,000 and financed conventionally with excellent (5% for year fixed) for a monthly payment of just 236.00 we hired the rehab of the home for 9000 so at 40,000 we now have a home that is rentable for 750.00. We placed a sign in yard FOR Rent or Sale by owner. Overwhelming response to rental and had decided to keep it as rental. However prior to getting tenant into the home we received a call from an investor interested in purchasing it for our asking price of 63000 which was based on appraisal value. Although the rental ratio on this home is excellent we decided to go ahead and sell it and pull the cash out since we are so new to the game and want to focus on wholesaling and improving our cash flow for the time being. So we will come out of this second home with about $8000 in profit. The most exciting thing about this deal has been in working with the investor buyer who is reassigning his contract for 80,000(due to the high 750 rental amount he was able to get it reappraised at a higher value) with the tenant in place. This investor is now eagerly waiting to provide an end buyer on our future projects. He owns a mortgage company as well so can help us with rehab financing as well as provide additional resources for any tenant/owners we might find. We have found two other duplexes that are now finished and renting for 1800 total with no mortgage. We used the cash-out refinance of the first house to pay off the contractor and remaining credit card debt from the advances we made to cover cost. Now I know we did not do these deals by the “book” i.e. nothing down. We are now on track to get busy wholesaling but we have learned a ton with these four properties and built a great initial network that I could never have imagined in July. Looking forward to building buyer database and feeling much more confident about approaching private investors with profitable purchases under our belt.
Robin M & Steven M
We started with the object of generating income from the Internet. It has been a steep learning curve, as we did not know anything about Internet Marketing before starting with the programme. With a lot of help from Steve and Jarad and the teleconferences the site was up and running. Did not have much traffic to begin with but now things are starting to move and have now generated over 30 sales from it. It’s a start which we intend to build upon and expand. Thanks Bob and Mark for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this brilliant venture.
Robin O & Melanie O
I created my first Web site for a cash flow consultant business after taking the cash flow training. I have gotten a few calls so far but am learning more about marketing and how to best promote the site. I expect it to be profitable in the near future.
Robyn A & Steve A
The offer was accepted and the deal closed in 30 days. We fixed up the property and moved in. It was our first owned home. We bought it for 5% down and later did a refinance to get out cash for paying off all our debts asnd donating some to our church.
Robyn A & Steve A
Found a townhome in Culver City, CA that was for sale by the son of deceased parents and he just wanted to get rid of it. It was on the market a long time when we found it. Rreal estate had been down so we got it for $221,000. It needed a lot of old wall paper torn out, old drapes and other details. We had it painted and put in blinds and new details. It had relatively new carpet in the perfect color for our furniture and so we just had it cleaned. We put in new ceramc tile in four rooms also. We did some other things also to improve the property. It was beautiful when we finished it. We enjoyed our first home for almost three years. We rode the real estate market come back up and the house sold for $350,000, giving us $100,000 more in value than when we bought it.
Robyn A & Steve A
I am staying focused.
Rocket Man
I built my website as an educational resource to help traders of all levels learn more about the Stock Market. Alexa.com currently ranks the site 141,215 out of 16.6 million websites. This from someone with absolutely no knowledge about the Internet when I joined the Protégé program in December 2002. I wasn”t sure how I would actually make money from the site at first, but I am finding that as my traffic builds many opportunities are opening up to me and while I have only made small profits so far, “The big picture”, as Robert says, looks very exciting. I will be testing Google AdWords in the near future and adding many more affiliate products to the site as well. I have just sent out Issue 16 of my e-zine “The Stock Trader” to my list of over 200 subscribers. I have added some subscribers-only bonus lessons to try and increase my subscriber numbers towards that magic 10000. I have not as yet spent a cent on advertising so this is the next challenge…but it”s working. Everything is now in place to start rolling out the project with joint ventures and PPC advertising to increase the sites” revenue and profits. I am currently building my second site – this one is much easier now that I have the learning curve out of the way. Of course, I am still growing and learning, but it is starting to happen… Thankyou Robert for sharing your knowledge with all of us,
Rocky T
After many months of work I received my first Affiliate Cheque in May for $252.02 and I was hooked. I now receive monthly Clickbank Cheques from affiliate product sales via my website ranging from $48 to $132 – only small at the moment but consistent and growing. I give 20% of this to children’s charities and have kept the remainder in a bank account for future income producing opportunities. My initial success has made me realize that it is possible to make a living on the internet – I am now about to really ramp up my affiliate sales and take the site to the next level. Thankyou to Robert and everyone at OMM,
Rocky T
I began my real estate program February 2004, began calling properties and doing market analysis and getting an idea of property values and rental rates in the areas that I feel will be good areas to purchase and/or lease back properties. After many near misses I eventually wrote my FIRST OFFICIAL CONTRACT OFFER. I wrote an offer of $49,500 requesting seller pay all closing costs, will get 100% financing. Seller’s realtor responded following day “stating that he wanted a $1,500.00 non refundable deposit to show that we were a serious buyer and that we could a get a loan on this property, even though the offer was submitted with a letter of financial approval. Haggled over this issue, they would not budge, and eventually took a 2nd offer for less money and sold the property. After getting over the initial fear of writing contracts I made several more offers that did not result in purchases for various reasons. My 4th CONTRACT OFFER closed on June 18th. I offered $65,000. plus $4,000 seller paying closing costs. Ran numbers both Sales and lease rates. Sales comps valued @ around $83,000 and lease rates go between $800 to $900. After some negotiating to allow for a brand new loan, final sales contract was settled at $63,000.00 with Seller paying $1,900.00 in closing costs and financing done with a 100% loan my side of closing costs equaled to $1,400.00 out of pocket. My next deal I’m going to work it to equal Zero out of pocket.
Roderick S & Sophia B
I began my real estate program February 2004, with the intention of purchasing properties for the purpose of investment to either re-sale or lease. Began calling properties and doing market analysis and getting an idea of property values and rental rates in the areas that I feel will be good areas to purchase and/or lease back properties. I found a property in Dallas, TX valued at $140,000. Owner was 6 months behind on payments and soon to be foreclosed. Mthly payment was $1,300.00 Owner via the bank was offering the home at a short sale (?) for $91,000. Home needed $5,000.00 in foundation work and another $5,000.00 in cosmetic repairs. Seller wanted $5,000.00 in cash. Total price would be $104,000. Ran numbers, home was Tax appraisal was at $157,000. Sales comps priced home at $140,000. Wholesale sale price at $125 -$130 would give a Potential profit between $20K- $25,000. I hesitated in writing the offer, when I finally got up the gusto home sold before I could actually put an offer in. Continued to review, call and look at properties with significant success. I did several physical inspections of properties being sold by a FSBO, but still I did not have the nerve to go that final step and write an actual offer. I continued to work and find numerous properties each step taking me closer to the property that would fit my criteria. I came across some HUD properties through a realtor and found one that fit. The asking price was $50K. The property needed cosmetic work in the neighborhood of $7,000. and it would be worth about $80,000 when fully remolded. Could secure 100% loan through my loan officer. The HUD property’s bidding would open up to all investors first thing Monday morning. I checked the property online it was still available. Between the time I traveled from my home to the realtors office a bid had been accepted on the property. After many near misses I eventually wrote my FIRST OFFICIAL CONTRACT OFFER. I wrote an offer of $49,500 requesting seller pay all closing costs, will get 100% financing. Seller’s realtor responded following day “stating that he wanted a $1,500.00 non refundable deposit to show that we were a serious buyer and that we could a get a loan on this property, even though the offer was submitted with a letter of financial approval. Haggled over this issue, they would not budge, and eventually took a 2nd offer for less money and sold the property. After getting over the initial fear of writing contracts I made several offers that did not result in purchases for various reasons. My 4th CONTRACT OFFER led to an agreed contract set to close on June 10th. I offered $65,000. plus $4,000 seller paying closing costs. Ran numbers both Sales and lease rates. Sales comps valued @ around $83,000 and lease rates go between $800 to $900. Roderick Scott
Roderick S & Sophia B
I have written a no money down contract on a property that I expect to either flip or purchase and sell on or before 1 May 04. Originally I was to take the property subject to but the owner needs to file bankruptcy so I decided to relieve her of the property. The estimated value is $83K with a payoff amount of $71K. My goal is to flip this property to another investor for about $75K or purchase the property myself and rent with an option to buy. The other option is to take the property subject to if I can work out the details with an attorney. The seller contacted me after she spotted the advertising on my truck.
Rodney C & Carol C
We found an REO property in El Paso, on our way home from Glenn Purdy”s Real Estate Workshop last month. Appraised at $62,000, it had a debt of $90,000 on it. We have submitted an offer of $33,000. The house needs work, but we don”t plan to do that – just remarket it.
Rodney C & Jennifer C
I have been greatly encouraged by taking Dr Cooper”s Trading course. I completed the 8 week telephone class last year and then repeated the last 4 weeks of two subssequent classes to instill the principles and methods. During that time I was paper trading with good results in a strongly trending market. My best paper trade brought a 383% gain in less than 6 weeks. As I got ready to begin trading with money, the market began to consolidate, and my trades were not as successful. However, through that I was able to identify areas where I had not grasped the finer points of the entry and exit strategies, and learn from them. My most recent trades have been very encouraging with one gain of 80% and more in process. Our previous trading experience had been very disappointing as we were so reliant on advice from brokers due to our own lack of understanding and expertise. Having been “mentored” by Dr Cooper, my whole attitude towards the stock market and trading has changed and I have positive expectations that as I use Dr Cooper”s methods and develop my own style, I will have good success at making this one of multiple streams of (passive) income.
Rodney C & Jennifer C
My family made our first offer on a foreclosed property for $73,000. The neighborhood houses are vauled in the 90″s.
Rodney L
We came back from a real estate workshop with Glenn Purdy in Atlanta with a technique we picked up from one of the coaches, Ken Wimmer. The technique was to run two ads in the paper – one to create a database of potential buyers and one to find motivated sellers. The ad to attract buyers attracted a call from a guy who asked if we bought houses, too. Apparently he was in bad need to reduce debt and wanted to sell a SF 3/2 ranch that had a tenant in it of 7 years. He told us he would pay closing costs. He told me he wanted $78K for it. I asked him what he would take all cash, he said $73K. I told him my market comps told me it was worth $70K. He agreed and signed an offer without hesitation with about 20 contingencies to it, all to our benefit. The property appraised for $86K, so we are able to finance it with no money down PLUS $3K back at closing for repairs PLUS the tenant is providing about $200 per month positive cash flow. Fun little deal. Since then, we have made another offer and had it accepted on a property with breakeven cash flow but in an area of high appreciation. Now that we are over the “first offer jitters”, we see something that looks promising in the paper, from a broker or another source, we make an offer without even seeing the property figuring we can do our due diligence on it once it”s accepted. It gets us in the game and saves time – why invest time until we know we have a deal? If we find out we made a mistake, we can always get out of it. Making offers used to create anxiety… now, it is only fun.
Rodney Y & Stacey Y
I completed 10 paper trades on 10-24-2003 winning 7 out of 10 using Dr Coopers strategies. Thanks to Dr Cooper, Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen I believe I am on the path to financial independence and I have the confidence to continue learning and growing.
Roger C & Shannon H
I purchased my first property in 1983 when I was not in the right mindset. After learning a different way to purchase RE my whole prospective has changed completely.
Roger D
In 2003 I have moved from Peru to the USA and started learning about the power of positive thinking.I went on to study different modalities of energy healing. I knew I wanted to serve humanity. After I attended Millionaire Mind Intensive and enrolled in Succsess Tracks with T Harv Eker, I enrolled in website design and have built my website. I have created two upcoming healing tours to Peru for 2005. I promote my healing, donate my time fo free clinic every week and rented an office for my healing arts.
Romulo C
Ron L & Ken C
Being fed up with the fast food business, my wife and I set several goals. Our first child is due Sept 1, and we wanted to be able to raise her ourselves, and work from home. We didn”t want to get stuck in the rat race, going to work with not much to show for it at the end of the day. So, we decided to invest in ourselves and start investing in real estate. It seemed logical, since the lease on our apartment expired in 6 months, and we did not want to rent anymore. I began studying my materials when I got them and learning from my coach. I found a couple of agents I was interested in working with, and established a few different lender contacts. My wife and I toured several neighborhoods, looking for both investment properties and a potential home for us. The very first home we toured, we liked, but it didn”t feel like home. Plus, it needed a lot of work. Even still, we asked our agent to look into it for us. We learned it was actually a foreclosure property a local bank had been trying to sell for the last 5 months. It was listed for $224K, around $100K less than its estimated market value. It previously had an IRS tax lien on it, which is why several previous offers did not close. However, the lien was recently removed only 2 weeks prior to our walk-thru. We knew it would sell if we didn”t jump on it. So, we made an offer of $200K and began negotiations in mid March. We settled on a purchase price of $215,500 and had our first contract. Inspections were done only two weeks ago, revealing mostly cosmetic issues. We don”t expect much difficulty from this point forward. I secured a conventional loan locally, since the bank owning the property was not interested in doing any further financing on the property. Since then, I found a lender who will finance both the purchase and the approximate $30K in needed repairs/improvements. Being in TX, that was hard to find. I expect to hear final approval the first of the week. Improvements will take 45 to 90 days to complete. During that time, we”ll have interest only payments solely on the total current amount drawn against the $30K. While those repairs are in progress, we will market the house for sale, and either sell it outright or offer seller financing. Our calculations show it will cash flow between $300 and $500 a month. Further thoughts push me towards financing the property, and then selling a partial on the note to have more investment capital at my disposal. We”ll see what happens. The third house we toured, Nancy fell in love with. It had everything she wanted and was in excellent condition. It was listed for $215 through a relocation company. They wouldn”t work with us on financing, which didn”t surprise me. They also wouldn”t budge much on their price, but we did settle on $214K with an additional $3K to go towards our closing costs. We intend to remodel the master bath before moving in, but still have until the end of June before our lease expires. We closed on the house May 5th, so that our first payment on the house won”t be until the first of July, perfect timing!
Ron U & Nancy U
My fifth offer was on a vacant building lot. The owner accepted it after some negotiating. I plan to get approvals & sell it to a builder. I used a partner to limit my risk & we should make about $20,000 on the resale in about four months.
Ron W
My success is a simple one… It doesn”t have to do with making money…My success is the education that I have passed on to my family that as a family has opened our eyes to potentially multi-million dollar investment and potential saved our family farm. I have realized it takes a lot of work to get the ball rolling. At times it even seems impossible and hopeless, but it is our perseverance that makes us win in the end…I am still traveling that road.
Ronnie J
My success story so far is a small milestone for me, yet a milestone indeed. When I first signed up with the Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen mentoring program, I chose the internet to work on first. I did this primarily because I wanted to move away from the area I currently live in and thought the Internet would be mobile and move with me. Now you have to understand I mostly consider myself technically challenged. While I”ve worked with computers, primarily Word, PowerPoint & Excel for a number of years, building an internet site is a bird of a totally different feather. Finally, after 3+ months, my site has gone live and I placed my own first order to see it through. After a few stumbling blocks, the order made it to my supplier and I received the merchandise in short order. For me, this is a small victory I am happily celebrating. Now comes the work of drawing traffic to the site.
Rosa K
I am working with Lorin Hardy who has helped me to find a niche market in the “Caregivers” health web pages and a title for my upcoming book (August 2004)which is a personal and professional story about living with a stroke victim. I will also develop weekly e-zines and encourage readers to write me with their experiences, questions. A friend has been asking me to do this for several years but now, I am really doing it and feeling good about what I am doing.
Rose F
Started doing web pages in 1996. I tutor and design web pages for others as well as self. Latest is for my Enlightened Millionare group of 6 people.
Rose Q & John Q
Currently decided to buy preconstruction. Put a deposit on place in Ft Myers, already appreciated $3k. Will close in May and use my Equity line to purchase. Intend to just flip. Again Hubby does not want rentals!
Rose Q & John Q
Bought my home because Dad was giving me the down payment. Instead x-husband paid me from my divorce. So before closing found a HUD property on same street, put bid in $50 over asking with $1K down and won the bid, bought the house. Had friends help me fix up and sold on lease option $3k deposit. He left the house 2 yrs later in the middle of new kitchen remodeling. I again owned the house, did the same thing. He bought the house after only 1 year, I carried second. He left the country and bank foreclosed but my new hubby said no to rentals. I let it go. Just before that I had tried to buy another, but bank said I was overextended and would not give me the money.
Rose Q & John Q
In looking at options for increasing the rental yield of a small apartment block, we decided to approach the tenants to see how receptive they were to a rent increase if we were to improve some aspects of the property that made things a little more convenient and visually appealing. Another somewhat open-ended question asked each of them what they personally would like done. The answers here did quite surprise us… as in each case the request was very minor and easily accommodated. So for the small effort of discussing our options with the tenants and a $14,600 outlay, we received a $12,400pa. Rental increase and around $125,000 increase in property value plus everyone was happy with the outcome.
Ross H & Lyn H
On the 18th of September I read an advertisement seeking offers on 20 appartments as part of a mortgagee sale. After some research I submitted an offer of $460,000 on the23rd. Today, the 27th I have been in contact with the person handling the sale but we are still some distance apart at this time. Will keep you posted.
Ross H & Lyn H
I started out trying to build a web site myself. First efforts were crude and I had no idea how to get listed in search engines. But I sure learned a lot about renting servers in Korea, China and India! Still I wasn”t getting anywhere and that”s why I joined the Protégé program. I learned a lot about how to get connected to other people, search engine ranking, and what makes sites sell. I began talking to people around the world and got my name out through bulletin boards and email advertising. Then I spent time building a team from around the world from that first web site. Now I have a web site professional and a programmer on my team. I do not pay them. They are partners and will earn a percentage of sales when we start making some real money. I have found it difficult to keep people progressing when they have a full time job of their own but we launched this new professional site in the USA in February 2004. Now we”ve added a blog, a survey, and other web sites attached to ours that host professionals who will sell their work through us. We have 25 professionals now set up to sell through WSNTV. The shopping cart is being developed now and we will launch in August. I anticipate beginning to make some real money in just a few months.
Roxanne B & Rick B
My company is designed to be a marketing company for other professionals who are creative, but not sales oriented. We are forming a sort of portal to attract people looking for entertainment and education. Therefore, it requires a lot more sophistication and software than a simple web site. So my first task was to try and raise some money for marketing, servers and software. I secured my first $200,000 from an acquaintance. I tried going to people I didn”t know first. But I learned nobody will give money for a start up unless you can prove your concept works and you have the credentials to back it up. Most start-ups are funded by friends, family and acquaintances. I used the $200,000 to rent servers, get our web site upgrades, create a video we just completed for television – sort of a documerical, traveled to learn from conferences and meet people. Now, I am meeting with the next round of investors since we”ve proven our theories, we”ve made a little money from sales directly from our newsletter and I can demonstrate we know how to make this work. We now have 7 money finders who have hundreds of investor contacts. We just got a workable business plan developed and polished by someone who is a professional business plan writer. The investors we are meeting with now are considering investment of $4 million. I”ve had two offers but they wanted us to rearrange the plan and we did not agree with those changes so we”re still trying to find other investors. I am happy though that obviously we have a viable plan or we would not have had these two offers. With $4 million we will be able to own all our own servers, proprietary software can be developed and we can begin mega marketing! Can”t wait.
Roxanne B & Rick B
We made an offer on a 4-plex with specific addendums to make the property show positive cash flow. The owner countered with conditions that made the deal not work, so we pulled our offer from the table. The following day, the realtor called and asked if the original offer was still on the table and we said “No”.
I was able to use my skill and the money I have earned in real estate to help my daughters buy homes and get their finance in order. The last purchase will be the home of my first granddaughter
We made our very first offer yesterday and it was accepted. We offered $90K on a three bedroom, two bath home which needs about $10K in rehab. The county appraised the property last year for $129,900K, and county appraisals tend to be low in our area. We plan on flipping the property for quick cash and expect to be able to sell it for no less than $130K, and should be even higher. Even if we sell it for the bare minimum, we will put approximately $15K in our pocket after splitting with our financial partner. The owner got the house in a divorce and custody of his two daughters, however, his wife disappeared and he has never been able to find her (this was 7 years ago). Since her name was on the deed he has not been able to put the house up for sale. He finally filed an involuntary bankruptcy on her so that a Trustee could sign on the deed and allow him to sell the house. He lives 100 miles away from the property and has been losing money on it every year. He just wanted to get out from under the house and have enough to pay all the attorneys” fees. He is a true “Don”t Wanter”. Once we sell the house we plan on giving him some money to help compensate for some of his losses and struggles. Give and it shall be given unto you! Thanks Robert, Mark, and EMI for all your help and support. This is just the start of what we plan to be a lucrative real estate investing lifestyle.
Russ H & Gloria H
Found SFH in local area that could easily be set-up for a two unit rental (sec. 8 for one). I put in 3 different offers but lost out to a conventional offer for about $5,000 more than mine. I am still tracking this property in case it doesn”t close.
Russell G & Margaret I
When I was moving to Florida I decided that Sarasota was where I wanted to live. So I visited and found a realtor to work with. I also purchased the Sarasota Herald Tribune and explored the real estate section of the Sunday paper. I then worked with the realtor to get a rental as I had initially planned on building a home. This is part of another story at any rate I looked a homes and condos/villas. I had planted a seed several years before that I wanted to live in the community in which I ultimately bought my villa. While I put the seed of where I would like to live I did not specify the type of home. I am happy that I bought my home after negotiating the purchase price and bought it %9+ below the modified asking price. Since that time the values and ultimately the prices have gone up significantly. This villa is unique in that is has many, many extras such as hand painted pictures on several walls. It has extras which also includes a court yard pool and well as a community pool. It is only about 20 minutes from downtown and the hub of all of the activity. While I have not decided to sell it at this point it has appreciated from the purchase price of $250,000.00 to ~$448,000.00+ area in slightly less than 7 yrs.
Ruth D
As a result of having lunch with a millionaire we formed a business, incorporated it at the end of November, 2003 and plan to have our first sale in February, 2004. The website is currently being created.
Ruth K
My website has been live since the fall of 1999. I was given a free website by my internet provider. They provided clear and concise directions on how to build the site. I advertised my practice on superpages.com through my local phone book. I was then able to link my website to the superpages.com site and they also provided potential clients with driving directions to my office. This way potential clients could read about me on my website before calling the office. I am still working on affiliate programs to link to my site.
Ruth R & Roger R
I attribute my success to several factors. One being the wealth training in 1989 and the other my work on the effects of how our thought processes determine what we will do with our lives. The training in 1989 helped me to put these principles into action. And, I have been doing it ever since. The techniques we learned were invaluable to me and everyone else in that class. However, the motivation we experienced was life changing. We all had to go out and perform our “personal stretch”. Mine was going into Grubb/Ellis Real Estate Company with 3 other students and having them show us million dollar properties. We experienced first hand the millionaire mindset. We learned how to take that “Leap of Faith” and believe in ourselves. Buying and selling real estate has provided the funds for me to open up my own business and teach people through hypnotherapy and lifestyle counseling how to make positive changes in their lives. I believe that the training I received in 1989 allowed me to see opportunities and have the courage to act on them. However, I also believe that not one experience changes our lives, but many. It is up to us to sort them out and learn the lessons that are put before us. I learned about the bad deals by experiencing them. We not only have to believe that we can be successful, we have to live success. We can never lose sight of the vision of where it is we want to go. I continue to look for opportunities that will help me on my quest for financial freedom.
Ruth R & Roger R
Since I have joined the Protege program, I have increased my profits from my massage business with marketing techniques learned from this program by 50% in clients, and over 500% in profits that turn into cash or barter. All is good!!
Ruth S
Ive been involved with network marketing for three years and the education I”ve received from it has been phenomenal. The systems taught by Robert have helped me to gain a laser focus on what I do and shoot to have more success a lot quicker.
Ryan G
After reading One Minute Millionaire I was able to formulate a gameplan for my speaking career. My first book “Success Is In Your Hand: Unlocking The Successful Person You Were Designed To Be” will be released through Trafford Publishing on May 25, 2004. I have already gotten several pre-orders and am putting together my marketing plan based on the lessons taught by Bob and Mark.
Ryan G
Since I have been a protégé, I have acquired a great amount of knowledge that I have applied to acquiring properties. Since November 2003, I have acquired 5 properties (in 4 months) and I have purchase agreements for 2 additional properties that should close this month. All of these properties either have or will have positive cash flow and I have even been able to pull cash out of closing for a couple of them. In addition, I have not lost focus of who made this all possible (God), and I tithe 10% of my earnings from my properties.
Ryan J
I started my own business with my partner Ryan Prince in August of 2003.We designed a program that helps people get government grants in an easier way that random searching. Our business has been running for 9 months and is still growing. Right now we are working on a product to allow people to start their own business and work at home using the knowledge we have already gained through our own trial and error. It is looking very good so far it should help a lot of people.
Ryan P & Dan P
I am pleased to announce that this month, my multiple streams of income are finally falling into place. My first book is now hot off the press, and thanks to some excellent advice along the way, I’ve sold $5,000 in just 5 weeks (and 4 weeks of those were pre-press). My e-mail list has grown to 1,000 enthusiastic people dedicated to good health through nutrition. This book had humble beginnings as a brainstorm session in the Infopreneuring teleconference class and Denise Michaels and Robert Allen helped me expand it into a proposal. Then off to Book Expo America Chicago June 2001 with Robert , Denise, Mark and the gang….definitely a character building experience as I plied my wares on the Trade floor. After negotiating with a couple of publishers, I decided to self-publish and stuck to Dan Poynter’s advice like glue. In fact, it wasn’t until Nov 2002 that I started writing the book and I now have it in stock and ready for sale, only 10 months later. Now I’m ready to fulfill my speaking engagements, publicity and ready for back of the room sales! In the meantime, having read Rich Dad Poor Dad earlier this year I committed to buying our first investment property in 2003. I teamed up with my husband and the right creative realtor and we negotiated a no-money down deal, even though most people believe it can’t be done in Canada. I have now shifted my life to having more time to focus on my multiple streams and only about 25% of my time now is spent earning dollars for hours. This is a huge fundamental shift for me, but one I don’t have to have faith in…. because now I’ve seen and made it work in my own life. I’ve received such great advice, support and inspiration from the EMI team, along with the awesome idea of having a mastermind group. Inspired from the first session on Financial Freedom I went to (Harv Ecker’s Peak Potentials), I invited a group of 5 others and we have been meeting now, once a week for over TWO years. Each of us have focused on different streams and bring so much to the table. Not only have we learned about real estate, tax lien certificates and options trading, websites , networking and infopreneuring through sharing our experiences we are also blessed with solid support in our success and our challenges, whether business or personal. This aspect alone has been indispensable in my growth. I will be donating 5% of gross to the Centre for Integrated Healing, who’s mission is to serve people living with cancer, and their families, by providing support in body, mind and spirit.
Sally E & Adrian A
2004 I purchased my first and second investment properties on the dame day. The seller has been a real estate investor for many years and wants to have more time with his family and to travel. I struck a good rapport with him pretty quickly. I came to find him through a property he had advertised on the Internet. He had the property listed at about 10% below market value. In speaking with him I found out that he owns many other properties as well. After many back and forth negotiations, he ended up selling me 2 properties, both about 10% below market value. He also agreed to carry the financing at 5.5% with a small down payment. I borrowed the down payment as well, so the final result was a no money down deal. He never did check my credit and financed $240,000.00 for me. I couldn”t believe it. He has several other properties that I plan on purchasing as well.
Sam L & Kim L
We made our first offer! Found a 6-plex that was for sale by owners for $349,000. The building is owned by a group of 3 partners who cannot get along with each other anymore and just want to get out of the property (i.e. quite motivated). Building has net income of $32,000 before debt financing. The owners are willing to carry financing of up to $30,000 over 2 years which is extendible if needed. We made a verbal offer of 20% below the asking price i.e. $280,000. Owners countered with “nothing below $325,000”. We”re planning to wait a couple of days and offer $300,000.
Samina V & Ali V
I just recently signed up for the Real Estate seminar in Anaheim. My short term goal is to buy a property to flip wither before that seminar or within 30 days after. Also, I just started the Internet marketing class and will have my besite live in the next 48 hours! It is much easier to see my future with the lights turned on.
Samuel H
I am almost done with the 30-Day Quickstart and have already been tinkering with my website. I am marketing books that teach how to save money on travel. Steve and Jared are great teachers! I can”t wait to make my first affiliate dollar!!
Samuel H
After reading about a man who has no family and is ill who was in need of money to pay for his in home caretaker, I called him and asked to buy his house and let him rent it back from me. I offered to have an investor I know to buy my morgage from him so that he could have his cash now. He turned me down. He didn”t think it would work.
Sandra A & Yvonne S
Through this system, I started from knowing nothing about an internet site, to researching and picking the product I wanted to sell, getting a logo, and setting up, populating my site, going live, and making sales online. I could never have done this on my own.
Sandra B &
Tom & I made an offer to buy a house in foreclosure. The offer was rejected.
Sandy C & Tom C
After looking at a couple dozen properties, I made an offer on a condo that was somewhat updated but still needed work. Since I worked through realtors, I did not have access to the seller but was able to find out what the seller paid for the property (through county records). The seller is offering the property for the third time; the previous two contracts with a real estate agent expired. This time the condo has been on the market for 70 days. My offer was for 20% less than the original asking price, 13% under the current price, but 27% above what the seller paid four years ago. I offered all cash with closing in ten days. The seller countered, I countered, and seller countered again. I walked away, knowing I was right to not counter again. It was a good experience. It was especially good to know that I could walk away when my financial limit was reached–and with no regrets. I really do look forward to my next offer–soon.
Sandy B & James B
I have not really wanted to get into real estate in the past because it seemed overwhelming to me. A lot can go haywire. I own a duplex that was built in the early nineteen hundreds, and it definitely goes through it”s alligator periods. When I read the One Minute Millionaire, the idea of doing something as a team took a lot of the fear away. We just made an offer on a house that is as old as mine, but one of the people on my team can deal with house projects. Pooling expertise is a great way to learn, as well as to move onto higher ground knowing that more heads are better than one. Our offer was accepted. I”m excited!
Sandy K
Thanks to EMI and the Protoge program, I have started thinking about Multiple Streams of Income, rather than just doing the same old same old, and lots of ideas are coming to me. I am starting to think about new ways to leverage my talents, skills, and experience. I have just dusted off an old set of skills to create some new business opportunities, and have made my first income from a MSI that I previously didn”t realize existed! Thanks.
Sandy O
I made three offers before I got my first acceptance. The numbers of offers I tried to make were numerous before I got to do paperwork. The three I got to make were not “sold” when we did the paperwork but had other offers before me as well as the other offers were more money. I finally got an offer through and accepted in March. I called an inspector and had the house inspected. I went to see the inspector at the house and she wasn”t quite done but so far everything was looking ok. That made me feel great. I was already looking to find what it might cost to remodel and later that afternoon the realtor called to let me know that there was a major problem with the house. The flooring and floor joists were rotten and needed the whole house done. There was also major termite damage. I said ok lets get a contractor and see what it will cost. It is something the owners will have to fix in order to sell the house so it shouldn”t be a problem. The estimate came back at 25,000. to 30,000. The owners said NO!!! Well, that was the end of that deal. There was not enough room in the price to fix the house and give it a new foundation as well. The problems were enormous. So two weeks later the realtor called and said she had a house to look at. I said when do you want to meet. She called the owners and we went to look at it. The house was great and it needed lots of up dating. The owners needed to sell and had dropped the price by 15,000. They were moving to LasVegas and had already bought another house. We closed ten days later. I now have my first house!!! That was Saturday that I made the offer and the following Friday my realtor called to say she had another house that had just come on the market that day. I meet her there at 1:00 p.m. and said yes. Made the offer and it was accepted the next morning. I now have two houses!!! I spent months looking and finally find one that will make some money and in less than 3 weeks I have 2 houses. I have closed on the first house 4/13/04. The second house I will close on May 5, 2004. I hope to have the first one remodeled and sold by the time we actually close on the second house. I am soooooooo excited!!!!!! P.S. My husband has not yet to see one of the houses I have tried to make offers on. He will be gone most of the year, so I will be on my own. He said I was making him very nervous. I told him “Don”t worry – Be Happy!”
Sandy R & Bob R
Back in April I signed up for the Protégé programme, using the money I had put aside to pay my income tax. (Shhhhh, don”t tell anyone!) I had lost a contract earlier in February and was living by faith, from month to month. I am a single parent of three teenage children and have no (or ever had) financial support from their father. I”m on my own! So what I”m trying to say is that I was flat broke and the money for the programme came hard. But….I had claimed that this year was MY year and so it is! I am so determined to be successful I felt it was worth the investment. I had a slow start really, trying to do everything and not focusing on anything, after a quick word with Matt Soren, that was sorted. I concentrated on Marketing and Info-Preneuring with wonderful Denise Michaels. I had to be strict with myself not to move on to the next thing before having completed my homework and duties on the current task. I”m so excited because today – 14 July 2004 – I paid in my first money from a workshop I”ve organized. I”m on the board in the starter room and that”s a good feeling. It wouldn”t have happened without the Protégé Programme. Thank you so much! I know this is a humble start, but I”ve got tons of things planned and brewing, so watch this space, cos” here I come! God Bless you all.
Sarah & Neil
We never considered this a risk; as the building had two “captive” business renting the first floor. Also, their rents covered the mortgage. The second floor, residential, we also easy to rent. But we paid $30,000 down on an $80,000 property. Throughout our ownership, we made money, but not a lot. However, our credit rating after one year of ownership allowed us to borrow $190,000 on a $200,000 building, the ownership of which has been very kind to us. The extra leverage helped us in this purchase.
Sarah C & Dan C
Some vacant land was advertised for $200,000.00. I found out through a series of questions that the seller had planned to develop the site, but had overcommitted funds for another property and he needed the cash. He was already overdue with the money he owed elsewhere and was looking for a quick settlement. He then reduced his price to $180,000.00. The first offer I made was an all cash offer of $165,000.00 and a quick settlement of 21 days (I knew I could settle quickly). This was rejected. They wanted $180,000.00. I offered all cash offer of $175,000.00 and a 30-day settlement. Another party offered $180,000.00 subject to finance and a 30-day settlement. They accepted my $175,000.00 cash offer but wanted a 21-day settlement. I advised if they wanted to shorten the settlement period the amount all cash would be $172,500.00. We closed the deal on these terms. Prior to my offer I had worked out my costs and profit and knew what I was going to do with the property. The seller had received council approval for concept plans, which took some of the speculation away from the proposal to sub-divide and build on the land.
Sarah P
My life has changed as a result of this program and the teachings of these two great people. It has helped me move to the next level and put my thoughts in action. I can now see clearly that I am on the road of turning my dreams into a reality. My first (baby step) goal was to purchase my first property within 90 days of attending the 3 day Creating Wealth Seminar. I did it and now I am having a nice positive cash flow come in every month. Thank you for showing me in the right direction of financial independence. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with me. This is a life changing experience and everybody on the planet should give it a try. It is enlightening.
Savina M
I”m still rather early on to the process with the Stock course. However, in the few short weeks that I”ve been working with my mentor and “attending” Dr. Coopers classes I have become much more confident in my future. After just 3 weeks with my mentor, there is no more mystery in investing. Selection of investment securities is no longer a crap shoot. I know why I”m investing in these stocks for the long term and I know when/why I might need to close a position and move on to greener pastures… And finding those green pastures is no longer a mystery. In options trading, I have a long way to go… but I”m learning very quickly. Perhaps too quickly for my mentor”s sake! (Ha!) But I”ve been doing paper trading now for several weeks and it”s all very exciting. When I look at things that didn”t pan out, I often see where I made a mistake and learn from that mistake. I”m getting more confidence all the time!
Scott C & Bonnie C
I have two properties under contract that are subject to inspection and partner approval. I have two termite inspections to be done and one septic tank to be pumped and checked then all systems are go. I have both of these properties on subject to terms where PITI is covered by the payment. Both payments are WELL below where market rents are and offer great possibilities. Both properties are also 20 percent below market value and are basically turn-key. To cash out the owners equity I had to come up with $16,500. I found an investor who would like a better rate of return than what his CD”s were giving him so I have the money covered with out a signnificant amount (if any) coming out of my pocket. I did not have the money when I made the offers and got them under contract, but I gave myself time to get it. Just like the One Minute Millionaire states, “If you don”t have it, you can get it.” All you have to do is ask. The worst thing anyone can say is no. After closing these two deals I will have over $50K in potential profits. I plan to leave some on the table so that my buyers will get good deals and we still make a profit. So I did just like Robert Allen says, “Find It, Fund It, Farm It!” These deals are out there, you just have to keep looking. I”ll keep you posted on how it goes.
Scott D
I am just a few weeks into the program and I am coming in from unemployment. I have to say, based on my paper trades, that I can see nothing but positive things to come in the future. Had I been making “real” trades, I could be earning close to $1000/week. Being rather new to the trading business, I think that this is rather impressive.
Scott G & Joelle G
Before I met Robert Allen, I knew one way to buy real estate; put 20% down and get a loan! Over the years, I have steadily built my net worth and income by simply doing one deal at a time. I currently have nearly 100 rental units. I can honestly say that without Robert Allen”s training, support and systematic approach to investing, I would still be selling shirts at Nordstrom! Every deal has had its lesson, and every lesson has its roots firmly planted in the training and support I”ve received from Robert G. Allen. Thank you Bob; I have worked to change my life, but you gave me the tools and the confidence to execute against my plan!
Scott L
Every month, my business inches closer and closer to having the passive rental income exceed expenses. It”s a challenge to have the rental income exceed our increasing expenses, but we will get there. I have nearly reached my initial goal of 20 houses/month and I will expand that to 40/mo starting in May. I credit our large goals to the LMM retreat in November. A life Changing event, thank you!
Scott M & Chad M
My “success” seems minute in comparison to the others that I have read, but it is big to my wife and me. I am a bi-vocational pastor and my wife is a kindergarten teacher who also works a second job. Our success story is, that we have over the past 4 weeks, begun to dream again. After the death of our oldest (age 15) son in Sept. 1998 (Leukemia) my wife and I stopped dreaming about our future and the things we would do someday with our kids. We lost the drive to be better and do more and really didn”t care very much whether we achieved financial freedom or not. We had resigned ourselves (given up) to the fact that we would always live paycheck to paycheck and never enjoy the choices that “rich people” had. It was less than a month ago that I picked up a copy of “One Minute Millionaire” and it literally changed my life. As I read the novel something sparked in me that had long been cold. I knew we could succeed and that this was our opportunity to change the future for our children and our church family. This was the opportunity that I had prayed for so many years ago – and the LORD dropped it right into my lap. Our “success story” is not about financial or asset gain – yet! Our “success story” is that we have recaptured our dreams and you are allowing us to use your experience and expertise to reach for the stars! Thank you.
Scott P
By applying the principles that I have learned predominantly via CD”s (The One Minute Millionaire and Selling Yourself Rich) my income as a commissioned sales person has increased as follows; -12 months 1.7.2002 – 30.6.2003 $107K -6 months from 1.7.2003 – 31.12.2003 $105K Enter the EMI tools… -6 months 1.1.2003 – 30.6.2004 $138K -3 months 1.7.2004 – 30.9.2004 $144K My next pay on 15.10 will take my financial YTD income to >$200K! And, I”m on track to make >$500K for the financial year!!!!!!!!!!! As at 1.1.2003 I was #1 sales person in my state (Sth Australia). So my performance was not about being challenged by those around me – it was about me knowing my strongest competition would come from me and that I wanted to take myself to a new level. I”ve proved to those and myself around me that I won”t be constrained by “the market” or “my products” or anything else. As MVH says, “I”m selling myself rich” … and I love it!
Scott P & Sarah P
Five years ago I learned one of the hardest lessons in my life when I lost $8.5K in the “tech wreck”. From that experience I undertook a number of changes in order to turn this negative into some sort of positive. I had deviated my career from that of a fixed salary Banker (predominantly lending)to an unlimited upside commission sales person selling Corporate Superannuating and Life Insurance. As a result of this change of career, I have had to invest heavily to increase my knowledge about investments because I had to become qualified to give investment advice to clients. Given my past history, I know this accreditation made my wife nervous.. (why would my client”s take investment advice from me.. when I”m so good at investing myself). Before I could go off and execute the trades that I had researched and wanted to make because I felt really confident about my research, I had to sell on why Sarah should trust me and why the outcome would be so much different than last time. I demonstrated my prowess by drawing on real life examples where I had done a great job for my clients”. I think that by even going to Sarah with my idea to re-invest in the share market was courageous. I hope that you, too, see this as “courage in action” to get back on the bike that I had fallen off so badly before and pull the trigger on eight trades at the end of June.
Scott P & Sarah P
Finished the personal coaching and within 1 week, have 2 properties under contract. 1st contract is $57,500 and Fair Market Value of $105,000. Second property at $103,000 with FMV of $175,000 ( and filled with antiques!). Should net about $15,000 on each property, financing with no money down using OPM.
Scott R
Our seller was asking 730k. He was looking to cash out and begin building his dream home 400 meters from his existing home, but did not want to pressure his family with a move. We made the deal @ 663.500 with a 10 month rent back at $1.00 per month after which he has a maximum of 3 month extension @ $3100 per month. He is my neighbor and I new he was keen to build a dream house so I just waited and watched. He kept checking the lot at the end of our road so I knew he was in the mood. As soon as I new he had made the offer on a lot, we began to chat about his future plans and timing. He let me know he had closed and I, being the vice president of the homeowner’s assoc, advised him on getting his plans in for our review ASAP. Nothing like making a dream come to life with drawings, once you are in that mind set the bags are packed and the car is running, our time was now. Once I understood his needs then I simply asked if he was ready to sell and we visited a few more times made a cash offer with a two week closing. Our funding came privately with a 3.75% interest variable. You never know until you ask, there are lots of people in this world who are just waiting to be asked to help out and they gladly and wisely lay out the parameter about how they are willing to provide. “Ask and you shall receive,” We wrote in the rental agreement that we would have the right to upgrade the exterior and landscape while they are still in the home. They offered us to work on the interior if we choose while they go on vacation to the mainland for spring break It is 1800sqft home and the house next door just closed three days ago for 730K and is 1500 sq ft, our lot is cleaner with older trees and palms. We have already heard from 3 people before we put any money into it to consider selling it to them. In the event we do sell it must go with the same rental arrangement with no occupancy for up to max until Feb1.05 Most likely they will be out by mid Oct 04 If we do keep it, we will make upgrades doing the sweat labor ourselves mostly and subbing out the things out of our range. This area is on the up cycle, but we will be prepared to make a deal at anytime.
Scott S & Beth A
Scott S & Christopher P
My wife and I odered the Money Power Program in 1995, and made offers for almost two years before finding the courage and learning enough to have the confidence that this was an outstanding buy! We still live in the house today (2004). We made about $60,000 in net worth the day we closed and today we have increased our net worth by $200,000+ conservatively. That”s equity that we are considering now for our next series of houses and /or apartments. See you at the retreat in Anaheim in Sept. 2004!
Scott T & Laurie T
At my first Robert Allen seminar I came across an ad of a property for sale or rent in the property for rent section of the local paper. During breaks in the seminar I contacted the seller, and arranged to meet them that evening, which I did. I made contact with another student of the class who was a real estate broker and partnered in writting an offer for the property. We specified a deadline of 12 hrs to accept the offer or it would be void. The seller never called back. I contacted the seller later and found out they were not as motivated as I originally thought. However, it was a good experience to make the offer and present the offer to the seller even though it was not accepted.
Scott W & Kimberly W
I finally got the courage to buy some stocks. I started researching different stocks and found a stock that looked like a great buy. Three days later the stock made a small gain and I sold so that I could say I made a profit. I was happy to make $500 dollars in 3 days from my first buy.
Sean W & Lani W
I am in the Protege Program. Using the books I have read and help from my coach I looked at 2 properties “FSBO”. Both are free and clear. Talking to one of the owner”s I learned that she and her husband have a rental buisness and have inherited alot of properties from her parents. I told her this is my first property and looking toward investing. So saturday I made my first offer”s. One offer for her 4 unit property and one on the other “FSBO”. Now the fun starts!!
I made my first offer on a property after I had already agreed to purchase my first property. While I was waiting to close on my first property, I had a for sale by owner sign in the front yard and someone called the number asking if I wanted to purchase the property across the street and so I made an offer and they accepted it. I received a referral fee for that property because I told another investor about it who bought it.
Shane H
My protege mentor told me to call an investor who had a property under contract but couldn”t get the financing for it and so I ended up purchasing it at $310,000 and it appraised at $385,000 using conventional financing.
Shane H
My husband and I marveled last night at how much has happened in the six months since we joined the protégé program. Others marvel as well. We know this for a fact because last night we were wined and dined by a couple of representatives from private banking who have extended us the invitation to become one of their clients. Private banking is on an invitation basis only. The criteria for consideration is to earn at least $150,000 a year and have $500,000 in net assets. My husband is a medical resident (well below the yearly income) and our real estate profit margin on our properties is impressive but not quite $500,000. So why were we invited? The commercial agent working with us on the acquisition of a 36-unit apartment complex is so impressed with what Shane and I are poised to do (purchase this property on a medical resident”s income) that he told the bank about us and they recognized our potential. We are using the techniques of nothing down and the rewards of great diligence and determination. My husband was told by everyone that he couldn”t get into something of this size with 5% down. They were wrong. The seller is carrying 5% and we will come up with 5% from properties we acquired in the last couple of months. Everyone said that we couldn”t find a lender who would take as little as 5% down – they were wrong. We found an institution that will take only 10% down and count the seller”s 5% as part of that 10%. Once this is done we will have more than doubled our yearly income with this one property and have made a huge step in reaching our goals for financial freedom.
Shane M & Marni M
The real estate market is so hot where I live, and it has been a challenge to find deals. I started driving in neighborhoods and looking for vacant houses, and they are everywhere. I just put in my first 2 offers and if all works out the equity alone will be over $150K. Thanks Bob and Mark.
Shannon B &
It was incredible the courage and knowledge I gained from your Wealth Retreat and Glen Purdy. I made my first offer on a lease-option and my second offer with seller financing. With both properties the equity alone will total over $150K.
Shannon B &
Last fall I sold my house, bought a small motor home and went off on an adventure to discover what and where is next for me–knowing that this was going to be finding a way to finance my life through passive income. During this time I became a protégé and decided that my focus would be a combination of real estate and stock market, at least for now. Since then I have purchased my first property, a pre-construction condo in Florida that I plan to sell in about a year for more than double the price paid and I”ve been paper-trading stocks. In addition to the financial advantages of this program I have been spending my time with positive, successful people who focus on what is possible and how to accomplish it–that may be the best part of all of my success.
Shannon R
After attending the Millionaire Academy, I was on Fire! Ready to get in the game! Ready to play. I was especially interested in pre/new construction in Florida. Shortly after my return from the Academy, my mortgage broker contacted me. I submitted the loan application for pre-approval and before I knew what was happening, Gary, my Florida real estate agent, called me with an opportunity to do TWO deals! Gary faxed the contract. I reviewed it, asked questions and did research that allowed me to feel sound in my decision to sign on the dotted line. YEAH!!! MY FIRST OFFER!! EVER!!! The whole process was so easy. I feel that I am working with professional people who are at the top of their game. After learning what to look for, what questions to ask, and what kind of professionals to put on my team, I felt confident in making the offer. Thank you Robert, Mark, Glen, Melissa, and Gary, for helping me see that I CAN!! To future prosperity and benefit to all.
Sharon D & Michele B
One of the neatest little miraculous things that happened to me came through the experience with the self-publishing of my book in paperback form. When I received the books, the wrong color was used on the paper. The company redid them at no cost. They normally would have burned the other books, but gave their blessings for me to gift various Alzheimer organizations nationally and internationally—-200 books. The organizations were delighted as was I!
Sharon M
As of May 31, 2004 my website was and is up and running!!! I had already begun working on it and am continuing enhancing it. I also added a store this last summer in relation to my book that I have written and published this year!!!!! The book also has a song with it that has made the Christian Country TOP 100 for the last two months out of Nashville!!! I am thrilled with what I have accomplished in so little time. My site is a work in progress. Just beginnings and I am now focusing on marketing on the internet. When I look back on this past year I cant believe what I have accomplished with emi support. I am so grateful!
Sharon M
So much has happened to me in the last year…many many miracles… Having attended the Possibilities Conference in Oregon last January (I won this through Womens Calendar.org) I met Mark Victor Hansen, purchased his One Minute Millionaire package, then signed up for the protege program. Before I knew it I had Denise Michaels helping me to zero in, find my niche, what I really want to promote. From her infopreneuring course on marketing, book proposals,etc. and a one-on-one session with her, I knew that I would be learning how to market my life coaching business! But little did I know that with Denises methods of persuasion that I would be not only writing my book, but selfpublishing and then retaining a publisher all in the same year. But thats not all! I also knew my book would have music with it…I came upon a lovely song from another fellow I met at the Possibilities Conference, had my brother record the song for me and put it with the book. Once at The BEA Conference with JoyceBelle, I was astounded to meet so many wonderful entrepreneurs and authors…I met a singer/songwriter who took the poem from my book and put the melody to it… it was then recorded with a U.S. army chaplain friend of hers that weekend. So then I had two songs! The book/song was taken to Nashville where the song made its debut on the Christian Country TOP 100 for the last two months and was performed in Nashville for the Christian Country Muscic Awards televised nationally and internationally. My book has just come from Hong Kong—and we are in the process of promotion and marketing. I am also expanding all this with speaking/seminar/playshop events. All is progressing well. I am mastering great patience, knowing that everything has its sweet time….and EMI is my fabulous companion for all of this. There is so much more to all of this, so many miracles that I have not as yet shared but will when the time is right! Thank you EMI!!!!!!
Sharon M
I made my first book sale Fathers Day June 20, 2004. My book honors my dad and all of those families struggling with Alzheimers. Ten percent of the sale of each of my books is designated for Alzheimers Research and Caregiving.
Sharon M
This summer I located and put under contract a $138,000 home for $85,000. About 3 days later I put the home under contract to sell it for $131,000. I sold it before I bought it. I got 100% no money down financing. All I have done to the property was mow the grass, vacuum and mop the tile. I will make about $46,000. I will not have to make a payment on the property. I estimate that I will make about $2,000 per hour on this deal including doing the paper work.
Sharon N
I was so excited about all of this new knowledge that I was calling my mentor at PMG to discuss my first offer before our 2nd conference. The deal unfortunately did not go through, but I made a good contact. The person selling the house was another investor. I was able to give her information on our local real estate investing clubs (she only knew of one). Through my research I found 6. I found a new contact and also negotiated my first contract. Which she called me back and told me if she hadn”t received an out right cash offer, she would have accepted mine. I am still in the beginning stages of my mentoring, but I am sure that it will be very soon that I have an offer that is accepted.
Sharon S & Steve S
From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen for bringing our families and us from the darkness back into the light!! We, Mike and Sharyn, would like to share our story. Mike”s background is Engineering and Sharyn”s Hospitality. From 1986 until 2000, we were on the top of the world. We had created a world class Bed and Breakfast Inn, which was also our home. Many different family members contributed their time and money to the success of the Inn. Sharyn managed the Inn on a day-to-day basis, with Mike supporting it in every area, including preparing breakfast, in the evenings and on weekends. Due to several unfortunate lawsuits and the attempt to defend ourselves, our finances were drained, credit destroyed, and our property went into foreclosure. We lost our business, our home, and even all our furniture. In addition, we were left with IRS and State Tax capital gains tax of over $80,000. It was the darkest of times, and we felt we would never again be able to afford our own home or dare to hope that we could ever pay our outstanding debts. The situation appeared bleak. Then an amazing opportunity opened for us to go to the South Pacific and, as a team, manage a Resort in the Fiji Islands. It was a new beginning, and we began to rebuild. As fate would have it, though, the September 11 disaster occurred and tourism deteriorated to the point that we lost our jobs and were sent back to the States without a penny in our pockets. We borrowed money from every family and friend we could, and after months of both being unemployed and moving 6 times in the next year, we were even deeper in debt than before. Finally, Mike decided to return to Engineering and obtained a position on the Central Coast of California. In March of 2003, Sharyn”s sister moved to California and gave us the gift of a book with an Angel Message — “The One Minute Millionaire”. Mike, being an Engineer, loved the logical teaching of the book; while Michelle”s story appealed more to Sharyn, who grew up as the oldest of eight (8) in a family of insatiable dreamers. Approximately, 3 months after reading the book, we were so moved we risked the last of our borrowed money and in August 2003 both attended a “Creating Wealth” workshop in San Jose, California — three hours north of where we lived. We literally “floated” home with new inspiration and hope. Within weeks, we were searching for motivated sellers and made our first “3-part” offer about one month later. The owners did not even respond, but we were not discouraged … we felt we were only “practicing” making offers anyway. Then Sharyn saw an ad in the local newspaper by a “For Sale by Owner”. The owner sounded motivated on the telephone and Sharyn went over immediately for a tour. The owners were in their 80″s and wanted to move out of California because it was too expensive. At first, they declined that they would be interested in carrying anything back and expressed that they needed the cash. However, after several return visits, we gained their trust by being honest about our financial situation. They then confided that they had already purchased a property in Arizona and could not pay two mortgages anymore. They had been trying to sell their property for over a year, and although it was in a good neighborhood and appeared in good condition, it was extremely “dated” and it was obvious they had been unable to keep up the yard work. However, most of the work needed was just cosmetic. After many hours of conversation and attempts to come up with a suitable contract for both parties, the owners not only discounted the sales price by $42,000 from the appraised value, but also agreed to pay our closing costs. They needed to rent back to us for two months until they could pack and move, which was no problem for us since we were renting, and we offered to help them get boxes and pack their belongings. Because we had much difficulty in getting a loan approved because of our credit rating, which was in the
Sharyn M & Michael M
We have been Proteges for two years now and attended the November 2003 Last Minute Millionaire retreat. We had such a fabulous time. We met so many wounderful people and had our eyes opened. As a result we started attracting just what we needed into our lives to keep propelling us foreward. We started climbing a different mountain then what we started, which was in 2003 the writing and publishing of “Completing the Journey”. We have now assembled a great Real Estate team and have purchased our first house and are in the process of buying two more. This is going to be another great mountain to climb. We have also been sharing what we have been learning and that has been just as rewarding.
Shauna D & Ken D
As a member of my local chamber of commerce I was approached by a radio advertising rep and informed about deals that were exclusive to members. I heard him out and took the information home. I was definitely interested but was wondering how I would come up with the money. Well, I am also a professional magician and booked a party in late September which would help me pay for the advertising. We signed the deal and I got two weeks worth for the price of one. The ads ran for the first week of October and the third week. I received a phone call about the ad and set up an appointment. The meeting went well and they asked if I could come in and speak to their group in November. They didn”t even ask me what I charged for the engagement. All I can say is Yahooooo! I am so excited to be able to do what it is that I love. I love to talk to others and share information with them that will help them. I have sent out direct mail to other companies in this area and am in touch with a Speaking Mentor. This is possible because of Denise Michaels who is the instructor of the infopreneuring basics and strategies. Onward and upward! Thank you Denise and thank you EMI for getting her here to train us.
Shawn C & Rebecca C
One morning I woke up with a great idea for both my life and a web site. I created the web site and put it up the same day. If I am successful in reaching my goal of $3 Million dollars by midnight December 31st 2004 I will give away $1,000,000 to a Jamaican charity that I created to help school children. I am member of a group of a few people who are on a quest to make at least $1,000,000 this year. My web site is my daily Journal of how I go about making the $3,000,000 all year. I plan on charging $12 per year subscription for others to read this. (I hope to make the million I plan to give to schools in Jamaica from this). I have 3 web sites that can earn more than $12,000,000 this year. I am working on getting partners who are strong in areas that I am not. Just getting to this event was a major success I had no money for hotel or food or transportation. I visualized real hard because I knew in my heart that I needed to be here & here I am.
Shereece W
I started my business with no money, deeply in debt, and burned out from the corporate world. I just knew there was a better way. There is no reason in the world that I should have ever made a dime – except for one thing – I was never going to give up. What was my alternative – continue to trade away the best hours of every day and the best years of my life – for what? I still had another 35 years to go!! One year later, I was able to retire from my corporate job. Six months after that, I met my future husband, Doug, who then joined me in the business. Within 18 months, we had created a six figure leveraged income – time freedom and financial freedom. Then, on June 1, 2002, tragedy struck. Doug was severely burned in a natural gas explosion in the basement of our home in Montana. He was life-flighted to the burn center in Salt Lake City with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 49% of his body. He spent 5 weeks in a coma – they weren”t sure he would even survive. We did not work for a total of almost 1 year. Because we had already done the work, I was able to be there with him every minute, focusing on what was important, not worrying about how I would pay the bills. Also, that is when this business became about the people. Our goal is to free 100 other people from bondage by the end of 2005 so they too can pursue their passion. There have been tremendous lessons in this experience and many many many gifts. Build your ark before the storm comes and help as many people as possible to do the same.
Shila F & Doug N
Bought HUD house for $66,000 with appraisal at $87,000. Plan rehab of approximately $7,000, then plan to resell. Used conventional financing with 100% loan.
Shirley B & David B
I purchased a total of 51 townhomes in a 96-unit complex 3 blocks from my house. The first was bought through HUD to move my aging parents close enough to be able to help them on a daily basis. I bought the unit next door to it from HUD a month later, so I could control what individuals were living next door to them. I rented that one to my nephew. I became a director on the board of the HOA and learned what units were in default on HOA dues or mortgage payments. Deals literally started falling in my lap. Other owners approached me to buy their units. I even had renters asking me to buy their unit, so I would be their landlord, because we maintained our units well and treated our tenants as we would like to be treated. I sold all of my townhomes, owner financed, to a group of novice investors, after I had made enough from rent to reimburse all the costs of buying and repairing them. The investors paid well until one of the other noteholders pulled a dirty trick on them and interrupted their cash flow, and then started foreclosure proceedings. I lent them $10,000 to go into bankruptcy and fight her on the foreclosure. I even let them slide on my payments for several months, because I didn”t want my units back and wanted them to succeed. When the manager unexpectedly died, the foreclosing noteholder frightened the other investors into backing away from the complex. To get even with her, they signed all their rights to the property over to me because of my advice and financial help. I paid off her mortgage and acquired those units. I foreclosed on mine, without any hard feelings from the investors, and got them back, also. Eventually, I had controlling interest in the complex and was well on my way to owning the entire place. I planned to sell the complex to the government under one of their housing programs. When my husband had a major stroke in April 1999, we decided to get out of the real estate property management business again and started negotiating the sale of all our units. We closed on them in December, 1999. Unbelievably, he eventually made a 99% recovery from the stroke, so we were able to run and play in our 37″ motorhome, traveling over 50,000 miles in the next 3 years. He even resumed his project of totally rehabbing our 60″ sailboat, which we are planning to sail to Australia in a few years. While all this was going on, we also had a small, but successful, 18-wheeler trucking company that did local cartage in and out of the Port of Houston. We were able to borrow money occasionally from the trucking operation to take advantage of good real estate deals that had to be done quickly. We bought a piece of property from Texaco, who owner financed it, and leased it to the company, letting our corporation pay everything until we owned it free and clear. I decided I had worked long enough and was just going to sit back and do nothing, but came across an intriguing story about a friend of mine who was held captive in Pakistan for seven years by a man she loved. I spent two years writing “April Fool,” which will be published this year as a result of my attendance at the Mega Book seminar in Atlanta in March 2004. Thanks to Mark and Bob, I came out of hibernation at the seminar. While I was there, I joined the protégé program and now have several large real estate deals working. I joined a dream team to help others become enlightened millionaires. I have taken steps to rejoin the Houston realtors association and get back on the MLS. I plan to build a moderate income neighborhood and set up a non-profit corporation to help a lot of good people buy their own home who would never be able to do so otherwise. I realized at the seminar why I have been so successful. The more I give away and help others get what they want, the more I get what I want.
Shirley M
While reading the One Minute Millionaire, I identified a gap in a niche market and got the idea for a self-coaching manual for Sales Managers which we then printed. I have sold $1,139 of them by promoting them when I speak and train, and am now about to promote and actively sell it using the infopreneur training. However, as we started selling them and telling other people about them, similar gaps appeared in other markets and we have now decided to create a series of them.
Shirley M & Russell M
I bought 4 parcels of land at auction. Some of those parcels owed some property tax. I spent about $3,500.00 on all four parcels. They are worth about $30,000.
Shiyar U & James U
Just so that you will understand, I am deeply religious; my faith plays an integral part in my life. I cannot tell my story without including that fact because of the things that transpired I am 58; my husband turned 65 in August, 4 days before I attended the Last Minute Millionaire Seminar with Bob and Mark. In 1986 the family business my husband was working in went belly up after being in existence for 45 years! We lost it all, our 6 bedroom home, our 3 cars and our livelihood. There were six children at home from ages 9 – 21. Before everything fully fell apart I could see the downturn in our circumstances coming so I took on 5 different jobs that had flexible hours in order to be home when the children arrived from school. What a mess. Things went from bad to worse. I felt as though the world as I knew it was crumbling around my ears. (It was.) My life was in such a state of disarray that I asked for a special prayer from my ecclesiastical leadership. In that prayer I was told that Heavenly Father did not want me to go to work, that I was to “pull all my irons out of the fire and come home to my family.” I couldn”t believe it! Surely I thought there must be some mistake. But there was no mistake; this was the will of Heavenly Father for me at this time. I obeyed the council. To make a very long story short, we lived with other families for a year just so that we could escape living on the street. What an experience. The whole ordeal was about 5 years of very restrictive poverty but, at the same time there were great blessings, even miracles; we were not forsaken. I learned so many things that I could have learned no other way. One of the profound lessons I learned is that regardless of our circumstances, we cannot afford not to tithe! But that is a whole other book. At that time we lost everything of material value from our home to our personal possessions. It put things into perspective real quick. Since that time, we have not been able to acquire a retirement fund and Social Security alone would put us well below the poverty line once more. Through the support of the seminars, the people that attended, the teleconference calls, which have resulted in the expansion of my horizons, I am gaining the confidence and knowledge I need to make my Million Dollar Idea a reality. That is why I am so grateful for the information that you are pouring into me. I feel like Bob and Mark are giving me not only the keys to my financial future but the pathway to be able to complete my mission of making a difference in the lives of millions of people! My Million Dollar Idea is a System that is all ready transforming the lives of others as they apply the principles. This system works where others have failed. How can I thank you, Mark and Bob!
Sidne O & Leoard O
I have agonized over this first offer for days, writing and re-writing it, trying to make sure I”ve covered all the bases and protected myself. Well, finally I decided that it was time to jump off the cliff, and anything that happened would be a learning experience…. but hopefully not a costly one! So, I completed the first offer. And as I thought about it a second offer on the same building popped into my mind so I wrote that one out as well. Then, within a few minutes I”d written a “middle” of the road offer that fit perfectly inbetween the first two I”d written. I delivered all three to the realtor an hour later. As I drove home from dropping them off, I realized that a major hurdle had just been cleared. Now, as I drove by houses for sale I immediatly began to anazlye them and think “I could write an offer for that house”. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. I”m still not completely comfortable with the contract itself, some of the stuff is confusing and unclear to me, but I am going to my lawyer this coming week to have him go over the offers I just wrote to determine what I might have done better. I can learn as I go. And I”m thrilled that I actually did it, instead of stopping at the thinking of doing it.
Signa P
Well, I decided to take the hard road (which is my life story!) and instead of focusing on one business and website I”ve actually set up 3 websites which are now live and I have 3 others that I”m working on. Since my focus has been spread out among the 6 different business ventures it”s taken me longer than the time goals set by the protege program, but none the less I am well on my way to having a number of profitable businesses. I”ve actively started my marketing campaigns and have a goal of making $3000.00 this coming month (March 2004) off of one particular website which features my own info. products.
Signa P
Network Marketing is about numbers and consistency… and PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE! I didn”t or couldn”t get anywhere the first 7 weeks. Then after the 5 week, I started to do it consistently and I started to get results. I saw improvement in how I talked to prospects. Then I got my first prospect! I can”t describe how happy I was. And then things just started to happen. Since then, I have 10 associates under me now. It is a numbers game. For every no, you are closer to a yes!
Simon C
After years of having a few stocks my dad had me buy when I was a teenager (I had a lot of other uses for that paper route money), I have finally grown up and decided to find out about how to manage and make money. My dad happened to have found out about this virtual university where he introduced me to Dr. Stephen Cooper. So far, all of my paper trades were successful (one at 250% another over 150% and several others close to 100%), except one…and I have learned a tremendous amount on each of them in such a short period of time. I have gained confidence to currently begin real trades.
Simon F
My first offer was over the phone. I called about the house across the street from my 2 bdrm apt. as I knew it had been vacant for many months. I viewed it and found that it needed every kind of renovation immaginable. I put my offer in of $350000 but the agent laughed. He was asking $640000. I guess he knew in this case, since he sold if for $800000! I think he was achieving that which I was hoping for.
Simon F
I hummed and hawed over this house for five weeks. I wanted to make an offer, but I had no idea what to put on paper. The owners were asking $449000, the agent said offer anything, the owners are older and have money signs in their eyes. The tax assessed value was $346000. I took off all the expenses I would come across; renovations, closing costs, my profit!!! And offered $295000 thinking it probably would not go. The owners countered with $320000. The game was on, I could not believe it. I waited a day, after telling the agent I wouldn”t hesitate if the offer was $305000. Then I called. I was hoping to go no higher than $310000. I said $308000, and the owners took it!!! Now I really could not believe it. Wow! My efforts have already paid off whether I can finance this deal or not (I will one way or another!) My prayers have literally been answered.
Simon F
My success has begun with the management of my money. I have been listening to the series by T. Harv Ecker on Millionaire Mindset, and his teachings have been waking me up! I started with the six jars, and it is true, miracles start happening instantly. I currently have no extra money to spend, and I was trying to figure out how to get a CD-walkman so that I could listen to all the CD”s I received in Orlando. The day after starting the jars, I received a letter from a major bank explaining if I open a savings account, I will receive a CD player. It is working great, my education continues and I HAVE A MILLIONAIRE MINDSET!!!
Simon F
I am starting with this property because I am going to be working with a rolling 12 month time frame. I have some very lofty goals that will be accomplished this year 2004. I am currently 31 years old. In February I will be turning 32 and plan to earn multiple millions prior to my 35th birthday. This particular property was a bank owned property that I became aware of and I called the agent. This particular agent is one that I have spoken with in the past and have even viewed some of his REO units. As a result, I have grown very comfortable with him and I also liked his approach to investors. He was also much more informed about the property than other agents that I have spoken with regarding their bank owned properties. Anyway, this property was listed at $34,500 and I immediately thought it might be a deal so I went to a free website and recieved a quick comparable of the houses that have sold in that particular area. My hunch was correct! This property is listed at approximately .50 cents on the dollar. I gained entry into the property and conducted a walk thru without any power on and felt is should be a good deal and I wanted to put in an offer. My initial offer was $29,450 and it was countered the next day, Friday at $33,000. I countered that afternoon at $29,900 and on Monday I agreed to a purchase price of $31,000. This purchase price is approximately 40% to 47% below fair market value. It only needs approximately $3,500 of work (carpet and paint) and could retail for $67,000 to $75,000.
Solomon T & Errin T
After becoming a protégé, I quit a job that was high stress, personally unsatisfying and not allowing time to be with my 4 year old as a single Mom. I utilized my real estate license and started working for a well known Real Estate Firm which is the ultimate freedom in that world if you are going to work for commissions. I determine my own hours, decide what type of customers I wish to attract, and had 7 closings in the first 5 months! I work at this very part time. It has given me the financial backing to pursue other aspects of wealth. I am now in the stock market class learning paper trading and loving it! I am generating a plan of action for a web site that will assist women in reclaiming their sexuality. My ultimate dream is to publish a book and become a public speaker. I started a mastermind group at the beginning of this year and miracles are happening.
Sondra J
Property was listed for 115K. The price was dropped by owner in days to 105K. I was the first to put an offer in at 92K. I flipped it for 105K. With closing costs, etc., I netted $10,382.
Sondra J
After taking the 30-day webdesign quick start class I created my first website from scratch in less than 7 days. We are using this website to promote our new seminar, entitled The Transformation Trinity: Creating Personal Transformation with Energy, Focus, and Language. We have also offered people the opportunity to advertise on our website, which pays for the host, domain name, and relevant tools expenses. We will be linking to many different sites and will also include affiliate links for additional income. It is really great to be able to do this so easily. Wow. I am so excited. :>)
Sonja M & Douglas M
Description: Single-family detached house, part of estate sale. Source: MLS. Ask Price: $129,900 Bid: $60,000 cash at closing plus 10% of net net when I sell property. Included realtors in 10% back-end to entice them. Bid Strategy: Prepared detailed expense projections for (a) what it would cost us to pay others to rehab the property and (b) what it would really cost. Sent “a” to realtors to show how I arrived at dollar amount of offer. Anticipated net profit when flip: $30,000. Funding Strategy: Seller is an out of state don”t wanter and is not in financial condition to provide financing. Needs cash now. I have too much uninvested cash sitting around, so am using my own cash for this first transaction. Will get loan on property or use as collateral for a wrap if needed, but we”ll probably flip it in 90-120 days
Sonya F
A little over a year ago I started a service business mentoring and assisting students with their studies and life in general. However, it took my affiliation(their home-study resources) with Mark and Robert for me to realize that there was a book to be written “right under my nose”, so to speak. You see I have been blessed with some extraordinary results from the students that participate in my program, so I have decided to write a “how to” book for parents and students alike. Mark and Robert”s teaching have shown me that I have a “niche market” and so, I will from this time forward do everything possible to ensure my success, as I fully understand that my success means my earthly brothers and sisters success as well. You see, it was Robert and Mark”s spirituality that brought me to them. I know that their overall mission is to make the world a better place. I whole-heartedly share their passion for their life commitment. Therefore, I am also committed at this time to develop a marketing plan for my service business. My partner and I are truly thankful for the gift that comes wrapped up in the image of Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen.
Sophia B & Roderick S
I just made my first profits from affiliate marketing Kurt Mortenson”s persuasion e book. It was my first profitable campaign using adwords and google.
stacey h
I started my own business in 2002 because I love estate jewelry and wanted to learn how to buy and sell it. I became a gemologist and I did sell some things, but it was difficult with little capital to start. I will continue this venture, perhaps a combination of a website and a small business would work well.
stacey h
I am also trying networking with an air purification system. This has been very difficult and I am not sure this type of venture is for me. I don”t really enjoy the warm market approach of trying to sell, sell, sell, to my family and friends. I will keep trying this, but I think perhaps another avenue might work better for me.
stacey h
I had started a business in 1984 and risked everything, unfortunately in 1986 my business failed and I was forced to close it. I was broke, in debt, unemployed, ruined credit, with a new baby and young wife, and my home was being foreclosed… I read Nothing Down, learned, and took action! By 1987 I had a net worth of $500,000 and I owned 12 houses that I had bought with NONE of my own money!!!! Since then I have never looked back!
Stacey Z
Three days after the Creating Wealth in Real Estate training, I received a call from a realtor in Reno who had a rehab project that she had to get an offer in on that day…otherwise she”d lose the commission to another buyer”s broker. Purchase price was $169k, about $5k in closing costs, $15k in rehab…and we”re putting on market at $240k. The realtor agreed to have us do FSBO and she”d facilitate the transaction – both sides, including showing the house (it”s two hours away from us) for a 3% commission. After all costs, it appears that we will net approximately $30k. The 10% down was borrowed from a hard moneylender. The person who did the rehab is taking his pay of $5k out of the proceeds of the sale at closing…so saved us a little out of pocket. Had I not attended the training, I wouldn”t have had the courage or knowledge to proceed. It wasn”t an easy deal…very frustrating at times, but in a short time we”ll have a huge profit…at the end, all the frustrations are worth it!
Stacy K & Jason K
Purchasing a $250-270K house for $235K FSBO. 100 % financing and renter in place.
Starla S
This Road to Wealth via the One Minute Millionaire course is new to me; I just signed on March 6, 2004. I am very excited as to how all of this will unfold. Because I am a newbie, my first success story is how I came to find you in the first place. Serendipity… I belong to a bookclub called Chapter-A-Day which offers a fifteen minute read of, in my case, business books via email. I found the book so interesting that I decided to check it out from the local library. While reading that book, they mentioned the “One Minute Millionaire” and website – www.oneminutemillionaire.com. Needless to say, I”m on the road to wealth and that title definitely caught my attention. So, I immediately located your book and website and here I am today. Signed, Sealed and ready to Deliver!
Steph E
Wow, where do we start? Since becoming involved with the program, we have learned how to leverage and multiply our existing income sources and we are now a real “Multiple Streams of Income” family. I focus on the internet and infopreneuring, and my husband focuses on real estate and stocks. Our most recent experience is the purchase of a 3 acre property in which we have identified at least 3 extra sources of income to bring in an additional $150,000 cash this year.
Stephanie F & Alan F
I have never actually thought of our story as a success. Certainly not one important enough to share with others. It seems that all we did was write a Business Plan each year and then focus one day at a time achieving it. After 15 years of this strategy, it”s working! Perhaps you”ll find in here some advice or kernel of wisdom that you can use…please consider that it comes from a husband and wife who co-own a manufacturing business and love working together AND who claim to have no answers about this subject. It is an on-going inquiry into the power of declarations, the importance of education, lots of hard work, and a bit of luck along the way In early 1989 we purchased an ongoing business that needed a serious turn-around to succeed. We knew nothing about plastics injection molding but when you”re married to an engineer, they think “No sweat!” about how things work. We both left corporate careers to enter the domain of private family business ownership. In spite of all the advice to not work together, the short report is that our company is 15 years old, we will celebrate 40 years of marriage this year, and we couldn”t be happier! Using retirement funds from my teacher”s fund, we invested $60,000 to purchase the business with seller financing for the balance. It is only recently through Protégé studies that I find it is another example of a “Nothing Down” Deal. Due diligence with our CPA convinced us that this was a serious opportunity where we could apply our collaborative competencies and turn this company around. February 1st of 1989 we walked in as owners. We quickly discovered after taking over that the records were fraudulently represented, sales figures were bogus, and filed tax returns completely inaccurate. What to do? I strategized with an attorney…we had to ask ourselves if we still wanted the challenge and we said YES…so it was up to me to renegotiate the seller”s note. I spoke about the fraudulent nature of his representation, that we would use the balance of the funds we owed to sue him, and invited him to present a proposal to convince us to stay on as owners. My strategy was to get him to present his best option first and if I didn”t like it, to come down hard on a possible lawsuit plus IRS notification. Imagine my surprise when he proposed that we pay him only 4 months payments (instead of 3 years) and he would cancel the balance of the note. This proposal was far superior to anything I thought he would even consider. Perhaps all the evidence I presented shocked him into discovering he wasn”t dealing with a wimp! I bargained for only 2 payments and we settled on 3. So instead of paying $450,000 for the business, we only paid $75,000 total. Quite a deal…and we were off! That negotiation skill has served us well in other business matters. We always ask ourselves these three questions no matter what the subject is…(1) How much is enough?, (2) For the Sake of What?, and (3) What Do I Really Care About? Those questions serve us to reflect and then act with conviction! You might wonder what our company does and what value do we bring to clients? Our core offer is to create products from client drawings in plastics, assemble, and ship them to their distribution centers. We concentrate on medical devices, bio-tech products, and chip carrier trays used by wafer manufacturers. Boston Scientific, U.S. Surgical, Abbott Labs, Molecular Devices, IBM, and Hitachi are some of our major clients. Additionally we work closely with venture-capital firms where their funded companies are at risk if projects don”t go quickly and smoothly. Because we are engineering-focused and understand the concerns of the medical marketplace, we are well-known for delivering on-time and at-budget. Products are produced in a clean room environment both in California and India, our new location for manufacturing. We say we make products you hope you never see because you”d be under anesthesia! Our slogan is “Where Good Ideas Become Great Product
Stephanie H & Jack H
We have a customer who received a large order from the U.S. Post Office to provide anthrax detection products for mail sorting. Since we know about this (it is public knowledge), we purchased over 10,000 shares at $3.50 per share mid-2003. Currently the stock is valued at $9.89 per share, a paper profit of $63,900 so far. We”re buying 1000 each month to add to this portion of our portfolio as we anticipate its rise to between $15-$18 by year-end.
Stephanie H & Jack H
After joining the Protégé program, reading all of Bob”s books, listening to all the real estate instructors through Protégé, and attending his seminar and others he recommended, we set out to make offers in our hot marketplace. First we tried the strategy of buying entry-level homes, which were selling for over list price. We realized we had to change strategies in our marketplace to succeed. We purchased a mid-range fixer-upper with no money down, using our home equity line. The property cost $750,000, 10% below market. We immediately went to work rehabbing it, gutting the interior to create a great room feeling and enlarge the public areas, and upgrading the house from its 60s original look. Think avocado green and harvest gold with old brightly-colored shag carpeting. The landscaping was dead…it was a tired house. Working with a contractor who understood our vision, we took 4 months to upgrade everything, investing $200,000 from our home equity line. With 10% down payment, our out-of-pocket expenses total $305,000 including monthly finance costs. We have the home on the market for $1,295,000 with an offer in hand and should NET over $325,000 for 6 months efforts. Not a bad return for neophytes! We”re now on a hunt to find another in our area as we have built an outstanding team of contractors who see our vision. We are also looking at outside investors who want to play this game with us. Robert and Mark gave us the “kick” we needed to JUST GET GOING…
Stephanie H & Jack H
I started reading self-help / wealth books in January of 2001. When I read the One Minute Millionaire, I was motivated to become successful not just for myself but for the ability to profoundly help others. It gave me a higher purpose that I believe I needed to start acting on what I was learning. Almost to the day that I finished reading the One Minute Millionaire, I was approached by a friend of mine and asked to be apart of a team that he was building based on the ideas presented in the book. In the past year we have created a team, created a dream to donate $1 Million to charity, and have created Recipes For Living From Around the World. This book will achieve our goal of donating $1 Million to charity and it will inspire others to improve how to live their life. During this time, the small actions I have taken have also led me to purchase 3 separate properties in which I am helping 6 families to establish and live in a home they feel proud of. This is a start of much bigger things for me but I have started which is the hardest ACTION!!!
Stephen M
We have been helping people save their homes from foreclosure for over 10 years. We have given many properties to investors for a finder’s fee of $1,000.00. We decided that we needed to start doing something different with those properties so that we could make the bulk of the money versus the investor. We went to a Ted Thomas seminar in October 2003 and purchase several education training courses to help train us how to buy and sell properties with little or no cash of our own. Lorenzo was one of the speakers at the program, and he sold us on the Robert Allen concept. We also have taken some other training from real estate specialist John Alexander, Carlton Sheets and expired listing specialist Bryan Ellis. We are trying to get as much knowledge as possible to help us be successful. These properties we got were lucky and we made money in spite of our mistakes. The knowledge I have now from listening to tapes and books, we properly could have made an extra $50,000 profit if we used some newly learned techniques. We just want to continue to learn so we can get 7 or 8 real estate streams of income going at once.
Stephen T & Mike K
Due to an enforced life change, I have had to rapidly move to dealing with short term money issues. So I grabbed Dr Copper”s course material and went through the course very quickly. Then convinced by Stock Brokerage firm that I was good enough to trade options. I had been doing paper trades initially and talked them through the paper success. They liked the fact that I was allowing some of the paper trades to go beyond the point were I should have closed – and yes I found in most cases I lost ground and in others I made a little extra. But I could afford to lose “nothing” and instead learn a wealth of knowledge. When the time came, I took a small portion of funds and put them into the trading account. Used Dr. C”s selection criteria and with a few skipped heart beats – jumped. After only 4 weeks, the overall result is that some trades are great whilst some have already past their prime and I should have gotten out with more profit – but overall I am ahead of the race. As someone who is out of work – and apparently with little prospects of getting any – I believe I am now happily on the way to being successfully unemployable. Steve
Steve G
Our first offer was for a 12 appartment block in a nearby City. We found it while searching the MLS for a four-plex. The listing agent had placed it in the wrong location. I got out my calculator and used my Tom/Greg and John C. maths and fell of the chair. My realtor said there was no way, but my mortgage broker was there and said it was a goldmine. It did look too good to be true. We jumped in the car and drove to the city and after checking out the building – in the dark – sat in Denny”s drawing up the finance paperwork. Even with the same professional management team this worked – not the 6 times rent roll, but for the NW this was positive cashflow with all our funding out in 2 years. Things were going great until we got inside and the inspection. The mold was everywhere in the bathrooms. There were rats in three of the kitchens, there were broken fridges/cookers, bubbles on the flat roof and the parking spaces were in a legal dispute. Plus, on going through the management company”s paperwork – I noted some big red flags. Like were no maintenance costs nor electric/trash payments. Then they said that the landlord did these himself – so they were not listed. The parking lot we were told was rented to the property and actually belonged to the owner of our mortgage brokerage. He then told me he would not renew the lease. So thanks to due diligence in going through all the paperwork, checking the figures and turning over every stone – the gold mine became a money pit. My realtor was unhappy at the lost commission, but I was real happy about the “subject to inspection” clause.
Steve G
Right away people were ready to buy my services of training and it is so much fun.
Steve H & Daina G
After hearing Robert Allen”s Tape series, Multiple Stream of Income, I decided to build a Website and start a new business. Now I have 6 Websites.
Steve H & Daina G
After taking a real estate investing course, I had the confidence to look for my first investment. Within five months I found a home for sell that was in an estate that need fixing. I made a request to purchase the home and they offered me a very price, $99,500.00 I saw the potential equity and made them a offer. After fixing the house up with $18,000.00 I now own a home worth $175,000.00 which I am selling.
Steve H & Daina G
After figuring out how to build the site and sell from it I set-up my affiliate program and started selling product. Within the first year I sold over $25000.00.
Steve H & Daina G
I finally started offering an e-book through my Website. I have sold over $1000.00 so far and I am adding another book and promoting them together.
Steve H & Daina G
This was the year that I was determined to write out my business plan and start a new corp.
Steve H & Daina G
I first discovered Robert Allen on the Internet in 2000. In 2001, I went to a retreat held in Orlando, and became a Robert Allen Protégé and a Millionaire Eagle. I tried a bit of stocks and infopreneuring, but wasn”t working really hard or with much focus. After seeing Duncan and Karen speak, I decided I needed a direct partnership 1 on 1 with a mentor. After working with Duncan and Karen in the summer of 2003, I started buying houses! LOTS of houses. Today I control over 30 homes at over 3.5M in equity. Some I have sold. Others I lease. Some are in escrow and have not been completed yet! It”s been an incredible journey, and I look forward to joining Bob and Mark on stage to thank them personally, and of course many thanks to Karen and Duncan for their continued support. Let”s make lots of money, and give away lots too!
Steve M
In May of 2001, we were at an estate sale and found that the home was for sale as well. It was a duplex that definitely needed some TLC, but we immediately recognized it as a good value and a way for us to begin investing in real estate. At this time, we had never read any books on RE investing; we just realized that it sounded like a smart thing to do. Shortly after this, we were introduced to Robert Kiyosaki”s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and our paradigm started shifting…or our “context” as Kiyosaki likes to call it. We were immediately hooked on the idea of further investing in real estate and becoming financially free through investing. We struggled the next summer to buy another duplex and moved into it so we would more easily qualify for conventional financing. Our initial goal was to purchase 1 house a year for 5 years and 2 each year for the following 5 years. At the time, this seemed like a formidable goal. In early 2003, I began learning more about investing through various Internet message groups and articles. Somehow I was sent an invitation to attend a teleconference by Robert Allen that concluded with an invitation to join his next Challenge. We did not enroll in that, but we began to learn more about the Robert Allen Institute and went to a workshop where we enrolled in the Creating Wealth seminar. What a life changing experience! We became so much more confident and motivated to just look for deals. When you start looking for them, they find you! Within a month of the seminar, we had sold one of our duplexes and purchased our first rehab. We have since purchased 2 more single-family homes, one to hold and one to flip. All of these purchases have involved the sellers holding second mortgages – something that I once thought was only found in the books! Thank God that He led us to become involved with the Robert Allen Institute and for the wonderful wisdom that we have gained as students.
Steve M & Crystal M
I attended the Robert Allen 3 day training program March 26 – 28th 2004. We bought 2 properties in an Auction on April 27th 2004. We bought another multi-unit apertment with 2 units on June 9th 2004. Two of the three properties was purchased with 100% financing while the third on 90% LTV. We are scheduled to close on all three properties July 27th 2004. We are very excited about getting started in real estate investments. My wife and I also established a real estate business in April 2004 that we are currently running from our home office.
Steve O & Lisa O
The first offer I made was on a repoed mobile home at a mobile home dealer. They wanted 12,900 and offered $8000 and they accepted.
Steve R
A hidden real estate fortune is “houses to be moved”. I purchased one in 1984 and one in about 1989. (Both from churches) The first one for about $7500 and the second for $4500. (and found out that churches would “give them away” if nobody bid on them). The first house I put on my parents land and had $13,000 in it after moving and set up. I went to the bank and borrowed all the cash at the time. (It appraised for $28,000) Instant equity! Also, just recently (when Texas began letting home owners refinance) I refinanced it for $36,000. Here”s another good one in 1985 I bought a triplex (dump) for about $12500 yes $12500. The savings and loan did loan $12,500 because it appraised for $19,000. I gave the owner about $8000 cash and he took back a second for $4500 and I walk OUT WITH OVER $4000 IN MY POCKET! Next, I bought a property for $185000 and sold it for $140000 and made over $100,000 cash, in 1987 (when I was a part time realtor to find deals) I purchased a 12 unit apartment complex for $185,000 with 0 down. The owner wanted $225,000 with $25,000 down. I assumed a first with no “due on sale” clause and assumed a second with the lenders permission and the sell took back a third of $50,000 @ 8% interest only for 10 years. I then refinanced it when it had about a $60,000 total balance and put $90,000 in my pocket. Then I sold it to a friend on mine (owner financed it) he paid 2 years then I had to foreclose. It was a mess one unit was gutted and the tenants were awful. So I sold it quick to another investor for $140,000 cash (just loan payoff with taxes). That”s how I bought a property for $185,000 and sold it for $140,000 and made over $100,000 cash. What I really like is tax sales. In 1998 I bought a $30,000 house for $4500 at a tax re-sale and in 2002 I bought a $30,000 house for $2200 in a tax resale. I have since refinanced them one for $18,000 and one for $20,000 for some extra cash. I also bought a house at a tax sale 25 months ago for $5500 and rented it instantly to the owner for $250 per month for 24 months and he just paid me off last month plus 50% (Texas law). Let”s see….what else….I bought a house at a tax resale for $4400 and sold it to the old owners for $14400 (the tax appraisal) with $1000 down (14% over 10 years). Lastly, I bought a new house 3 years ago for $104,000 with $10,000 down and lived there for 2 years and now rent it. Then I bought the new house I live in for $145,000 (a year ago) and used the $10,000 down from the cash I pulled out of my tax resale houses. Yep, that”s about it.
Steve R
Sure enough I began selling used cars the second I opened. I bough my first 3 cars at an auction for $1000 an boom I was in business. I would have $350 in a car and sell it for $1500 with 350 down (as fast as I could get cars). Now don”t get me wrong I have bought and sold (& kept) real estate over the years and its great, but in the car business I had 35 notes in 2 months and at $50 per week time 35 notes that”s $1750 PER WEEK coming in and that”s quick cash. Now I sell much nicer auto”s and keep about 130 notes (do the math). Auto”s that cost $2500 and sell for $5995 to $7995 with about $2000 down. That amounts to a constant $500,000 in notes receivable with just over a 2 year payout. Is this a great country or what?
Steve R
I went to the bank and borrowed the total of $8000 and moved it and rented it. (The dealer liked me so much that he hired me and that helped because I got my own mobile home dealers license a few years later.) I also found out that the dealer offered the funder who they were selling the moible home for only about $5800 and they took it. Since that time I have purchased several other properties.
Steve R
My success at this point in my adventure is that I have created an income stream that has allowed me to re-sign from my Engineering job and have the time to look for more opportunities to grow my business(a C corporation). My income stream is generated through the stock market and teaching and training on the stock market and financial basics. I also have been able sub for Dr. Cooper in the stock market and personal financial basics classes for MSI. This has also freed up additional time that I can teach classes and seminars through the Good ministry at my church. The training that I have taken through John Childers”s Speaker training is being used more to invest in others more than generating money at this point. The others that I have learned from through MSI in the stock market area are mostly Dr. Cooper and also Mark Larson and Mike Coval.
Steven A
I found a property through a real-estate agent that looks good. Comps sold for 175,000. to 180,000. The property is in excellent condition in a great area. 2 months ago she turned down an offer for 179,000. She had it on the market for 185,000. She is now really desperate. I explained to her that I was an investor and I buy houses at a discount and find young families a home. She said she didn”t care and asked if could close by 1/16/04; I could have the house for what she owes. That # is 145,000. So I gave her a formal offer of 145,000.
Steven C
First of all, Thank you, Mark Victor Hanson and Robert Allen. I have learned a great deal since beginning the Protege Program in December of 2003. I have really benefitted from your great teaching. I am greatful for the gift that you have provided. I have had an incredible year so far. For the last five years I have been very successful in real estate. Now I have become a partner in a very sucessful holding company in Salt Lake City. I will move there from Calgary to serve in an executive capacity for the company. I believe very strongly in the sucess of this company.
Steven G(Canada)
Have mde several offers – no deals yet
steven J
I purchased my first property on August 11, 2004 …. a 2-bedroom townhouse that I purchased from an estate sale. I got it for 15% below the asking price and have spent the last few months rehabbing it. I have a renter in it now and a positive cashflow of approx. $300 per month. Even though I decided to keep it, my realtor told me it is now worth $90,000 more than I paid for it.
steven m & eileen m
We bought our first option contract, which was a JDSU Sep10 call for $1530.00. We sold it 10 days later for $3262.50!!
Steven S
I had spoken with many real estate agents to provide one source of leads for finding properties. As such, a realtor found an older couple that might be willing to sell their property, although they weren”t on the market. I asked the rep to arrange for a meeting with the potential sellers. I explained who I was, and what I was trying to accomplish. I asked them why they might be thinking of selling. After a long, productive discussion, I suggested that they might benefit for carrying back the loan to offset capital gains, and to obtain a higher yield on their money than they might bet otherwise. They agreed. I took out a home equity loan from my current home for 20% down, and the sellers carried the 80% balance for 5 years at 6.25%. I saved on closing costs, and my interest rate. I also bought the property about $20,000 under the market.
Sue A
I bought my first house right out of college after reading only the first 100 pages of his book. I learned that if I wrote it down on paper; what I was going after, what questions I had, who could possibly answer those questions…the mountain was reduced to a mole hill, and my ultimate goal became achievable. As such, after leaving a successful career with IBM, I asked myself, “If I died tomorrow, who would care that I worked for IBM? I want to make a difference…” And so I decided I wanted to do something for kids…to create a children”s play center. So I wrote it all down. All of the questions, and asked lots of people these questions, and after two years, was able to open a children”s play center at the peak of the Discovery Zone craze, (that was better) and lasted for over 5 years. I had secured a small business loan for $568,000 in an industry that was new. So was this a step by step application of Robert Allen”s theories? No, but it was the philosophy behind his teachings. I was able to make a difference to many children and families, holding frequent events for families with disabilities, victims of fire, and create a wonderful experience for children to play in a safe environment. I wouldn”t have had the courage had I not read his books.
Sue A
My success story is simple. We initially bought a condo with no money down using my parent”s money. My parents were happy to be making a better return on their money. After we sold our first condo, paying off some bills, and giving to our church, we actually have $25,000 in the bank! We are currently working on our second condo to sell by lease option to a friend. I am very excited about this!
susan b & james b
This was a property I called off an NOD list. It turned out every piece of information on the list was wrong, however, the owner was behind on his mortgage but the property had not yet been submitted to the NOD LIST! I went out to look at the property and do an evaluation sheet. Spoke to the owner and told him I wasn”t sure I could help but I would try. I found an investment partner and we went to meet the owners and again view the property. We found the owner owed $120,000, value of property was MAYBE $100,000. We presented him with a land trust and other documents with the offer that we would not file the docs unless we could help him. We would try to negotiate with the second and third to take less….if we are successful, he would get money to move and we get the house. Him and his wife signed. Over the next couple months the house went into Default and they were inundated with cards and calls. Meantime I had negotiated the third down to 10% of what was owed, the second to less than half. Everything came to a grinding halt when the owner started to work with “someone else” – that someone told the second they would “pay them off”. Needless to say, the second told us to get lost. The homeowner was not able to “sell” and get the equity out he was told by “someone” he had. House went up for auction…..he filed bankruptcy. We have filed the trust documents and now we are waiting for the next hearing date.
susan c
Last year, my mother and I gave $8,000 to a friend to buy a home, through an equity share agreement. After one year, we asked that she refinance. We found out to our surprise that the condo had gone up 26%. The lesson is that what a wonderful way to gain profit, by helping others succeed!
Susan C & Craig C
Bought property for $200,000. Now worth $360,000 – 420,000.
Susan D & John D
Here is a story of our second property, which is also closing this week (April 28, 2004). Two closings in one week! Not bad for beginners. The seller was in pre-foreclosure and contacted us because we wrote him a letter. He had lost his job of twelve years, and found another job, but it wasn”t enough to make ends meet. He had been “given” the house about six years ago (I still haven”t figured this out), and refinanced it last year, pulling some money out, so I suspect that money has been very tight for him for awhile. I should also mention that the house is in what most people agree is a very “rough” area of LA, or at least nestled between two “rough” areas, both of which are notorious and you would recognize if I said the names, which I won”t. The house is tiny–865 sf, but the lot is huge by our standards–8800 sf. Anyway, the owner had received several different mailings, and was calling them to see what kind of deal they could offer him. Of course, he was hoping to stay in the house, but since he had waited so long after receiving his NOD, his time and potential cash opportunities were running out. He had also signed a contract with a shady “Foreclosure Consultant, ” and paid money for some service that has yet to be rendered! I was able to look them up on the Better Business Bureau website, which confirms that they are bad news, and give him the information so he can decide if he wants to try to get his money back. Back to the deal–after checking comps, doing due diligence, etc, we agreed that we would take over the mortgage “subject to,” and he would get some cash. We went back and forth a bit negotiating this amount, since we both knew that the first person to mention a number “loses,” so to speak. But, I remembered my RA instructors, especially Greg Warr, saying ask what they “Need,” not what they “Want.” So, I did this. Of course, the seller had both needs and wants, and I was sympathetic to that, and probably left too much money on the table at first (on the phone). When we went to see the house, I realized that more rehab was needed than the seller had led me to believe–which is always the case, I have learned, especially if the seller is male–no disrespect intended, guys! At that point, I had to back down from the amount we had originally talked about on the phone, which was really difficult, because I could see that the family really needed the money, and I was afraid of losing the seller”s trust. So, we arrived at a number, signed an Equity Purchase contract, opened escrow, and arranged a time to sign papers, grant deed, etc. at the escrow office. During the five day waiting period that California mandates for the seller in this situation, we had a general inspection and a termite inspection, and many problems were revealed, including a non-working heater (why is it always the heater?) and thousands of dollars of termite damage–including some in the roof and floors!! We renegotiated with the seller that the cost of replacing the heater would come out of his cash settlement, since he had originally warranted that the heater was in working order. He will be receiving a check today, April 28, for part of his cash, so that he can pay moving expenses, and he will receive the rest of the cash on Monday, May third, when he turns over the keys. Even though it is a sad situation for him, it is better than the foreclosure going through completely, and the house being sold on the courthouse steps. This way, he gets a fairly decent amount of cash–enough to make a fresh start–and he stops the foreclosure process and the erosion of his credit. We get a property that needs a lot of work, but which we can turn around and sell very quickly, making about $30K profit (I hope). As for the “subject to” technique–this is one of the things that I was a bit skeptical about, and to which people in the conventional RE world react with disbelief when you mentioned it to them (I have learned just to keep my mouth shut and smile. . .). The interest rate on the present loan is 8
Susan R & Anne R
We made our first offer shortly after attending our “Creating Wealth with Real Estate.” It was for a FSBO property offered by an investor-owner (who was also a RE agent). We made a three-in-one offer–three offers, each with different terms and prices. The offer was not accepted, but at least we got our feet wet!
Susan R & Anne R
Just today (April 28, 2004), we are closing escrow on our first investment property!! We were called by another investor who saw our ad in the local Pennysaver. He had purchased the property about eight months before, hoping that it would be a positive cash-flow property. It is a single-family house in Woodland Hills, CA–3/2, 1300sf, approx. 7700 sf CORNER lot. When our seller purchased it, there were tenants living in both the house and the garage apartment. As soon as he closed escrow on it, he was forced to dismantle the illegal garage conversion, and immediately lost $750 a month in potential rent. There went his cash flow! But wait, there”s more! The person from whom he had purchased the house continued to collect the rents from the remaining tenants (being unscrupulous enough to instruct them NOT to pay the new owner!!). Then the tenants moved out, and our seller was left with a fixer-upper and no-cash flow. We were familiar with the area, and we knew it was a potentially good deal, especially with the way prices go up in SoCal. We checked the comps immediately, and then went to view the property. We were either the first or second investors to make an offer, the seller accepted, and we got it under contract. Then the seller starting getting pressure from the RE agent who had been listing the house, but who hadn”t really brought him workable offers. Even though his contract was done with the agent, he was under a lot of pressure, and was worried that we wouldn”t close. I forgot to mention that he had a previous buyer, but the escrow fell through when the loan wouldn”t fund! Because he was impressed with our honesty and friendly, sympathetic attitude, he trusted us–also, we reminded him that he had signed a contract with us! Since he was in a hurry to sell, we agreed to reimburse him for the April mortgage payment at closing–since we couldn”t provide him with a short close–because of using conventional financing. Even though we have had to deal with the mortgage process, we realized that this whole deal HAS indeed, been financed with OPM (Other People”s Money)–our 5% down payment is coming out of an equity line of credit on our personal residence, for which the payments are interest only–ridiculously low. Of course, as with most properties, there is more rehab to be done than we originally thought, including a new heater to be installed, since the one in the house was recalled in the 1990s! Luckily, an agent-friend of ours connected us with an excellent project-manager who knows everything about construction, rehab, and decoration, and knows everyone, can get the best prices, and speaks Spanish!! She will also manage the rehab of our second property, which is also closing this week!! Another great thing about the first house is that it is in a modest section of a nice area–the immediate area is sort of “up-and-coming,” and we are ahead of the curve on this–other houses are coming on the market, and we are going to try to make sure that a few of them fall into our laps!
Susan R & Anne R
Last August I attended the Last Minute Millionare retreat. The thought for a business was just an idea. On April 19, 2004 my idea became reality and I opened the first Nurse Practitioner independent office in Ohio. Myself and my partner both know this is the direction God has planned for us and we have taken the steps to provide excellent health care the the members of our community. The opportunities that are appearing daily as the result of opening our business have been unbelievable. We continue to listen to God for direction and are open to any and all opportunities He will provide for us.
susan s & jim s
I became aware of this property through an EMI Protege colleague who is an experienced real estate investor. The property is a home being constructed in a fast growing high appreciation area. I had to participate in a lottery to “win” the opportunity to purchase this home and thought that I had little chance of being selected. I was most surprised when I received the call on March 24 that I had won a lot with a golf course and mountain view and I needed to select a floor plan. I also had to send a check for about 1.5% of the purchas price of approximately $412,000.00. A 95% loan is expected to be approved momentarily and construction is about to begin with completion scheduled for November 2004. Meantime after an initial jump in value of about $8,000, the property is continuing to appreciate at about of 2% per month. The plan is to sell this property upon completion of construction.
susan s & jim s
I became a beauty consultant for a well known cosmetics company because I beleived in helping women to enrich their lives. In less than one week I sponsored my first recruit, and had sales of over $600. By the next month I recruited my sister. I was recognized at our monthly breakfast as a star consultant and queen overall. It”s all about caring for what other people need and the profits will be amazing.
Susan W
I met Steve at a REIA club meeting and he told me about a property that he had under contract. There was about $50,000 of equity in this very nice cosmetic fixer (paint & carpet only). So I called him the next day and made arrangments to take a look at it. I also scheduled a meeting with a friend that I met at the Robert Allen 3-day Seminar in Seattle. This would be our first deal together. We realized the property would be a quick turn-around since it was in excellent shape. A one-owner property (man now in assisted living facility), it was in excellent condition, in a nice area of Lakewood (suburb of Tacoma), a large manicured lot, and backed up to an elementary school. So, I paid the $15,000 assignment fee. I realize this is a large amount, but the 3,500 sq ft property is an easy turn-around. I have a line of credit, so I used that money to pay the assignment. I had another acquintance whom I met at a real estate investment group in my city. He was a retired Microsoft executive. I asked him if he knew anyone who might want to make a short-term loan for 12% on their money (interest only for no more than six months). He told me he would be happy to fund the property. So he funded the remaining balance with no origination fees or anything. I paid to have my attorney write up the Deed of Trust and the Promissory note so that my lender would feel confident (he had never made this kind of a loan). We close on the property this next Friday. We already have had access to the home, and started the hauling and clean-up. We will paint and carpet, plus update appliances, electrical fixtures (lighting, plugs, switches), and replace bathroom fixtures. I have “enhanced” the Five Day Sale strategy for selling real estate fast, so we will sell the property on the first weekend of December, meaning that we will have only held the property for about one month. We will eliminate Realtor fees and end up splitting about $60,000. Not a bad month”s work!
I have been working on two properties that I will sell in March ‘04 for a gain for nearly $150,000. I am very happy with those results and will continue to create income from real estate. However, I am most excited about what I am learning about Option Trading with Dr. Stephen Cooper and about InfoPreneuring! My option trades (paper only at this point) have generated a 358% gain in just three months of trading! And I am in the process of creating four how-to books to be sold on teaching websites. I find the support from Enlightened Millionaire to be excellent. My goal is that 2004 is my turn-around year … and that I will reach financial independence in 2005! I also love to give money and volunteering. So this work enables me to give even more time and money. It”s a good thing!
I took the training for Options Training from Dr. Stephen Cooper and have to say, I WAS SHOCKED at the results of my paper trades. I made more than 358% gain in just over two months time! Dr. C does an excellent and thorough job of teaching his system. The manual and CD instruction is great, and all that is topped off with his telephone classes and his website. In the next month I will begin trading with real money. I am feeling more and more confident and as I continue to practice, my understanding of the market increases. Now I can easily look at the companies I am tracking and recognize the “signs” that they will soon make me lots of money.
I have just completed the second round of the stock and options class. Each time I traded at $25,000 paper portfolio. The first time I was in for a total of 47 days, with 6 trades, and netted a $14,280 profit (57.9% return!). The second time I invested in 4 option positions, netted $6760 for a 62.5% gain! Am ready to start trading real money momentarily, and am looking forward to some similar results!
Suzanne D & Linda L
I have gained valuable insight, attitude adjustment, and information from the protege program. I”m currently in the 90-day challenge, which adds motivation to take lots of action. I studied the real estate market, and found a property I felt was a good deal. It was FSBO. I made an offer and it was accepted. Thanks, Bob, Mark and everyone in the program for my enlightenment!
Suzanne L
I was doing homework that my real estate coach assigned, calling on rentals to get to know my neighborhood. When I called one ad the man stated that the property was actually for sale. I almost said “OK, no thanks” and hung up, but something he said about how he got the property through a foreclosure got me curious. He said he got it in bad condition and fixed it up. He was willing to help with the down payment and I could get into it with no money down. Sure glad I was open minded that day. I needed to get my own financing to make it work, but I have good credit. He agreed to give me 6% of the purchase price to me right before closing, it would be enough for the down payment and my closing costs. A few headaches and three loan officers later the house was financed by me for nothing down. I ended up with 4,000 in my pocket and it is worth about $11,000 more than I actually paid for it. Putting nothing down made the payments higher, but I put the $4,000 on a credit card bill I owed and now that payment is $200.00 a month less. Keep an open mind,,,and make those phone calls!!!
suzette g
I decided to finally get paid for what I have been giving away for free for over 20 years. I have always been known as a problem solver and miracle worker. My strongest skill is my creativity and idea generating. People have always been coming to me to help them with their problems whether it be in their personal life or business life. I seem to know either how to help them solve their problem or where to go to get additional info for them. Being part of the Protégé program and the motivational tools Mark and Bob offer I finally decided to add another stream of income by charging for my problem solving abilities. My website is very basic but I will be updating it frequently especially with the testimonials my clients are offering.
Suzette U & Scott U
After attending “Creating Wealth with Real Estate” Training Program, my husband and I decided to participate in the 90-day Challenge. Within the first few weeks, we bought five single-family homes using the equity line and money that came from the refinancing of our couple of rentals. Four escrows have already been closed. The fifth house is under construction. We made over $400,000 in profit. I am a RE Broker-Associate and found most of the houses from the MLS. As an exit strategy, our original plan was to sell those homes with lease option. The ad placed in a local newspaper got a great response. However, pretty soon another idea came: keep new purchases as investment properties… Why not? Just during the escrow period, the homes in our area appreciated 5 to 10 percent. After the loans are seasoned, we will refi them and pull out extra cash. Thanks to Robert Allen and Tom Painter”s 90-day challenge and their encouragement, my husband and I became equity millionaires. It is not a financial freedom yet, but it is the way to our financial independence. For some people it might not be much, but take this into consideration – our family came to the US from Ukraine 13 years ago with $80 in our pocket; we didn”t speak English; had no friends or relatives. Therefore, what we have now is a real blessing.
Svetlana T & Aleksandr T
Sponsoring my first associate was easier than I had expected. The time was right, the product was right, and the customer was so ready that he asked about the opportunity from his side. All I did was to explain the options available, holding the customer”s best interests at heart. My motto is, “If your heart is with your customer, you will feel at home with them and they will be at home with you.” I tend to be shy to offer what I have to others, but I am learning that by taking action to offer high quality natural food and a great opportunity, joy and fulfillment will be my greatest reward, along with increased cash flow and a healthier bank account.
Sylvia R & William R
After the Orlando event I had come home and I was so excited. I realized that that Real Estate was the income stream that I was going to pursue. The power team came together when the timing was right. Larisa, Stephen and I started and we haven”t looked back. We”ve purchased two single family houses. Both of them foreclosures. At times during the transactions we realized we were a bit anxious, each at different times. Our equity to date is $25,000. It’s great to be learning new things and doing something that we enjoy. The opportunity to help others is wonderful.
Tamara P & Larisa M
I attended your seminar in LA last year and became a protege. At least two times a week I have been on calls and followed homework assignments to gain confidence in the Real Estate Investing area. At first I sent letters mostly. Then I added professional business cards, magnetic signs on my vehicle and started knocking on doors every week – every NOD in our area…about 20 or so a week. I still do all these things. I work with a partner who is a beginner like me. It helps to have someone to bounce things off as well as lowering the workload. We even filed fictitious name – Solutions Property Investors and plan to form LLC. We have been receiving calls from potential sellers – about 1 X a week and have spent many hours going through the review of property and offer process. After 8 months of working on this about 6-8 hours a week we finally have a property in escrow – our first deal – a nothing down deal. We took over his loan subject to, planning to do the minor fix ups needed on this property (probably only $2000 or so) and sell a house we bought for $175,000 for $245,000. The seller had received one of the letters I had sent over 6 months ago and held on to it when he got out of pending foreclosure back then. He saw that coming again he called me and said he just wanted to be rid of the house…where he had recently lost his wife. He just wanted some cash at closing over and above his debt on house and past bankruptcy. We are so glad we were able to help the seller get out of debt and start a new life with the cash he took from deal. We feel we really have helped this seller. No money down deals are out there – you just have to keep at the process that works for you.
Tamera A & Michelle B
While sitting in the audience listening to Mark and Bob speaking at an EMI Seminar in Orlando in March 2003, I couldn’t help to laugh at times, and once I started I just couldn”t stop, and I think I may have even broken their concentration a time or two, because Bob walked to the edge of the platform and pulled a $20 out of his pocket, looked me directly, and said, “I want to pay you for your laugh, I LOVE your laugh.” I was completely in shock, and unaware that my laugh had such a beautiful aspect to it. Because of that experience and all that followed that weekend, a WHOLE NEW WORLD opened up to me. I have since created 2 different Comedy/Laughter CD”s. Since creating the CD”s and having others approach me at various other seminars since then and asking about my website, I realized I better get a website up and running, so I have also expanded into that area. It has even been suggested to me that I should do “stand up” and even another idea is to approach Disney with my Laugh. They could really use “Tammy”s Laugh” along with a new character…HAHAHAHA I have no idea if words can come even close to explaining the depth of gratitude I have for Bob and Mark and all the other people that God has brought into my life that have helped me to believe in myself, to help me actually go through with it and develop and produce such a wonderful product. Les Brown said it so right, “Let others believe in you until you can believe in yourself.” That was an AHA moment for me; to know that I am capable of developing a product of laughter, full of love and so much more. Realizing at the age of 40 that my laugh is actually a Blessing and nothing less took a while to sink into my mind, for throughout my life I have always been made fun of because of my laugh. That moment when Bob and Mark recognized me in front of about 500 people for my laugh, was the beginning a new era in the life of Tammy Lee, it was the birth of a new and better and stronger woman starting to emerge and not letting anything or anyone any longer keeping her back from becoming and expanding into more than I ever thought was possible. THANK YOU GOD!!!
Tammy S
I made my first sale off of my website on Tuesday, November 25th, two days before Thanksgiving. What a Blessing!!!
Tammy S
I created 2 different Comedy/Laughter CD”s after Mark and Bob paid me for my laugh at an EMI Seminar in Orlando in March 2003. Since creating the CD”s and having others approach me at various other seminars asking about my website, I realized I better get a website up and running. I work with a website developer, in order to free up my time that is well spent in developing other products and doing the research that is needed for my website. OH MY, I do not know if you can imagine the excitement I had when I got confirmation that I had a sale via my website. I just sat in front of my computer for minutes telling God “Thank You”. It helped me to realize that all I have been working on so hard and so long, putting so much energy into was so worth it. This is the firt step into bigger and better things to come.
Tammy S
I bought three properties during last 6 month. It is something really new for me to do.I”ve never done it before; I have nobody among my friends and family who would encourage me to do it, because they”ve never done it themselves. They tell me it”s very risky, they shake their heads in disbelief. And they don”t really support me on myreal estate “path”. But I”m really exited about my new choice and proud of myself that Itook first very important steps.
Tatyana A
This was my first property that I was able to assign and flip to another investor for $3,000 and also be able to add my commission on it for another $1,500. I found this property through the Letter of Intents that I had be submitting, the duplex was listed at $75,000, it was a distressed property that had the potential to have a monthly cash-flow, each unit could be rented out for $650/mo. The current tenants were quite a few months behind in their rents, therefore there was no safety deposits or down payments to be transferred. I got it under contract for $48,700 and could be retailed after repair costs for $90,000. Thanks to Ethan Willis” group of mentors including Nate Stodderd who was able to help incorporate a key clause of noncircumvention which empowered me and my knowledge about my assignment. To top off those mentors, Todd Dotson as well as Chris Cates have Ultimately done an Aboslutely Incredible job in training hands-on. The “Checks TRULY Don”t Lie” and being able to train in the “trenches” was the BEST thing EVER.
Tauna T & Hui T
After my training with Todd Dotson and his fantastic team I began submitting my Letters of Intents over the Multiple Listing Service. I would send out 10 per week. This began my Letters of Intent streak, which enabled me to contract my first property as well. THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU! You have to be STEADY, FIRE, THEN AIM, once you do that, you are able to learn from your mistakes which gets you over the hump of taking the first step, then you STEADY, FIRE, And AIM again, simply repeat as many times as needed.
Tauna T & Hui T
In late November 2003, after reading the One Minute Millionaire, a friend and I made a decision to create a team that’s main purpose was to make a million dollars in 90 days. The book “One Minute Millionaire” made it seem so believable that we thought well why not us? Over the next few weeks the team magically formed itself. On January 4, 2004 the TEAM got together for the first time as a unit to decide on a launch date and other things but most importantly to decide if we had a complete team that could achieve the unachievable. Using the One Minute Millionaire as our guide and Bob and Mark as our mentors. On January 11, 2004 we launched the 90 day plan and formed Making Millionaires 101 Seminars Inc. Our Vision, We are Dedicated to Being 90 Day Millionaires with the Vision of Inspiring and Empowering Others to do the same. True to the book we spent a lot of time brainstorming which is where our first million dollar idea came from as well as about 14 others for down the road. The product that came from that session is very simple yet amazing. During the next few weeks through one of our team members met with an acquaintance of his who has now become a close friend. This person liked our team Mission, Vision and product so much that his company bought 50% equity in the profits of our subsidiary company (the one that has this pet product, soon to be public, stay tuned) for $3,000,000. We received confirmation of this purchase of our idea in written form on February 20, 2004. Again, true to the “One Minute Millionaire” this success has come from having a team with a dream, an infinite network and belief in the power of manifestation. This success has truly shown all of us that anything is possible with the right team and the right intention. We owe our present and future Successes to Bob and Mark, I promised you we’d be a success story, and I always keep my word. We offer you our undying gratitude, Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You! With Passion and Purpose Team MillionHares.
Team MillionHares
In late November 2003, after reading the One Minute Millionaire, a friend and I made a decision to create a team that’s main purpose was to make a million dollars in 90 days. The book “One Minute Millionaire” made it seem so believable that we thought well why not us? Over the next few weeks the team magically formed itself. On January 4, 2004 the TEAM got together for the first time as a unit to decide on a launch date and other things but most importantly to decide if we had a complete team that could achieve the unachievable. Using the One Minute Millionaire as our guide and Bob and Mark as our mentors. On January 11, 2004 we launched the 90 day plan and formed Making Millionaires 101 Seminars Inc. Our Vision, We are Dedicated to Being 90 Day Millionaires with the Vision of Inspiring and Empowering Others to do the same. True to the book we spent a lot of time brainstorming which is where our first million dollar idea came from as well as about 14 others for down the road. The product that came from that session is very simple yet amazing. During the next few weeks through one of our team members met with an acquaintance of his who has now become a close friend. This person liked our team Mission, Vision and product so much that his company bought 50% equity in the profits of our subsidiary company (the one that has this pet product, soon to be public, stay tuned) for $3,000,000. We received confirmation of this purchase of our idea in written form on February 20, 2004. Again, true to the “One Minute Millionaire” this success has come from having a team with a dream, an infinite network and belief in the power of manifestation. This success has truly shown all of us that anything is possible with the right team and the right intention. We owe our present and future Successes to Bob and Mark, I promised you we’d be a success story, and I always keep my word. We offer you our undying gratitude, Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You!  With Passion and Purpose Team MillionHares.
Team MillionHares
I have taken several equities and option trading courses, more than 1/2 dozen that I can distinctly remember, and read dozens of books over the years including the classics. Your course is one of only two courses that ever made enough sense to me to make money with and the only one I would trust in a bear market. I entered a trade in GD according to TTC A and B. I noticed the RSI was not above 80. Instead of staying focused by using the TTC”s I began waffling because of the RSI and exited too soon. I kept it as a paper trade and to shorten the story, I would be sitting on a $1,200.00 profit over a 2 week period if I stayed true to the system. I consider this paying “tuition” for my education. The lesson I”m taking from this is what I once heard about Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, and some of the other greats of our time. “Develop you criteria and be a slave to your system.
Ted H
I made an offer on a piece of property in Cape Coral FL as a result of attending Glen Purdy”s workshop in Las Vegas. I am still waiting for a reply.
Teresa K
I flew to Bocas del Toro, Panama with out any money in my pocket to buy real estate down there. This was solely do to my intuition. I arrived in Bocas del Toro, spent 3 weeks looking at properties then the day before I left decided to buy 1/2 acre lot 1/2 block to a spectacular beach for $46,000.00 dollars. There were 2 other perspective buyers that had the cash to purchase the following day. With clear intention I verbally secured the property, signing a contract to purchase. I then had my partner wire $1000.00 down that was earned while I was on vacation. I have not done any Robert Allen seminars before but want to join! I have been told since I was 19 years old that I should be in Real Estate. I now have a gorgeous lot smack near a spectacular beach in paradise and MANY, MANY more contacts for great properties in this region. I attribute my good fortune to the skills I have acquired through various trainings i have taken over the past 20 years. Landmark Fire walking NLP Sage Lifespring leadership program Quantum–Proact I would be THRILLED to discover what the enlightened millionaie institute has to offer for me.
Teresa M
I called on a newspaper ad about a heavy-duty fixer house – asking price $100K. I researched the area to find that ARV = $160K with a fast sale on average. My husband & I went to see the house the next morning & discovered that it was way too much work for our 1st rehab house. After talking extensively with the seller, we discovered that he”s a contractor that regularly rehabs houses. He has physical problems which didn”t enable him to do the work on this property & my guess is the profit margin was not great enough for him to hire out all the work needed & still make his usual amount of money. He was incredibly forthcoming about all that the house needed to have done. We offered him $5K below his asking price but offered to pay him 10% of the final profits in exchange for him “consulting” on the rehab. His consulting would consist of him checking on the property 1-2 times a week, tell us what to do in what order & who to hire as well as letting us use his contractor license # so we can get wholesale prices on supplies. It turns out we didn”t get the house but we made a great contact to whom I”ve spoken to since about another project. I”ll definitely make that “consultation” offer again in order to gain 1st rate rehab knowledge right off the bat!!
Teresa S & Jeff R
The house has over 2 acres of land and is worth $150,000. I offered $112,000 and bought it for $115,000. I moved into this house and leasing to own my first house to someone.
Teresa T
I am just starting this process. My success at this time is that I am dedicating 3-6 hours/day five days a week to studying the materials and preparing myself to attain the gaols I have set. I complete all of my homework and have already seen major changes, although not monitary as yet, in my life and my thoughts surrounding money and my ablity to earn and keep it.
Terri W
A gentleman came up to me and asked if I was still buying houses, to which I answered affirmatively. He said he”d sell me his house for $400.00 if I let him stay until the end of the week. After looking at his house, and at the numbers, I told him I could not accept that deal. He told me he didn”t know what he was going to do, because he was expecting eviction within the week. I asked him to let me finish. I told him I can”t give him $400.00, but I will give him $4000.00. I told him that he can”t stay until the end of the week, but he can stay until the end of the month. After he signed a quit claim, I gave him a check for $2000.00, and told him he”ll get the rest of it when he moves out of the house. At the end of June, I helped him take two loads over to his new home with my pickup truck and gave him the remaining $2000.00. I sold the house 8 days later and closed escrow 30 days after that, netting $30,000.
Terry & Christa
After helping my first customer, he has thanked me no less than four times so far. I gave him 10 times what he originally asked for and allowed him to stay in the home 3 weeks longer than he originally wanted. After cleaning out the house, I sold it for a $30K net profit.
Terry & Christa
My wife Trisha and I started investing in real estate in July 2002 with three partners. After finding and rehabbing one house we felt we had the confidence but not the knowledge to start our own business. We attended Robert Allen’s Creating Wealth with Real Estate seminar in April 2003 and gained the knowledge we were looking for. Within three months of attending Robert Allen’s seminar we found three properties and sold two of them. The profit from those properties almost replaced my yearly income as a firefighter/paramedic. I have been working full time with the business for almost a year now. In April 2004, Trisha will be leaving her 10 year career as a Director of Human Resources with a Fortune 500 company to join the business full time. We presently own or have contracts on around 40 total units, including two 12 unit and one six unit multi family buildings that we plan to convert to condos, assign or flip to other investors. On average, we have about $25,000 equity per unit. Recently, we enrolled in Robert Allen’s Enlightened Millionaire Institute training where we are learning more about real estate and Multiple Streams of Income; InfoPrenuering, and the Internet. Because so many people have asked us what we are doing and how we have become successful we are planning our first Real Estate seminar in April 2004. We are very excited about our future opportunities including real estate seminars, Internet sales and being involved and giving a percentage of our profits to ALS-Lou Gehrig’s disease.
Terry & Trisha F
Becoming a protégé has given me courage to try new things. Since joining a year ago I”ve purchased two homes, and am now in the process of info-marketing a service. I”ve also invented a child”s toy and await patent pending status. I plan to have two web sites up and running in the next six months. Thanks to Denise Michaels for giving me the tools I need to go farther than I ever dreamed! Like she says fake it till you make it…and I”m going to make it!
Terry B
Back in 1980 I read Nothing Down. My wife and I were fresh out of college and wanted a home of our own. The few people we knew, told us we were too poor, and too young to get a house. I “jumped” with a $100 check for a deposit,, the “subject to” clause and bought our first home., which doubled in value within 5 years. We used the equity on refinance to pay off all our student debt, and started a small business that continues to this day. In 1988 I attended your Wealth Training in Atlantic City. This was the BEST training I had ever attended. Perhaps the most memorable thing was the 100 people who started running the boardwalk every morning (VERY early) and true to your prediction via the Pardo Principle the 20 (+/- a few) who made it to that Friday morning. It certainly felt great to be among the few. That one little house generated enough cash for us to buy others, set up a few different businesses and even pay some pretty large medical bills when the time came. From small seeds, certainly came great blessings. If only 1 in a 1000 people get your message, it will have a tremendous impact on this nation of ours.
Terry B
I purchased this home, because of the value of the land. The old ranch home sits on a large lot in very affluent suburb of Portland, Oregon. My partner and I intend to remove the older home and build a new home. We expect to be able to sell the new home for subsantially more than we will invest in the land and construction.
Terry D
I had an ah-ha when we were in Chicago to write a book on Substitute Teaching and Mark and Bob were both impressed with the idea. I went home and started to work on the idea but life got in the way. I did small things. After I came back from Harv Eckers talk I wrote the outline and a short article. I still have not sent that out to be published. I talked to two universities about the idea. I have not talked to any one who has authority yet. I talked with one of the school psychologists I know and we tried to market seminars that were tailor-made for the different schools. We meet with little success. I partnered with a colleague through Harv and we were working together on a project she is going to sell in WI. Here in Florida I was talking to the other seminar down the way, a principal convention for Florida, and I pitched them my idea and they will let me come next year to sell my wares. They liked the idea. I will write a proposal when I get home. I hope that Bob and Mark will like the ideas I really think we have a chance to change the system in a small way that will impact in a big way. This year is the year I take off and realize things I dare not dream, but dream anyway. Thank you for your time and kindness.
Terry H & Michael H
Created my first website, which made the top of the search engines within 5 days (a miracle for me) and made a sale with. Before OMM, I made some websites over the previous 5 years, but they never appeared on any search engines nor did I make any sales with them.
The Griff
My story was to rid myself of what I could not do. I always had a desire to invest in the market, but it was too confusing for me, and could find no one willing to teach me how to begin. I actually took Dr.Cooper”s at least 5 times before I had a revelation that I could do this. I continued to listen to the students in the class talk about the trades and postions they were making with phenomenal profits before I tried. The wall of fear was greater than I thought, but my desire to never go back to corporate America was greater. Today, I have one position open using the techniques taught in the class, and watching the option increase daily. Thanks so much for the opportunity.
Thelma H
Sometime in late January of 2004, I listened to the recording of Steve Waters” course, Internet Site Building, and was inspired to build my very own website so that I too may have a successful internet income. Three months, two computer crashes and one set of frazzled nerves later, I had my very own website. Thirty days later, I have seven new signup customers to my newsletter and am in the beginning, planning stages of creating my own e-book. THE MORAL OF THIS STORY: Don”t just jump into any of the Multiple Streams without being organized and ready to get your feet wet. In other words, Robert Allen”s courses are set up for success. Read and follow the instructions. They”re very precise and the tools at your disposal are priceless. Utilize them to the fullest. You”ll save yourself a lot of headaches and time by doing so. I could have had 1000 times seven customers by now if I would have done the reading and cruised the EMI websites more thoroughly. No problem! I”m in the process of correcting that now and I KNOW that I”ll succeed!
Theresa G & Brent G
Sometime in January of this year 2004, I took Steve Waters” course (the recording, not live) “Internet Site Building” and found it fascinating. It inspired me to build my own website which was a diversion from my first intentions of working on building a Real Estate empire. Armed with no knowledge of building a website, very limited computer expertise, and a lofty dream, I set about creating my very first website on my own. Three stressful months and two computer crashes later, I launched my first website. Thirty days since my website went live, I have seven customers who have signed up for my newsletter and I am making plans to create my own e-book. THE MORAL OF THIS STORY: Follow the EMI Training program step by step and save yourself the headache of becoming disorganized by venturing out on your own. I”m sure I would have at least 1000 times seven signed up customers by now if I would have followed the steps from the beginning. My nerves wouldn”t have been so frazzled either. I”m working on correcting that now by doing it the right way–taking the time to read the material and follow the instructions. And I KNOW that I”m going to succeed!
Theresa G & Brent G
My wife and I have been self-employed for about seven years. Myself as a Real Estate Broker, Kendra as a website designer. We have had lots of ups and downs and made a modest living. We have been both happy with our success, being able to survive as our own bosses, and frustrated with our financial insecurity and lack of real progress. I stumbled upon the “One Minute Millionaire” about a year ago and was intrigued but really didn”t do much more than think about it. Then I subscribed to the newsletter and began seeing so many things I was not paying attention to. When I got the email about the free teleclass with Bob and Mark I signed up. After listening to the first session I immediately got on the phone and bought the protégé system. Between the teleclasses and the other material I am on my way to doubling my commissions this year. I found the magnetic persuasion and the info-marketing classes particularly useful. I began using the tools they gave me immediately and they seem to be working amazingly well. My wife has been studying the Internet section and is in the midst of completely redesigning her business. I am looking forward to the results. We attended Glenn Purdy”s seminar in Las Vegas in May and using some of the things he taught now have an investment property under contract. For about $4000 down we expect to sell it quickly for a profit of $10000-15000. We signed up for some of the boot camps and I can”t wait to see what happens then! Being a Real Estate Broker I always saw opportunities but never had the courage to pick them up myself. The protégé program has given me that call to action. I especially think the “Millionaire Mindset” teleclass helped. We are just getting the ball rolling but I never knew the road to success could be this much fun. Having the EMI alongside to give us support, we have no doubts about where we will end up. Some friends of ours have seen the change in our outlook and confidence level and are going to sign up for the Robert Allen real estate camp-based on their own observations not our sales pitch. We look forward to sharing all our successes here with the world. If you have any doubts about if this stuff works I say; You gotta get wet to learn to swim, the EMI has the world”s best mentors and I no longer fear the deep water.
Thomas D & Kendra D
I am a real estate broker and one of my listings was desperate, facing foreclosure. I borrowed some money and bought his property feeling confident that I could sell it at a profit quickly while helping out a good man.
Thomas D & Kendra D
I met with the sellers on a 3/1 home. They wanted money to put down on a larger home for their family. We had a private party holding the first mortgage for $51,732, which will be assumable at 6% interest for 15 years. They have paid for 2 years. They needed to make $18,000 to put down on a new home. We paid $18,000 which included all of our closing cost also. The house has renters paying $675.00 a month for rent. I will have $69,732 in a home with an appraisal of $99,000. I will refinance to get my $18,000 and some change back, so it will be a no money down purchase.
Thomas H & Kathy H
Using the priciples I have been learning I was able to buy $472,700 in property using none of our own money. I was able to increase the value of the properties to $564,000 and refinance to pay for he repairs. Thanks to the lessons learned in the system in 2 months I was able to show a net increase in our worth over $40,000 and give away $4,000 of it to people who needed it.I look forward to 2005 when I can continue to do this.
Thomas H & Laureen H
I rember being in the back yard of a house in bad shape and asking my wife. What do you think? It was such a freeing moment. She said if you really think you can do this go ahead. We had that talk in September 2004. After we started together we now own of 4 homes and number 5 is coming and we are looking for #6. Who knows how it will turn out. It is scary sometimes and exhilarating others. We enjoy a better qulity of life today than we did back in September. For that I am greatful.
Thomas H & Laureen H
The ink is probably not yet dry on my Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to a failed business, but I just closed on two rental properties and have an accepted offer on a third. Needless to say I had no money and no credit to pull this off. I did have Robert Allen and Glen Purdy telling me I had no excuses not to be investing in Real Estate. I have an investor who is making a dandy return on his money. The seller is overjoyed to be rid of his property. I scored $15000 in equity and $225.00 positive cash flow per month with no money down. How cool is that? The money gain is modest compared to some of the Hall of Famers, but I will put my gain in confidence and hope for a bright future up against any of them.
Thomas V & Ellen V
Though our story of aquiring these realestate properties may not seem spectacular, The fact is – we increased our net worth by nearly $20,000 in a few short months based on desicions we made from the inspiration and training of your programs. We are excited and gaining more confidence all the time.
Thomas W & Rainy W
I went through Dr. Cooper”s course on options trading and was moderately successful with the paper trading, but I had little money to invest. So, I took out a home equity loan at 4% and bought my first options contract in September. Although I made a few mistakes on the way, by the end of the year I had over $12,000 profit from my options trading.
Thomas W & Victoria W
This story is not of my first offer, but of the first that was accepted. A gentleman had moved his business to another city and needed out of his house. I offered purchasing the property subject to his existing financing plus 5000$ down to be due 30 days after finding and installing suitable tenants. The property will rent for approximately 1100 so I figure with first months last months and security + month breathing room that will take a big chunk out of the down. Should receive moderate positive cash flow and am buying into approximately 10k of equity. I”m very happy and am working on making sure it closes properly now. Thanks!
Robert Allen motivated me to turn a non-revenue producing website that I had created to distribute Inflation information into a profitable site that generates a small but steady passive income, every month. I have just finished my second source of passive income which is an e-book with marketing just beginning. I am looking forward to generating many more sources of passive income in the days to come. I have learned so much since I joined the Protege program and I know that I have a great future ahead.
Tim M & Lisa M
I have submitted 5 offers on properties. I have not bought a property yet. I am working on notice of defaults.
tim o
My business helps home owners in default, cure their problems. I can pay off bills, and help in most situations. I buy homes to fix up and rent, or sell for a profit.
tim o
put together a three corner deal. found two apartment buildings with strong cash flows and motivated sellers that would generate income to pay for both buildings but also pay for a frank wright inspired home in indian hills and pay me a small residual income. on the indian hill home i was getting 150,000 instant equity with an estimated 50 k in rehab costs. on the house had a bank 1st of 50%ltv and seller carry back second for 50% of purchase price. both apartment buildings had seller carry back 2nds for 30% of purchase price with cash back to me at closing.
tim s
My attorney currently owns multiple mobile home parks. He offered to sell me one of these in hopes I will see there is a good profit to be made, as well as residual, for mobile home park owners. I purchased this property for $500,000 dollars with 10% down. My attorney holds $50,000 on a second as half of the down payment and I used my equity line from my home for the remainder. I mortgaged the balance on a commercial loan from the bank. Rents will bring in a positive cash flow of $3,000 monthly after taxes and operational costs. With the filling of 7 empty slots this positive cash flow will move to $5,000 monthly ($60,000 annual).
Timothy B
My attorney currently owns multiple mobile home parks. He offered to sell me one of these in hopes I will see there is a good profit to be made, as well as residual, for mobile home park owners. I purchased this property for $500,000 dollars with 10% down. My attorney holds $50,000 on a second as half of the downpayment and I used my equity line from my home for the remainder. I mortgaged the balance on a commercial loan from the bank. Rents will bring in a positive cash flow of $3000 monthly after taxes and operational costs. With the filling of 7 empty slots this positive cas flow will move to $5000 monthly($60,000 annual).
Timothy B
We have begun our real estate investing by purchasing a 3 unit forclosure which I found and funded using techniques learned from the tapes and seminars. We also started a networking business which is off to a very strong start. We”re just getting started, more to come…
Timothy D & Mandy D
This offer was the first I had made after attending the Real Estate Seminar in Garden Grove (Anaheim) with Glen Purdy. I know took a few months but such was life at the time. I had finally found a realtor in the area in which I lived that had done property investment himself so was helpful in helping me to locate properties fitting my criteria, despite the bull market in real estate that was occurring in the Central Coast area of California. He happened to know of a retired couple in the same condo complex where he lived that needed to sell to facilitate a move to an area near one of their children who was having some medical issues. The property was immaculate and was listed at least 10% below the market. Knowing that with the buying frenzy that was in progress with in the market, I offered a bit more than the asking, having the approximate 10% margin to work with (and by the way the 10% turned into 15% before this story ends). Having submitted my offer, a counter was issued requiring working with a local lender, despite the having financing already approved by another not local lender. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, I was able to get an approval over the phone with a local lender within 15 minutes and had a faxed letter sent to the seller”s agent. However, during the interim period as the seller”s were considering the offer, a cash buyer submitted and offer. The offer was not more than mine, but cash talks while financing walks, so to speak. So the seller”s accepted the all cash offer from the other buyer. As disappointing as this seemed, I did learn some valuable lessons in negotiating and that is to get a firm (on paper) answer ASAP. I was also encouraged to continue to pursue other properties, knowing that I had the financial wherewithal to obtain what I was looking for and how to better leverage money.
Timothy J
After having a property taken out from underneath me as detailed in my first offer story, I went on to locate not one, but two properties with below market listings. The first was a condo that the realtor working with me had listed himself, and he held it for me to make the first offer to the sellers. They were in a position to sell quickly in order to complete a purchase of a new home for themselves. I put in a bid for the asking price, which was 10% below the market value at the time. The offer was accepted and escrowed ensued. I was looking at making this an income property from the outset. I also was in search of a property in which to live, since when I had moved to the area I had been renting a home and frankly losing money with each month because of the loss of tax deductions I could have had, had I bought a property when I moved…but that is another story. Anyway a week after making an offer on the condo, I came across a house in which the sellers had be renting out for several years and they were looking to get out of an absentee landlord situation (and in fact were did a 1031 exchange). Again was another situation in which the asking price was approximately 10-12 percent below market value, and they were doing a total rehab on the place. I submitted my offer hours after the property was listed and it was accepted over an offer from a friend of the seller”s who was trying to buy it at a deeper discount. Now for the numbers…between the condo (closed 4-15-2004) and the house (closed 4-22-2004) I leveraged over $611,000 worth of property (condo at $240k, house at $371.5k) with $21,000.00. Of that $10k was brought in through a partner. Essentially, after receiving monies back on the close of the condo I purchased it for $1100 and the house for $10k of my own money. And as it stands today (6/13/2004) I have approximately $30k in equity in the condo, and $54k in the house. I am currently renting the condo in a temporary situation to a couple waiting for their house to be completed and when they are gone will lease option it back to my realtor. The house I will live in until the fall where I look to sell, pay back the partner with interest and obtain another property without partnership ties. What one can do when one puts their mind to it is simply amazing!
Timothy J
It is nothing fancy, I looked at about 15 properties and found one that has the potential of making about $10,000 in a basic rehab. I just tried to do things by the numbers. Now let”s see if they take my offer. It is about $5,000 lower than they were asking.
Timothy S
Invested in stock studied for cycling in swing trade. Within 2 days made $2800 in profit, trading the plan by putting in sell, while I was traveling to my first Wealth Retreat.
Tito E & Esther M
I live in a wee country in the South Pacific called New Zealand. I attended a seminar last year where I was inspired by Lorenzo Spencer and I decided to join the Protege program. I love Real Estate and recently I just did a deal which I”d like to share with you. A few months ago I did a flyer drop advertising that I buy houses in conjunction with the local Pizza joint (to halve the cost). I got ten replies out of 6000 flyers (we are in a very hot market) I visited a number of these properties but they didn”t meet my criteria, however one of the people told me how their neighbors home was vacant. Doing a fair bit of research I tracked the owner down. They said they didn”t want to sell but I stayed in contact and about every six weeks I called them, finally after four months they sold to me! The numbers are:  Purchase price: $83,000  Closing costs: $ 600  Fix up costs $17,000  Total: $97,600  Estimated Appraisal: $125,000+  Whilst we will only make $20 per month cash flow, we will get $4000 back after we finance the deal through a bank on a twenty year P&I loan 80%LVR and we will still have $25,000 of tax free profit in equity! Using a money partner and packaging the deal will mean after two months the deal will be No money down, not only for me but my partner too!
Toby Y
I bought my first home for nothing down in Concord CA in 1981. The next year, using a photocopy of your lease option contract in Creating Wealth, I bought my neighbors house with a visa cash advance of $1,000.00 You said to ask for credit on the monthly lease payment so I asked for 100% and they agreed! I sold it in a double escrow 2 years later and made $47,000.00.
Todd B
I had a call calendar spread on DNA, long on the Sept 40s and selling each month”s 40s. It hadn”t traded above 40 in 13 months but was in a long, gradual uptrend. When it rallied past 40 on Thursday on preliminary FDA approval on their new drug, I thought it would likely keep going. So I bought the Mays back and decided to wait on selling the calls, thinking they would increase in value and that, perhaps, I would sell the 45s instead of the 40s. But it burned off about $2.50 on Friday instead. I still waited because I wanted a higher premimum. Today, with final FDA approval, the stock gapped up to 52 and kept going to about 54. With calls that had cost me $2.05, I sold them for a 465% profit and cleared just less than $18,000. Unbelievable! I”ve never hit one like that before. I didn”t even originally get into it as a long call play but ended up that way because of Dr. Cooper”s advice from the Covered Calls class and decided to wait for the premimum for the June calls to go up. I would not have ever gotten into options at all if not for Dr. Cooper”s class.
Todd F
Our first investment property is a 3,082 sq ft house on 5 acres with two outbuildings. The property appraises at $235,000 and we bought it for $120,000. We did the deal in three days using none of our own money. We are so excited, our heads are still spinning. Most likely we are going to rehab the property due to termite damage and live there ourselves, using the equity to help us finance new deals.
Todd L
I had been working for a few months to introduce my product to the director of the Health club that I attend and she was not open to the idea, it so happened that I personally knew the new director of a different health club and shared my company with her. Her initial excitement was great and I was very excited and she signed into the business. My association with her fell into a bad situation and although she is still in my business, my greatest success with this situtation is what I have learned in dealing with new marketers in my business. I have gained immeasurably by what I have learned and look forward to making this knowledge work for me in the future. Even if your business connection is not textbook idea there is sooooooooo much that it can do in a positive sense for your business. And keep going!
Todd R
The past 3 years have been a journey of self discovery for me. The road has been pretty rocky at times. But what I have realized is that the most important concept for me is RESPONSIBILITY and taking it for my life. The second concept that I have learned is ACCEPTING AND SEEKING HELP FROM OTHERS that are successful. I have a new drive to use these two concepts in my business and I feel already with some of the successes that I have had recently in my network marketing business and my internet business that when you are open to success it will be drawn to you. Just in the past few weeks I have made more contacts in my NM Business than I have in the past year. I am starting to have the mindset of a millionaire and I am ready to live into that mindset. I am looking forward to building on this energy that the institute has opened in me and really making a difference in many ways, in my life, in my familys life and in the world of all those around me. I look forward to expanding on this success story in the future months. Thanks to Mark, Robert, Chris (my mentor) and all of the great teachers in the institute.
Todd R
I made an offer on 18 parcels/31 rental units that are low-income housing. The offer was not accepted. I have since placed another offer. Three banks are involved with the seller. The morning I made my second offer one of the banks foreclosed on almost half the units. I attended my first foreclosure auction and was outbid by the bank. I am currently in negotiations with that bank. In addition, I am still working with the owner on the rest of the properties. I have numerous other deals in the works; one of which consists of 5 parcels/28 units for sale by one owner, Another deal is 6 houses for sale by one owner. Also, I am in current negotiations with a different bank involving two vacant duplexes (boarded up) and a single vacant (boarded up) house all on the same street.
Todd U
We have set very lofty goals for ourselves for this year, and we are driven to reach them. After considering all of the different streams we could focus on, we decided that real estate was the right one for now. The materials we”ve been studying from EMI are amazing (very enlightening, too). We have joined the Mastery System, and expect to do our first deals within the next month. In the meantime, we have applied some of the infomarketing techniques we learned from Jay Abraham and are currently waiting for the results to come in. We”ll keep you apprised of the streams as they flow in.
Todd W & Adriana W
I”ve been self employed for 12 years cleaning carpets and for the past 1 1/2 years I”ve been also working for myself as a licensed massage therapist. Since I got my massage license I”ve been able to start paying my bills on time again, but not too much left over after that. I did order the Multiple Streams of Income book several months ago and I”ve implemented a couple of things that have made a big impact for me so far. Like the manila folders with the 10 different categories. This is the 5th month I”ve been doing that and I know that is the big reason why I got through the slow summer so well. Also, I”ve been saving 10% of my gross earnings since the beginning of the year, which I used almost all of it to enroll into the Protege program. Although my credit card debt is going down, it”s still very high. I”m single and my daughter is doing well for a 20 year old girl, going to college and working. So besides making a difference for myself I”m looking forward to making her life easier also.
Tom C
The success that I am proud of lies not in the deals I have made or the real estate I have purchased, because they haven”t happened yet. They will. It just hasn”t happened yet. My success comes in a change of attitude and point of view, not only as it relates to money but to but to living life on a higher plane. I am not a millionaire yet but I”ve begun to think like one and live like one. I am more positive and I am more generous. I am not going to wait until I make money to share the assets that I have.
Tom C & Vicki C
Not long after We attended the RAInstitute, my niece was diagnosed with leukemia. Part of the reason we have not progressed more than we have is because this has been time consuming. My success comes in the drive that we got from the institute in believing that we can be successful in helping this situation. We have donated needed funds to her and worked with other family mambers to raise money. The belief that we can succeed, as taught by the institute has bled over into our belief that we can make a difference in this bad situation.
Tom C & Vicki C
I am, with my girlfriend, building up a network marketing organisation as distributors. So far we have 20 frontline distributors enrolled in one year and we hope doubling it in coming year.
Tom K & Marjon d
Our realtor located a nice single family foreclosure in January, 2003. The property was initially listed at $29,000 but had already dropped to $24,000 when we first looked at it. Our first offer was $12,000; the bank countered at $22,000; and we came back at $15,000. The bank said “no way”, and that was the end of it. Or so we thought. 45 days later, the realtor called and asked if we were still interested in the property – the bank was willing to sell for $18,000. We countered at $15,500 and they accepted the offer. Renovations included complete interior patch & paint, new carpet throughout, plumbing repairs, new light fixtures, re-tiling bathroom walls, and cleaning up the trees & yard. It sold in 5 days.
Tom M & Tina D
Got a lead on a property from a real estate agent before it went on MLS. Made offer of $33,000 cash. Owner was extremely motivated as he was paying for 2 homes. House has a retail value of $65,000. Home needs minimal rehab and paint (at most $5000). We found a private investor to loan us the money to make an all cash offer. We closed on the property in 5 days. My partner Ted Rogers, whom I met in the January Robert Allen training class in San Antonio, have teamed up and used Robert’s method for finding motivated sellers. We have made dozens of offers on properties and have just been bidding very low. During this time of offers, we networked locally and found several private investors that will back us on future projects. We have already made a cash offer on another property just yesterday that involves an acre of property w/ 3 rent houses on them.
Tom N & Ted R
I still have to improve the site but really want to achieve this before the millionaire retreat in LA. Means: free reports to generate database, goodlooking website and min.50$ of profit.
Tom R &
I bought my first property in August 2003. Its my own personal home. I had been searching for about 3 months, none I had seen matched my requirements or price range, until I found this one. It was a scary experience making the offer, then following through. I had a Real Estate agent for this first purchase. From her, and doing my own research, I”ve started learning the ropes. From here I intend to launch out, buying income properties to create Real Estate wealth for myself and family.
Tony A & Priscilla A
I don”t know if you will consider this a success story according to what it says above but without finding and reading the “One Minute Millionaire” last year it would have never transpired. We would still be in the same place doing the same things. The rat race. But now we have a 47 unit storage facility that is nearly full where we will have a monthly income. Our house is closing in 10 days and we have bought a new house. We will be using the money from our equity to invest in more real estate. And whether or ont it matches up to the principles in the book entirely, our thinking and purpose is now different than it was a year ago. Thank you so much for helping us to step out and change our lives.
Tony D & Cheryl D
My goal was to make my first offer within 30 days of graduating from the RAI seminar. After many weeks of searching, and actually submitting an offer on a rehab (that was declined), I”m finally going to submit my first offer on a 13 plex! It”s actually 2 buildings (one with 5 units; the other with 8 units), about 4 hours from my front door. This will present some challenges; however, I am excited and look forward to the future. The asking price is $160K; however, my offer will be $150K. The deal will include the seller carrying a note for 20%, with no payment until the unit is 50% occupied (the property is currently vacant). More to follow…..
Tony D & Rochelle W
I completed my Robert Allen training on Feb 15, 2004 in Dallas, Texas. During the class I had seen an ad for an investment property, and on Monday I called on it. By Saturday I went to look at the property and on the following Friday I placed my first offer on that property. I suggested a meeting and met with the buyer over breakfast. I closed the deal and bought my first property at an IHOP !! It”s a 5-plex multi-family, originally listed at $195K which in 6 weeks he reduced to $175K, so I knew he was a motivated seller. I did my cash flow analysis and figured to property value to in fact be worth 175-180K. The cash flow on the property is $2275/month. I made my initial offer at $135K and we settled on $151K with him paying 2% of my closing costs. We close at the end of the month. I”m very happy about it and expect to see a net profit cash flow in my pocket of about $500-600/month! I”d say that was worth my investment in the course! Thanks.
Tony J
Sellers were a husband and wife who responded to my “We Buy Houses” business card that I taped to a gas pump. They had inherited a free and clear 2 flat that they rented out for a few years. After several years of dealing with problem tenants and personal health and financial problems, they had an urgent need to sell. At the time the agreed to sell the property, they were not collecting rent due to delinquent tenants and because they had failed to pay the gas bill and advised tenants not to pay them. They were cited by the city for not having the heat turned on and there was a date set for a hearing where they had to prove the heat was turned on or they would be fined one thousand dollars per day. Also, the wife grew up in this property and was getting sick thinking about how terrible the tenants were taking care of the property she was so emotionally attached to. All this created their urgent need to sell for cash. I had buyers in my database to call to see if they wanted to buy the contract and found someone to readily buy the contract because I had found such a good deal for them.
Tony S
After TWO YEARS of studying and “trying”, I am thrilled to announce my first accepted offer on a piece of investment real estate! It is a classic textbook scenario: $100K house, motivated seller , seller needs cash out of the deal to pay an obligation and doesn”t have time or energy to make necessary repairs. Bottom line? I bought the property for $70K, using none of my own money. The seller is carrying the $48K first with very favorable terms, and a good friend of mine(with impeccable credit and capital) is providing cash for the seller”s requirement and property repairs. The best part for me, however, is the realization that all my seemingly unfruitful effort has not been invain.
Tony S
I did my first Assignment of Contract on a Property that I found on a local Investor”s Foreclosure List. I arrived too late to the house to discuss what I can do for the homeowner because I found a Quick Claim Deed in an envelope on the door. I returned the Deed to the Investor and asked him if I can offer to buy it from him. My offer was accepted and I assigned the contract for $5,000.00 using the techniques I learned from Robert Allen Institute.
Tony V
Found fire-gutted buildings ripe for demolition and new residential construction on corner lot of hot neighborhood and sent letter to owner. Owner highly motivated, had been in hospital 6 months, behind in taxes, and eager to sell. Wanted all cash. I felt it was an opportunity for a wholesale deal to an experienced developer. Asking price through commercial broker was $2.1 million. Owner said he wanted $3 million. He repeatedly called me for almost two weeks trying to explain how valuable this piece of property was. After analyzing the most a building containing the maximum number of new units could bring in, in addition to the fact that demolition had to take place along with back taxes and building violations, I offered him $1.4 million cash (just under 70% of broker asking price). Seller rejected it immediately saying he had an offer of $1.9 million.
Tracey B & Salem B
Although I had already been involved in network marketing, sponsored more than one person and received multiple checks, I was thrilled to receive the “One Minute Millionaire” book through the Book of the Month program in which I participate. I devoured both the right sides (fiction) and the left sides (practical blueprint for success) of each page. I found that many things were beginning to click in my mind and I was hungry to learn all I could about the success principles being taught. The book led me to the website which began a journey which is continuing with me being newly enrolled in the protege program. I am excited to be an Enlightened Millionaire in the making.
Tracey K & Jim K
I made many offers without success and then realized that it was the WAY I was writing my goals daily. I was writing Own 3 properties by 12/31/04 I realized that I already owned 4 properties, so I needed to adjust it to own 3 new properties by 12/31/04. I picked up Harcross within a few days of making this change and found 2 other properties ON 12/31/04 to make my goal of locating 3 new properties by 12/31/04. I close on Harcross 1/12/05 and the other two within the next 30 days.
Tracy E & Ann W
I worked with a colleague to create an eight week seminar series and we had our first paid registration on 1/4/05. We have four registered, our press release has been published in the paper and we will be on television prmoting the series on 1/12/05! We are using this as a spring board to our public speaking business. Thanks to Mark, my new favorite word is Abundance! The more I use it, the more it manifests itself in my life.
Tracy E & Ann W
I started with Robert and Marks program back in October. Since the real estate market here is quite active, I had to make nine offers before I locked in a property. (I just made my 10th offer last night). I have been trying tax deed sales, creative offers, several different negotiating techniques, but am finding that the best way is to find under valued properties, pay their asking price or above and turn the property over to someone who is looking for a home for a reasonable assignment fee ($10,000). I just recently did this in Florida, where I found an undervalued property (3/2/2 for $119,900), put $3000 down as a good faith deposit and then completed an assignment of $10,000 with my money being reimbursed for appraisal, inspection and good faith deposit. All I had to have is the money to lock it down (good faith dollars)and to find a buyer. If the buyer cannot qualify for the property, I, of course, am prepared to take the property, fix it up and put it back on the market for AT LEAST a $10,000 profit. I am learning what works, what does not work and have had an amazing education in real estate. I am working real estate full time because I see the potential income if I spend my time looking for properties/land. Besides, it is something that I enjoy, my partner and I can do together and the return on our time and investment is worth it. I work when I want to work, I take off when I want to take off and when family/friends visit, we can show them around and do our job at the same time. Everyone is excited by the possibilities and potential in what we are doing!
Tracy E & Ann W
I actually made nine offers before I got a property. It took several times for me to realize the best method for locking down a property in a hot, sellers market. I work with real estate agents who contact me when they see a potentially under-valued property. I go look at it immediately, sometimes putting an offer in sight unseen until I can get to it. There is no time to waste or dicker in the market right now if you are buying through MLS. The first one I locked in, I have assigned and made $10,000.
Tracy E & Ann W
I finally locked down a property and made $10,000 using the assignment method. This seems to work best for me. If I buy, fix up and sell, I am incurring a great deal of closing costs, real estate fees and repair costs. This way I find the property and turn it over to someone else to pay the closing and repair costs. I walk away with money in my pocket for a few months research and effort. The seller is happy, the new buyer is happy and I am happy – it is a win-win situation for all involved.
Tracy E & Ann W
Over the past 4 years I have written many articles and created workshops on areas of finance that integrate success principles with financial planning. These programs include a book which is 90% complete. Since beginning the protege program I have started to learn how to market these programs and am currently working on a joint venture program with a company with a complimentary product.
Tracy P & Joe P
I have previously developed articles and training material integrating success principles with financial planning. Since beginning the protégé program I am learning how to deliver the message with more powerful win/win marketing. I am currently working on a joint venture program with a company with a complimentary product.
Tracy P & Joe P
My story is just of a gal who decided to buy some property and closed on her 1st 2 deals on the same day! I”m still recovering but have started looking for properties again. I”m looking more for monthly cash flow and properties in areas that are slated to appreciate quickly in the next few years. I”m taking the long approach, not the quick fix.
Tracy W
I found a real estate agent who has the same vision as I do. I explained to him what I was in the process of doing and he completely understood what I was looking for. As we talked further, I found out that he had been involved in over 20 rehab properties in the last 3 years. He gave me a lead on a bank that has a special in house loan program that will loan you up to 75% of the appraised value of the property based on a list of repairs you plan on doing. We looked at several properties and found one that fit our criteria. It was listed at $39,900 and I figured it needed about $10-12,000 in repairs and based on over 20 comps we estimated the after repair value to be between $70-75,000. I offered $37,500 for the property and the offer was accepted. My loan will be for a little of $50,000 including the repair costs and I will net over $20,000 in equity with a $300 per month positive cash flow. We close 1-9-03!
Travis S
Since I joined the “Creating Wealth with Real Estate” protégé program lots of great things have happened to me! I have not yet purchased a property, but I have made a few offers. More importantly, this program has really opened up my eyes to the potential that I possess to succeed! I now know that I can and will succeed in my real estate endeavors! The protégé phone classes have really helped me out in all aspects of my life. Specifically, the “Financial Basics” class has really helped me come to terms and be honest about my financial situation, something that I was not doing before. The “Millionaire Physiology” and “Success strategies of the masters” classes have really helped give me the confidence and knowledge to see this business in a totally different light. I now know that I can and will succeed if I am persistent and don”t give up. I am about to buy my first investment/rental property and based on the knowledge I have attained so far throughout this course, I am not the least bit worried about taking my first “leap”. The future is bright and it”s only going to get better!
Trent S
Sponsored new downline 25/02/04.
Trevayne C & Ami K
I found where I can buy the properties with great discount prices after seeing hundreds of houses. However, I need to overcome the fear of rejections and making mistakes. I usually let the fear overcome me instead I overcome fears. I talked myself out of deal by not calling the newspaper ads or FSBO signs… I took a great faith to buy this property and I need to resell it to make money.
Tri T
I had offered my realtor a finder’s fee for any properties that he might come across or hear about that weren”t listed. Soon after, he told me about a property that was going into Foreclosure because of a Divorce situation and said he thought they might be interested in selling. I tried to contact the owners several times with mailings and phone calls but had gotten no response. Finally, as a last resort, I went by and left my card and a hand written note on their door. About a month later when I had all but forgotten about it, I got a call from their Realtor. The sellers were now desperate to sell and had given my card to the Realtor who had just listed the property and asked him to call me. To make a long story short, we were able to do a midnight deal the day before they were going to lose the house. The best part of the story is that I was able to help my best friend and his young family buy there first home. I got them into the 260,000 property for 200,000 plus a first time buyers grant from the city for 40,000. So they were able to buy a 260,000 home for 160,000 on a graduated loan starting out at one percent that was twice the home and a much better neighborhood then they would have been able to afford otherwise. I made a 1,500.00 assignment fee for only a couple hours of work and was able to create a win/win situation for everyone involved. The greatest thing to me was that I was able to start achieving my goal of being able to help people who would not otherwise be able to qualify for or afford a house to get into their first home, starting with my best life long friend.
Tricia K & Ryan B
After studying the stock portion of the protege material last spring and summer, I have been able to make better choices in which stocks to purchase and when to buy and sell them. The successes I”ve had have built confidance in my abilities and shown me that I can do this — and do it again. The exciting part is the process is repeatable and it can be accomplished in any market.
Tripp Y
On 6/11 I identified an opportunity to purchase MSFT stock based on the techniques taught by Dr. Cooper. I held this until 7/11 when I sold covered calls (July 25 @ 2.45) for a profit of 9.90%. Today, I found out that I was called out. This takes my profit to 10.91%. I made $2,700.00 on this transaction (less commission) in 1 month – not too bad. Maybe next time I’ll get to keep the premium and the stock J. The best part of this trade is that it took place in my Roth IRA.
Tripp Y
I submitted my first offer on a property in Ogden, Utah. The offer was rejected but it was a step in the right direction. Making this offer just gets me more excited to move on to the next.
Troy K
I have been involved for about three weeks. My biggest success thus far has been the active and excited involvement of my wife. Due largley to her level of intrest, we are in escrow on three properties that will bring us a cashflow of about $800 a month, we will purchase them with little or nothing down.
Troy M & Gena M
After sitting on my duff for a year after joining as a Protégé, I finally swallowed my fear and DID something. I attended the Las Vegas retreat with Glenn Purdy and it was more than I ever expected. I work anywhere from 50 to 100 hours a week with extensive traveling. Being a newly wed September 4th, I was motivated more than ever to make a life change. The seminar lit the fire in me (and under my duff) to finally do something. I made an offer on a REO property for 60% of the asking price. If I could give any advice it would be… “Get plugged into the EMI program!”
Troy S & Nicole S
I purchased a duplex for $6,000. After repairs I will have less than $15,000 in the property and it will be worth 40-45K. After re-hab I plan to refinance, take cash out and rent it. It will bring in just under $800 month in rents. I”m very happy with my first deal!
Troy S & Nicole S
After completing the 3-day training (Creating Wealth with Real Estate)I set out to execute some of the strategies I learned. I quickly found some motivated sellers with properties being sold below market value. I proceeded to inspect properties, do discount worksheets provided by Deal Maker Pro, and made several offers… two of which were accepted. I used the special clauses I was taught to use in the contracts to protect myself, which also allowed me to assign these properties to other beginning investors, whom I found during an audit of another Creating Wealth Seminar I attended. Thank you Robert Allen and team, I am now sitting on a nice chunk of change. $12,000!!!!! Thanks to you guys, I now have some working capital to really get myself moving at the speed I have always wanted. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!!!
Tyler C & Daren C
Our website is a site that advertizes and sells our book online. It also promotes our speaking business. We are currently in the process of making the site much more commerce friendly. We will have places for people to sign in and receive a monthly ezine designed to motivate and inspire them on their journey. We will also have “tell-a-friend” on the site. A media/PR area will make it easier for media to download current pictures, stories, etc. We moved from a small city in Canada in December and have taken a leap of faith in moving to Canada”s largest city to pursue our dream of being North America”s #1 fitness motivators/spokespeople. We have recently appeared on two national shows and done six radio interviews on New Year”s fitness resolutions.
Uche O & Kary O
We have previously self-published a book. It has had some experienced some success. In the next month we plan to make the book into an ebook to make it easier to get our message out. Another one of our current goals is to get a publisher to take our book to the next level.
Uche O & Kary O
One day as I was driving in my car I heard Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen being interviewed by a talk radio host. They were talking about their new book THE ONE MINUTE MILLIONAIRE and their goal to create 1,000,000 enlightened millionaires this decade. I was facinated, but had no idea how to be selected or how I, a homeschooling mom would be able to go to them to be mentored. My husband”s family had money and they were no “enlightened.” A few monthe later, on April 27, 2004, I received a letter from the Superior Court in our county informing me that my husband had filed for a divorce. My first proactive step was to get a copy of Mark and Bob”s book. On May 7th I ordered Bob”s MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME HOME STUDY course. By May 13th I was an Independent Associate in a Network Marketing company; by May 15th I was accepted into the Protege Program. I have set up my office and am currently enrolled in Real Estate 101.
My husband Dave and I began our real estate investment journey last year. My husband has a full time job that keeps him very busy; so, I started looking for our first investment. I found out that I could search the local MLS as a guest and found a fixer condo. The seller was willing to credit the buyer for paint and carpet, so I made a full price offer with only $1,000.00 down payment with 100% financing, and asked for $22,000.00 cash back at close – 3% to be credited towards the closing costs, the balance to be issued to my contractor for necessary repairs and improvements. We were able to fix and flip the property within 4 months for a profit of over $40,000.00. It was a rewarding experience not only because of the money, but because I found the entire process to be a lot of fun! It is now 1 year later. We have purchased two foreclosures in another state and have them currently on the market for sell. We also purchased a major fixer in the state we currently live in and after 3 months of refurbishing, it is now on the market for sell. We have also helped another couple to get into investing. They have partnered with us on 2 of our properties and we have partnered with them on one that they have taken the lead position in. We are about to close on this property and begin fixing it as well! We find that through Robert Allen”s techniques we have been able to secure real estate with little to nothing down and help others to realize their real estate investment dreams. We are now developing a one on one mentoring program that is designed to walk other”s through the process. We are delighted with our success and we love what we do. Our goal is to make enough money through real estate investments to enable my husband to leave his full time job. Thank you Robert Allen! Everything you teach does work! The key is to be brave and just do it!!!
Valeri C & Dave C
I heard Bob and Mark speak at the 2003 American Cash flow Conference in Dallas in May. They were the main speakers and as you can guess changed how I thought about obtaining wealth. I bought the book One minute Millionaire and had it read by the time I got home. I listen to a conference call and was ready to become an enlightened millionaire but did not have the money to enroll. I thought about offering Bob the title on my 1994 Harley as collateral but didn”t. (I still wonder if he would have accepted my offer.) Anyway it has taken me 9+ month of suffering in my J.O.B. to realize that I really can be and AM an enlightened millionaire. I refinanced my home and paid the tuition yesterday. That was the same day I called and made my first inspection on a property. The property score is about a 7 right now, but this may turn as time goes on – the owner wants a very high price for a very poor piece of land. I have made reservations for the April conference with Bob and Mark (I hope it is ok to use first names) and will be joining the 90 day challenge. Stay tuned!
Valerie P
I am writing this because I have come all the way from afraid to meet my friend who is trying to discourage me, to walking right up to her and telling her I am doing this program. She thinks I should go back to school and finish a masters degree, but I am 57 years old. By the time I finish I will be about 60. By the time I get a “real job” I”ll be about 61. What kind of retirement and investment program could I possibly put together at that age with a “job”. I figure I could do practically nothing and I decided that this is my year to earn real money so I can retire and do the things I want to do for myself and my family (and the world). I have all my materials, I”m getting on the calls, my “real job” ends October 30th and I am shaking in my boots, but I know I can do this and make a success of it with all the support you give. I am “on purpose” to make one million dollars by September, 2005.(Or sooner)
Valorie B
I have already got the benefits of the Enlightened Millionaire Institute because I have located my first property. Now I am ready for a mentor to help me with the contract so that I can close the deal. I already signed up for the Mastery Level 4 Training Program and I registered for the Millionaire Academy in Las Vegas on March 26-28, 2004.
Velvie S
I had “fallen” into owning commercial property in the quest for finding a new home for my growing Private Vocational School. Our old home didn”t sell right away after we bought the new one, so I was still owing on the old one. Quite frankly I was looking at the tremendous debt I owed and was freaking out. You might say it was because the biggest commercial property was going in the hole as tenants moved and we began to transition it to better use. Needless to say, the transition was going a lot slower than the money we had to implement it. A friend dragged me to the millionaire academy with Glen Purdy. I left realizing that I was an equity millionaire! My debt was much smaller than my equity! I only had to change my perspective. I needed to stop listening to “them”, and start implementing what I had learned!!!! YAHOOOOOO! I suddenly realized that I loved real estate!! I remembered I had actually been following properties ever since high school. I had always tried to get my Dad to invest in the ones I thought were excellent investments. I”ve always followed real estate,usually badgering agents for the MLS listings every couple of months so I could look for bargains! WOW, that seminar with Glen changed my life. I”m already a success simply because I changed my perspective. The rest is just practicing to make the money flow and practicing to spend it where I want to! So success is a state of mind. When you look at your assets instead of liabilities, the world is a different place. Thank you Glen Purdy and Victor and Bob!!!!!
Vera H & Clark L
I bought a 14 Unit Apartment complex that were in 4 buildings. I offered $295,000 for the property, with $15,000 down, at 12% for 30 years on wrap around mortage.
Vicente S & Irene S
I began learning from the Nothing Down book and from others who learned from this book. Within a few years, I was doing several houses a year. Each year we did better and better. So far this year, in the first two months, I have sold 2 houses, a duplex, and put someone into a house on a lease option, converted a lease option house into an owner finance deal. I am closing on a house next week that I will get a check for $40,000 on, and I have 2 other rehabbed for sale and again 2 others being rehabbed.
Vicki C & Brian C
These are my (small) starting steps. Beginning with Personal Financial Basics (completed last month Feb. “04). I found that I am already practicing most (the first 9 of the 13 items) of the “big plan,” page 114 in “The Truth About Money.” Yesterday 03/11/04 I opened my retirement account and put it on autopilot (#”s 10 and 12). I have many goals to get and keep me on track to be a millionaire to better the world.
Victoria H
After taking Denises class, I am working on a non-fiction book proposal. I have also had preliminary discussions with an artist to illustrate a fiction book I am writing.
Vida E
I am just getting started with the Internet module. Launching new Internet start-up thatspecializes in New Age jewelry. I am working with an established internet jeweler in the Seattle, Washington area. Response and potential are excellent so far. Update to follow.
Viktor S
With the power of intention, Robert invited me to his very first wealth retreat in San Diego, just as he was first publishing Nothing Down. I”m grateful for what I”ve learned, and look forward to participating in this program with my fullest support.
Viktor V
The second home we purchased using the Robert Allen strategies, we utilized his Nothing Down technique, a mortgage wrap and the seller carried the paper on his equity, and even built the closing costs into the sales price. Now we will refinance this home (after nine years of ownership) and use our equity to purchase rent houses. We made this decision because there is a shortage of rent houses in the community where this property is located. We will keep you posted.
vincent w & karol w
During the first 30 days of this Real Estate Challenge, we had been scared about getting out of our comfort zone, so we studied the Robert Allen videos, cassettes, CDs, books, and we practiced different techniques on our financial calculators, things of that sort. Finally, we started talking to people, doing a walk through on a 165K FSBO, that was perfect in every detail. The property only scored a 9 – low scores of 1 for financing and flexibility. We discovered that even though the sellers were inflexible, we enjoyed this couple as people, they were so interesting! So we did not get their house, but we may become friends! Then we looked at 2 fixer-uppers. Guess what? This type of house becomes an 8 way win, not a 2 way win-win. The first tiny house is run down, in an AWESOME location, and a corner lot, with highway frontage-so it also has commercial possibilities. 1)The owner, disabled, recently lost his job at the sheriff\”s dept. So by selling us a house he inherited but never fixed up, he will have a small steady infusion of money so he wins. And 2)the contractor, who works on our house will get all the remodeling jobs-so he wins too and 3)his subcontractors also win, and 4)the tenants who move in, will be thrilled with decent affordable housing, so they win. Also, 5)we are working with a really great realtor, and every time we find a house with his assistance, he wins too. He splits his fee with his broker, 6)so he wins. Back to the beginning, 7)we definitely win! And, 8)every time our daughter cuts real estate ads out of the paper and creates a tracking sheet and file for it, we pay her every time we go to a closing on one of those properties! She likes winning too! The more we realize how many folks in our small community benefit every single time we tackle the worst looking house in a good location, it replaces fear with confidence and excitement. Robert Allen gave us the tools, and our guardian angels gave us a big HEAVE-HO into the best situation we could be in. We will be real estate investors for many years to come.
vincent w & karol w
Our first experience in buying property, 11 years ago, was definitely because we were armed and informed with the knowledge of Robert Allens Nothing Down book, and his powerful course called The Wealth System 2000. We called about real estate ads, did walk throughs, talked to property owners with FSBO signs, out front, and even researched and tracked a property in the Resolution Trust Corp.(RTC). We finally found a 10 bedroom house on 8 acres that had been appraised at $800,000. It went into foreclosure (due to owners nasty divorce) and we found an investor to go to the auction. Our walk away number, was $299,000. At that point, there were only 3 bidders and we were out-bid. Two months later, we called the seller and let him know if the deal did not go to closing, we would submit a backup offer. He accepted our offer of $299,000 and did an owner finance. Three years later, our investor needed an exit point in the investment, so we all moved on, and we were on our way in real estate! Two years later, we purchased our current home, the lowest priced house in a great neighborhood in a beautiful, tiny historic town. Our house was built in 1878, and now with 9 years of equity we are in the process of refinancing, so we can buy and fix up two other properties to use as rental properties. To add to this sparkling news, the most popular hairdresser in town, wants us to buy a metal building, and set it up in our huge backyard, so he can operate his thriving business. It is a prominent corner of town, and rent will more than cover our new PITI (after the refinance) so we will live there for FREE! Wouldnt you like to try that? If we can do this, I am CERTAIN, you can do it too! We have a financial calculator and I strongly urge you to learn to use it. It will help you every step of the way. Robert Allen and his team will forever be tall in the saddle in our eyes! And we still have 2/3 of the Challenge to go! We are swimming in the money stream! Watch what we do next!
vincent w & karol w
I was door knocking and a gentleman can out half asleep. I ask his mom or dad was in and he said they were at work. I gave him my information and in an hour she had called me and asked what I can do to help. I discuss options and we arranged to pay all moving expenses and find her an apartment for the family to move on. She moved out and we remodeled it and then sold it in 2 months. I saved her credit and help her needs then I was returned with profits. Everybody wins…
Vinh T
I plan to open up a club at night and real estate business in the moring at the same office.
Vinh T
Our realtor found a house that was in a good neighborhood, but was totally neglected even though 4 kids were living there (there were some domestic issues). The gutters were falling off the house; carpet and paint were a mess, etc. When we made the offer, we did not know that they had 3 mortgages and were 4 months behind on one. We first made a cash offer, but the inspection revealed more work than we intended. We were able to renegotiate as a Land Installment Contract, take over payments, and get the property for the mortgage balances, commissions, and closing costs.The deal should close on March 16, and we are expecting to make approximately $20,000 by rehabbing and flipping this property.
Vinny P
I feel like my life is on a rocket for the past six months. I have been reading and learning so much between the books, protégé classes, and mentoring sessions. In addition to feeling like I am getting control of my future back, I am becoming a better person. With the encouragement of Bob, Mark, and the EMI team, I have started investing in real estate and have joined a Network Marketing company. Sometimes it seems the days go by slowly, but as I look back at how much has changed in just a couple of months, it is amazing. Who knows what it will look like a year from now!
Vinny P
I studied Network Marketing companies and chose one and built an organization with 30 distributors in 12 months. This is currently generating net revenue of $800-$1,000 a month for me
Vito A & Tracey A
I finished training over a year ago. I was too busy making my living to make any deals. I was tired of wasting precious time not making any money and being afraid to write an offer. So, finally I found a foreclosure property and wrote my first offer. Thank You. You are a great inspiration. God bless!
Vladimir N & Tim H
I came accross a Condo that was in great shape. The seller has done all repairs and list it on MLS below market value. She was retired and didn”t want to manage it anymore. It was $10,000 below market value and it was a great rental.
Vu T
We have purchased 2 more houses since we started our protege program. More importantly, the program has taught us how to think bigger. We have a contract on an apartment and are looking forward to logging that gain on our gain and gift.
W F & L F
Found a foreclosed property in my area. I went and checked it out the next day with my agent. Turned out to be a decent property. Made my offer of $22,500. $15,000 less than asking price.
Courage in action relates to following your gut instinct. We placed an offer on a rundown apartment of a four apartment building. We bought this property approximately 20% below market. The price however wasn”t what encouraged us to buy. It was the two empty apartments. My wife and I thought that the whole was worth much more than the sum of the parts. As of today, we now have 3 of the 4 apartments. Next week we are meeting with the owner of the 4th – who in our opinion wants to sell. We did not use any no money down techniques and did straightout purchases. However, RA helped us start to look at properties not as eyesores but as potential money sources. I will disclose the financial results only when we get the 4th.
Walter T & Anna W
I came to the United States with only a few hundred to start a new life here. Working at some odd jobs, I was able to earn some income to start a small business thru the internet. Now, I”m starting to reap some profits and to use it for bigger projects to work on.
Wan Fong L
I filmed all of my classes that I would normally teach and turned it into a product that i can now create passive income…… ca chiiingggg
Wanita H
We decided to concentrate on Options Trading and took Dr. Cooper”s course and he is an excellent instructor and has the patience of a saint. We have learned so much and have made several profitable trades. Just ordered Dr. Cooper”s Windows to Wealth to further our knowledge and expertise. We have no doubt we will be successful in the future. Working and studying together with a partner or spouse who shares an interest in this Enlightened Millionaire Program, is a big reason for our success. I’m more aggressive and she”s more cautious so we balance each other out. Plus, we discuss ideas before we enter any trades. Here”s to Everyone’s Success!!
Wayne R & Cathy R
After looking at a bunch of vacant fixer uppers we told the agent we were ready to make an offer. She called us an hour later and said the bank had already accepted an offer the day before. “You snooze,… you don”t lose you just keep on keepin” on” I”ve thought about doing rei for about ten yrs. RAI is helping us move the desire to action. We”re still scared but moving forward.
Wayne S & Treena S
I have made over 10 paper trades using the methodology taught by Dr. Cooper. I have been successful in some and not so successful with others-thank goodness for paper trading. I always thought that you had to be a great analyst to work the stock market. Thanks, Dr Cooper for your teaching and confidence that we can all be successful traders. I am enjoying this immensely.
Wendy B & Adrian B
We are working together on our business every day. With every day comes one more step towards creating a strong business. With the help of our mentor and real estate lines and resources, we are overcoming the challenges. We are becoming more confident with our experience. We will continue to learn and put together better and better deals.
Wendy B & Nathan B
I am thrilled to announce my first-ever website: Personal Coaching & Consulting Services! I was dragging my feet a bit, working on it here, and there over a period of months. I was waiting to get it “perfect” before launch. My involvement with EMI gave me the courage, and the gumption to JUST DO IT – to fly, and build my wings on the way down! Within two weeks of being a Protege, I made it all happen, and went live 11/24. There is still lots of content, and features to add but I consider it a success to have at least developed, and published 8 pages! It”s a great first step, one I know will lead to future success. Thank you!
Wendy C &
I have been in the publishing business for over 15 years and also have been teaching painting and drawing classes. Because of the protege program and especially the information on Infopreneuring, I have begun to expand my instruction into a new business. I love sharing my knowledge and realized that I wanted to offer my students something that other art instructors do not offer – the ability to take their art to market and to become published. Many artists have no idea how to market their work and are totally lost in the world of business. My goal is to create a program for others to follow and to have them pass on. I also realized that I have many, many connections. I receive contracts for artwork, but don”t have the time to fulfill them all. By contracting with artists and contracting with publishers, I have become an Artist Agent and am beginning to make money without having to do all the work! Sweet!
Wendy F
Having emigrated to USA at the end of Nov 2003 we were determined to make our first offer before the closing of the year and offered $208,000 on a great 4 bed SHF with land in a great neighborhood. We plan to increase the floor space 25% instantly.
Wendy H & Les H
Since becoming Proteges early this year, we have concentrated on Internet Marketing as our primary income stream. We now have an Internet Marketing services company, The Digital Duo, through which we help local businesses promote their business online. Our website is a local business and community portal serving the Venice, FL area. It just went live and is already growing. Income will be derived from selling advertising and web design to local businesses. We”ll keep you posted on our progress. 🙂
Wendy L & Matt Y
This is so exciting – I can not believe that I actually gave my first offer two weeks after joining! Here is the scoop: I checked the listings for foreclosures and found a three bedroom, bath and a half townhouse in a good area. Tax assessed value of $68,300.00. Under foreclosure, the bank was asking $39,000.00. The house was listed through a realtor, and he suggested I make an offer of $27,500.00…so, I did… I will know soon if the bank accepts my offer – I will keep you posted!
Wendy P
I am enlightened because the best part of this business is the giving. I absolutely believe in giving the 10% off of the front as this is what “God” and the Universe have given to me. Why not give 10% back? For the property on Grove Street, I used that money to buy tools. Why tools? I see on the board for our son”s elementary school. During one of our meetings, the manager of the custodial tools humbly put in a request for tools. Apparently, no one on his staff had any hammers, screw drivers, tape measure, etc. They had none of the basics to do their job; yet, they were expected to do it successfully. What a challenge! When I asked David about it, he says he has a budget but has to use it on paper towels and toilet paper so nothing was left over. My 2 year old daughter and I had the pleasure of buying three complete tool sets plus hammers and tape measures for our school. It was like Christmas in the Spring to see the look of joy on their faces. They each had the own tool set full of new tools when all they thought they would get was one or two hand me downs. Wow! What a great feeling! It has inspired me to bump up my goal to a property a month so I can continue to grant such wishes for those assisting in the education of tomorrow”s leaders!
Wendy V & Don V
I currently have a web site. I am a dentist and promote my practice on the web site. But after reading Robert Allen”s book on internet income ideas, I incorporated a lot of his ideas, capturing e-mail addresses, toll free response numbers, auto responders, testimonials, and a host of other things. I specialize in cosmetic and sleep dentistry. As a result I now directly attribute about $100,000 to $150,000 of income per year to the ideas I learned in his book.
Wilfred M
I found a fixer upper that was in foreclosure. I negotiated with the bank and was able to pay the back expenses using none of my own money. Due to the low interest rates I refinanced my home mortgage, took out enough cash to use as a down payment on 2 positive cash flow properties and still had a lower mortgage payment to make on my home mortgage. On top of that I had a positive cash flow of over $1000 per month on the banks money!
Wilfred M
Was ill for a while in 2002 and was sitting at home for a month with nothing to do so I starting reading real estate books. I started with the One Minute Millionaire. I was really inspired reading it and I filled out the Enlightened Millionaire Commitment. I called the toll free number in the book to register my commitment, but the phone number did not working from Hawaii. So I just filled it out and made a commitment to myself. Within 3 weeks I purchased my first property. I had bought real estate before but had not done anything for about 12 years. This book re-inspired me. I got my first acceptance on a property on November 7 2002. This was 3-bedroom home and a 2-bedroom duplex on the same property with a good positive cash flow which is hard to get in the expensive Hawaii market. Cost $200,000. It is now worth at least $250,000. Since then I have purchased 6 more properties for a total of 19 separate units. My largest purchase was an 8 unit small apartment building. All properties have a positive cash flow, as this is the only type of property I will consider for now. My current plan is to buy a good cash flow property and just hold long term. I have so far bought $1,245,000 of real estate since November 07, 2002. But for me the best part is that I now have about a $100,000 positive cash per year without having to “work”. This was my initial goal!
Wilfred M
I have had a website for the last 3 years and it has done absolutely nothing for me. After listening to the EMI internet courses I am now averaging around 50 visitors per day and 10 newsletter subscriptions per day! I was finally able to sit down and write my plan which made all the difference in success. My previous 3 years I had just changed my site every few months to try a new strategy without sitting down and really going for it. Thanks to all of the internet instructors for your great help!
Will L
Part of the process of becoming an enlightened millionaire is accepting and embracing a mindset of possibilities. The inspiration of Mark and Bob have been instrumental in helping me to open my mind to the world of possibilities around me, to become a “possibility thinker” in my endeavors.
William D & Carol D
New construction project is apreciating at a rate of $7000 monthly with $500 down. close on September 04 expect $25000 gain.
William E & Debra E
I was networking with some old contacts and mentioned to a realtor that I was interested in new construction. He immediately asked that I meet him that weekend. I looked a a plan and put $500 down on a 1800 square ft home selling for $255,000. I a week the sales price went up $3000. I have made a cash on cash return of 600% and haven”t closed yet.
William E & Debra E
I attended the teleseminars on Writing an Awesome Book Proposal and Preparing for BEA Chicago while working 80+ hours/week during income tax season and driving 100 miles each way to preach at a small church on Sunday mornings. Prepared book proposal, and submitted two proposals to acquisition editors as a result of contacts at Chicago.
William J & Sharon J
I have been trading options regularly for 45 days using Dr. Stephen Cooper”s Windows to Wealth and his OnlineOption.com methods and guidance. I have had an average of about $50,000 invested in options on any given day. Thus far my results are +10% gain net after commissions with an average opening position of $5000 and an average hold period of 14 days. Thus far, I have had 20 positions closed for $115,000 and 15 positions now open that total $48,000. Many more winners than losers and my net gain is $10,404 in 45 days which annualized is a gain rate of over 90% per year. I am very thankful and believe that this is a disciplined, leveraged method of investing that can be desirable no matter what the market direction.
William S & Patricia S
I have placed an offer on a bank owned property listed by the bank at $94,900. My offer was $52,947.00 based on the extensive work that is required to make the property habitable. My plan is to wholesale flip the property and I already have a potential buyer lined up. The goal is to make $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 in the flip.
William Y & Marion Y
Hey, Guys I have build me a website and is ready to start making money with it. Doing a little tweaking to make it look and work like I want, then I have to do is start register it with the search engines and hope the profits start rolling in. Couldn”t have done it without all the help from the teleconferences. The info from the phone calls are the best. Love what ya”ll are doing to make the world a better place to live for everyone ya”ll touch, ya”ll are trully a blessen to all. Thank God for what ya”ll are doing.
Willie O & Tammy O
Back in Nov. I started Dr.Cooper”s class and did 10 paper trades, and in 3 weeks I had 9 out of 10 making a profit. I had 2 over 100%, 3 over 70%,4 over 40% and 1 made a lost of 45%.I am in my second round with Dr. Cooper and I have made 23 paper trades with 15 making a profit and 8 losing, but not by much. I still have plenty of time before my trades expire so I could be doing a lot better, yet to come. Thanks a million Dr. Cooper and Mark and Robert for the chance to change my life for the better. God Bless You All.
Willie O & Tammy O
My daughter found the property in Camrose Alberta, I used all of the criteria we have been given to score the property. While it would have made a good investment the owner was not willing to talk about funding or price. As a result I have backed away for the present time; it is my intention to do some follow-up with this property in November when I will be in Camrose (should the property still be for sale – which it is at this point of time 19 October) What I learned from this and another property I was interested in, – be prepared to step back or walk away if it doesn”t feel right.
Wolfwoman P
After following Dr. Coopers classes I learned many new techniques that were a modification on my strategies before I became a protege. I can honestly say that the knowledge he gave me was invaluable…actually it was worth a couple thousand so far. Hopefully much more in the future is coming my way using these strategies. I am confident that they will be just as valuable as I hope for.
Wolodymyr P
My first check came from my business on 15 March 2004. I was very excited and still am about the progress I am making. I see now that anyone can do this business if they have the courage to keep going when everyone else says “no.”
Xavier S
It took my newlywed husband of a week and me some serious courage to buy our first home. We were 21 at the time. The dream was bigger and stronger than all the discouragement we got from our folks. 14 years later – this same house is still our home but everything changed in it. Especially the fact that our two daughters are living in a peaceful and secure environment. Even if it”s seem not very “outrageous” achievement. It was for 2 kids with a dream and a will. Personally, I would have invested in buying more since that time. But the timing wasn”t right. With all I learned from Mr. Allen and what is possible here in Quebec – I”m envisioning some good move in real estate investment. I”ll let you know when I do make my move.
Yannick B
I pretty much used website since day 1 on my practice. Which brougth me all the exposure needed. Main source of prospects. Since knowing about keys to improve and grow richer by the net. I”ve changed a few things on my website. Mainly a test to ask “are you ready for coaching”. Also added personnal touches like voice recording and pre-qualifing prospect to workshops. Those added elements are new but I”ve already see some changes in my prospects.
Yannick B
I published my first book march 2003. The publisher signed me for 4 more. As of this month, my first book is 8th best seller in its category.
Yannick B
After emailed 5 times to over 3000 my prospects, I got over $100,000 revenue within 2 weeks!!
yasuyuki g
I wanted to create a win-win deal for me and my investor on a new home. I was a renter and did not want to rent anymore. I went out on the hunt for a new home because I had the power of the Robert Allen zero down ideas. So I found the home but I had no investor yet. I needed an investor to fund 100% and we would split profits when we sell in 2-5 years. I was scared, but I faced my fear and approached my first investor and he said no. It was really tough but I remembered the story in the One Minute Millionaire you need 3 no”s before the yes comes, which inspired me to keep going on in search for a yes. The good Lord blessed me with a big yes because my yes came on the second investor. I found an investor to say yes not only for my home but we are working on 2 more properties to hopefully close by end of December. We are looking to buy 4 more in Texas so I will keep you posted as we complete them.
Ysabel C & Margaret R
Hi We have start the amaizing protege program a two weeks ago. And we just gave our first offer! (Foreclose deal) I”ts an nothing down offer using other people money(hard lender) because we have a lot of equity. Thank you Bob and Mark!
Yuval G & Elizabeth L
I now believe that I will be financially free and independent no longer having to depend on a job to support my family. My offer to purchase a house was accepted. I also have a partner who will assist me with qualifying for the mortgage and will contribute half the funds necessary for closing. I will have to come up with only 5% of the value of the house which is coming from an equity line of credit. I am learning that all the resources I need exist somewhere by someone. It is up to me to find those resources and use them wisely.
Yvonne M
After getting home from Glen Purdy”s Real Estate training on June 16th, I felt that I had enough information to go out and do something. So that is what I did. Before leaving for the training, I had begun to build a relationship with a realtor. He had started sending me the listings daily. When I got back, I had a long talk with him to explain what my plans were and asked if he would be willing to work with me. He said he was willing. So I looked through every single listing that he had sent in the previous 10 days looking for the key words and phrases. Out of approximately 290 listings I selected 26 to research. Finally, I selected 19 of them that I wanted to make offers on. I offered anywhere from 50% to 75% of asking price. Of those I received seven responses. Two of them were extremely offended at the offer and one laughed out loud. However, I was excited because I had made the first step and I had gotten responses!!
Yvonne M
After doing my research, I identified this property as one that was listed just below market value in an area that is appreciating quickly. Initially my offer was 30% below what I considered it was worth. The asking price was $175,000 and I offered $140,000 to the seller. He countered the offer at $173,000. For two weeks I did not respond. Then I made another offer of $150,000. This time the seller disclosed that he was firm on his price and was not able to go lower however he would consider paying closing costs if he received a full price offer. My research shows that this property should be worth at least $200,000. So, we agreed to $175,000 with the seller to contribute $3000 towards the closing. My plan is to hold the property for 12 to 24 months as a rental or to offer it as a lease option to the current tenants.
Yvonne M