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My success thus far is based on quality of life. My childhood taught me what not to do, and how I did not want my life to turn out. Coming from a dysfunctional family where divorce, addictions and domestic violence was the norm, I”m thankful and proud to say that I survived and became a stronger more determined woman. I”ve been married to my dear husband Layne, going on 20 years, gave birth to 3 beautiful, amazing children (thank G-d), including twins… (Survived that thru the terrible twos…just joking). I”m the 1st in my family to graduate college with a 4yr degree. I was the first college student in Florida to ever receive an Emmy Award! I wrote and produced my 1st network TV segment when I was only 21. I”ve discovered what it takes and how important it is to be spiritually fulfilled, and how to share that richness with others. Ran a production company with my husband (a 13 time Emmy Award winner) for 10 yrs and produced for network TV. Passed my real estate exam with a 99– (but that dark voice made me think I”d most likely fail!) After 2 years as a licensed realtor, made the decision to start making great deals for myself rather than clients and I”m beginning an exciting phase of life, learning and growing as a real estate investor. Thank you guys!

Faith B & Layne B


I recently purchased a home no money down by taking over the sellers loan “subject to”, and having the seller carry back a second mortgage with no interes and no payments for 13 months!

Frederick T


Philadelphia is a tough market. Since February 2004, and after numerous attempts to either purchase or assign a property we decided to move into the Delaware area. Finally, 3 months later, our first deal, a sweet deal, (10% below market value), a 13 on the property scoring system. It was a 4 bedroom with a large yard, and an up graded kitchen. We gave $500 earnest money with 10% down to satisfy a mortgage company. Everything on our part was set to go. Then, the deal fell through. The sellers wanted out. Oh No! Our deal fell through. Little did we know, we really did do a deal. The sellers gave us $4,100 to cover our fees PLUS extra. WE DID A DEAL. We got $2800 out of a deal that went sour. YEA/h! How many times can we do that before making a profit (smile). Way to go!

Florence C & Mitch P


Wow! This is the first time “I” have done anything “just me”. I made the decisions (experienced the agony of making a decision (decisions have been hard for me), knowing I would live with the consequences), I came up with a plan, and the “biggie”. . . I opened my mouth and asked for help. With the encouragement and support of my husband Danny (a true gift from God), and Wanda my mentor (she has been an inspiration. . . a super human being!), together, we made this happen. And believe me, it has been a LONG TIME COMING!!! I began as a protégé in November of 2003. I was so excited, knowing this was an answer to a prayer. Money concerns would soon be a thing of the past. Then the day after Christmas, my father was diagnosed with cancer, a very ugly and aggressive type. They scheduled his surgery for the middle of February, and proceeded with additional tests. Needless to say, my studies and progress as a new protégé were relatively nil. Wanda, my mentor, was great. I was making no progress as far as making purchases (When I started, I read, researched, and from the testimonies, I just knew I would be creating income streams in a very short period of time), and becoming very depressed and discouraged. Wanda was so supportive and encouraging, telling me to just hang in there. . . things would be fine. She would NOT let me give up! I was registered for the Orlando retreat in January. As it approached, I questioned whether or not I should attend. My Mom said GO! My husband Danny and I drove down and had a great time. It was a life changing experience. We left Orlando and returned home different people. However, the day before the retreat ended, I called to check on my dad. My mom said the doctor called (actually he called the day we left for Orlando, but she didn”t tell me) and said daddy”s surgery could not wait. They rescheduled and he would be having surgery on Tuesday, the day after we returned from Orlando. It was a very scary and uncertain time. But, I am happy to say that his 15-hour surgery (the surgery to remove the cancer and the re-construction) went well. He recently completed his treatments and is cancer free. Although he will never be the same person as before the surgery, I thank God every day for his continued healing. I am getting back on track, as evidenced with the July 8, 2004 closing on my first purchase! Yea!!!

I visited the Gulf Coast with the intention of purchasing a “pre-construction” property, only to find out it had been taken off the market. I looked at several other properties. However, they sold the very same day. This property just seemed to materialize out of nowhere. I looked at it, agonized over the decision (this is my very first purchase), called my realtor and told him to write up a contract. The asking price was 199,900. I told him to make an offer of 192,900; he said, let”s try 190,000. I said, ok – sounds good to me. He brought the paper work by my hotel around 9am the following morning. I signed, gave him an earnest money check for $1000.00, he presented the offer around 10 a.m., they called back around 2 p.m. the same day with the acceptance. No counter. I was in shock. Now what do I do?

I have a friend at my local bank. (A very conservative individual) I put together a presentation on the market in this particular area, pictures, and why this would be a great investment. Of course, he gave me a lecture on all the things that could go wrong (horror stories), then he agreed that he thought it was a great price, and a good start for me. I asked to open an equity line of credit using the property as collateral, along with a small piece of local property as collateral for the “fix-up” costs, and to possibly defer payments for 3 months. He agreed with everything, except, he suggested the payments be deferred for 6 months. Can you believe it!?!? I said “thank you”. No money down. I opened a new account for my new corporation, he prepared a cashiers check for $190,000.00, and I have $20,000 (plus$20,000 more if needed), for “fix-up” to be accessed as needed, although

Frances K


A lawyer told me about two probate properties that were for sale. I contacted the representative of the estate and made an offer on the hood of my car and submitted with a $100.00 down payment check for each property. One offer was for $15,000.00 for a two bedroom home and the other was $25,000.00 for a double. The representative refused the offer, but later I was re-contacted by the new representative of the estate who accepted the offer. We closed three months after the offer was made, due to the court review of the offer. I sold the properties on a land contract one week after I sold them for $10,000.00 each more than I paid for a profit of $20,000.00. The new owner had to clear up some credit before obtaining a loan. I loaned her money to buy insurance and repair the houses until she could be financed. Within 4 months, she had rehabilitated the two properties and obtained a loan. She bought the houses and repaid the loans I made her. The rehabbed houses appraised at more than double what she paid. She currently is renting the properties to low income Section 8 tenants.

Frances M & Faye O


Change all stock to one broker also change attitude about self to a can do.After husband die lost a lot of hope for my future.Things are starting to change I now belong to toastmaster.I am now able to sell the land on our airport.

Frances S


When I began planning my website 10 months ago I hit a major roadblock. I didn”t know how to build a website myself and I didn”t have the money to pay someone else to do it. I knew that my website would have to be updated weekly so I decided to teach myself HTML. I found lots of HTML information on the Internet and, once I started, everything just seemed to flow. I took my website live less than two months later. I started my newsletter, Spreadsheet Tips From An Excel Addict, and in 10 months I have over 1,000 subscribers in 52 countries around the world – though the spam filters are a big problem. I believe this is a great base to begin applying some of the EMI money-making principles.

Francis H


I sold a covered call on Secure Computing (SCUR) for $433.03 profit.

Francois B & Susan B


Well, I spent the first 30 days working on my infrastructure and I”m proud to say a big component is finally done. I have effectively launched my marketing campaign with the initial launch of our public web site (domain name address being witheld to comply with the rules and regulations of the Millionaire Hall of Fame). Aside from the initial launch of our website, we have also accomplished the following in our first 30 days: 1. Corporate identity – company logo, stationery, and business cards design. 2. Web Marketing – registered with Overture, Google, and Yahoo to gain marketing presence on the web and affiliated search engines. 3. Advertising Material – working with a design company for 5″ x 7″ postcards and stationery printing of company letterhead, #10 envelopes, and catalog envelopes. 4. Designing Sell Sheets for each of our service offerings. Working on putting together a credibility kit to handoff to prospective lenders and investors, as well as clients. 5. Registered with affiliation programs to generate additional revenue via the world wide web. 6. Setup/Registered a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with the state of NJ. 7. Setup/Registered Web Hosting Services and Domain Name Registrations. 8. Working with the Marketing & Advertising departments of all major Financial Investment Publications as well as Real Estate Publications. 9. Enrolled in local Real Estate Investment Groups. 10. Working on publishing a Press Release announcing the company”s formation as well as our intial web site launch. 11. Working with an embroidery company to order 50 Polo Dress Shirts and 20 Atheltic Sportwear Shirts that will contain our corporate logo. These will be used handoff to prospective clients as parting gifts, and any affiliated partners. 12. Working with local newspapers to prepare for printing of our corporate advertisements on weekend newspaper editions (targeting the Real Estate Sections). 13. Working with billboard affiliations to advertise on billboards come last quarter of 2004, or first quarter 2005. This was our goal. To build a solid infrastructure around an agressive marketing campaign so that we can have everything in place as we get ready to provide service to our customers. Our goal was to have the marketing presence ready to substantiate our claim and position ourselves with any investors, realtors, sellers, buyers, home owners, lenders, etc… By having all this intact, it gives our service offering much more credence and viability and provides a stronger value proposition not only to our customers, but to the entire real estate community.

Frank C


My relationship with Bob and Mark started in the late 80s, and their combined teachings have had a profound impact on my personal and professional life. I purchased my first Nothing Down property in 1988, and all other purchases since then have been Nothing Down deals for me. I currently own 14 residential and commercial rental units, with Starbucks Coffee being my best tenant! I took the same principals and applications that I learned form Bob, and purchased 4 dental practices with Nothing Down! I retired from dentistry on December 24, 2003 (at 42 years of age), and I anticipate closing on the sale of my practice next week.

Many people often question my decision to retire from a successful career in dentistry with a sense of bewilderment. I think most of those people are operating from a very skewed and limited belief system, combined with their own fears and false sense of security. There is no doubt that I could have succumbed to the attitudes and opinions of those people that believe if a person is successful in one endeavor, they should do it forever, or until the age of 65, whichever comes first (Ha! Ha!). I have learned from Mark and Bob that to live a life of passion and Purpose, with abundance and prosperity, and a lifestyle of choice is absolutely possible! I am extremely grateful to both Mark and Bob for making a positive difference in my life, and I hope to have the same positive effect on others.

Frank W & Annette W


I am highly enlightened by the fact that I am the first Hong Kong person found in the Protege Program so far. I bought and read the One Minute Millionaire book not long ago in Dec 2003. Being motivated by the Enlightened Millionaire concept written by Bob and Mark, my desire to become an Enlightened Millionaire is rolling bigger and bigger. It is such a life changing opportunity for me to join this Protege Program. The most amazing thing in this program is I can learn with guys at the same pace while I live in Hong Kong – the other side of the globe! Even though the culture, the market demand, the legal system, and the economy in the Hong Kong real estate market are different with those in US; I want to prove that the principles given by Bob and Mark are applicable not only in US but also in Asia too! I believe the opportunity ahead of me is abundant. And I am definitely enjoying the first mover advantage of this Protege program in Hong Kong! To everyone”s success!

Frankie L


Shortly after our 1st class in “Creating Wealth with Real Estate”, our partner got a call from a distressed out of town property owner 4 months behind in mortgage payments. HE OFFERED US a sales price of $90,000 (well below the market price), of course we accepted after we accessed the rehab cost and loan cost. We took a hard money loan out, in a few short days began the rehab and in 1 months time completed the rehab and put the home up for sale. We did learned a few things about “seasoning”, however we were successful in selling the home 4 months to the day of purchase for a sales price of $155,000. After all loan cost and rehab/partner cost- we made 15,000 on our very 1st deal and gladly tithed $1,500.00 to the Florida United Methodist Children”s Home!

Fred M & Lynn M


After looking at three apartment buildings, that were in less than desirable locations and over priced, my Realtor showed me a four plex that was not listed yet. I didn”t know what the seller wanted so it was difficult to know what to offer. After doing a comparison of 4 plexes that sold in the last 12 months showed me this property was priced too high. When looking at current properties of similar vintage and square footage this building was priced ok but not good. So I proceded to do a cash flow analysis and discovered that if this was going to work for me I had to offer substancially less. After inspecting the building I knew I needed to replace the carpet and paint inside and out. After discussing my optons with my Realtor I concluded I could get rents of $500 from each unit after improvements. They are currently averaging $450. From there I researched mortgages and a price I could live with (meaning a positive cash flow of $350/mo). I talked with my coach at EMI and felt more confident I was on the right track. So on 10/29/03 I made an offer lower than I thought would settle for, leaving negotiating room. The asking price was $210,000, I offered $185,000. The seller countered today by splitting the difference ($197,500). I told my agent(buyers agent not sellers Realtor) let”s counter at $192,000, still leaving a $350 cash flow. I believe I will get the property at this price; I will know tommorrow.

Fred B


Bought 3 properties simultaneously, using no money down technique.

Fred R & Mel R


We have just purchased our 7th property. It all started with a second property that we built in 1993 for $140,000 when negative gearing was the hype. After 4 years the market here in Brisbane Australia was going nowhere and my husband was stressing over the debt and wanted out. We had a non serious offer that would have seen us lose $15,000 after agent”s and selling fees. I convinced my husband it was a bad move to lose money, that the market would turn someday and all it was really costing us was about $50 a month, so why stress. After all it was good debt. This house is now worth $340,000. Just goes to show you should always ride out the bad times with real estate because it will always come good. However we learnt that negative gearing was not a good thing. That was the first and last property we have bought that cost us money.

We moved to another area in 1996 but kept our previous home and rented it. This made really good money and the other one that cost us helped to even out our taxes on the total rental income. In 2000 we bought a shop for me to run my photography business from. It was a no-brainer as the repayments were less than my rent; it was bigger and in a much better position. After 6 months a real estate agent asked me if I would lease it to them. A smaller shop next door became available for less rent so I said yes. Their rent paid not only for my new rent but also paid my mortgage! I sold the business soon after for $96,000. I had only used $6,000 to start it 10 years earlier. I still rent the shop but now we make over $1,000 a month clear profit. With the money from the sale of my business we helped our 20 year old son buy his first house and bought another rental property but this time I was “educated” from mentors like Robert Allen and many other books on investing.

We bought this one no money down. We used the equity from our other properties. I chose the house for a specific niche market. Student or share accommodation. It was a big house with 4 bedrooms and a 2 room apartment or granny flat as we call it in Australia. We converted some wasted room into another bathroom and an ensuite. We have 4 people sharing and 1 in the “apartment”. 5 people paying for each room rather than 1 family. We earn $500 per week which is about double normal rent. It can be a bit of a pain to manage but at the end of the day it”s worth it for the returns. What excites me most about this deal is that we did not put a penny into buying it; we repay interest only therefore all interest is deductible, plus we make $500 per week. We thought aha we just need a few more of these and we can retire!

The house we were living in at that time was huge and we were about to become empty nesters so we decided to rent it out as share accommodation too. While we did make good money for a while the house always had an empty room or two because it was not in an ideal location for this kind of tenant, so we sold end of 2002 and bought a suitable house in the Gold Coast near the university our younger son was attending. We rented the 3 rooms upstairs out and our son took the whole downstairs till he finished his studies. That house now makes a little profit but it was expensive to buy but was in a huge capital gain area, so we have made $100,000 in just over a year in increased value, plus we were able to give our son a place to live without losing money on rent.

In 2001 we purchased a couple acres on the river nearby, through a council auction for $160,000, saving at least $20,000 at the time. We paid no money down and even got another $20,000 on top to build a deck to take in the beautiful views. This house where we now live, just 3 years later is now worth over $600,000. During this time I took the trip to Las Angeles to attend the Multiple Streams of Income seminar where my mind was opened to so many things I never even knew existed. I have put much of what I”ve learnt into practice.

Our most recent purchase just 3 weeks ago was through an agent that I had told previously that I was an investor looking for a b

Freya O & Don O


Since learning of Robert and Mark”s techniques, I decided to try my hand at building my own website. I always knew I wanted to start an internet business, but the “how”s”, “what”s”, “who”s”, “when”s” and “where”s” were quite intimidating! I kept reminding myself of what they said about “creating a niche” and “doing something you love”. I never really realized that all the education and experiences I”ve had in the past, coupled with my ambition and desire to grow and learn, would help me get my business off the ground! I wish I could say I”d had great success, but I”ve only had my website up for a few days. However, this is just the 1st of my endeavors (one income stream of many more to come!), and I am very excited about it”s potential. I thank Robert and Mark for their vision, and for their willingness to share it with so many! Especially me! Thanks.

Gail M


Purchased a home for $399,000. Did $12,000 worth of improvements, sold it for $475,000 with a profit of $63,000 I was going to hold $40,000 as a second mortgage, but the mortgage broker, instead of a second showed it as escrow. The attorney cut the check to the seller. Therefore I had to come up with $40,000 in 1/2 hour to close the deal. I went online at my office and transferred $25,000 from my credit card to my checking account and deposited $600 plus money from my regular checking account to cover the $40,000. The deal was closed. I learned this technique from Tom Painter and it gave me the confidence and courage to act in the midst of almost losing the deal.

Gail S


I wrote my story in act of courage re: buying a tax lien certificate at the auction in Arizona Feb 2004. I studied the entire home study course, went to our local courthouse to familiarize myself with the recorder’s office and information available there. It took a lot of organizing to get coverage for my current base business taking care of frail elderly and keeping my cell on vibrate to take calls while away. I stayed two extra days to make this happen, changing airfare and plans. I got lost in bad parts of town because of roadwork etc. When I got to the auction they had passed my properties that I had researched and driven by even though I had guesstimated where the auction would be. This was a real let down but I went back the next day and hit it again. I would put up my paddle and by the time I could open my mouth the auctioneer would be on the next property! I put my paddle up a number of times and spoke a bid and kept at it until I got a 13% bid. It was small but a start.

Gail S & Carol K


I went to Arizona and did my research on real estate property, registered, got my bidding paddle, and went to the tax Lien auction. I estimated how far the auction had moved and when I got there they had passed my properties. I also had some problems with being on the tax assessor’s computers instead of the tax collectors computers and was very frustrated in not being able to find everything I needed. I came back the next day instead of relaxing and drove an hour to the downtown courthouse. I got lost because of road construction, detours etc. and was in some very bad areas of town. Determined to buy at least one tax lien certificate. It took me some trial and error to keep ahead of the auctioneer, and get my paddle up and my mouth open fast enough to get a bid in. I was in there with the big guns or big boys as they call the banks and professionals and finally got a small tax lien certificate at 13%. I had my very colorful plot map from the tax assessor’s office and made a nice display of it all on my wall. I missed it at security at the airport and called the airport from the plane and had them fed ex it. Great Experience!

Gail S & Carol K


One of my first real estate successes involved a home in foreclosure. I sent out numerous letters to homeowners who had received Notices of Default. One of the homeowners received three letters from me before responding. He wanted help escaping foreclosure and further damage to his credit. He had some equity in the home but realized that he just needed to be able to walk away clean and downsize his living situation. I was able to close the deal with the owner within a week of first being contacted by him. I advertised the home with signage in the neighborhood and near a highway. A gentleman from Ireland saw the signage, drove by the home, and contacted me. I showed him the home and he wanted to negotiate an offer. We came to an agreement within a day or two and closed on the deal a week later. Total time from contact with the seller to closing with our buyer was about 16 days. The profit was about $15,000. It was a win-win-win deal for everyone.

Garry G


During the Millionaire Academy in Las Vegas back in Feb., Glen Purdy gave us a homework assignment. That assignment was from a random selection of attendees create a fictitious corporation, name it, and give it a mission statement, find, fund and farm, real estate. Well by the luck of the draw I was put together with a group of folks who decided to take this challenge seriously. We all contributed $8k each and created a real corporation. We established Creative Dream Catchers LLC, meet via conference calls weekly and have put under contract 12 acres of land in Las Vegas. A total of 11 individual residential properties that we have combined and had re-zoned Office/Commercial. We are entertaining ideas from developers for partnerships to build a condominium office park.

Gary D


When we bought our home, it was appraised at $65,00. We offered $45,000. Price accepted was $49,500.The property has appreciated to $85,000.

Gary G & Cassandra M


I called on an ad in the paper. The couple was retiring and wanted to get rid of their rental. It was being rented out, and I made my offer of $29,900. It was at market value, however I learned a lot from this first offer. It was accepted. I have a $107 per month positive cash flow on it.

Gary H


I bought a rental property from a couple that was retiring. I offered full market value, but I didn”t use any of my money. I used a partner, who took out an old insurance policy out to make the down payment. We are currently recieving $107 positive cash flow per month. I learned a lot from this transaction, just getting out there and buying a home taught me a lot.

Gary H


I heard that the bank had come and taken a neighbors 2 vehicles because he was behind on payments. I also heard he may be going to foreclosure. We had just finished the Robert Allen Creating Wealth with Real Estate 3 day class, and I took the information I had gained in class, went to the courthouse, talked to my mentor, and went to see the property owner. I had already learned the amount he owed the bank, the day the bank would take the property, and that he was motivated to sell. I negotiated a price, wrote out the offer, and went to the title company to get the deal started. I finished lining up the financing and have a closing set for April 21, 2004. Thanks to the training we were given and the help and encouragement we got from our mentor, we were able to put this deal together and get a signed contract 2 days before other investors heard about this property and started to make calls and offers.

Gary H & Christy Z


Well, for starters tom told me to quit using all caps, I don’t really type or use computers but I have purchased over 40 rental properties. I still work full time (old habits-security blankets- are hard to part with) but can see the end of the tunnel when I can go full time, I look at lots of properties make lots of offers and keep on keeping on. If you still doubt properties cant be bought no money down, let me know I’ll send you a copy of a check I got at a closing for 22,134.00. It was app. at 98000.00, I bought for 50,000 got an 80% loan for 73000, and I’m going to use the 22000 to do a flip property, have a great day.

Gary T & Dedra T


In the spring of 2001, I had just started a media marketing and promotions company and was handling all advertising and PR for a local bank. A former employee of mine, from my days as general manager of a TV station, had been named general manager of a local radio station group that published a lifestyle magazine as a side venture. He called to invite me to lunch to see if I would buy ad space in the magazine on behalf of the bank. At the lunch I quickly realized the magazine was on shaky financial footing and headed for extinction. Instead of buying advertising, I offered to create a marketing plan to save the magazine. The radio station”s owners liked it so much they suggested I buy the magazine and carry out the marketing plan on our own. However, he wanted six figures for the publication, even while admitting the magazine was losing $15,000 a month. After some wrangling, we agreed to purchase the magazine for less than the cost of the tables, chairs and computers. We told the staff we would have to get to break even by year”s end or we would shut everything down. We used our home”s equity as operating capital and went to work. Three-year”s later, 417 Magazine in Springfield Missouri is the fastest growing city magazine in America and revenues this year will exceed $1.4 million dollars with profits of more than $250,000. Meanwhile we donate more than $25,000 per year to local charities in cash, ad space to promote their events, editorial coverage to bring attention to their work, and allow the charities to sell magazine subscriptions as fund-raising premiums and keep more than half the subscription fee. In addition to borrowing infopeneuring ideas from Robert Allen, in the summer of 2003 we purchased an office condo to move our expanded operation, using nothing down strategies.

Gary W


Hi folks. Everything seems to have come together for me since starting the Enlightened Millionaire Institute. I borred the $5k to get on this programme by putting it on a credit card whilst on holiday in July 2003. I have NEVER been in credit card debt, but that was my way of committing, being bold, and mighty forces have come to my aid!Something about the way Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen is doing things has really struck a cord with me, timing is eveything and the Nothing Down programme has been a winner. One of the course instructors said we want you to Fire, Aim , Ready!! That”s exactly what I did! Within two weeks I had found a suitable property which led to a profit of £5.5k ($8k)

The first few properties I looked at were not suitable, I found that the bargain finder is laser like in its precision. The property was in fact lying empty for some time. The estate agent said was, “Its 39k, but we are open to negotiation, nobody seems interested.” Two professional valuers valued the apartment at £42k and £45k respectively. The asking price was £39k, I offered £36k, the seller came back asking for £37.5k, I accepted. I already had someone to rent it to. I was in business. I was able to get an 80% bank loan at 5.5% (And also an agreement to fund 4 other properties up to a value of £400k, from the bank. I can now go ahead with starting a portfolio buy using the equity on the first property to fund the next four>. I also raised £48k in equity from my own home to fund other investing activities)

I learnt alot through buying this property, I made some mistakes (like not getting enough comparables) and there were times when I got a bit down. But through listening to the recorded CD”s and teleconference calls (live is a challenge because I live in GMT) and the books, I have just felt enough confidence and courage to take control of my life and just do it. Hearing that other people just like me, across the globe, are making the same mistakes and enjoying the same successes made me realise something. I can do it!

I gave up my full-time job, and have now embarked on a full-time focus on property. I am very excited, to be doing what I now think I was always meant to do. I can also spend more time caring for my wife who has multiple sclerosis and is expecting our fourth child in March. Our domestic situation was the catlyst for me getting into the whole thing. I am allowing myself to be cash flow free. Wow!

Gavin G


Hi folks. Everything seems to have come together for me since starting the Enlightened Millionaire Institute. I borrowed the $5k to get on this program by putting it on a credit card while on holiday in July 2003. I have NEVER been in credit card debt, but that was my way of committing, being bold, and mighty forces have come to my aid!Something about the way Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen are doing things has really struck a cord with me, timing is eveything and the Nothing Down program has been a winner. One of the course instructors said we want you to Fire, Aim , Ready!! That”s exactly what I did! Within two weeks I had found a suitable property which led to a profit of £5.5k ($8k)

The first few properties I looked at were not suitable, I found that the bargain finder is laser like in its precision. The property was in fact lying empty for some time. The estate agent said was, “Its 39k, but we are open to negotiation, nobody seems interested.” Two professional valuers valued the apartment at £42k and £45k respectively. The asking price was £39k, I offered £36k, the seller came back asking for £37.5k, I accepted. I already had someone to rent it to. I was in business. I was able to get an 80% bank loan at 5.5% (And also an agreement to fund 4 other properties up to a value of £400k, from the bank. I can now go ahead with starting a portfolio buy using the equity on the first property to fund the next four>. I also raised £48k in equity from my own home to fund other investing activities)

I learned a lot through buying this property, I made some mistakes (like not getting enough comparables) and there were times when I got a bit down. But through listening to the recorded CD”s and teleconference calls (live is a challenge because I live in GMT) and the books, I have just felt enough confidence and courage to take control of my life and just do it. Hearing that other people just like me, across the globe, are making the same mistakes and enjoying the same successes made me realise something. I can do it!

I gave up my full-time job, and have now embarked on a full-time focus on property. I am very excited, to be doing what I now think I was always meant to do. I can also spend more time caring for my wife who has multiple sclerosis and is expecting our fourth child in March. Our domestic situation was the catlyst for me getting into the whole thing. I am allowing myself to be cash flow free. Wow!

Gavin G


My thanks to Dr Cooper and fellow students for a great course. These first trades have been a great learning for me, even though they were paper trades I could still feel an emotional pull !!! I was able to make some winning trades and gained insights from the not so good ones. I look forward to moving forward keeping on growing and learning. One key learning I would like to share is that it is important to know when not to trade.

Gavin V


This is my first ever website !!! many thanks to Steve and Jared for putting together a great internet 101 course which really does bring in the money. My income stands at $39 at the moment after my first week, not much but I”m just getting started !!

Gavin V


Many thanks to Steve and Jared for providing a great course, the getting started section most helpful in guiding me step by step through the tasks discussed on the conference calls. I have submitted my entries to Overture and Google and look forward to making my first ebux !!!

Gavin V


After reading Multiple Streams of Income, I invested money in the Vanguard 500 after it had been sitting in a moneymarket acct. for the past three years ($80,000)–I have now made $34,000! We are now starting to do option trading.

Gayle B & Lyle H


After taking the marketing class, I set up a seminar, made a flyer and ad–I now have 8 women coming to a monthly 3 hour retreat I call “The Women”s Soul Spa”.

Gayle B & Lyle H


The only one I really think is important is the purchase of a luxury rental home I made in the spring of this year. I did it with no money down or out of pocket (paid $1.15 million) and was just informed that the appraised value 7 months later is $1.7 million and you know appraised values are always low. Based on my knowledge of the real estate market and location, the home is valued conservatively at $2,000,000 and probably even more. (My neighbor across the street whose home is smaller than mine says his is now at $2,000,000). The important point here is–without the knowledge I gained from going to the seminars, I never would have had the nerve to even get into this type of bidding event. It took me 5 months to make the deal, but make it I did. The house is even fully furnished and brings in a weekly rental income of $2500 to $4500 per week depending on season.

Gayle C


This is just the beginning of a new learning experience. When I started with the Robert Allen program it was with the intention of ensuring that as a family we had a million dollars worth of assets by the end of the first year. Well, I made that goal but oh, how you have expanded my horizons.

In Multiple Streams of Income Robert Allen talks about spending one year on a different stream and doing this repeatedly so that you end up with multiple streams of income. My first year was spent on real estate. My second year is focused on Infopreneuring and I am working to make that a success. With a combination of 10 books, a quarterly research based magazine, a course that is available both as a live teleclass and on CD, you can see that I have taken his advice to heart and am making progress towards my second goal. I am even getting ready to publish a major text book (co-authored) in a new field of health care. I have found my niche and it is exciting.

I love learning but you have encouraged me to look and learn in areas undreamed of and never considered. I cannot thank you enough.

Gaynor G


Offered 900,000 on $1.1 million 24 unit apartment building with split down payment. Seller verbally accepted, but his accountant advised him not to sell for 2 more years because of tax consequences. He refused to accept my request of right of first refusal. I almost had a good one with a good cash flow! Haven”t found a good one since.

Georganne W


Having attended the Creating Wealth and Millionaire Academy workshops, I used the team to locate and purchase two lots in Florida. Using NINA loans (no income, no asset) and the appraised value of the houses if they stood today, I was able to get financing for the construction of two homes. The lots are under contract and will be closing the last week of September (hurricanes permitting). The construction financing is in place due to my team”s relationship with lenders. With only $2, 600 of my cash, $360,000 financing and $400,000 in appraised value. I have a gain of $38,400. The apprehension before signing the contracts was stifling. I called a friend who has substantial developing experience and he (fearing for my well being) advised me to walk away. In reality, he was not familiar with the Enlightened Millionaire approach and, as people do when they are unsure, threw up the red flags. After one sleepless night, I woke up and decided to be positive rather than negative. I did do the deal and am waiting for the confirmation that the property closed and blueprints readied for submission.

George O &


I bought two lots in Florida for development. I got a NINA loan for construction and lot purchase. Paid $1000 down and balanced financed as well as construction loans with team from the Millionaire Academy.

George O &


I have one investment that is currently returning me about $16,000 per month and I am still proud to be listed in Robert Allen”s Multiple Streams of Income book.

George S


Although the process seems slow. We have purchased our second property though an real estate agent. It took the seller 6 weeks to come to agreement on a condo. She was asking $139,900 and has done 2/3 of remodeling in the unit. We offered $130,000 and she pays all closing costs. After counter offer 4 we came to agreement that we would pay $130,000 and each of us would pay our own closing cost. We are finishing remodeling and will put back on the Market $149,900. Right now we are in the process of negotiating on 20 Unit apartment building.

Georgia N & Jim W


We found a condo below market value through the MLS. It is in great condition. We are still in the negotiation stage.

Georgia N & Jim W


After combing the Los Angeles market in vain for weeks, I began searching in happier hunting grounds. This led me to the Palm Springs area. I picked up all the local papers and began looking. I figured the smaller and less professional looking– the better. Following an ad to a home, and agent, I ended up meeting a great agent and finding a new area altogether. An area that was a slug and yet in the most rapidly appreciating county in California. That”s saying a lot! I ended up buying an 18 acre parcel of vacant land and getting hooked up with both a builder and agent. We are going to build 9 beautiful Pueblo style homes on it. Our net gain each should be around 500K for one year of challenging, creative, empowering work.

Georgia R


Back in February of 2004, I took my first class as a protege. It was Denise Michael”s “Info-Marketing 30-Day Quick Start.” Since then, I have taken the 8 week “Info-Marketing Strategies” and “Writing an Awesome Book Proposal.” From the Info-Marketing area I moved on to Steve Waters and Jarad Severe”s “Internet Site Building 30 Day Quick Start,” and on to Jeanette Cates” “Internet Marketing 30-Day Quick Start.” What an adventure! As of today, July 8, 2004, I have created my own website, with a weekly newsletter, and a related affiliate products page. I have 66 subscribers to the newsletter, from Australia, England, South Africa, and throughout the United States. In addition, I have just completed my first e-book, and should be uploading it to my website by the end of this week. It will also be available for sale to other affiliate vendors. It has been an exciting (if exhausting) ride. I can see the potential, and look forward to a wonderful source of revenue within the next few months.

Georgie A & Joel A


On February 10 I heard from a friend that there was that $5,000,000 home down in St. George up for auction, and that the bid price started out at $1,700,000. I was told that it was a government seized home. So, I decided to take the weekend off and go down there, also with the purpose for looking for some rental homes down there. I contacted the realtor that my friends had talked to and had her show me that home. It was huge. And there were all kinds of people there, looking and making sealed bids on the home. After walking through the home, which seemd like a little hotel to me (13,000+ square feet) I asked my realtor that I wanted to make an offer on it. Then she just gave me the bid forms and regulations. So I started reading it, and the more I read the more nervous I got. Then I started to fill out the bid form. My wife said: “What are you doing, you are not going to by this house, are you?” I said: “No, honey”, and proceeded filling out the form. Of course, a $10,000 deposit was required with the bid. So, I thought, what the heck, and wrote out a personal check for $10,000 and now I had to come up with a price I wanted to bid. So, I thought for a moment, “what would everyone else bid, how could I outbid everyone else? Not that I thought for a moment that I would get it. I mean, there were all kinds of rich people out there. I could tell by the Mercedeses and BMWs out front. Then I thought, a lot would probably bid $1,700.000. So, I thought, some smart you-know-what would probably bid $1,700,001. Maybe someone would try to be smart and bid $1,700,100. So, I bid $1,700,101, and put the bid form and the check in the envelope, sealed it, and dropped it into the box. And left it at that. Then we proceeded to look at some houses I could possibly by as rentals, and then decided to call it a day. Never thought I would ever hear from it again. What suprise (actually: shock) when someone called me Monday afternoon on my cell phone: “Congratulations Mr. Kiessling, you won the bid!” I almost fell of my chair. Now, I got really nervous, “how am I going to pay for this?” etc, etc. I stuttered “thank you.” and hung up. I fell back into my chair. Now there was no time to lose. I called my mortgage broker, talked to fellow investors, etc. I had to come up with 10% down payment within 72 hours. My $10,000 check was no good. (Shh, don”t tell anyone). But after one week I got my tax return, then it was good. After a couple of weeks and several extension on the contract I found a hard money lender who put up the down payment for me to save the deal and put up the rest of the amount up to the $1,700,000. So, now that gives me time to get financing on it and pay off the hard money lender. And I didn”t have to come up with any money out of my own pocket. I didn”t even have to put down the deposit. The hard money lender came up with it all. I have it listed now for $3,500,000 plus furnishings and art work for another $500,000.

Gerd K


On October 4, 2004, we marked the first day of the 90-day challenge by closing on our first investment property. This is a condo in Palm Springs that we plan to rent out as a furnished vacation property. We have instant equity of $15,000-20,000 and got $7,206.26 back at closing! We already have lined up renters for February and March, and have a possible renter for the month of January, and we haven”t even advertised yet!

Germaine H & Pierre


Thanks to the techniques that we have learned from Robert Allen and Carleton Sheets, we made a first almost-no money down offer to buy a condo in Palm Springs. We made a downpayment of only 5% and negotiated a $10,000 credit for paint and flooring (we had listed this as a “giveaway” item, so we were surprised when they accepted this!). The sellers accepted the offer reluctantly, as they had hoped to get full price; and when they decided they wanted to take with them a hideous dining room chandelier (just the previous day we had been discussing just how much we disliked it), but we also negotiated for the sellers to leave several thousand dollars of patio furniture in exchange for it. We are getting into the property for 15-20K below market and will be getting cash back at closing!

Germaine H & Pierre


I used my system and trainers” experiences to develop a system using leverage, which will generate income for me and my family even if I am unable to work.

Gil L


A group of four women, 3 of who were protégés wrote a book about women and masterminding. We wrote a book proposal and took it to the book expo 2003 in search of a publisher. We are still looking….feedback has been positive. As a result of my experience, other people are asking me to “teach” them what I learned.

gin k


Made 11 offers through the mail to real estate agents. Some called and asked if further dealing was reasonable. No offers solidified. I also made several cold calls on the phone to get details about fsbo properties. I have bought no property yet with rga methods though want my own home using these methods.

glen w


My first offer was one of no fear. I was riding in my truck with 3 EMI students and our mentor (Katy). As we were passing a house with dead grass, over grown brushes, and no garage door, I said to our mentor I had not seen any cars in the driveway for at least the 3 years. There were 3 cars in the drive as we passed. She said stop the truck, let”s knock on the door. Before I could stop her, she opened the door, and said follow me and let me do the talking. After knocking, a young man about 22 yrs old opened the door. Katy asked if they had thought about selling as we were investors and were buying in the area. The young man said he was the son of the owner and they would like to sell. The mother and father were there, and their son and daughter were visiting. We walked around the house as the son explained he why he cut the water off to the grass. He didn”t like cutting the grass. We met the mother and set and appointment for Saturday at 6pm. I knew on Saturday I would be on my own. The mentor was with us from Mon.-Wed. On Saturday I received a call moving the appointment up one hour, because they wanted a brother in law there with them. At the meeting I explained that I was interested in their property, and didn”t care what shape it was in. I knew from the sales in the area about how much I could spend. The house needed about 65k of improvements, and the owners wanted 260k. I told them my offer was all cash, and I needed no appraisal, or bank loan. I would pay all their closing cost, and when did they want to close? They said 2 weeks would be fine. I explained I would work with them and maybe 30 days would not rush them so much. They though that would be fine, and we set the closing date. I didn”t have 260k, and didn”t want to put up a deposit. In my offer I never mentioned a deposit, and they didn”t ask. I started looking for a buyer a week later. I waited a week because my mother was ill and lived out of town. I called a few investors and set up a time for them to see the house. I told the owners my partners needed to check my numbers, and would be stopping by. The investor”s didn”t like my 330k asking price, and beat me down to 310k. I took it. I assigned my contract with 5k deposit non-refundable, and 45k at closing. Total time 13 days or about 6 hours of hands on work. Profit $50,000. The guy I assigned to, assigned to a third person. Always leave money on the table; just make sure you eat first.

Glenn B


My first success in Real Estate investing came in a round-about way. One of my golf partners had a brother in Detroit that was looking for partners to invest in a 10 plex. He was not ready to invest but remembered I was just in Detroit attending a Foreclosure Bootcamp and that I had just researched the area. I hooked up with the brother, who is a lawyer, who has a contractor partner, and we jointly put a 10-plex under contract. We look to be able to pull out over $250,000 via a refinance and roll that into the next ten plex. The owner we bought this from owns 6 more, and we plan to take them all!!!

Thanks for the ideas and the confidence. This committing to the cosmos and myself really works. It feels like this deal found me!

Glenn T


I submitted my first offer thru a real estate agent after the Millionaire Bootcamp. After learning about the “subject to” clauses, it made me at ease to be able to move forward with less fear. The offer is still pending.

Glenn T


After living in rented apartments for the last 15 years, I purchased a home in a good neighborhood with little money down, and two loans which cover 100% of the purchase price. The house appraised at $5,100 more than the asking price. When I began to read Robert Allens books, he said that if you didnt own a home, your first purchase should be your own. Using his techniques, I was able to find a wonderful house that has great re-sale value. I am still unpacking boxes but I believe that I am on my way to many more properties that will produce income.

Gloria W & Elizabeth W


After reading Multiple Streams of Internet Income and the One Minute Millionaire, I developed a web site using a reading method for teaching dylexic children. It was developed by my mother and partner and she has always regretted that she didn”t publish before retiring.

Because of reading the internet book, I used a build your own site to include merchant services, an e-zine, and support articles. We have a unique niche with a unique method.

Gloria W & Elizabeth W


We have a reading method, developed by my mother that she never published before retiring, that is a one of a kind method for teaching dyslexic children and other problem readers. We made the first sale in the bank while opening our business account to a parent who worked in the bank.

Gloria W & Elizabeth W


My success is defined not only by the real estate I have purchased but also by the new partners in which I have shared this amazing journey toward success. In just three short months I have gone from sitting in an audience at a free all day seminar in September to purchasing and now currently renovating two investment properties. In addition I have partnered with a couple of friends who have complimentary skills (design/creativity, sales and financial/investing) and were walking down a similar path looking for the way toward success. Somehow it all clicked with us and within a month we started on our first two properties. While we have not yet sold a property as they are undergoing renovation we have agreed to set aside 10% of any profit to begin seeding a charitable donation account. Being a part of the Robert Allen Protégé Program has been extremely satisfying to the heart and mind. Without the training and resources available I would not have been able to begin taking action toward achieving financial independence. Prior to the program I had read lots of real estate investing and motivational books and listened to tapes. Nothing to date had inspired the kind of action, confidence and level of competence I have as a result of the Protégé Program

Gloriana P & G G


Since becoming a member in the Enlightened Millionaire Institute, my wife and I have purchased on a part time basis, one single-family house, one triplex, and a 12-unit apartment, in addition to two, 5-acre lots for investment purposes.

We are now comfortable using some of the techniques we have learned in the course in 02/04 and have acquired over $1M in investment property, and still going!

We look forward to continuing to build our team, acquire more properties, contribute to charities and people in need and do this on a full time basis within the next year. Thanks Robert Allen Institute for making a difference to us!

gordon k & heather k


In April of 2001 I became a Protege. With Robert Allen”s guidance, My wife and I now have a Real Estate Investment Company with over 20 properties.

Greg D


My wife and I had always worked hard and had saved to build our first home, we worked very hard and were able to pay it off over time, we also paid off our old second hand car and we thought that by doing this we could live comfortably, we were on a very low income of about $300 per week (aussie$) but we owned everything, then reality struck, we had 4 children, we had rate payments, insurances, car registrations, school fees, electricity bills, gas bills, telephone bills as well as day to day living expenses. We did up a budget and realized that more money was going out than coming in, we had to do something, I started working extra jobs on weekends, but I never got to spend time with my family.

We started reading books and went to listen to some speakers on finance and we decided we wanted more from life, we had set things in motion. I then applied for a job in the mines and got it (which is a story in itself). We moved and were able to purchase a mine home for $8,000.00 interest free terms, and then we were able to rent out our 1st home.

This was the start of many changes in our life, We were able to go to seminars and learn, we joined a network marketing company and traveled from Australia to America to the convention in Salt Lake City where the guest speaker was Mark Victor Hansen. We have nearly all of the Chicken Soup for The Soul books, so we were quite excited to see Mark, shortly after returning home we found Robert Allen”s website and after listening to the conference call decided to join the EMI.

It has been an amazing, inspiring journey, we now have 10 investment properties with a value of over a million $ and a net value of over $600,000 which we were able to purchase using the equity from our home, but what is more amazing is the difference that this has made to so many people, our children are learning with us, our eldest Daughter has just purchased their 1st investment property, our second Daughter is reading all of the books (she especially loved The enlightened Millionaire) people are constantly coming up to us to ask us how we did it, we now have much more freedom with our time and even though I”m still in the Mine at present, that is one of our goals this year to retire from a JOB and live off our property investments and the Network Marketing business.

Greg M & Judi M


I discovered a way to support my family using the internet, and I love it! It was my dream to be an entrepreneur, and through the EMI instructors, I learned how to make $5000-$6000 a month. It took me four months to get to this level. And I expect it to keep growing.

Greg P & Lesley P


Bought Nortel stock, 5 days later sold it for a 30% profit. A couple weeks later I bought first options, bought 3M options and sold them 30 days later for 150% profit! I lost on some trades as well, and am a little under break-even at this point, but I have made many trades and learned so much. I know that I am becoming a savvy trader and will be in the black very soon. I am confident you will see me in the GAIN and GIFT columns shortly!

Greg S


I am very excited about this, even though this is only my first offer. I learned so much from the seminar, but I was frozen with fear, and that fear stopped me from taking action. I kept putting off talking to sellers because I felt I didn”t know enough to do this. I read some more, and decided to just give it the ol” “give it your all” attitude. I made 10 calls in a week, and found a property that looked like it fit what I learned. I ran some numbers, and decided to give the seller a call. We met, we talked, and had a very open conversation. I worked with a mortgage company to figure out my best options. Well I wrote my very first no money down offer. They are currently in the process of reviewing with their lawyers and realtor. This first experience has allowed me to get the ball rolling and really setup the momentum of continuing to look for deals. In fact I go this weekend to talk to two more potential sellers, and plan on writing two offers. I want to say thank you to the Robert Allen Institute for a wonderful seminar, and for encouraging people to be better than they ever thought possible. I love this business.

Greg S & Caterina G


I bought a HUD property after searching many homes. I wanted a property that would be easy to fix up for my first time. Now that I have closed and am planning to rent the property.

greg w


I found a property through the MLS and I calculated the comps in the area and figured it to be a potentially good deal and I submitted an offer for around 75 cents on the dollar through my Realtor and I was told that it”s looking pretty good. I am very excited, but somewhat subdued at the same time. I don”t want to get my hopes up too high, and perhaps get disappointed, but it feels great to finally have that first offer out of the way. I did it! I went through the process and now know what it”s like. A big barrier of FEAR has been kicked down! I”ve been a protégé for about 6 months now and I just recently made the decision that I am a Real Estate Investor and started acting like one instead of pretending. I spent about 5 months pretending and I felt pretty overwhelmed with all of the information/books/tapes to listen to, etc. and then I got to the point where I got mad at myself and I just made the decision to just get started and see what happens. I went out and bought my business cards and got myself out there finally networking and “working” and things are starting to happen! It”s exciting just to think of the future possibilities!

Gregory H


I attended the American Dream Tour with Mark Victor Hansen a couple of weeks ago and I was introduced to a software to use for trading stocks called WizeTrade. I went to an all day training after I purchased the software and then I started to paper trade using the techniques that I learned. As a result 7 of my 10 trades were successful and I would have realized a net profit of $1310.00. I am ready and confident to start trading with my own money now.

Gregory H


This modest initial success comes simply from being teachable. Over about 90 days, I have consolidated my credit, moved our assets to my wife”s name, tuned-up trusts, took 6+ EMI courses, compared notes with many other proteges, began to build a team, rummaged through a number of would-be opportunities, passed on at least one okay deal, took the plunge on this one. Learning has increased my confidence. Consulting with others demonstrates there”s no reason to get into any “really” stupid situations. Acting makes me eager to find the next one. I have also learned that there is no scarcity. There is only abundance. Things began to change almost right away, once I got it. Stay tuned…

Gregory J


Uaing the no money techinque, I bought a home with 4,000 total down for first and last month lease option to be executed within one year. House is valued at 560k now appreciating @ 2% per month. Got investors to put up money, and financial statement in case I need to purchase home before end of option.

Gregory J


Needed a place to live, in California, did not think it possible as my credit was bad, had no cash, and the sticker price shock paralyzed me. I bought the home with 1,000.00 towards first month, and a 3,000 deposit. I borrowed this money. Got the owner to do a lease option, with a 1 year maturity. My plan is to sell it in 7 months for the 2 to 3 percent compounding appreciation.

Gregory J


I started my own commercial photography business in 1980 at age 20, it has been my PSI all my adult life. One of my dreams (at age 13) was to live in the mountains and build my own house. Twenty years later in 1993 I moved to Evergreen Colorado. I was doing casual research in building houses and a few years later my wife gave me her blessing to build our own house. It took 3 1/2 years and 20 contracts on land to finally find something we liked and could afford. In the process of planning the construction it turned out if we could get our driveway to come through the adjoining lot we would save considerable money on our driveway. The lot was empty and for sale and they would not give an easement across it. We put in a very low offer on the property, and stated in the offer that it was only due to the need for the easement that we were purchasing the land. Our offer was accepted and now we had 2 lots. I had a friend who built spec homes and he offered to consult on the construction of a spec. We were now in the building business. I did considerable pre-construction research and planning and as a result we completed a 3000″ structure in 5 months and sold it for our asking price in 4 days on the market. Perhaps I could have gotten more but I was happy with a $40,000.00 profit in 5 months of project management while still working my other job. We went on to build our own home which was much harder than the spec as there were so many personal decisions to make. We completed it and moved in and then it was time to return to my primary career since I now had a mortgage to pay. 2001 was a rebuilding year for my commercial photography business and the 4th quarter was looking very strong. And then there was 9/11. Within a week all the work I had lined up for the rest of the year was canceled. My wife who is a flight attendant was and still is furrowed from her job. Now we had no careers and no income to feed our 5 kids and support our family. I continued to market my photo business through 2002 but there was no work. I had some money from weddings, which were only 1/3 of my income. We survived on our equity line and credit cards and had maxed those out and started borrowing from family to live. I tried buying a business out of state and that fell through but opened my mind to other opportunities. A friend asked me to go to a wealth retreat in real estate conference and I attended. I felt the information I learned at the conference took all the bits and pieces I already knew, and turned them into a cohesive money making machine. I had my first accepted offer in less than 30 days. I was able to stop the negative cashflow and buy not only an investment but also a job, since I had construction experience. Since December of 2002 I have been involved in the purchase of 10 properties with a value of over 2.5 million. When all 10 projects reach fruition, the profits will be almost $500,000.00 In 2 1/2 years. Five times what I made as a commercial photographer and the deals are just getting better with more experience. Thanks to Robert and the Robert Allen Institute for making it all possible.

Gregory M


I called on a house on the MLS that looked like someone wanting out of a property. The owner would not negotiate on it but they were investors and were coming up with another fix-up opportunity. I was the first to see it and took it. It was a Victorian and I learned the difference, on my first house, between fix-up and restoration. This was a restoration. Not what I wanted for a first project but here it was. I nicknamed it FU. Fix-up University when in a good mood, as I learned all there was to know about fix-ups in one house. The other problem was it was zoned I-1 and it was hard to get a loan. Three contracts fell out and my equity partner insisted we take a low-ball offer and I was outvoted and thus we took the offer. I still made money. I don”t know any other business school where you can learn about finance, construction and partnerships and still make a profit instead of paying for it.

Gregory M


Started in Network Marketing in 1997 with less than $500 for Licensing Fees. The networking marketing business has paid me over $500,000 and netted a six-figure annual income in 1999. The goal is to grow to seven-figure annual income in the the next five years. We intend to do more for charity in time and money.

Gulam F


Once I understood the power of overrides, I presented the opportunity to people I know, i.e friends and family. I sponsored a few asscociates in 1997. Now the organization is growing with leaders training other members of the team. We ae always looking for great people.

Gulam F


I did research on 12 Stocks I would like to own in a new CRT (Charitable Remainder Trust) I am creating this year. The profit will be donated to not-for-profit to establish education funding for needy students.

Gulam F


I created my first website as soon as I started studying in the protege program. I am a computer guy and that felt like the best fit for me. I quickly learned that it was best to leverage the knowledge and skills of the experts to reach my goal. In a little over 10 months I was able to build a mailing list of over 160,000 subscribers to my newsletter.

Gunther W


To date I have two websites. One that has been up and running for over a year now and is making good money selling advertising to a newsletter list of over 160,000 subscribers. My other website is just started and I pull members to that site as proteges teaching them how to make money on the internet. How to leverage the experts knowledge and skill and not get burned. Using all that I have learned here I have been able to build the second site to 300+ members in less than a month each starting down the road to earning a monthly residual income on the internet. Multiple streams of it at that. We continually work together to make changes to the system as needed to keep our bottom lines well into the positive. We are on track to well over a million in 12 months and new members should be able to make $2000-$3000 in residual income in 6-12 months without too much effort.

Gunther W


Using my new found newsletter subscription list I started selling ad space at $50.00 per ad and a $15.00 / month subscription fee to keep your ad on my site and newsletter. This brings in money every month in advertising dollars.

Gunther W


After going to the foreclosure boot camp in Detroit in January we fell in love with the architecture and the opportunity in Detroit. We decided during the boot camp that Christina would quite her job and I would close my business and we would move from Las Vegas to Detroit and do RE full time. We did research from Las Vegas on several properties and decided to put in 2 offers before we arrived. One of the properties didn’t pan put after we did a home inspection and one of them we signed the title work on 4-12-04 and it will record the week ending 4-18-04.

Guy B & Christina B


I bought ebay using the TTC-A method, then I saw it going down so I took my profits.

Guy H & Patricia H


We reviewed many stocks to buy in different sectors and selected the following: ALVR, CACS, EVOL, FARO, HLIT, MRVC, MSCC, NENG, SONS and TWWD, as of today 2003-11-26 the total group is up 27%. The biggest gainer is CACS at 122%.

Guy H & Patricia H


I have not yet achieved financial success, but I am trying, and the principles taught by Mark and Bob have been helpful in encouraging me to keep trying – even through failure. We are facing a serious crisis in our family (much worse for us than any financial disaster). Recently there was a time when I was really wondering how we were going to go on. I was praying about what to do, and there came to my mind the story of when Bob had “lost everything” financially, and Tom Painter said to him, in effect, “We can do it again.” meaning that they could start over and build it all back up again. That is such a profound truth that is so extremely important to me and my family right now: Thanks be to God, we can always start over and build again. And thank you, Bob, for sharing that part of your life with us.

Guy L


Our new home appraised $4000 above the selling price before we closed – and that was prior to the $5000+ the seller paid on needed repairs and updates. With a bit of effort, we should be able to sell the home at a nice profit in a couple of years. The real success story in this deal, though, was that we LEARNED a lot by actually DOING something! I saw the reality of the concepts in action – and it made me want to find the NEXT house very soon!

Guyla A & Jon A


We are so excited to be home-owners for the first time in our 32 years of marriage. I know that this course helped us understand that we COULD do this, and gave us courage to GO FOR IT! We purchased the home at about $8000 to $10,000 under market, with a new furnace and new flooring included in the price. We will continue to complete simple updates on our place, and expect to sell in a few years for a nice profit. Thanks Bob and Mark!

Guyla A & Jon A


After 31 years of marriage – and just before my 50th birthday, my husband and I made the first offer we had ever made on a piece of real estate. We found a house owned by an older woman who was widowed, and wanted to move across the country to join her children. The home was in good shape structurally, but badly in need of updates . . . and smelled strongly of moth balls and pets. We were able to use some of the techniques we had learned to get the price down under market – and get a new furnace and new flooring included. After a bit of negotiation, the offer was accepted.

Guyla A & Jon A


About two years ago, I started to get my financial life in order. As a child, I had always lived a comfortable lifestyle, and I guess I grew up thinking it would be really easy to maintain that. I have traveled extensively, lived in nice houses, driven nice cars and pursued my passion of being a successful Hollywood movie producer, which I am.\r\n\r\nHowever, no one ever taught me to be financially responsible or to create my own streams of income. My father was a stockbroker, and my mother was a housewife, but no one took the time to explain to me the basics of financial accountability or investing. I guess they thought that just like all the other girls, I would grow up and marry rich, and my husband would take care of me. So there was simply no reason to teach me how to earn money, keep money or grow money. \r\n\r\nIt didn’t turn out that way. I did marry, and I gave birth to a beautiful daughter and got divorced and became a single mom, and then I remarried with no clue as to how to maintain the lifestyle I had created. I had another child, this time a magnificent son, and I continued to make movies. It was fine to go off and create entertainment that didn’t really support the family while there were two people generating income, but neither myself nor my husband had any concept of how to save money, and I don’t think either one of us ever thought that there would come a day where there would be more month than money. Well, that day came, right after our divorce.\r\n\r\nIt was three years ago, and I am still experiencing the after-shocks, selling the house, downsizing, hoping to hold on to the next house. However, my ex-husband inadvertently sent me on the road to financial redemption when he discovered Robert Allen. My Ex paid for the class, and then didn’t go, and I reaped the rewards. \r\n\r\nI landed in the Robert Allen fishpond in April of 2002, and by June of that year, my eyes were open. I quickly understood that I had entirely mismanaged my finances for all of my adult life, and that I was about to repeat the pattern with my children. No one had ever painted such a graphic picture for me before of what I had done, and no one had ever given me the tools to set it right. Robert Allen did. \r\n\r\nOver the course of the past 18 months, I have profited from a significant amount of equity in the value of my house. This windfall has enabled me to do a number of things, using Robert Allen’s system as a model. I have invested in stocks, whose value has increased by 500% since I began buying them; I have become involved in a network marketing company, where I am experiencing a steady upward climb in weekly commission checks and rank; I have committed to purchasing two rental income properties with positive cash flow a year for the next ten years and am just closing escrow on the second property, and I have re-learned how to think big, dream big, manage my time and create long term, mid term and short term goals. I read self help books every day and have given up the radio in my car in favor of motivational cd’s, and I have renewed my connection to God. I willingly allocate at least ten percent of my revenues to spiritual and charitable concerns, and I take action every day towards achieving financial freedom. I welcome and embrace change, and I recognize that if I can conceive of it, I can achieve it. I am grateful for re-discovering my dreams, and in the very near future, I expect to retire all my remaining debt, create a legacy for my children, win an Academy Award and create a film studio where art and commerce converge and where inspirational and challenging and entertaining movies enable other like-minded people to have the courage to follow their hearts.\r\n\r\nMy success is compounding daily, and my joy is expanding exponentially. Being in the “enlightened millionaire” realm of Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen and being a part of a movement to make a difference in the lives of many people is a tremendous gift, and I am grateful that I am making this journey. I intend to die you

Gwen F


I had never heard of Mark Victor Hansen before February 2004. I signed on in March and I”m not a millionaire yet–but I did tithe 10% of the cash I received since then–all of $5 to a local church. My biggest obstacle is learning how to ask others to help me. I went to look at a piece of property and asked some of the questions it says in the books I”ve read over the last two weeks (One Min Millionaire and Power of Focus)–and the realtor actually answered them! My husband suggested a great mentor I could seek out to help with real estate. I”ve never had a mentor or a coach or a mastermind group before this; I am learning a lot!

Gwen F


We invested in a SFH in late 2000 being let go by a builder at a below-market price of $189,000. They accepted 164,767. We improved the property, rented it 1 year and now moved in so that when we sell, we can take full profit. Current value is $260,000. We will be taking out $30 – 40,000 equity to complete options of several other properties.

harlin k & linda k


I was able to purchase my first home with $0 down with poor credit. I was able to own my own house and payoff all of my debt in one transaction. We worked the numbers so we were able to get $10,000 cashback to us at the close of the deal.

Harris W & Melissa W


I had no idea that the world of investing was trully available to me, but afetr listening to Bob and reading his books I found that it was wide open to me.

I also realized that I had no real choice, I had to do something now.

I, by asking the right questions, was able to hook up with a very smart man who happens to ba a real estate investor.

We have since purchased 1 property that made us $29,000 cash in about 45 days.

We have anouther in escrow and we are looking at houses and other property every day.

I have also realized the value to charitable contributions.

Harry C & Kathy C


I presented my first offer to owners of a foreclosure property. They are motivated sellers due to an upcoming Trustee Sale. Unfortunately, the listing agent has informed me that the owners are asking for $299K more than I offered yet are in a position to accept a higher offer from me. I am going to submit an addendum to my offer with my terms.I will keep you updated.

Haydee G


I recently asked my neighbor about the vacant home across the street from mine. I moved in this area 4 years ago and I noticed that no one occupied this home. I was told that the owner had been placed into an assisted living facility. I became very interested in the house. I talked to my partner and my husband. We agreed to contact the children of the owner. I again approached my neighbor and she had just heard that the owner passed away on New Years Eve. She explained that the children were interested in meeting me and indeed wanted to sell the house. I researched the property and made an offer for $50,000.00 less than I felt the offer would bring in the right condition. I am waiting to hear if the estate is ready to settle and whether or not they accept our offer. Wish us luck.

Heather D & Martha S


We studied Dr. Coopers training and worked on paper trading, successful trades 28 out of 29 trades. We are setting up our account to start real trading. Thank you, Dr. Cooper!!

Heidi J & Alex J


Found a hurricane damaged house and arranged to buy it with $2000 down, take over the mortgage payments and pay the owner $8000 when the house is fixed up and sold. Will also pay off the mortgage. It took alot of convincing for the homeowner to agree but it was worth it! The house is worth alot more than she asked for.

Helen C & Robert C


I send out letters every week to people going into foreclosure-learned this through the foreclosure class. We had a great success with a short sale through the bank and ended making $33,000 on a house. It was so thrilling! We learned about short sales through the real estate classes from the protege program. I had hoped that we would be furthur along in our quest to be millionaires but it is coming! I can feel it!

Helen C & Robert C


We bought this duplex, fix it up and resold in March of this year. Bought it for $10,100.00. put $17,800 in it to bring up to city code and sold it for $39.900. That was profit of $12,000 dollars. Thanks for the Courage award you gave in last winter.

We now bought a 4-plex for $44,000 and sold for 89,900 this week.After expenses of bringing it up to city code we will profit $15,000. Hurrah we have maded in profit $27,000.

This is only two properties.

With what we are learning in our Protege classes,we know we can climb this Real Estate mountain to Success!

Thanks to all your instrutors and you for your time, encouragement and wisdom.

Helen H & Richard H


I bought a property (put it under contract), then worked a sale with the lender and flipped it for the profit.

Helen W


My success story on this date is that last week April 27th, I received a $18,000.00 judgment against me in court on a credit issue and I still got off my (slim) assets, and made it to EMI. Thank-you!!! Now, between you and Harv Eker,I know I can do it!!!

Helena B


I joined Jan. 30, 2004. I had my first 2 session with my coach, I have submitted two offers on 2 separate properties; 1 is a triplex that needs some work, fully rented and the other is a single family home with an out of town owner offering a lease purchase deal. Awaiting response from the seller at this point.

Henry B


The purchase of a tax deed property in Los Angeles is a great success for me. I have had difficulty finding investment property in this area market for over a year without having to deal with rejections from many sellers and dealing with overbidding from other “investors” and homebuyers. This purchase is a foreclosure, and that means a great buy for me. Buying smart means making the profit even before the sale. I am a believer. It can be done.

henry h


In August 2004, I found out that I had lost 30% of my vocal chords and also had severe acid reflux and I had to cut out a considerable amount of my diet. On the same day, Kurt Mortensen was doing his 60 and 90 day success challenges. I decided to do a 60 day challenge to improve my health. I designed a program with the approval of my doctor and in 60 days followed it exactly and improved my digestion AND LOST 7 POUNDS. I also put it up on my website so now many people are taking the challenge and have friends doing the same.

Heshie S


I had $20,000 in virtual dollars, did 15 trades a week for 6 weeks and ended up with $50,000!!! I had more gains than losses.

Hillary C


I am living in Germany and have had such inspiration from Karen Bell and Duncan Guertin”s Real Estate Strategies class. Although, because of the time change, I must often listen to the recorded version, it has still been inspiring. These classes have assisted me in developing a step by step approach to buying real estate. I have received great tips from the both of them which has assisted me in building the confidence of becoming an experienced investor. Thank-you Karen and Duncan!

Holly G


Bought two apartments and made them into one vacation apartment in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany. I used the One Minute Millionaire book as my bible on selecting and making an offer. Not only did I get the property for a great price, but by making into one large apartment, I have already gained 80,000 euros (approx. $100,000) in value in the first 8 months!

Holly G


I have been successful in attracting the most powerful affiliate program I feel I could have found. All my life, I have been afraid of money and the effect money has on people. I made a decision at the age of 21 to study and understand money and how I can use it to create sustainability, health and joy for myself and others. It has been an interesting journey and I am now embarking on a totally new ship, the Enlightened Millionaire. I look forward to telling my story on stage to others to inspire them to achieve their own goals.

Hope M & Daniel G


I am so excited to begin this program. I am VERY new to the program, but have already heard such wonderful insights and information to get me started. My mentor is wonderful and very supportive and I just know that this is the business for me. I can hardly wait to put all this information to work.

Hope P


I receive daily e-mails from a website that provides listings of all the fsbo in your area. One listing was for a single-family house with three bedrooms and two full baths and two half baths. As I have come to see in my area, the majority of fsbo are actually rehabbers and not very keen on dealing with other investors. I proceeded with my scheduled appointment even though I had reservations about trying to deal with a non-receptive rehabber. But as I walked in the house I felt calm with the fact that if this doesn”t go in my favor there are other deals to be made. The asking price was $420,000 but he was negotiable. I put in an offer of $395,000 with a second offer higher only if he was willing to be flexible in his terms. As I left, I know my offers weren”t going to be accepted, but I walked away knowing that I can do this.

Horace H & Virginia H


I launched my website in March with the help of a mentor. I made my first sale within the first two weeks. Sales are slow at this time, but I have faith that with a little more work and a lot more time, I will be able to show a profit this year. This has been an uplifting and esteem building project. It has been better for me mentally that financially so far, but I know if I keep on, the financial rewards will be there also.

Hugh F & Leah F


On 12/28/03 I placed a 2-flat vacant building on the West Side Of Chicago under contract for $70,000 with a closing date of 2/2/04. This was a property listed on the MLS for $99,900. Using the Tactical Real Estate System taught to us by Tood Dotson during our late 2003 90-Day Challenge and with my buyer”s broker assistance, we negotiated an all cash/nothing down contract. It was of course an “and or assigns” agreement with a 14 business days approval by my Real Estate Lawyer”s approval. My exit strategy was to sell the contract assignment on this gut rehab residence. For two weeks I did my marketing by placing a web ad, contacting nearly 100 Real Estate persons on my buyers/investors data base, and showing the property at least 10 times in one of the roughest areas in Chicago during the coldest time of the Winter. Finally on 1/17/04 after a week”s worth of negotiating with a Real Estate Development Co. I sold my Agreement For Contract Of Assignment for $8,000! Now this Development Company needs me to do professional property acquistions for many more future contract assignments. This is going to become a profitable R.E. niche, as I evolve into a wealthy Real Estate Businessman.

Thank you all at EMI for the knowledge, skills, and motivation that”s empowering me to be the rich person I deserve to be….God”s Blessings always.

Hugo M


Opened my network marketing Internet Kiosk on March 31, 2003 with Healing America Co. My health supplements business web. Have made very little money so far. However, after completing the Internet Marketing 30-Day Quick Start 105 course mid-Sept. 2003 and listening to the Internet – Help Session 120 Replays I”ll be earning good income starting Oct. 2003. Will be posting my $ progress…..

Hugo M


After 30 days of finding a FSBO pre-foreclosure single family home in my hometown Skokie, IL. and asking all of our EMI Real Estate Mentors about this deal on the various Help Sessions. Then re-reading and studying the Nothing Down and The Road To Wealth manuals about Offer To Purchase forms and actual Real Estate Purchase Contracts I finally stopped getting ready to get started.

So on November 3rd, after making the commitment to the distressed seller I would deliver and present a written contract to him that evening. I created my first written Purchase Contract for a house that has $340,000 of mortgage debt on it with a sold comps value of between $300,000-313,000. I offered to a Short Sale price of $225,000 for this upside down property. Since there”s a Chapter 13 Bankrupcy also involved the seller has to request his Bankrupcy Lawyer”s help with this transaction before he signs off on the pending contract. Two days later I submitted my completed Short Sale Package and sent it via fax to the mortgage lender for serious consideration or counteroffer. Now I follow up with all parties involved to completion either yeah or nay.

After doing these first written offers I had no longer any insecurity here. Therefore, on November 6, 2003 I wrote up two more Offers Of Intent To Purchase Real Estate forms post haste for other FSBO single family houses in my Chicago suburban area. I sent these by U.S. Mail to the sellers because I was leaving later that same day for the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in Los Angeles. Will follow up on these upon my return back home.

Now I plan on doing at least 1-2 offers or more every week until Jan. 22, 2004! This way I will realize my Protege wealth goal of buying my first profitable property by year”s end using Robert Allen”s Nothing Down System because I am presently a classic financial challenge with no money and poor credit, but not for much longer! I have Millionaire Mind and Heart!!

Hugo M


a realtor called and asked if I can help her client. I said get me the payoff quote and I will begin my process. The payoff was 88K. Home value 99K. The owners wanted nothing so I took over existing mortgage and paid the realtor 500 for his time. I will find someone to do a 5% down lease w/opt to but…

Huy T & Tina N


I called up a for sale by owner and asked if they would negotiate a little. Yes they said. Would they take 10K less. Haven”t heard from them yet…

Huy T & Tina N


My partner Helen and I carried out our first buy and flipped three months ago. We got a phone call from a company in the south of England who had found our details under estate agents on yell.com (we”re not a real estate agency as such, but that”s the only related listing). They said they had an impending foreclosure on their hands in the village near us, and asked if we would be prepared to market it. Instead of saying “no” we said we”d take a look at it. It turned out that it belonged to a young couple both of whom had lost their jobs. They were in arrears with their mortgage, and had taken out a second loan to bridge the gap, but they were in arrears with that too. The second lender had moved to put them in foreclosure. We met them and said we might be able to help. They had previously visited a lawyer, who advised them to put their house on the market, but with 14 days to go before foreclosure, this didn”t seem a very good idea. They stood to lose everything. We got an appraisal on the property, which indicated it was worth $18,000 more than the sale price, which was $135,000. We agreed to pay off their arrears on both the mortgage and the secondary loan and buy the house. Once their mortgage was redeemed and other debts cleared, they were left with about $63,000. We spoke to a real estate agent, which advised us to do a cosmetic makeover on the house (cost $9000) and re-market it. We got the outside repainted, the hedge trimmed and the garden tidied up. We were then approached by a television company making a program called Location, Location, Location, who wanted to include the house as one of several which an architect and his wife were looking at in the area. Within a week we got an offer of $207,000. As the house had been advertised the same day, and we had seven sets of people lined up to view it, we decided to turn down the offer. The architect and his wife then came back with an improved offer: The $207,000 stood, but if we were prepared to take the property off the market, they were prepared to offer $222,3000. This was a win win win deal: the lenders got their money back in full, the sellers got enough for a deposit on another house when they got back on their feet, and we made a clear profit of $78,300.

Ian C & Helen N


Recently sold property that I had acquired in 1996 realizing over $200,000K profit. Had considered selling for higher price, but with info learned, ie don”t be greedy sold for less than real market value to move property “quickly”. Sold to neighbor, no real estate commission.

Ian R


Put an offer in today at 09.00 at the local vendor. Fingers crossed!

Ian R & Caroline R


I scour the newspaper and call FSBOs I find in the neighborhood regularly. One day I came across an ad under investment properties listed as a 2 story commercial duplex listed at $165K with REDUCED PRICE/MOTIVATED SELLER (it used to be a nursing home). I called the agent and she showed me the property. The property had 5 bedroom 3 baths down below and 3 bedrooms 1 bath and was in need of some substantial repair. I brought it before my business partner along with several other properties we had encountered. We decided to make an all cash offer of $90K closing in 2 weeks. We have made about 20 offers before this and to our surprise it was countered at $120K. We countered at 100K firm. The seller refused to sell less than $110K. My Business partner Dan would not budge so I suggested the seller take back 10K 10%interest note to balloon in one year. Dan proposed it and she accepted. We brought in a partner to put up 100K with another 10% interest 1year balloon and closed on the property October 20, 2003. My business relationship with my partner is I am a “hare/owl” and he is a “turtle/squirrel”. After closing the feeling of “Oh no what have we done!!” was upon us. When we found the place had substantial termite damage and live termites. It was in a part of town that was not exactly ideal at this time. The property was zoned limited business and could not be sold as to the average homebuyer. Everyday I had to reassure Dan that we could pull it off. We printed up flyers and brought them to SCREIA meetings. I called every investor I knew. I went through the phone book and called construction companies to give estimates with the idea that they may work rehabbers. I called every charity and church I could find and offered to show them the property that they might be able to use for their services. In the end it was a suggestion from Duncan and Karen”s training that worked. I put hand written sign on the corner and the owner of the towing company up the street took a look at the property. I had just shown the property to a group from the local community college who also was interested. They both made verbal offers at the same time but the tow truck owner was first to put it in writing with earnest money. Three weeks from the time we bought it the property was put under contract to sell for $150k and to close some time next week.

Ian S


I attended the Mega Book Marketing University event in Atlanta last march. There i decided to join the EMI program and got motivated to launch one of the website ideas that i had floating in my head for some months. Today i own several domain names and launched my first basic website. While the site is not yet perfect and the marketing efforts are just begining, i have to thank Mark and Bod because i took the first step and now i will never stop.

Ian T & Mayra A


I went through the training program from PMG. I got my website live made a couple sales from it and ebay it will soon be profitable once I am established in the industry.

Ian W


I started a website and received my first check for my first E-book sale.

Iciphene H


I made corporate presentations about “Nothing Down Real Estate, Money Tree Idea,” I made $1,500 in 60 Minutes!!

Igor C


After listening to the audio program – Multiple Streams of Income by Bob Allen, we were totally transformed. We had a paradigm shift. Immediately I called the phone number that Bob had in the workbook. In 2002 we joined the protege program and have never looked back. Many, many, thanks to Bob and his willingness to help others reach their human potential. Since becoming a protege, we have purchased several properties with different methods that we learnt from the “Nothing down” method. Bought 5 single houses from an investor who is moving out of town for $350k and he contributed $25k for renovations. After renovations, it was appraised at $680k. After the Glenn Purdy (Thanks Glenn for your enthusiasm) we have purchased auction properties from Detroit. One was a commercial building for $9k and appraised at $185k. The list goes on and there are always great deals out there if you are looking and applying the principles of Bob Allen.

Ikechukwu (Ike) O & Naly O


My success story is as follows: after 3 years of contemplation of how I could use my learned information (a lot from you guys, I have known Mark for 7 years and I have a lot of his books), life experience, work experience, spiritual insights into helping others and making a living at it too. As always, the universe always provides. Now I have a program that helps people how to stay with their commitments, and how and why to keep their promises. Being an artist (painting and sculpting), a jewelry and small objects designer, I wanted my designs to be purposeful. I no longer wanted to just sell on Shopping Channels, like in the past. I did sell a lot of jewelry, but now it had to be meaningful. In addition, I signed up to study public speaking via Toast Masters, so I can properly present my work. So here it goes: The I Promise Collection, gifts to the self, gifts to loved ones, gifts to the mind, gifts to the spirit and the heart. I also will have a none profit section to provide funds for keeping meaningful promises via the I Promise Foundation. Last year I got Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income book and it opened my mind to even more possibilities. Just recently I got Bobs new book for expending into real-estate, I will need a larger space to work from. So all is well. I”m so great full for the encouragements from Mark and Bob and their group; I have attended many of Marks seminars early on when I worked with Jim Rohm. My succes story is as follows: after 3 years of contemplation of how I could use my learned information (a lot from you guys, I have known Mark for 7 years and I have a lot of his books), life experience, work experience, spiritual insights into helping others and making a living at it too. As always, the universe always provide. Now I have a program that helps people how to stay with their commitments, and how and why to keep their promises. Being an artist (painter and sculpter), a jewelry and small objects designer, I wanted my designs to be purposeful. I no longer wanted to just sell on Shopping Channels, like in the past. I did sell lot of jewelry, but now it had to be meaningful. In addition, I signed up to study public speaking via Toast Masters, so I can properly present my work. So here it goes: The I Promise Collection, gifts to the self, gifts to loved ones, gifts to the mind, gifts to the spirit and the heart. I also will have a none profit section to provide funds for keeping meaningful promises via the I Promise Foundation. Last year I got Robert Allens Multiple Streams of Income book, and it opened my mind to even more possibilites. Just recently I got Bobs new book for expending into realestate, I will need a larger space to work from. So all is well. I”m so greatfull for the encouragments from Mark and Bob and their group, I have attended many of Marks seminars early on when I worked with Jim Rohn.

Ilona P


I didn’t know if I would be able to buy this property, since I have just bought another property in Elk Grove CA, with a 10% down, but I could not disappoint my realtor friend, so I kidded her that I could buy another property, if she could get me a good deal with no down payment. She said she will try her best getting me one from a mortgage broker she deals with. We started to look at some properties, and at one point, she showed me one, which I liked for a rental, and I offered just 5K over the listed price. This property was reduced from the original listing price of 469K to 449K, in a good neighborhood. I figured that the original listing price was over the comps in the neighborhood, because the house is along the freeway, but other than that the property is well maintained even if it is a 40-year-old house, with some updates too.

Was very surprised when my realtor called on me to tell that my offer was approved, and she also did what she promised me to be able to get it with no down, not through a conventional bank, but through the mortgage broker who worked through several funders. The only funds I took care is for the closing cost.

Imelda C


Having to face a very uncertain future after my husband had a stroke, my main solace was reading books. I came across Robert Allen”s Nothing Down for the 90″s. This book has changed my life profoundly. From almost zero, I now have a networth in excess of $2,000,000.00. Thank you, Robert Allen, for changing peoples lives and giving them renewed self respect.

Irene V


Beach Property values have been going up very quickly here (Like Vegas). Friends talked about the number of Condos being built and already pre-sold. So I looked inside one on a street. The builders have several projects on this street and were Investor Friendly. So for $10,000 down (refundable if I decide to not proceed) would control a condo of $725,000 at today”s price. They have worked with Banks in the area that will make loans for the down balance at time of construction start, 4-5 months from now. By then, they can re-sell from Investors at a very handsome Equity Position ($80,000-$100,000). I am soon to meet with builders/sellers and define and sharpen my exit strategy. This is the lower price condo (levels 1 & 2). Levels 3-4 are 1 Million.

Ivan B


I didn”t think I”d be into internet marketing this soon. After holding off for a R.E. deal to work a buy on a large property, I met an assosciate Protege that thought I might be interrested in having my own web store as a stream of Income. All the elements that we have learned at a 3 day in Orlando was there. I joined , I am very excited about this venture and need to apply the “Think from the End” result to “MADE” it happen.

Ivan B


Offer submitted for a Florida beach area property. Listed at $265,000, lowest price on the beach for a 2/2/1. It needs some work but I feel it is worth the work. It should sell for $320,000 fixed up. Property appreciating at 15% p/yr. In 3 years the price will be much higher! I am planning for a 3, 4 or 5 year interest only and balloon. I figure to hold the property will cost me $1600+/- p/month. A little to high for rentals, so I”ll owner occupy and have a co-worker share the opportunity to live one street from the beach in a very nice area. Later I can resale or by out mortgage partner as my personal status rises to meet me in my fine home. Re-invest the equity. Will see how the offer falls to see how I will negotiate. Wish me smart.

Ivan B


I have just put down the ground work to internet market a small booklet of drawings and comments. It is just the first step that will soon dovetail with other products I have marketed. Also, this gave me a chance to work with other sellers. Jay Abraham and Enlightened Millionaire Robert Allen are very much interwovine to the foundation of this new business.It is like building with Connect the Dots to use and also in the future use, and very much needed in the over ALL plan. Learning has become so important to me and the future people I will be involed with.

Ivan B


We began investing in the stockmarket by paper trading for several months, commencing in September of 2003. After gaining a little experience, we began trading – it was a fairly good start, nevertheless, last year we had a $986 loss. This year we were able to funded our own new corporation and were up over $4,745 before making another $416 just this morning.



I found a couple of ads by the same realtor in one of the local real estate books. I then contacted the broker to find out the addresses. After doing a driveby on both I found that one looked good but is in a questionable area asking price of $219,900.00. The second property looked bad in a decent area asking price $209,900.00. I then decided to do some research and found out they were both owned by the same person. I also found out that she had paid $75k for the first and $65k for the second 18 years ago. I based my offer on purchasing both. The seller wants to sell one this year and one the beginning of next year due to capitol gains. Final result was my partners & I will purchase the fixup (2nd) property first for $172,500 ($20,000.00 fixup costs) closing 10/29/03. When rehab done approx value $249,900.00. The second will be purchased in January for $190,000. Value of approx $249,900.00. Research paid off!

Jack B


Made about $14.00 on two orders.

Jack R


After setting up my web site, I was looking for additional product to add and looked into corporate promotional items. I found out about a charity golf tournament being held in late October and found out that the organizer were in the process or ordering golf shirts and duffle bags as handouts. I used the search engines to find a supplier that would be able to provide the quality/quantity they needed and allow me to make a profit. I was able to purchase the shirts for $8.84 each and sold them for $13.00. I was able to purchase the duffle bags for $7.00 and sold them for $12.00. So, even before my web site is up and running I was able to take the concept and make a nice profit. In addition, I was able to make contact with the company who supplied my supplier and I signed on with them direct, so now the shirts will only costs me $5.97 each. I am definitely adding promotional items to the web site. I sure do like this e-commerce!!! Thanks for all your help and support to give me a foundation for success

Jack T


Our second real estate acquisition took place in my hometown of Sullivan, where I grew up. My sister works as an administrative assistant for Century 21 Real Estate. About a week before we attended Glenn Purdy”s Real Estate Workshop in Orlando, my sister had started e-mailing me listings of houses she thought we might be interested in.

Our first acquisition had been through a real estate broker and had been a stressful experience, and while we were tickled with our fully rented triplex, we really had stumbled our way through the deal. After getting all fired up with Glenn”s teachings, we returned home and really started looking. This particular house was a VA repo and was badly damaged by the previous owners. Since we had purchased our own home through HUD 10 years ago, we were familiar with the bidding process and knew we could add the sweat equity required to bring this house back to its former glory. We also learned about various Mortgages at the Real Estate Workshop and how we could not only get a low interest rate on our loan, we are getting an interest only loan, which will keep our costs down while we rehab and put the house on the market. This is a success story because of what we learned from Glen Purdy. THANK YOU GLEN YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Jackie J & Terry J


Since joining your orgaization, we have bought a piece of property on the highway near our home which is a 1 bedroom house and and two mobile homes on 3.5 acres of land. We were interested in the property because of the possible future growth of the highway in that area and because the income from the property was more that the expenses. We made an offer of $90,000 on the $97,500 asking price, and we asked the seller to hold a $10,000 second mortgage and pay $2,000 in closing costs. After negotiations the seller agreed to a $95,000 price with holding the second mortgage and paying the closing costs requested. So we thought we had accomplished a no money down purchase until we got to the financing stage. We had difficulty in finding a lender who would lend 90% of the purchase price and at the interest rate of 6% that was in the contract because the property was considered commercial. Most of the lenders wanted 20% to 30% down and at least 8% interest We finally decided to refinance our home and include the $95,000 for the new property at 5.75% interest. We stretched out the mortgage from 15 years to 30 years and for practically the same monthly payment we had on the 15 year loan we now own the new property free and clean. We went to act of sale on Oct. 28th. The rents on the property total $1,200 a month. We are almost finished renovating one of the trailers and will now seek a tenant. The other two properties are rented. We would like to improve the properties and land and possibly by March or April we will begin to make a profit. We are considering the possibility of developing a mobile home park sometime in the future. Our idea is to keep this property,develop it and sell it at a later time. The future income and a mortgage on the new property can all work to our advantage in purchasing more properties. This experience did broaden our knowledge on mobile homes and the financing of commercial property. We will be better prepared the next time we are confronted with a similar situation. We are thankful for our mentor who was a great help in getting us through to the act of sale. We hope to get back on track after the New Year in searching for more properties for our business.

Jackie L & Louis L


I have just completed and launched my very own website. I did everything myself and wrote all the HTML code, too. I am setting up auto responders … the whole works. Wow! What fun it has been learning and doing something new. I think the site looks pretty good for a starter (and feedback would be great!). I am currently writing a book “Muse Motivator – The Book” and I will be selling a digital copy on my site. I hope and plan to accomplish this with 30-60 days … so look for The Book! Also, I have a few affiliates on my site which will help to bring some income in. I am truly proud of my accomplishment and would not have done had it not been for this Protégé Program. I thank everyone involved including Steve Waters who was my first instructor. Every step is an unknown in this new process and I love it. Thanks again!

Jackie W


We started this business out of our garage. It has blown into a full-blown business worth 1.5 to 2.5 million in three years. We now have 15 employees, a 7ooo sq. ft. showroom/ building which we run our business out of. Our second full year in business we broke 1 million in retail sales. We are currently fine tuning the system to work our selves out of the business from full time to part time and still maintaining our salaries. It started out as us buying new jobs and with the guidance of some EMI teachings combined with other teachings and a single focused attention we now are close to being financially free. We are also real estate investors owning two eight-unit apartment buildings and two single-family homes. One in Toledo Ohio and one in Cape Coral, Fla. We purchased the two apt. buildings using some techniques learned from Robert Allen’s no money down book and listened to Mark Victor Hansen tell us enough that we can dream and visualize bigger by first of all believing you can. Life is great!!!

Jacob R & Tina R


Jacques came in the USA -from France- in 1996, not knowing English. He starts his real estate career in January 1998. He purchased two run down duplexes for $9,000.00 each, fixed them up himself and sold them for $125,000 each in January 2003. In 2002 he met Mark and Bob and had confidence in himself and took control of 25 single family home from one wealthy business man who became a “don”t wanter”. Jacques, without any money from his pocket and within 6 months, sold these houses one by one for an average profit of $12,500. I love this country and this business. God bless America.

Jacques C


Dear Mark and Bob, what I have gained from your teachings and techniques has immeasurable value. I’d gained millions of self-awareness and millions on personal freedom, because of a few simple words Bob Allen told me at the Jay Abraham seminar in Anaheim back in February. As Bob was talking to some of the attendees in the back of the room I approach him and after introducing my self and thanking him for putting together such a magnificent program I told Bob about my dreams for the future and how I was always so busy taking care of my clients on my commercial painting business so I could never find the time to pursue my dreams, at that moment Bob look at me straight at the eyes and said “well I guess you”ll never make it, you are so busy taking care of your clients” I was stunned at his reply but I was more stunned at what came out of my mouth as I said “o… yes I can do it and the proof is that I”m here and somehow I will make the time to attend as many of the program”s seminars and workshops as I can.” Well, since then (last month) I restructured my company in a way that every employee is taking care of it just as good as I was and they are been compensated for it, I”ve attended every seminar on the program, joined the real-estate mastery level program and the John Childers wealth academy so I can finally conquer my fear of speaking in public and one day I can help this great team to enlighten many, many more lost souls. From deep within my heart Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jaime C & Maria C


My wife, Anna, and I purchased our first home in Hayward, CA 94541.

Jaime M


Wow, Where should I start…..

\r\nAt Nineteen most of my friends are buying cars, looking at universities, and trying to figure out what to do with their lives. But I have found my passionate calling. Though I will not speculate on how long I will do it full time, I am in love with it now! The best thing about my business/hobby/game is how much better, safer and less stressful my life will be for years to come. You see, I like to buy houses. From the time I was twelve I knew that I thought about money, value and values in a different way than most of my friends. Or for that matter, my friends parents. I had come to the realization that the rich don”t work for a paycheck or by the hour. This was driven home by the “Guinness Book of Records”. No one would pay you $35,125.20 an hour to work for them. I realized at this point that there was more to the picture than salary.

This broadening, widening, exponential expansion of my thoughts and thought processes started, one could say, almost by chance. Since I do not think chance exists, I believe this was one of those moments in all our lives that is orchestrated and guided to push and expand our lives forever. My guide must have a sense of humor though…

Costco, Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” was sitting out on the end of the book table, looking at me. I am sure that it was because I kept being drawn to look at it, “What the rich teach their kids about money, and the poor … do not” seemed like something forbidden and in that case the subject of much curiosity. I snuck it into the cart preparing my sales pitch. How ever, when the moment came it was a non-event.

“Did you want this book?”

ummm, yes I would ?!?

“Ok, it will give you something to read on the way back home” (at twelve I was a voracious reader, reading anywhere from 300 to 1100 pages a week)

By the time we got home I was half way done, and my brain had begun to change in ways that still amaze me. Over the next five years I read the rest of the “Rich Dad”” series, started my own graphic design company, and tied into Thomas Stanley’s “Millionaire Mind” and took stock of the keys to success which where now placed firmly in my fingers. Over the next three years I have enjoyed seeing how many doors open to those powerful keys of knowledge and chutzpah. Between age 14 and 18 I worked on a business plan for an innovative recreational hockey training facility using one of the most innovative products on the market. After a lot of hard work I came to the conclusion that I should spend some time building a foundation of money and negotiation skills to best be able to bring my ideas to fruition. This idea has been shelved for now. (Categorize and prioritize the release of your MSIs)

In the August of last year my Dad was just completing a course in executive coaching though a university. As a graduation gift, two of his professors (I can only assume millionaire eagles) gave the whole graduating class a copy of the One Minute Millionaire by our new friends, mentors, and world changing big thinkers: Robert G. Allen, and Mark Victor Hansen. After spiriting the book off to my room the moment it entered the house, I proceeded to devour gem after gem of wisdom. Diamonds! Rubies! Sapphires, Emeralds, Fountains of knowledge, a kaleidoscope a dazzling rainbow of ideas and thoughts. Shortly there after I found the website www.oneminutemilllionaire.com and filled in the questionnaire, I received a phone call, would I be interested in being interviewed for this project? Yes!! Two calls later I was in.

Just before I entered the course I purchased my first rental property. It was a Foreclosure and had been on the market for one year at this point, It was listed for $59,000 and after some negotiating was mine for $49,000 however as we where writing up the mortgage (conventional) a small caveat appeared. In the province of BC a contract signed with a minor is not binding! I was 18 years 10 months and two days old. Close, but no cigar. After a brief disappointment I went to the head of the b

Jaime W & Reid W


Well it starts like this; I was following thru on some Sunday ads one ad stated five properties per investor. So I made an appointment with the gentleman. When I got there I was surprised by what he had to offer, from occupied rentals, remodeled rental ready to go, instant flippers and rehabbers. So I gave him some info on myself and made another appointment to see some of the insides not just pictures. So after seeing what he had to offer inside and out he asks me to think about what I needed. On the next meeting he informed me that one of his partners was having health issues and needs someone on the streets getting photos and overseeing remodeling jobs plus quotes etc. So of course I accepted his offer. His partner is going to liquidate some of his assets to me – 12 rentals, 3 flippers and 1 rehabber dirt, dirt cheap to remodel, find a renter, refinance and pay my home loan. With money left over for the bank.

The 3 flippers are sold already to rental investors. I didn”t have to make any offers which makes the job easier. I submitted 20 mortgage approval packages 2-18-04. Been approved for 6 so far. The cash from the flippers goes to pay off my equity line of credit so can be ready for the next buy. With the partnership I will receive a salary as construction Superintendent, plus a finder”s fee for all homes sold thru the partnership.

All homes with my name sold thru the partnership, the profit will be split 50/50. Any home I sell outside the circle of clients or investors I make 100%. The partnership makes approx. $5,000 dollars per home. So once the wheels get turning here I will be doing small partnerships with family and friends.

Plus a special thanks to my coach Steve Wahlquist; He”s the Best!

james f


Working with the PMG Group has been educational. When I first started the process on building a WEB site I knew very little about the process. That all changed with the help of my mentor who walked me through the process step by step. I now have a working site. It has been up a little over a month and although sales could be better I made $850.00 the first month.

James C H


I had an amazing encounter at an EMI event which led me to the opportunity to acquire the audio rights to Archbishop Desmond Tutu”s up-coming book. I have formed a publishing company and this Desmond Tutu project is the first of what I hope will be many projects that help raise planetary consciousness by helping people raise their own consciousness.

James J


In late 2003, I called on an ad in the local newspaper, saw the house and offered an option on the property. I would repair and update, sell and split the profits. He chose not to take the option, so I gave his asking price of $44,400 on Jan. 30, 2004, repaired, updated and sold the home for $76,400. My profit from the deal was $22,000.

James P


Studied foreclosure process and selected 10 properties in my area to pursue. I knocked on all 10 doors of these properties and got 2 who said they were willing to work with me to help take over their property and help them to salvage their credit. One could not get ex-husband to cooperate and assign deed, however I got deed to other property and attempted to work short sale with mortgage company. In end, did not have sufficient time before foreclosure sale to work deal with mortgage company, but was good learning experience and motivation to keep trying until I learn the process well enough to succeed.

James R


I did my first paper trade this week with Dr. Coopers program. I got a 34% return in 5 days. I love this program!

James R


I did the basic internet course with Steve and Jared, put my web site together and went live on January 20, 2004.

James S & Linda S


My business partner and I obtained a $110,000.00 home utilizing the “subject to” strategy. Our out of pocket expense included $6500.00 to homeowner & closing cost of 2000.00. The existing mortgage balance was $84,000.00. Our exit strategy will be lease/option with 5% down, positive monthly cash flow, and obtain all equity upon cash out.

Jamie L & Bo L


My first major step in real estate investing was buying my second personal residence and retaining my first property as a rental. My wife and I were nervous about using our property as a rental and our minds were filled with all the “what ifs?”. I spent a lot of time learning about rental management and determined that it wasn”t about property management but more people management. I spent a considerable amount of time scanning tenant applications, background searches, and interviews. The work up front has paid off. Three years later the same tenant is still in the property and I know its the first of the month when the check arrives. It”s a $225 per month money tree.

Jamie S


First, I read and listened to all the information from the Robert Allen course. Then I followed my coach”s instructions to find a mortgage broker that could help me with different types of mortgage products to help fund my deals. I learned that not all mortgage brokers are the same, and many would not even help me because they didn”t have anything but traditional (80%) mortgages available to them. Then I went to the website my coach told me about to find a real estate broker who specialized in investment properties.

Within 3 weeks of looking, I found my first house. Besides being a fixer at a good price, it’s got “location, location, location” near the beach in a quaint seaside community. I plan to fix it up and rent it for 2-3 years. Besides a positive cash flow, I will wait for the market to appreciate even more before selling. This property has a lot of potential, especially since many of the homes in the area are getting makeovers. There seems to be a lot of money being spent upgrading homes in this area which will only send prices up.

I feel great and am already looking for more properties, especially in this seaside community.

Jan D


My success is about a health miracle. Breast cancer is being treated holistically and by putting Higher Power first. The cancer is deminishing and disappearing. This is based on the “Enlightened” theories of life. Thank you for teaching it so beautifully.

Jan L


I was visiting friends in West Hartford. I make a point to look at the Real Estate ads when I”m out of town.

There was an ad for an Estate Sale just one street away from my friends house. We got in the car and drove over. I realized that the property was priced to sell quickly as the owner inheriting the property lived out of state. There were lots of people looking at the contents and only a few people looking at the house. I knew that I had to act fast so I made a verbal offer the next morning, contingent on an inspection. I arranged to go back 2 days later with a business partner to take a second look and meet the inspector. The next day I made my firm offer, $24K less than the asking price. It was accepted and I”m still pinching myself! I have a few months of rehab work ahead of me and I know that I will learn a great deal in the process. I can”t wait to get started!

Jan P


This is a property in RI and I”ve made the first offer and countered with a second offer.

I”m waiting to hear from the seller and in the meantime, doing all the research I can on comps in the area.

The property has been vacant for a year and needs updating and most likely a roof.

Jan P


We bought our first property ever in a real estate auction in Wayne County, Michigan this past week. We purchased the house for $3,150 and the after rehab value is $50,000. We are going to rehab the house and then most probably maintain the property as monthly cashflow since the street is mainly a rental street. We are finally on our way! 🙂

Janak M & Urvi M


My husband and I put an offer on a house that was FSBO. They felt our offer was low and they were going to counter. However, he wanted atleast 2-3% of the purchase price as earnest money. We told him the most we would put was $1000. He didn”t want to use our contract and felt that his house was worth more earnest money than $500-$1000. All in all, we didn”t end up getting the house, but good practice and experience for our first offer ever. 🙂

Janak M & Urvi M


I did my first covered calls on 1/4/05 after taking Dr. Coopers Stocks & Options class. While it was very simple to do, I would have never attempted such a thing without being in the Protege program. We are now $1150 ahead, and because of this simple success, I now know the rest of the dream is within reach! Even without doing another thing, this simple process alone will put us several thousand ahead in our retirement plans.

Jane W & Richard W


Own $325,000 in stock.

Jane-Michele C


After the EMI Retreat Orlando (1/04), I knew that I just HAD to make my first offer, if I was serious about this business. Through a lead from my bank, I went for a drive-by of an REO Employing some of the skills taught through the RAI, I started asking questions about the house and neighborhood, and met the builder of the house next door which was being totally renovated. He introduced me to a woman who was trying to sell her 3 unit apartment building in the next town. Four days later, I made my first bonafide offer. I also have an option to purchase the builder”s house, as well as 4 other homes that he is building. I know that I am on my way to becoming an Enlightened Millionaire.

Janet C & Astor C


I am now semi-retired and biginning to support myself in a meaningful way with the techniques I have learned from Dr. Cooper. Whatever I learn in this class will further my charitble foundation, an organization dedicated to providing each school age child with the tools necessary for him or her to be successful in school regardless of race, religion, or ethic background.

Janet J


CEI has just published its first issues of “People Skills for Skilled People,” an E-Zine on communication techniques and concepts for the “enlightened” organization. This e-publication grew out of Bob”s Infopreneuring DVD program. PSSP has been greeted with accolades from all sides. Our readers value the tips and techniques we present, and we will be using it to create an online marketing effort.

Janet P & Neal P


This week we stepped into the internet arena. We built our own website for very little money and for the last two weeks have fulfilled 3 new client orders from across the country, without being on a search engine, no advertising and while we where sleeping. What”s going to happen when we really try ?

Janet W & Max A


I have been introduced to and getting in and out of network marketing for years without success. After reading Multiple Streams of Income, I have approached my network marketing business very seriously. I have signed up 3 new members and received my first check of $435.00. I have gotten a website (through the network company)and also linked to that website through my wellness business website. Thanks to the books and classes that I have been participating in through the Enlightened Millionaire Institite, I look forward to a prosperous future and to giving back. Thank you for having such a beautiful vision and I am happy to be a part of it!

Janice O & Michael G


I had been interested in health products for about 20 years when my husband convinced me to go to a Network Marketing Opportunity Meeting. We saw the “vision” and became distributors. We have a downline, though short at this time. We know that with our enthusiasm and confidence in these products, we shall definitely grow our downline. (Especially with the new tools learned in the Power of Persuasion Conference that we”re taking.)



I found a possible good deal on a property in Pennsylvania right after I came back from Glen Purdy’s real estate retreat. It was an REO. Asking price $9,000. The market value for similar hoses in the neighborhood is $25,000 -$30,000. It needed at least about $8,000 worth of repairs. By the time my architect and I looked at the property last Friday, the bank had lowered the asking price to $5,000. I submitted my 1st offer ever with a cashier’s check for $1000.00 by facsimile. The offer was rejected which in itself was a blessing. The property is about 150 miles from my hometown. The numbers looked good but the energy required for the repairs and travel would have been more costly. It is a great accomplishment for me to have made my first offer less than a month from the time I became a protégé (April 13).

Jannette C & Marc C


Hello, my name is Jared. My wife and I have a been involved in the real estate protégé mentoring program for a little less than 1 week. We are complete novices when it comes to real estate. We were just married 4 months ago and have never owned a piece of real estate or offered to purchase real estate. This is all very new to us. I started calling realtors who advertised in our local paper this past Sunday (October 2nd, 2004). I found a property where, due to illness, the owner had lost his job and defaulted on his mortgage. The bank was going to take the property back in less than a week. Even though we had only had our first mentoring session the day before (October 1st, 2004) we decided to go see the property. After viewing the property we determined to make an offer. Wow, what a learning experience! I called the help line many times. I also, meticulously reviewed our learning materials to figure out how to make an offer. We studied comparable properties in the area and came up with the fair market value. We found a way to pay for the owners mortgage and still give them quite a bit of their equity, while, at the same time, using absolutely none of our own money. I couldn”t sleep that night. I kept thinking about the offer, the house, the owner, and what I would do with the profit. I spent all night day dreaming. I can”t wait to hear back from them. Either way, the whole experience was educational and most importantly, very fun. I”ve learned that there is no replacement for action, action, and action. Thanks to all who have helped me to make my very first offer.

Jared T & Uyen Chi T


I started investing in real estate in 1997 when I received a grant from the Canadian Olympic Association for $5000. I have been an angel (invested funds) in an investment club. In 6 years, by practicing discipline and not spending the profits and always re-investing, I have turned that $5000 into about $120,000. I have put up money for approx. 35 properties and continue to do about 6-10 properties per year. I am now starting to invest in foreclosure properties. My goals are to learn more about the hands on so I can do it on my own. I am building towards my retirement from sport so that I can do this full time. Thanks Bob for instilling the belief that I can do this!

Jason P & Kristen C


Using Bob”s Real Estate Strategies, I spent 2 to 3 weeks, going with a real estate agent to at least 50 residential houses. After that time, I found the money making home. It was a good home in a great neighborhood. It had tremendous views from the front overlooking the city of Tucson. And even more spectacular views of the mountains from the backyard. 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, plus luxurious home office. It was only ten years old, and was for sale at about $35,000 below the appraisal value. I bought it for $455,000.

We renovated the entire kitchen. Put in all brand new granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Altogether the new kitchen cost us about $12,000. We spent about another $3000 putting in modern landscaping in the backyard. Total renovation costs were $15,000. These renovations made the whole house appear “classy and elegant”. It really lifted the appearance of the house from just ordinary to extra-ordinary.

After a couple of years we re-financed the home to get a better rate on the mortgage. We were astounded to find out that the value of the home had increased by over $140,000!! It was now worth over $610,000.

Yes. But I think I should include one small disclaimer. We bought the right house, in the right neighborhood, at the right time. And that the real estate in the Tucson Foothills in general has appreciated right across the board.

And to anyone who reads this story, I have only one other thing to add. If I can do it, you can do it, too. Believe in yourself, and anything is possible.

Jasun L


Bought an additional house and made my old one into a rental



One of the first calls I made after looking up this property online was the one I was most interested in. Real grass yards are rare in this section of Brooklyn, and I intend to own one within walking distance. After my introduction I nervously inquired regarding my interest in the gentleman”s property, which is not on the market, his last statement was “Let me tell you something..” (to which I was expecting “Don”t ever call me again!”) “I won”t take less than $450(K) for it.” So I said “Okay!”, (after having compared surrounding properties). He won”t be moving soon, but I”m his first contact.

Since then after more offers for deals and a place to live without having to rent anymore, three were accepted within 48 hours of each other! I”m continuing to press on in this personally very unfamiliar territory every day, to work on getting to the closing table now, with the realtors now starting to call back from all the business cards I”ve been giving out! Thanks for all the support so far!

Jaye M


My business plan to set up my own psychiatric office in Osage Beach, MO was in place before I read the One Minute Millionaire. However, I already had the influence of Mark Victor Hansen through the Chicken Soup books that I have read. I also have been greatly influenced by self-esteem tapes by Jack Canfield that I listened to repeatedly while in medical school. Finally, my mother espouses many of the beliefs/ideas that I have heard expressed today at the Millionaire Conference (Jan., 2004). She is a realtor. I am not certain that her net worth is a million dollars, but she could be if she desired to be. After reading the One Minute Millionaire as well as knowing that I will not be able to make the kind of money the hospital is paying me and do psychiatry the way I most enjoy, I am in pursuit of ideas on how to either make money providing mental health services at a different level…or…make money some other way and do psychiatry for fun and because I am good at it and people need caring doctors.

Jean S


I saw my first patient at my psychiatric office, Osage Mental Health Specialists, before my physical location was open. I borrowed a room at the local hospital to evaluate this out patient. I started working at a residential facility which brings me closer to my long term dream of owning/operating a residential psychiatric facility. The first patient leads to the next patient. The first facility contact leads to the next facility contact. One idea leads to another. I have ideas that I didn”t have before reading the One Minute Millionaire. It reminded me of what I learned in Jack Canfield”s self-esteem tapes 15 to 20 years ago. I am reminded to DREAM and pursue the dream….nothing is impossible. One Minute Millionaire made me aware of my need for a team and a bigger network. I want to be around people who dream big, think big, act big. These people are also rewarded in very big ways, financial is just one of the ways that they are rewarded.

Jean S


I took Dr. Cooper”s course and began paper trading to achieve the success level he sought. I achieved a $3500 profit, but this generated only a 48% success rate in my first ten trades. I am working to achieve the recommended 70% success rate before I invest real money. I am on track to do so in February.

Jean S


It was a long haul. We decided to put together a catalog site. Learning the ropes and all that is needed to be successful. But after two months of hard work, it is finally up and running. Most importantly, it is leading us to other projects that will focus on affiliates and ebooks using the techniques taught by EMI.

Jean-Marc L & Lorinda L


My husband and I wanted to start investing in real estate, but didn’t know how to get into it other than how to buy a house. Even when we had tried to get a construction loan before, we kept running into bankers not wanting to work with us. Then one day Enlightened Millionaire came my way, and I was intrigued. I always knew I would be one, but didn’t know how I would get there. \r\n\r\nSo my husband and I were accepted into EMI and started into our mentoring phone calls and reading. I started getting nervous about the phone calls and how fast they were going and the fact that all this homework was too much for me to handle with the demands of my already difficult schedule and home business. But John Long, our mentor, assured me; it would come in time and to just keep going. \r\n\r\nSo I started reviewing everything at my disposal, newspapers, Internet, penny saver, green sheet, for the “for sale by owner” listings, and pruning all the local neighborhoods. Things starting appearing outside of the box! A friend was in dire need to get her house sold, because she had one she had put an offer on in Colorado. It needed work, but the ultimate end of that deal was that she accepted another offer from another investor at an amount I wanted to offer her, that was trying to do what I wanted to do. I wasn’t fast enough! \r\n\r\nThe next deal was one I put before John just to see what he would say, I expected him to tell me that I was barking up the wrong trees and to come back home. I really wasn’t sure about the deal, but thought I’d just give it a shot. He LOVED IT! He taught me how to look at the numbers, which weren’t too far off of mine, but when I laid the plan out, he thought it was a good deal and told me to go see it. It was clear across the country! \r\n\r\n Here’s what has happened. I live in Southern California, Corona, to be exact. I was looking at a house that was on an auction website. The house was in New York! I decided to fly out there and walk through the house. I had never been to New York, so I would be fulfilling one of my dreams come true. When I cleared my schedule, I only had time for a 3-day journey, of which two would be spent in plane travel. In the mean time I sent emails to the guy from the auction, and no one had bid on the property, so I made an offer at his starting price…not the buy it now price that was $5000 more, and he accepted! \r\n\r\nThe house had a tenant in it that had been there for 3 years. I was now purchasing a house that had a 3 year tenant, and was going to start making a net profit of about $250.00 a month! And the best thing yet, is that I can put a loan on that house, get my money back from that purchase and buy another one. \r\n\r\nI have purchased house #2, and that house will be bringing in a net of about $600.00 a month! I’m in the process of making a third purchase, and this house will net me around $500 a month. Not to mention the 8 other properties I now have a deposit on, to purchase in the next 30 days as soon as my money is freed up from these three purchases. It was so easy to make these deals, that I am now the property owner of three houses, and my deals in the future months to come are not done. \r\n\r\nThe second half of my plan is to offer home ownership to the current tenants. I remembered being a renter in an apartment complex, and always wishing there was something I could do to buy a house. I figured out a way. \r\n\r\nHow this works is that the tenants of 3 years have been paying on a regular basis. According to my numbers, I will have each house paid off in less than 10 years. So I can make an offer for the tenant to continue paying their current rent and if they do that for 10 years, they can own the property. I will deed it over to them. This benefits me two ways. First, they actually pay for the cost of the house, so I get 100% of my money back, plus they have made the payments for the payoff, which includes the principal and interest, and a monthly income. And the second benefit is that since the tenant will be takin

Jeanette E & Bob E


Here’s what I have done in the first 30 days of being a protégé: Purchased two houses: One @ $28,000 – Closing costs $550.00 Paid by me. I paid cash for this house. It is a 4 bedroom rental current tenant has been there 3 years and is paying $550.00. The tenant is moving to another property but will be replaced, I have two on a waiting list for this property. It will be rerented at $550.00. Once the renter has completed a one year contract, the house will be offered for purchase. Tenant would continue paying $550, but will now be responsible for insurance, taxes, and water (other utilities already paid by tenant). After 10 years, this tenant @ 8% interest would pay off the property. I would deed it over. Second property – 2 unit house – Paid $30,000, closing was $550.00. Current tenants have been there one for 4 years, the other for 8. I will offer this house to the tenant that has been there the longest in about 3 months with the same provisions as above. If that person doesn’t want the deal, I’ll make the offer to the other tenant. This house currently brings in $850.00 a month for the two units total. I paid cash for this house. My third property I’m still trying to finish the deal. I have the $25,000 to pay him, but haven’t connected with him yet. This has 3 tenants, two in the house and one renting the garage. Total Rents are $800 (actually low because one tenant of 4 years is given a discount to keep an eye on the property and fix it up when needed.) I would keep the rents the same, and ask the same tenant to keep an eye on the building. In a few months, I would be ready to make an offer to him to purchase the building, but his payments would raise from his current $250 to probably about $400, and be at the 8% interest. I have increased my assets by $58,000; however, I have a net income of about $938, and will be making arrangements for both properties to get loans on them. I will be able to pull out about $5000 clear on each home to use as leveraged money to purchase the next house. I will be getting an ARM loan, which will keep my interest under 4%. My rents will more than pay for the payments, and I can clearly pay the houses off in less than 10 years. The houses I have on hold with a deposit are: 1 house – 5 units – potential rent after $5000 rehab = $1600 per month – purchase price _ $18,000 1 house – 2 units – 1 current 8 year tenant $350, other unit – rehab of $1000 = potential tenant $500, purchase price – $18,000 1 house – 1 unit – rehab of $2500 – potential rent of $400 – purchase price – $18,000 1 house – 2 units – rehab of $15,000 potential rent $400 each unit ($800) – purchase price $10,000 (Those 4 are a package deal) 1 house (with a $50,000 new elevator) 2 units – 1 tenant currently @ $400 – potential rent on 2nd unit $450 – Purchase Price $30,000 (was previously bid on, but buyer fell through, offered to me for this price) 1 house – 2 units – Current rents $925.00 (3 + year tenants) – purchase price $30,000 1 house – 2 units – one tenant $400 – potential 2nd tenant $400 – purchase price $25,000 1 house – 1 unit – 3 bed – needs rehab – deal is to rehab and rerent (I have a potential renter already) and deliver house for $25,000. This house is in a better neighborhood where houses are selling for $45,000-65,000. Pretty good for 30 days in EMI. My goal is to have 30 houses by the end of December, and by my figures that should be around a $7500 a month income from rentals alone. I have found 2 properties that is land alone that I want to purchase and begin building my dream home on the property along with a smaller building for my other in home business that I have been running for almost 7 years.

Jeanette E & Bob E


I found the property from an internet auction website. I wanted to bid on it but was scared to commit to something. I had to talk it over with my mentor John Long first. Well the property closed without a bid. So I sent an email to the person who submitted the auction and asked him if he would be interested in selling the property even though no one had bid on it and if it was still up for sale. He said yes to both, and said a few people were interested. He told me the first person to put earnest money down he would deal with. I shipped $1000 off to him the next day by wire. I worked up a few clauses for my deal, and he accepted them. Here”s the fun part…He had the property listed as “buy it now” for $35,000. I offered him his opening bid price at $28,000. He took it immediately (darn, I should have dropped my offer another grand! hahaha) Three weeks later I signed the papers (after he fixed the stairs as another clause I added on after inspection) and I now own the property, and he has collected the rents for me! Free of charge! He also put me in touch with most of the business contacts I needed to get established with rentals. He has offered me 9 other houses since; I have purchased one other and put $1000 earnest money on the other 8. While I was there doing the walk through, I found another property by someone else, and just by talking to this other person, He went from $35,000 for his one home to $25,000 if I pay cash and sent me to another property of his that he would sell for the same deal. So I now have two more from another person to complete those transactions on.

Jeanette E & Bob E


Our offer for a Palmdale, California condo is accepted the second time around. We initially had offered $146,000 on this 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo but we lost the property. However, it fell out of escrow and we upped our offer by $1,000 to $147,000 and it was accepted. We have a 30-day escrow. We have been pre-funded and financial docs are to be signed this week.

Jeanette H & Michael H


I found a below market home on the MLS listing. It fell from escrow that evening. The home is in a fairly good neighborhood. And, it was a motivated seller. The home is full of furniture, including a baby grand piano. We made an offer for $395,000 with $3,000 down. I wanted to make it less, but the RE agent said it wouldn”t be taken seriously. I think the property (with a new paint job, termite repair) can sell for $440,000.

Jeanette H & Michael H


Last year I was eating lunch in local diner when I saw the full page ad in the Albuquerque journal for Robert Allen”s Creating Wealth Introduction. When the waitress was in the other room, I tore out the ad. I was not embarrassed about taking the ad, but for being interested in investing in real estate. I told my partner I was going and asked him to join me. After the two-hour lecture, I knew that I could learn something from this program. Without hesitation I signed up for the weekend class. My ex-mother-in-law bought many properties over the years and then remodeled them. Dahvee is a contractor and I have remodeled several homes. But I didn”t know how to do the money. What I learned from Robert Allen class was how to get and use Other People”s Money. I had no idea that there were people out there who would lend me money. And we found them, and bought property together, and have more than what I thought was possible. The goal I set for my self during the class was to have a property under contract within one month. Dahvee”s was to have a million dollars worth of property within one year. We signed a purchase agreement within 2 months on three different properties and began looking for our hard money. I called the advisor weekly. He was fabulous. We followed his advice but still did not find any hard moneylenders. Our closings were coming due within one week and still no money. We were getting really nervous. Then one day we were driving through Santa Fe. Dahvee was driving while I dialed the phone for him. We started calling all the mortgage brokers asking if they had any hard moneylenders. Finally one said “yes.” Bingo!!! He ended up referring us to a local bank that financed our two deals at 5.5 %. (we had cancelled one of the three projects.) My mother lent us the money for the down payment. One project was a foreclosure we bought at $ 52,000. We probably put $ 50,000 into it making it really beautiful, which we like to do. We have it on the market for $ 139,500. A neighbor told us yesterday he wants to buy it so he can live across the street from his mother. The other project was an 80 year old adobe, which is on the main street going through town. We saw it as having great commercial potential. We got it for $ 100,000. The bank gave us 80% of the purchase price. We had it appraised for remodeling it at $ 200,000. So the bank lent us 80% of this minus the purchase price. We ran out of money and had it re-appraised, this time for $ 300,000. We continued making it a beautiful building. Now we want to make it into a furniture and door store and need money to operate the business. We have had it re-appraised at $ 350,000 and will be getting 80 % of that this week. The two neighbors have approached us and asked us if we want to buy their properties as well. We bought a 25 acre lot for $ 210 ($ 8400/acre) which we plan to subdivide and sell at $ 25,000 acre. When we were so desperately looking for a hard moneylender, someone referred a person to us who is willing to finance some of our future projects. Our furniture and door business has already made back $18,000 of our investment ($ 34,000), and we just opened our store door this past week. We work great together. We have the opportunity to be beneficial to so many more people. We are creating beauty together in our houses, in other peoples” lives, in our own. We are so grateful.

Jeanette M & Dahvee H


Upon finishing the Creating Wealth in Real Estate, my partner and I came home to look up the HUD site. Voila!! There was a house on the HUD site in our town. We contacted a real estate broker we had met in the training who was a HUD broker. We made a bid. Didn”t get it. Made another bid. Still didn”t get it. We must have made 5 different offers, each time raising our bid. But then someone else”s bid was accepted because they were not investors, but stated that they were going to live in it. We were disappointed, but we kept looking for more. And we found a better deal later.

Jeanette M & Dahvee H


I knew that if I followed the guidelines that I learned in the class, I would be successful. I am really good at following instructions. So we found three properties that we thought would be good for us. We bid on all three and they were accepted. Then we started doing our homework to discover if they were sound buildings. One of them was not, so we got out of that one.

Now, we didn”t have any money. I kept calling our advisor for help in finding a hard money loan. He was terrific, Reed Sawyer. He kept giving us more ideas and we would do them, one by one. And still no money. We were getting nervous. Closing was just a week away, and we still did not have any money to buy them. We live in a small town in New Mexico where a lot of hard money people don”t wish to venture. One day we were driving through Santa Fe. I was reading numbers to my partner, Dahvee, while he called up mortgage brokers. “Do you know any hard money lenders?” One by one, we went through the phone book. Finally, one man said “yes”. Wow!! We were ecstatic.

We made an appointment for the next day to give him our information. He was so impressed with our presentation. We had bought the software from the class and could show him we were serious. Dahvee is also a contractor with 35 yrs experience in building. 

,br> He called our real estate broker and was able to get us an extension on our closing dates for both properties. He hooked us up with a local bank who lent us the purchasing money at 5%. We were even able to borrow the money for the repair of one of the properties.

We remodeled them both. One of them is on the market to sell. The other we have made into commercial property in which we will operate a retail shop ourselves as well as rent to two other businesses.

Jeanette M & Dahvee H


I was out of the country and wanted to buy a property in Costa Rica with no money down… I placed a deposit down and now I am finding the rest of the money for it through the use of lenders and private investors. I am so exited to be able to buy a property and not know how I was going get the property financed….. knowing that when I put a deposit down on it … it will work out using the ideas I learned in EMI!!

Jeannie A & Keven H


I saw an ad in the Miami (sept 1982) real estate section of the papers. I made an offer to the owner and he accepted my offer on this three bedroom two bath home for a purchase price of $52,000.00.I deposited $1,500.00 with the title company, and at closing I got back a check for $2,500.16.there were two existing mortgages on the property and the owner took back a third. Within one year, I was able to pay off all three mortgages, two of which were substantially discounted. Total cost to me was $28,000.00.I lived in the home for ten years, accumulated real estate worth $1.5 million from the money obtained, through refinancing my home. Sold the home in 1992 for $103,000.00 and took back a $28,000.00 mortgage.

jeet g


I bought 2 duplexes in 1985, got married in 2001 and am now ready to move ahead. We sold the duplexes last month and started this new project.

Jeff E & Peggy E


What a long haul, this is the third version of the site I made. I got it live on Yahoo! Stores PageBuilder, by using PayPal as a payment processor. Then when I secured my merchant account, in order to process the transactions, I had to use a different part of Yahoo! stores, essentially having to rebuild the home page and all links etc. Have submitted to search engines again, after streamlining keywords. Have written several ads and submitted them to different sites. Have made several link exchanges. I”ve yet to make a profit from the site, but am hopeful that traffic will pick up drastically now that the site is fully functional.

Jeff F & Denise F


I”ve been trying to get a decent website up and running for quite some time now. When I heard about Robert Allen”s mentoring program, I knew it was what I was looking for. I convinced my wife to get on board with the program and did everything my mentor asked me to do. I now have a great website on line and I”m making more eBay sales than ever before. I”ve had some hiccups with pricing structure and shipping charges, but I know we are on the right path. I”m teaching my wife to run the details of the business, so that I can stay focused on the creative side. I”m currently helping my wife find a niche where she can get personally involved in her own website.

Jeff F & Denise F


My first deal is finally closing tomorrow. Using the tools that I have been given through Robert, Mark and the coaches from EMI Training I have been successful in putting together a few deals. Tomorrow I close my first deals on two duplex”s (4 units) in Lethbridge near the university. These were a great experience for me to learn more about negotiating, making a deal and putting it all together. I was also able to bring in an investor to put up the cash I needed. The investor is putting in about $70,000 while I am putting “NOTHIN DOWN” and assuming the mortgages. The cash flow from the properties will pay the mortgages and give both myself and my investor a good return.

With the same investor I have put together another deal in Raymond in which he is putting in $100,000, I have obtained financing of $130,000, and am putting nothing down myself. This deal will close on May 30. Not only did I put nothing down on this deal either, at closing I will be getting $1,500 back from the vendor which will be split with the investor and $5,000 from the loan proceeds which will go directly to me.

The team at EMI, the coaches and Bob & Mark have been great. Thanks to everyone! And thank you Judd!

Jeff H


I made my first offer on two sets of duplex”s today. My offer was not accepted, however it was a great learning experience. The vendors had indicated they were willing to carry some financing but it turned out they were not willing to do what I had to offer. They need all of the money in the next two years so that they can travel. This is not a lost cause however, my next step is to find an investor so that I can make a new offer. I feel good about this one!

Jeff H


I first got involved with the EMI Training in January 2004. In May I started to purchase properties. My first project was 4 units; 2 duplexs) in Lethbridge Alberta. The duplexs had mortgages against them at about 68% loan to value. I assumed the current mortgages and offered a partner 25% ownership for him to put up the cash needed. This was my first nothing down purchase. With none of my own money I gained 75% ownership of a $220,000 purchase. The exciting part of this story is that last week I converted these mortgages to a 75% LV line of credit based on a new appraisal. I now have a line of credit for $167,250. I used it to pay off the existing $147,000 debt and now have $20,250 equity to find more investments. My second purchase came a month after this first one. Again using none of my own money I gained 56% ownership of a property with 43 storage units and three appartments. This property was far below market value and is providing an excellent monthly cash flow for myself and my partner. Thus far I have 75% ownership in realestate worth $223,000 and 56% ownership in real estate worth well over $250,000. This was all done with none of my own money and I now have a line of credit that has provided me with over $20,000 in equity to invest with. I am excited, I am loving it and I am looking for more.

Jeff H


To be perfectly honest I have been lazy and have not entered any of my success stories because I thought they were not substantial enough to be worth mentioning. I am here at a Retreat as I write this and have been convinced otherwies, so here goes: Since January of this year I have made over ten real money trades of which 6 were profitable 3 not profitable and 4 that are still open. To date I am still in the black and happy to be learning and profiting from this course.

Jeff J


I have recently finished making making 7 out of 10 successful paper trades on stock options. It took me well more than ten trades in total but I got it done nonetheless.

Jeff J


Well, this was pretty wild. I really didn”t know what I was doing, and was pretty scared. I”d found a property in the paper, listed with a realtor, who turned out to be pretty pushy (big surprise!). I found out as much as I could, that it was about to go into foreclosure, but that their attorney might offer to buy it if no one else did. Strange. Anyway, I got comps and looked the house over and assessed its present value and marketability in its location, pretty remote but a custom home about 35 years old. They were asking 350K, and supposedly had an appraisal at 371K. But had only had one offer, recently, which fell out. I was looking to flip it, didn”t know what I was doing, and so I wanted to protect myself from getting stuck with something I couldn”t unload (I didn”t understand the concept of “get-out contingencies” at the time). So I offered 251,364. I also offered a Lease Option at 275K. No expiration date on my offer (!). I didn”t hear back, and was nervous as all get-out. About 2 weeks passed, the agent said she”d heard nothing either, and by this time it was supposed to have been foreclosed (whatever that meant, I really didn”t know) and I figured it was dead. I had offered what I felt was the most I could pay and have a safe margin for worst-case marketing problems. They came back and asked if I was interested at 275K. I told them my first offer was the best I could do, and that”s the last I ever heard from them. I don”t know what happened to the property. I guess it wouldn”t hurt to check into it.

Jeff M


I don”t know if I qualify to write this yet, as I haven”t purchased my first piece of property YET. Aside from the two residences I”ve owned, which I feel don”t count. I guess I want to write this now for two reasons: 1) I want the prizes; and 2) I”ve accepted THE BIG CHALLENGE (not the 90-day) to Change My Life. \r\n\r\nThis past year has been a big year for me in a lot of ways. I really started on the path to change in a serious way in 2002, when I took my first two Real Estate classes: Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Finance. I got so excited, and loved the material so much; I just knew for sure that my hunch had been right that this was the career move I wanted to make. I just wasn”t sure how.\r\n\r\nI knew someone who was a very successful Mortgage Underwriter, and I talked to her quite a bit and decided that that”s what I”d do, too. But when it came right down to it, to taking the Real Estate License Exam, I just couldn’t” do it; I guess there were a few reasons for that, now that I think about it.\r\n\r\nSo I was in limbo for awhile. Then my best friend, who is a Realtor in Portland, OR, invited me to go to Las Vegas with him to attend the Ron LeGrand Extravaganza. I”d never heard of Ron LeGrand, but I”d just decided with my wife to get divorced (6/22)after 21 years of marriage and 3 children, and so being in Vegas on my birthday (7/2) and possibly having some fun sounded like a good idea. I had no idea what I was about to be in for. \r\n\r\nThose 5 days changed my life. I knew absolutely that Real Estate Investing was the direction I wanted to go, but I just didn”t know how to do it, and how I”d get the money. I saw Robert Allen, who had been one of my “secret heroes” for a long time, at the Ron Legrand show. Based on his attendance there, I decided to sign up for a Ron LeGrand Boot Camp to get my new career going. I figured if Ron was a friend of Bob”s, then everything had to be OK.\r\n\r\nThat was the path I was going down. I went to the Boot Camp in late July. In early August I moved out of my house, left my family there, and was “in the rapids”, as they say. I had no idea which end was up. I had a place to live, didn”t have a place to live. Had a place, had to move. Stayed at Motel 6 for a week while I looked for a place, found a place, and couldn’t move in, back to Motel 6. Kept looking. Going on 3 weeks out of my house. By then it was late August.\r\n\r\nI guess I was still pretty much in shock, and if it hadn”t been for my best friend, I don”t know what kind of shape I might have wound up in. He was a life-saver, talking to me on the phone, letting me talk, mostly. It was on one of those talks that he suggested I call a telephone number for a Robert Allen program he”d seen on the Internet. (I knew he was already in a Robert Allen program). I”d seen it too, a while back. I remembered it, but had dismissed it as something I could never do.\r\n\r\nBut now I thought: “What the heck! Who knows what I can do, now that my life is changing?!”\r\n\r\nSo I called up and heard that Robert Allen was looking for some more people to do something like what he”d done in St. Louis so long ago: a Challenge sort of deal. And if I could make the commitment to it, and was the right type of person, then I might stand a chance of getting into the program. I decided to go for it.\r\n\r\nI knew I was on shaky ground in my life, and I wasn”t about to sugar-coat it to talk my way into something, as I had on more than one occasion (my marriage, for example!). I was determined to tell the person on the other end of the phone “how it is”, plain. But when I did that, I also felt I was tapping into my strength, and I knew that despite everything I had been through in my life, I had tremendous reserves still inside me, and that I really wanted to do something with my life. And perhaps NOW was the right time to take that chance.\r\n\r\nI really didn”t think, after telling my situation, that I would be accepted. But I was

Jeff M


My initial success comes from not focusing on the negative attitudes of other people that engulf us every day. Be true to yourself and your higher purpose.

Jeff N


For months we had driven by a two unit rental that was for sale. It was sided, newer windows. We could tell that it would require some clean up, but soap and water is cheap. Neither of us acted on our desire to look at the property, because we believed that we would need money to make money. On January 23, 2004 my husband showed me the information he had received on the 90 Day Challenge. I told him lets pray on it and then attempt to sign up. If we are accepted then we will assume that God is with us on this decision. We made the cut. I went out and purchased several of Robert Allen”s books and began devouring them. We immediately started to look at properties – including this one. It was listed through a realtor, was owned by the bank, was appraised at 59,900.00, had previous offers of 36,000, and were told the bank was holing out for 38,000.00. This sounded like a classic book example. We realized that a little paint, lots of soap and water, and we could flip the property or keep it for a positive cash flow. We have made our first offer and are waiting to hear if the bank will accept it. While we allowed the realtor to use his forms, we stayed in control and refused to make the offer until acceptable “Robert Allen” verbiage was documented. We already have run across an investment company that is willing to work with us, and are waiting, somewhat impatiently to hear the banks decision. Once we have this first property under our belt, we will start making offers on several more properties. My husband and I are grateful for the knowledge you have shared and are on our way to being financially free.

Jeffery M & Michele M


Our success is not yet about buying and selling. But early now we are in the beginning of learning to break out of our middle class mindset. We think differently. We are progressing in the ability to become financially independent by learning to change the way we see things. Small steps, but we continue to move forward.

Jeffrey L & Tricia L


The property was a don”t want for the seller. I wanted a house to live in. It popped up on MLS on a Monday morning and I looked at it that morning with my agent. It was a little bit run down (no carpet, needed paint, etc.). They wanted $192,000 and I was thinking that was a fair deal but I wanted about $5000 off to do the work on the house so, that afternoon, I offered $182,000 (figuring we”d negotiate to the price I wanted). They accepted on Wednesday without negotiation.

Jeffrey M & Pam H


My success story, well that would have to be buying the house in Palo Alto. It all started with a customer coming into work and mentioning that he was going to be moving, that he needed to because he has been out of work for over a year. When he mentioned that he was going to have to sell his house, I told him that I would like to discuss the possibility of purchasing of his home with him. I knew I was definately stepping out of my comfort zone on this one, seeing as how the last time I spoke with a lender, I only qualified for $135,000… a big difference from $700,000. My first house deal and I am going full bore on a deal that a few months ago I would have never tried because it was out of any sort of realm that I thought was realistic or achieveable for me. I will admit there have been several setbacks during the negotiations, but all is going well. The whole deal has been a very good learning experience for me and I have learned that I need to work on my negotiation skills, but you have to start somewhere. For me getting off the fence and trying it was the first test, so there is my first accomplishment ! Initially, when we had agreed to the purchase price etc. is when ( as I now know ) when I should have had it all tied up in an offer, but I did not and consequently things have changed some. Ok so now the whole deal is not quite as sweet as it was to begin with, however it looks as though it will still work out just fine. Even though it does not look like I will be able to keep this one for a rental unit, I feel that I done well in the fact that I was able to negotiate a nothing down deal on a house that is almost 3/4 of a million dollars ! The only money that I have had to put down, has been at the request of and made out to the Title company in the amount of $1,000.00. We are closing on the 27th of Dec. and to date, I have about twenty five people interested in the property due to an ad that I ran on the computer, which by the way was FREE!

I will have to give you more details soon!

Jeffrey S


Foreclosure flipper deal purchased with $250,000 in equity.

Jen C


Our daughter lives in Asheville, No Carolina. Using recommended criteria, we found a property listed 35% under market value, being offered by an 80 yr old owner. We learned there are some special “rules” to buying property in another state ( we live in Iowa ). We were kindly steered to a buyer”s real estate agent and I thnik we were given advice and help. The deal was progressing until we learned : the owner never obtained a certificate of occupancy ( which could cost us a lot to upgrade and bring the house up to required code; the stated appraisal ( which we never saw ) was for 135K, while the actual appraisal was for 95K; and he did not have a plan for where he was going to live when we bought his house! The deal did not go through, his wife became angry with him for trying to sell it! We learned that we need to understand local requirements…the buyuer”s agent is worth the money! And we learned that this opportunity was not good for everybody involved…especially, perhaps, for the seller. I”m feeling OK that this did not go to completion..I don”t think it was win/win for everybody. Besides…we are already evaluating and making an offer on a second property!!! More later.

Jennie V & Milton V


Jennie and I have been learning about the foreign exchange market and have practiced with paper trading for on-off over the past 6-9 mos. We recently finished an in-depth training seminar in Feb. After getting our courage up (due in no small part to joining the EMI ) we began in earnest March 1, 2004. So far we have made 29 trades, showing 13 losing positions, 26 gaining positions for a net profit of $772.00. With a starting account of 1900.00, we have made a 41% profit in 12 days.

Jennie V & Milton V


We made our first offer ever this week!! We saw a house in our town listed for $355,000. We checked it out and researched the situation. It was an empty house (divorce situation) and they owed $218,000. We offered $255,000. Our realtor thought we were nuts! Maybe we were because our offer was not taken. We are expecting to counter offer. We will submit a new offer in 30 days. This was great for us because we did it! Scary as anything. Not knowing what to say. But we did it! Thank you EMI and especially Scott Lamm, our coach!

Jennifer C & Jason C


The offer on Spence Street was guided by the wealth of knowledge given through the replay teleconferences and reading and understanding the support material of the Protege program. With all this knowledge I was able to talk to the Real Estate Agent and have her listen to my \”plan of attack\”. The strategy I used was to discuss the terms of the contract and make very clear what I was considering and thinking of doing. The property was listed for $329,000. After 2 weeks on the market, it dropped to $318,000. I suggested a contract for $300,000 and was told they would not consider it. I rethought my figures and went back to the Agent. The contract was to be for $305,000 with a 48 hour notice of finance and a 14 day settlement. Should the vendor want their full price, then it would be a 6 month settlement. In other words, I would be in no hurry to settle and could use the money elsewhere in the meantime. Prior knowledge from the real Estate Agent, gave me an edge, as I knew the people wanted an early settlement as they were paying interest on the house loan and payments were starting to become a nuisance and unable to be met. Finally, the terms were 48 hour finance and settlement in 14 days (which I extended to 21 days after the contract was signed) for $305,000. A done deal!!!!

Thanks to the program and my gaining self confidence. Previously I would have worked out a way to find the extra money, and done little bargaining. Thank you once again for the new \”me\”.

Jennifer J & Kelly J


The Seminar Presentation changed my life – I was intrigued that Robert made a challenge to train one million millionaires. I am pleased to be a part of the program and will achieve the goal of one million for Robert ASAP.

Jennifer J & Kelly J


Wanting to do more real estate, I found I could not borrow any more money. The solution was to carefully listen to the classes and read the materials. I approached a friend, and he said he would be happy to invest and share profits. I now realise that I needed to do more ground work, as I had not reached a complete agreement on how time and money had to happen. In the end, we bought a property – Spence Street – and will make a profit.

In Australia the mentality is different in that we have to go through a real estate agent and they negotiate (this causes difficulty if you want to do vedore/seller finance) and people have the mentality that they need the money and will not consider any other proposition. I am amazed how fear driven this country can be.

Anyway, I am coming to the wealth retreat and am thoroughly going to enjoy the company and the presenters!

Jennifer J & Kelly J


I put an offer in on a deceased estate for $300,000 in Mt Gravatt East in Brisbane. This offer was accepted over 3 others. The contract does not become unconditional until all matters of the estate have been settled. I believe the price I am going to pay for the property is fair and just. At present, I am undecided as to whether to flip or keep. The house is in the 1950″s style and it will not take very much money and elbow grease to get a better price. IF I am keeping the property, I will make it into a 5 bedroom house and rent out the rooms to university and TAFE students, as that will bring in more income than renting to a family.

Jennifer J & Kelly J


I just began the protege program 8 days ago. I am just getting familiar with how the program works; I have been so impressed with the support system! I e-mailed one of my mentors with a lengthy question and was very impressed with the speed in which it was answered. He went into great detail with an explanation. I haven”t made my first offer yet but, I consider my efforts thus far to be a success!

jennifer l & kenny l


In February of 2003 we began our investment journey. Mailing post cards and researching property. In June of 2003 we made an offer on our first investment house. The house had a bad roof – a delapetated garage and needed to have a trim paint job. We offered $30K to the owner and asked the owner to carry the note at 6% interest with a 3 year balloon. The owner had previously had a tenant in the house for 12 years and did not want to deal with renting the house again. The owner quickly accepted the offer. And we signed a contract that we drafted.

We spent $5,000 on a new roof, trim paint and removing the garage.

We ran an ad in the Thrifty Nickel paper to sell the house for $64,500 with our own owner financing terms. Three weeks later we had an offer. We stood in the kitchen of that little house and a buyer said I want to make you an offer of $62,000 if you will take that offer the buyer said he would put $30,000 down in cash! We stood there for a moment in disbelief… And of course took the offer. In addition we carry the balance which is even with the original balance we owe – however we receive residual interest of 11%. That was our first deal – we did 6 more before the year ended. We continue to build our portfolio today… We will share the stories of the other deals…

Jennifer L & Ruth L


We made the decision to move from Houston to San Antonio to bring Dad home. We owned our home in Houston and needed someone to lease our house and also needed to find a home to lease in San Antonio. Within 2 weeks of putting an ad in the paper to lease, we had a contract on our home. Now we needed to find a property to live in San Antonio. We hunted high and low and found a beautifully remodeled home in the exact location we wanted. We negotiated a lower price by $3,000 and signed on the dotted line on a lease with option to buy for $143,000. The best part? We didn”t need credit to do this. Thank you Robert and Mark for giving us the courage to do this. The next step? Creating a note using the equity from our house in Houston to purchase a condo in South Padre Island, TX. Who gave me this idea? Robert Allen! It would never have occurred to me. When I read that strategy in the book, I had to reread that section in the book a few times. It seemed too simple. But once I wrapped my mind around the concept, AHA!!!! Now I”m in the process of finding an investor to buy the note. Who knows what”s around the corner. All I know is I”m excited about the possibilites.

Jennifer N & John N


I just relaunched my Network Marketing business with the release of a New Product line in February. I had a huge response to the product line and great success with my sales. I have new sense of confidence regarding my business due to the great training I have received from EMI. I have truly enjoyed using the tips I learned during the Magnetic Persuasion course. My verbal packaging has greatly improved my sales and increased the response rate of all my outreach methods. Looking forward to learning and earning even more in 2004!!

Jenny V


This course is giving me confidence to make deals and help people out!!

Jeremy K


Sometimes successes aren”t always measured in dollars. We got a friend of ours on these products we market, and within two months, he was able to reduce his insulin usage from 65 units a day to 2 units a week. He also had a strange skin disease, that cleared up in the same amount of time. This has greatly increased their quality of life, and has also really blessed my family knowing JESUS used us to help them.

Jerry G


I was working 60-65 hrs. a week and my wife, through talking with people at church got a friend of ours to sign up.

Jerry G


I have been working with a mentor for the last few months using his advice to proceed in real estate offers. I have made one offer that was turned down. I have looked at other properties but have not made any more offers because they have not fit a profitable profile. All the properties demand me to purchase at a small negative. I have attended real-estate investors clubs in order to meet people so that I may be able to find properties that have not yet been published in the MLS in hopes of finding a profitable one. The Southern California market seems to be leveling, but there are still plenty of investors to maintain the inflated prices.

jerry s


I became a protege last year and actually purchased a property. But it took me 6 months to get it cleaned up and ready to turn around. But I learned a lot from my experience and I will be able to make this happen a lot more quickly next time. I have now purchased a pre-foreclosure and I will sell it using owner financing that will allow me to get another stream of income going. This year I really anticipate making some progress and I expect to have a gushing stream of income by the end of the year.

Jerry S


I placed a proposal on 43 storage units valued at 150,000, for 145,000. The owner will take a note for 28,000 due in 3 years with interest only payments. The bank will finance 117,000 with no money out of my pocket.

Jerry W


With the down turn of the stock market in the early 2000″s, our retirement nest eggs were virtually worthless so we began to study what seemed more sure for us in our retirement. We were already retired and going back to work seemed a certainity and who would want to hire a retired insurance agent who had been licensed in another state? It had been years since my wife had held a paying job and our labor skills had deteriorated for an employer to take a chance on us. We discussed entering the real estate business where my sales ability might be of use. I noticed an ad in the paper for a free Robert Allen Real Estate Seminar in Tampa and decided to attend. I was very impressed with what I heard and learned. The seminar gave me confidence I was on the right track. At the end of that meeting, I decided I needed a tutor and became a Protégé without consulting my wife, I put the cost on a credit card and didn”t tell my wife.

Within 30 days we had purchased two single family homes, but made a mistake and ignored the concepts Robert Allen teaches. We next bought a duplex and highly leveraged it as a good protégé should always attempt to do. We gave contracts on several properties, but nothing down was foreign to the real estate sales person so he couldn”t present what we wanted to the seller. We interviewed and hired a property manager who did understand creative financing and he helped us buy a duplex. All of these properties gave us an income, but still not what we desired, but the skepticism of my wife began to wane.

I purchased a four-plex for $236,000 which needed some tender loving care, but while the seller was motivated she insisted that a vacant lot next door also be included in the sale. I didn”t really want to buy the lot, but I did want the four-plex because the potential was so great. The mortgage company didn”t really want to include the lot in the financing arrangement so in order not to lose the deal. I negotiated the vacant land in a separate contract and got the owner to accept $10,000. The 4-plex is now valued at $400,000; however, I recently discovered that I can use a co-op concept and sell them individually and increase their value to $500,000. I met with an attorney the first week in January and gave him the okay to do the co-op.

Remember the land I didn”t want above? I had a phone call last February from a builder. His first offer was for $40,000, but I said no, but I would think about it. He called back two days later and we negotiated a $60,000 price. Not bad for a piece of property I didn”t want! There is more!! I put the money into a 1031 Real Estate Exchange and immediately began looking for income producing properties. We bought two more duplexes and two more single family rental properties which took a non-income producing property to income producing properties which rent for more than $4500 per month!!

Our property manager, who replaced our first real estate agent, found an apartment complex which actually was 36 duplexes located on 6 1/2 acres of land. The seller was motivated. Our negotiations took nearly six months to complete the deal. During that time we learned the exact amount of cash the seller wanted and we took over his loan, sold the duplex and rental houses at a substantial profit for our down payment, and then borrowed an additional $175,000 plus another from the seller to complete the deal. This property was also in need of TLC and the rents were low for the area. We immediately started fixing them up and increasing the rents. We have now owned this property less than two years and they are now being appraised at an increase of $1,220,000 more than we paid for them using the NOI approach. These units now give us a gross income above $300,000 per year. We have more plans for these units and have engaged an attorney to set up a co-op to sell them to individuals which will increase their value another $800,000. We plan to finance them ourselves which will give us a substantial income just on the interest well above



First purchase, home appraised at $165k and purchased for $107k. Rehab by my wife and I and presently under contract for $142k.

Jesse W & Deanna W


Deal was offered to me by same real estate person who referred me to the class. He had bought one nearby without double lot for less money and asked me if I was interested.

Jesse W & Deanna W


I came across a lady that was going through pre-foreclosure and she was in desperate need for her credit to be salvaged without having foreclosure hit her credit report. She didnt want any money for the deal and was only concerned with her credit. I stopped the foreclosure 5-days before the sale by reinstating the loan. Now i turned around and sold it and made a net profit of $39,000.



I found the property through Dallas Morning News. I made the offer on Oct 1 and assigned to an investor through the Investor”s club on Oct 10 and made $3500 assigned fee on that deal.



I am the Master Trainer in the family. I have turned my friends and family into Infopreneurs—teaching what they love—and now my husband is launching his very own Infoprenuer project!

My husband, (the non-believer who LEFT the seminar in a huff, when Bob was in L.A. several years ago and who has just about left ME for all of the classes I have taken with the EMI), is the teacher of this teleclass.

We are live! This is the gift given to us as a legacy from our writing teacher. It started as a BONUS CLASS for my Infopreneuring class. So, I looked around the living room for inspiration on what to give as a spectacular add-on, value producing extra for my first live, Infopreneuring teleclass. I saw my husband. The writer who hasn”t been writing. My thoughts were along these lines: If he teaches a writing class, he will have to WRITE to feel like the teacher.

So, I put the bonus class in the marketing material, sent it and informed my husband he had a class to teach in a couple of months, so he should prepare now. Ready, FIRE, aim. Just like I was taught.

That led to another caveat to overcome, I needed to ask our TEACHER if we could actually teach his material. I called him and asked if it was Okay to teach the material.

He said “NO”.

He also added in the message he left, that he said he might have used the word “I” or “the” in the material, so we shouldn”t use those words. He said he probably punctuated his sentences with exclamation points, and we shouldn”t use those either. When it finally dawned on me that he was pulling my leg, I laughed so hard, until I cried. Literally. This man has a heart condition. He has had open heart surgery. He has a magnificent spiritual heart, but the one beating in his physical chest is, well—-iffy.

I knew that he was handing us a legacy. HIS legacy. He was also the teacher that encouraged Jim to pursue writing. He is the teacher who informed my husband that he is one of the most naturally talented writers Jack has ever met. Jack lives in Hollywood, California and teaches about, oh 500 people—writers–a year. It was not a fluffy comment. It was from the heart.

I pushed, nourished, coached, ranted, and supported Jim the whole time. Mostly ranting. We got the manual from Jack, all 227 pages of it. He asked us to cover shipping and copying. That totaled about $20.00.

We saw Jack at his booth during the UCLA Book Festival this April. He saw the site and raved about it, gave Jim some tips and offered his continued support. We are going to teach his material live, on teleclasses, worldwide. Jack”s goal was to obliterate mediocre writing in the U.S.

We are carrying the dream forward. Now, it”s becoming one of our “streams of income”.

Amazing what happens when you ask.

Jillian G & James G


I went to the local bookstore giant, looking for a new gardening book. I found “Rich Dad…” and it jumped out at me. My friend had been talking about this book just last week. I bought it, because it hit me in the solar plexus when I saw the cover. I read it in a couple of nights and realized that my husband and I were about to make a very big mistake—we were trying to buy as much real estate as our down payment could buy us. I call it the albatross syndrome. We had just over 20% to put down on a home and were finding nothing but shacks and dumps in neighborhoods we didn”t want to live in. My husband ran into another friend of ours who was running the Kiyosaki CASH FLOW games a couple of times a month. Stuck by fate so quickly in such a short period of time, we went. At the games, our hostess, told us about a free “Wealth Seminar” in Los Angeles. I went in excitement; my husband came and left early. We did a visioning with Bob Allen and I FELT wealthy that evening.

I bought a bundled website package on my credit card and a month later talked my husband into buying the protégé program. We had some MAJOR fights about spending that money. I knew I was onto something and kept playing the “Cash Flow” game until I bought my own and then played it weekly with friends. I wanted to save the forests, and when I got out of the Rat Race for the first time, I just broke down and cried. I lived in a children”s home as a kid, because of my parents” problems with money and alcohol. I always wanted to be rich, but it meant being isolated and arrogant, so I stayed conflicted. Rich people were snobs that helped peons like me and poor people were either artists or addicts. Narrow choice list of belief systems I had going there.

Well, I am spiritual, but I couldn”t find a way to express it, so I started bringing my aromatherapy craft out into the world. I had a short success and then started failing due to the emotional strain in my household. The more successful I became, the more at odds I became with my husband and many of my friends. I continued to do various self-improvement activities, and then I signed up for a home study with Lynn Andrews. I started really healing those old wounds and finding myself empowered from a feminine point of view. It was a total turning point in my life.

I felt like I was between to healing archetypes—Bob and Mark representing a healed patriarchal system and spiritual force and Lynn Andrews, a 20th Century Shaman woman. With these mentors, I could realize my dreams of weaving deep feminininity and abundance into the business world.

But how? First, I am not what I do. I am. That”s enough right there. How I express myself in the world is just that, and expression. What a relief. I practice holistic aromatherapy, skin care and healing and I write about those subjects too. I am buying an existing skin care business in my dream town of Mammoth and I am moving in the next month or so. My husband has been developing his writing and has a website almost up for developing writers. I have a book manuscript finished and will self-publish or do 1st books or the like and create a teleseminar series based on the book, plus live retreats and classes. The book will also be a vehicle for charity to bring gentle herbalism, gardening and Enlightened Self-Care, to children”s homes with abused and abandoned kids, like I was.

My heart is full of joy and I am crying right now, at the sheer possibility of it all. Most of the kids that were in the home with me are dead or worse. I am alive, I own just over a half-a-million in real-estate and I am about to buy 3/4 of a million this month with a partner. I have equity, an education and an attitude of gratitude.

Also, got to go to the Infoprenuer Master Training Session when I was flat out of cash, by having the perspiration to ask Bob Allen if I could do the studio make up for the shoot—-HE SAID YES!!!!

I got the Paul Mitchell School in Provo, Utah to come train live and help with the 20 plus participants. I was six months pregna

Jillian G & James G


As the full moon eclipses in the sky, I am poised to change my entire life. My husband and I are launching a series of live teleclasses and retreats for writers. We have some money in the bank and our investments are ripening on the vine, slowly albeit, surely. I am in escrow on a piece of property in Northern California. I wasn”t looking for it exactly, but I knew what my heart wanted, so when I heard about it, I told the Real Estate agent I would buy it, over the phone.

I have lived here in Southern California for the last 20 years. For twenty years I have wanted to have a “Camp Harmony”. But, I forgot about that sweet dream in the reality of my daily life. Many of my dreams have come true. One of my most difficult dreams to manifest was a healthy family, because for that to happen, I had to overcome my childhood. I did it!

The next was to become a millionaire. I am getting closer every second!

I lived in a Children”s Home in Oklahoma when I was a teenager. I am one of the few who are still living. I moved to L.A. California back in 1985, to become rich and famous. I painted the famous and met the rich, but didn”t quite make my dream come true. Earlier this year during a bodywork session, a pain in my hip resulted in tears. My practitioner said that my pain was stagnated joy. I knew she was right. I remembered wanting to have a camp for kids like me—with horses and crafts and nature.

Kids who were good, with defective parents. I went horseback riding with her later that month. I have four PMU (from the drug industry) rescue foals coming—They will ship in the next week.

I have a 40 acre ranch scheduled to close escrow 5/5/2004 (0 down, thank you very much!) We have management in place for our home in Woodland Hills and are about to market our classes via affiliation letters.

My daughter is 20 months old and our household has broken the cycles of poverty, abuse, alcoholism, and creative repression. I get to go teach self-care to kids at ChildHelp from a book that I wrote. Girls, like me. I get to show them how to love themselves with bath salts and lip-gloss.

I am a living success. I walk it daily. I walk towards my dreams every single day. Today, my dream is waking up and walking with me. It is sweet. It”s because of people like Robert Allen, Lynn Andrews and M.V. Hansen, and my husband Jim. It”s because of people like Ann Vanino who bartered coaching with me for skin cream and saw my dreams and believed in me when I couldn”t.

Oh yeah, trust me, if I can do it (have my dreams come true—or even DARE to dream) ANYONE can. That means YOU CAN HAVE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. Dare to dream your wildest beautiful dream and live it OUT LOUD and visible, NOW! Be the love you wish to see in the world. Namaste”

Jillian G & James G


Offered house for 153,000 for house being built in Charlotte, NC. It will be leased to buy to couple that is already interested and will be sold for about 183000 within two years. Only put 1,000 in earnest and pay closing costs. NO PMI, NO prepay and no money down. HOO RAH

Jim C


I generated $50,000 on conferences and the Mission of Catholic Radio book and CD set. I am currently still promoting it.

Jim D


Won a bid at a Sheriff sale, entered into a promissory note with a individual lender, purchased materials to turn a forclosed property into a nice profit.

Jim F & Eleesa F


To begin with, I read One-Minute Millionaire in three days and then started in to Multiple Streams of income. By the time I was 3/4 of the way through Multiple Streams of Income, I began looking for information on foreclosures in my area. I looked up all the properties on the upcoming Sheriff”s sale. The Sheriff”s list just listed the property address and a dollar amount. I didn”t know what the dollar amount meant so I called a friend who is a local lawyer and he told me that was how much the Sheriff”s office had appraised the house for. I looked on the Internet and found the County Auditor”s office had it appraised at $143,000. I drove to the property and found a beautiful home that looked complete other than a few small things that still needed to be finished (around $5,000). I went next door to the neighbor”s house and asked what had happened with the house. The man told me it was his son”s house and he had lost it because he and his girlfriend who were building the house together had split up and neither one could afford the house on their own. The bank repossessed the home and was being sold at the Sheriff”s auction. I asked if there were any second mortgages or leans on the property. The man said he didn”t think so and asked his wife who confirmed that their son had only refinanced the house. At the sale, I bid against two other individuals. One was the bank and the other was a young couple. The representative from the bank only went up to $65,000 and the other couple stopped at $70,000. I could not believe I had just bought a $143,000 home for $72,000. I became worried because I thought this was too easy. I called the law office that was representing the bank and asked why they had only bid up to $65,000 when the previous owner owed them closer to $135,000(The amount the father told me was on the loan). They told me the bank went by what the Sheriff”s office appraised the home for because they didn”t want to pay more than what the Sheriff thought it was worth.

Jim G


I have put most of the pieces of my life back together after a divorce. The divorce stole my dreams and wiped out most of my finances. I don”t remember where I heard about the Protege program but knew that intuitively it was the right thing to do. It has been the beginning of dreams and goals again. The vivid vision excercise was extremely value in being able to touch/smell/realize my dreams again. Listening to the CD”s has been mind expanding. 2004 is going to be a fantastic year.

Jim L


With my last purchase of the $58.000 cash purchase of a small (brick) home in Ogden Utah all the initial write-ups went wrong. After attending all the Glen Purdy seminars I have adapted his remarks which have stuck in my head ever since. Glen quotes, “the answer to the question is yes!” First my realtor wrote the offer for cash instead of owner financing, second he gave me a 10-day period to close with out any exit strategies. Needless to say when we met I was somewhat rattled! I pursued to do everything taught by my mentor (Ty) and get this deal at any cost, this was a good one! I new that the comps were in the 70″s but found it to be worth 85.5k. I found a hard money dealer who in turn is now refinancing this deal with me pulling out 15k to go on to others. I owe the success to this institute, and all those involved and with a determination that the answer is “yes” and forego the usual “red lights in life.”



Since enrolling for EMI I have learned lots and have listen to many of the CD”s on real estate. The materials keep expanding my thinking and goals. I believe I am becoming a better person for it. We are aiming to buy 20 properties this year and hope to quit my teaching job in 2005 to invest fulltime and spend more time with my family. I thank God for the opportunities he has given my family and me. Thanks also to Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen for their passion and dreams which have inspired me. I hope that I can make the most of this year and the EMI program.

Jim S & Jodie S


An agent rang me with a problem. The bank was calling in the loan on a $35000 rural property. However, the tenants were on a rent to buy arrangement with the vendor. The vendor however wasn”t paying the mortgage. The poor tenants had lost their rent to buy money as the contract didn”t protect them. They (tenants) were desperate because they had been paying on the rent to buy for the last 2.5 years and now faced the house been sold from underneath them. The agent wanted to find a buyer who could solve the problem. I offered to buy the property and start a much better rent to buy program for the tenants. The mortgage and agents fee came to $23,500, however, the next day the agent informed me that there were $4,000 in arrears of rates (property taxes) to be paid. I have submitted an offer for $20,000. The bank has counted offered at $28,000. We”ll see how we go. I have countered at $21,000 hoping to buy at $23,000. Have spoken to the tenant who will rent to buy at $1500 deposit and pay $125 a week.

Jim S & Jodie S


I bought a town home in Mission Beach in Sept. 1999 at 10% below market. I also am up 100% on my first option purchase. I sold my second option purchase in 10 days for a $1,000 profit on an $8,000 investment. I would never have done any of this without your course and the encouragement/insistance of you and Tom Painter. Thanks from a successful student. My Ah ha: I am much wealthier than I knew.

Jim T


My high school friend”s mother has been living in her daughter”s home, basically having abandoned her home about 12 years ago, because her daughter was living/working in another state and her daughter”s home was “clear” and livable. Now, they were facing major redo”s of roof, back porch and some of the exterior wood with estimates of $22,000 to repair it. After having vimmeled about what to do for several weeks, I asked them if they”d consider selling it to me. After they realized I was serious, her mother said, “OK”. The Appraisal District had set the value of the land at $100,000, and the structure at $18,000 because of its condition. (2 bedroom, 1 bath homes in that area are selling for $225,000 – $285,000!) She set the price at $100,000 with $25,000 down. After the obligatory pause, I said I thought I could do that, but I”d like to have some time to look at the figures. To her credit, she was open-minded and educable!

I asked if she”d be willing to have me just pay her over time for the house, and since it was going to require so much fixing up, would she take $200 in earnest money and $200 a month for the first 12 months at which time we”d reassess each of our situations and negotiate terms for the remainder. She agreed!! (My stomach relaxed, and I began breathing again!) Her daughter thought she should get some interest, since, if the money were in a bank, she”d be getting something, so we agreed on 3%. Praise God! I AM the answer to her prayers!

Joan H


I read the “Nothing Down” book by Robert Allen many years ago, and have applied the principles from that book to do my Real Estate Investing. It works!

JoAnn M


I am part of a mastermind team that decided to do what Robert Allen is always challenged to do. We picked a city, Clearwater, FL, and all converged for a three day weekend to see what we could find in real estate. This was also the first time we were all together in one city. We looked at over 50 properties as a team; I learned a lot from the people in the group that already had experience. We have 9 offers in the process and we are looking forward to doing this in another city soon. I give the credit for the idea to my mastermind partner, Nestor Gonzales, for putting the excitement into the idea and look forward to may more. This was an absolutely fantastic experience and everyone should try this.

Joann R & Charles R


I made an offer on a town house in Sterling, VA. The house had an asking price of $139,000 I made an offer of $141,000 due to the market in my area. The contract was as clean as possible; as is, close in less than 15 days … I was beat out with a bid of $150,000 plus. The property market is so soft that a house rarely stays on the market for more than one day and multi bids are the norm.

JoAnn W


Our first offer was on a triplex. It was handled by a real estate agent who treated us with total disrespect. We knew what we were looking for and had completed enough property evaluations to be able to know what it was worth. We had also received comps (there were two) for a triplex in this area. We made an offer, a fair honest offer,(considering the repairs that would have to be made immediately) and the real estate agent told us that unless we offered at least asking price and probably more he wouldn”t consider showing it to the owner. Because we had listend to the classes, knew what our bottom line was and were confident that our offer was fair, we insisted that he present it to the owner. The real estate agent was huffy but he said he would. We put a time line on it, “time is of the essence”, the real estate agent didn”t get back to us, it took 4 days for him to actually return the call. He informed us the the owner had taken a better offer. The agent didn”t treat us fairly in fact we doubt legally, but we were fair and confident in our offer, and if they didn”t want to do business with us it was their loss. We felt successful even though we didn”t get the property.

Joanne H & Jim R


Currently my success is reading the books, attending classes, and identifying areas where I am looking for realestate. We live in a very rural community, so the number of properties for sale can be limited. I have talked to 5 sellers, 4 quickly because I identified that they weren”t really in need of selling, and one seller in detail because of his health, he stated he had to sell his rental. Because of the current market he will probably get the price he is asking, though it is far too high for the rent the property can produce. So I”ll call him back in a few days and see how he is doing.

Joanne H & Jim R


We have been working on a dream team. People from all walks of life that know business and real estate. In the middle of December when everything is crazy with the holidays one of our team called with a great deal. She said she had just walked through a Vintage home that was in excellent condition. She said it was being sold for a very low price and if we wanted it we would have to come see it immediately.

We went the next afternoon, (it”s a hour and a half and we both had to get off work) When we arrived our dream team member said that there were already 2 offers on the home but they were waiting for us to see it before they presented the offers. Because we had worked on the EMI program we were able to evaluate this house in about an hour, plus during this time call a couple that wanted to partner with us if we found something really good. They were ready for action we were too, and the house was @ 100,000.00 under priced. We made an offer, the short closing tipped the scale and we got the house. We are now painting and fixing a few things and probably will rent it for a year or two. The houses are going up in price so fast that we”ve already been offered a lot more than we spent on it. We are feeling very successful at this time and looking for more great deals.

Joanne H & Jim R


Attended a real estate investors meeting and thru networking heard about a foreclosure, made an offer the next day in cash and closed 3 days later.

Joanne L & Brian L


I was brought up to strongly believe in No Debt! Never, never get into debt for any reason, no exceptions! Become educated, work at a JOB, buy a house and pay it off fast quickly as possible. The result being at 63 years of age, we had a home that was paid off and not much else. It wasn”t until reading “The One Minute Millionaire” and becoming a protege in the EMI Institute in Feb of 03 that my mind was opened to countless possibilities, not only how to earn money but how to leverage money. 

In the past year through leveraging I have bought 5 properties below market value, have them rented, and all are cash positive. It was very frightening initially to go into debt but now feel comfortable, as long I”m buying at the right price initially and do my due diligence. I intend to greatly add to our income this year and take a quantum leap through the knowledge I will gain in the Real Estate Mastery Program. I have also expanded my network marketing business, after basically losing my entire downline, started from scratch and building it back up again. Using some of the motivation and marketing techniques I have learned through the EMI institute.

AND I”m also involved in a fantastic Internet business that has phenomenal potential and is growing by leaps and bounds weekly. The majority of the stationmasters are also proteges and we have built a “family” working together across the country in something we all strongly believe in that will also bring very rich monetary rewards and change the way politics is done in this country and eventually the world!

I am no longer concerned with retirement funds- don”t intend to retire as I”m having so much fun, but will now be able to do what I want, when I want to do it and enjoy my times off. One of the biggest satisfactions I”ve enjoyed in the past year is tithing, it has given me so much pleasure to be able to write out those checks and I know this year I will be writing much bigger checks! Thank you for this incredible opportunity!

Joanne L & Brian L


I had found a property for a group of investors. I had my meeting with the gentlemen that would be their spokesman. I spent a good 10 days of back and forth with information and questions. This was a multi-unit of 5 buildings and 14 units comped at $1.4mil and selling for $650K plus finishing the project at $290K which would be total $940K. I found this through a wholesaler that I found for myself. They had an offer on the table for $1.7mil when completed. After all that work they ( the investors) decided they were more interested in income versis flip. Personally I”ll take a 50% to 70% return on my money any day. The good thing is I found more contacts, and as I”m finding out you can never have enough.

So I did find property in the same area as the multi unit. This is an up-and-coming area. The house was built back in 1937 here is West Palm Beach Fl. close to the intercoastal waterway. The area was run down over time but with the city help things are being restored. Things are moving up quickly. I found an old Key West Style needs some work. It”s being sold for $102K for a 5 bed 1 bath 1,650 sq ft. and got them down to $92.5K repairs and restoring it back to its orignal 3/1 with a lg enclosed porch and wood ceilings and bringing things up to code will be $20K. The repair money will be financed along with the cost of the house totaling $112.5K all hard money lending. The comps in the area are above $150K. I”m looking for a quick flip and walking away with $15K and selling below market.

I”ll take that and put it into another one in that area. I will hold it for a year or two, the value there is just at the start. It”ll be good to make money again as I have not worked in 2 years due to a neck injury.

Joanne W & Michael W


Well the property I put my offer in on didn”t go through. The numbers just weren”t there for a flip. My first few properties need to be flips to get cash, then I”ll be able to hold some to rent and get a monthly cash flow. So back right out in the same area, (its a great area) looking for another I can flip. I saw three that looked good I need to do a little more research. I also saw one for foreclosure I”m calling today on.

For those who may read this, I will say it does get discouraging and it does hurt to get so close you can see the bills being paid and then the rug gets pulled out from under you. Being out of work for 2 years now, I have the need to be productive as well as to have an income. BUT I will NEVER give up!!! Get a little down maybe, But NEVER give up.

Joanne W & Michael W


I now have 2 websites that promote the first book that I have published. As of one week ago, visitors to the site can now order the book online, and without having done any advertising or promotion, I”ve already sold 10 books. I”ve done most of the web design work myself, and I”m studying Internet Marketing so that I can bring even more people to my site.

Jocelyn G


The first web site publishes of the Travel Guides and select religious titles. I”ve started by publishing a collection of my father”s writings, “Beyond Church: The Gospel in American Life,” for which I have a companion web site, also launched March 15, 2004. I have made my first two sales this week, and the shopping cart isn”t even connected yet! My father, who lives in a retirement community, wrote in his dedication a poem in appreciation of that community of people, as well as having written the bulk of the book since he”s lived there. I took his book to the marketing department of the organization that runs the property, and they want to use the book for their outreach program. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to that organization to benefit the residents, including my father.

Jocelyn G


My sites that sell the book I just self-published just went live for ordering last week, and I”ve already sold 10 books at $16.00 each. I have a plan for marketing and promotion in the works. With the intensive Internet Marketing study I am doing (including ad copy writing and Google AdWords usage), I anticipate brisk sales of the book over the next few months.

Jocelyn G


Writing this book for my children has been a dream come true. It was attending the Enlightened Millionaire weekends with Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen that made it a reality. After those life changing encounters with these two wonderful, giving gentlemen, I began my quest to write this book. The key, which they taught, was to network and build my “dream team”. With the help and encouragement and classes from these weekends I am in the finishing stages of completing my manuscript. I am looking forward to getting my book on the market but most importantly, having the “back end” completed, including a website and other products/affiliate programs tied to it. This is not about the book but about the wonderful changes that have occurred in me. It also exposed me to so many positive and inspirational people. I have gained great friends and have tapped into a wonderful, exciting NEW lifestyle.

Joe K & Sherrie K


In October 1999, I got involved with Dr. Cooper”s option class. He provided the road map to follow and I followed it. I deposited $6,000 into my account and started trading. From October to February 2000 my investment account has grown from $6,000 to $38,000. I have averaged $7,500 a month since October using Dr. Cooper”s method.

Joe R


In the last year since I met Robert Allen in person, I”ve purchased a second property with no money down and actually got $3K in earnest money and got the seller to pay for the $2500 in closing costs, I have an interest only payment with approximately $25K in instant equity. I”ve just recently also rented out my townhome with a 3 year rent to own contract that will bring me approximately $100/month in passive income. I”ve had a side business and a new web site for nearly a year in which I”ve succesfully gained a huge market share and look forward to lots of profits in my future. I”ve taken the stock market course and made many paper trades.

I have yet to write my book, but in only one year have accomplished so much – and not least of all a $9,000 raise at my current job……..I”m ready for BRILLIANT things ahead!! Abundant smiles, J*

Johanna G & Cyndee N


In the early 80s I read Robert Allen”s Nothing Down and bought his conference tapes and read his newsletters. Using his techniques, I borrowed money and used OPM partner money and seller financing to buy 400 apartments. After four years my equity was $800,000.

Using my new financial statement, I borrowed money with a partner to buy an auto dealership business. Due diligence did not uncover fraudulent balance and income statements, as a result the dealership went bankrupt and I owed my partner $1 million.

I transferred my real estate equities to my partner in settlement of the debt.

Result, in 1990 I had zero money and zero bedt, but bad credit.

In 1992 I and a partner held a contract with $10,000 down on a critical access acre to a shopping center. We traded this for an outparcel which sold for $600,000. We then used a series of 1031 tax deferred exchanges to acquire 40 acres zoned for shopping and offices. 30 Acres were sold for $2,000,000. The remaining 10 is worth $2,000,000. Net GAIN for me $2,000,000 less $100,000 in taxes for $1.9 million.

With partnership income I invested $100,000 with friends in their real estate apartments. Net value today $1 million Net GAIN $900,000.

Other partnership income invested in a 120 unit apartment building for $1,800,000 in 1997. Sold for $2,500,000 in 2003. Net GAIN $700,000.

2001 smaller investments paid $100,000 in 6 St. Louis houses sold for $170,000. Net GAIN $70,000.

2003 Bonita Springs condo $850,000 solf for $950,000 in 2004. Net GAIN $100,000.

2003 eight townhouses in Houston purchase price $2 million 1031 deferred tax exchange value $2,300,000. GAIN $300,000.

Thanks to Bob Allen I learned and used techniques like OPM, credit cards, accruals, tenant prepaid rent, tenant security deposits, deferred third party commissions, delayed closes with presell, seller financing, discoutn seller notes on payoff, over finance, 1031 exchanges, and selling with wrap-around mortgages.

What I am now learning is Never buy negative cash flow properties. I am looking forward to the next 90-Day Challenge, and I want to hear about investor opportunities in real estate.

John C & Guadalupe M


As a writer for children, I attended a national teacher”s conference in Reno, Nevada. All the national publishers were there. I arranged a meeting with a key Vice President in charge of product development. I pitched my idea of using books with music to help beginning readers, and struggling readers, along with non-English speaking children. I was going to pitch one or two titles, but after reading One minute Millionaire and The Greatest Salesman, I offered the idea of 20 books over three years with accompanying audio CD with music and narration. My offer was accepted on the spot and I am waiting to sign the contract. Hurray!

John A


I have always been fairly active in developing my opportunities. However, in March of 2001 when I sat in my house on the beach and read Multiple Streams of Income, it was the first time that I had seen all of the opportunities presented in one place. I was very impressed. While I had been doing many of these activities on a haphazard basis, I had never actually sat down and planned my activities across the board. I had not invested in the market since being an undergraduate business student in Vancouver and investing in penny mining stocks. The result of reading the book was transforming. I started by buying 10 copies and giving them to people who were important to me – staff, clients and friends. If I had had it when I was in my 20s or early 30s things would have been much different. I then sat down and looked at each area and started to move. I set up an Ameritrade account with an automatic transfer of $1000 per month. In two years this has become over $180,000. I got serious about buying more property. I already had several but have purchased five more since reading the book. I launched an e-commerce website to promote a new HD format, DVHS and I have built several businesses. But more important, I prepaid my two teenage daughters college and started putting away and investing $1000 a month for each of them. My success was becoming systematic about it all and realizing that it didn”t take any more to help myself than I was already doing for all of my clients and friends! Thanks Bob.

John A & Beth A


I started my network marketing business in December of “03”. I invested money from my disability check to get started after I signed up with EMI. I must have made around 700-800 phone calls all over the country between the middle of December to about the end of January with no success at all. I didn”t make one sale or sign up one broker in that entire time. I had a lot of problems with my websites not working and people that just plain were not interested in starting with my business or becoming a member of the plan.

I must admit, I was starting to get a little bit discouraged about the whole thing. Fortunatly, I have the kind of wife that continuously supports me and pushes me to keep going. My sponsor for this company is also a continuous source of faith and support. Between the two of them, and their prayers and support, I didn”t loose my faith and stayed focused on my goals. There was no way I could give up and let them down after them showing so much faith in me and giving me so much support. So I kept on plugging away at it.

A few days into February, I finally signed up my first member. This was a great boost to my moral and gave me renewed hope. I started making more and more phone calls every day and soon I had signed up 2 more members and 3 brokers! Now I really had confidence that I could succeed!

Then around the 24th of Feb., I received my first check from the company for over $2000.00!!

I immediately called my sponsor and told him the good news. I thanked him for his undying faith and support and told him I would continue to keep signing people up.

I took $250.00 right off the top and gave it to the various charities that are newly listed on my gift list. Then I invested $129.00 in a new lead company that gave me exclusive leads as well as a new stream of income. Unfortunatly, the rest of my profit had to pay for bills that had fallen behind. I guess we all have to live somehow.

Now I have another business that I have to get off the ground, but I don”t think it”s going to be as hard as the first one, seeing how one will support the other and vise-a-versa. They will go hand in hand very nicely with each other.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob and Mark for their program, training and support. Without them, I think that my first disability check from the government would have done nothing for my future prosperity. Now I have more faith in myself, my fear of starting something new is gone,and I have nowhere to go but up. Thanks a lot guys. And thanks to all the people and trainers in this program that helped me get pointed in the right direction.

John A & Cindy A


I have begun working on my book and needed a website for potential contributors to refer to as the book progresses and for readers to visit for supporting information and name collection.

John B


A few months ago I needed some extra cash. I simply watched some charts for a week, entered two trades mentioned in one of the online option emails, and in a few weeks earned about $500. Options trading is like a piggy bank for me.

John B


In preparation for the booksellers expo in New York, I prepared, with the help of Denise Michaels, a book proposal. Bob and Joyce reviewed the proposal and liked the proposed book. Bob said it would probably get the attention of a major publisher. It took me another sixteen months to get started on the actual book, but I”m off and running. Special thanks needs to be given to Joyce, Denise, and others who have been on my master-mind team and supported this effort.

John B


I have been investing in small Real Estate Deals since taking the Protégé Program with Robert Allen and John Childers in 2001. Since then I have done my first rental, then my second and third. Next I got into Foreclosures and bought and sold 3 of those. Recently I have bought a property by negotiating a short sale. I will make over $80k on this deal. Now I am getting into land development and building. I have an option on 6 acres of land and am looking to develop and build 50 Townhouses. We have hired the engineering company to do the engineering study. Preliminary estimates show it will cost us $3,500,0000 for the project and we will generate sales of $6,000,000. What a country!

John B


My first success story to be submitted here has nothing to do with making an offer, or getting a proposal done. It is simply that I have finally made the decision to become committed to the process, committed to change and improvement. I attended the EMI retreat in Orlando this past January, and it was truly life-changing. I have a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm toward life, and a wonderful sense of urgency to continuing the process of creating my own life, rather than allowing the world to create it for me. Thank you EMI for the amazing program that you have put together.

John B


Seven year ago, we read your book, Creating Wealth and consequently started a new life. Since that time, we have purchased approximately $3 million worth of residential/revenue properties. Since 1985, we have purchased 28 townhouses, 5 duplexes, 1 house and 7 apartment units. We made all purchases with no cash of our own. In addition, we own a beautiful new half-million dollar 5 bedroom, 4500 sq ft home on the side of the hightest mountain in Vancouver, BC and an interest in a condo on the Bahamian Riviera, 7 miles west of Nassau, Bahamas. In May we are traveling to Italy and France. All this because of Real Estate investing. Our biggest cheque at closing was for $272,172.16 which we received on the sale of one of our properties.

Thank you for helping us achieve this material success but thank you also for reminding us of the importance of enjoying the journey of life, finding balance, and living in the present with an attitude of gratitude to God and for the real wealth we all have — namely our family, without whom all this success would have no meaning for us.

John C & Shirley C


Mastermind Groups. It is a spin off from Bob Allen”s Nothing Down in real estate. Created a mentoring group in which I am paid from the mentors whom are owners of the business.

John D


My wife and I were in the process of looking for a multi family house to live in, plus collect rental. We found a huge Victorian that was overpriced. We placed an offer that was well below the asking price, and since the owners were desperate to move, they accepted our offer, despite the fact it was below their asking price. We closed on the property in August and retained the tenant that was already in the house. Our living expenses in this house are 1/2 of what we were spending on a rental.

John D & Carolyn D


While in the process of negotiating the deal on the house we wanted to live in, we were asked by our real estate agent if we would still be interested in a property we had looked at a few weeks earlier just around the corner from the house we were planning to move into. So we said we would not pay more than 300K for the duplex. It was on the market for 370K. Since the owners were now desperate, they accepted our offer, and we closed on this house two weeks after we closed on the house we bought for ourselves. This duplex has a positive cash flow and has been fully occupied. One unit required very little clean up, the other we painted and re-carpeted.

John D & Carolyn D


I am 61 years. I have had a fear of sales all of my life. As a consequence of my exposure with EMI, that fear is gone. Not only is my fear gone, I now will become one of the greatest sales persons in the world. Watch my dust.

John G


We were introduced to our personal mentor, who is great. Very patient with us and her knowledge keeps us on track.

In our first week of searching for houses, I encountered many adventures. We looked at several different kinds of properties, from real cheap and junky to real nice, forclosed on properties.

I made an offer on a HUD home and was denied. We battled with the numbers a few times, but never met in the middle. That was OK, we just moved on.

It was then that I found our true calling. I found an add in the paper for a couple who were seeking a 3 bedroom home to be purchased on contract. I gave them a call and we looked at a few homes, but hadn”t found the right one yet. My realtor friend helped in that investigation and was called by another lady with similar circumstances. She referred the lady to myself and to make a long story short, we purchased our first home for her!

She is now leasing from us for a period of 3 years or sooner. We will make approximately $10,000 on the deal.

But the whole issue for us is not the money. Don”t get me wrong, the money is needed greatly, but rather it is about the people. We get a high just doing someone a world of good and making their dreams come true. So we are on a mission in our quaint town of Marshall, IL.

You guys are fantastic and deserve to be commended!!

John H


Last week I went to look at a property of 4 1/2 units. All the stuff is there to finish the 1/2 unit. We want to make the deal.

I consider it 5 units. We will have the 5th unit done in 1 month.

The seller was firm with the terms. They want $275,000 with $30,000 down. We gave them what they wanted but we asked for no payments for the first 4 months and they are holding the $245,000 at 6% for 5 years with a 5 year balloon! They went for it.

The property is worth $324,000. with 5 units. There is also room for 2 more units that we plan on having done before the 4 months are up. There is a positive cash flow now and the other units are all profit.

A special thanks to Muli-units class!!!

John H


We went to look at a 5 unit property on 11/02/03. We made the offer. They were willing to hold the money. This is the deal we put together

1) We would put $30,000 down which we will leverage on of our other properties for the down money,

2) They are asking $275,000 for the property, so they are holding $245,000 for 5 years with a 5 year balloon.

We asked them to give us 4 months before we have to give them the first payment. We have to finish the 5th unit which is only 1/2 done. We will have it done in the first month. There is room in the property for 2 more units that we will have done before the 4 months are up. The property it worth $324,000 with 5 units, and $444,000 with 7 units in 4 months.

Thank You Multi Unit Class

John H


We sponsored our first new associate only a few days in and the new associate said the reason they got involved was that they were impressed by our enthusiasm.

John J & Kristine N


The toughest part of this story is knowing if this is the offer that qualifies for the first offer. It was the first since becoming part of the protégé program. Years ago I purchased a couple of properties that qualify as investment properties and then stopped doing that for about 15 years. I have purchased a couple of my own homes (two) in those 15 years, but this is the first one purchased with any of Robert Allen”s principals in mind. The first offer for this property was rejected and counter offered, with a final counteroffer made by me for a property that was in pretty run down condition (cosmetically) and the seller was partially motivated. The property appraised for 64,000 in as is condition and was estimated to be worth around 75,000 when fixed up. The final (first) offer was for 58,000. We”re just now completing renovations and have it on the market as a FSBO lease / purchase for $79,000 (as recommended by an “informed” Real Estate Agent I”ve been working with).

John L


This is a continuation of the first offer story. After reviewing 18 houses, I made the first offer on the 3 Bdrm 2 Bath house I ended up purchasing. The objective was to fix the house up and sell it, or to put it on the market as a lease option (since I have two objectives – one is to resell quickly, while the other is to hold.) After listening to more of Robert Allen”s materials, I”m working more toward selling the property to receive the cash to make new purchases. While the profit potential on this is fairly good, there were some problems with the team hired to complete the fix-ups (2 week estimate that turned into 4 months – and we had to do most of the final work that”s taken the last month or so). This caused us significant holding costs and missed opportunities in September and October (better markets than now). Lesson Learned: refine strategy to ensure you have right team members lined up to efficiently complete fix-ups.

John L


Made an offer on a four-plex. Never heard a response. Was exciting to actually do!

John M


A real estate agent called. Mike called on a Tuesday and said if you can close by next Tuesday I have a good deal. Mike had the property sold to someone else but their financing fell through due to procrastination on part of the buyer’s friend, the mortgage broker. I looked at it that Tuesday night and we make the offer on Thursday and started the paper work. The house was going into foreclosure on the Tuesday if it did not close that day. On Monday before the closing I received a call from my agent saying that there trouble because the property appraisal was not done as was thought. Now the only way to buy was CASH. I said a price 10 thousand less that originally discounted and told my agent to make the offer and say nothing – my agent did not think they would take it but I felt they had little choice. I figured if I had to come up the cash I wasted a greater discount to help cover my cost. They accepted the offer I purchased a rundown home in a nice area with a private lake and park. Asking price 265K, seller took 220K then sold for 210K. Now selling for 387K, with 85K of input.

John M


I followed my wife”s advice and did just as Todd Dotson trained me to do, a wholesale flip. On my first deal, I used the template and checklist Todd provided as I completed the paperwork in front of the seller. He may have been a little skeptical about this “experienced” investor who needed tutorials and aides to complete a one-page contract, but he didn”t show it. Ten days later an investor drove 3 hours to deliver me a $15,000.00 check as an assignment fee. It pays to keep it simple and do as you”re taught. I have applied this to building my network marketing opportunity and listening to the leaders on my team. I am starting to see success there as well. Thank you Robert for writing your books.

John M


I subscribe to an information service that provides me with pre-foreclosures. I sent the list a letter campaign consisting of five letters. I received a call from a gentleman that was willing to deed me the house and sign the paperwork to work with his lender on a short sale. I have finished all the paperwork and have submitted my offer. Lets hope I can finish this story on the first purchase section of this website. If not, NEXT!!

John M & John J


After a year of pursuit of my first property, numerous rejected offers, seven failed deals, we finally got our first property. I have seven more accepted offers currently, so it”s onward and upward from here.

John M & Lyn M


I made $5,310.00 (157% profit) on Converse Technology Oct 75 calls using Dr. Cooper”s option system!!!

John M & Peggy M


Our first real estate investment deal has been exciting. This is how it went: 1. I flew from Sacramento CA to Houston TX for 1 week to check out the opportunities available as well as enjoy my dream of exploring the Riverwalk in San Antonio. 2. I made an offer on a property and closed a nothing down deal in 2 weeks from California via Fed Ex, FX, AND PHONE. 3. We put an ad in the paper for a 2-year lease with option to buy and got a call immediately. 4. While vacationing in Manhatten Beach California and attending the Millionaire retreat in L.A., we finished the deal via phone and fax machine and mailed the keys! How many people can work while sunbathing at the beach? 5. The best thing is we paid 123K, nothing down, for a home that in a few short weeks is now appraised at 138K and we are helping a lovely family own a home of their dreams!

John M & Rosalie M


One area my wife and I had been looking at in California is getting in on a 1st release of a new home in a future growing area. We found that not too far out of the Sacramento area. Two days after we signed the contract, the builder raised the price by $5,000.

John M & Rosalie M


I started this journey 6 years ago in Steamboat Springs, Colo. I was involved in the ski industry and had a car wash/detail center although satisfying, not real close with what I had in mind for the future. A friend invited me to a weekend wealth seminar.

john n & elyn n


I started trading 3 weeks ago. I doubled my money in ADCT in 3 weeks!!!

John N & Kathy-Ann N


Being an infopreneur is what I was meant to do in this life. I am a Licensed Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Therefore, my information is health, wellness and Fitness advice and products. I love doing the seminars and trainings, writing books and e-books and look forward to many more products and projects. There is no limit to the possibilities! Thank you protégé program! Thank you Bob!

John P


We are up and running with our website. However, we are waiting on our e-merchant account to come through.

John P


We made an offer on a duplex listed at 58,000.00. It has two apartments, one of which is being rented. We offered 48,000.00. We have written it as making 500.00 payments for one year and at the end of one year pay off the property (42,000.00). He is to carry the financing for the first year. It is contingent on some repair work by the seller. He has 7 days to reply.

John P


Inquired about commercial property adjacent to where I Currently live. Initially, I asked the owner to carry the financing..he refused. I then tried to trade property, since they are joing pieces of land. He turned that down. I then made an offer to owner and he accepted it. I brought in an investor. I paid the 1000.00 down, he financed the rest. I have an agreement with the investor to make payments for 1 year at 10% and then pay off the loan at the end of the first year. My plan is to sell property at higher price or develop commercially or sub divide.

John P


This a book that is associated with my web site. Both are designed to provide information and and products recomendations for successful travel with a baby under three years of age.

John R & Christy R


This is a site dedicated to providing information and products for successful travel with a baby (three and under)

John R & Christy R


I borrowed the money I needed to get into the EMI Protege” program. 2 Months later I closed on my first property. I found a partner to provide ALL the financing of purchasing and fixing the property. It was a lot of work! However, a little over a year later, we have aprox 200k of equity, 1,600/month positive cash flow and 28,000 cash from refinancing the property. I now have two more properties under contract The contracts will be on my desk when I return from hearing Bob Allen speak in San Diego, Mar 04. I expect to assign them for a 15k immediate profit from the direct result of the knowledge and contacts I have aquired in the EMI program.

John S


I cannot yet declare a huge monetary profit, but I count myself very successful. I have discoved the direction of my higher power. After decades of trying to do it on my own, now the security, both monetary and spiritual is beginning to come. Partly through success in networking, I allowed myself to re-evaluate what my mission in life should be. Subsequently my wife and I gladly left careers that paid much more to join a mission of our church and now work with abused and neglected children in Austin, Tx. We have not regretted this decision one bit. Now with the contacts and team mates I am beginning to find, I am confident that the financial dreams of supporting in a much larger way this ministry will come to pass.

John S


After going to seminars and buying courses for the last 15 years. I finally got the courage to buy my first property in Roswell, NM. There three main mentors that I have that have helped me get the courage to buy this property. T. Harv Ecker helped get me change the way I think about money and that I am worthy of success. Glenn Purdy is the one who told me that I do not need to be able to touch the property that I am buying. If it”s been there for the past 10 years or more then there”s a really good chance it will stay there after I buy it. Dave “The Tool Man” Graves was the one that I bought the option from so I could buy this house. It is a 3 bed 1 bath house that I am currently in escrow to buy for 8K with 4k worth of repairs and it”s worth over 20k and it can be rented out for over $350 a month. I was able to fund this property by bringing in a partner so I only spent my own money to buy the option. The rest of the transaction was paid for by other people’s money, just like Robert Allen teaches.

John S


I bought my first property using the credit card technique that Glenn Purdy teaches. I bought a 3 bed 1 bath house for $8,000. I had to pay an additional $2,000, with my credit card, to buy the option of buying the property. I will put $5,000 into repairs. Grand total I will end up paying $15,000, all by credit card, for a house that is worth $21,000. I plan to rent it out for 12 months for $400 a month and a positive cash flow of over $100 a month.

John S


Well, I signed up with the Robert Allen group 9 months ago and have networked and networked – Finally got one if my Mortgage broker friends “Holly” to cut loose with a deal to me – I took my friend Dave (Partner) with me to look at the property which we decided to buy . It took a while to find the deal (I wasn”t looking in or calling the papers) but it was a good deal and we”ll make some money on it. I also invested in a property as a hard money lender which will turn a profit of about 20K. I’m happy about things and am looking forward to finding other deals.

john s & dave u


In 2000, John started his own national environmental company. The same year, John also founded a real estate investing & property management corp. Through innovative and creative investing techniques that he developed, he turned this company into a million dollar business in just over a year. His specialty and expertise includes investing and profiting in multi-family housing units. He also pursues the single family housing market as well as flipping. “Investing is all about strategy and designing the appropriate strategy to meet your dreams.”



I have been investing in real estate for a number of years, but had stopped due to health concerns. I had sold the two small properties I had held for years and payed off some of my credit card debts. After signing up for the protege program and reading the One Minute Millionaire, I decided that I could not let health concerns stop me from accomplishing some of my long held dreams and making a difference by contributing to a number of causes that I believe in in honor of family members who have made such a difference in my life. I retired in January, due in part to health concerns, but I have been able to sell a house I had been working to remodel and purchase a triplex and 3 duplexes, and currently have an offer in for one other duplex. I am still negotating on others. My real gain is in the renewed hope and faith that I can reach my goals and make a difference in the world. I believe that the Universe will provide all the resources that I require and that I will be ale to have more Financially and otherwise, while giving Much more.

Johnnie C & David Y


Bought a Four-Plex in Sacramento,Ca in September, 2004 for No Money Down(1st and 2nd Loan plus 10% from Silent Partner). Purchase Price was $520,000. It is now December, 2004 and we just found out that 2 similar Four-Plexes one block away from our property just sold for $580,000 each. That is already $60,000 in equity. This is Definitely a Great Start to our Real Estate Venture.

Johnny M & Lillian B


This is our deal! After searching for several weeks for potential properties, I found an advertisement for student rental properties at a local university. The owner sent my wife, Carrie, and I an information packet for the six buildings that he was selling. The properties house 67 students per school year and they generate revenue of $245,000. He was asking $2,490,000 for the properties and furnishings. After meeting with him several times and understanding his reasons for selling, I prepared an offer of $1,900,000. He accepted the offer within 24 hours. The most exciting part of this deal is that I have been able to finance this purchase 100%. I expect to have a positive cash flow of about $65,000 in the first year of business. With this income, I will be able to quit my eight to five job and explore other alternatives as well as spending more time with my family. I have been able to take my first step toward becoming independent and self supporting. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to complete this purchase since I am only 27 and my wife is 26. We have had a lot of support from our families and friends which has been more valuable to the deal than some of the other details. I just want to say that Robert G. Allen”s information that was offered to me through this journey has really empowered me to take the first steps toward wealth. I plan on using his techniques and strategies throughout the rest of my life. I hope others can find the courage to take the first steps like I have. Thank you for everything.

Jon D & Carrie D


I have been a protege for almost two months. With what I have learned from Dr. Cooper”s class, I have made over $10,000 in the last two weeks in paper trades and covered calls on optionsXpress.

Jon T


We had our offer accepted on August 11. At the time Hurricane Charley was drifting up into the Gulf of Mexico. It was supposed to go to Northern Florida. Cape Coral seemed safe, both by the direction of the storm and the fact that a damaging hurricane hadn”t hit the Fort Myers area in over 40 years. Well, Charley came right into the Fort Myers area and devastated Punta Gorda with much property damage and it took many lives. Cape Coral missed the eye of the storm by 10 miles. Our newly acquired land was safe and only minor damage was done to Cape houses that are relatively new and built using the newer hurricane building codes. We lost some sleep wondering if people will still be so happy to move into Cape Coral. We are counting on heavy demand continuing for property so that we can sell our investment house for a nice profit. What luck…our first real estate investment and a hurricane comes along!!

Jon Z & Pat Z


My wife, Pat, and I have done well in business and in the community in the 15 years since we met as Presidents of our local Jaycees chapters. However, we have big goals in each of those areas in order to realize our God-given potential. We have a goal to build our dream house on a double-lot that we purchased in 2003. Pat is a decorator who takes great pride in our home. She aches to realize her dream of building a new home. As a 2nd generation family business owner, I have a very strong desire to be successful in a business venture that I start on my own. I”ve heard so many times about how I was “handed the family business” and how “dad did all of the work and now you take the credit.” Therefore, we are teaming up to work in the real estate market, in addition to trying some new product lines at our business. Business success = new house. I also have a burning desire to successfully trade in the commodity futures market. I have dabbled with some success, but mostly losses for 20 years of frustration. I know that I can win, but I have to put it all together. Due to the ambitious goals that we have, there is no question that we should be successful. However, we need to work together on our business goals while raising our family (William 11 & Jonny 9) and taking care of other family and community commitments. We also have a major goal to help those less fortunate than us and those who are at critical periods in their lives. We tend to like programs such as the Red Cross disaster relief (my father traveled to several disasters including spending a month after Hurricane Camille), the Salvation Army, and volunteer activities with school age children. One of my goals is to start a “success coaching” program at the high school level. I”m not talking about just a large classroom speaker situation or only a one-mentor/one protege program. I want to work closely with many students, as many as who want to work with me…and the team that I can put together specializing in various areas. I want to leave this program, and the students who pass through it, as my legacy. Yes, a nice new house would be great for us and our family to enjoy. The thing that really motivates us is what we can do to leave this world a better place because of the time we spent here. We need to make a difference in other people”s lives so that we can feel fulfilled ourselves.

Jon Z & Pat Z


We attended our first Mastery Bootcamp and came into contact with numerous people who were buying property in Cape Coral, Florida. It sounded like a good deal with only a $1,300 payment up-front. Even though we could not personally visit the property in question, since so many other people (bootcamp students just like us), including some who had visited the area, were happy with their projects, we decided to take the leap of faith. We figured that if EMI was putting this project together and other students were participating– it must be a good deal. We made phone calls to the realtor and financing company. Even though this is a new type of investing for us and we didn”t understand the plan, especially the financing, 100%, it sounded like we were jumping on a fast moving train heading in the right direction.

Jon Z & Pat Z


I downloaded the first two internet site building classes and listened to them and in 2 days I had my site up and running. It was easier that I thought. I haven”t made money on the site yet but hopefully soon.

Jonathan C


Well, I”ve had a few successes this past week. Although I am physically worn out, I feel successfull. I have 2-3 new ideas come into my head every day. They are everywhere. I”m excited to go to the Enlightened Wealth Retreat in April and meet all of other proteges.

Jonathan C


My most recent success was in helping an older couple and their grandkids from completely losing their house. This couple, in the last few years, lost two of their adult children, have ended up raising several of their teenage grandchildren, have lost a great paying job, went through major heart surgery, and ultimately were on the verge of losing their house. They were interested in selling and moving soon anyway, but the foreclosure was something they did not want to go through. We worked together for weeks trying to prevent the house from being foreclosed on, but ultimately the only thing that was going to work was a major chunk of cash. I brought in an investor with about $50,000 to bring the loan current, we took the property subject to the existing financing, the couple will live there for several more months until school lets out for the year, and the house will be sold bringing the investor a nice return and a share of the deal and a chunk of cash for me to go on to do many more deals.

Jonathan C


This wasn”t the very first offer, just the first one that was accepted. We tend to forget the ones where nothing came of it!! The sellers had the property on the market for nearly four months with a RE agent, and it hadn”t sold. It was a rental property, and the last two months the property had been vacant. Asking price with the agent was $89,500. I don”t know what I was thinking, but I offered $90,000 on a lease option with a five year term, and they went for it. I turned around and sold it on a lease option within a week at $120,000 on a two year term, $3000 option money, and $200 per month in cash flow. They made it until early July 2003. New tenant-buyer was found within a week or so, another $3000, now $300 per month cash flow. I would love to see it cashed out, but if it doesn”t in a hurry, I am not that worried about it!!

Jonathan C


As soon as my wife and I began to read Multiple Streams of Income, we noticed our thinking and our behaviors begin to change. We clearly saw that we were doing nothing to take care of our future and were instead living a very for the moment life style. Now we are creating a future for us and for our children. There is such a noticeable difference in Anne”s vitality and aliveness. She looks great and I”m attributing it to having this game to play. (This alone has made our participation worthwhile). Our first house offer has been accepted for $164K with about 40K rehab and then comps go for $250-300K in an up and coming neighborhood.

I”ve always wanted to contribute to other people and make a difference in their lives. I see real estate as a way to do that – as a way to get a foot into the door of a community, provide good housing and work with the people to create something new for them like: turning renters into proud owners, creating abundance mentalities, repairing and building credit etc.

Jonathan M & Anne M


We found a property on the HUD website and compared it to the appraised value from the courthouse. It had about $12,000 dollar difference between the two. From research and testing the appraise value that the court house puts on their web site we found it normally is actually worth about $10,000 dollars more. The county appraises low for some reason. So anyway the house is going for $120,000 and has gotten reduced to $108,000 so we put in an offer for $98,000 and it got accepted. The house is 2 years old and had minor carpet cleaning and 2 windows broken with no need to paint. What a good deal! We plan on fixing the windows and cleaning the carpets to resell it for $120,000. Closing is scheduled for the 22 of march. Then we will see how it sells.

Jonathan N & JaNay N


We closed on the house we were already renting in late November. The entire story is more involved than this of course, but basically the owner of our home suddenly found another property she wanted to do a 1031-exchange on, and needed to move fast. She did not want to have to deal with selling through an agent, and was concerned about being able to make everything happen quickly enough for her needs. She also did not want to do a *thing* to repair or otherwise take care of her existing property, where we lived. So in exchange for moving very quickly and taking *everything* as-is, we got a 20% discount on the price, which meant we needed no down payment to get our 80% loan! We ended up out of pocket only a small amount of money, and now have a fantastic tool in equity than we plan to begin using right away to build our property portfolio. None of this would have happened if we hadnt attended the Creating Wealth course, and met the people we did through it. THANKS EVERYONE!!

Jonathan v & Shannon G


We just bought our first house, which also happened to be the residence we were already renting for the past several years. It was fortunate timing that we took the RAI class when we did. The owner was already talking about selling the property some time in the future, and so we were beginning to think about having to move, which we really did not want to do! We took the class, and just a couple weeks later learned that the owner had found another property she wanted to 1031-exchange into right away. Well if we had not taken the class, learned what we learned, and met a knowledgable lender at the course, we would have just packed up & moved out. But instead, we were able to solve the owners problem by moving very quickly and closing the deal in time for her 1031 to take place, in exchange for a great deal of price flexibility on the house we bought! We never would have attempted, let alone succeeded, this deal if we hadnt learned the Robert Allen strategies. Now we have equity we plan to use to acquire more property, and believe we are well on our way to financial freedom!

Jonathan v & Shannon G


The first offer was made by myself, a few weeks after taking the course. I had posted on line that I was seeking investment property, and a local agent phoned me with a Section-8 rental that was available in Campbell CA, near where we live. I decided the numbers were interesting and I wanted to make a first offer anyway, so I met with the agent to put a contract together. He ended up spending 2 solid hours with me explaining the contract and helping me structure an offer. The resulting creative offer was one that would have made the deal work for me, but I doubted would be appreciated by the seller. It turned out the offer was turned down, but I was thrilled to have actually DONE IT, and made the offer anyway.

Jonathan v & Shannon G


Since attending Robert Allen”s Creating Wealth with Real Estate seminar in March 2003, and applying this system, I”ve been able to buy 8 properties (4 SFH + 4 MFU) so far worth well over $1.6M total and most of them are purchased for far below (avg 20~30%) the market value. Currently have built-in net gain or net worth of over $700K from my real estate portfolio and I”m now able to buy at least 1 property every month which enables me to make anywhere from $25K to $100K per deal.

Since becoming an EMI Protégé, with Bob & Mark”s help and through their MSI/OMM system, I”ve also been able to identify a raw idea and developed it into a niche book product material all within 90 days, which I”d never imagined I could do. With Bob & Mark”s InfoPreneuring techniques and training, I”m now able and working to take this MDI (Million Dollar Idea) into marketplace this year and turn it into multi-million dollar business.

I strongly believe EMI system and training is one of the best systems out there, if not the best, for creating wealth and developing enlightened millionaires. Anyone can become a millionaire in one year as long as he/she is willing to learn, follow, and apply this amazing system. And even multi-millionaire just in several years or less.

Joon C


I have benefited from Dr. Cooper”s techniques since March, when I started listening to his class. At that time I was very happy when I had 40-80% return on my trades. Since then, I have made many trades with returns of more than 300% just using TTC-A only.

Jose E


The book that gave the drive to seek for more was Conversations With Millionaires with Mike Litman and Jason Oman after devouring this book I was not satisfied with my current life living from pay check to pay check when I was reading this book Conversations With Millionaires the man that touch me the most was Robert Allen –well don”t misunderstand me every single one of these Millionaires were great they all had something to say that I never had heard before, but Robert Allen said something like this: Over the years I”ve been asked on many occasions, “What can I do to make more money and become wealthy?” This has probably been the most asked question of me throughout my twenty plus years career. And then talks about his Three New York Times Best Selling books: Which I went to Barns and Nobles right away and bought them all.

But he came back with the answer to the question, I mentioned earlier is as follows. How do you get started on the road to success?” The answer is, and these are the words that he said that change my thinking and I started to seek for a way that I could be mentor by him and his team. He said LEARN FROM THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY PAVED THE PATH TO RICHES AND FORTUNE. LEARN FROM THOSE WHO HAVE GENERATED THE GRAND IDEAS, LAID OUT THE VISION, ASSEMBLED A PLAN, AND FOUGHT THE ADVERSITIES THAT LAY AHEAD OF ANY GREAT SUCCESS STORY. LEARN FROM THOSE WHO HAVE DROPPED THE SUCCESS CLUES ALONG THE WAY. And somewhere in the book CWM he also said IF YOU’RE NOT MAKING MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP YOU”LL NEVER BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. And now I am studying all the books and cd’s that came with the Enlightened Millionaire Institute. Looking forward to meet all the Millionaires and also become one myself. THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL. P.S. – I”ve been seeking deals through the new paper and I know that very soon you will hear about my first buy.

Jose M & Charity M


We just closed on a property using none of our own money at all. In fact we closed and received $11,000.00 back the day of the closing. This sounds great, but it was not necessarily an easy process…at least emotionally. We work closely with a realtor that is investor focused. He found the property, I did a site evaluation, and then crunched the numbers and it looked good. We made an offer very low, and the owners countered, we recounted and they accepted a great (low) offer. We immediately realized 30K in profit with the acceptance of the purchase agreement. We had to use a line of credit for the down payment and we had several mortgage companies working to try to get us a mortgage and get the deal closed. We missed on closing, and then finally after about 2 full months of financing gymnastics, we closed. We closed and received a check back for 11K the day of closing. We paid down some of the debt and we are rehabbing the property for a quick turn around. We are looking at possibly realizing 30K of profit in this one deal. I will have to pay realtor fees, and misc expenses, but overall we should clear at least a net profit of 10K. Not too bad for one deal.

Joseph D & Pamela D


I have spent time searching for deals in the Sunday paper, in foreclosure publications, driving around various areas, calling realtors, and home owners….trying to get into a routine to make this process second nature. It is exciting and I think it”s starting to stick. I put my first offer in on a duplex. Asking price 95K, my offer was 70K, it appears to cashflow pretty nicely. After several counter-offers back and forth, I hit my max and walked away. I felt quite good about it. I do have 3 rental properties that I bought previously to starting with Mark and Bob, but this is my start as an enlightened millionaire! Abundance, Abundance, Abundance…

Joseph D & Pamela D


Pam and I have been involved with EMI for just a few weeks now. We are very excited and at the same time overwhelmed. In fact, quite overwhelmed, until we took a time-out one weekend and put a very detailed business plan together on how we are really going to accomplish our goals. We spent time mapping our goals, putting a detailed schedule together with specific activities that need to be completed. We incorporated all of the teleconferences/books/seminars into our plan. I also created an entire wall in my office to the “plan” and to “ideas”. We are now much more organized, less overwhelmed and extremely excited and in control of our destiny now. This is our year…

This strategic planning exercise was liberating and fun. If anyone needs help with something like this let me know, I would love to assist and support others that may be running into similar difficulties. Don”t let yourself be frustrated, take charge and make it happen!

Joseph D & Pamela D


I set up a simple website with my own name as the domain name and told a few friends who are always interested in what I am reading, listening to, etc. Two of them purchased the One Minute Millionaire through Mark & Bobs oneminutemillionaire.com site, generating $11.95 in commissions. Hey, its a start.

Joseph M


I have created and published a web-site promoting my forthcoming kit. I have used Robert Allen (Multiple Streams of Internet Income) and Tom Antion techniques to design the site. I plan to have the product (2 audio CDs and a softcover manual, as well as e-book) developed and ready for sale by the end of November.

Joseph M


I bought a single family home in December 2001 for $29,300. It appraised for $59,000. I took $20,000 out of the property and I am renting it for $500.00.

Joseph P


This is the prelude to my success story. So far we have successfully obtained two houses with a gain of $52,000 to be realized within the next few years. Our immediate gain has been $4,300 in net non-refundable deposits and $765 in net profits from rent just within the last few months.

We are some distance from reaching our goal, but know it is possible. We look forward to success multiplied!

Joshua G & Toni G


I found a house in Old Town, Maine, on the internet from my home in California. The asking price was $92,000. I used a realtor on my power team there to check the property out for me, take photos, inspect it, etc. I made an offer, they countered, and we negotiated. We finally agreed on a sales price of $88,000. The nice thing about this property was that it already had a family in it that still had 8 more months on their lease and they were paying $1,000 per month. I used a broker on my power team to get me financing at a very low rate with 10% down. My monthly mortgage came out to only $378 per month (p&i), plus about $67 monthly to pay back the money I borrowed from my home equity line to put down and pay for the closing costs with. After all expenses, the property is yielding a positive cash flow of $404. I plan to rent it out again on a 12-month lease at the end of August to another family. I”m also thinking about the possibility of lease optioning it to a family at that time.

Josiah F & Brenda F


I live in CA and I found a REO property on the internet in Addison, Maine. I made a very low-ball offer to the bank that was trying to get rid of it. They countered and dropped the price a bit, but not far enough. I used a contractor to go by and check out the property for me, talk to the neighbors, etc. He found out that it wasn”t worth much money at all and had several big problems including the property line, etc. At that point I decided it wouldn”t be a good property for me to pursue, so I ended my pursuit. I saved myself a real headache!

Josiah F & Brenda F


I am just a new student 4 weeks with protege program. Since 1999, I had stocks in retirement account with a discount broker, stock went up and the roller coaster but I just was afraid to make a move! I started with Dr Cooper and with my mentor, I was able to understand how to make some moves, I got out with one stock that went from 15 to 47, and another that went from 1.04 to 2.70. Was quite proud of myself to finally cash in the profits. now I am studying some new quality stocks to invest in, its very exciting and rewarding.

Jovite G &


I joined Robert Allens Network Marketing team in July. I signed up 10 people so far, made 550 US$ in commissions + about 350$ on retail. I now have my websites activated, and I am getting familiar with the tools.

Jovite G &


With excellent mentoring, I have gotten TWO web sites live! Richard has established some affiliate relationships!

Joyce S & Richard N


This property was a distress situation. The owner and the owners son wanted to sell it fast. The property was sold to me for $245,000.00. It is worth $315,000.00 retail. I worked really hard to find this deal. It took me 91 days to find and close on this deal. I plan to refinace and cash out and use the money to re-invest in another property.



I am a teacher of Spanish, Italian, and English with little knowledge of mathematics and programming. However, as soon as Steve Waters said in his teleconference course that HTML is a foreign language I tuned in immediately.

So, thanks to Steve Waters I was able to get my first website live. I have also had the opportunity to develop another website for a very famous Argentine guitarrist. I will always remember Steve”s word of encouragement “Remember it”s the simple, non-complicated websites that people like to scroll through.

Juan M & Linda M


My husband, became a protege about 18 months ago. When I first found out I became very upset. I chased him around the kitchen screaming, “I can”t believe you spent $4,000.00. He knows I like the internet and he begged me to listen to some of the calls. I refused. I didn”t want to deal with anything that was related to mathematics. One day he was listening to Steve Water”s conference call on the speaker phone. I accidently heard Steve say “HTML is a foreign language.” This clicked something off in my brain and I immediately began taking the website development course. Since I am a High School foreign language teacher I began feeling at home.

To date I have developed two very simple websites using HTML. Though we haven”t made any money yet we still feel very successful because we were able to help a group from Argentina build their very first website. They came to this country with very little and built their way up to a great success. They now have a famous and fancy Argentine night club in New York. It is of great prestige where people can enjoy a typical Argentine meal and enjoy several shows of tango and songs from all over the world. One of the guitarrists is the guitarrist from the world popular movie “Frieda.” We hope to learn in the near future some internet marketing techniques that will help us prosper financially but in the meantime I thank Steve Waters for helping us to help our beloved friends. Success also comes when you go to sleep at night knowing the you have helped another human being.

Juan M & Linda M


I bought this house last year in Williamsburg, Virinia at $110,000.00 and to date the value of the house is $145,000.00.

Juan M & Linda M


I am so grateful for the success that is manifesting, the clarity with velocity that I am attracting and allowing. I have been delightfully successful in clarifying and moving through unconscious and conscious obstacles and resistance in the first half of my year with the Protégé Program. The first few months I had buttons pushed that I thought I had been working with for years, unearthing beliefs, reducing resistance. I made several relationships with others in the Protégé program. And I know I will discover a few other Atlantic Canadians who are in the program, and we will begin very supportive partnerships to leverage what we are learning from the Protégé Program. I am blissfully grateful for the three people who have been supporting me on this journey as part of a dream team. And, as it is important for me to always provide great value – I am grateful that they, too, have learned. I am grateful for those mentors and partners in learning who I am now attracting to assist me in moving towards my one million dollar goal. As I realize that I need more on-the-ground, step-by-step support to achieve my goals in the Protégé Program, that support arrives beyond my dreams. I want to express under-expressed parts of myself and to bring my deepest desires in my unconscious to light in my legacy, creating clarity with velocity in my awareness. I develop kindred spirits as we are committed to each other in achieving our legacies. In April of this year, I was asked to make a submission to the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Women in Business! Last month I achieved my dream of $10,000 in income for one month. The Department of Education purchased the interactive CDROM I developed. I have been asked to work with the health care system in Siberia in September, and received a grant to fund air travel.

I am grateful for the new clients and contracts I am attracting in my primary source of income. In a few days I shall be launching a couple of fun websites reflecting what I’ve learned in the infopreneur and internet marketing streams. And I am attracting those who support me in working “on” my business, not in my business, and they learn as well – the Protégé Philosophy spreading out through me. I see many more Atlantic Canadians participating in the program with great glee, increasing the prosperity of the region. I am also fulfilling my dream of rebuilding the family fortune and showing my sons” how it is done

Judi R


Best Selling book, Oprah (previously), Good Morning America, 30 other TV, over 160 radio shows, 3printings sold out within 1st year and a lot more. Quality of life of our students is the best part.

Judith W & Robert W


We found a church that had gone through foreclosure. We investigated the property and made an offer to the mortgage company. Our offer was declined, however, further negotiations persisted until we found out that a church group was in competition with us and they had a cash offer. We rescinded our offer, as there was no way I was going to mess with God and his property.

Judy L & Steven L


After I registered for the protege program, I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Calgary. It changed my life. My attitudes about money and my deservedness of money was completely changed. What an intense experience. When I left there, I said to myself. Being a protege is wonderful and the information continues to be challenging. I just wanted to get a mentor closer to me. So I kept my eye out, with the intent of one Landing in My Lap from the energy of the universe. One of my clients was in for an ultrasound on his dog. We discovered he had recently put a 24 foot waterfall in the foyer of his house. I figured anyone putting that in their foyer must be doing something right. So we asked what he did. He indicated he was retired. But he had a second mortgage company for a hobby and had over one hundred seperate realestate projects. Then we started taking about Roberts principals and guess what: He had not only read the book, he had done it…right from foreclosures, to flipping, to buy and hold. He has even talked to Robert. He said, anyone can do it..as evident by his wealth. He also has several other streams of income. I just came right out and asked him if he would be willing to help us work the program. I offered to pay, but he declined payment and was honored to work with my group. We have been meeting regularily and then this deal for 47 doors 3.1M with owner financing entire downpayment came about. We first starting talking about the deal in general, you know 25% down etc. So I said, OK lets apply some of the principals you have been teaching us. Would you be interested in carrying back some of the financing. Eventually it went to all of the financing. I was one top of the world. The sky is the limit! I have wonderful friends to support me and we are working together to make a huge difference.

Judy M & Gord K


I became a “milleagle” in 2002 while living in Arizona. I “happened” to run into a great lady by the name of Janet Attwood (there are no accidents). When she told me who she was working with and why, I knew I had to be a part of it! Already having a real-estate license, I chose that as my primary focus with info-preneuring as a minor focus. My success on a particular piece of property actually came while I was visiting my daughter, son-in-law and adorable granddaughter “Trinity” in Florida. I saw “for sale by owner” sign just a few blocks away from my daughter”s house and the “bells went off”; it seemed like the perfect time to stretch my wings and try out the new skills I had been learning through my association with Bob, Mark and the Enlightened Millionaire program. A long story made short, I had the courage to call the owner, investigate the fair market value of properties in the area, make my offer, have it accepted and close on the property 45 days later with an immediate equity position of $8,000. Since then the property (in 10 months) has continued to appreciate and I now have an equity position of $19,000! Thank you Bob and Mark, this is just the beginning!!

Judy M & Roland M


In October of 2002 I saw Robert Allen speak. I jumped at the chance to be a protégé. My husband and I went right to it and downsized to be financially free right then. Completely revamped our lives to only include the things that we love to do. Following all the teleclasses we were doing came dozens and dozens of ideas. The best ones we started to work with and attracted a team of individuals to work with us on them. It has created magical things in our lives.

We have recently launched an information based Virtual Health and Wellness Center and it is surpassing our imagination. We also have launched another information business that comes from my husbands passion to work with horses and children, to teach successful life skills and the magic of communication, HorseWizardry.

While doing all this we have a great step in the door with the real estate and trading streams as well.

The first million was enjoyable and having done that the next ones will be a snap, especially since the streams are already established.

Thank you the whole Enlightened Millionaire team, and Mark and Bob!!

Live, Love and be Aware,

Judy W


Calls on Netflix held 2 days made $2300

Julia A


Bought a REO property from a bank.

Julia A


I became an EMI protege in September 2003 to create additional streams of income. After reading Multiple Streams of Internet Income, I was inspired to create a website. Knowing very little about the internet, except how to “surf” it, I chose to have a coach assist with my new creation. In 10 short, busy weeks my website went live. If I can do this, anyone can. After an unavoidable absence, I am now strategizing the aggessive marketing of my site. Thank you to patient instructors in the internet department for the information and encouragement!

Julie A


I submitted my first offer on a depressed property. This property was brought to my attention by a friend who has recently been licensed as a realtor. He is just starting out, like myself and is a go getter. The asking price of the property was just dropped from $108,000 to $106,000. After evaluating the property, I determined it would cost approximately $5,000. in cosmetic repairs to get it sold for about $120,000. I contacted my coach for advice on what to offer. My offer came in at $91,000 with room to negotiate. Unfortunately, the seller did receive an offer higher than mine and therefore did not wish to negotiate any further with me. He has been advised that if the offer he accepted should fall through for any reason, I would still be interested in helping him.

Julie B &


I just started this program today after attending the wealth retreat. It made a huge impact on my life and I look forward to posting my results in the next 90 days. I can”t wait to use the tools that they provided in the training today and I will be one of their next enlightened millionaires.

Julie G & Fred G


Offer submitted on a small business complex in town. The complex houses 2 Barber shops and a beauty salon. The passive income from the property, if accepted will be around $1k/month.

Julie M & Robb M


AHA! After reading the novel of “The One Minute Millionaire” I realized why I had to make my MLM work and not give up on sponsoring others, which I had been struggling with. I realized that taking people into my business and “coaching” them through the business was just a stepping stone, for both parties, on the way to “enlightenment” and a huge future! If I presented it as such, my whole business would change! I signed up a consultant last week, and then within 3 days another contact called me and asked me to get her back in as a consultant! Go Universe!!

Julie M & Robb M


The simple concept of being lead by your higher power and going with your intuition. It has lead me to an opportunity and my life taking a 180 degree turn within the time of a week. I”m now in the process of helping a friend set up a school in China: marketing, distribution, design of advertisements are all part of the duties I need to achieve this new business.

Julien R


I generated $257,000 from my website.

Juliet E


I wanted to start real estate investing and then I heard about 90 day challenge. Due to family reasons I discontinue the challenge before writing my first offer. In second 90 day challenge also I discontinued before writing my first offer.

When the third 90 day challenge started on June 14th 2004 I was charged up. In the very first week I found 11 properties in my city which required rehab. I talked with all 11 owners and visited 7 properties because I thought they were motivated.

Before visiting the property I would find the comps for that property and find out the repair cost by listing everything that needs repair. I wanted at least 20,000 profit by rehabbing the properties. If there was enough profit I will write the offer. That way I wrote 3 offers in my first week. Writing my first offer was the biggest hurdle. Good news was 2 out of 3 offers were accepted.

Junaid M