Robert Allen & Thomas Painter Success Stories

Success Stories K-O
I was watching VLo for some time and it was clear to me that this stock would turn around soon. On the 13th of September I opened the option from the beginning and closed it the same day for a nice profit.
Kamal V
I started this year with no idea how to make money on the internet and with real estate. Now I feel more confident on how to approach this. I have started building a network and a team. It opened my eyes to see where money can be made.
Kamal V
I followed the 30 day internet course and ended up with a website, autoresponder and my own e-mail adresses. I made scripts for the autoresponder. Witghin 24 hours I was online somebody allready subscribed to my 5 autoresponder messages. I was hooked!
Kamal V
While attending the Glen Purdy seminar in Las Vegas (May 2004)my partner (who I met that weekend) found a deal in Garibaldi, OR while doing our assignment. The seller is very sick and wants to have his affairs in order before he dies (2-3 weeks). He has a vacation rental property with one house, and one duplex. He personally has 1.2 million in the property and is selling it for 874,000.00. The property has a conservative income of $150,000.00 per year net. It has a 72% occupancy and is book one year in advance. The seller put an ad in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday and had several investors try to wire the money to him that day. He would not accept the money because he wanted the potential buyer to actually see the property. This seller is very wealthy and money is not his concern. He wanted to meet the potential buyer. Needless to say, my partner and I were on a plane to Oregon from Las Vegas that Monday morning and had a contract that afternoon. We are closing on the property June, 14, 2004 with 100% financing.
Kami O & Shirley M
Several of us having read the book, The One Minute Millionaire, decided to pursue “living the book”. Much to our surprise, we found an indirect connection to Mark Victor Hansen when our first meeting was held at a location owned by the publishing house Health Communications, Inc., which is the publisher of the Chicken Soup for The Soul Series. The process of living book is taking us on many unique journeys in reaching our goal of becoming Enlightened Millionaires. With the formation of the resource team, it allowed us to create several other teams and through that venue we have grown our connections. As one of the resource team players, my individual team produced a web site which went live in November 2003. On our web site is a short history about us. We are in the process of offering a complimentary newsletter, we sell products and we let our readers know that we purchase houses. We meet on a weekly basis to share ideas, set goals and create wealth. We are excited to see that first dollar of our millions to come.
Karen A
Purchsed a condo in November. Replaced the carpet with tile,currently living there and so far it has increased in value about $18,000.
Karen A
Bought condo for $150,000, now worth $195,000. Bought 32,000 shares of EWMD stock at 50¢ per share. Now worth $1.80 per share.
Karen B
Dear Bob and Mark, How can gratitude like this be measured with earth-bound words? Please intuit what I”m trying to say here, because language is failing me. As I sit tonight at the Hall of Fame, trying to add up all that we”ve done over the last three and a half years, I”m simply astonished. Thank you for forcing us to track our successes, because it helps us to realize what value there is in this incredible mentoring program. Yes, I can actually put a dollar figure on it, thanks to your nagging us to keep our entries up to date. When we became millionaires in four months and nine days, that seemed quite exhilarating. Never mind that we were still seeking a way to have sufficient cash flow. That came in under a year and a half, just marching forward, being willing to do what you asked us to do. We were able to “retire” in 17 short months, but our retirement only lasted a week. Now the game was on: how to have a luxurious future and how to wisely distribute our money and its energy for the maximum good. We spent a few years trying to become “Multi” millionaires, and it was elusive. But somewhere along the way, it must have happened, because tonight as I sit writing this, we”ve gone over the 3 million dollar mark in equity, and our company is having our best month ever in cash flow, probably over 300k before the month is over. You”ve caused us to push our comfort levels ever outward, and we love you SO very much. We pledge we will pay it forward, and we KNOW we can help you reach your dreams, because we”re actually MAKING MILLIONAIRES along the way too! Thank you for lighting the way on this incredible path. You may not dwell on this much, but I believe that you”ll both be remembered in the same light as Buckminster Fuller and Steven Covey, your mentors. What you do MATTERS to all the people of our own country, and ultimately, to all the people across this world. Thank you for the remarkable blessings you”ve brought into our lives. I don”t know if this fits the requirements of a “Success Story,” but our success is inextricably braided with your wisdom and generosity. Thank you with all our love, Karen and Duncan
Karen B & Duncan G
We”re been studying with Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen and dreaming of adding an Internet stream since November of 2000. We”re read every book cover to cover multiple times, and we still hadn”t sold anything on the Internet. Finally, today, we had our first sale! WOW! That first one is THRILLING! We added the real estate stream first and did pretty darn great with that, then we added the infopreneuring stream and are doing pretty great there too, but we”ve had the web site up a long time, almost three years, and NO SALES. Wow, now we”re in BUSINESS on the Internet! YIPPEEEEEEE! Bob and Mark… we LOVE you guys!
Karen B & Duncan G
I made an offer on a 2BR, 2BA townhome (994 sq. ft.), with a 2 car garage in the northeast section of the San Fernando Valley area (CA). This home is loacted in a guard gated community with a community pool and play area for children. I was impressed with the grounds maintainence. I found this property while driving around the area and saw open house signs. I viewed this property before it hit the local MLS(listed with a Realtor). I made an offer or $175,000 and asked for 3% towards my closing costs. My initial deposit was $2,000 however, it will be refunded to me at c.o.e. because I plan to place a 100% financing, interest only loan on this property. I will rent this property to section 8 tennants and will have a monthly cash flow of approximately $500 to $600. Properties with the same floor plan are selling in this complex between $170,000 to $185,000. The repairs are minimal, minor cosmetics (carpet, paint). My closing date is 12/31/2003.
Karen F
My first offer was on a 3BR/2BA pool home in the Clark County District (Las Vegas,NV). The Seller lived out of state and had no desire to continue owning the property. The home needed minor cosmetics. I made an offer of $160,000.00, that I would buy the property “as-is” and contingent upon a satisfactory home inspection and termite report. The Seller accepted and applied 3% towards my closing costs with my initial deposit of $500.00. I have $20,000 of equity and I just closed on this property on 11/25/2003.
Karen F
I purchased 2 units in Huntington Beach with no down for only $250,000.00. Inspired by the road to wealth, I decided it was time to acquire income property. I owned and have lived in the adjacent property since 1979. By purchasing the back 2 units in 2001, my property value increased $650,000.00 showing a profit of $400,000.00. The rent covers the mortgage payment and generates a positive cash flow of $150.00 month. The total property value for the three units is $1,250,000.00.
Karen H & Pamela E
I am currently in trades showing a profit of 5,800.00 on my taser stock and 3,600.00 for dna options.b Story Submitted by: Karen Huskins
Karen H & Pamela E
Three years ago my world was shattered! After 18 months of fighting his battle with bladder cancer, my best friend and husband for 30 years, passed away. The past 16 years, I had been able to stay home with my children, raising them while my husband worked. We had relied on his income to support us. Our children are now teenagers, in high school, with college up ahead. I now need to be the bread winner! At this stage of the game, working as an new employee, won”t give me the income I need nor will it provide me with a future of financial independence. What will I do? I found the answer to my prayers with The Enlightened Millionaire Institute. I became a protégé and took some of the real estate courses but when I took the stock course, I knew this was what I wanted to do. A fire had kindled inside me since I enrolled as a protégé, but now it was a roaring flame, fueled with a burning desire to trade stocks. This is what I want to do! Now that I knew what direction I was headed and how I wanted to get there, things started to happen. I had been watching TASR stock for some time, it not being optionable then and selling at $100+ share, all I could do was watch. The I had an epiphany! It came to me in the voice of Dr. Cooper! I flashed back to something he said during class on money management. “Look at your resources, such as company stock, that is not realizing a profit. You may be holding on to it for purely sentimental reasons.” I had just experienced my first AHH HA! Here was my resource!! Company stock (ABS) that had accumulated in my late husband”s 401K through pension/profit sharing bonuses, had only decreased in value over the past 5 yrs, so I decided to trade it. On Feb 11, 2004, I traded my ABS shares for 600 shares of TASR @ $48.51 and today it closed at $85.00 share, a net profit of $21,625.00 which calculates to a 73.6% return on my investment. I also began trading options in March, 2004, after taking Dr. Cooper”s Options Trading course. While I am still in my positions, I am showing a profit of $4,000.00. $2,300.00 on my SYMC July 45 call in only 1 week and $1,700.00 on my DNA June 110 call in just 4 weeks. I will update when I close my positions. ROI $26,625.00 in 2 months!! Thank You, Dr. Cooper, for being a part of EMI. Thanks to everyone involved with the Institute because Enlightened is the only way to be!
Karen H & Pamela E
Upon reading the section in “One Minute Millionaire” about talking to Millionaires I said I would meet/interview 4 a month…that was Feb. 20, 2004. On Feb. 22, 2004 I met my first millionaire…he wanted to know who I was….I aked him to lunch that coming week and now he is mentoring me in the field I am in, since that is what he does. He is passing on his wisdom of over 30 years…his WHOLE business! Plus, I now have a wonderful friendship with Jay. My second millionaire mentor happened that same week. Sean is thrilled to be helping me…yet another new friend. I have noted the similar traits of the two millionaires…behold…my weakest trait…not only that I have been running away from doing that activity…even when all my life people have told me I would be GREAT at it! They are teaching me that skill :-). God Bless them both and all who share their knowledge. God is Good!
Karen L
I gave my first introduction seminar as an Info-Preneur! My success is the fact that I actually did it – I took action! Orrin booked me a place a week ago and started sending out e-mails. With very little notice and very little promoting we ended up with 4 people confirmed and two people actually showed up. I gave my talk. They loved it!! And they both are going into my full seminar and excited about inviting others to attend with them. My next introduction is next week and I have 8 people confirmed. To some this may not seem like much – but for me the fact I have given my talk in front of a paying audience who want more is a huge success for me!! Baby steps. It has given me the confidence to keep moving forwarded, keep moving past my fears and continue to take action!
Karen L & Orrin L
I attended the Real Estate Help Session given by Glenn Perdy on October 17, 18, and 19 2003. Glenn covered lots of information in this session. Some of this information I used to find this property I made an offer on.
Karen N & Annette N
The past year has been an incredible one! In March 2003 I attended my first Millionaire Retreat and became a Protege. I purchased my first income property, a single-family home, in May. In August I attended the first Last Minute Millionaire session, made wonderful new friends, gained tremendous insights and realized that my days in Corporate America were numbered. A corporate acquisition had dramatically altered the environment in my work environment of seven years and with newfound support, ideas and energy, I took the leap and left the “security” (HA!) of the corporate world to venture out on my own. My last day at the office was October 31, 2003. Since then, I have taken to heart the benefits of developing “multiple streams of income” and am putting up a website (80% completed), coauthored an e-book, joined an outstanding network marketing opportunity and increased my real estate holdings. I now have under contract 3 new homes (yet to be built) in Las Vegas, as well as a four-plex in Boise, Idaho. I also have lot reservations on three additional Las Vegas new homes. Upon completion, some of the new homes will be flipped and some held. Due to the incredible appreciation there, I”ll have substantial equity in each home upon completion, with more to come from those that are held. The protege classes and contacts have been invaluable in providing the guidance, support and feedback needed. Additionally, real estate classes by Glenn Purdy and Karen Nelson Bell/Duncan Guertin (also proteges) have been a fantastic kick-start into serious real estate investing. I can”t express enough just how incredible this past year has been and I”m looking forward to the months and years to come. THANKS to Mark, Bob and fellow Proteges for extending encouragement, support and recognition to all Enlightened Millionaires of the future!
Karen P
I Bought three 4-plexes at $120,000 each with no money down. Two years later someone offered me $145,000 each for all 3. Have $75,000 in equity!
Karl B
I found a home R.E.O. listed for 39.9k offering 35k cash offer with down payment 1k escrow account as promissory note .I am awaiting a decision from my realtor.
Karl S
Dr. Cooper is the man! During our first set of lectures with him on Stock Option trading, we began our paper trading. The first month was a bit rough, but we”ve done better and better, and over the last three months, have completed 14 paper trades, with an average profit of 35% and four trades over 110%! Next month we forge on ahead in the paper trading as well as begin real money trades. Can”t wait!
Kate M & Jerome S
Live in California. Decided to look into out-of-state properties which are more affordable. From the network, found this property in Pasco, WA. Spent 4 full days completing the offer to purchase with addendums since this was the first offer on a property aside from the one residing in. Submitted the offer to the agent. A few days later, agent left a message that seller rejected due to the additional conditions included in the addendums. Though this did not result in a purchase, it was a great exercise on reading, completing and researching on real estate sales agreement. Will keep on looking for other properties.
Kate L & Steve W
I began a new business as an outside sales representative. I had been trying to make a sale for two months, using up much time and gas, and not getting anywhere. I kept listening to CDs from your program to keep me inspired, and to keep going. This paticular day,I had the most important appointment of all. I was listening to Mark Victor Hansens Sell Yourself Rich. He spoke about you being the president of your own company. That totally changed my attitude. I came in with power and self-confidence. Consequently, I made the sale. It was for a chain of stores, so I would have had to make 100 sales of the small independent stores to equal this one sale. I also learned that it is as easy, if not easier, to sell to a big account than a small one.
This stuff works. I had decided that no matter what I was going to do something. So I had taken action by going to apply to teach some quilting classes. As I was driving home and listening to tapes by Brian Klemmer and I heard him say how important it was to associate with millionaires. I was trying to think of some millionaires I knew that I could associate with when he said that “God knows where the gold is.” At that exact instance my cell phone rang and it was Mark Victor Hansen calling to talk to me about a possible joint business venture. I was so dumbfounded by what had happened that I was barely coherent in my responses to him. What a way to let me know that I was on the right path and that the universe was mindful of me. That little old me was important enough to have something like this happen to urge me on and support me. Wow!!!! I felt this was a direct response to my taking action and having serendipitous things happen to support me, even though it was not in the area I had taken action in. There has been a long series of events that have not yet been completed to bring some of this about, but at the same time, I know that what I do matters and that makes me able to go on.
Kathleen B
My infopreneuring teacher, Denise Michaels helped me put together a better business plan by encouraging me over and over again to re-read the E-Myth by Gerber. How helpful that was!! I now have a much clearer vision of where my business is headed & how to get there.
Kathleen C
Among other irons in the fire, we”ve been reviewing the HUD offerings in town, and have always been outbid. There are often 6, 8, even 10 other offers that are considerably higher than the offer price. We expanded our horizons and made offers on two HUD houses in Fernley, a community 30 miles east of Reno. We offered $5K less than the asking price on each house; one listed at $125K and one at $145K. When the results were posted, there was another offer on each house, both at $125K. We didn”t hear anything after the bidding period closed, although the $125K bid was posted as the winning bid on the smaller house. A week later, we were considering withdrawing our bid on the larger house when we were notified that it had been accepted! We”re in escrow now, and it”s supposed to close February 20. We”re posting flyers at the companies in the local industrial park, and the local grocery store. \r\n\r\nThen, 5 days later, our offer on the other, smaller house was accepted as a back up (the other offer fell through), and escrow will open tomorrow. We can market them both to the same customer base. We”re hopeful that Fernley could turn into a cookie cutter for us – this is the fastest growing city in the fastest growing county in Nevada (which is the fastest growing state in the country). The planning commission sees 10,000 new homes in Fernley in the next year.\r\nLarry Brown\r\n\r\nAfter being encouraged by Denise Michaels to write up a better business plan, and reading the One Minute Millionaire and the Power of Focus, my business of providing real estate buyer agent referrals has been exploding. I also focused on a Dream Team and now have 7 people who help me in my company part time who are extraordinary individuals. I am thinking in terms of my business being bigger by 100-fold, and so have purchased all new computers and software for my company and have hired a database developer with the goal in mind of provision of an internet-based database so we can better provide virtual assistant services to Realtors all across America. (I have talked to some potential partners about that.) Although I picked up some excellent internet marketing tips in some of my EMI classes, I”ve not implemented a lot until I can make my operations more efficient. I did set up one affiliate link, and have implemented some concepts. I tried to set up a second affiliate MLM program, but fortunately on of your teachers, Daren Falter, was able to help me realize I needed to back away from that one.\r\n\r\nAt the end of last year I was inspired by attending just a few of the real estate sessions, and decided to put an offer on the home next door. However, with the excellent help of the EMI help session people, I was able to see that the components of the deal just wouldn”t fit together in a way that would be profitable to me. I gave them a low-ball offer, knowing they would likely not take it (which they didn”t), but I did learn a lot in the process.\r\n\r\nWith the money I DIDN’T invest in the house next door, I then researched a stock and decided to “use other people”s money” and took out a $35,000 home equity loan at .5 pts. below prime. That stock, IQBM, has since almost doubled and I”m still holding on to it as I think the company has potential to go much higher. \r\n\r\nI thought when I started this program that I”d be learning to make lots of money on a book I”d written in the 90″s but could never quite get published. I learned from the info-preneuring classes that the book will be the funnel into my other ventures and not an end in itself. So getting that set up properly is still on the “too do” list, but I”m glad I didn”t waste any more of my time thinking this book would be the end instead of the means.\r\n\r\nSo I”d have to say that EMI training in ever single one of the four streams has thus far been tremendously helpful, both in what it has helped me do and not do. The idea of leveraging resources has also been quite useful, and I”m forming a stock-pu
Kathleen C
My husband and I recently attended a help session in Las Vegas with Glenn Purdy. Prior to going to Las Vegas a received a referral for a realtor in Las Vegas, that works with investors, from Bob Thornton. We have recently purchased 2 homes in Las Vegas and look forward to continuing our relationship with the realtor. We have been Protégés since October, and are learning and accomplishing so much. We are excited about the New Year. See you in Orlando in January!
Kathleen C & Grey C
Had as my dream retirement to buy one house at a time and fix it, sell it, take the profit and move on to another one. I got sidetracked because I got non-Hodgkin”s lympphoma, stage 4 (and there is no stage 5!!) in 2001. After a stemcell transplant at City of Hope, I went on disabilitiy and saw the Robert Allen full-page ad, bought into the program and have been on a roll ever since…. The Orlando PR group filmed me at my new house in Plano on Dec 10—-is that success or what??
Kathleen H
I was presented this deal from a realtor I have worked with in the past. She knows I like to fix properties and was looking for this sort of deal. I also am interested in probate or estate properties. I looked at the house and saw it is just a cosmetic fixer, needing extensive updating due to the elderly nature of the past owner. I made the offer and they accepted!
Kathryn M
We have launched ebusiness starter and two web sites over the last couple of weeks. We decided that although there were lots of websites out there about health, making money on the internet and options, we would be able to offer something more. We are still in the refining stages and will be complete at the end of the month but we are happy with the progress we have made.
Kathryn P & Brook M
I made 2 offers the very first day I was back at home. I made an offer on a foreclosed property and an offer on one of the newspaper ads we had to call for homework. Glenn Purdy gave us homework to do and as a result I made an offer as soon as I got home.
Kathy C
My new business is Coaching. I knew I needed a website, so I took all the MSI Internet Marketing classes offered. I diligently did all that the instructors suggested, built and launched my site. Three weeks after I went “live” I did a search on the major search engines for my key words. To my surprise and delight my website was Number One in the listings! And I hadn”t officially submitted it to the search engines! The MSI instructors obviously know their stuff because my site was picked up by the spyders and given a top slot based soley on how it was written and coded. I never could have done it in so short a time without the help of MSI! Thank you so much!
Kathy M
I retired from the military and knew I didn”t want to get a job working for someone else. I was introduced to OMM and became a protege. I knew immediately that this was the education and group of people who would show me a better way. I started my business Front Line Coaching and through the MSI Internet Marketing classes, built and launched my website. While clients weren”t exactly beating down my door, I never gave up, caved in or quit. I continued taking classes and learning everything I could about creating streams of income. Six months after the launch of my website I was contacted by the International Advertising Director for a magazine distributed monthly to my target market worldwide. He was looking for experts to provide articles and advertising for the magazine. He had found my website while surfing the internet! “Was I interested?” Well…….YES! The knowledge and support I”ve gotten through MSI has changed my life. I believe in myself now and the potential for the future is bright! I never would have done it without you. Thank you Bob and Mark!
Kathy M
I was seeking a home based business that I could do in the evening and be able to turn to it as a second income as well as a replacement income once the site is making enough money to justify not working my day job. I found it. Even thou it was hard during the lessons with medical family problems and physical challenges as well the coaches I dealt with during my lessons and after my lessons were completed I got praise as well as critiziam on my website. I do not regret anything about it. It was well worth the time and energy I put in it. Now it is up and I feel great about what I PRODUCED. What great coaches and tech support.
Kathy M
After attending the Creating Wealth with Real Estate in December and then purchasing the Real Estate protégé package that same weekend I had a hefty credit card bill soon to arrive. My giftware web site was established in 1997 when Beanie Babies had been Hot but after the fad went away so did my traffic and sales. I did not have the knowledge to promote my giftware site and my computer nerd husband was too busy with his JOB to help me. So for now, what I have done is link my existing websites to an E-bay store. It has allowed me to make immediate sales and I am able to offer my goods to the world without the help from anyone. I have between 200 – 500 items listed as auctions and regular store inventory. I am receiving 5 – 10 orders a day. That is money going right into my PAYPAL account and cashier checks arriving in the mail. It is not very time consuming and will allow me to spend time on my Real Estate goals. I am currently working on learning HTML and keyword searches and website promotion. I have not yet purchased the internet stream but will consider after my first property deal. I know that this is not much to many but I have to tell you that something is better than nothing and creating your own money is far better than working for someone. I have been self employed for 13 years now and with slow sales over the last few years and a back injury that has slowed me down a bit, I almost took a job from someone this year. This small stream of income will allow me not to sell my time to an employer so that they can become rich. I wish you all the best and please add your stories so we can learn from each other.
Kathy M
We started investing in real estate 20 years ago after reading Roberts book, Nothing Down. We initially invested in two income properties and three homes. Four years ago we discovered Roberts Protege Program. We have since put 45 properties under contract, which have been bought, sold, or are pending!!! We are currently investing in low income rental real estate in New York. We have created a team in New York. Currently, we are also reselling properties in that area to other long-distance investors. We provide them with a turn-key rental property, insured, rehabbed, and managed by our local team.
Kathy P & Dave P
I discovered during the first Glen Purdy Help Session in Anaheim, that I could buy and sell real estate on Ebay. By finding and putting numerous properties under contract at low prices, I have been able to assign those contracts to buyers using Ebay as the internet vehicle. My first internet flip was for a waterfront condo in Hilo, Hawaii. I have completed 3 additional flips since November and have a number more waiting for title clearance, before I list them. Thank you Glen and my many thanks to Robert, Mark, and everyone at MSI who hard to help create success stories like this one.
Kathy P & Dave P
Sixteen years ago I read Nothing Down and bought an apartment building for nothing (after we collected the rent deposits). We have now closed on the 3-bdr house in Seattle, fixed it up, and have a $115K equity position in it!!! It is up for sale. In January, 2002, we put a Victorian house under contract $5K. We also have landed a 4-plex repo on the property next the victorian for $114K. We offered all cash and secured a 150K business loan, using our first 16 year old property as collateral. Today (March 23, 2002), at a Garage Sale I found a property that is in pre-foreclosure. The owner will give it to me for what is owing (less than $7000.00). The underlying mortgage is $274K. The current value of the home with new carpet and paint will be about $310K.
Kathy P & Dave P
Actually I was pulled into my 1st property purchase/offer- and it wouldn”t have been possible if I hadn”t felt compelled to attend Glenn Purdy’s Las Vegas seminar. The “last one to be held in 2003”. I still was scared. I had too little confidence in my newly acquired knowledge and too much enthusiasm. As well as not quite believing I wouldn”t get head over heels in trouble with the things I didn”t know yet. Then I found out my sister”s bank was foreclosing on my sister”s house. When I heard I called the protégé hot line because all I could think of is I”m going to help my sister and I”m going to be writing off that money. Lou Lyons helped me re-think this opportunity by making this another business arrangement. Long and short you all helped me save my sister”s house. This was still going to have to be very creative since that deal or any deal involving money and family members has the ability to explode or backfire in your face. So I proposed payment of lawyer fees and bank fees to get her current as an offer to purchase her house. Wrote the contract with clause that gave her the opportunity to cancel the deal if she paid me back before I incurred any financials (interest on money borrowed to help her) and two clauses for me if her property had problems I didn”t want- my name /and or assigns and subject to partner”s approval.
Thank-you so much to everyone at EMI for this absolutely amazing and incredible opportunity! Cheers!
Kay B
Our site is live! We are very excited and looking forward to making some money. Stay tuned!
Kay B
My husband and I have been studying the stock market classes with Dr. Cooper. We have been actively trading options with real money since April, 2003. During that time we have taken a $30,000 investment to a value of over $56,000 on August 30, 2003.
Kay K & Dave K
I had bought several foreclosure properties and felt confident doing that because there was no rejection involved. I would bid on the properties at sheriff”s sale and either get them or not. Actually writing my first offer was more difficult for me. I finally wrote an offer and got the property so then I had to start looking for money to fund it.
Kay K & Dave K
For me success is in very small things. I really have yet to completely work any technique all the way through. I am in the middle of a real estate transaction. Let’s call it a great learning experience. I am now just starting to do well in paper trading. I will soon be ready to commit money. I am finding that my true love is going to be in infoprenuring. I love to work with people and have a desire to help others. I am now just starting this and will be concentrating on it.
Keith B
Met with Rehabber/Realtor. Made offer on one proerty, numbers did not work, so offer rejected. He had two properties the numbers did work. One did not meet financial institutions loan requirements, 2nd did. Had someone in house within a week with no advertising, except word of mouth at work. Making $75 month cash flow with $9,000 when they buy and cash me out. I did put down $100 deposit, and had to pay $36 after closing for estimated property taxes. Not a big deal, but one to get me started, give me the confidence to move up the food chain, and giving me experience so that I will be able to get investor money for other deals.
Keith H
Put up first offer, did not get deal accepted. Found another property for sale that the numbers worked. Got it accepted. Small cash flow and back end profit.
Keith H
Found this property on a routine drive-thru in this town near my home. It is a 10,000 s.f. commercial office building in a warehouse/manufacturing zoned area. It is also the only office building in this area. The town has undergone a lot of effort to revitalize the nearby downtown area, including adding a newly renovated train station for commuters, located less than 3 blocks from this property. Sellers were distressed, as they had sold their business and relocated to Florida. Although the sellers would not take back financing, I negotiated to a little more than half of their asking price of $910,000.00, which is less than the $110 per s.f. value of office space in this area. Although the negotiation and deal took 4 months to complete, even falling out of contract due to defects in the property (which were fixed by the sellers), the final purchase price on the property itself was $543,200.00. If the building were sold today at a discounted rate of $85 per s.f., the gross profit would still be over $300,000.00! The strategy decided was to hold the property and lease out the spaces for cashflow. We are now working on a plan to generate cashflow to the tune of about $800 per s.f. from this apparent “specialty zoned” property!
Keith L
Found this property on a routine drive-thru in this town near my home. It is a 10000 s.f. commercial office building in a warehouse/manufacturing zoned area. It is also the only office building in this area. The town has undergone a lot of effort to revitalize the nearby downtown area, including adding a newly renovated train station for commuters, located less than 3 blocks from this property. Sellers were distressed, as they had sold their business and relocated to Florida. Although the sellers would not take back financing, I negotiated to a little more than half of their asking price of $910,000.00, which is less than the $110 per s.f. value of office space in this area. Although the negotiation and deal took 4 months to complete, even falling out of contract due to defects in the property (which were fixed by the sellers), the final purchase price on the property itself was $543,200.00. If the building were sold today at a discounted rate of $85 per s.f., the gross profit would still be over $300,000.00! The strategy decided was to hold the property and lease out the spaces for cashflow. We are now working on a plan to generate cashflow to the tune of about $800 per s.f. from this apparent “specialty zoned” property!
Keith L
After reading the One Minute Millionaire earlier this year, I was motivated to design and launch a website that will help people receive discounts on items they need and use everyday. This website will be launched on Oct 1, 2004 with pre-launch marketing and advertising starting August 1, 2004. Thanks to Bob and Mark for their knowledge and inspiration!!
Keith P
Although this is not a huge success this is a success that was created by seeing the right timing for an opportunity.After renting for 1 year in southern California the market started to appreciate very fast.We knew we had to jump in immediately or be priced out.Our first purchase was a townhouse with a beautiful mountain view. After living in this unit for two years to gain the tax advantage the market was still hot and on fire we decided to move up into a single family home and bought only two blocks away.Since then our property continues to appreciate and we now have approx. 85,000 in equity with which we can now use to leverage for buying more properties.
Kelly H
My fashion design freelance career got really slow, so instead of recruiting new clients I delved into the stock market classes in June, Began paper trading July 11, and opened my first real money trade on September 12. I have two addition trades that are doing well. My aim is to replace my former income trading stock options, then pursue real estate investing.
Kelly I & Michael A
We found a Duplex with 2, one bed 1 bath units. The owner is asking $299,000.00, $100,000.00 down and says he will carry financing on the other $199,000.00 dollars. We made an offer to finance a second on the $100,000.00 and offerad to pay him $202,000.00 in one balloon payment on or before five years from closing of escrow. If he accepts the offer we will have a possitive cash flow of around $450.00 per month. If we could sell it in five years for the same amount of money. We should be able to show a profit of around $36,000.00. We are not sure if he will accept but it is worth a try. I just mailed it today and we are keeping our fingers crossed. Thanks for your help.
Kelly S & Liz S
I was making about $6/hr when a friend of mine let me borrow his Nothing Down book, which helped me purchase my first home. It was a cosmetic fixer for $46,000. I borrowed the down payment from friends and relatives, fixed it up, and refinanced it to pay back the personal loans. The house was recently appraised at $240,000. I then started listening to Road to Wealth tapes, as I began jogging in my “new” neighborhood. I went through the same exercises as the individuals in the book did. I checked the local newspaper and made calls to FSBO ads, as they did; I filled out Bargain Finders and scored properties, as they did; I made offers to properties that scored 10 or above, as they did. By the time I finished listening to the tapes, I had purchased 3 properties with none of my own money: All 3 properties had assumable loans. I took out a cash advance on my credit card for down payment on one house, and the owner on the second house carried a 2nd loan for 100% LTV secured by 2 houses. Those 3 properties ended up bringing me around $1,300 a month positive cash flow. As I started reading Multiple Streams of Income book, and listened to teleseminars on stocks and options trading, I also started buying and selling options. I am, indeed, on my way to have Multiple Streams of Income! Thank you, Bob. Because of the inspiration and guidance you have provided, I am on my way to financial security. You have changed my life forever.
Kemal O
After finding Mr. Allen”s book “Multiple Streams of Income” in a bookstore, I was hooked. I had bought two other well-known real estate courses in the last 15 years but had continued to try purchasing real estate like a homeowner. After signing up for the Protege course, we finally found the right way to network. Our mentor Stan kept saying “just find the deals, you will find the money”. We thought we had a deal. So we continued with our habit of feeling out people we knew about investing with us. We found a person to lend us $10,000.00. Our deal didn”t work out. But on her next trip to Montana, my wife used the 10k as a down on a lease option for a duplex (100% of payments apply towards purchase price for one year). That worked so well, we signed on another deal, a FSBO. We bought below market (amazing for California) and received the keys the day after signing the purchase agreement. We had it completely remodeled and under contract to sell even before the appraisal for our loan to purchase. Our purchase and sale closings were about two weeks apart. Since then, we have purchased two more, with partners (no money of our own), started another lease purchase (re-borrowed the same 10k that was paid back with proceeds of first deal) and signed a contract to purchase another property on our own with out partners. This last one will be a joint venture with our soon-to-be eighteen-year-old. He plans to do at eighteen what it took me 20 years to learn. We have seen Glen Purdy twice for his real estate course (a must if you haven”t been yet), signed up for Level 2 Mastery, and plan to be in Los Angeles for the Millionaire Retreat next week. Mr. Allen has the best program I have ever been involved with. Having been to other retreats with the other courses, I can honestly say I would have remained “Just over Broke” with the company I own for many years to come if not for him. I owe such a debt of gratitude for the education. I have two other children (daughters) both getting married this year. This is the first time in my life I feel confident I will be able to offer them a future that has some security in this world. All of my children are involved with helping others through their religion. I have always attempted to support them in their work, but now I will be able to create wealth that will be self-sustaining for the long term. Thanks again. Looking forward to meeting you all in LA.
Ken & LaChelle F
My son-in-law Derek and I have become partners, we will be closing on our first home on the 11th of this month. We found this property through our realtor that has been sending us very good properties. We plan on turning this home for $20,000.00 plus and using a 1031 exchange on a multi unit complex. Our goal is 30 properties in the next 3 years.
Ken G & Derek C
I found the lead for a property that the owner was moving as a result of a job change. By not being in the proximity of the property, the owner is willing to lease option the property. To date I”m waiting for the owner to decide if they want to continue. Hopefully, they will! So far so good.
Ken H & Ramona H
I attended my 1st Robert Allen nothing down seminar in the early “80”s. Using his techniques I bought & held over a million dollars worth of property in a one year time frame with less than 5% down & became a million dollar “rand” table member, and was invited to share some of my stories at one of his conferences in Hawaii. The following year I was almost a millionaire, when I went thru a nasty divorce that ended up in a bankruptcy that lasted four years. Over the next seven years I started over using tried & true nothing down techniques & built up a net worth around $500,000. I had spent several years building up a great relationship with a banker who extended to me over $500,000 credit to go buy fixer upper properties. Then disaster struck again when the bank was bought out & cancelled my credit line. It took another 3-4 years to rebuild my credit. I had to be very creative to continue buying properties profitably. The last few years have been more profitable, as my net worth finally broke the million dollar threshold this year, and zoomed to 1.5 . Since last summer”s challenge seminar, my net worth has increased over $500,000 in the last six months. Hopefully I can continue at the same rate the next six months! One thing for sure is, with patience and persistence you can achieve your goals! (And the second million really is a lot easier to achieve!)
Our third purchase was a super fast resolution of a foreclosure that was dropped into our laps. The basic facts are these: (1) We learned of the foreclosure when the owner came by to look at a townhouse we had obtained two months after our first RAI training. We were selling it on a lease option. (2) Only three days remained before the sheriff would evict the owner, and then auction off the home. There was no time left to deal with the mortgage company. (3) $138,800 was needed to pay the sheriff’s office in full. This included the defaulted mortgage, the county attorney’s fees, a penalty, and the sheriff’s office fee. (4) Comps suggested the home in foreclosure was worth at least $186,000 “as is”, and perhaps as much as $200,000 with a little work. (5) In order to continue his own business, the owner wanted to (and really had to) remain in his own home due to special needs he had. His home was a nice place in a good neighborhood, but needed some minor rehabbing if we were to resell it to someone else. (6) Our state’s attorney is on a mission to prevent real estate investors from taking advantage of homeowners in foreclosure, so we had to structure the deal in a way that would be fair, if not generous, to the owner. The solution and our financial deal: One of the first things we did was to get a one day extension of the foreclosure deadline, moving it from a Friday to the following Monday. For several reasons we concluded immediately that the home we were selling on a lease option would be unsatisfactory for the owner in foreclosure. Thus, we would buy his home for $186,000 (“as is” comps for his area), and sell it back to him on a one-year lease option for $206,000. Appreciation for his neighborhood has been 12%, so we would be appreciating the home by only 90% of the historical rate. He would have a 5% option payment to us, a monthly rent payment of $1,327 (our costs only), and he would carry back a 15% loan to us of $27,850, on which we would pay him interest-only at 8% per year ($185.67 per month). This would give him a monthly outlay that was less than he had been paying. Thus, the sources of funding for the purchase would be: 5% from us, a new first mortgage at 80%, and a 15% carry back. In effect, we were borrowing $10,000 from his equity to give him his option payment and our closing costs, thereby making this a no money down deal for us, but we also would have to wait for one year to make any money.  The certificate of redemption was received from the sheriff’s office four business days after we began the process. At the time we close on the home next year we will net about $14,600, giving us a 228% yield on our investment. More importantly, the life of a very talented man will be back on track, rather than in shambles as a result of a foreclosure, and he will have $27,800 in his pocket to begin anew.
Kendall & Susanne C
Distressed Property, owner has power of attorney for older brother confined to a nursing home, property is in arrears for back taxes of $8063. The mortgage is also in arrears. The gentleman owes only $44k. The home has been cosmetically neglected, but is very sound with new mechanicals, (furnace, a/c, and wiring). The house is in a nice area, bungalows with a huge and well used metro park nearby. Even though the house has been on the market 5 months, the owner’s rejected our offer of $68k. Rehabbed with a new 2 car garage, which is now torn down, at the top market value this property would be worth about $114k. The bank is weeks away from foreclosing, but owner is not budging. Additionally, the nursing home is about to put a lien against the property. All the rooms are wallpapered, must come down, and extensive remodeling in kitchen and bath, plus the garage, so there is a sizeable amount of dollars to bring it to sparkling condition. I work 6 days per week, so I must hire the work done, and though I empathize with the owner’s plight, I felt I could only offer $68 without getting into trouble myself. If we did not use a realtor to sell it, we could save and secure the deal. We are just inexperienced and feel we really need a huge profit margin for the surprise cost the undoubtedly will arise. The current status is thus, our offer still stands, and we are waiting to see if he budges. He is being pressed by the bank, as to why he has not accepted any offers. He stands to lose equity, but is persistent. Our Realtor is in communication with his realtor, and there has been hint by the mortgagor of the possibility of a short sale. We are following this as we search for other properties. But this is our biggest hope.
Kenneth B & Pia B
I found a property listed by an agent. The price was very low for the home $109,000. I had just recently found an agent to work with and gave him a call. He said it was a home on a “short sell”. It had the phrase “bank approval required”. I went with the agent to inspect the property. It was in bad condition. After a thourogh inspection I figured what it would cost to fix up the property. I submitted an offer of $86,500. The home is worth about $125,000 when it is fixed up. I”m still waiting to hear if my offer is going to be accepted. The bank is taking their time to get as many offers as possible. My agent talked to the other agent and found out that most of the offers are by people wanting FHA loans. He said it would not be likely the bank would accept those since it would require the place being fixed up ahead of time. He thinks I have a good chance of being accepted. It was terrifying putting that offer together, but I found if you offer something you know will produce a profit it”s not to bad.
Kenneth C
I found the ugliest house in a nice neighborhood. It was vacant. I made plans to look up the owner in the county records. The next day it had a realtor sign on it. I called the realtor and made an offer on it. It was a foreclosed property and I was the first to put an offer on it. The bank accepted my offer and we closed on the deal. I bought if for $89,000. I”ve put $14,000 into it and have had an offer for $121,500 and I have not put it on the market yet. It”s my first deal and I have two more in the works.
Kenneth C
I found my first house on the internet. It was full of mold. I did all of the demo and most of the renovations myself. It was a good start and I hope to continue.
kenneth l
Though I”ve been investing for a few years in Las Vegas houses, I considered myself a beginner in joining the Protege program. Since joining in April “04, I”ve purchased 7 properties, started a wholesale business, and am expanding and achieving my goals daily.
Kent C
When we joined the Protégé program we were at the end of our rope. We had, after a long discussion, realized that we had spent the last fourteen years struggling to reach our dreams, but had been sabotaging our success every step of the way. The sabotage was that we weren’t taking the right action, getting the expert advice or following a plan to accomplish our goals. So at the end of 2002 we went looking for a mentor, and we ended up with more than a dozen in the Protégé Program! Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen did more to set us on the right path in 2003 than simply inspire us. They gave us concrete tools, experienced field guides and the action plan to make it all happen. Early in 2003 we were already members of the $100,000 club. By the end of 2003 we passed the 250K level and we are working on reaching the 1 Million Dollar Club by July 2004. Succeeding in the Protégé program is not just about making money in real estate, stock market, internet and info marketing. It is also about fundamentally altering your perspective and your circumstances. To go from paying bills to writing out large donation checks in less than 12 months is a huge change in life perspective.
Kent M & Susan M
Having succeeded using Dr. Cooper”s System, I needed to do paper trades so I could write covered calls out of my IRA. This helped me fine tune my trading so that I will be able to further improve my IRA returns.
Kent M & Susan M
I decided I”d had enough of the war, and campaign news coverage. I put the top down on my car, put in a “How To Think Bigger” CD, and got motivated. I told myself I was going to contract a property before I went to sleep tonight. After talking to a bunch of overly proud FSBO”s, I kept my spirits up and found the deal of the day. It is a two story, next to a junior high school, in a $175K neighborhood. The realtor was so happy to contract it; she gave me the seller”s best price ($115K) and agreed to pay me 25% of her commission if I didn”t bring in my realtor. With about $7K in repairs and $3K in closing costs I should add $50K to my net worth and possibly a nice cash flow as a bonus. Some would call me lucky. I don”t think so. What”s amazing is that these opportunities are there for the taking, by anyone who will get off the couch.
Kerem T
As small as it may seem, this is a huge success for me. I have bought books and audio programs in the past to learn how to trade stocks and options. No other program has given me such confidence in my trades, along with a deep and solid understanding of trends and market conditions. Thanks EMI and a special thanks to Dr. Cooper. Regards, Kerem
Kerem T
I think that one of the very best things I”ve done in my life was responding to Bob”s offer that came in the mail for the Multple Streams of Income class and then going on to the Wealth Training Class. In addition to having really good financial success (we just completed our third option trade for a 251% profit in 70 days, and I”ve given two very successful Romance Seminars so far with more to come), I am enjoying it so much that I expect before the end of this year to have elimnated my old, frustrating business and to be pursuing only the income streams I”ve learned from Bob. The whole process has been stimulating, enlightening, and incredibly rewarding.
Kerry A
Great news! We have been able to find a house for sale at the right price! These finds are very rare in our area, as homes go for sale so fast and usually at above sale price. The owners are “don”t-wanters” though, and so they priced their house to sell. They were very wise to do so, because they are also collectors–there is literally NO spare room on the property–only the occasional pathway through the yard, and yes, even the house. We were able to look at the area carefully and found it to be the very worst house in a very nice neighborhood. The school system is a great draw for that location also. Trying to look beneath the layers and layers of STUFF wasn”t so hard for us, but it was a great drawback for others. We have had some trouble keeping to the closing date, as they are having trouble getting everything removed, but we aren”t going to lose this good deal over a bunch of junk! We are finding it is so much easier to work directely with the sellers in fine tuning all of the details. Anyway, we were able to purchase the house for $245,000, and they are going to do all the required pest work and roof work before the sale. That leaves us to do basically painting, carpets and back yard make-over. Out estimated sale of the house should be anywhere from $275,000 to $290,000. A great deal with great profit! We are having so much fun! A great big hand of applause for all the great support from coaches, hot lines, books and the entire system! Let”s do this again! (and again…and again…..) Kerry and Darla Bush California
Kerry B & Darla B
I found an outstanding REO deal using the information I learned in class. I used a foreclosure data service. The property stood out because it appeared underpriced. I was able to find it in the MLS and take a look at it. The listing Realtor was in the business of listing REO”s, and was terribly inaccurate in their listing. They forgot to mention that the house has access to a lakefront park 100 feet away, the largest lake in our county. In Florida where we live this is a GIANT omission. They showed the house as 1800 square feet when it is actually 2400 feet. They showed it as three bedrooms when it is actually 4. They completely failed to mention a finished, heated/cooled/wired room in the attic. The house was “tired” but no real damage at all. However, the Air Conditioner did not work, which was enough to keep potential homeowners from buying before I found it. We got it for a great price; will be closing July 20 and putting it back on the market almost immediately. We expect to net $40,000 to $50,000 on this one with little risk and little fix-up. We are in business and can”t wait to do the next one.
Kerry O
When I went to the real estate training program in April in St. Petersburg, I was a little overwhelmed with the number of ways to profit in real estate. Frankly some of them did not appeal to me much. From a personal standpoint, I did not want to work with properties that were going through foreclosure. Not to pass judgement on anybody who does; it just did not appeal to me to work with these people who are in great financial distress, having been there myself. Now, buying an REO from a bank and making money from that transaction, that”s a different story, and I thought that might be a good niche. While trying to take something of a “nothing down” approach to a non-foreclosure property, I met a lender who asked if I would consider using conventional financing and just putting up a small amount of my own money to buy properties. He educated me that cheap conventional money is readily available to investors, something I had not known before. He pre-qualified me for a fairly large Fannie Mae investor loan. Armed with that pre-qualification, I decided to look for some higher value REO properties. What a coincidence it was that the first property I wanted to make an offer on was a Fannie Mae REO. It is a big house on a big lot with lake access. It had been badly misrepresented by the listing agent, who was basically a wholesaler of REO properties and did not take the time to get their listings right.  My gain. We made an offer several thousand dollars under the asking price, which had already been reduced twice since it went on the market. Unknown to us, Fannie Mae had just lowered their asking price again, which now made our offer very attractive to them (and to us) and we got the deal. Our “before repairs” appraisal is $20,000 more than we paid for the place – the appraiser could not get the value “down” to our purchase price as they normally do when you get a good deal. This is a great house in a hot market and we easily anticipate $50,000 profit in the next couple of months, with just a small amount of fix up. Thanks to Bob and Mark for both teaching some of the fundamentals of working foreclosures, and for helping me find my real estate niche. The profit will be great, but more importantly this serves as a definite launch of my real estate investing career. As a bonus, I had hoped that my first acquisition would cover the cost of the real estate training program. Looks like I pretty well exceeded that goal, right?
Kerry O
We found a “farm house” as a FSBO. The house was built in 1900; completely refurbished 15 years ago. It”s a 3BR/2BA, 2100 SF, 2-level, all electric, HP, garage and sits on knee-crawl. The house is in excellent move-in condition. It sits on ~1/3 acre surrounded by trees. Seller bought 4 years ago for $160, has put $10K into it. He wanted to sell for $180K. The house was assessed for $160 four years ago. We had discussed $170K over phone as his lowest price (not all that good, but I sensed something). We went to see the house and learned there are 3 lots in back included with deal (60, 60, 80 foot frontage)! The lots are across from city park entrance. I offered $165 (got my “no”) and we returned to the $170K for the house/lot and three extra lots. Got a 60-day closing. We”re going to get COMPS on the 3 lots, but look to be ~$15K (min.). Still working out the “farming” but this will result in a good return. Here”s the best part – NO MONEY DOWN. ZERO!
Kerry P & Karen
After listening to the website classes and initially (and slowly) inching my way through the process, I prepared my first website (registered, hosted, etc). Steve Waters was a tremendous coach with this! I spent several weeks digesting the info, practicing html, and preparing a final product. Just as I was getting ready to go live, I inadvertently lost my file. At first, I screamed. Then, I realized…I am not failing at this. So I sat down and redeveloped a new website in three hours! I continued to move forward. My site is now up and running, my auto-responders are working, and I am anticipating success.
Kerry P & Karen
did the class challenge. still paper trading as i am only winning 5 out of 10 at present. The summer has been tough to get into real trades in the flat market. (all the “real traders” are on the sidelines til the market trends). Great learning experience, esp. not losing money while we hone our skills.
kevin c & tara c
I 1st heard of Robert Allen while serving as a Battalion Surgeon in Iraq last year. I read “Creating Wealth”, Nothing Down” and “Mult. Streams…” I came home ready to get started but had no plan. Before the Protégé program became available, a friend from my unit, told me about a great network marketing franchise he had discovered and knew I’d be interested. I joined at the beginning of the year and within 2 weeks had sponsored my 1st downline business. I received a check for January for $9.02. FEB $38, MAR $72, and expect APR to be around $4-500. I then started looking at properties. I was a good candidate for “ready, fire…aim.” I bought my 1st property after attending a real estate conference that I had signed up for before getting in to the protégé program. The best thing that happened there was local networking. I made some great contact with investors of like mindset. Subsequently I bought 2 duplexes (1 with my brother and uncle). I had met a friend of a friend fishing who was getting started in real estate investing. We talked shop and went our ways. Then, while doing a homework assignment for the real estate quick start, he happened to be 1 of my calls. He had assumed a mortgage on a house for $138K. That week the lender sent out a “intent to foreclose ” letter. He has bad credit and is unable to refinance. So he sold me the deed for $3000. I will re-fi an interest only loan and should have payments a little over $500/month and he is willing to collect his $3000 in monthly increments of the positive cash flow on the house, not to start for 2 months so I can get it rented. I will be doing a rent-to-own so will hopefully get $1000-1050/month with $5000 down. Now the sketchy part. Since I ready, fire, aimed, I didn”t have all the facts. The loan is actually $142K, but the appraisal looks like it will be in the high $150″s, when I thought (read: was told) 145-150. So my loan was higher than I thought, but the appraisal was even higher. I got lucky. But I closed on my 1st true nothing down deal. I should get $5K up front, $9K in cash flow over 2 years after paying for the deed in the 1st 6 months, and will make about $20K on the back end, assuming the 1st tenet exercises the option. If not, more cash flow and a higher back end. Thanks to some luck and a nice/honest seller it looks like the deal will be a winner….all for nothing down.
kevin c & tara c
I started the new year, taking a leap of faith skydiving in Vegas. What a great year it has been since. The latest deal we have had is a luxury property up Emmigration Canyon in Salt Lake City. The house appraised at $870,000 in January. A couple investors bought it and held the property for 4 months. They thought they had a buyer but he couldn”t qualify. They offered the property to us through our affiliate website at $695,000. We negotiated the closing costs and a seller carryback that ended up giving us a check at closing for $25,000. After attending Marks Mega Speaking Empire event, I was motivated to write a book but didn”t make the time needed. I re-listened to Tom Antion”s presentation and realized I could have it ghost written. Two weeks ago I sent off the outline to a ghostwriter on Elance.com and received the completed book this week. It is a short motivational book, I feel I have a good title and have spin off titles for 6 to 8 more books along the same format. I am now editing the book so it will be ready for the retreat. I also have a weekly newsletter on real estate investing with 280 subscribers and use this for permission marketing real estate seminars and networking with other investors for deals. I just implemented some marketing changes for that and the subscriber base is growing. I have 4 active websites, and 4 more in the works.
Kevin D
I was inspired by reading Roberts books and attending the Wealth Retreat to believe in myself and to also develop additional streams of income. I was inspired to find out more about property and set up a skills exchange with a property expert who, as a result of that session, has gone on to be a very successful affiliate marketer.
Kevin F
I heard through a friend of a 20 unit rental complex that was coming up for sale. I contacted the person before it even went on the market. With help from some investors that I have met and made friendships with along the way we put together a purchase package that was acccepted. The network of friends and investors I have made along my trail to success has been invaluable.
Kevin P & Reva P
I began my network marketing business, for $295, and earned $2,947 in 30 days. I made a list of 100 people, contacted them, and merely asked for their respective opinions of my new venture. This resulted in the sales and sponsored brokers that created the $2,947.
Kevin S & Denise S
I was a school teacher in South Dallas, Tx. Most of my students were “invited” to leave the public school system. Working too hard for too little with less to show for it, I found network marketing. In 18 months, I was able to quit teaching and build my business full time. I was able to create this because I followed a system and found a mentor to coach me through the process.
Kevin S & Denise S
We bought our first property on a FSBO ad in the paper. We met the owner and he was actually a builder/agent. It was a duplex and it showed a $300 positive cash flow with only 5% down. We structured the deal so that the builder paid closing costs and gave a commission (we are also agents) and that we used for our down payment. We had zero out of our pocket and had our first investment that had a positive cash flow.
Moving to Montana site unseen with only what would fit in our Tahoe & pull behind U-Haul (including our 3 kitties) to be told “we would not make it in Bozeman.” One year later we doubled our income goal of $100K, bought 5 investment properties with little and zero down, even receiving $30K cash at closing on one deal. Also, we have been enlightened to have a tithing goal of $50K this year up from $13K this past year.
We found a great property in a rural area that had 2 homes on one property. We arranged with the sellers to give a rebate for our downpayment and had renters ready to go. We tried to go through a lender for the purchase and the appraiser could not find 3 comparable properties to use. Therefore, the lender would not allow the deal to happen. We decided to work in an area closer to the city we were in.
First offer on a residential property turned down. Made a second offer on another residential property which was accepted. This property will be a buy and hold for equity growth in my beginning portfolio. I am gaining valuable knowledge and courage.
Kim D
I was taking Dr Coopers class when I decided it was time to put what I was learning into practice. Dr Coopers tells everyone that they are not to put any money into live trades until they can successfully trade 7 out of 10 times on paper and make a profit. Now I had a little bit of prior experience before I started taking the course so I knew more than the class had already taught us. I bought 1 contract of QQQ on 10-01-03 for 1.85, which including the fee was 197.49. I sold this contract on 10-14-03 for 3.30, which totaled 317.49, which already subtracted the fee for the transaction. So I profited $120. I know that doesn’t sound like much but it was a conservative trade for me and I don’t have a lot of money to start with. Better in my pocket than not. I have done a couple more live trades since then with some success. Still being conservative because I am not confident in my skill just yet and I don’t have a lot of money to put out there. The system works and I will be very very successful using this stream. Starting from scratch just takes a little longer.
Kim H
Dr Cooper always says not to do any real trades until you can successfully trade 7 out of 10 times on paper making a profit. Between December 2003 and end of February I have traded 16 different deals with 12 of them being profitable. The net increase would of been over $9000 if it had been a real money.
Kim H
Made offer on home for myself. The lot is a very nice subdivision, on a very nice lot and nice house to be built. I applied the principles I learned in the EMI program to make the offer.
Kim S &
Bougth 3 contracts of QCOM April 60 call options for 2.65 and sold for 5.00 21 days later. Apllied TTC-A from Dr. C to open trade. Closed position when stock flattening out and appeared may go down.
Kim S &
Learned to apply the principles from Dr. C to trade options.
Kim S &
Ten years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, my experience of meditation changed. As I would meditate, visions as clear as watching a movie would play through me. These visions were profound exercises in achieving deeper levels of consciousness and self-knowing. Being a writer, I immediately wrote down the visions as they came, without making a single change. I knew they were special and were deeply spiritual to me, but it wasn”t until I shared one of them in a group of women that I understood the impact and purpose for their coming to me. It has taken years to manifest this project, but I have finally produced the first of these visions on CD. They are called “Guided Meditation” because as the listener is taken step by step through the vision, it is like being guided through your own deeper levels of consciousness. These are not meditations with any sort of subliminal message in them; they are rather exercises to enable our busy modern minds to calm, center, balance, and ground. In a quiet state of active relaxation, we become open to the grace of Divine Intervention. We connect with our own higher innate wisdom, and become more centered in all aspects of our lives. I know a traditional doctor who has incorporated energy bodywork into his practice, with phenomenal results for patients world-wide. When he requested I sell my CDs in his office I was greatly honored. A second MD I know, who practices holistic techniques has also requested a display box. In the first month I have sold 22 CDs from the first office, and have yet to check in with the second. I can hardly describe the feeling of actually making a sale. For so many years this project has held deep personal meaning for me, and it never mattered if I made money from it. Even as I prepared the display boxes to put in the doctors” offices, the project felt personal and, I see now, small. The first sale, however, has completely shifted my concept of the project. All of a sudden I am very aware of the fact that I am offering my individual gift into the world . . . that the visions which started coming to me years ago may touch and heal someone else”s life. That is amazing to me! And now I am excited to make money from this project, because every time I make a sale, that exchange acknowledges that my vision has reached one more person. It”s not “making money,” it is that the money is a measuring stick of my healing influence in the world. And with the money I make I can donate and gift, and I can invest into producing more healing CDs. With the skills and techniques I learned from Robert Allen”s Protégé Program and the EMI training I have received, I feel prepared to successfully promote my CDs in person and on the Internet. I thought I had the mindset required to be successful in business, and I have always enjoyed a certain level of success. But I have developed a profoundly different mindset through this training that will catapult my success because I have internalized the concept of money as a tool for measuring influence. How I make it and how I spend it has spiritual significance, and I do both now with so much joy!
Kim V
Although I got my web site up on Jan 31, 2004, I had seen no sales. It took me until this week to finally start search engine optimization, so that my web site comes up as number 4 when you type in my keywords. The day I launched my optimization, I had my first sale. This is the most exciting $17.99 I ever made! (And I made it in my sleep!) Thanks so much for the Internet Site Building class.
Kim V
After enrolling as a protege with the one minute millionaire program, we began looking for rental properties we could purchase for little or now money down, because we had none. We came across motivated seller who had an 8-unit building he would sell but he wanted about 10% down. We kept discussing it with him and came to find out he actually had 6 buildings for sale, a total of 25 units. We started to structure an offer taking in to account the deposit credits towards a needed down payment of 20,000.00 Then we began scouting for an “investor” who could loan us 9,000.00 for a short term (14 months). We found a friend who agreed to loan 9,000.00 to us for 10,000.00 total in payments. We agreed. The owner agreed to carry the contracts on the properties for a minimum of 2 years with varying balloon payment dates from then on. We closed on the properties and immediately paid 3,500.00 back to the investor and have been managing them ever since.
Kimberly A & Lambert A
I started a Referral Marketing business in conjunction with a consulting firm. We teach financial intelligence through the business plan. We are searching for leaders who have a dream to change the way they live and move to a life of financial freedom. I was working two jobs when I started this business, so the growth has been slow. However, I have learned so much about changing the way I think about wealth and my ability to achieve it and share it with other like-minded people with dreams and goals. I am so excited to learn about multiple streams of income and have personal mentors to help me reach my goals which will in turn help others.
Kimberly B
This is my “courage in action” piece. I did not end up getting the property. A homeowner put in an offer slightly higher than mine.  The semi-abandonded 3 bedroom/1 bath brick ranch house smelled like a kitty-litter box. It had been on the market for a few weeks in a hot market where properties should sell in a few days or less if they”re priced right. There was room to create a second bathroom which would add to its value considerably. I decided to make an offer to purchase the property at approximately 80% below market value. I also wrote a note to be delivered to the seller by the listing agent. It”s a seller”s market right now. Even though the house was a disaster area, a homeowner offered more money and was awarded the contract without a chance for me to negotiate.
Kimberly J
A fellow RAI classmate called me with a pre-foreclosure lead. She put the house under contract and called me to find out if I”d like to be a partner. I agreed, provided the money to reinstate the mortgage as a downpayment. We plan to split the net proceeds 50:50 once the house is renovated and sold.
Kimberly J
I made an offer for a property in foreclosure that was going to sale that very day. I needed all cash or a loan in hand to make this deal happen. So, I found an investor with all cash, and I would assign the deal for a fee to that investor upon acceptance.
Kimthu P
Signed up with Protege program in September and started reading Multiple Stream of Income. Decided to join a Network Marketing program in addition to my Real Estate mentoring program. Have signed up first 2 Associates by end of year.
Kirk S & Patricia S
Before I bought my business I knew I needed something in my life as a next step. I wrote on a scrap piece of paper all the qualities I believed I possessed and wanted to use in my “ideal” job. Eg…writing, creative design, computer skills, spiritual, flexible, work from home (I have 2 kids),etc. Then I found the opportunity I am now involved in. It is a perfect fit with all of my criteria and it is my passion. I knew in every cell of my being it was what I needed to do next. I am having fun!! That is my success measure right now.
Kris U
Shortly after I received my protege materials in April, I started listening to recordings of Bob Kokott”s Foreclosure class. I felt like a sleuth trying to find foreclosure information at my local county courthouse. Eventually I found out that two properties were scheduled for sheriff”s sale the following week. I realized there might not be time to stop the pending foreclosures, but I decided to jump in with both feet by trying to contact both homeowners. It”s been a long time since I”ve been that nervous. I didn”t know how the owners would respond to my cold call. I got one of the owners on the phone and explained the purpose of my call. She started crying because she thought it was an answer to prayer. I met with them that evening and wrote an offer on their property. They owed in excess of $250,000 on property valued by the tax appraiser at $170,000. I offered $135,000. Even though they did not believe that the Lender would approve such a drastic short sale, they accepted my offer. The next day I faxed my offer to the Lender. When I followed up with a phone call to the Lender, I was told that it was too late to stop the sheriff”s sale. To my great surprise the Lender bid only $130,000 on the property at the sheriff”s sale and there were no other bidders. For the next two months, I continued to contact the homeowner to offer to buy the property during their redemption period. Each time I wrote them or called, I did it only for “practice,” not really expecting to be able to buy the property at that rock bottom price. Eventually though, I was successful and managed to finance the purchase of the property at a bank and got a check for $5,000 to boot.
Krista G & Lauren G
I feel that I am a success now that I set a date to create my business plan and I stuck to it. I now have created a business plan. By the time that I had put my pen down it was far bigger and better than I would have guessed it would be before I had put pen to paper. Isn”t that how it always is. I will revise the plan as needed. Yet I feel complete having kept my word with myself and my group. I can say to my self- wow.
kristen a
I bought a business and a building in one with no money down. The previous owner wanted to retire and he wanted to get out of the building. He approached me to see if I would be interested. I told him I would sleep on it. The next morning I contacted him and said yes, I would be interested, but I had no money for the transaction. Here is what we worked out. He sold me the business for 30K, to be paid monthly at ZERO percent interest. The purchase of commercial property is different than residential because they want a higher percent down. In this case they wanted 30% which I didn”t have. I went back to the seller and asked him to title the property to me and I would refinance it. I was able to refinance it for his asking price. These two transactions were completed with nothing down.
Kristine A
After 12 years of real estate investing I got serious about it and attended a 3 day seminar in Denver where Lorenzo Spencer talked about EMI. I joined but didn”t get started until 6 months later. The results have been great. I”ve bought 12 properties that I intend to rent and hold. My cashflow is $5,500 per month and net worth now just over one million. The best is yet to come as I venture into the internet. Anyone can do this. The teleconferences are awesome as are the retreats. Give it a try.
Kurt J & Atsuko O
I have recently refinanced one of my properties. My loan broker was amazed that this property”s price has increased in value for over $100,000 in a short period of time. He said this was like winning a lottery. He has not seen anything yet. Little did he know that I have another property that would increase in value for approximately $600,000 after the fix up. I thank Robert Allen that has built me with a million dollar eyes in recognizing the diamond in the rough.
Kwai Lan C
I went to a studio to do some recording a few months ago. The sound effect was terrific, but the cost is very expensive. I did not feel right to pass the cost to my students and clients with expensive tapes, although the information would set them free from their problems. I tried to cut the cost so that the majority of the public can benefit from my Feng Shui tips. I did my first taping session for my seminar by myself in my office. I did my own recording and editing. It cost me a lot less than the studio. It is really easy to do. The students that have come to my seminars love my tapes. My heart smiles when I received their feed back and informed me that I have transformed and changed their lives in a short time my following my Feng Shui tips. It has made me feel it has been all worthwhile by getting out of the comfort zone to do something for my life and others.
Kwai Lan C
Currently Jennifer and I are on our second property. This one will be the first for quick profit. We found this property through a hard money lender who has his own list of clients. We purchased the property for $20,000. We will have to put about $25,000 into it to fix it up and get it sold. When it is all said and done we should walk with $12-16k.
Kyle R & Jennifer R
It happened to be through a realtor that is a friend of ours. The offer was for a house that my wife and I were interested in as a personal residence. The house was very nice and we both would have liked very much to buy it, but not at it”s current value. The house was valued at $112,000 and this guy was asking $116,000. We offered $90,000. The owners realtor said he countered back at full price. We waited about a week and a half and offered $95,000. The owners realtor came back and said the owner was not in a rush to sell and was holding at $116,000. We went and looked at the house again Sunday 9, Nov. and the house had sold for $110,000 two days earlier on Friday(according to the neighbor).
Kyle R & Jennifer R
After a divorce, it is necessary for me to create income for myself in the next few months. I discovered the Robert Allen books and course and wanted very much to have a means of achieving my financial goals and continue being independent. With the things I have learned in the course, I”ve gathered the knowledge, confidence and support that I needed to take the first steps toward my goals. I made my first offer and purchase of a property a few weeks ago. We will close escrow next week and I will begin the project of adding some square footage and updating and renovating the property. In a few months time I intend to profit a minimum of $25,000. It is likely to be double that much or more, with continued appreciation in the area. It”s a beginning. Taking this first step has given me enormous energy and inspiration.
Kym G
When “Nothing Down” first came out years ago, I bought a copy and began to implement with my personal residences and occasional rental properties, never paying more than 5% down over a 15 year period. Through some bad business experiences (outside of real estate) I lost most of what I owned and had to start over. Two years ago I also took Robert Allen”s “Creating Wealth Seminar” and began again to purchase property. In the last 2 years I have bought, renovated, rented, or sold several properties and have made over $150,000 in profit. I plan now to accelerate my program.
Lamar R & Amparo R
Bought the a 4-Plex nothing down; 80% conventional with 20% seller carry-back note at 6.5% for 30 years; Cash-back at closing and positive cash flow at closing with $20,000 instant equity capture. It really works!
Lance E
After reading Nothing Down many years ago I became interested in real estate. I stated buying and holding rental properties with owner carry, loan assumptions and nearly 100% financing. Since my start several properties are now free and clear and the monthly income keeps coming in. With the additional mortage reduction that has taken place over the years my equity value is $453,000.00. I am proud of my accomplishments and am very thankfull for the difference this has made in my life.
Laramie M & Cheryl M
we made 2 offers in LV,NV. and are in escrow on a property in Cape Coral ,Fl. We are both looking to make it this year (2005)in real estate. Thank You
We made an offer on a run down, fixer upper mobile home. It was only $99,000 (with comps around $120,000), and we offered $95,000. The offer was accepted, but we had to withdraw it. We made the offer subject to inspection, and the inspector found broken pipes, walls that needed to be replaced, broken doors and windows, and we couldn”t check the plumbing because the water had been turned off. We probably could have made money at $75,000, but there were 13 heirs splitting the proceeds of the sale, and they still think they can get more. We”ll keep an eye on it, but there are better opportunities out there.
Larry B & Kandyce B
Among other irons in the fire, we”ve been reviewing the HUD offerings in town, and have always been outbid. There are often 6, 8, even 10 other offers that are considerably higher than the offer price. We expanded our horizons and made offers on two HUD houses in Fernley, a community 30 miles east of Reno. We offered $5K less than the asking price on each house; one listed at $125K and one at $145K. When the results were posted, there was another offer on each house, both at $125K. We didn”t hear anything after the bidding period closed, although the $125K bid was posted as the winning bid on the smaller house. A week later, we were considering withdrawing our bid on the larger house when we were notified that it had been accepted! We”re in escrow now, and it”s supposed to close February 20. We”re posting flyers at the companies in the local industrial park, and the local grocery store. Then, 5 days later, our offer on the other, smaller house was accepted as a back up (the other offer fell through), and escrow will open tomorrow. We can market them both to the same customer base. We”re hopeful that Fernley could turn into a cookie cutter for us – this is the fastest growing city in the fastest growing county in Nevada (which is the fastest growing state in the country). The planning commission sees 10,000 new homes in Fernley in the next year.
Larry B & Kandyce B
too many to list
We attended the Robert Allen Seminar, joined the Enlightened Millionaire Institute and signed up for DealMaker Pro September 26th – 28th in Palo Alto, Ca. Our instructors were Bill Barnett and Greg Warr; they did a great job. As of Nov.15 we have made four offers on homes and one on a privately held second Deed of Trust. We will close on our first deal, a pre-foreclosure property this week. We are cashing out the owner and having him carry financing. We have negotiated a price that will net us a minimum profit of $25,000.00 after selling the home far below the comparable market listings in the area. We submitted offers on two more properties today. These are fixer-upper SFR”s that appear to have a profit range of $25,000.00 to 40,000.00 each. Since attending the course we have read “Zero Down”, “Are You Dumb Enough to be Rich” and “One Minute Millionaire”. We have begun to assemble our “Team” which now includes a Real Estate Agent/Broker, a Loan Broker, a Real Estate Attorney and a Handyman. We have also contacted several “Hard Money Lenders” that are ready to invest in the right deals. We are taking the instruction and advice from the seminar and the books very seriously and we are doing our best to take action.
Larry M & David N
We received a call from a property owner that was 3 mos. late on mortgage payments and out of work. He called from our newspaper ad. After a brief WOW discussion and detail investigation we determined that he had approx $60,000 in equity in the property. The seller wanted $20,000 cash to walk away. He wanted to move his 3 teenagers out of the state and start his life over. After presenting 3 different offers we agreed to pay him $15,000 cash upon signing over his Deed of Trust to our corporation and vacating the property. Our first conversation took place on November 6th, 2003. We did our due diligence at the County Recorder”s office, had a home inspection done and found comps in the area and were able to write up the contract November 13. Because this was our first offer we met with a seasoned real estate attorney to have him check the details of our contract. After minor changes in the verbiage we presented our contract to the seller. He agreed, signed and returned the contract on Nov 18. We also used a Real Estate Agent/Broker because it is our first deal. We calculated the cost and felt it was worth the money to insure that all of the details were covered. There is enough profit in the deal to pay the 2.5% commission we negotiated for these services. We met at the property on November 29 as the last of the sellers furniture was being loaded onto the moving van and signed all of the documents and took possession of the house. We hired a Janitorial service, a contractor and a landscaper to perform the minor clean up and repairs that were needed. The total cost for all three services was just over $5,000. All the work was completed Saturday December 6th. We decided to list the property at $5,000 under the comps in the area because we want to move the property as fast as possible. On Sunday Dec 7th our Agent/Broker showed the house to a fellow agent who was looking for investment-rental property in the area. They walked through the house once and made a full “Asking Price” offer. Our Agent will be faxing the purchase offer to us by Dec. 10. We will net over $25,000 on this property which we feel is great given the time of year, timeframe of the deal and because we are working in the Northern California market.
Larry M & David N
I joined the Protege program in May of 2001 and have enjoyed it very much. I took all of the courses right away, not really sure of what would be my major. My bank account went from zero to $50,000.00 in just 90 days! I will be a millionaire within the year because of your mentoring. I feel that the information taught in each class impacts one”s financial awareness and I am very grateful to have read Multiple Streams of Income and be in your program.
Laura E
I made one offer so far that didn”t work out. I qualify only for $60,000 mortgage and so am finding it hard to find places like that in a wealthy area like mine. I am going to look in small outlying towns and search for small duplexes houses etc. with tennants in them to purchase. I may also look at buying outright inexpensive mobile homes etc. or distressed, or abandoned homes. It is quite hard to get financing here and I have much debt. I hope I will still succeed in owning and or flipping at least two properties in these next 2 months.
Laura H
We are in the process of learning the business of speaking and selling from the platform. During our first live seminar we closed 33% or our buying units are are using the learning we had from the 3-day event to plan for the next one and make it even better and more successful.
Laura H & Philip C
FINALLY, I found a network marketing company I could really get behind. During the pre-launch phase of the company, I attracted over 1,200 people into my organization. When the company went into soft-launch, I converted enough of those people to be among the top 50 affiliates of the organization. I did this with very little effort and lots of truth and honesty. The doors are open now for creating something even better for everybody involved with me and I”m thrilled to have the network marketing opportunity I do and to be able to share it with others.
Laura H & Philip C
We created a 101-point “test” asking, “Does Your Life Pass The Joy Test?” The web site was created to give people a taste of the assessment and give them an opportunity to download a copy of it for themselves. The Test is being expanded into a home study course and will become a book in the future. The web site will be amended as additional products are created.
Laura H & Philip C
After being terrified from signing up to the protege program and spending all of that money, I was really afraid of what made me decide to do this. My husband was very skeptical and only hoped that we could recoup the money spent. I started listening to classes and had a mentor that made me get out and do it. I joined the mastery program which has been a fabulous eye opener. I have purchased three houses and I am learning the fundamentals and am very excited to be on my way to financial freedom. I have even motivated my husband to 100% behind me and my partner in my LLC. It is going very well. Thanks for the encouragement and knowledge.
Laura M
Thank you! Thank you! I DID IT! The end of January 2004 I was all excited about the EMI program but did not know what I was doing. I chose to start in the real estate stream because it is the area that scared me the most. I figured if I could be successful in the real estate stream, I could have success in any of the other three areas. My story reads very much like those in the Road to Wealth Challenge. My husband and I had LITTLE money to invest and my time is limited by taking care of our family. But I made the calls, looked at houses, made offers, and – for me- the most important – found someone local to help me. I think the big break I had was finding a very motivated seller in a house that was out of my price range for a first investment. I turned that deal over to an experienced investor who offered to pay me for the deal. Instead of taking the fee I asked him if he would be willing to help me and that was all I needed to launch my confidence. Last week I bought my first house $20,000 under the asking price and will wholesale it by the end of this week. Thank you!
Lauren M
I am working a number of programs online in my free time. I am now making regularly $115.00 per month and am on target to make $1,000+ per month from June this year.
Laurence D & Charmaine D
Through the advise I gleaned from “No money down” and “One minute millionaire”, I have refinanced my residence after the price tripled in 3 years. (Real estate literally went through the roof in Queensland in the past 4 years. Insane deals out here) I have now access to funds that I want to invest following your teachings and advice. I am now studying stockmarket options and am registered with an australian support team to develop my financial skills.
Laurence M
Another deal came up with Liz – found a home in an area that is HOT and the homes are around $200,000 – this home also a foreclosure……….$167,000. Not much work to be done. Offer made – waiting for home inspection. Has a renter already! This one was good enough that Liz and her husband partnered with me and mine –
Laurie S & Lanee P
I was looking for a duplex when I happened across this ugly mini-estate. It consists of a main house and a one rental cottage on one acre in a town where the market is booming. I financed it with equity from my other house and the balance with an interest only mortgage. (I”ll be flipping it once I renovate it.) The estate appraises for $75,000 more than the purchase price. Once I renovate it I will put it back on the market for an additional profit of $100,000+. (The market has $500,000-$1,000,000+ single family homes). I am looking to buy more properties, a duplex and a commercial property for my other business. I love this real estate stuff. This success gives me the belief that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. On January 2004 my life changed as a result of joining your program I will attain a One Million Dollar net worth by January 2005.
Lawrence C
Scared to death, but I put in an offer on a Single Family Residence. It was declined, but, I feel much more confident now and feel that I won”t die if I do it again… LOL
Lawrence L & Aramanda L
In the first week of August I was driving down the street and noticed an elderly lady cleaning up outside of an apartment building. I remember Robert Allen in one of his books saying to look for property in areas where older owners live, because they have more equity in their property and may be looking to sell. I approached the older woman and asked her if she was the owner of the building. She said that she was and asked why I wanted to know. I told her that it was a nice building and if she was looking to sell it. She said that she wasn”t looking to sell it, but her son had a 9 unit building that he was going to sell, because he ran out of money during the rehab. I contacted the son, and he verified that the property was for sale and that it was in an up and coming area in Chicago. He agreed to meet with me the next day to walk through the property. I had no idea of what the next step should be. I remembered that Bob Kokott had offered to help anyone with deals during his weekly foreclosure training call. I contacted Bob and told him of the deal. He told me everything to ask and what to look for. After two weeks of Bob helping me negotiate with the seller and lenders, we agreed on a purchase price of $1.475 million. Bob taught me how to use the equity in the property as a down payment. The entire deal was done with only ten thousand dollars earnest money and no money down to the lender. The rehab of the property is over 60% complete and will be sold as condos. When the condos are sold, the profit will be approximately $1.2million.
Lawrence S
Submitted low ball all cash offer through a real estate agent on a brick house that needed about $50K worth of work. Offer was rejected. Made many, many more thereafter.
Made lots of offers. Talked to lots of potential sellers. Tried street signs, but got trouble from the city. Tried newspaper ads and direct mail to pre-foreclosure list without success. Success came from distributing flyers, handing out business cards at hair salons and supermarkets and everywhere else, and using the $500 referral fee to high school students. But the contract to pay them when the deal closes needs to be made with their parents to make it legal. Now I have a property under contract that I am trying to work out a short sale with the bank. I have a rehabber ready to take the property from me after I complete the short sale negotiations. I expect to make at least $10,000 off of the deal.Greg Warr, Bill Barnett, Kevin Shortle, and Billy Cannon have been my instructors. Through Bill Barnett”s weekly conference call I learned from Richard Roop and Jeff Kaller. Bill Barnett”s book is incredible. Robert Allen”s protege program is also incredible. May God bless you in your endeavors.
I purchased a 4-plex, which was half rented out and half needing major improvments. The rented portion paid mortage and expenses. The second half was fixed and held over for 1 year after, which sold for 200% of buying price.
Lee & Sharon
I”m working with a team of three other people and have created an e book that records the personal journey of one”s life by asking questions. This book is now being promoted to charities and other not for profit organizations as a fund raising vehicle for them to use. We keep a share of the money generated from this. We”ve only sold one book thus far, so it”s very early days. We are still very excited about the possibilities for making a massive contribution to people”s lives and making some money by adding more and more value to more and more people.
Lee B & Sedef B
Our book hit # 1 on BarnesandNoble.com on January 15, 2004. On January 14, 2004, we were told not to run our promotion against David Bach”s, The Automatic Millionaire, because he was just on Oprah Show and had a massive campaign underway. We felt that we should continue. We started at 10 a.m. PST and made # 1 by 2:30 p.m. PST. It happened because we had a powerful number of Coauthors and internet marketing friends who gave us the support and sales that we needed. Steven E and I met at a Millionaire Retreat and started the process. With the help of Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen and many protégés, we built a success team of mentors and marketers. Robert Allen said that we are moving into the era of “doing it for you”. So with the series, we put together a book, video, audio CD, promotional materials, along with a tremendous marketing team and “We Do It For You!”
Lee B & Steven S
My first option trade with real money was amazon. I bought it on Jan. 12 2004 for 6.50 and sold it on Jan. 27 2004 for 8.80
Lee S
My wife and I are medical doctors from Colombia (South America), we were just married in 12/99, I had a great job as director of operations of an emergency medical system, and I had over 20 employees under my command. My wife as well, just out of medical school was starting on her new job as a physician. On 9/29/00 due to political reasons (very painful), we had to leave the country, we came here with $800 and just the uncertainty of what was going to happen to us in a new country, different language and different culture. We had no papers, no green card and no money, so we had to make a quick decision about our future. When you are a foreign doctor you have to go through a long process of tests to get a certificate that allows you to start a training residency program in the United States, it is a long and expensive process, you have to study the topics you learnt in the beginning of your career and guess what, in a different language. Besides we had to pay the rent, food and bills while studying, so with no papers, no money, we had to work in whatever it was to achieve our goal. To make a long story short, in 14 months we made, now I and my wife are doctors again, we are finishing our residency program in Family medicine and ready to build our foundation and road to wealth and financial freedom. We already have our websites running, one obviously for Real Estate) and other to help foreign doctors to become doctors here in the states, how to do it without all the obstacles we had and with the guidance from people that already got the results they are looking for. I knew from the first time about Bob Allen through his book Creating Wealth (that Robert Kiyosaky recommended on Rich Dad, Poor Dad), and since the beginning I was wondering if he had a website, I call the number in that book with no answer and finally I got the MSI book, fascinating and here we are. I know that we have not make any money yet, but we are proteges only since January and I know we are in the right track to wealth and financial freedom, but most important, getting there following the enlightened way.
I put a deposit of $2500 on a condo in a local resort town. It is a non-binding agreement and I have time to change my mind. My goal is to be able to assign this once I officially tie it up, (GREAT OCEAN VIEWS AND GOOD DEAL). The owners are converting a hotel to condos and I got to speak to one of them. He says the contract will read that they are not assignable UNLESS APPROVED BY THE SELLERS. He says he does not want to be held up at the settlement table with an assignee who can”t perform. I hear his concern so intend to provide an assignee with proof of funds and or pre-approved. I or my real estate attorney friend will be typing something up in reference to this shortly.I hope they assign for 1-2 thousand or so.If they still do not want me to assign I will get my $2500 back! I love this non-binding agreement thing! I AM SO EXCITED! I don”t know if I would have even done this if not for the challenge! 🙂
Lerena M
I have been a follower of Mark Victor Hansen for 20 years and using the process of writing down my goals, reviewing them often and updating and adding to the list and following up with potential investments in Real Estate and the Stock market to produce success.There is power in having faith in a creative pland and willingness to follow that plan, which I am continuing to do. Les T
Les T
I am just a month on the program. I have not made any money yet. However, my personal success is my discovery of my higer power, which I am sure will guide me in the right direction to do my mission. My profession is a high school teacher. Teaching is for me something spiritual because I give and get so much positive energy.
Lesley F & Olivia W
Did my first option trading and made 100%, thanks Dr. C.
Leslie R & Savi H
I called on seven classified ads in the newspaper. The most viable one was the one I wasn”t going to call. When I went to see the house, there were loads of people milling around looking at it. The seller wanted $5000 down and was asking a $75,000 purchase price with seller financing. The house was very rough, but a potential gem in disguise. I couldn”t make a deal because I had nothing to put down. I called a friend with money from the house but got his answering machine. Ten minutes after I got back home, my friend called me. I had just cooked myself lunch. He said, “Go get the house” based on my description. I grabbed my bowl of pasta, pesto, fresh tomatoes, and fresh Parmesan and hopped back in the car — eating voraciously on the way. I didn”t want to wait a millisecond. I pulled up in the drive and ran into the house. Three other couples were looking at it. I asked, “Is it too late?” The old guy who owned it said, it wasn”t, and we stepped outside to his truck to talk. While we were dealing, another single man stood off to the side waiting for the owner to finish with me. We settled on $5000 down and a purchase price of $72,500. Then we shook hands. The man who was waiting said, “I”ll give you $10,000 down and your full asking price.” The old guy looked at me and said, “Dang you women.” Then he said to the other buyer, “Sorry sir. I”ve just made a deal with this young lady.” We closed the next day. My partner and I have put about $20,000 into the house. It should appraise around $140,000. I”m actually going to cash my partner out and move into it since it”s a cute house that”s right on the water. I couldn”t replace the water access for under $350,000 in my area.  We”re ready for the next deal!
Leslie S
My son and I were living in a 1 bedroom apartment. I really needed to buy a house for us, not only for our own space, but for my own personal success, my son needed to see that I could do it. He was embarrassed to have friends over because we lived in a one bedroom apartment. I purchased Robert Allen’s protégé program, I actually started with stock, but when I started paper trading I wasn”t very good at it. Since I needed/wanted/burning desire to buy a house for my family, I started listening to the Real Estate calls, they gave me the tenacity to keep looking for a house and a real estate deal that I could do. I scoured the area and get kept looking and looking. I couldn”t really afford to pay full retail, I needed to find a deal. I found this empty house, chased down the owner in Texas. He didn”t want to sell it to me on his bankruptcy lawyer’s advice. So I found out about the trustee sales in town and contacted the guys that buy them. They have it pretty sewed up at the court house steps and even though I could attend, they insisted on bidding for me, or they said they would bid up outsiders too high just to discourage them. So they bid and I bought it from them and they held it so I could put new owner financing on it. That’s my great story!!
Liane C
My car was stolen just before Christmas. I prayed that my heart would not be filled with anger and hate over the holidays. The next day, I met a woman in church who had the perfect house for me. I knew as soon as she described it to me that it was the house I was looking for for over a year. The only problem was that I had no credit and no money. She sold it to me for no money down! I bought it for $98,000 and put a few thousand dollars into fixing it up. Now it is worth $159,000!
Lilith N
After I had changed my mind of being a soft sweet graceful enlightened millionaire, opportunities just knock me over… A friend came to me and asked my opinion on her contract, and I gave… She asked me if I want to become her partner… I did… I am making money on our importing business… I am on my way… Feel great! I will come back and tell more…
Lily L
I”ve been a Protégé for over two years and sometimes it seems that I progress really slowly. This is when I know I”ve just reached a plateau and am building momentum to tackle the next level. I started out with the Stock Market, and then moved to Network Marketing. Since being involved in network marketing I have grown so much personally. I have recently closed on my first investment home, and will add at least five more by the end of 2004. Thank-you so much to all of my mentors for reviving my dreams and making it possible to feel in control of all aspects of my life (emotional, physical, spiritual). One of the biggest values is my ability to have a program to invite others to when they are ready to take control of their own lives.
Linda B
I used the scoring system before even looking at the property and came up with 12 points. I made an offer of $215,000 without even looking at the property, as we could see a six figure profit in the deal. We have since looked at the property and see more upside than we accounted for. It consists of a lot with a 1588 sq ft house that is currently being rented out at $975/mo. The property has also been subdivided with an additional 2 lots. We can keep the house out as a rental and sell the other two lots or find partners to develop the two lots and resell those. The lot that has the house on could possibly be subdivided into 2 lots, making it a total of 4 lots! They are either lake view or lake front properties. There are schools nearby and major expressway 1/4 mile away.  There were 2 other offers on the table. We don”t know what they were.
Linda B & Doug W
I told my daughter to find a house in the area she wanted to live in, that was FSBO and a good deal. She did. We funded it with 100% funding, interest only on a 3 yr ARM at 6%. She will lease it from us with the option to buy. I told her to go find me another young couple like you and your husband and another house to fund. I”m sure she will.
Linda D & Robert D
My brother and I attended Glen Purdys Real Estate Seminar in San Francisco in February 2004. We were looking for a property and discussing this with our family. Our Aunt said her son was going into foreclosure. So we talked with him. We made a contract with him to take over his payments, catch up his mortgage and make it current. We also agreed to split the profit with him, minus the expenses. My cousin owed $104,000 and it appraised for $310,000. We spent two months and $35,000 to fix it up. We put it on the market and sold it for $290,000. My cousin receives 50%, my brother 25% and I will receive 25%. We are in the process of closing now. We should close in two days.
Linda G & Larry W
After attending Robert and Mark”s seminars took the leap and purchased two properties in Arizona. The first with very little down and both are brand new construction. The first has appreciated $20,500 and continuing to increase. I plan on flipping the first property and clearing $20,000. The second will hold onto and rent for at least two years with a positive cash flow of approximately $500 a month. I will be going a buying trip to Cleveland and will absolutely use the No Money Down for my next transactions. I would have never have taken these steps if it had not been for Robert and Mark. My goal is $1,000,000+ for 2006.
Linda H
Bought a seasonal property far below market value. Rent during ski seasons for $2100/mo.
Linda L
I am on my way to becoming a multi-millionaire using Real Estate income. I started with nothing, and was able to buy a condo with seller financing. I sold it to buy my house and used my house”s equity to purchase my first office/condo and then two more within 8 months.
Linda M
Located a HUD foreclosure property significantly below market value. HUD was asking $82,000, offered $78,501 with HUD contributing $2,000 toward closing costs. This is an owner occupied (3bdrm, 2bath) property in a nice neighborhood where homes appraise out at between $113,000 and $120,000. The offer was accepted. After inspections, appraisal, etc. I was able to close this deal with less than $2,000 out of pocket and have approximately $40,000 in equity. What a great deal….looking forward to doing this again.
Linda N &
I have created a leveraged income and freedom from employment by helping other people leverage themselves with a Network Marketing Business. I helped my first associate start her business in August 2001 and since have helped numerous others. To date, six of my partners have also walked away from employment thanks to their leveraged income. There”s no better way to success than taking others with you!
Linda P & Scott J
We located a residential property that appeared to have a motivated seller. The owner had built a log home on a small acreage (premium property in our area) for retirement. They lived in it a short time and then a job situation took them out of state. The property had been on the market for nearly 200 days, and the price had just been reduced well below market. The property had tenants who were paying below-market rent, but were willing to negotiate to stay. They were also seriously interested in a lease option or purchase on contract. The property required some fix up that was mostly related to finish work, for which the tenant was willing to accept responsibility. We offered a fair, but below-market, price with terms including cash in the amount of the owner”s mortgage and the remainder in a note to be carried by the seller. The sellers declined the offer with no counter, stating that the price was too far off and they had no interest carrying the note. This first offer was a success because: 1) we made it! and 2) we were only interested in purchasing the property with a very good deal.
Linda P & Scott J
I started a Network Marketing business in June 2001 because I needed a back-up plan and wanted to supplement our retirement. I earned my first commission check two months later, and my commissions progressed to weekly checks fairly quickly. Twenty-two months after I started my business, my leveraged income became my primary income and I walked away from professional employment. I now work for myself part-time out of my home, prioritize my child while working a fulfilling and lucrative career around her, and have time to pursue other ventures such as real estate investment. I”m especially enjoying helping other people set themselves free with this business plan. Retirement now looks really good!
Linda P & Scott J
This has been quite a project for me. I”ve always had my husband to do this part; however, he passed away and now everything falls on me. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I am the creative one, but am not always the most organized – so I”m working on that. One of the activities to get me better organized was to do a business plan. I did use a software program to help me. I have a basic business plan, and can already see that I will need to update it as I learn more about what I”m doing. The success in this is that it has gotten me started with an eBay business. I have done everything to set up my accounts, establish my pay pal account, do my corporation, etc., and upon return from Orlando, I will be ready to get product up. I have very excited about this. Also, by writing the business plan, it has allowed me to see that I need to look more for bigger ticket items as it appears that it doesn”t take much more effort or time to sell big ticket than to do smaller ticket. Thank you for having this be a part….. it has pushed the envelope – at least for me, which represents success to me.
Linda R
I am working on MY DREAM property where I will build the Acre of Diamonds Health and Seminar Retreat. It is 15 acres and we will make the offer this next week after I get the proper forms.
Linda S
I almost quit the network marketing company I had recently joined. But hearing Mark Victor Hansen speak, and the teachings in “The One Minute Millionaire,” “How to Think Bigger…,” and “The Aladdin Factor,” as well as the trainings provided by the company I”ve joined, have helped me to stay the course and stick with it. I have been listening to the CDs every chance I get, and am finally getting my head around the attitudes required for success in this type of business. And working from this new frame of mind… I just got my first business partner!
Linda S &
We were able to create an information / learning internet site (Spanish) through the techniques learned in both the internet classes and the infopreneuring classes. The infoprneuring classes with Denise gave us some wonderful ideas. The internet classes with Darren Steve and Jeanette has helped us market the website. Thanks to you all!
Linda T & Tom T
This was our 1st offer on Real Estate on an REO foreclosure. It was not accepted, but we are over the 1st hurdle. We are not afraid to make the offer now!
Linda T & Tom T
We have revived a website with new products and really use alot of the information about creating traffic from the EMI internet classes. Techniques are great and we are growing at phenomenal rate of return.
Linda T & Tom T
We have just started in Network Marketing and have received 3 small checks to date.
Linda T & Tom T
I have been looking for a place to live and in doing so, utilizing the practices and principles put forth in the teachings. Having just lost my job, a good credit rating and no income made it almost impossible to get anyone to talk with me. What I learned opened up new ideas and new avenues for me. (Thanks!) I found a beautiful 2br apartment condo. The owner had purchased it brand new, but due to a change in circumstances, was unable to live there. It was in pristine condition. I offered to take over the mortgage payments to help her out of what seemed to be an untenable situation. The owner was reluctant to talk and would not even discuss it, even though it was advertised as an assumable mortgage. I learned 2 things from this: 1) With CMHC insured mortgages, the owner has to live in it (or make payments on it) for 6 months before it can be assumed. 2) In Alberta, the mortgage is considered a loan against the property, not a personal loan. UNLESS it is CMHC insured. This means that if someone defaults on a mortgage, they can only get the property. Anywhere else in Canada, they can go after the personal assets of the owner as well to make up for any losses. If it is CMHC insured, they can go after the original mortgagee as well as the person who assumed it. So, the property was CMHC insured and it had only been 4 months. I offered to lease the place for 2 months and then purchase it at today”s price. Once the owner heard that I was willing to lease, they were no longer willing to talk purchase at all. Needless to say, the deal did not go through.
Linda W
After looking at three other properties, I thought I would just slide for a few days and then start again. A Realtor I knew called me and wanted to meet to get the particulars of what I was looking for in a home. When I got to his office, he had just pulled a newly listed home off the MSL. We went to look at it, I had a good feeling about this one and I put in an offer the next day. I offered what I thought would be a fair price and the offer was accepted. I am going to fix it up and sell it asap. It has a new roof, furnace and air and the rest is cosmetic. The owner wanted out of the “rental game” and the lender has valued it at $9,900. more than I paid for it
I went to sign the papers today and will have my house by Thanksgiving!!!!
I began as a protégé with an interest in renovating houses I bought in foreclosure. I rehabbed two houses last year, one at a loss and one at a profit. I learned a tremendous amount about the process, and more importantly, about myself. Ultimately, I learned that the real estate stream of income was not for me. Meanwhile, I began taking Dr. Cooper”s options trading course and continued with the advanced options course. Now THIS makes sense to me! After initially paper trading, I began trading with my own funds. My success has been mixed – I did incur some losses – but overall I”ve earned far more than I”ve lost. It”s a stream of income that suits my lifestyle and my temperament, and Dr. Cooper”s techniques have given me the system that I previously lacked. As time goes by, I am continuing to trade using Dr. Cooper”s TTC-Alpha template, while I am also trying to expand my knowledge to recognize additional investing opportunities. Thanks, Dr. Cooper! This has been great!
Lindsey B
I looked up foreclosures on the HUD website and found one that I wanted to look at. I interviewed two realtors and the second turned out to be a perfect partner for me. She showed me several foreclosure or near foreclosure properties and I offered on a preforeclosure. The bank said it was too late and went to auction with the property. They bought it back and I am still watching it to see what happens when it comes back on the market as an REO property.
Lisa D
Like many new associates, I relied heavily on my mentors to steer me in the right direction. I did not really know what I was doing or much about the product. I kept calling to see what the next step would be. I built my website, set up my Robert Allen website, received some leeds, and started calling them. I followed the general script that my mentor gave me, and tried to figure out why my leads were interested. I let them know that I was new at this, and I could get them much more information in a conference call. Once that was set up, my mentor walked us both (me and my new associate) through the rest. It really is a numbers game. Some people you call just wont be interested. Thank them for their time, and move onto the next. Eventually you will get a yes!
Lisa L
I had been looking at properties for about 9 months. I had read several books, but I kept telling myself that I needed more information before I could make an offer. Finally, I just bit the bullet and made an offer. I took the comps on the building and offered 80% of the comp value (which was less than the asking price). I wrote it up using the form from the “How to write a Nothing Down Offer so that everyone wins” book. This was a huge step for me. Once I did it, the fear that was holding me back was lifted. Less than a week later, I made my second offer. So far, none of my offers have been accepted, but now I know I”m that much closer to making it happen.
Lisa L
I found my first investment property at a real estate investment club. One of the members was liquidating several of his properties so he could move on to a bigger project. It is a single family home with 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, perfect for renting out to small families with young kids.  I found 100% financing through a mortgage broker. I also borrowed $5,000 from one of my credit cards to cover appraisal, inspection, closing costs, etc. I got into this property for virtually no money down.
Lisa L
$40,000 equity and $40,000 financed.
Lisa L
Through a lot of hard work and leaving my name with every real estate agent possible ,I finally got an email worth taking a serious look at. It was for 10 properties in New Zealand,all with a 10% return and tenants in place. The price was $870K in a small town with the Australian banks not even looking at finance. I had little cash so I put a proposal to the vendor to fund the bulk of the deposit payable at bank interest over 5 yrs.I knew that I had come across a barrier living in Australia and if I could raise the deposit I could probably get a New Zealand bank to finance the rest. I spent a lot of time talking to the real estate agent and she convinced the vendor to accept my proposal.I explained what I wanted and she put the proposal together with all of the the conditions that I wanted in the contracts. The loan was split over the 10 properties so that I could sell them individually if I needed to. After I signed the contracts ,I started to do my due dilligence and wasnt convinced that this would be a good investment,so I pulled out of the deal. Even though I didnt go ahead with the deal ,I was proud of what I acheived from all of my training and am confident of finding the perfect deal soon. One of the best part of this was that I didnt get caught in the rip,I got out with no regrets or costs which is all part of the training.
Lisa L & Denny L
It is not a very big success story but I did make $38 from investing in hay. A friend of mine called me very excitedly about how she found a great deal on hay for horses. She explained that she was going to put advertisements up all around town and try to sell some hay to the local feed stores and on the side of the street. I was very excited and happy for her as I knew that she could greatly use the extra income. I hung up from the phone and went back to my re-reading of the “One Minute Millionaire.” I just started reading the part where Sam said you had to be open to all the oportunities that come your way and I realized that the phone call from my friend was an opportunity. I quickly called her back and diplomatically offered to fund a portion of her hay purchase if she was interested. She said she would think about it and about 2 hours later called me back and offered 25% of the profits if I funded her initial investment of hay. This was much more generous than I was expecting; therefore I readily accepted the deal. One month later I received my initial investment of $350 and $38 in profit back from my friend. This may not seem like much but it is certainly more than the money would have earned in the bank account. Also it helped me to realized that that there are opportunities everywhere to maky money as long as you are open to them.
Lisa P
After attending the Robert Allen Real Estate course I have formed a d.b.a. Bay Real Estate and I am currently pursuing investors and contacts while I locate homes to flip. Thanks for the courage…..
Lisa S & Thomas S
I live in a very rural area of Iowa, a town of 10,000, 45 minutes from the next town of 22,000, and 1.5 hours from a town of 62,000, so I took a long time getting started (I am about to make offers on about 30-40 mostly vacant or multi- unit properties); but I worked on it long hours almost every day. I am still having trouble finding a realtor who will work with me (at offers of 50-70 cents on the dollar, like Todd said), and who will provide me with comps. I haven”t gotten any!! But I plan to persist. I went to the Assessor”s office and did the best I could with comps on many properties that way. I have mapped out the whole town (of which I am unfamiliar) and have had a lot of fun driving around looking at many properties with the help of my 87 year old Mother, who is having a blast as my note-taker, digging out the right print-outs in her lap, rating the properties, and helping me navigate my way around. I plan to make the offers in the next few days, even to the listing agent if I can”t find a suitable realtor, and also am starting to think about the rehabs when necessary. I have been hesitant to go ahead because I didn”t feel I had exit strategies of investors or mentors that Todd knew in the town to resell to. I have been thinking about who to ask for money to finance. Ads in the paper go tomorrow about “Rent to Own” and “I buy ugly houses”, but it is scary, since this market is so different than most! I will keep in touch with Todd. Thank you Todd for helping me get started on something I knew virtually nothing about – real estate investing! I plan to do the second 90 days.
Since my first purchase in February of this year I have purchased four other real estate properties (3 single family houses and 1 vacant lot). I have been able to finance all my deals with no money down without any problems. I sold my first property for a nice gain of $35,000. I have rented one out for six months and plan to sell it after that time. Another one of my properties is in escrow and the realized gain will be $25,000. I hope to sell the other house soon and plan to keep my vacant lot for a year. I have been very successful with the techniques learned from the Robert Allen Seminar I attended in December 2003. I will now focus on multi-family units to add to my portfolio. Thanks a lot; this is a great part-time job!!
Lloyd B
I closed on my first investment property 12/30/2004. It was a REO property listed for $85,900.00. The property needs minor kitchen rehab and cosmetic interior and exterior work. I submitted an offer of $73,500.00 to the bank and included $1,0000.00 as earnest money. In my offer I asked that the bank pay $2500.00 of the closing costs (as I was taught at EMI…ask and you might receive). I thought the bank was going to reject my offer because, not only was my offer approximately $12,000.00 below the asking price but, the houses in the area were selling for at least $100,000.00. Instead,(and to my surprise), the bank countered my offer with $79,000.00 and contributing no money toward the closing costs. I, in turn, countered their offer with a price of $76,250.00 and the bank accepted my offer. After having previous offers on other properties rejected, this moment was very exciting for me. The house appraised at $109,000.00 and I was able to obtain a loan for 75% of the ARV ($81,750.00). I think the best part of the deal is when I was able to leave the closing with $4,800.00 to me that will be used towards the fix-up costs of the house(estimated between $5,000.00 – $7500.00). Thanks EMI!!!
Lois L
I just returned from the Real Estate Workshop with Glenn Purdy. This was an excellent workshop and should be attended by everyone, as soon as possible. I am thankful I went! Glenn kicked my assets and now I am ready to play – GAME ON!
Lori B & Rob B
When I first listened to the Robert Allen Creating WEALTH SEMINAR, I THOUGHT TO MYSELF THAT I was just as intelligent as the next person and could be successful in real estate investing. However, I did not like to “sell” anything or approach people about buying or selling to me. (I am a speech-language pathologist and real estate investing is quite different.) I told myself that this was an area I needed to overcome in my life and that I would face this fear and make it my strength. It was not easy at first to make the phone calls inquiring about a home, but I made myself do it. I made myself make calls for several hours on a Saturday morning. I was nervous that I would be asked a question that I would not know the answer and look like I wasn”t competent in the area of Real Estate. I kept making the phone calls and Robert Allen was right! Each call got easier, I was competent enough on the phone, and now I have no qualms at all about making cold calls. Overcoming this fear has made me more confident because I know I can overcome my fears, face them, and even make them a strength in my life. Thanks Robert Allen for your help!!!
Lori D & Melanie P
The first offer was difficult at first because I wanted to be sure that it was a smart move as far as an investment goes. I was a bit slow in choosing my first house and I kept thinking that I needed to know more about real estate investing. I would call on houses and fill out the seller information form, but I was slow to put in any offers. Finally, a voice said to me, “Stop studying and start putting in offers!” I was very careful about making sure I had all the information to submit an offer. I found out comps on the house, why the seller was selling the house, and I did my own market analysis on the property. I submitted the offer and two more right after that and now the fear has diminished greatly in doing this. The market I am in is a fast moving market and I am learning that I have to put offers in much quicker if I want to purchase a house. The first offer is the scariest! Thanks for all the help and advice, especially from my mentor and the help of Robert Allen! I have not bought a house yet, but feel that it will be happening real soon!!!
Lori D & Melanie P
Sam and I took our two businesses and formed a corporation. We put together a business plan and a marketing plan and took the idea to investors. We collected $26,000 in 6 DAYS!!! To date we have a total of $44,000, and are continuing to look for investors to take us to our goal of $69,000. We are so excited to see our dreams becoming reality! Our Company is based on the following vision: Our focus is, and always will be, to champion others first. The universe makes it very clear that if you lift others, you will be lifted as well. We are two people that believe strongly in win-win situations. If the concentration is constantly on building other people, we also will benefit. This investment opportunity also fits this idea. We want to bring others with us. We are going to be hugely successful and are offering others the opportunity to come along for this ride. Win-win. Sam Walton went up and down the streets of Bentonville, Arkansas asking others to help him fulfill a dream. Many turned him down and some jumped in. A large group of people believed in him enough to invest with him and he carried them to a life of financial ease. We place ourselves in this same category. We truly believe we were destined to be together and to build upon our individual strengths to create a community unlike anything before. Together we can combine our very different styles of reaching others in a way that no other single visionary has ever accomplished before. There are plenty of powerful and profound speakers, authors, personalities, and philanthropists on the scene today. We, individually, see ourselves in that same category in the near future. We, as a couple, can far out reach any of those. We are unique, in that we have drastically different approaches to how we can be of benefit to others. Sam’s expertise is on the mental side of things, with a fair amount of knowledge on the outside influences of our environment. Lori’s expertise is on the outward side of things, with a strong amount of knowledge of the importance of sound thought patterns. The TV shows, speaking engagements, videos, books, newspaper columns and websites are all avenues for reaching the maximum number of people. It is through personal consultations and classes, as well as the individual Life Coaching that we are enabled to touch lives on a personal level, thus personally influencing change in individual lives.
Lori G & Samuel G
Since attending your seminar in Baltimore in July 2002, our lives have changed drastically and will never again be the same. We bought a VA foreclosure, a HUD foreclosure, 14 acre woodland property, a 2 unit property, and have made countless other offers. Many of them weren”t accepted, but those that were, we”ve done quite well with. We currently own a successful plumbing business that we are very tired of and now I think we”ve found our way out of a business that we dislike. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for helping us achieve this goal.
Lori H
I scraped together enough money to attend your first info class in Del Mar in April 1994 or so. Between 1987 and Sept. 2000, I used the information to write and sell over 250,000 books. My latest book is seriously in the running for the Barnes and Noble Best-Seller list. Originally, publishers turned me down. So I used the information I learned from you to start my own publishing company. Since that introduction to infoprenuering I wrote a book for Ted Turner (CNN). I”ve ghostwritten for our mutual friend, Mark Victor Hansen (who I met after I had all ready sold my first 100,000 books). I”m also working with another mutual friend, Ken Kerr.
Lori P
I have just received my first book proposal from a publisher in this program for marketing an ebook nationwide. I had previously written my own ebook, gotten it published (2002) and this new publisher is also looking at the book I had previously published.
Lori S & Wayne S
I went through Dr. Cooper”s Stock course this past Summer. I have been trading on/off since July. I have averaged $1,100 per trade. I have enjoyed this course immensely. It has been a real blessing for us in that I faced the necessity of finding full-time income through circumstances similar to yours, so the “pressure is on” as they say. Your work has given us hope.
Lori S & Wayne S
Using Dr. cooper”s methods, I successfully traded options in October for a $3000- profit.
Lori S & Wayne S
I am developing my site for the sale of ebooks, audio books, course work, written works. It is online and can be accessed on the web. My wife Lori has also developed and begun marketing her website for massage tables and accessories.
Lori S & Wayne S
I successfully paper traded during this time. Easy to do, even on weekends as the markets don”t have to be open to trade on paper.
Lori S & Wayne S
This fall after looking at many, many income properties I took a big step and bought a six-plex. I was very nervous and learned a great deal – for example how to secure a commercial mortgage! There are 4 apartments and 2 stores that make up the property. I have always believed in Real Estate, and knew from reading the Robert Allen books that I should just do something. I joined the EMI program in February of 2003 – and I became more determined that I would not finish off the year without a property – surprise – I did not plan on it being such a big property! My husband and I renovated one unit and we have moved in with our daughter. I don”t want to stay here forever, and it has been a great way to know the tenants, what needs to be done around the property, and make sure the rent cheques come in on time. The exciting part is that we are looking forward to doing this again, and purchasing another 6 plex! I”m grateful that my friend Charmaine told me about the EMI program – which I actually did know about – just that I was not motivated to join until I heard there was a Mastermind group that I could attend – and they are all EMI members as well!!!
Lorna H
I invited my real estate agent to my first training of the Robert Allen Institute. After the first course she had a seller who was a don”t wanter of a single family residence. Illness and stress of renting the property was too overwhelming. She immediately called me and we wrote the offer for $255K with 5%down before it hit the MLS. The FMV was approx. $270K as is, however it needed cosmetic work; paint, carpet and flooring. We also took Bill Barnetts suggestion and put in all new appliances. The fix up cost was $8k. My husband knew of someone who was looking to invest money in real estate without the headache. This investor agreed to loan us 25K at 2pts and 12% with zero payments for 18months. Our total out of pocket was ZERO. Our exit strategy was to flip the property at $300k. To our amazement, in the next thirty days the same floor plan and sq. ft. two doors down sold for 345K. We decided to refinance pull out the max. cash out, pay off the investor and borrow again for another property we have opened escrow on. This will net us 48K, keeping $34.5K of equity and we rented the property with a break even cash flow. We approached the tenant to see if they would be interested in a lease with option to buy. It would be for two years and the price would be determined at that time. Also the lease would provide us with a positive cash flow of $200.00 per month. They were very interested and would like to move forward. The sellers offset there tax on the gain by donating $100K to a local hospital from the sale. The neighbors all came and looked at the open house we had and were very happy to see the house fixed up. The renter will now be a home owner for the first time. We are very excided about the good work that we can do. One of our favorite charities is Philanthropy International whose focus is to help other charities meet their cause. We have donated 5k this year and every year. I also donate a lot of my time.
Lorraine C & James C
Well, we did it. We found a property that just happened to belong to another investor that is getting older and not wanting to do as much. He said he wanted to help people who wanted to get started in the investing business and agreed to mentor us! He said he had millions and we thought, ” Is this guy for real???” and “Why did the good Lord choose to lead us to him?” So I checked him out and much to my surprise he not only was for real but I met another couple in which he helped to follow their dreams. He is going to help us find financing, market the home, which we are confident will sell quickly, and take us on to the next. He would like to see us profit 100,000.00 in the next three months and then we have to take him and his wife to dinner. He buys foreclosures buy the dozen (very much enlightened as well) and we still are in a state of shock from finding him. The whole thing is it couldn”t have happened at a better time. We were getting so discouraged. All FSBO houses around here are rarely “don”t wanters” they all want all there equity. Its highly competitive in the foreclosure business and we found a mentor by answering a teeny-tiny ad for a FSBO and here we go- lets see where it takes us?! I”ll update the sale later. Purchase Price 70,000 and no work needs done. Value is only around 85,000 but it’s not bad for first deal esp. when closing cost will be REAL cheap. I think we have not only found a mentor but he figures he has probably found a good “Finder” too. I don”t mind bringing him deals, sharing profits and learning the inside track on how the Banks call HIM with the deals!
Lorraine D & James D
I declared that 2004 was my year that I was to become financially successful so I could accomplish all the other things that my heart desired. Investing in Real Estate was the vehicle that I was thinking of using. I have been a subscriber to the e-zine for a while. As I was reading the January issue, I followed a link that took me to The One Minute Millionaire book and there was what I had been looking for. This was early January and I ordered the book and signed for the Tele-Conference and joined the Enlightened Millionaire Institute February 5, 2004. I have been reading and listening to CDs ten hours a day since then. I soon will be going into action. I should have a lot more to tell in the next week or so. See you then.
Lorraine L & Marcel L
Okay…so this is actually my third offer, but this is the first REAL one. I was pretty sure the other offers didn”t have a chance of being accepted. But this one does! I spent the last two weeks calling tons of newspaper ads. One for a house in a part of town I”m interested in. The owner uses it as a rental property and is a “don”t wanter”…he has 19 properties and this one is far away from the others. At this point I was reeeeeaaally new to this…he wanted $60,000, says the value is $69,000 and that the lowest he”d go is $55,000 cash. I went and looked at it that week (2 weeks ago). It was GROSS. A bum had obviously taken up residence there and it looked like a bird died in one of the rooms. I didn”t look at it too too well because I was a little concerned for my safety. But the area of town is pretty good and the houses around it are cute and mostly well kept. So I put it in my hat and kept going. Today I talked to a couple who just started investing in Real Estate (also Robert Allen peeps) and they sounded very interested in the property and would probably be able to buy it. So I think: what the heck? Might as well see what happens. Called the owner and he was actually able to rent it out (wow couldn”t believe that!) so they will already have a renter there and an income of $500/mo. Am now writing the offer and mailing it today. Will talk to prospective buyers this weekend and plan a time for them to go ahead and take a look at it. If it works out, I”ll be able to assign it to them and have a nice little spot of cash ($4000), they have a rental property with a lot of promise, and the seller gets the property off of his hands. Nice deal!
Lorrie R
Offered $190,000 for 4 condominiums, worth 250,000; offer declined Countered with $210,000, 11-15-03, offer declined Countered with $230,000, 12-01-03, offer declined Ceased bidding, when second potential buyer started bidding, 01-10-2004.
Louis P & Suzanne P
I have always been a positive thinking individual, a big dreamer and a planner. However, after being around Mark Victor Hansen and reading the “One Minute Millionaire” it was like obtaining permission and rocket fuel to REALLY think big and outside of the Box. I never had given much thought to really establishing several Multiple Streams of Income. Also, because of Bob Allen”s mantra of “Each of you has a book inside you!!” I wrote the complete outline for 2 books and have created titles for 13 others! The books will ultimately be the tools for my speaking career in addition to my other endeavors in business.
Louis V
After listening to Mark Victor Hansen”s C.D. series on “Mega Book Marketing”, I wrote the outline for two book proposals. One is on Self-Empowerment, the other is on Leadership in the 21st Century.
Louis V
Since we entered the Robert Allen Program our understanding of money has taken on a new meaning. We were impressed that it would be a sin of omission to not do all we could to help our family and the world, as God will direct our path. Thank you for all you are doing to change so many lives.
Lowell F & Nancy F
Last year I decided to ask for the balance of my retirement payout from the fund I have being contributing over the last 25 years to when it came, I had the shock of my life the meager amount they offered me now had nothing to do with the promised amount to fund my retirement, I had being sold a life insurance policy with a payout on my death!!! I considered legal action but instead decided to call it my “awakening call” so in my search for a secure retirement investments for the next five years I had left to retire according to my plans, I stumbled on several books on investment and attended conferences some from Robert Kiyosaky/ Robert Allen /and Mark Victor Hansen my mentors THANK YOU for your inspiration; now my wife and I are building our retirement nest investing in real estate. THANK YOU AGAIN GOD BLESS YOU
Luis G & Martha G
Total of $102,000 equity in rental/lease options.
Luther B
We had just returned to the States after spending almost ten years working overseas. Our last assignment was in Yokohama, Japan, where I came across and English version of The One Minute Millionaire. This was surely a sign of my good fortune. I devoured the book and could not wait to get back to the States so I could play my part in helping Mark and Bob achieve their goal of the million enlightened millionaires. Since we had no home we decided to go to Cape Canaveral, Florida, as it seemed to be somewhat affordable in the Real Estate market place. The only snag was that we did not know how long my husband would be without a pay check. It could be a couple of months or even a year. Nevertheless, we felt strongly that we should buy a place to get our foot in the door. It was amazing! People were buying properties like crazy. Talk about a feeding frenzy! Literally bidding over the asking price much like an auction. I felt like a race horse being pipped at the post. Every time we made an offer we found that we were competing with five other higher offers. It was actually a little unnerving and I was beginning to wonder if we would ever find a place to buy. I was clear on what I wanted. I knew that it was to be somewhere on the water, either on the river or close to the beach. We searched every avenue, FSBOs, Realtors, Internet, Magazines, Papers, you name it we searched… we got to know all the nooks and crannies from Titusville to Melbourne Beach. One Sunday when we were feeling somewhat disheartened we decided to go and look at some open houses. The Realtor was on the ball and she did an immediate search on the Internet at the open house. She discovered a newly built condo, (where she had bought her home), that had fallen out of escrow and was back on the market at the old price. She was convinced that this must be a mistake as other units were already selling for $25,000 more than what this place was listed for. She phoned the listing Realtor to make sure that the listing information was correct, to our delight, it was. As soon as she finished her open house, we went to look at the condo. It was everything I wanted. On a lake, a block from the beach with private access, a birds eye view of the rocket launches and the cruise ships passing by, as well as an ocean peek from both front and back. It was a brand new condo, never lived in … good fortune was indeed smiling on us. We immediately wrote up a full price offer and took the risk of asking for $3000 for hurricane shutters. They accepted the offer but only gave us $900 towards the hurricane shutters. We closed shortly after Thanksgiving. To this day our neighbors remind us that we stole this property. Now we have been approved to refinance the home for $350,000 interest only, so that if we want we can use the equity to buy more real estate. The payments would be almost the same as what we are currently paying. We know that we have the equity because an identical unit in another building in the complex, (not as new and further from the beach), just closed at $398,000.00. (We paid $252,000) It took six months before my husband began getting a paycheck again and we managed to stay afloat. We are grateful that we had the courage to take action and it is thanks to what both Bob and Mark teach. Oh and by the way… we had an up close and personal view of the hurricanes … thanks to Divine Providence and hurricane building codes – no damage. Tried and passed…. three times! I really must get those hurricane shutters installed.
Luxmih F & Paul F
We bought our condo to live in after returning from overseas assignment. This was a courageous thing to do because we were (are) in between assignments and do not know when the next paycheck is to be. Nevertheless we knew that it is now or never so we purchased the property for $254,000.00 using a line of credit for the down. That was in November last year (6 months ago as of this writing). We have just received a postcard from a local Realtor that they have sold the identical unit to ours for $292,000. That is an increase in equity of $38,000 in 6 months. We have stepped out again and just closed on another fully furnished remodeled condo directly on the Indian River with spectacular views of the Shuttle launches. The purchase price was $84,900 including the furniture. Bought it with a line of credit (2.99%)for the down and a low rate traditional mortgage. Monthly rents are expected to cover payments with $50 a month to spare.
Luxmih F & Paul F
We had just returned from being overseas for 10 years. Needed to get our foot in the door with Real Estate, selected Cape Canaveral as it has greatest potential for rapid appreciation on east Florida coast. Unfortunately it is very much a sellers market and each time we found a property to buy there were always 5 or 6 full price offers… and in many cases more than full price! While at an open house on a Sunday, the Realtor discovered a brand new condo (newly constructed in resort style atmosphere), that had just come back on the market after being in escrow for 4 months. The price was at least $10,000 below appraisal. On further investigation we found that the previous buyer had not been able to meet his contingency and sell his property in order to complete the sale. The seller put the property back on the market at the “old” price. We immediately snapped it up for $900 less than the asking price, offering a 2 week closing, (we needed a place to move in to, so a quick closing suited us). We actually asked for a discount of $2000 in order to buy hurricane shutters, they countered with $900, so the final sale price was $254,000. We used opm for 10% of the down. At closing the property appraised at $267,000 and just recently an identical condo in the same complex sold for $279,000. Apparently we were the talk of the town at how “Lucky” we were. Preparation meets opportunity. $25,000 equity in 3 months – not too shabby. 🙂
Luxmih F & Paul F
I was looking for a home-based business that would allow me to travel at wholesale prices, earn an excellent living while allowing me the freedom to work from anywhere that my suitcase was unpacked. I wanted a situation where I would be coached/mentored and I wanted a turnkey system, using the Internet. (I did not want any MLM”s and I did not want to have to “sell”.) I wanted a program that was so good that it sells itself, such as vacations for people who have champagne tastes on a beer budget. Lo and behold an Internet pop-up ad delivered it to me! After my first month I paid for my training out of the sales of vacation packages and I was part of a linkwork where I am now coaching 6 other people to do the same. I have many more standing in line. By the way, they are all required to tithe, or I won”t work with them.
Luxmih F & Paul F
Early in 2004 we teamed up with a web expert to pursue internet opportunities. We had a lot of ideas but nothing concrete. We attended the enlightened millionaire retreat in Orlando near the end of January and after hearing Mark talk about tithing, we came home with the idea for our first web-site. We thought that we should start with the end in mind so to speak and decided that our first site would be about creating abundance through the power of gratitude. 16 days later we went live. Within the content of the site we talk about the benefits of giving and offer a free service where anyone can post a gratitude to whoever or whatever they so desire and by doing so helping themselves move towards the benefits that result from having a grateful giving heart. To quote a line from our site “Live your life in thankful acknowledgement, finding the positive in what and who is around you and you put yourself in touch with the source from which the blessings flow.” We have since added a small handful of affiliate links to our site that offer a variety of products that are related to the spirit of giving and self improvement. We have an email list of 350,000 to which we have begun a series of 7 auto responder emails to promote our site. Our next step is search engine optimization and pay per click lead generation. The site will continue to evolve over time as we find different products to market that are related to the spirit of the site. Thank you Mark and Bob for the inspiration behind our first web site and the tools to turn that idea into reality.
I”m a new investor, but I”m having the time of my life!! We”ve purchased 2 houses, and have offers on 3 others. I got a verbal acceptance on 2 of them this afternoon. It feels wonderful to have this problem! But, that”s not the best part. The best part is I”m teaching my daughter to do it too. I needed an assistant to help me with some of the paperwork and other “busy” work associated with the business, so I asked her to help me. She was so interested in what I was doing that she asked me to show her how to do it. She”s reading Bob”s book now, and listening to my tapes and cd”s (she”s replacing my husband as my partner), and you know what? It looks like she”s got a kind of “sixth sense” about this business. We had a great time and we make great partners. Thank you so much, Mark and Bob! By the way, she”s coming to Orlando with us…YES!!!
Lyn G & Denise W
I met a new friend at the Enlightened Wealth Retreat in Orlando, Florida in January – the same weekend I joined the Protégé program. We hit it off right away and decided to write a book together via email (she lives in Germany and I live in Santa Monica, CA.). I began taking the protégé classes on Infopreneuring (How to write a bestseller, How to write an awesome book proposal, How to get the Best out of BEA, and the Help Sessions). Now it is April, 2004 and we are in the thick of preparing our proposal for BEA. My co-author is flying in from Germany and we”ll be exhibitors at the EMI booth in June – as Protégés endorsed by Mark & Bob. We”ll be shopping our proposal to publishers all over that exhibit floor – in the hopes of starting a bidding war for our book. We”ve had a cover designed, a promotional postcard, a large poster (for exhibition in the booth) and a great proposal. Although I could have written a proposal and gone to BEA on my own, I NEVER would have been this prepared if it hadn”t been for the Protégé program. My materials look professional, I feel ready instead of nervous, I know what to do, what to say, and who to say it to. They even taught us what to wear and how to pack! I LOVE what I”m learning every day in this program. Please hold a good thought for our success, and check back after June to see how big an advance we got for this book! 🙂 BTW – The book is tentatively entitled, “Why Should I Give You My Mom? Uplifting Perspectives on Long Term Care.” It is targeted to people who are suffering anxiety and guilt over the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home; or pain and upset over having to enter a nursing home themselves. It is the first book to focus on the POSITIVE aspects of nursing homes – yes there are many – and is written with the intent to ease all the (unnecessary) suffering people go through around this decision.
Lynn D
I listened to the internet calls along with the marketing calls combined with Infopreneuring (my main focus). I then created the site to drive and collect sales of my product. The site was up and running within one month and made a profit by the time my first Series was launched (two weeks after the site was up). I also had utilized affiliates and JV”s that helped market it. I am now beginning my fourth Series and have made enough profit to put me into the Gain”s club here but most importantly, this series I created has helped to transform lives and launch people towards their dreams where they were stopped before. It has served to be a missing link for people in creating their success. There can”t be deeper fulfillment than that! Thank you!!!
Lynn R
I joined EMI last June in LA. Simultaneously with my starting both the real estate and the stock market classes, I found that my friend was in pre-foreclosure and I thought I should help her. However I felt I did not know enough to help her so I should keep things to myself. As I continued to take classes, LeGrand, Kaller, Allen, I felt I should stick my neck out and offer my assistance. It took about a month for her to decide after I reviewed her options to let me and a partner take over the property and rehab and sell it. I worked with her over two months just to evaluate her options because I wanted her to have the best option for her and didn”t want to feel like she was being pressured by me. Also with the vagaries of the market, I knew I could not guarantee her a price. If I had not intervened with a solution, I suspect she would have sold her house at a fire sale or lost it to foreclosure. Her house represents all her hard work for 20 plus years and it is all that is left to represent her hard work. Without money on hand for financing and this being my first real estate deal other than the purchase of my own home, I turned to my IRA and a friend”s IRA to finance the project. We are covering holding costs for her alternate living situation while we rehab and also paying the mortgage on her property. These costs are 10K per month, not the ideal deal. We also structured this so we would cap our percentage in line with a realtor”s fee and thus are doing almost 3 months of rehab work (roughly 150K) at no charge. The property is to be sold at the auction in Feb and by all accounts should yield 1.8 M. The paperwork was pretty incredible as well as we have put the property into a trust and managed the trust. There have been many jobs not anticipated including handling of grumbling neighbors, the pound trying to round up 18 cats on the property that we also have been finding homes for, dealing with cultural differences, and even having the surprise that the son of my partner was to live on the property, (not needed) as he was evicted from his apt in Portland. All and all it was not the ideal deal but the relief I see on my friend”s face because she does not have to worry about her biggest asset being sold for the best price possible and that soon she will have the money to move to her dream location to start another business is worth is all. There is still a risk with the vagaries of the market that we won”t get the price we want but from all signs it looks good. Lots of risks, lots of work, hands on, lots of interaction with authorities, lots of tension with weary homeowner in foreclosure, lots of patience with working with a new partner, but lots of relief and pride as things come together at the end. The house is looking great and we are readying for the auction. It is like being fed through a fire hose. Next deal, big house and bigger fat check and less hands on rehab. Also can”t wait to tithe a relatively big check all at once.
We fell upon financial hardship a few years back and were forced to sell our beautiful home about 2 years ago. Our credit was ruined and we were now starting from square one. After taking some of the courses through Robert Allen”s protege program, I became not only more knowlegable, but more confident when dealing in real estate. I was brand new at this and had alot to learn, although I did learn alot through the investor”s who tried to buy my own home while I was having difficulty! Anyways, I started the protege program in January, 2003. This last month, I bought a brand new home for myself and my family with very low cash down and having the vendor carry as well as tied up a contract and sold it for $5,000! I am just launching my marketing plan and very excited as to where that will lead me. I got great business cards made that offer $500 to anyone who brings me the information on a house that I buy and gives all the information of what I do and how I can help them with their problem. Looking forward to the future with hope for the first time in a long time!
Madeleine F
Purchased a 45 acre farm in Missouri for $114,000. I had it subdivided into 10 lots. Now worth $265,000.
Madison D
I made a lease option to purchase a cabin in Big Bear Lake California. I leased it for 4 months then opened the escrow. I purchased the cabin for $189,000. cash after 4 months. The property values in this community have risen 37% and more over the past year. My cabin is now worth $225,000. 3br. 1,400 SQ Ft. It”s a jewell! Can Rent for $150. a night per couple, or $50.00 per night per person, sleeps 12. I”m jazzed!
Madison D
I made and offer on a 45 acre farm. It was accepted at a fair market price for the Farm, acreage and all the buildings, wells and pond. $114,000.
Madison D
I applied the model of the “Enlightened Millionaire” to motivate people in my network marketing business on conference calls and in coaching sessions. I found my business builders were deeply moved by the EMI Vision. They became very motivated to increase their income and prosperity levels. They understood that residual income from network marketing could change their lives and allow them to do a lot of good for others. I love sharing this with people. As a result, my income has increased by $800 this month. I am close to qualifying at a higher rank which will raise my commissions substantially higher.
Malaika N
About a year ago, I had the opportunity to lease this same property. However since the zoning was a problem for me I did not pursue it. A year later I have another opportunity with the same property and owners to purchase the building. I just finished the offer and it was accepted. Now I just need to come up with the financing. Incidently the property is being sold to me for half the price of what they listed it for a year or so ago. I think this is going to have equity up to $200,00.00 from the start. I will be holding the property and leasing it for cash flow. The asking price was $580,000.00 my offer of $560,000.00 was accepted. Fantastic and just in time for the wealth retreat.
Malcolm E
I first met Robert Allen in the late 70″s or early 80″s. I said there is no way I have $395.00 for his program. I did get to win his book Nothing Down in the raffle at the Hilton, in Oxnard. I did nothing until a couple of years ago, then we began to invest again, and last year we came to a seminar, bought into the EMI Protege program, since our system of the investing was parallelling what the teachings are….Made us VERY interested in learning more. We have bought 4 properties in the last 3 years. We kept 2, and sold 2. On the first one we sold, we madeover $90,000. The next one we netted $89,000. The third one we are making $430.00 per month, and have over $120,000 in equity over what we paid. The 4th one we live in…we paid $350,000 and it is worth over $600,000. All because we bought lower than market, and were able to meet all of the sellers needs. It is great helping others. We paid all our bills and have more money in the bank than we ever thought…..Freedom at last.
Manuel V & Nancy V
We enrolled in the protégé program on October 17th, 2003, just before I turned 39. This is my year I felt. We are currently on an expatriate assignment in Houston, TX. We were waiting for my next assignment, whether in the US or abroad and thought let”s enroll anyhow. We spent hours listening to recordings of mostly real estate sessions. We have 3 young children and find it difficult to join in the sessions due to the timing during peak hours. At the same time, I spent many evenings browsing on the MLS. I started to focus on average sized fixer uppers in relatively good neighborhoods. I saw several single family homes that initially looked promising. After doing the calculations as explained by Paula Reid and others however, there was not enough profit margin to make the deals worthwhile. Then I found this one house in an excellent area in the inner loop that was priced well below most other houses. The house was a 1,900 sqft/2 bathroom/2 garage on 7,000 sqft corner lot. Asking price was $155,000. The house should sell for around $220,000. After subtracting 20k$ future selling cost, 30k$ estimated rehab cost, and 30k$ target profit the maximum price I could afford to pay would be $140,000. I offered $135,000 and they accepted. I have paid 5% down on the $135,000 and have fully financed the rehab work which turned out to be estimated at 43k$. The work is progressing well and we plan to finish mid February. We are replacing 2 bathrooms, kitchen, A/C + heater, applying wood flooring and crown moldings everywhere and more. We are working with a contractor and a friend of ours was so kind as to act as general contractor during our Holiday leave to the Netherlands. We plan to sell the house late February.
Marc G & Caroline G
I recently purchased my first home (with nothing down and $6,000 placed back in escrow for improvements) just a 7 blocks away from the University. This home will cash flow $500/mo after paying ALL of my expenses. I will be closing on my second home on April 15th and I will also come away with $500/mo cash flow after paying all my expenses. My brother and I are now starting our own strength clinics through the University and I am in the process of building a website and creating a back-end for the business. Thanks for all the help, we couldn”t have done it without having the EMI on our team!
Marc N
This house was part of an estate. It is in a neighborhood of $150-$180K homes. It needs mostly cosmetic work. They wre asking $129,000. I offered $104,000. It was rejected and countered at $126,000. I countered at $105,000. It was rejected. I have not countered.
Marci H
I purchased my second property on 10/29/2004 for $161,000.00. I already have $14,000.00 equity. This home is currently rented and although it has only a $30.00 monthly net profit, it is due for a rent increase in July. This home is a beauty and I intend to hold on to it for now.
Marcos R & Romelia C
This is now our third property purchased, also in Florida. The purchase date is 11/12/2004, and the price is $115,000.00. This is fair market value and gives me $262.00 monthly positive cash flow.
Marcos R & Romelia C
My fourth property I bought for $168,000.00, thats 7,000.00 under the market value. I put 20% down because I bought four properties in a three month period of time. I plan to get a home equity loan and take part of that money for another deal. I am also working on a fifth home. this one is a nothing down deal, I have submited offer and a small deposit that will go toward closing cost. I,ll have 5 properties in all genarating just over one thousand a month positive cash flow.
Marcos R & Romelia C
Two months into the program, I have seen many properties, made various offers and finally after two months of my 90-day challenge I have made my first purchase of a beautiful home in Orlando Florida. I am very happy with the results of my commitment. I am also due to close on a second property on October 29. That is 4 days before the end of my 90-day challenge. I also sent 2 checks for deposit and 2 checks for appraisal on my 3rd and 4th property (offers were accepted, mortgage in process). I”m also waiting on offers made on a 5th and a 6th offer which doesn”t seem to want to go through, the real-estate agent is making things difficult on this one, I might let this one go. All this in less then 90 days . Thank you EMI, thank you PMG, and thank yoi to my mentor Rand Jones, without your help it would not have happened. Thank you!
Marcos R & Romelia C
I purchased my first property in Orlando, Florida Oct 8, 2004 for $211,000.00. That is $18,000 under the market value. This home will give me $270.00 positive cash flow a month. I will keep it for some time and let it apreciate in value.
Marcos R & Romelia C
Moving into our 1 year anniversary of being protégés. We have both attended many classes and had a great blast off, but we have allowed our focus to become “blurry”. One of the things that we have wanted to do is kick off this New Year with a renewed focus on ourselves and our wealth-building. Marcus decided to bite the bullet and put a public site up just to “jump in and test the water”. This is our parent site which sets the tone of our focus to be enlightened millionaires. It lists the companies of our vision and it will include the charities that we are going to contribute to this year. Persistence is going to be one of our greatest qualities this year! Thanks EMI! You are the best!
Marcus S & Elizabeth S
My Current Success lies, (as you can see), not in how much I have earned, but how far I have come. I have always been unsatisfied with the normal employee status and have since leaving school worked as self employed in a couple of roles. When I got my first fulltime ‘real’ job as an employee in a retail store realilty really hit me and I realized that there had to be something better out there. I couldn’t believe how little time I had for myself and my life, how little money I earned and how boring it was. It was then that I realized I was going to take the other ‘road’ in life. Signing up for the Mnlightened Millionaire course was a big risk for me not only that it was a large amount of money but also that I had to face my fears and ask myself what I really want from life. Now when I think about my decision I think – What”s the risk? All I am risking is success.
Maree S & Jan S
We purchased a 10 unit building In Highland Ca. It had very low rents and was able to be bought using owner financing and a 1031 exchange from a fourplex bought for $211,000 and sold for $699,000. Raising the rents and refinancing we are pulling out $500,000 for new 1st, pay off 2nd and buy more units.
Margo L & Gerald L
This is my first deal and it is being done 1 day after the seminar training classes. I have no money and my credit is not so good and I am unemployed! So, with that, my partner, who at least has a job, and I just put in an offer for a renovated 1921 condo. The asking price is $179,900, which is unheard of in this area. Anyway, they accepted our offer and I am having my brother move in! We are keeping it in the family. There is also a little positive cash flow every month! We did this with only $1000 down, the closing costs were put into the loan. Thank you for getting me motivated to apply what I learned in the seminars!!!
Maria G & Adrian B
I noticed a vacant property with plywood over the windows in my neighborhood and went to the courthouse assessor”s office to see where the tax bill was being sent. (I knew to go there by calling a real estate coach I was working with at the time.) My partner, Zach, knocked on the owner”s door (after we got the address from the courthouse) and asked if he was interested in selling. He said he would sell us the property for $42,000, exactly what he paid for it a year and a half ago. In fact, he did not want a penny over $42k because he did not want to get slapped with capital gains taxes! We wrote an offer, which he turned down because he said his attorney didn”t think it was a good contract. We made some changes and submitted another offer, for the same price. This time he accepted and I set out to get some financing. After 2 1/2 months of the “loan process,” my mortgage broker called to say the file was denied because the company wasn”t pleased with the appraiser”s comps (Property appraised as-is for $70,000). She told me not to lose hope and that she was working on it, but the contract would be up in 2 weeks and I had put some time and money into the deal to fund the inspection, appraisal, and to get the termite contract. If it didn”t go through I was going to lose the money I had put in! I decided to call an investor who had left me with a card a few months back. He came and looked at the property and asked me what I wanted for an assignment fee. I took a deep breath and said “$10,000.” He said he was going to check with his appraiser and would call me back within the hour. He did and agreed to my fee. This was on Thursday. We closed that Monday and I went home with $11,000. (He added the extra thousand because we had made some changes in the price to allow for closing cost concessions with the seller, but since the investor paid cash we were able to make the price the original $42k; we would have previously picked up that thousand) I”m still not quite sure how that worked out but I was happy, gained some confidence in my ability to wholesale and set out to do it again.
Maria G & Zachary C
I started my Real Estate venture through the persistence of my sister-in-law. She invited me to attend a Las Vegas seminar w/ Glenn Purdy in May, 2004. At the end of the 1st day, I was convinced I would be doing real estate investing. In June 2004, we were back in Las Vegas for the Real Estate Workshop (Millionaire Academy) w/ Glenn Purdy. On our last day, we took a tour of Las Vegas and saw some properties w/ other participants. The next day, I went on visual tripping of different sites w/ a Realtor and visited properties in Henderson, Summerlin, Seven Hills and Aliante Cove. I decided to apply for pre-qualification on the pre-developed property at Aliante Cove. Having an excellent credit score, qualified me for a 10% d/p. The developer offered me an in-house financing and I put in my earnest money. Our closing will be in January 2005.
Maria Victoria A
When I decided I wanted to be in private practice, I had no money, no knowledge of the psychotherapy business, and no contacts! I”d just moved to New Mexico, and was not enjoying my job. I had a Master Mind group, and every week, they reinforced my goal to be in private practice. I didn”t know how it would happen, but left that up to a Power greater than myself. In my networking, I let everyone know that was my goal. My hair-dresser told me one day about a client of hers, a psychiatrist”s wife, who said that her husband was very busy and needed help. I called her, interviewed with the psychiatrist, and he helped me get started. He let me use his office, billing service, phone, etc. He taught me about the business and gave me some after hours” referrals to see while I was still at my job. I applied for several PPO”s and HMO”s, and, after I was accepted, quit my job. He continued to give me referrals until I was busy full-time, and paid me the first month, until I was busy-enough to support myself. In exchange, I gave him a percentage of my income the first year. I made 3 times more that first year than I had in my job the year before. Now, I work half-days so that I can pursue multiple streams of income.
Maribeth T
My first book came out in November 2002. I translated this book into German, which was published this year (2004). My third book is practically finished and is published by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. After working with Harv Eker, a close partner of Robert Allen, my sales of the first book have increased and I found a company, which has been distributing it to all the metaphysical bookstores. The royalties that I receive are a wonderful source of passive income.
Marie-Louise F
We attended the local MNREIA meeting (Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association.) We began to get listings of properties from a Mortgage company via e-mail. We called Barney the Mortgage banker and he asked us our goals and what were our dreams. We had no money to invest or to do fix ups. He offered a kind of loan that included the purchase price and fix up costs. And with the right formula we could get into the property with nothing down. During the process of looking for property We made offers and others always got the property. We were very frustrated and called Barney and talked with him about the situation. He told us he could find us property before it got to the feeding frenzy. He found us something within 3 weeks. I figure we will come to closing with $400.
Marilyn M & Dirk C
Over 30 years in business have taught me that products have to be advertised and sold. I realize the truth in the statement, “What happens when you don’t advertise? Nothing!” As well, most authors don’t know how to sell books. They rely on their publisher and hope their book sells. I know books have to be exposed and promoted.
Marilyn H & Robert H
We found a niche market in the hearing industry for MiraCell, our proprietary skin formula that helps renew skin anywhere on the body. Clients report restorative effects in over 35 skin conditions. I took over the marketing after coming to the first EMI seminar. I attended Jay Abraham, am applying his principles as well as EMI”s principles and in the last two weeks the income in that niche has tripled. We have MiraCell in 3,400 locations in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
Marilyn H & Robert H
I took Denise Michael”s Book Proposal Class, wrote my book proposal, attended BEA, gave my proposal to Larry Krishbaum of AOL Time Warner. They reviewed it and recommended a literary agent, Mr. Krishbaum said was young and very bright, Jessica Papin. After reading the proposal, she said, “You have a comprehensive, innovative approach to beauty and color, and I do think you”re on to something groundbreaking here. Unfortunately, I”m not certain that now is the best time for you to try and sell a book. …You have something of a chicken and egg dilemma here, but you should know that books based on systems and product lines can only succeed if the product line is working. Like Bobbi Brown or Philosophie, both cosmetic lines that have produced accompanying books.”
Marilyn H & Robert H
Sponsoring my first affiliate was interesting. When she asked if she could become a distributor with me I asked her WHY?!! I had not gotten the vision of the business. Due to her persistence I learned very quickly how to do the business, and what was involved in training her and then the multitude of people she brought in and I subsequently brought in. It was amazing! I realized that I had to get on the ball instantly. So, I used the manual like a bible, grew my belief in the business (already believed in the product and the company), and went forth with so much enthusiasm that no one could say no to me. Enthusiasm, belief, loyalty to my team. and love for everyone I know and meet has made this the most fun I have had in years!
Marilyn J
I began doing conference calls for my team – and wow did it ever grow my team and my business! I called on people who knew what they were doing in the business and interviewed them, allowing for Q&A at the end. The growth was FAST!! It was fun setting up the whole thing as well. I had never done anything like this before and met several opportunities for growth along the way. Also, I got on the phone with each of my distributors and worked with them to determine their next-step goals and dreams. It became about them getting to where they wanted to go, and voila, I got where I wanted to go by osmosis.
Marilyn J
I have been trading stock for many years. I must say with at times varying, but overall good success. During my past stock trading years I often hear and read about options, but never focussed on their possibilities. What a missed chance. Better late than never: The advanced class of Dr. Cooper in August drove home the great opportunities offered by options. Since early September 2004 I collected over $7000 in Covered Calls. It must be said that this figure does include MAXM OCT calls that offered a great premium two weeks ago, but the underlying stock dropped in recent days. But as Dr. Cooper himself said about this covered call, “if the stock drops, we just buy new calls in October”
Marinus G & Margaret G
As the culmination of a long weekend seminar with Glen Purdy I submitted an offer for one of the properties we viewed during the bus trip on Saturday. The trip included visits to some nice appartment buildings and some ugly houses. The offer was for one of the ugly houses in Santa Ana, single story, 3 bedrooms, dark brown, built in 1923. It was a good opportunity to make the offer at the end of the training; everything was fresh in the brain, all the elements of an analysis had been addressed and the excited atmosphere at the seminar helped me over the threshold of making that first offer. May there be many more!!!
Marinus G & Margaret G
There”s not much unusual about this story. We just floowed the “formula” and did a lot of leg-work. After sorting through about 60 properties, we finally submitted a couple of offers (purchase price varies according to the accepted terms) on a duplex listed at $31,000 in our area. The seller is a serious “don”t wanter” since she inherited this property six months ago, and has NO interest whatever in being a landlord. It is a “nice” house in a good neighborhood, and has been fully rented fairly consistantly. Moreover, if our $25,000 “quick sale” bid is accepted, we will be able to pull out a couple thousand upon financing. We expect the place to appraise for $50-$60k, so we will have instant equity! And to cap it all off, fully rented, the place has been pulling in $900 per month! (Either apartment on it”s own will more than cover monthly expenses.) We should hear back within 24 hours. BOY IS THIS EXCITING!!!
Mark C & Cathy C
My winning paper trade for Dr. Cooper”s class is GRPRO Sep 55 call on 8/7 at 2.45 with an underlying 51.64 on TTC-A . Closed position a couple days after 30 day rule due to travel, but on 8/19 I closed at 8.20 for a 310% profit.
Mark D
While in the program I”ve created a new Success Coaching Software program. It”s sensational and as a I”ve created a website and I”m making sales. For the first time in my life I”m earning money for something I created! Thanks Mark and Bob!
mark f
Today I finally mustered up the courage to make a written offer on a property! I”ve been able to call sellers on the phone, but I”ve not been able to take the step of actually making a creative offer until today for fear of the seller”s reaction. For the 90 Day Challenge I needed to ACT! After my initial phone call to a FSBO ad in the paper the seller did not generate enough interest in their house so they decided to list it with a real estate agent. I had already found out the seller”s plans were to retire and move to Phoenix. They owned their house worth approximately $275k free and clear. I didn”t do a very good job explaining what I meant by selling on terms when I talked to the seller originally and had just decided to let this one go by. Later I decided I just needed to “test the waters” by making an offer. By this time I had to go through a realtor and for some reason I just imagined the worst, but was committed to taking action and making a written offer. So I set up an appointment to view the house through the realtor and in preparation I wrote out a letter stating what I would be willing to offer. I laid out two scenarios: 1) Purchase price of $220k all cash in 60 days. 2) Purchase price of $280 with $5,000 down and $500 a month for 10 years with remaining $215k due in 10 years. I was nervous entering the house. After introducing myself to the realtor I asked if the seller had told her that I was looking at the house as an investment. She said “No, but would you like to take the tour of the house first.” I accepted and after looking at this immaculate house I told the realtor I had written up what I would be willing to offer on the house. After looking over my offer she said they had already received a higher offer than my option 1, and the seller thought it too low. She said Option 2 or some variation may work. In any case, I was glad to conquer my fear of making an offer for fear of looking foolish or offending someone! I”m confident my next offers will continue to become easier and easier.
Mark F & Dana F
Started with my first deal in Albany NY, it was a 4 plex with renters in place. 474 Hamilton Avenue. Purchased using a Land Contract and generated $650 positive cash flow. My second deal literally occurred 60 days later and was a rehab of a small 3/1 that generated $43,000 profit after commissions and closing costs. I purchased the house using a private lender who charged me 19% interest on a $105,000 loan but I sold the house below market value for $162,500. I used a realtor to list and sell the property. In 1996 I decided to increase my real estate activity and started investing in Tax Lien Certificates. I went to sales and started purchasing Liens in Colorado, Arizona, Texas and Florida. In 1998 my partner and myself purchased a portfolio of NJ tax liens valued over $2,000,000 18% for less than $225,000. I was also an equity partner in a Mortgage Banking Ltd, licensed in NY, NJ, CT and CA. As a student of Robert Allen I have gone on to deliver real estate workshops to help beginning investors get started. If it were not for Bob I would have never had the courage to get started.
Mark G
Less than two weeks after attending Robert Allen”s Creating Wealth seminar I signed a contract to purchase my first property for $250,000. It is now on the market for $390,000. Since then I have purchased three other properties and have a total of appoximately $100,000 in equity that I will split with two partners.
Mark R
After our 8 week course we found an ad in the local newspaper looking for an investor for 24 townhouses. We purchased all 24 worth $1,680,000 for $9000!! Using their creative owner financing plan, which made sense after taking your course, we closed with an instant $336,000 in equity! We are using some of that money to refinance with better terms. All units are rented with a positive cash flow and I even had 3 calls from friends of tenants who want to move in! Thank you for the great training. Now it”s time to give back.
Mark S
A key for us has been the ability to get out of our shell and get out and make offers on properties. We now have on contract, but not settled, three houses. A preforclosure in Everett, WA and two preconstruction houses in Las Vegas. The energy behind this organization is infectious and really is a motivator.
Mark S & Marion S
Had a call from my ad. Spoke with the gentleman about four duplexes he wants to sell. Qualified him and the property over the phone and agreed to a deal in theory. Will meet him at the property tomorrow with offer in hand, and hope to close deal within 10 days.
Mark W
After much enthusiasm and encouragement from Mark and Bob, and Denise and everyone else, I am working on my book proposal. Denise”s class is going to help me write a super proposal and after I get back from Mark”s Mega Book Marketing University, I will have a book going to publishing!!!! Who would have ever guessed? See how much they change our lives!
Mark W
Thanks Bob and Mark for jumpstarting me in 2002! Since meeting these guys in person in 2002, my net worth has increased over $5,000,000. The things they have taught me are truly priceless! The most amazing thing about it is, I am just beginning to get two more streams of income coming in. I am writing a book, and starting to speak. These are things I never even dreamed I would be doing. The most important thing I”ve learned from these guys is ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! AND, I already had everything I needed; they”ve shown me how to borrow everything else from someone else!
Mark W
After the first few sessions with my mentor I knew it was important to get started ASAP. As he said Shoot, Aim and get ready. I didn”t know exaxtly what he ment but I went for it. I drove around in good neighborhoods till I saw a few properties that met the discription of what to look for in the appearance and advertising. I was able to get this one quickly and with about $10k equity going in. The owner was willing to pay all closing costs and by closing near the end of the month my prepaids were going to be minimal. I ran an add to rent or sell to get feedback and when I was sure It was safe I bought it. I”ve only put about $200 into fixing it up and it is currently rented for about $100 over my payments. The renter is going to rent for 1 year, then, if she still likes it there she will buy it.
Mark W
Using the mental frameset and attitude that I have learned through the program at EMI I have dared to venture into good investments in stocks that have really paid off. I look forward to continuing the reframing of my mindset and send a great thank you to all the staff at EMI!
Markus E & Maibritt A
I started as a line producer in sports. I have grown my company by taking advantage of scary opportunities and going for it. I am now making more money than I ever thought possible. I plan to make more. By the way, I am currently working on the Super Bowl.
Marsha H & Bruce M
Well, I signed off on my 10 paper trades(11 closed to date). I did good on 9 trades for a total income of $15,550. I lost on 2 trades, one for a loss of $3150. I got into that trade because of inexperience but learned a lot from my mistake. I have also been learning greatly from the War Room online and I think I am ready to play with real money. With a total loss of $4200 on both losing trades I did come out smelling like a rose with an overall gain of $11,300.
Marten S & Angie S
I didn”t have time to listen to the classes live so I downloaded the recordings and got started. It was great when I got my website up and running. Just by following the steps in the 30 day classes I was able to get it done. My next challenge is to get people to my website by listening to the 30 day marketing courses. This is a blast.
Marten S & Angie S
Martha H & Heather D
I am a single mom with 2 small children under the ages of 8 years old. I enrolled in EMI on Feb 14, 2003 and started to study the real estate as my major and minoring in the stock market while working full time. In June 2003 when I was laid off from my full time employment, I decided to switch my major and began to focus on the stock market mountain while looking for another job. Since then I’ve been able to work the stock market from home on a full time basis. It’s wonderful to do the things I love and to be available to my children. Dr. Cooper is an outstanding teacher. He is most knowledgeable and patient with the students. I like his method of teaching and his disposition. I have taken several courses in the stock market from other people but have not been able to make money consistently. When the market crashed in 2000, I went down too! I’ve stood aside until recently. The following is my track record with real trades using what I’ve learned from Dr. Cooper. July 03: 2 trades: Correct on both Net Profit neglecting commissions: $1,000 August 03: 9 trades: Correct on 6 +$ 2,250 September 03: 35 trades: Correct on 28 +$11,588 Cummulative net profit neglecting commissions through September: $14,838. This is more than what I’ve made in first 6 months working full time outside the home while my children were being care by daycare providers. God has blessed me indeed the day I discovered EMI training program. Thank you Dr. Cooper. You have made a difference in my life.
Marti M
When i discovered the One Minute Millionaire training program in Feb 2003, I was at a low point. I had been layed-off my job without warning. I am a single mom with two small children and of course no money. A friend loaned me the money to enroll in the program. I started out by studying the Real Estate mountain, but after 5 weeks I switched to the Stock program because in Dr. Cooper”s Financial Basics class he encouraged us to find a home based business doing the things you love. Well, I have a passion for the stock market, but got out with the crash of 2000. Since I started this course my ability to identify winning trades has been transformed. It was very scary at first because I was consistently picking winning trades. This was much different from my previous experience. Dr. Cooper, you have given me a reason to hope and to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that I will be able to work from home and to first be a mom to my children.
Marti M
My story is one you may enjoy. I bought my first home using Robert”s techniques with no money down, no closing costs, no money in the bank, bad credit, no job and when I closed escrow I was homeless. Pretty crazy but all true. I had set a goal to purchase my own home and make it an investment property as well. I found a 3 bedroom 4 level home in Redondo Beach, CA where on a clear day you could see a sliver of the ocean. It was not an easy journey and just like the unemployed folks in St. Louis in Robert”s book “The Challenge”, I made it happen too. First, I started researching the different loan programs available to me, second I found a seller that was willing to accept a no money down deal and carry all the closing costs. Third, with no money at all and only enough gas to get halfway to the Realtors office, I stopped off at a gas station and asked the people next to me if I could have a quarter for gas. I took that plus the .36 that was in my pocket, made it to the realtor’s office and submitted my offer on a beautiful 3-bedroom town home walking distance from the beach. Through the process of buying this home I had lost my $6.00 hr job and was living on my friends couch for three months until I closed escrow. And as far as the good faith deposit, I had to follow another of Robert”s mantras, which is if I don”t have it (which I didn”t) somebody does. I asked a friend to cover the good faith deposit of $3,000, the seller paid the costs, my roommates (after I moved in) paid the mortgage and five years later I sold it for a profit of $60,000. I have done many other deals since this one and every time I acquire another property I thank Robert Allen for his wisdom and guidance.
Martin B
The first call I made was for a short ad for a SFH in my town. While talking to the owner and asking why she was selling, it finally came out that she was getting a divorce and wanted to get rid of the house. She and her husband had bought it new 2 years earlier, moved in, bought all new appliances (which will be sold with the house) and finished off the basement. She says they paid about $134,000 for the house new. Her husband had it appraised several months ago when they were getting ready to separate for about $155,000-$160,000. She is asking $135,000 and I just mailed her a cash offer at her price.
Martin K
I am so grateful for Robert Allen and his Team. I have been able to purchase 9 properties this year with a partner and we have realized a gain of over 500,000 in the first year. I am so excited about the program that we are using. My life has totally changed. I will never be able to say thank you enough. Our success has been in the preconstruction building of new homes. We are able to control hundreds of thousands of dollars in Real Estate with very little money. This allows us to maximize our returns with out minimizing our bank account. I have found great joy in doing this and more joy in showing other now how to do the same. Thanks again Robert Allen!!
Marty S & Karis S
After getting a home equity line of credit, I made an offer on a repo in Fla. The house is listing at $95,000. I have put in an offer for just over $48,000. I am using the technique we learned from Greg at your last semminar in Orange County Ca. I expect to hear from the agent tomorrow.
Mary B & Douglas B
I struggled for years trying to hold a J.O.B. Even beat myself up for only staying in them for about 3 years each. After reading “Multiple Streams of Income” and joining the EMI I realized the reason I had trouble holding a job was that I am really an entrepreneur!! With the help of the Institute, I am learning to use real estate to generate enough wealth to pursue my passion for raising horses and even to make this a wealth building occupation. Using Robert Allen”s and Bob Kokott”s techniques I am buying and selling properties and living on the profits. I am using Harv Eker”s jar system to manage my money and give to charity. It has not been smooth sailing all the way. I just sold a property that caused me a great deal of trouble. I had it under a lease/option contract, but the residents refused to live up to their drain clearing responsibility and let raw sewage spill all over the property. The city condemned the property causing the people to leave within 24 hours (and I didn”t have to go through a lengthy eviction process). It cost $15,000 to clean up and repair, but by believing in myself and persisting I sold it and made a nice profit of $35,000.00 after the realtor commissions. I will forever be in control of my own life because I found the EMI and all the wonderful people associated with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!
Mary C & Stuart C
My husband and I were driving through our targeted neighborhood looking at homes when we came across a fsbo. We contacted the owner who was living in another home he had just built. He wanted to sell the property and showed us the house. He told us that he had put a large amount of money into refurbishing the house. We asked him what he thought the home was worth. He said he thought other homes in the area were selling for around 125,000. Prior to touring the home, we did our due diligence and found comps going for around 105,000 to 110,000 so we offered him 94,000. He countered with 99,000 and we accepted. Yesterday the appraisal came in at 116,000! We were very pleased. This was the first offer we had ever put in on a house. We will be closing on it Dec. 30th. Merry Christmas!
mary jo j & Paul J
I signed up for the Millionaire Mentoring program a few weeks ago. At present I am working on my mindset and changing my attitudes towards money, and my ability to earn, share and enjoy it. During this time, I have been establishing my massage practice, having just moved into a new area. This is usually something I find very difficult, and takes a long time. I have found it to be extremely easy here and am already building up a base of regular clients who are willing and eager to work with me to improve their health. I am also working with my sister to promote her Herbal Teas which are wonderful. She has been selling them by mail order (in the UK, for the time being!) and at local Farmers markets. We have plans to improve the website, to begin selling the teas through shops, restaurants and cafes. I have also been looking into starting as an Independent distributor in a Network Marketing Company for some time and not found a team I wanted to work with. I have now found a fantastic group of people. And as if by magic, an existing distributor has wanted to leave, so I am taking over a half-built business and should see money coming in much more quickly than if I had to start from scratch!
Mary L
One of the successes that I am most proud of is having made my first stock trades using the information that I learned from Dr. Stephen Coopers class. After making several paper trades I went out and made stock trades using the stock strategies I learned. Over the past 3 months since I started this I have averaged 15% on my trades. This is amazing because after the market crash from 9/11 I was scared of the market and simply ignored the statements that I received for my IRA account. Dr. Cooper”s class gave me the confidence to go out and take ownership of my stock investments. I am now hooked and am no longer avoiding investing in the stock market.
Mary M
I made 10 paper trades using the option strategies taught by Stephen Cooper. I made several mistakes but learned a lot. I was able to have several trades net over 60% in less than 30 days. I am excited about what I have learned.
Mary M
I purchased the house I live in May 19, 2003. In May and June 2004, I took Robert Allen”s course, and during the training I looked and looked at real estate. I also worked on refinancing my home, which was an adventure in itself since my credit is good, but could be better. I had tentative approval to refinance without getting any money out of the equity; this loan broker told me I wouldn”t be able to get a better deal for at least another year because of my credit. I was approached by another loan broker, whom I listened to and told him what I was getting with the one I was currently working with. He told me he could beat what I had approval for, so I paid for another appraisal, which came out higher than the first one, and closed early June, 2004 — $12,000 ahead! I got 100% financing again, and my payments are less than $100 more than I was paying before. I plan to refinance again in three years or so to remodel the lower level of the house and make it into either office space or a true duplex…I don”t know for certain just yet. My advice when someone tells you it can”t be done…keep on trying. Where there”s a will, there”s a way, and if God has given you a dream you have to go for it.
Mary P
Took over loan “subject to”. Very nice 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with basement apartment in great neighborhood. Sellers balance was $83,400 with payments of $800 a month @ 11%. They were 5 months behind. They wanted $25,000 for their equity. Couple is getting divorced. Terms for their $25,000 equity are as follows: Approximately $6000 to bring loan current will be paid from $25,000, Wife to receive $10,000 upon us receiving posession of house this weekend. Balance will be split between wife and husband. Total we are paying for this house is $107,000. A home just like this one just sold a couple of months ago for $180,000. After cleaning it up, painting and getting tenants, we will re-finance with 80% loan and pull out around $35,000 cash leaving apprx. $35,000 equity. Our intention is to lease upstairs and separately lease basement apt. Positive cashflow should be around $500 per month.
Mary P & P
Closed on a 4 plex in a small apartment complex. Each apartment needs to be gutted and renovated. Paid $145,000. After repaired appraisal came in at $260,000. Bank financed 100% plus $47,000 for repairs @ 6 1/2 per cent interest for one year. Total repairs are $65,000. We will have equity of $50,000 upon completion with a positive cashflow of approximately $1200 a month.
Mary P & P
In February 2004, I decided to join the Success Team. I had very little cash to speak of and gathered as much as I could get together to commit to this educational endeavor. Within two weeks, Robert had taught me enough with our over the phone conversations to have enough confidence to make my first offer. I found a single family home that the seller needed to move from because their family was increasing in size with a new baby. After getting to know the sellers quite well, we set to work in finding them the best way to both sell me their home and how to come up with the down payment they would need for a new home. Their mortgage owed was $133,000. The owner had her bank do an appraisal and discovered that her home would appraise at $185,000. To obtain the funds needed to put a new roof on her existing home and finish some necessary interior repairs, she was able to retain a $40,000 line of equity. The money she was able to borrow on a short term basis fixed the roof, finished interior repairs and gave her enough money for the down payment on a new home. For me, I was then able to purchase her home for $174,000. I gained a home with equity, found a couple who will rent with a lease to own option and will be moving in on July 1, 2004. The lease to own option was very easy to secure with the renters getting a 10% credit for each month”s rent toward a down payment on purchasing this home. The contract was written for five years and the renters will then purchase this home for $225,000. The profits break down like this: I will clear $6,000 over the 5 year period of time for rent. They have paid a $1000 option payment to secure the contract. At the sale of the home to them, I will make approximately $51,000 profit. Not bad for my very first deal ever in real estate. I am very excited by the possibilities real estate has opened up to me and am currently working on another lease to own home with another family. Robert Moore instilled a sense of success in me that I could not have done on my own if he would not have been available to help along the way. To me, this education is priceless! Thank you for the opportunity you have offered me!
Mary S
After joining the program in July 2003, I started out working on the real estate and internet portion of the program. As a result of changes in my day to day business, I was unable to focus on these programs for number of months. In February of 2004 I started back with the program and felt that I would pursue the stock market options program first and then continue with the real estate. I tried to immerse myself in Dr. Cooper”s course and found that I really enjoyed the options method that he was teaching. I have traded stocks and futures in the past and the enormous gains and losses are an incredible stressor. The options program allows an individual the flexibility to manage risk and I personally do not feel any of the stress that I encountered while trading futures and stocks. I”ve made a few trades to date, but I feel the most important thing to it all is what I have learned about the options market. By following Dr. Cooper”s guidelines, I can walk away and not have to monitor what is happening in the market all throughout the trading day, freeing up my time for my primary business. I”m feeling comfortable with this and have purchased the Meta Stock program to utilize with the options program. I also got back into the real estate program and was in San Francisco to see Glenn Purdy. I have joined the Mastery Level 4 Program and am looking forward to my first “boot camp” in May. Ultimately, I believe that my success comes more from the comfort level that I have about the entire program. For me this is not something that I would say lightly as I tend to be a bit on the skeptical side, so to commit to the Level 4 Mastery Program and the respective time, finances, and travel commitments this entails speaks to the viability of the entire program. I know that deep in my heart, this is the path I must follow. My son is also in the Mastery Level 4 Program and we are teaming up for the real estate portion. I have an absolute certainty that we will be successful, both for myself and my family, and at the same time, we will be making other peoples lives better using the tools that the program has given us.
Mary W
property is in pensacola sale price 154,900, i negotiated a deal of 149,500 and 87,000 is assumable and the loan amt I need to qualify for is 62,500.
mary w
We read a book written by one of Roberts students, and we decided to buy a house, fix it up and re-sell it. We were very scared and excited, we knew the area was bad (first mistake) tried to do rent to buy no luck because of area so sold it bought it for 55k sold it for 74k. There was a total of 19k profit before the expenses. The tithing was $1,900. Call it beginners luck, but it has given us the courage to keep trying till we get it right.
mary-ann m & terry m
I went to an EMI training class that Robert Allen and Mark Victor hanson did and it was the best thing I think I have ever done to help me in my move up the ladder. At that EMI Retreat they had a guest speaker there who talked to people about making inventions and having more than one anchor in the water at the same time. I have had a slow period on the releste so I decided after the seminar to go with my idea. I have been told by a few people, one in particular who is a teacher, that EVERY teacher would want one.  I sent my idea in after listening to Robert Allens speaker. She seemed to me to like this friend of mine, just a regular person, I seen her and a few other friends around a table thinking of this Not so dumb idea about WHAT if we sent this in?? It was such an easy product and she made Millions I KNEW I had to do something with my idea. It is now in the process of being patented searched and I KNOW that it will fly there isnt ANYTHING out there like it. If you have an idea dont just keep it in your head move it. Have lots of avenues of money coming in always. That is one thing that I have learned from Robert Allen and all his team.  I am happy to have them on my side. I KNOW without them I PROBABLY would have NEVER sent that idea in.
Maryann w & Donald w
I have been trying to keep up with this site along with ALL the information that they give to me to lift me higher in my success of buying realestate. It is hard sometimes and you dont know where to start but the information that they give me is VERY good. I am climbing slower than I hoped to but what I have found is the more I read from Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen and ALL there assiciates, the MORE I get the information they are trying to teach me. Tomorrow I will go and look at a house. I AM SURE the seller is willing to move this one cause they told me, straight out with the call, a price and said but if you were willing to take it as is with the clean up that needs to be done we would LOWER our price. So that tells me to go as fast as I COULD get there which is tomorrow. Tonight I will read 50 ways with Nothing Down that I got from Mr Allen and Mr Hanson. This is going to be my 8th house. I KNOW that I WILL make it to the top. Each deal gets easier with the Knowledge that they give me. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you want. I have learned this through Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen.
Maryann w & Donald w
This is the second house I bought; I got it at a good price when doinga house that was foreclosed too, from the bank.Tim did a good job coaching me through it I know I got a better deal with is advice.After a few times of them helping you it seems you can do it alone better too.I haven’t kept up good with my updates and such I haven’t even kept up with reading. I I need to get back to that part of it, but right now we have so much work from having so many rentals plus 2 real jobs I NEED to hire someone at this point and time to do afew of the getting the houses ready to rent so that I can go faster on picking them upRight now I am fixing them up my self and then renting them out, that can go slow, too slow when you have other jobs and other houses. But I LOVE to keep them all as rental due to the income of each one I have. I did flip one,and made out really good on that deal like $6000.00 in like 4 months. That’s a pretty good income for 4 months of holding it.
Maryann w & Donald w
After hearing Bob Circosta speak on the success calls, which I love, I searched for products that I think would be a great product to sell on TV. I currently work as a consultant to market a new ALL-IN-ONE PC in the US and in talks with Bob to create an exclusive deal with HSN. The plan is to do an exclusive deal with HSN, which Bob has mentioned is excited about this product, for a period of time, then to market to Costco, PCmall, Frys and others. Also providing branding development to ensure greater marketing. I will earn a residual income from every computer sold on HSN or in the US. Ten percent of the wholesale price which will be 60-80.00 per computer.
Mateo N
Well, it is evolving, but something great happened last week after listening to Mark”s success calls ( I love these, there the most inspiring) a few weeks ago with a lady I forgot her name (mark will know and I”m sorry I forgot) and it was very inspiring as all of them are, but she stuck a cord in me to do this, she is the queen of networking and told a story how she just signed a million dollar recruiting deal just from striking up a conversation at her local YMCA, not the four seasons and told the listeners about how she did and what she charged (25% of salary and 25% of bonuses). So I thought o myself, I need multiple streams of income while I work fulltime with my software company which will be a revenue stream for me and my partner in the near future. I have a great deal of knowledge in the internet, software and design field and I have tons of leads of people looking for work as I hire people, well the next day after I visioned about this happening, the universe started listening and a friend of mine called and said this mortgage company needs to hire a network admin and I told them to contact you. so instead of just referring, which I do out of just being nice, I decided to start a recruiting, headhunting firm that day and in 2 days I had a signed contract for 20%, which will net me $12,000 for roughly a few days work if that and I now have over 50 people I need to place, which I should be able to make 150k by placing one person a month, but I”m shooting to double that, so I”m taking her advice and networking like crazy……….and it was just by listening to the calls that inspired me to take action. Thank you Mark for these wonderful success masters, they’re my favorite thing to listen to!! And this is just the start, the universe is a wonderful thing once you decide to really play the game and feel how it already is, thank you.
Mateo N
In June of this year, while serving as an Augmentee in the U.S. Air Force Security Forces in Travis Air Force Base, I told my wife (after attending and graduating from Robert Allen Institute ) that I wanted to buy a new property outside the base. Thank GOD– we should be closing the property in 2 months and the value has already increased $20,000.00 more. Amen
Matthew D
I have been layed off 3 times in 2 years. I have been following Robert Allen”s theory for about 1 year. In that time period I have increased my net worth from 30,000 USD to 60,000 USD. I purchased a small rental apartment (owner financing), which I managed to get free and clear. I managed to double my stock portfolio in 18 months by investing in companies with high dividends and low PE ratios to generate maximum cash flow.
Matthew M
We are really just getting started, but we have purchased three investment houses (1 duplex and 2 single family homes) at an average profit per purchase of almost $20,000 per purchase. Our average cash flow per house is around $100. Nothing spectacular yet, but just enough to get our mouths watering toward a goal of getting over the $1 million mark by the end of 2004. If we can do as well or better than we have done so far, we figure we will make about $180,000 in profits and will have almost $1000 per month in cash flow. We have simply followed Robert”s advice of buying at 80% of market value or below. It takes going through a lot of properties to find sellers willing to accept or counter those 70% offers, but it”s worth it. It makes it easier that there are more foreclosures on the market where we live than there EVER have been. It”s a great time to be buying !!!!!!!!!!
Matthew R & Catherine R
After spending the last two years in preparing business plans and strategies for small businesses as a consultant, I had great joy in preparing our own business plan. Having absorbed the Getting Started information and classes, and listened to much of the other material, especially in the Real Estate Income stream, we sat down and set our goals and objectives for the next 1, 3 and 5 year time frames. It provided a fantastic opportunity o put down in writing a plan for what product we were going to sell (type of house), what price it would be (margins/desired profit per real estate deal, etc), how we would manage the process (manpower), and how we would promote it (including strategies for finding money partners, etc) – based on our education. We have also incorporated our desires for growing an organic food business, and have allowed for future additions with new income streams. It has been a fantastic experience and has helped clarify our goals and direction for 2004.
Matthew T & Christie B
When I was five years old I couldn”t see more than 6 feet around me. My whole world had always been this 6-foot circle. Then I was given glasses. I could suddenly see so far. That new world had always been there, I just couldn”t see it. I never forgot that feeling. A while back, I met Robert Allen. He gave me new “glasses”. Suddenly I could see so far. That new world had always been there, I just couldn”t see it. My success: I”m in a whole new world. Thanks Robert.
Maurice G
I have a full time job and do not have the time to dedicate to finding properties so i aligned with another Robert Allen student who is in the business full time of finding opportunities. He finds the property, I pay him a margin over the purchase price and buy and finance the property. I finished my seminar the end of February 2004 and bought my first 2 houses in May, and 2 more in June. To get the first two done I put $11585 cash into the acquisition. I have now refinanced all of the houses and have generated $81,650 in unencombered equity, have a positive cash flow of $720 per month, paid myself back for the initial loan and have generated $15,000 in available cash through my mortgages to re-invest in other properties.
Max W
I wrote a motivatonal book for at-risk teens, pitched it to a few small publishers that specialize in books targeted to at-risk teens and I signed a publishing contract with a company in Ohio.
Meg H
I met Mark Victor Hansen in Fresno in February of this year (2004). He inspired me to think BIG. I bought his tapes, read his books and started putting the theories into practice. The only asset I had was some equity in my home (which I didn”t even use). My goal was to become a millionaire by May. I wanted to see if the 90 days could work. I made 22 real estate offers, all of which were turned down. The last one was for a 20,000 square foot warehouse/office building that I wanted to work out of. Because Of Mark”s influence, I made the offer and the owner said he would only sell all 3 buildings, not just that one. It was 100,000 sq ft with only 80,000 developed! I knew that a bank would NOT finance this property so I had no choice but to ask him to carry. I made the offer of $2 million and he agreed to finance half of it. I found a partner to put up some cash and the bank, plus the city agreed to give me the difference! We opened escrow last week and when it closes, the value of the property AS IS is $2.5 Million which means I have INSTANT equity of $500,000 upon closing. I will also get the rents and deposits on the first which are about $20,000 that I put towards the purchase price. I used the focus techniques to help enhance my publishing business and have doubled the value of that business in 3 months. I am acquiring a new company that is already profitable for NO MONEY DOWN. I simply took it over from another owner and it”s already making money. I”ve been able to do this all within 6 months of meeting Mark and putting this system to work! Thanks for being there for me!
Melanie W & David K
We are just getting started with EMI. It”s wonderful! We are making offers on both residential and commercial real estate now. We own our house with traditional financing and did not see how we could buy real estate, at least not here in Canada, with no money down. The system is teaching us how to leverage our opportunities.
Melany d & Charles d
After attending the Millionaire Bootcamp in Las Vegas with Glen and crew I knew that Vegas was the place to start investing. After arriving back home in New Jersey I immediately contacted the Real Estate Agent with whom I had connected with in Vegas. She faxed me several properties for my review. I chose 4 of them to make offers on in the hopes of getting one accepted. I did all of this with no money and only a vague clue as to where to get the funds to fund the property if accepted.
Melinda B
My Realtor and I had narrowed our target area to a solid section of the city that has a high demand. I was looking for a don”t-wanter. And found a house that was in need of a lot of TLC and a seller who was responsible for moving this property as part of an estate sale. The seller was asking $169,900. I continued to negotiate this price down and used finding from my inspector to point out areas that the seller could fix or that he could credit me money to fix. I ended up with an “as is” at $143,500. I felt this price gave me room to make the updates and put a great looking house on the market within 30 days. I used a line-of credit on my primary residence to fund a basic remodel and clean-up. This increased the value, as the home was previously outdated and dirty. Now it has a new furnace, central air, new kitchen, tile, two-tone paint, carpet, updated electrical, updated plumbing, and refinished wood floors. As my strategy is to turn multiple properties, I negotiated low rates with the contractors. Additionally, I closely monitored their work to identify areas of saving as well as establish ongoing relationship with those I feel make good team members who can move from property to property with me. I am using this property as a learning opportunity. I will walk away with hands on experience, process steps I will use, process steps I will refine, process steps I will stop or change all together, and team members who I feel can help me reach my goal on the next properties.
Melissa H
On September 10, 2003 a single family home in desperate need of TLC caught my attention. Actually, this was about the 75th home that I and my realtor considered as a potential investment property. The property is located in one of the highest appreciation areas for Salt Lake County; called Sugar House. This property had only been on the market for a few days. The property was listed at $169,900, which is a little below market for that area. However, it did have a catch: a housing subsidized tenant with a contract for the next seven months. After an initial walk through, assuming basic cosmetic updates, I felt $150,000 would give me room to make updates, cover selling expenses, and make profit of $10,000. So I made an offer of $150,000. I and my Realtor did market research to establish that I could resell in the low $190,000’s for a quick turn. This is about 5% below market in this area of the city. I called on an engineer to do a throughout inspection on September 18, 2003. We walked through every inch of the house and property reviewing what must be fixed and what could be remodeled. After review of the inspection report, I determined that the house needed more work than I had budgeted. I had already made it clear to the seller that I was buying this as an investment property and I pulled the offer explaining that based on the inspection the cost to refurbish was too high. I could not buy for $150,000, refurbish, and net the desired profit. The seller asked what price I needed and they accepted my $135,000 counter offer. However, while I was working the details of this property, I found a more suitable property that did not have as many issues. As I weighed the opportunity with Filmore two things pushed me to not buy the property. First, there were several items that could not be resolved without significant investment (a) the floor plan on the main level did not allow for two bedrooms (b) the dinning area was small if not non-existent, and (c) the downstairs bathroom that is completely tiled was non-functional. Second, the tenant who had a rental contract for the next 7 months had several complaints lodged by neighbors and the police where involved in at least one of the complaints. Though the $950 in rent would have covered 90% mortgage, prior to October 3, 2003 I pulled out of the deal and regained my earnest money.
Melissa H
Through what I have read and seen on making money in real estate, I have been fortunate to have success. I will admit it is not as easy as some may say. It takes patience, practice, and perseverance to play in this game, but the rewards are great. I have been fortunate to purchase over $300K in properties, that are worth over $750k in value with no money down. The most incredible part is that most of the funds acquired, I did it with out using credit. I found lenders that strictly lend on the value of the property. So, I will say that if you have no money and even if you have some problems using credit… it can be done. We have grossed over $270K in 2 properties, walking away with $70K in our personal pockets in less than 90 days.
Melvin B & Cole M
The first day I decided to join this particular company, I knew one person right away that would see this opportunity, so he did see it right away and he jumped on it. So, the day I signed up I signed up a rep under me at the same time.
Melvin B & Cole M
I have my trading account, and I just started doing real money trading this year (2003). So far I am practicing Dr. Cooper”s first rule: Do not lose money in the market. I have not lost money. My account so far has grown 20%, from $5000.00 to $6,000.00.
Meng L
My website is now live! I was able to partner with an exceptional Art Director/Animator to take my original artwork and build a site using my images. Through exploring our interests and ideas we discovered many opportunities for future collaboration! As a result, I got a website worth 2-3x what I paid for, and developed a strong relationship with a business partner who believes in me, my work and wants to invest and partner going forward!
Meredith M
I am a distributer for a network marketing company that Robert Allen is involved in. I got involved after listening to Multiple Sreams of Income on cassette. I have two websites that list Robert”s name and mine, and I send a copy of the web page to interested parties. I want to get them involved in a residual stream of income, and also the internet side of the business.
Meredith P
I actually discovered network marketing about a week before I was introduced to the EMI institute. Like many, I exhibited buyer’s remorse, compounded by the fact that I really didn”t know what I was doing! By seriously studying the material from this program (reading Multiple Streams of Internet Marketing and One Minute Millionaire, plus the internet courses), I discovered just how amazing my position was. I gained an incredible amount of confidence and went about doing things the “right way”, not the “desperate way”. Since signing up my first member, this has only increased and I get even more excited every day. This is an amazing program!
Merideth P
We have been in the program a little over a year. We looked at many programs before we went to one of your 3 day seminars. We are with you because of your ethics in doing business and your basic philosophy to help others as you help yourself. My brother and I have been close our whole lives. We were in the automobile business for 20 years together. I retired and sold my interest. My brother is still there as the service manager. Since I left, the dealerships have been sold, and his employment is questionable. I wanted to help him to have a second income. He and his Son have purchased three rental homes in St. George, Utah. I also wanted to help my step-son in Vancouver, WA. He is a master carpenter and finishing up with his last year of college. We bought a foreclosure duplex that needed a ton of work. I put up the money and he did the work. We are 50/50 partners. We paid $135K, spent 15K rehabbing and it is now worth between $180K and $190K and can be rented with a $500. a month cash flow. I have bought four new construction properties, 3 in Mesa, AZ and one in Hurricane, UT. With a $5,000 deposit, we went through the construction phase of 6 to 8 months with no additional cash. The builder had $30K to $40K in price increases before completion of construction. I am putting 10% down on 5/1 arm loans. I have chosen to rent them with a $300 to $400 positive cash flow each. They each have $40K to $50K in equity. Thanks so much for helping Charlotte and I build our business but even more, showing us how we can help the ones we love and care about. Our true joy comes from seeing them become excited and self-reliant.
Merv S & Charlotte
I made my first offer on a piece of vacant land. I wasn”t to sure about it so I went and found a partner to put up the earnest money and he also has great contacts with general contractors in the area and realtor so we can develop this lot. It was a closed bid and we were contacted saying we have the highest one. I convinced my new partner to use a multiple bid technique that I learned at Glen Purdy”s seminar in Orlando just a few weeks before. The winning bid is $980,000 we had the property appraised before hand and it appraised for $2,500,000 the asking price was only $860,000. We will have over $1.5 million in equity just buy signing the papers. My partners put $5,000 down for earnest money and I put $0. They were so impressed with my innovative approach that they even paid me to write the offer! I”ll write and give the details of the loan once we get it.
Mical J
It was a cold windy evening in January and I was driving home alone from my weekend home in Lake Havasu AZ. To keep myself company on the trip I brought along several educational tapes. One was a Robert Allen tape on Real Estate. My life, thoughts, and outlook changed a lot that evening. The next morning I contacted Robert”s office and got involved in the Protégé and Multiple Streams system. I studied intently for 2 months before purchasing my first property. My sister and I teamed up, put our money together and in March purchased an REO about 80 miles from where we live. The property had a main house that was a mobile and a garage with a guest apartment above. It had a plastic lined built in pool and an acre of land with adjoining orchard. The pool gave us a lot of trouble and the mobile had to be converted from DMV to deed for us to sell. We paid $108K and the challenges we encountered cost us $35k to overcome instead of the $15k we planned for repairs. We sold for $199k 6 months after the purchase. The second property was a real nice home in fairly good shape. We partnered with another investor who found the property and we put up the rehab money. We sold in 3 months and made $12k on the $20k we spent. My third and still favorite property was a true estate. It is set on 5 acres, has a 6000sf main home and a 2000sf guesthouse. 2 lakes, stables, helipad, wine cellar, gazebo, pool, spa… A realtor told my friend about this place that had the 1st in foreclosure. I contacted the second who was about to lose his $400k. He met me at the property and was ready to get out of the loan and negotiate a discount. With our money still tied up in the first 2 properties I purchased his 2nd with investor money and reinstated the 1st at a 3% interest rate with the original lender using the investor’s credit. We spent $400K and a year in rehab (after figuring out we spent $400K)! I marketed the property myself using the Internet to get it on the MLS and sold the property in Jan for $2,995,000 saving $180k in fees. Went to Italy The 4th property I bought was in So Cal almost in Mexico. I paid $160k with investor money and sold it 2 months later for $265k without doing any repairs. The 5th place was in Palm Springs, purchased a week after the 4th for $270k. It sold in 7 months after extensive clean up for $355k, one month after I quit my 20-year advertising job. Went to Hawaii Number 6 we picked up for $120k and sold to the tenant for $265 with doing no repairs and without setting foot inside the house. The 7th was an REO manufactured house we found in the Arizona desert. We paid $39k did a little clean up and sold it for $65k in 1 month. Number 8 was also in AZ and is the house next door to the vacation home I was at when this all started. It had been vacant for months so I contacted the owner and negotiated a sales price. I purchased the home cash, fixed it up with a few buddies, while hanging out at the river. It turned out so nice I decided to keep it as my first rental. My two buddies moved in and are now my neighbors. Spent this last December and January visiting the world. Number 9 is 800 acres in negotiations
Michael A
My first real TTCA trade…  Got a TTC-A entry on BHP (on the Australian market)on the first day of a substantial rise. Bought $11.50 call and sold (prematurely) after 12 days for a 24% gain. Having realised that my exit was hasty, got back in the next day with the $12 call and exited 6 days later for 55% gain. Exit was an almost perfect Lincoln”s hat on high volume – something else Dr Cooper gave us. Would have made about 88% had I not sold the first call early, it was up well over 100% for a while. Thanks Dr Cooper!
Michael A & Erika A
I recently purchased a home “subject to” and was so excited. I could not believe that some one would sign over the deed to their home for only $100. So I had them sign the deed and took it down to the title company and it was about a week before the title co. even looked at it. In the mean time I had gone in and started a rehab on the place and invested about $2,000 and a lot of labor of my own and friends and family and then found out that I had filled out the deed wrong and it was worthless. Now I had to go back and have them sign another one and they weren’t sure that they wanted to do it. So after several calls and meetings she agreed to go to the title company and sign the right form. So about 6 days had elapsed. I stopped the work on the place not knowing what was going to happen. Well she never showed up to sign the deed. She had rescheduled for the next day and didn’t show and then the next day and again didn’t show. Not only didn’t she show but she moved out of state. In the mean time I found out that her ex-husband was still on the deed and they were on really bad terms. So now it has been 6 weeks of trying to get this all resolved and finally did. They both signed correctly and were back to work. I literally lost sleep over this and put not only that rehab on hold and had the carrying cost with it but I also put everything else that I had going on in this business on hold. I really found it to be debilitating. I can see now why I need to have a dozen projects going at once. Then one set back won”t be the end of the world. And now were off again…
michael b & robin b
I was unable to find properties that would pencil out to show a positive cash flow. When I did there would be a bidding war and it would go out of sight. So I decided to try the larger properties where there would be fewer buyers. I have found several and had to find a partner to make the deal and for mental support; we found a 6plex in disrepair. $299k -no one lived in them except an old man that was rehabing the units one at a time. He had finished 3 so far. we couldn’t go conventional so we found a hard money lender at 60% of the value and 13% interest rate so we made an as offer that would give us a positive cash flow of $225k, as is condition, we would pay $120k and have the seller carry the rest @ 8%, amortized 30 years, with a balloon in 4 years. He turned us down, but we felt good about it. Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michael b & robin b
I received a call from a gentleman who saw one of my Avoid Foreclosure signs on March 3, 2003. I asked him all the questions on the phone. Why are you selling the house? How far into the foreclosure process are you? What is the house worth? What do you Owe? Are there any leins or Judgements against the prpoerty? etc. etc. He felt the house in repaired condition was worth $110,000 +/- He owed $68,000 + on the only mortgage that was 11 years into a 30 year term. He said the house needed new carpet and paint and he owed an estimated $5,000. in liens, and wanted an additional $3500 in moving expenses.  I met with him, put the house under contract and did all my due dilligence. I found he was $2,400 behind on the mortgage, and owed $6,500 in liens and he still wanted $3,500 in moving expenses. I also determined his version of paint and carpet was in all actuality a complete and total rehab of about $15,000. That would all work out to a not so good deal until I ran comps and re-ran comps and was confident I could sell the house after rehab for at least $125,000. I decided to go for it. I had the house Quit Claim Deeded to me. I then paid him the $3,500 he asked for, brought his mortgage current and kept it in place making timely monthly payments. I paid off the liens against the property and did an extensive renovation inside and out. We transformed the house from the neighborhood eye sore to the nicest house in the area. It showed like a model home. Renovations ended up costing $22,000.. But, we were receiving so many compliments from neighbors who just wanted to stop and thank us for improving the ugly house on the block that I decided to push the envelope. I new the house was going to be in demand so I priced it at $139,900. I did not want to lease option because I needed to cash out.  In a city where houses routinely sit on the market for 10, 12 or 18 months I had concerns but my gut said this house will sell. It sold to the 3rd person who looked at it on the 5th day for the asking price. That sale fell through in 2 weeks do to a farely bad credit history. I knew I could take a note and get them in but again I needed to cash out and I new it would sell. I told their mortgage broker I would consider taking a note but I will first put the house back on the market. The next person who looked at it bought it, for the asking price. When it was all said and done I had a seller that was very appreciative of me helping him out of a bad way and paying exactly what he asked for. I had buyers that could not have been happier because they said they found there dream home. I profited a little under $35,000. and tithed $3,500 to my church and spent an additional $350. on Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.
Michael B & Yvette B
After reading Robert Allen”s book on multiple streams of internet income, I could no longer resist to give it a try. I found my niche, and opened a web site on Digital Camera, since I got a lot of good training and experience from the Canadian Air Force. I joined Amazon affiliate program, added links to my web site and purchased some add with Overture. A fairly simple process, and after a week, I had a web site up and alive, and some customers visiting and registering for my free E-Newsletter! Just like in the book! I still need to do quite a bit of work on adding useful content and tweeking my marketing, but I am on my way! Feeling good about the experience and the potential for growth, then I joined the EMI Protege program and I have started the exciting classes on internet Marketing – what a great set of mentors, I could not dream of a better support system! I have also started to build my dream team last week, and these guys are just as excited as I am. I just love it, and I am just about to open-up two more websites.
Michael C
I had put 15 offers in with realtors and unfortunately– they were all rejected. Then, I called on a FSBO and she was a “don”t wanter”. I bought her house for 70k under market value. I can”t wait to find more.
Michael C
I started back in 1994 with my first house. I purchased it for $175,000.00 and went back to work. Well,I finally got tired of a job and was also laid off from my union job in October of last year. I then waited for my wife”s secure job to end and then we moved. I found my house in Las Vegas in November of “03. I put in a low ball offer and it was accepted. So now we live in Las Vegas, Nevada. On my third home, a realtor gave me a hunch. I closed on it and there was an instant equity of $80,000. Now I”m an EMI LEVEL 4, taking all these boot camps. I finally see what is at the end of that rainbow.
Michael C
I have always had a dream of helping people on a large scale. I ran a million dollar Home Inspection Company in my hometown and sold it to a national company. For three years I worked helping them integrate my company into theirs. At the end of three years I resigned and now I am working at coaching others on a national scale. For three months Christa my partner and I worked on dumping my brains and ideas into a manual. We gave away free reports and offered a free tele-class to introduce people to our 3-Day event. We just finished that event and now have 40+ people signed up into our coaching club called the Dream Team. I am living my dream of helping people across the United States and Canada to take their company to the next level and encouraging them to become enlightened in how this is handled. It has and continues to be a heart touching adventure.
Michael C & Christa T
I had started a business in 1984 and risked everything, unfortunately in 1986 my business failed and I was forced to close it. I was broke, in debt, unemployed, ruined credit, with a new baby and young wife, and my home was being foreclosed… I read Nothing Down, learned, and took action! By 1987 I had a net worth of $500,000 and I owned 12 houses that I had bought with NONE of my own money!!!! Since then I have never looked back!
Michael C & Christa T
After looking at over 30 properties, my realtor found a property that looked like a good deal. We walked through it, and it had no major noticeable problems/defects except needing new carpet, paint, and minor repairs. In looking at the comparables, and average cost/square foot for that area, I saw that there was at least $15-25,000 equity in this property (asking price=$107,000 and estimated market value = $138,000) after fix up costs. The inspection uncovered a need for a new roof, which we requested an allowance for from the asking price, and because of our recently opened Home equity Line of Credit for $145,000, we paid cash for it at closing. We”re just about finished fixing it up and are now marketing it.
Michael C & Michelle C
After attending a 3 day training with Glenn Purdy, I started calling real estate ads and also recruited a realtor to hunt for good deals on properties for me. We began looking at 2-3 properties a week, and I also researched the properties from classifieds. After 3 weeks, I wasn”t having much success finding deals or flexible, motivated sellers through ads so decided to focus the limited time I had on the properties with the realtor. We found a townhome that needed new paint/carpet, I wrote the offer, and had my realtor submit it, but it wasn”t taken seriously by the selling realtor because it wasn”t a standardized Colorado Board of Realtors form. We rewrote the offer with exactly the same clauses and qualifiers on that form, and submittted it, but the property had already been sold by that point. From that point on, every offer I wrote on properties with the realtor were retyped by him into the standard format, and they”ve been taken seriously.
Michael C & Michelle C
My wife and I have been in the high tech industry for over twenty years. We have seen two downturns and some amazing high times in between. We have been fortunate to enjoy success over the years and the life that has afforded us. Our daughter was born almost three years ago, in the middle of the worst downturn tech has seen. I was laid off from my company when my daughter was several months old. Thanks to a severance package, investments and savings, I was able to take almost a year off to spend with my baby. This is something most fathers would never have the chance to do and I certainly never thought I would have such a wonderful opportunity. After my wonderful time off, I went back to work with the realization that there really is more to life. We began to look at alternate sources of income and multiple streams of income. When we met Robert and Mark, we realized how in-sync we were with their thinking and methodologies. We had already acquired several properties and realized that with some fine-tuning we could make this work very well indeed. We have acquired several foreclosures and turned two properties that we simply enjoyed, into enjoyable properties that produce cash! Thanks Robert and Mark. We look forward to our new careers and leaving corporate forever!
Michael D
My deals have mostly been no money down property purchases except for the motels. I have puchased 6 houses in the last 3 years with more than 100% financing. I have a agent that kicks me back all commision except for $2000. I ask owners to pay non recuring closing costs. I have also asked seller to bump up the price so i get 100% mortgage then kick me back the money out of escrow. I deal in high end areas mostly. I always find many deals but do not have time or funds for all of them. Buying houses cheap is easy, the harder part for me has been having money to build or fix them which I would like to do. From now on that is no longer a challenge, the money is all there for me. On the Motels I had to put money down but did get great deals. One of them I bought for one third of the asking price.
Michael F
God laid it on my heart to start a foundation for ex offenders as I am an ex offender. When I was 19 and in college I got into some trouble with drugs and ended up serving 3 years in a Federal Prison. My family, parents and friends were devastated as I came from a good family. Upon my release I found it difficult to find work so I started my own business. Seems with background checks these people are paying twice for their crime. I recently founded Street Smart Foundation and Street Level Consultants, LLC. We knew we”d need a business model to support the non profit. Street Level Consultants helps “startup” businesses through the first 2 years with an online model of consulting, training, and education for the small business owner. Both websites will launch soon. will be our product along side the foundation, with links to the business websites. We are also contracting with business owners to say they will hire ex offenders and train them, have the business owner mentor them in the Christian faith, and teach them to be financially responsible with their income. There will also be an investment fund set up for business owners to donate to the Foundation, the funds are then invested, possibly into a business that an ex offender wants to start. The Foundation will have ownership of the business for three to five years or until the ex offender shows they can be responsible, trustworthy and reliable citizens. At that point the Investment fund will begin to sell the business to that person but will retain a 10% ownership of the business for the life of the business. The excess profits are a return on the investors’ investment as well as helps other ex offenders in the future. Street Smart Foundation”s goal is to train 100 ex offenders in the next 30 years to walk in Christ, become self sufficient, wealthy, and to turn around and help 1 offender “each”, each year. Our goal is to teach, mentor and train 10,000 ex offenders to train their families and communities. I doubt I will see that come to fruition in my life time as I am now 37. We have more products and infopreneuring products coming out soon as well to support the business and the foundation. Thanks to you and God for giving me the vision.
Michael G & Joy G
We found a vacant house in nice neighborhood and contacted the owner. The house was valued at 120,000 as is. We put in offer for $90,000 and it was accepted. We originally planned to flip it, but decided to keep it for our home. We fixed it up and it is now worth about $190,000
Michael G & Marilyn G
My success story thus far is the fact I had the sense to enroll in the Protege Program in December, realizing that if I kept doing what I”ve been doing, I”d keep getting what I was getting. Persistence and tenacity have always been some of my qualities, but now with the education and support I”m receiving, I feel like I”m really going to go somewhere and be in great company.
Michael H & Dian H
It took me awhile to finally get on the phone, but once I had I found that it wasn”t as hard as I thought. My biggest problem was making sure I asked all the right questions. Frequently I would get off the phone, look at my notes, and realize that there was pertinent information that I should have asked for. My first offer came today. It was rejected right away but I somehow expected that. I was making the offer now to set things up for a follow-up in a month. This couple is having a house built in the next town over and aren”t really in a hurry to move right now. Once it gets closer to their house being finished and especially if the house they now have for sale is still on the market and they have actually moved into their new house, they will be more inclined to consider my offer. By making it now, it will be there to reconsider if the house hasn”t sold and they are left with two houses to support. So, note to self to follow-up in a month and on to the next deal.
Michael J & Rachel J
We have a home based Network Marketing business which we started in April 2002. Our success is not measured in a dollar amount yet, but in the vision of success we hold for our future as we learn about multiple streams of income and begin implementing them into our lives.
Michael L & Patricia W
I had been looking for a decent four-plex in a nice area for a couple months. I stumbled across a guy who was an out of town landlord who was looking to sell his four unit. The negotiating began. I was so tempted to overpay for it because I really liked the property. With the help of my brother we submitted an offer that we thought was fair, but ended up having to walk away from it. I can”t believe how nervous I was to give the guy my price. I think the first of anything is always the toughest.
Michael N & Marc N
I was a professional basketball player in Europe and having trouble finding a decent paying job in a good country. I didn”t have a plan for when I was finished with ball, so I began to panic when the season started and I still didn”t have a contract. I was depressed and thought the only way to make money was to be a professional athlete or win the lottery. A friend turned me onto real estate and I immediately found my new passion. I began reading every book I could find on the subject and talking to anyone who owned it. I joined the protégé program with my brother and it has helped us both take the first step. I bought a four-plex a month later and my brother is in the process of closing on his second house. We were both employees with no hope of financial freedom, but now we see the light. We have also starting an online personal training business through the help of the teleclasses. The sky is the limit!
Michael N & Marc N
I received my first customer acquisition check sometime in mid February, about two months after beginning my networking marketing career. I had stood by and watched my wife receive checks for many months prior. It was relatively small but I cashed it nonetheless. The residual checks came some months later and mine were consistently one-tenth of my wife”s. I obtained more partners in the following months. It was hard during the course of my then day job as an engineer to focus on what I need to do at work. Considering there were five business partners working at the day job, and only two of them were mine! This was very distracting. I work it when I can and know I am in it for the long haul. Only you limit the possibilities.
Michael P
Well, we are a little late in posting our story, but we are still working. We found zillions of foreclosures all around the country and it is exciting to see so much potential. We have an offer on a $550,000 home in San Jose (explains the high price) and also three other homes in Ohio (where my sister lives). Actually two of the offers have been turned down, because we really low balled them (they are REO”s). So we will go a little higher this time. This is so much fun and so exciting. I wonder why we didn”t start earlier!
Michael P & Arlyn P
In September of 2002 I purchased a rental property in Elk Grove, CA with no money down. The rent for the property has been paying the mortgage. Because of the rising real estate market in the area over the past 1-1/2 years I estimate this property has appreciated by about $70,000.
Michael S & Valerie S
09/25/04 Today wouldn”t be the actual day I put up my first site, but I rebuilt some of my old internet affiliations, and realized that I had a little cash left hanging around out there. Lo and behold I found myself a new affiliation. I had some pretty bad experiences in the past with network marketing, but I found this great opportunity, and immediately a light went on. I got really excited about it and purchased the distributorship and full marketing package right then and there, set up the website and started running my new ad and promo materials on my old banner and traffic exchange programs. -MRD 09/26/2004 This morning I woke up added a couple of new traffic exchange programs. THEN I READ MY EMAIL! There were already four leads in the system that I had generated from my marketing efforts of midnight last night! I started making the calls this afternoon and I already have one person sponsored. I only need one more to receive my first check and five more to make a profit. I have two more weeks to sponsor just one more person before that check. If I can do one on the first DAY, I know I can get at LEAST one more in two WEEKS! I”m really excited and hope things keep rolling at this speed! WOOHOO!
Michele D & Garry H
10/09 Well… we”ve invested all of our cash into three sites so far; one three weeks ago, one 8 days ago, and one yesterday and we”re doing well. I”m currently affiliated with over 30 programs, most of them free, putting in 15-18hr days, and have quit my Just Over Broke to pursue my internet marketing endeavors full-time once again. Site 1: Movies. With a current total investment of $310, has one distributor and two customers. We still need another distributor to qualify for commissions. We have received nothing to date, but we are expecting to roll into commissions at the end of October. Site 2: Traffic/Viral Marketing: We received our first payment yesterday on the site we joined 8 days ago. We invested three times into this one with a total investment of $1250. The very first day with a little viral marketing I had a signup. After the second investment the company offered a triple bonus on new investments and I jumped on it. I knew it was a huge risk, but I have a good feeling about it. With the bonus our investment now totals a whopping $3710 with a 30%/mo. return, but we only paid $1250. The first payment was a small token $48.40. But… our checks this month will total over $1130(including bonuses for referrals so far, this could grow), with a monthly residual of $1113.00. Whoop! If it continues on this level, we planning on compounding a portion of our interest back into this one, although we haven”t decided how much yet. This site also provides me with a way to promote my other businesses for free. Site: 3 Traffic/Viral Marketing; We invested $40.00 of our $48.40 into this one. Similar to site: 2 it offers the same kind of structure, but without the bonus, so we”ll be starting small with a $12.00/mo return, and compounding that $12.00 back in and maybe investing more into this one in the future. This site also provides me with a way to promote my other businesses for free. I”m not there YET, but I”m well on my way. However, I do see the opportunity not too far in the future to put in 50% of that time and make more than 20 times as much. I am also able to be at home with my family more already. My family has mixed feelings about this and we are in a constant state of stress because of the potential risk involved. My husband is very supportive as is my young son, but my adult children are completely losing it. I know that this will pass though as the finances stabilize and they realize that we are more secure because of the “multiple streams of income”. This is a concept that I have been trying to work for years, and maybe it”s just luck or I”m more attuned to looking for the right opportunities, but thanks so much to Robert Allen and his team I have been able to push the fear that this has been creating aside and move forward in my efforts, and I couldn”t be more thankful 🙂
Michele D & Garry H
I just graduated from the University of Washington. I have read books by Mark, Robert and Kiyosaki and I have attended many seminars as a Protégé with my parents. I new that I was not going to get involved working for money….and I decided to get active in real estate and make MONEY WORK FOR ME! I simply started looking for FSBO”s. I drove by a house for sale, made my first offer on my first property, and bought it! Now I”m working on my multi strings of income. Thank you.
Thie is a Short Sale property about 45 min. from Boise (I am uncomfortable with it being so far away, but it seems like a good deal.) original price $69,900, they had come down to $55,000. We offered $38,500. It is in horrible condition, needs wiring, heating, and possible plumbing. I have someone going now to see if the house would be better fixed up or torn down and have just the property investment. I am excited and yet very scared. Will hear this week if they are willing to negotiate.
Michelle A
This is very exciting. We have never dealt with stocks except for our 401k and we never moved them around. For our first week of paper trading we made a profit of $486.00.
Michelle H & Duane H
After spending day after day searching through Real Estate Ads, doing drive by inspections trying to gain confidence taking note of what I wanted in a property, I knew I was ready to go one step further, but I was scared. My credit is poor, which I am in the process of correcting, but still I wondered how I could make an offer and win. I came across an ad for a condo which impressed me when I read, owner financing. I sat alone in a Mall parking lot in my truck, and made the call….trying not to hyperventilate. I wanted to act professional, be taken seriously, and I had nothing to lose being honest, except maybe the chance at my first property. The man I dealt with was more than willing to be accommodating after learning that I had $15,000 in a pension to put down. I explained the QUIT CLAIM DEED, and asked him if he would be willing to do installment payments. HE AGREED! He even lowered his interest from 7.75, to 6.75 to help me lower my monthly payments. I DID IT! FIRST TRY! He even offered to do a second mortgage in time if I wanted later down the road to lower my costs. I know it is ONLY because of the people at ROBERT G. ALLEN Institute, the support advisors, my mentor Kelly Haggerty, Duncan Guertin, Eric Brown, Tom Williams, and the people I have met from the beginning of my venture that has paved my way to success, and I THANK YOU ALL!
Michelle L
So as of 12-19-2003, just a month after joining the ranks of the ROBERT G. ALLEN Institute, I own my first property! I own a newer townhouse condo. It has 3 floors; the basement is finished for another room, with plenty of storage too aside from the extra room. It is beautiful! It has new W/W carpeting, was newly painted, and I didn”t have to do anything to improve it. Other condos next to mine are collecting $650.00 in rents, but after assessing other apartments in my area, I knew my property was worth more. I now have a tenant paying me $800.00 in rent, and I have someone already interested in buying it from me at a profit for myself! Thank you ROBERT G. ALLEN! Your support team is PHENOMENAL!
Michelle L
The great thing about network marketing is that you work with a team and you can benefit from the efforts of others! That”s what I love about networking! I get to help others to not only get a great product, but also benefit from “free” products for life. I had people under me before I ever started to do this business! It was pretty exciting! Once I started – it wasn”t long before I was able to retire from my J.O.B. Today – I have more than 10,000 people under me in my organization from all over the world and my organization is generating more than $6 million a year in sales! Not bad for a stay at home business!!! I love Network Marketing – it truly does allow you to leverage your time and your money! It”s the ultimate retirement plan – because even if I stopped doing the business today – my income would continue to grow and I can even leave my position to my children.
Michelle S & Brian S
I joined my network marketing company – not for the business – but for the products. I started receiving checks before I ever decided to do the business! That”s the beauty of network marketing! It”s all about leverage! I decided to do the business about a two years ago – I made the decision and then I got coached! That made all the difference in the world. Today – my checks are growing each month and my husband and I are essentially retired – not that a real entrepreneur ever retires. I have reached the top level of the company and I get to help people each and every day! Life is great!
Michelle S & Brian S
Joining the Protégé program has been one of the best decisions we have ever made! We are so excited to have reached the $1 million club, but we are more excited about the possibilities of what we can do next in our lives! We are now essentially retired and are able to choose what we want to do each and every day – not what we have to do! We have made money in Real Estate, Stocks and Network Marketing! While making money in Real Estate and Stocks was great – we believe that Network Marketing is the future! It is the ultimate leverage and can provide you with the ultimate retirement! Today – we have more than 10,000 people from all over the world in our organization and more than $6 million in sales is generated from our organization! That”s exciting! We are passionate about our Network Marketing business because we get to make a difference each and every day in the lives of everyone we meet! We are so thankful to have become part of such a great group of people! Mark and Bob are so inspiring and inspire us to want to make the world a better place through the businesses we choose to be involved in. Now that we have created “residual” streams of income – we have the time to explore other streams of income! That is a true gift. We are now free to begin writing books, working more on the internet and following our dreams. We feel truly blessed! Thank you Mark and Bob!!!!
Michelle S & Brian S
Our first offer – Took my partner and I three hours to decide on what we wanted to do with this property, to help determine what clauses we needed, and what was the price we were to offer. We are totally new at this and have not yet gone through the real estate materials. The property needed work on it, owner was oversea”s. Had on Market at $149,000, we offered $115,000 and offer was turned down.
Michelle T & Bryan I
I took the “Creating Wealth Through Real Estate” course from 2/29 – 3/02. After a couple of weeks studying the materials and made 2 offers on March 24. One was for a house that was in foreclosure, and other was an REO being marketed by a real estate agency. Fortunately for the owner of the house in foreclosure, they received another offer during the process of my trying to obtain financing, closer to their asking price. As it turned out, the project (with rehab) was going to more pricey than I was ready to do at that time. The other offer I made was $35,000 less than asking, based on the repairs that had to be done and my estimate of the project repaired value. It was rejected. So, back to the drawing board… Today (April 20) I submitted 2 bids for HUD properties. Tonight my husband and I are meeting with a property owner who is selling 2 fully-occupied buildings – a 2-flat and an 8-flat in order to purchase larger properties. He is motivated (he says) and willing to work with creative financing. Also, we have agreed to take a house off the hands of a family member, who no longer had the energy to rehab and get new (paying) tenants. Again, creative financing. Details to be worked out soon. We have already owned a 2-flat (non-owner occupied) for the last 2 years that we”re are pretty happy with. We just got refinanced at a lower interest rate on that property, and the appraised value has increased $30,000. We”re very excited about expanding our property listings with the intention of keeping some as rentals and flipping a couple of the smaller houses. Right now we are still renting a 2-bedroom co-op apartment. Soon, we”ll feel very comfortable purchasing our first 4 bedroom home to live in!
Michelle W & Michael W
Reading about real estate investing through Bob Allen”s Nothing Down and also attending his Millionaire seminars, becoming his protégé and listening to the tapes, phone conferences and everything, I bought a house on an option to lease on May 16, 2003 at 132K in the north part of Las Vegas. I was able to get a loan this March 9th, 2004, and already, it was conservatively appraised to be 148K by the lender. My realtor says it may hit 180K by the end of the year! During this time, I was able to buy a rental condo at 106K and I get a rent of around 1600USD per MONTH! Using the rental check, I pay TWO mortgages, both for the rental condos AS WELL AS for my house! Thank you!
Michiko N
My partner and I really love and have a passion for all the areas. In 2003, we currently renting a town home and we found a FSBO house and made an offer and the owners accepted. They actually received higher offers but really felt connected with us and thought we would truly appreciate the home. Every day I write my top 10 goals in a journal and one of the goals was “I am so excited to be living in my new 4 bedroom house with a 2 car garage and a big back yard by September of 2003.” We settled in the middle of August on our home that fit exactly what I had envisioned in our home. Before this program, I did not believe I could qualify for a home, since I was self-employed and I had worked in the banking industry for 8 years prior. So my past experiences, I allowed to hold me back and I learned from this program anything is possible. In 2003, we also bought 2 additional properties and have rehabbed them and are in the process of selling them. We are aggressively working the multi-unit area, which seems to be where our passion is and have a goal to have 100 units in 2004. In 2003, we also focused on building an internet business. I took a network marketing company that I found which I loved their products and they allowed me the freedom to build the business how I desired. Last year I created 2 major systems one for sponsoring and one for retailing online and about 12 other sales letter pages, and a complete training website for all who join my group. Not only am I building both areas of my business (eCommerce sales & building a down line) on the internet but I have made it into a duplicatable system for all who join my team to do the same. I now duplicate with using autoresponder trainings, a complete training website and weekly conference calls teaching about the company and network marketing and building an internet business. I simply followed all the coaching from the marketing and internet marketing classes!! Thank you – it has saved me so much time and money having this program and I keep recommending everyone I know to join!
My wife, Jean, works at a college. There are several distance learning courses available at the college. One of her responsibilities is to email students with a list of books they are required to read. We sent the email, and included various websites the students could find their books at. Of course, in every link we sent, we used our affiliate ID to that website. The college was happy, because she went the extra mile to give students direct links to resources that they needed. We were happy because we made our first noticeable affiliate sale this way. The students were happy because they didn”t have to search for their books online. It was win-win-win all around and we earned from it because we added value to the situation!
Mike and Jeanette P
I was a 26 year old airline pilot and had just changed companies for a change from flying turboprops to regional jets. It was a $12000 pay cut that first year to bring my salary to $24000 for a year. A few months later United Airlines declared bankruptcy and I was sent to Atlanta, GA. I was scrambling to figure out alternative ways to make a living out of fear of being laid off. It looked like my job as a pilot was about to end for a few years. A friend told me about the Robert Allen Creating Wealth seminar and I enrolled. I started researching many properties and purchased three with techniques learned in the course. One is a rental, two are fix and flip. One is on the market and the other will be ready to sell in another month. My job has since stabilized, but I now have a new focus. I know if my job ever went away, I have the skills to embark on a journey filled with rewards beyond my wildest dreams! Thanks Robert for creating the course…it is just what I needed!!!
Mike B
I was talking to Norm, my friend and Co-worker at work about this new Business that I had started. I was excited about the potential opportunity that I saw in it, and I couldn”t wait to share my enthusiasm about it with someone. While talking about it, but not yet having named it, Norm asked me if it was a certain company he had heard of. I said “Yes.” As it turns out Norm has a friend who got started in it 3 1/2 years ago, and is currently making approximately $10,000/month at it. Norm, when he first heard about it through his Now Successful friend was initially skeptical, but now because of his friends success, is very interested in it. Unfortunately, though he is interested in it, now is not a good time because he can”t afford it. I asked Norm, if he could afford it, would he do it? He immediately said YES, with NO HESITATION. I told him that I would Sponsor him, and pay his Initiation Fee, and now he is obligated to pay me back. He HATES borrowing money from others and I can see the Drive and Determination for him to pay me back ASAP. We have since become EMI BUSINESS PARTNERS getting our 1st 3 Real Estate Deals together, and working the EMI Program together.
Mike B & Norm B
“Within every great problem lies a great opportunity.” This wise saying has provided me with the perfect business opportunity. Combine wisdom with your personal experience and you can come up with some very unique ideas. Obtain the right mentoring and your ideas can become reality. This is where the Enlightened Millionaire institute has helped me. No longer is my idea just a dream, it is now a reality and very soon it will be known as one of the greatest opportunities ever presented to the world. My idea was born from the aggravation I experienced with Multi-Level-Marketing. MLM has always had awesome potential, but it has always been very difficult to succeed…, until now! I have started a marketing service that finds people that are interested in MLM success. We can provide enough qualified MLM marketers to make everyone a success.
Mike D
Hello, in November I found (through a website) that a house in my neighborhood was filed for foreclosure. I immediately took a ride by the house to check it out, upon arriving I noticed that it had a for sale sign on the front yard so I took the information and called the real estate agent. They were asking $259,900 for a 3 bed 1 bath cottage with about 1100 sq ft on a 6000sq ft lot. The average selling price for a comparable home in this area is around $269,000 in good condition. This house needed work (lead paint, rotted sills, bad odor in basement etc) so I submitted an offer of $209,000 approx 20% below asking price. With the realization that I could close in 30 days, my offer was denied as they accepted another offer slightly higher then mine. I felt good about starting out with my first offer and look forward to many more (regardless of working my 60hr/week job).
Mike H
After paper trading for about 2 months I did my first real money trade and it was a success! The dollar amount may seem small but the success is priceless. I made a 220 dollar profit in about 5 hours. The more I work with Dr. Coopers system the more confident I get.
Mike K & Kelly K
In 18 months, on a part-time basis, I have built a home business through network marketing. I have basically only given up a few evenings and part of Saturday to get to the point I am at now. The purely residual part of my check (meaning if I didn”t work at all next month, I would still get a check) is about $500/month now. The way I look at that is: I would need to have about $300,000 in the bank at today”s interest rates to throw off $500/month (or $6,000/year) forever, without touching the principal. Well, I don”t have $300k in the bank yet. And my organization is just starting to really grow so the residual income is going to continue to increase. I just completed the “Creating Wealth With Real Estate” seminar last week and am focusing on pre-foreclosures. I look forward on reporting my success with my newest stream of income.
Mike S
We moved with my husband”s job two years ago. With the bad economy, I was struggling to find a job similar to the one I had left, so I began freelancing. With two children in college, we were able to stay caught up, yet never able to get ahead. We both realized that with regular jobs, you work 50 or 60 hours a week, yet others are the ones getting rich. When Mike agreed to the Robert Allen program, it was a very big surprise, since he is not a risk taker. After going through the training, both of our attitudes have changed and we are thinking much “bigger” than we ever have. We started looking for our first house. We found a foreclosure in the “hot spot” for real estate. They were asking $294,900. We offered $250,000 and it was turned down. We then counter offered at $267,500 and they accepted. Everyone was shocked. The realtor who was representing the house said she could have sold it many times for that amount; she just didn”t think it would ever be accepted. It was a beautiful 3,100-sq. ft. home in a maintenance-free community. It did require some cosmetic work, so we put in a lot of hard work and sweat–and now it now looks like a brand new home. Since some of the light fixtures were missing, we replaced them, along with the carpet, faucets, and countertops. Everyone who looks at the house comments on how great it looks. We are asking $349,000 for the house and are assured that it is a very fair price. It should sell quickly. We expect to make almost a $30,000 profit. We also have options on 2 condos at Myrtle Beach and they are selling for $20,000 more each! We do have all of our money tied up, but once we sell the house, we will be on our way!
Mike W & Sherry W
After about a months worth of study of Robert Allen techniques, I began looking for property full time in my local market (Baton Rouge, LA). Initially I analyzed about 50 properties, contacted about 10, but had no major success. I looked at other sources on the Internet, such as FANNIE MAE. I found what I thought was a good property in a neighborhood I wanted to work. I contacted the listing agent, a made my first offer shortly after seeing the property. Unfortunately, the financing fell through (100%). This turned out to be a blessing, as the property inspection revealed extensive work required for rehab and making a profit. I then decided to contact real estate agents to find someone interested in dealing with strictly investors. After several false starts located one who seemed perfect. Since my association with him, I have bought two single-family rehabs and three fourplexes. The first single-family property is back one the market, with a potential sale pending. The second property will be ready for resale in about two weeks. The multifamily fourplexes should produce a positive cash flow of $2500/mo.
Miles S
Bought 04 Mar 75.00 (ATH CO-E) for 3.10, Ath, 76.28, call on 8 jan 04. Sold it on 18 Feb 04 @ 10.50 for 339% return on investment!!
Ming-weii P
I am purchasing a trailer with land owner finance no money down option to buy, and going to lease option to buy with someone else. Once done with second contract I will have 4K in hand $130.00 per month for 5yrs.
Mitchell B
I haven”t made any money off this yet, but it”s a success story anyway. You might remember me from the Dec. 1 2003 one-day event at the LAX Westin – I was the gal on the chaise at the foot of the stage. I signed up for the Protege Program just a week or so after receiving the inspiration to start a worldwide nonprofit corporation to empower people to reclaim their lives in the wake of illness, injury and incapacity. Since signing on to the Protege Program, I”ve launched the company”s web site, written mission and vision statements, wrote a marketing plan and a strategic business plan, filed for and received nonprofit corporation status in California, and attracted two top-quality board members. Last week I filed my 501C3 papers for Federal tax exemption. This week, I finalized the details to create a free all-day health event with three other women. Next up, I go in June to complete my certification requirements to become a master practitioner, coach and trainer in NLP and hypnotism. This will enable me to ease anxiety, insomnia and pain when I visit hospitals, hospices, trauma centers and long-term care facilities in my professional capacity. Thank you, Protege Program, for helping me to turn my vision into a reality!
Moira S & James R
Last January, I quit my day job to start a new career. I have created 3 websites that have been only partially performing. I got an idea (I”m certain was divinely gifted} to create a new business. Within a week, I created and pitched a marketing plan for funding. I received a $10,000 investment on 9/1/04 with a commitment of an additional $6,000 within the next 6 months. I will be ready to make my first sale within the next week.
Monica H
The first home that I purchased, after deciding to become a real estate investor, was in April of 2003. I had no knowledge and no experience; however, I knew I would have to move out one day (and soon) if I ever wanted to gain the experience necessary to notice good deals as well as feel comfortable with the deals that I set up. I was very nervous as this was my very first purchase; however, I understood that I was laying a foundation for becoming financially free; not just for me, but for my family as well. That thought made the purchase process a little easier. Nonetheless, because I was a novice to the process, I decided to hold on to this piece of property as rental property. Through this property, I have a net cash flow of approximately 26% of the total rental income on this property. That figure maybe small for now, but as I progress in my career as a real estate investor, I expect that figure to increase. Finally, I must thank the Robert Allen Institute for helping me understand that I can get rich and enjoy what I do. I never really thought that I can control my income (with the sky being the limit) working minimal hours a week. Since I have aggressively embraced my career as a real estate investor, my life has already begun to move in a positive direction. I encourage anyone interested in becoming financially free to take out a little time in your schedule to try it. You too can then experience what I am; I doubt very seriously that you won”t fall in love with your new career as a real estate investor.
Monica S
I bought my first property about one and a half weeks ago now. Time sure does fly! I”ve been cleaning it out a bit and deciding what to do with it. Today I had a couple of guys over to give me their estimates on the work to be done so we should be getting started soon! This is a house that I got through my investor friend James. He did all the work really and was even at the closing with me (the longest closing he”d ever experienced, he said.) He is now helping me with finding guys to do the rehab, guys that have worked for him whom he trusts and guys whom he”s heard good things about. I must give him many thanks for all the help he has been and continues to be. I look forward to each and every step of this venture!
Monika B
I have been learning that Real Estate is not merely buying properties, but building relationships with people. Well, that”s exactly how this transpired. After talking to a very kind real investor on the phone one evening for almost half an hour, I went to look at some properties he was selling one afternoon. While looking at these, I met two other very nice people who were investors, one who spoke with me for at least half an hour, giving me tips and advice as I was more than green. We traded phone numbers, and have since become friends. I consider him one of my local mentors and he has made this almost too easy! He called me one day about a property he had tied up and wanted to know if I might want to buy it. I went to see it, he showed me the numbers and I couldn”t help but agree to buy it. He has since been helping me with the details, has the contacts to do the rehab work; he”ll be there with me at the closing and has just been a very generous and helpful friend. The property will close next Thursday for 25,500. The ARV will be 55,000-65,000, cost of repairs $6,000-$7,500 which leaves the estimated equity/profit to be $22,000-$28,000. Sounds pretty good to me! I am excited and look forward to the whole process.
Monika B
Submitted the offer and obtained a contract on Hubbard Street. Submitted the offer and obtained the contract on 889 Cadet court. Submitted the offers on 4 other properties but did not get the contract. Submitted the offer on Duluth property.
Murali S
I am presently working on my book proposal.
Muriel P
I have a friend who is going through a divorce. We had talked about him selling his house and how much he would take for it bottom line even though he was advertising it for $9,500 more. I offered to help him get out of his mortgage payments by securing financing for the amount of the underlying mortgage plus the 1/2 difference between that and the amount that he would have taken for the house. Time was a big issue for him. He sold it to me for $80,000. I am in the process of financing $68,200 which will give him $13,500 cash and me $13,500 equity. However I think that the house will appraise for $100,000. I didn”t have to use any of my own money to do this – all the costs were financed. I will live in this property. He also had some land that he had tried to sell for 5 years with no offers. I know the people who live next to that land and they have expressed interest in buying the land to build a bigger house on. I am in the process of getting a loan to pay off my friends mortgage. He is willing to sell it to me for what he owes just to get out of the debt. Once I close on that loan I will be working with the neighbors to make it possible for them to purchase the land. If we can”t figure out a way for them to purchase the land I will probably put a cabin on the land and use it for a rental (it”s in a mountain resort area).
Nadine C
When I thought of starting my nonprofit hotline service call “Come and talk you” in 1997-12-24 l feel better” I author a book about the first three months. To market my book I give lecture in every Town or Village to market the service as well as the book. I sold 20 copies at the first 15 minutes and Now I reached sometime up to 40 copies sold on March 30 2004 . Every time I feel It is going down I wrote article in the Newspaper or be on program on TV. or Radio which make the service active again and even better. I am doing this service alone. I don”t have a time working with me. I started writing my second book.
Najwa A
When I was doing my BA, In second year, I needed Money so badly. I had an old house which I inherited it from my father well which worth at that time BD.60,000 but for political reasons the real-estate price went down. But because I needed the money I sold it BD.45,000 with lost of BD.15,000 which was a big amount of money. Everybody looked at me as I was stupid because I did not tell them what I am Planning for. I bought a building with 6 flats with BD. 45,000, I paid BD.35,000 plus 10,000 was loan from the bank. The other 10,000 I paid my previous loans. After 3 years I finished my BA and I sold the building with BD.45,000 with profit of BD.15,000 which was the lost in the beginning. Then I bought a house of BD.80,000 I paid 35,000 and 10,000 for the furniture and the remain of the amount I am paying by installment.
Najwa A
My partner and I decided to become real estate investors in December 2002, and took the training that month. We were so committed that on the way home from the last day of training, we stopped and knocked on the door of a home we saw with a sign For Sale by Owner! We worked our tails off for months… calling owners, trying to make offers, then making offers, studying more and reading tons! Each time we would get closer to a deal, but we could never seem to make a deal happen. Although we were committed enough that we never considered giving up, there were some VERY discouraging times. Then, after 6 long months of no deals, we finally got our first one in June 2003! A triplex that we bought on a Land Contract from another investor! Well, that opened the flood gates. Between June 13 and Dec 3, 2003 we bought over 1.6 million in property, 5 multi-plexes with 13 units. Not only were they all no money down, we collected a total of $40,000 in cash back at closings! If we can do that in our first 6 months of investing…. watch out 2004!
Nancy D & Helen C
I am truly amazed at how easy it is to make a live website url. I have never done anything like this before and it was great seeing those names all lined up after mine who were either members of my down line or pre-enrollees who were test driving the system. The potential is really great and I already have 9 paid members in my down line and I just started. I can”t wait to see what my first check will be! I have a lot to look forward to!! Thank you so much for your help.
Nancy L & Curtis L
I found a foreclosed property that has never been lived in, the builder had removed all the toilets, sinks and appliances. I had wanted to make an offer that I would replace these things, but the realtor talked me out of it. I still made an offer on 1/18/2004. The asking price is $165,000, and I offered $140,000. I have heard that there were other offers, but have not yet heard if mine was accepted or not. Even if it wasn”t accepted, I learned a lot about the process of making offers. Now I am excited about finding other properties to make offers on.
Nancy P
We joined EMI in late July. We have been consistently looking for “distressed” properties or sellers. We have visited about a dozen houses and have put in two offers so far. One of the offers has just been accepted. The house is in an up and coming neighborhood. It is a house that was foreclosed on and is in the bank”s hands right now. The asking price was $99,750. Our first offer was for $88,750 which we figured on after doing the rehab analysis. They counter offered with $95,000. We put in another offer of $90,000 which was accepted. We hope to pull $12,000-15,000 out of this property. We feel that this is a great starter house for us. We are very excited.
Nancy P & Garrett P
We made 8 offers on residential single family homes. We are enrolled in the 90 Day Challenge and hope to buy a property soon.
Nat D S & Ruby
I have accomplished the goal of becoming a real estate agent this year and also owning my own business. I am proud of myself for sticking to it and not getting discouraged somethimes and not taking down times too hard, just remember to keep on going and keep the eye on the prize!
natalie k
I have started my own internet-based business, in June 2003. I sell jewelry on Ebay. It is in the early stages still, I do not devote the time and effort I should and want to it, but it is something that I wanted to do and I am proud of myself for not letting things stand in the way of something I had planned and make it happen.
natalie k
I attended a Millionaire Academy bootcamp in Las Vegas in August. It was during this bootcamp that I felt comfortable enough that I had learned enough to fill out a contract. I came home and immediately began to do due diligence and make offers. I made seven offers within one week. It felt good because I knew that if any were actually accepted, that I had absolutely nothing to lose.
Natalie P & Nancee N
Well, I”m just getting out of the chute, so to speak. My first week of the 90 day challenge, I made some phone calls to some realtors and filled out some profiles for a few properties Arizona and also in Nevada; however, after doing my due diligence, I decided that I didn”t want to pursue any of them. I think I”ll concentrate more on my hometown of Sacramento area and then branch out. For me, just making the phone calls to fill out the property profiles was a milestone. It truly wasn”t bad at all. So my mini success was overcoming the fear of picking up the telephone and talking to people. I can”t hardly wait to make my first offer!
Natalie P & Nancee N
Nathan purchased his first home from the VA foreclosure list in 1994 for his primary residence. When he moved one year later he kept the home as a cash even rental with the intent to increase his holdings. In 2000 he purchased his second home with plans to rent it out within a couple years. After being together for one year, we made the commitment to get serious about real estate and purchased three rental properties in 2002. After one year off we came back with force and purchased 4 properties in 2004 (all on the other side of the country) with another one on contract. We joined EMI in December 2004 and are ready to take our real estate investing to the next level with mulit-units properties with the intent of being able to retire by the end of 2005!
Nathan S & Cheryl S
The mentoring, coaching and study resulted in action…slow, but sure. We have done well and have just really started as newbies. Confident to do a lot better. Thanks to all of you, without whom it would have not been possible.
Naveen K & Michele K
After about 4 weeks of the teleconference courses, I started paper trading in an OptionsExpress account. My first 10 trades netted a gain of $2,730, but only 4 of the 10 were positive…guess I”m not ready for the real cash yet. I find I”m really discourages when I get into a stock and it drops even though I was pretty sure it met the criteria…but I”m getting better at evaluating them. I”ve already noticed a couple things in some of my first losers that would have prevented me from getting in at that time. One of the greatest things about this system is that I”m actually learning to pick and time stocks myself…rather than paying for someone else to tell me what to do. Kind of like that quote: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and feed him for a lifetime”. Thank you for teaching me to fish!
Neil W & Jennifer C
As far as real money goes, I”ve earned zip. I”m still paper trading until I can get 7 of 10 profitable. So far, I”ve been about break even. However, you don”t need money to determine success. My success story so far is that I”m conquering my fear of failure. I am confident that this system will work for me, and that I will become financially independent much sooner than I would have otherwise. Thank you!
Neil W & Jennifer C
This offer was not accepted, but it was our very first. This is a home in American Fork, Utah, age 5 years. Price, $149,000. Value: $163,579. Equity is $107,000. We offered way too low–$89,000 because we listened to CD”s and probably got the wrong impression. Sellers could not accept. We thought about finishing the basement for them, and then when we sold it, giving them a percentage of the profits should they run higher than expectation. He works far away and so they were motivated sellers because she wants to live where he works. The property is in a small cul-de-sac near a railroad track. The city has promised to put a fence up between and widen the road, but has not done it as yet. We did not pursue this because we were not certain we could sell it for the valued price. But we got our feet wet, and from then on it was easier to offer knowing we could back out at any time. The tracks are the detriment. If it turns out to be a real don”t wanter, we”ll try again.
Nels B & Carol B
I am a teacher in Oakland, California. For the past year I have used all of the techniques, I have learned as a protege to improve the climate at my school. I do this by acting as a leader with the faculty. Inspiring children to improve their lives. The present result is that I have been made teacher of the year and have utilized my protege skills to improve the lives of others.
Nestor G
At my first Robert Allen 3-day training, given by Duncan Guertin and Karen Nelson Bell, I found a single family home for the homework assignment. The asking price for the house was $225,000. On the third day of the training Duncan asked the class if anyone had found a deal that we could call and negotiate live in class. I was chosen; Duncan dialed the number on speaker phone. Prior to making the call, I told Duncan the asking price was $225,000, I told him that I was willing to go up to $205,000 with my offer, he advised me to make my first offer at $190,000. He dialed the phone, and when the party answered, it was a single lady recently divorced, Duncan pushed the phone in my face, and in front of the 40 people in the class I began my negotiation. I told the seller that the comps in her area did not support her asking price and that would have to offer substantially less. When she raised some objections, about how much she owed, and how the capital gains taxes were going to eat up her profit, Duncan jumped in, telling her he was my advisor, and asked her a couple of questions to find out really what she wanted. What was really bothering her was that the first of the month was coming up and she was worried about paying her next mortgage payment of about $1000. She admitted that she was buying a new house and the money from this house was going into it so capital gains really weren’t a concern. So, we told her that I would up my original offer from $190,000 to $200,000, and for consideration, I would pay her upcoming mortgage payment, and all of the closing costs, bringing my actual offer up to the $205,000 that I was willing to go up to anyway. When I told her that I could cover her mortgage payment and she wouldn”t have to worry about it, she said “really? You can do that? WOW! That’s a good deal for everyone!” Duncan told her, “that”s what we do, win, win deals”. She had dropped her price by $25,000 and agreed to the deal live in front of the whole class, everyone was cheering and high-fiving. It was an incredible thrill, and has given me the incentive to get out there and work work work.
Nicholas C
I found a house in a neighborhood that I liked. It was for sale with an agent. I used the seller”s agent, got to know the seller”s and found out we came from the same state as the seller”s. I built a very good rapport with them. They wanted us to have the house and they were willing to keep the price in a level that we could qualify in, giving us about $69,000 in instant equity.
Nicholas C
At the end of September of 2004, I attended the Creating Wealth with Real Estate seminar in Las Vegas, NV. On the first day of training we were assigned homework to call FSBOs (for sale by owners) from the newspaper and see if we could make some offers. On the third day of the training, the instructor asked if anyone had found a deal that they would like to work on live in the classroom. I was sitting in the front row and waving my hands wildly in the air, I was chosen to try to do my deal live in the classroom in front of about 50 people in the class. I had already spoken with the owner, she was divorced and had been renting the property, and now the house was vacant and she just wanted out, I felt that she was sufficiently motivated. Her asking price was $225,000 reduced from 250,000. Before calling, my instructor advised me to offer 190,000 since my top price was 205,000. The instructor dialed the speaker phone, and when she answered, he pushed the phone toward me and I was \”on\”. I offered the 190k and wow! she had many objections. Knowing that it was near the first of the new month, my instructor felt that one of her concerns might be having to come up with the next mortgage payment. So, I adjusted my offer, telling her that I would be willing to go up to 200k and I would pay her August mortgage payment, AND I would pay all of the closing costs (bringing my total up to about 206K). She got excited that I would make the mortgage payment, and agreed to my offer over the phone and infront of the whole class, she dropped her asking price from 225k to 200k. The whole class was cheering and high fiving! It was an extremely exciting way to make my first offer.
Nicholas C
Our family relocated to Canada in July 2000. The conditions were that we start a business and employ 1 Canadian within two years. After a lot of prayer and seeking we bought a Franchise in May 2002. In September of 2003 we opened a brand new 2nd store and had combined sales of $1.4m for 2003. Our personal networth has more that doubled during this period. We have been tithe givers for more than 30 years and give our heavenly Father all the honour and thanks. We would however now like to move to the next level.
Nick B & Maria B
My journey towards financial freedom and independence began appproximately 3 months ago when I started the 90 Day Challenge. Equipped with Robert Allen”s techniques and guides, and began searching for properties and contacting owners with my trusty property question sheets and bargain finders. At first things started out slow because I wasn”t exactly sure which questions were more pertinent than others. Eventually I caught on and started to get some good leads, eventually going to see the properties I was interested in. Finally one day I ran across an ad for a house for sale in Coney Island, Brooklyn and when I contacted the owner, I learned it was listed by a broker. At the time that didn”t alarm me, but now I know better, I will explain this later.\r\n\r\nAnyway the broker and I spoke for a while before we both realized the house I was interested in really didn”t serve my purposes mainly because if its location. I was looking to get into an area that was once desolate but was on the come up, a neighborhood possibly undergong the similar transformation that has occurred in Harlem, NYC over the past decade. That neighborhood appears to be either the Bedford Stuyvesant or Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY. Both of these areas historically are known for its drug presence and constant violence, however lately when driving through these neighborhoods you can sense the change taking place. Theere is a lot more building activity occurring with more and more vacant lots popping up with signs of upcoming projects in the making. There are more and more stores developing to cater to a more diverse population now entering these neighborhoods, fitness areas, sushi and jazz bars, similar to areas frequented throughout the Manhattan section of the city.\r\n\r\nIt was then I realized I wanted an investment property in one of these two areas. Conventional wisdom told me with the New Jersey Nets moving to Brooklyn in the next five to 10 years with real estate investor Bill Ratner heading the development team who will potentially rebuild downtown Brooklyn, it was an opportune time to gain a piece of Brooklyn before it was too late. Like many people, I missed the opportunity to gain a piece of Harlem where its now common andd acceptable to see houses selling for 1 million dollars. I didn”t want to miss another opportunity like that, so I told the broker to direct to homes in these two areas.\r\n\r\nHe immediately showed me two gorgeous 2 family frame homes in both neighborhoods of interest. Both homes were fully renovated with all new anemities. However one stood out more than the other, a house located at 237A Sumpter St. in Bed Stuy. What was curious to me was the address, 237A, why the A. Well it turns out 237A Sumpter St. is the address for the home, while 237 Sumpter St, without the A, is the address for an adjacent vacant lot! Now this opened up several other windows in my head, the potential to either own this vacant parcel of land in the near future, or to see someone else who owns it build on it will only improve my investment”s overall future potential. \r\n\r\nI instantly fell in love with the idea of owning this 2 family beauty, a 3 bedroom duplex over a 2 bedroom apartment with a backyard. I put an offer on this house and the owner came back with a counter offer I couldn”t refuse after doing the comparables in that area. We ended up agreeing to a price of $400k, where homes similar are easily selling for $450k and up. The seller also agreed to a 6% concession to help with the closing cost which I would eventually pay back to the bank in the form of a mortgage, including all other principle and interest. \r\n\r\nThe next 2 months was the biggest challenge of my life. I faced a few roadblocks, one being the home was owned by a rehabilitation corporation less than a year, causing a conflict with several bank”s seasoning requirements. The owner was very anxious to sell, which according to Robert is a plus, however in my case it became a headache because the owner had already been burned by one poten
Nigel M
Five years ago we were at the bottom of the barrel. My husband, Matt, was the only income earner and we were stressed out! We had always told our family they could always live with us before having to decide to go to a nursing home. Our words met our test of character. We ended up living with my father-in-law and FIXING all the problems he got himself into…legal and otherwise. The most stressful part is that our family then became divided over what would happen to his assets, if any, once he passed away. Of course, we were thought of as opportunists, yet nobody offered to step up to the plate.  \r\nAlong comes a letter in the mail of a free seminar located in Anaheim, CA by two well known authors we knew well–Bob and Mark. Sitting there I knew this was our ticket out. Not only would it provide “Multiple Streams of Income” but an opportunity to help our parents in their old age. We were totally caught off guard as to their medical costs, legal costs, living expenses, etc.\r\nWe started our journey with less than $18k to our name, which was dwindling fast to protect ourselves from our family attacks on May 3, 2002. We faithfully listened to the Real Estate teleclasses first being my husband was a General Contractor and we both knew about real estate appreciation here in California. We were both VERY gun shy tho”. My husband had filed bankruptcy due to a real estate crash in the early 90″s here and I was worried our modest savings was needed for more attorneys. These monies weren”t earmarked to invest with! You know females, we LOVE SECURITY! I strongly believe God opened the door to the next chapter. \r\nTo make a long story short we started out with no money down literally. We were then known for our help to seniors and an elderly lady we knew very well ended up needing to be placed in a nursing home due to health issues. Her home was the eye-sore of the neighborhood. She had received notices from the city to fix certain code violations, etc. There was no family to help her. Her attorney approached us with trading our time to look after her affairs against a personal note for equity in her home. Since my husband was a contractor he could also remodel the home wholesale to save money. We were very apprehensive especially since we were still dealing with all the family stresses. What helped us get out of our comfort zone was the Conference Calls with the Masters. Each week we heard from ordinary people, just like us, that struggled themselves, just like us. Each week we gained more and more confidence. We started taking on their habits of waking up early, reading, exercising, and we PRAYED!! Eventually, we decided to help the woman. Her health was deteriorating and she needed help! She didn”t like the nursing home she was put into and she kept asking us to help her move into a place she could be happy with. We threw caution to the wind and couldn”t turn our backs on her request knowing one day someone will help us when we are in need. Once we got her situated we sought out appraisals to determine how much money to put into the home so that it would pencil out to sell eventually. It was HARD WORK!!!  We did a lot of the work ourselves in the midst of all the stressors but we prevailed and made a HUGE profit. The rest is history so they say. Midway, of that project, our lives started to turn around. It was as if our hard work, all the time we gave to two elderly people, sharing about God”s peace to the woman in the nursing home, not GIVING UP, etc. was paying off all of a sudden. Doors were opening up out of nowhere. We purchased our first home in Nevada thinking we were going to move there so that we could save money and keep investing in real estate and bring our two new elderly “family” members along with us. Well, only half that dream happened. Our lady friend ended up passing away but not after seeing her finally married to her long lost boyfriend. That”s right! She was beautiful. We gave them a reception with the help of the nursi
Niki C & Matt
I moved to CA a few years ago to Sausalito in Marin CO. I really wanted to buy a home after seeing how gorgeous that area is! So I began reading Robert Allen, went to a Dolf Deroos seminar and Milena F. was a very supportive element in my education. She loaned me her materials and helped me to get going. I was looking at RE a lot, researching foreclosures and looking for deals. Soon I got my real estate license. I started looking at properties for myself as well as other people. Dolf De Roos said to look at a 100 of properties so I just looked and looked and pretty soon I could recognize a great deal. I kept making offers on homes with partners; I made 4 offers that first spring, took partners so I wouldn”t have to put too much money down and met many people with distressed properties. I sold two homes that first year. My second year we were relocating to San Diego. The homes seemed a lot less expensive here! I was immediately able to see myself comfortably buying something but in the year it took to move ourselves the market was rising at 40% in some areas! I made about 6 more offers on homes with my family. We got an inheritance and decided to partner with family and get a home with an in-law unit. We finally came across a distressed property only 3 houses from the beach that we loved! It was distressed because it had 4 very sloppy people living in it who smoked dope and paraphernalia was everywhere! They didn”t want to move out, loved the location and had trashed the house. The tiles were broken, dirty, the walls were stained and their water leaks on the roof. It hadn”t been cleaned ever it looked like. We didn”t care! It was a beautiful white Spanish home with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and it was only 12 years old. It”s easy to fix superficial flaws so we bought it, helped the owner pay to get the tenants out and bought it 10% off at the market price of 6 months ago, when the neighbor”s house sold. It was a great negotiation though stressful and the seller ended up thinking I was a better realtor than his and asked me to represent him in his next transaction. I used my commission to fix up the property and we built an in-law unit for the family. Now we”re landscaping, we take walks by the beach all the time, mom and dad have become friends with the artist community and we feel very blessed to live in a million dollar home for our first property with no money down! Now the property has risen 30% in value and anything close to a million is a deal on the street! We found we can rent it for 5k a week in the summer time and plan to take a trip abroad and make more money than we would working!
I am a single mother. I just divorced not longago but have been seperated for over 2 years. I have 1 child and my Mom live”s with me. I just bought my first house ,it`s not big (900sqs),it`s not new ,it need”s some fixing up ,but I am so proud of myself. I can do it.
Noly L
After reading One Minute Millionaire I decided that I need to get my grazing property on a sound financial footing before I began working on other areas of Income. So I signed up to do RCS” “Grazing for Profit” school. I have since introduced grazing charts into my business; cut up more paddocks; employed a workman for one day a week to do all those little jobs that never got done on a regular basis. Which has given me more time to “work on my Business”! I have lifted my cattle numbers considerably, but with it have come problems not previously encountered. In the summer months I won’t have enough water getting to where I need it. I have the water available but not in the right places. So at the present time I am planning and researching a new water delivery system & then will need to get it installed in the next 2/3 months. I have approached my bankers and increased my home loan [deposits for Real Estate purchases] and increased my overdraft so that I am able to purchase more steers as they become available. I have recently completed Dr Cooper”s options trading course and have had a shift in my paradigms re share trading. At present I am reviewing my notes, revisiting tapes and manual to clarify issues. I plan to start paper trading in June.
Norah P
After taking the Creating Wealth class, I bought 3 properties in 15 months. Working towards retirement, have learned a lot in this program. Thanks Robert and Trish and Stephanie!
Norm N & Dottie N
After the 2003 Protege event…I started doing offers for my clients on the Pre-sell of new developments- Del Webb Communities and finally buy myself three (3) homes and made $250,000.00 on the first & 2nd home and now again bought one in SOLERA-Apple Valley which should close this coming March. In just 11 months I have made $500,000.00. By the way, I sold 11 homes and another 7 homes this year. Thanks for your books.
Norma G & Jeffrey G
Just getting into this Protege program is a success all in its own right! 25 weeks of scrubbing pots in the back of Manolo”s kitchen in Denver for breadcrumbs and beer, living in my car and saving the $10 a day he paid me to get gas money together to come on out to L.A. to wake up to my millionaire assets. Thank you for the opportunity!
Olivier T
I wrote a manual for the State of Florida Department of Banking and Financing for the 24 hour Mortgage Broker pre-licensing course. It got approved in October 1st 2003, and The Real Estate Institute in Kissimmee Florida is using it for all new applicants to take the state exam of Mortgage Broker in Florida.
Oscar M