Robert Allen & Thomas Painter Success Stories

Success Stories A-E
Made my first offer today. The Buyer Broker called super bowl Sunday with info about this Duplex. We chatted, and I told him I probably didn”t want it. Later that evening, I got an idea and called him and emailed him to tell him I could put it under contract and wholesale or re-sell it. So….this morning, we made the offer, later during the day they accepted it. I had butterflies and I will now start working on “funding and farming” this property. That”s what I want to work on tonight. My Options are: 1. get a partner 2. sell deal to an investor 3. get either a 70% LTV or higher loan and use hard money for the down and closing costs….provided it will cash flow. I”m sure there are more options out there.
A. P
Well, on 3/12/04, I closed on a flipper. I sold my assingment for a free and clear lot, which I will build a new home on and rent out. Details….I put a contract on a property for sale @ $174,000. My intention was to flip it. We found an investor with land, a free and clear lot,I was hoping for cash. The property I had under contract was worth about $215,000. I made out okay by wholesaling the property for the lot. I recovered my cash for the escrow deposit and the appraisal.
A. P

Back in January 2001, my wife and I were struggling financially. We could hardly afford a mortgage of $850.00 a month. It was only through God”s mercy and faith that we stayed afloat. At that time, we were moving a lot because of my job with the military. We had just purchased our second home, but with no idea really how to do it. I was able to have the sellers pay for my closing costs, but I was not a student yet. We moved more during the next few years (with the military), and then Sept. 11th happened, it truly changed our view of life, and family. We started focusing on our goals. We started thinking alike and working as a “team”. That”s when everything started changing. Once my wife and I were on the same page, we decided that investing in properties was the way to go.

We got sent to D.C., I saw an ad for CWI workshop in D.C., and the rest is history. I have purchased three other properties with the system, and started a business as a corporate short-term provider since. I now have a total of five properties (only three with the system), and manage another ten under corporate housing. I still work for the military, but I do not depend on the paycheck (I have almost replaced my income though). Now, my mortgage is $3,800 a month and I do not even sweat it anymore.

Again, it is only through God and his blessings that we are able to enjoy these benefits. All I”ve done is be a good steward of God”s money and given back to him in the form of tithes, and put to use the tools that CWI has to offer. By faith and putting that faith to action is how it”s done. To God be the glory!

A.J. V & Lisa V
After the retreat last year, the first for students by Mark and Robert, my partner and I came home ready to start. We meet with our MasterMind team and decided to buy real estate. Cooperatives were attractive. We identified two and decided to make an offer on one. The asking price was 67K, we got it for 65K!
Aba O & Ama L
Our offer was accepted. The seller wanted 20K. Our team of 6 had 10K. We took on 2 investors- getting 5k from each. We offered them 10% return to use their money for one month and one year respectively. They both accepted. We purchased the property, was able to rent it immediately at top dollar. The rent pays the note, the coop fee and leaves some for payback of our debt. Our next challenge is purchasing with no money down!  
Aba O & Ama L
Asking price $104,900 (10K under market). Offered full price at 104,900 with owner “assist” on closing costs of $5,600, They accepted, no changes, no counter offer. We closed in 5 weeks. During the walk through prior to closing we noticed 4 additional items: a new refrigerator, wood stove remained, all window treatments remained. We had prearranged a delivery of oil but to our surprise they had refilled it eventhough it was still 1/3 full and our responsibility. When we mentioned the items at closing, they replied, “Merry Christmas” Then the closing agent handed us OUR check in the amount of $1,400. MONEY BACK AT CLOSING!
Aden C
Our purchase of the triplex property enabled the seller, an unemployed, single woman with 2 teenagers, to pay off her creditors and stay out of bankruptcy. The subsequent buyout of the 2nd mortgage that she held on the property (which enabled us to purchase with $0 out-of-packet), enabled her to bring the mortgage on her home current and prevent her bank from starting the foreclosure process. In addition to helping her out of 2 financial crises, we ended up with a property that is providing us $300 free cash flow/month with no money down at about 75% of its market value.
Al M & Sarah M
Attended Glenn Purdy”s Millionaire Academy in Las Vegas from March 29th, decided to make an offer on two little apartment buildings. But before I could meet with the agent, out of curiosity, I went along with a friend and his agent, Lori, to look at northwest area houses. Saw a georgeous model home that Lori, through her enterprise, had found before listing. Couldn”t think of a reason not to make an offer. It was accepted, and the deal should close today or Monday, with 100% financing. Also made offers on the apartments on March 31st, and those should close in about a week. I will put 10% down, but they will have positive cashflow which will yield a good return on my down, even apart from any appreciation.
Alan B
This success story is only a beginning as the story is unraveling everyday with contacts and new-found knowledge within the protégé program on EMI. We are currently in discussion with six properties all of which were found through friends we knew or the courthouse where we live. The profits will range from twenty thousand to five hundred thousand in equity. Needless to say we are carefully working the system. As this story unfolds we will keep you posted. Thanks to everyone, we are all in this together!
Alan C & JJ J
I was incredibly motivated after attending the seminar in which Raymond Aaron introduced me to Robert Allen”s EMI course. I read the material on the stock market mountain and after doing a number of paper trades, I felt ready to take my first step. On September 13, I purchased four October call options in RIM for $2.15. I sold those four contracts four days later for $4.30 each. That”s a 100% profit in only four days!
Alan K

I have just published my first web site. I have learned a great deal from reading about Internet Income as I developed this site and now feel that I can do it even better. I am starting to develop another site based upon my “initial practice” and am sure that it will be a very effective site. In the end, both sites are focusing upon helping people to discover the merits of having “Multiple Streams of Income” and providing questions, options and affiliate links to assist them.

I have written an article about Multiple Sclerosis that I am currently submitting to various MS publications. I am asking readers to contact me if they have stories to share about their experiences with family doctors and Neurologists. When contacted, I will be sending a short questionnaire to the respondent in order to gather common, base data from all who contact me. I have already heard many stories, both good and bad and I want to document more information.

I am absolutely convinced that I will gather enough information to write articles and a book about the Doctor/Patient Relationship and the many aspects of it and other “taboo” areas that are very rarely discussed.

Alana C & Alana C
I am going to enter my Volunteer Hours for about the past 5 years. It has been during this time that I have been the most active in terms of volunteering. Right at this moment in time, I am not a volunteer given that all of my time and energy is directed to generating financial resoures through many different streams. Once I have reached a less time-demanding time, I will return to volunteer work, as I have done throughout my life.
Alana C & Alana C
I have looked at many properties, starting immediately after I got home from seeing Glenn Purdy. I wanted to buy everything! I had sold my own house in 2002,prior to knowing about the EMI, and never having paid any attention to acquiring real estate with the equity that I had. At any rate, I new that I needed my first purchase to be an income generating property, until recently, none that I had seen could provide me with the needed cash-flow. About three weeks ago I found the property that I want to buy. It is a house that was built in 1910, has eight suites, is located right downtown in Saskatoon and generates an income of about $2,800/month with limited expenses. This house is owned by a slum lord and has not really had anything done to the suites themselves in at least 5 years. The asking price is $117,000.00, the fair market value is $147,000.00. I want to buy this house in order to upgrade it and look after it. The suites are small and have been rented to people on social assistance since at least 1999. There has not been a single vacancy since 1999. The amount of money that people on social assistance is very low, so places such as this are normally fully rented out and, as in this case, never cared for properly. I not only want to obtain a property which will allow me to go faster and farther with my goals and objectives, I want to help the people who can only afford to live in small places. I want to enhance the quality of their homes and build a rapport which says that “I am available for/to you”. It is a commercial property by definition and I am having trouble getting a deal put together which would allow me to make the kind of down payment that lending institutions want 35-50% and fix up the house. So I am working on this very dilligently. Alana Crozier
Alana C & Alana C

I have a wife and three children who are my biggest success.

Over the last 20 years, I have been involved in the technology industry and have worked my way up the Corporate ladder making a more than fair salary. The main thing missing now was the “fun”. The dream to get to the top of the Corporate ladder at a large technology company is no longer and I”ve been looking for other challenges.

A few years ago, we got involved in real estate as a hobby and just out of being in the right places, now have our home plus three rental properties. The best deal on a property was from an investor who was selling off all his properties. He had sold them all off but one and that one was on the market for about a year. It was a small house valued at $50k and the seller had already made his money back from the property over the 15 years from one tenant. The seller was asking $29k as he just wanted to get rid of it and it had some issues but nothing not able to fix. I put a bid in on the property for $17k and he came back with $22k. I kept my position and finally agreed on $17.5k.

The funny part was the amount was so low; the bank would not give me a mortgage. I had to get a loan and requested a five-year loan. I was declined that term but allowed a four-year loan. Even with a four-year loan, I have positive cash flow and a tenant who has no intentions of leaving. The property will be paid off before my own personal house!

Albert B
My father had cancer and died on February 6, 2002. Throughout his illness, I collected all sorts of material pertaining to cancer to help him with this disease. After his passing, I was intuitively guided to take all this information and put it together on a website to help others with cancer. This February 6th, 2004 will mark his two-year anniversary of his death. The website is a tribute to my father and perhaps a reference source for others to heal and not suffer. Also during the summer of 2003, I was introduced to a soap product that does not contain any chemicals or harsh products and balances the PH level of a person. The product is intended for personal care as well as household cleaning. I”ve sponsored two people, received a check and would like to introduce the benefits to more people.
Aleksandra W
We made our first 90 day challenge offer today on a 2 family ask price of $279,900 and valued at $340k.
Alexandra A & Yves S
I decided when my 7 neices and nephews started graduating high school and then college that I would give them a piece of the economy. I started buying them $100 dollars worth of shares of stock as a graduation present. I continue to do that even now that they have started to get married.
Alice B. F
I heard this unit was available and my nephew wanted to get it, but he was in the middle of a divorce and was getting full custody of his son. I wanted to do something for him so I put in the offer and then started calling everyone I knew to raise the money. I gave them 10% on their investment. As soon as I had the title, my nephew moved in and we started fixing it up using his sweat equity. He paid me rent in the amount of his proposed mortgage payments to get use to the idea. We had the utilities put into his name. He got the full benefit from renting just like owning. As soon as his divorce was final, I sold it to him for my full purchase price and then paid off all the investors along with the last month”s interest.
Alice B. F

I had been reading the paper diligently for “distressed” properties for sale. I found a little ad that said Must Sell – Estate Sale. It was a home on the lake that was being sold by a “co-worker” of the gentleman who died – at a fairly young age. I called the number, but didn”t get an answer and had to leave a message. I didn”t get a call back for about a week. Then, when the “seller” called, he was very nonchalant about selling the property, but finally agreed to show it to us.

It was winter, the lake was ice and snow covered and it was kind of a dreary day. The guy didn”t open up a shade or say anything really positive about the house. He was the worst salesman I”d ever seen! Anyway, we thought the house was great! It was in excellent shape, needed only cosmetic fix up and sprucing up and had a great location on popular lake. We checked out lots of other comparable properties that had sold in the last year or were up for sale (not many on the lake at that time of year!) And we decided what price to offer to make a great profit. We talked with our banker who gave us a quick thumbs up and then decided to look at the property again. The “seller” gave us the key and we spent a couple hours looking at EVERYTHING in fine detail. We made a verbal offer, but it was rejected as too low.

The “seller” said the family wanted at least $20,000 more than that. We said “well, then we”ll just have to pass on this one.” The seller then said, well how about splitting it at $10,000 more…now we are talking about $339,000…so this was BIG money to us for our first purchase. We decided to go for it since we still felt we had a $45,000 profit margin (not considering interest, etc. but considering updates). They wanted a fast closing…we closed in 4 weeks. We wanted immediate access and we got the keys as soon as we got the accepted offer.

We closed on April 15, 2004. Our bank gave us a 5%, no money down bridge loan, meaning we don”t have to pay any interest for 3 months. We”re figuring at least a $30,000 profit even if we have to hold it for a few months and reduce the price. We started fixing things up and began advertising it for sale as soon as we had the closing. We”ll see how it all turns out in the end. We”re nervous about this much money on the line for our first project, but we”re staying optimistic as the weather begins to warm up.

Alice S & Michael S
We bought our first property on April 15, 2004 for $339,000. A house on a very nice lake which we believe should sell very quickly. As of today, June 4, 2004, we have held 4 open houses and had one really hot prospect, but no offers. We”re getting nervous, but this is the time it should sell with the weather turning warmer and the rains having stopped – at least temporarily. I”m optimistic about our open house this Sunday. We are considering dropping the price from our listing price of $389,900, but want to hold off just a little longer before we do so. We found the right house at the right price, now we just have to find the right buyer!
Alice S & Michael S
I have concluded Dr. Cooper”s 8 week stock option class. I bought Intel Jan30 call for .70 and sold 8 days later for a 71% profit!
Alice V

After just two weeks of studying with EMI, I took the plunge and made an offer on a revenue property. I had no time to study the market in the area where the property is situated. There was another prospective investor checking out the property at the same time that I was. About an hour afterward the realtor called me to say that an offer was being submitted. I had already crunched the numbers; the price was in the range that I could handle; the seller is an investor needing to liquidate some properties so that he can invest in a bigger joint venture. I spoke with this investor – he was quite helpful and upfront – said he would give me all his contacts – handymen, brokers, attornies, and reference lists for tenants. I decided to put in an offer conditional to financing (I had not had a chance to get myself pre-approved yet), subject to home inspection, and subject to partner approval (this last one was because I read in the \”The Road to Wealth\” that this is a good idea). Unfortunately my offer was turned down – the realtor said my offer was very good but the other offer was UNCONDITIONAL. 

I consider this event a SUCCESS for me because I accomplished the FEAR factor plus I learned some things. I also made some connections with other real estate investors and realtors who work them, plus I was given contact names that I can use to build my TEAM.

I will continue to forge ahead and am determined to acquire a good solid revenue property soon.

Alison F

Well, here I am…14 days into this EMI program and 2 days after I made my first offer and was rejected, I found another property and put in an offer that was accepted. I found an ad in a small bargain finder newspaper that is published every week in Calgary. There was a little house in Black Diamond for sale by owner. Black Diamond is about 1 hour southwest of Calgary, but on the verge of becoming a real hot spot in Alberta. I called and found out that the owner really needs to sell because she has bought another house. She has advertised the house for $115,000. She does not want to rent the house even though she has had offers by people who want to rent it. The realtors have been banging on her door begging to list it because they told her she can sell it for $120,000. She has had offers but they fell through because the buyers could not get the financing. She has shown the house to a couple with 3 kids who are in dire straights to find a place to live and want to \”rent to own\\\” because they had a bad run of luck with real estate (owned 12 properties) and had to file bankruptcy and are climbing their way back up. They can easily afford to rent the house but cannot get financing (no credit obviously). So here I am, with a \”three way win\” sitting in front of me:

WIN 1: Seller can sell her house to me – I have the $ (cashable GIC for down payment)- so no problems financing.

WIN 2: I get to make my first purchase with an opportunity to resell for a profit of $8000.00.

Plus, I have no worry about renting it – I have a tenant already that will negotiate anyway possible to rent and possibly rent-to-own.n Tenant is ready to move in on same day that we close the deal.

WIN 3: This couple have a place to live which is their little Picket Fence dream house and I will be able to negotiate with them so that they can eventually buy it. 

I have to say that I have been praying every night to my higher self asking for guidance. I decided to open myself up to the universe and freely accept the love and energy in the universe with the desire to return it doublefold.

I truly believe that my positive and Enlightened Attitude have allowed me to overcome my FEAR and allowed me to embark on a new ROAD TO WEALTH.

Alison F
My daughter decided to attend school locally so I thought it wise to buy rather than rent. I did my reseach as recommeded to see if it was a worthy purchase and if I could break even. My coaching, the forms and my recent attendance at a retreat were helpful The retreat was particularly helpful in that it encouraged me to stop procrastinating and get going. While I have not closed, I believe the buyer is stalling, I will give them a deadline tommorrow to get on with things. If this does not close, I now have the momentum to move on to the next deal.
Allen C & Sandra C

My first offer was accepted today. I was in the market for a house for my daughter who decided to go to college here locally in Texas. Rather then spend $600 per month on an apartment,I decided to get a house for her now and later rent it to a family.

We found a great house earlier this week, newly painted, new roof, mint condition 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,500 sq ft. They were asking $105,000. I offered $98,000 and he took it. I was a bit surprised but as it turned out, he had invested for his kids, was from out of town and wanted to move on. Right out of the shoot I feel I made $4-5000 because I was prepared to go higher. I also saved a budgeted $1-2000 for improvements. As I mentioned, this house is in such good shape I will need to do $0 now or any time soon. Most houses I looked at needed $1-2000 in improvements.

I plan to rent for $800 which will cover mortgage for now. Later I should be able to rent to a family for about $1,000.

Special thanks to my coach Kathlene T. and to the recent Enlightened Seminar in Dallas that gave me the confidence to get going.

Getting the first deal feels good.

Thanks for your help, I look forward to more deals soon.

Allen C & Sandra C

Our daughter decided to go to school in local town. We dedided to invest in a home for her and friends to rent and then rent to a family after her two years are over. We used Robert Allen”s suggestion to do comps., analysis per his forms, and made an offer on a 1,500sq ft home. We made an offer today about 8% below asking price. W e are waiting response.

I found the recent seminar in Dallas with Bob and Mark very helpful. It gave me the confidence to get going.

Allen C & Sandra C
I purchased my first investment property in Oct 2004. It wasnt 100% nothing down, but it was only $7,000 down on a $335,000 house. I have been fixing it up, I think it was a slightly larger project than is generally suggested by Robert, Mark, and the coaches. Oh well, live and learn. It has not been sold yet, it is on the market and we are still finishing it up. However, the success comes from the way people around me have now changed. My parents thought I was nuts. As of last week they have decided that I proved to them I can find the deals, I can arrange the funding and have the ability to turn then from the ugly duckling to the swan. They have decided as they do not have the time, I am to find more deals for them, and they will provide the funding. In my world -this is huge! My boyfriend has also offered his downpayment if I can find a diamond in the rough for us to fix up. I also have a very successful friend in Toronto who also claims she has lots of money, just no time. I am now in charge of finding and fixing to flip a place using her money as well. I have gone from having too many possible deals and barely enough capital, to haveing tons of capital & scouring for those fabulous deals! Thank you Robert, Mark! I am having so much fun its fantastic!
Allisa S
Being really new and finally getting over the 2nd bout of the flu (hopefully) I am readind Road to Wealth, I”m about half way through. Am also listening to the One Minute Millionaire. But one thing I read, I think, in Habits of prosperous people, I used yesterday while shopping for a cell phone for my son. Ask for a discount; and I did get exactly what we wanted ! It is a small step but this behavior is not my usual mode of operation. It felt good!
Allison S
We bought a HUD repo for $12,500 by borrowing $15,000 from a friend who used his equity line of credit on his house to get the money. He had to pay 10% on the loan, so we offered to pay him 15% so he would earn 5%, more than he could get from a CD. Also, so if we needed to use his money again, he would not hesitate. The loan was to be repaid at a future date, with no payments from us for either principal or interest, just a lump sum at the end. We bought the house even though the real estate agent didn”t want to submit our offer because she said HUD would never accept it. They were asking $25,000 for it. She didn”t even have us sign any paperwork. We submitted the offer on a Friday, and Monday my husband had to go out of town for medical reasons. The agent frantically called us for us to come down and sign the paper work as HUD had accepted our offer. My husband wasn”t available and she became concerned as the signed paperwork had to be submitted that day, and he wouldn”t return in time. She was able to get a three-day extension for the paperwork so we could do the deal. All of this because she didn”t think our offer would be accepted. We hired a contractor to do some window replacement. (We were going to do a complete rehab on the house). The contractor asked what we were going to do with the house after we fixed it up. We told him “either sell it or rent it out”. He offered to complete the renovation, at his own expense, then have the house appraised and use his labor and materials as his down payment. To show his sincerity, he offered to forfeit all his labor and materials if he did not purchase the house, or changed his mind. A win/win situation for all of us. We drew up a contract for lease option with his offer and gave him the keys to get started. Once the renovation was completed the appraisal came back at $65,000. We are still in the negotiating stage of this deal.
Alma K & Bill K
I did mt first option trades in 2004, very empowering.
Amber G
We are planning to move down to Vegas and we know how great the real estate market is there, so we decided to get a head start and begin investing now. We went to Vegas in August and met with a great realtor there. He showed us a new development that was being built on a golf course. We were hesitant at first, but were convinced to invest because “where else in the world can you get a house right on a golf course for $260k?” We put down an earnest deposit of $5k to buy a home right on the course for a base price or $211k and a land premium of $45k for a total price of $261k (including a few upgrades). The house was completed in December and we closed December 30. Our closing costs were under $10k. We paid for the closing costs by borrowing from our 401k. Now in January, only 5 months later, the builder is selling the same model home for a base price of $330k and land premiums ranging from $100k to $170k, for a total price of at least $430k. That”s an appreciation of about $170k in 5 months!
Amir S & Devorah S
We met a book marketer at the Mark Victor Hansen Mega Marketing Event in Los Angeles in August 2004. We bought in at Level 1 – just under $800 – and will receive 60 books and be listed as co-authors with people like Mark and Deepak Chopra. It”s a great opportunity to work with someone who has a 1,000,000 opt-in list and get your name out to a lot of people who don”t know you now.
Amy L & Beth C

As a result of gifting $27,000 of our school discipline product, we were invited to participate in an interview with Oprah. Through Robert and Mark”s impetus to give and the universe will reward you, we found out about a boy (Darryl) in Georgia who had been repeatedly bullied for 2 years. One day he retaliated and was charged in juvenile court with aggravated assault. The bullies were not punished at all. This story was told on Good Morning America, The Today Show and CNN with the family saying they had not been able to find any tools to help with this bullying problem – none for their son as the victim and none for the bulliers as the perpetrators. When we saw this, we knew we had to help because our product was the perfect solution. One of Oprah”s producers had called Darryl”s attorney but she had never called him back. We”re now working with her to pitch a story sometime in mid-July 2004.

Because of the Oprah opportunity to be in front of 22,000,000 viewers, we decided to repurpose our school content into a home version. This new product will launch July 31, 2004 on a local high-tech talk show. We hope to gain lots of insight from this local launch and then be prepared when we go national on the Oprah Show.

Amy L & Beth C
Have learned so much in the few short weeks since I have joined the Enlightened Millionaire Institute. Working to get my website live. The entire process has just been a wonderful learning process. I have learned more “real life” applicable lessons in the last few weeks, than in 6 years at a very prestigious College. Thanks!
Amy M
Through hard work and commitment, my husband and I have been able to grow our net worth by about $100,000.00 per year for the last 5-6 years. Since we earn approximately $100,000.00 per year in our W-2 jobs I feel we have been able to keep what we earned for the last several years. It is now my goal with the help of EMI to make it big and to be able to give back to my family and the community.
Amy M & David M
My husband and I had been married for three years. We had built our home and we purchased a seven unit apartment building with the intention of using it as security for retirement. Initially we had to supplement it but now it cash flows well for us. Because that went well, we have continued to purchase rental properties and gain experience. My husband is able to rehab properties and that has allowed us to buy low and hold our properties.
Amy M & David M

We found a pre-foreclosure that was actually listed with a realtor the next street over from our house. We had our realtor make contact, went over to meet the family and see the house. The property was built in late 2000 and only needed carpets to be cleaned and touch up paint with a few drywall holes repaired. However, the owner had started a project to add a rollup door in the 3rd car garage that was not finished and was half-way done completing an extended patio cover in the back of the house. The woman from the realtor’s office was somehow also representing the bank which we”ve never fully figured out, but she told us the bank had agreed to a short sale.

We looked up what the original mortgage was, considered current market value (we had access to excellent and very recent comps from our neighborhood, including a recent sale of that exact model). Market value (in ready to sell condition) was 143,600. Their original loan was for 134K. They were asking 159,900 which was totally unrealistic. Their foreclosure date is March 3rd so we promised close before March 2nd. Given the state of the 2 projects, we offered $133,500. They countered with 155K which we quickly rejected.

We have recently made contact again to see if they have a current interest in our offer given that the foreclosure date is much closer but have not gotten a positive response. The lady from the bank we”ve had to deal with is incompetent and irritatingly vague. Our realtor tried to contact someone else from the bank, but has not had any luck. The biggest bummer is that these people are going to get foreclosed on, we already had renters for the property (other bonus, we have a great school district and no other rentals in the entire subdivision) and we had a side deal with the guy to finish the projects that would put cash in his pockets. You win some you lose some.

Amy V & Steven V
We bought a brand new home from Engle homes in a new subdivision where the models weren”t even built and they have only been selling lots for 3 weeks. There is a community on the other side of the main road called Remonto that went in last year and was wildly popular. The lots for all builders in the new community are selling as soon as they make them available. We got one of the best lots in the neighborhood, including those that haven”t even been released yet for only a 6K lot premium, low for the neighborhood. The house, once we”ve chosen upgrades, will stay at or under 200K for 1726 square feet. There will be at least 7 more price increases on the lots and the houses, a conservative estimate is 15K in appreciation before we even close. If possible, we will rent or lease option the property until all houses in the neighborhood are built and then sell. We only have to pay 3K now and nothing else until closing. We will either do a simultaneous close with the new buyer or have a rental agreement in place by then. A conservative estimate of the house”s worth when built is 220K and if we wait until all houses are built, likely 235K or more.
Amy V & Steven V
By reading the “One Minute Millionair” and attending Harv. Eker”s Millionair Mind Intensive, I learned to turn off my past program and focus on positive energy. Being the best of me, believe in that I bring life changing opportunity for many people to develop forex trading skills to achieve their financial freedom. When I bring massive vulue to other people, I achieved my financial reward as well. I became one of the top stars of the company I associate with.
Andrea G
I am a new student, and my story is just beginning. My EMI story begins when I read The One Minute Millionaire. This book really got my wheels spinning, and as I was reading, I began to think, what if that were me, would I be able to raise $1 million with the training and support that the young lady in the story received. I was intrigued by the book, so I wanted to know more, so I went to the website and signed up for everything, and now here I am. This is just the beginning of a lifetime story, so I will continue to add as things happen. I recently got my license to sell life and health insurance in Texas. I received my first $400 commission check this past week. It may not seem like a lot, but to me it means the world. This is one of the first times in my life that I have truly succeeded at something on my own merits. I listened to the Mark Victor Hansen CD in my EMI training materials over and over, so I feel that I had a heads up on some selling techniques that helped me to make some sales on my very first few tries. I am thrilled because this is just the beginning for me. I am currently taking the Internet class, and I have already gotten my URL and hosting for my website, which should be up and running within the next week! I figured I could work on this and generate some income to help fuel my other projects, like real estate, etc. So far, I can truly say that this has been a positive experience for me. I have read countless books, and attended countless seminars, but this is the first time that I have really seen some results. I think the personal coaching and the training class has helped me be accountable to myself, and has helped me to take action, which makes all the difference in the world!
Andrea G & Cheri S
We are in the process of developing and marketing a model which will help Authors, Coaches, Speakers and other Experts market their services and create products that they can use for back-of-the-room sales. We consult with our clients to develop books, audios, videos, board games and other items that they can use to generate additional income when they are on speaking engagements. Our website promotes internet marketing as well as offline marketing. We also just launched our first audio project “Get It Fast” which is live on our Internet site. The product has been sold by word of mouth and out of the back of the trunk. Since we were recently approved for a merchant account and we have established a solid shopping cart system, we believe this is just the beginning for this product as well as others we will develop with our clients. We have a mastermind team that will be meeting for 3 days in the beginning of September which will focus on developing a strategic marketing plan.
Andrea S & Doris W
We have an audio product that costs $15.00. It seems pretty small but so far it has gotten rave reviews, we believe that once it is marketed it will take off. We”ve heard that people who purchase it are listening to it over and over again. The first sale came in on 6/30/04. So far everything has been word of mouth, but we”re live on the Internet and will be doing some focused marketing to get the product out.
Andrea S & Doris W

Our book was accepted by a traditional publisher and is expected to be in book stores in April 2005.

The book is about 12 principles of success with biblical roots. The book was written by Doris Coe Wilson and Andrea Richards Scott. We are very excited because we had planned to self-publish the book but gave it a shot with a small traditional publisher.

We have learned quite a bit through the process and everything discussed at the Mega Book Marketing Workshop about the book being a lead generator and the Publisher only promoting the book for 6-8 weeks has really hit home. As a result of seeing how little the publisher actually does, we have launched our own small publishing firm that will focus on more customized solutions for book authors. We are in the process of negotiating a book deal right now with an author and illustrator for a children”s book.

We”re really excited about the prospects. Since we”ve learned so much we”ve decided not to go the traditional route again. Instead, we have numerous titles lined up for production.

Andrea S & Doris W
We developed and published our site. Our project is the Calabasas Center of Dynamic Living. We have receive affiliation with Religious Science International.
Andrea S & Wayne S
I launched my life coaching business online after completing the Last Minute Millionaire Seminar with Bob and Mark in August 2003. My philosophy is that your life is like an iceberg – 10% is visible but your vast potential lies hidden beneath the surface. Get coached and get 90% more out of your life! Clients learn how to uncover their personal iceberg – the 90% they”re not leveraging, how to fuel their mind & body, energize their relationships, simplify their surroundings, multiply their income and enrich their work life. This is done through 1-1 coaching, tele-seminars and information products.
Andreas H

I started on my road to wealth with very little and a desire to start with real estate. I bought my first mobile home with butterflies in my stomach and a credit card. Three weeks later I sold it for nearly double what I paid for it and carried the financing at 12.5%. I proceeded to do about 10 of these types of deals and then met an investor who generously enabled me to begin investing in real property both for my individual portfolio but also managing a partnership from which I receive 50% of the profits.

I have also started a network marketing business which is beginning to grow and recently rounded off my 3 wealth building vehicles by taking Dr. Coopers Stock Options course. I am currently in the midst of doing 15 paper trades.

Thank you to the Enlightened Millionaire Institute for sharing their powerful vision and knowledge with so many people, I believe that when this enlightened approach to wealth and abundance catches on, together we can make the world a better place.

God bless us every one.

Andrew B
I had done a mailing to preforeclosures I found on the interent in an attempt to locate distressed property. A couple of weeks had gone by and I received a phone call stating that they received a letter from me and asked if I might be interested in purchasing her house. When I met the client, she stated that she wanted to move with her friend and sell her house “quietly”. After touring the house which was in great condition inside and out, I asked what she wanted to get out of the house. She stated $212k, I then asked what her price would be if I could give her all cash. She thought a moment then mentioned $195k. Further investigating her needs, I found out that she may be interested in carrying some of the financing on her own. After setting up a return visit the following night, I presented 2 offers. The first was an all cash offer of $190k, the second was $170k with her taking a $30k 2nd. I gave her 48 hours to decide if she liked either of the offers. I am waiting to find out what her answer is. If she doesn”t like either one, there”s plenty more people trying to get out of their houses, and I”m planning on finding some of them.
Andy B
Our conservation subdivisions reserve 70% of the land in open space for organic farming, recreation and wildlife habitat. Our business is building GreenWay homes that are hypo-allergenic and use 50% less lumber and 30% less energy than conventional homes. Our Tiny Homes are built on trailers for portability, and are used for guest rooms, studios, offices, bed and breakfasts and weekend cottages. For Infopreneuring we have self-published 4 books with two more books coming out this spring. We both had read Nothing Down and Creating Wealth and used the techniques to start our real estate careers. Then we used Multiple Streams of Income when we started the publishing business and the home building business. In spite of our earlier successes though we were feeling over-whelmed and under-achieving, and recognized that we needed professional mentoring. On a business trip in November “02 I happened on the One Minute Millionaire book at the St. Louis airport and read it cover to cover before I landed at Dulles. That evening we joined the Protégé program, we attended the Millionaire retreat in Orlando in February “03 and our lives went in to hyper drive. We have attended two of the Last Minute Millionaire retreats and the T. Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive and The Enlightened Warrior Camp. Our lives are now blessed with more than we ever thought possible and it just keeps getting better!
Andy L & Patricia F

I joined EMI in April in order to learn how to trade profitably in the stock market. Dr. Coopers courses (Basic and Advanced) have been phenomenal. And I have had tremendous success trading using his system. I am excited about my financial future and well on my way to achieving financial freedom in 2005. Listed below are a few of the successful trades (paper and money) I have made in the last 6 months since taking the first course.

HAR – opened at $5.50, closed at $24.00 for 336% profit in 15 days.

CHS – opened at $1.80, closed at $6.50 for 261% profit in 17 days.

SBUX – opened at $2.10, closed at $7.20 for 243% profit in 24 days.

KWK – opened at $3.00, closed at $9.50 for 217% profit in 21 days.

WGR – opened at $2.45, closed at $7.40 for 202% profit in 23 days.

Aneshia S
My business partner and I went to an investors club meeting. Part of the evening was set aside for advertising for anyone selling, buying, or offering services. There was a realtor who stood up selling several investment properties. My business partner wanted to know how she acquires these properties. She herself is an investor. She invests in properties in desert areas that have a high appreciation rate. She has a mortgage broker who is also an investor that invests with her and understands what she is trying to accomplish. I wanted a property with a positive cash flow in a fast growing area. She found me a property for $157.000. The mortgage broker found a loan with interest only for the first 2 years. He got me an 80/20 loan so that I would not have to pay PMI. Closing costs is approximately $3700. We got the seller to pay $2000 of it and will provide $1500 for cleanup. Therefore, out of pocket is approximately $1700. Any additional repair will come out of the tenant”s deposit. The property will be rented to a section 8 tenant, which the realtor will provide for $350 and manage for $50/month. The debt service is approximately $1200 and the rents will be about $1400 outside of leasing appliances. The property is in the middle of escrow at this time, but similar houses in the area are already selling at $175,000+. My goal with this property is to re-evaluate it before the 2 years is up and refinance to an amortized loan. Without being exposed to the EMI program, I would not have had the contacts, knowledge, and confidence to step over my fear to make this deal. Thank you all for what you do to help us grow and become independent, all in an enlightened way.
Angel A

My story is not about financial success, at least not at this moment, it”s much more than that.

Just over two years ago I lost my husband to cancer and it was single most devastating thing that has ever happened to me. I found very little interest and joy in anything. Living like a robot is not much of life so when I found my son”s book The Enlightened Millionaire on the coffee table I asked him what he thought of it. At the same time I went to the bookshelf and pulled down several other books by Robert Allen and Napoleon Hill etc. and told him he could read those also because they are in the same vein.

Needless to say, it felt as though the books were calling me, saying “read me..read me”, and I did. Michelle”s story was wonderful and it started me thinking about how I should do something and not waste away the rest of my life. I listened to the tele-conference call and signed on as a protégé, something I will never regret.

I am so excited to be a part of the EMI protégé program because writing has always been something I wanted to do but somehow never did. Now with the help of two very dear friends who agreed to be part of my team, I am not only writing my book, learning about investing and resurrected my Network Marketing business. But, the greatest gift of all is that I am enjoying life again, finding new interests and hopefully making a difference by sharing my story. In the process I expect that I will gain valued friends, a happy life and financial success.

Angela G

I had no idea that there was actually a “courage in action” award for writing a book proposal. I had just about completed it while living in Canada. I have a series of books about miracles and health, and a series of books on business, the first business book is on corporate thought. So I have had books out for lots of years. No body would help me to get them published. No body at all.

So I always thought that writing a book proposal was just a colossal waste of time. Editors and most publishers are idiots anyway. They don’t know a great idea when they see it. Why bother?? Today, I am sending both the book proposal and the marketing plan to my agent in San Francisco. It has been my life”s dream to be an author. After 50 rejections, at least that, there were probably more, I found an agent who actually guided me through the process, and told me exactly the steps that needed to be done to get this show on the road.

It’s not about the words we use as an author, it”s about the actions that we take when we truly believe that we have a message that the audience wants, sometimes that message is 10 years ahead of it”s time.

Like the Angel book that I wrote 10 years ago, was so far ahead of it”s time, no one would publish me. I decided that God had a message and maybe because my name is Angelica I had been called to deliver that message. Might not have been what the editors wanted at the time. It was so ahead of it”s time in health care, that it was very controversial. After speaking with Pierre Berton in Canada, a very famous journalist, he told me that I can never be controversial enough. With the war here in the US perhaps folks need a few angels.

Any way, I have sold 20,000 copies out of the trunk of my car, and that”s how Wayne Dyer and Redfield started too. Maybe the editors don’t think I have a message but the audience sure does. I will continue to sell Angels out of the trunk of my car, until some stupid editor/ publisher somewhere gets it. Quite frankly I don”t care. The audience loves it and the message that God wrote through me for them is in print.

In the meantime, I wrote a corporate book for a corporate audience and I am sure that the corporations will love the fairy tales, and funny stories that I wrote just to have fun in business.

That”s why this is so easy now; quite frankly I really don”t give a damn. Because it”s not the editors or the publishers that are too dumb to make money with a concept that already works, it”s the audience that always knows what they will pay for, anyway. They vote with their credit card and their feet.

So just go for it, and stop trying to please a world that will never be pleased, when there is another real world that just adores you for who you are already and really wants to hear your voice.

Have a miracle day; don’t let the book proposal and marketing plan intimidate you. Let your message be your guiding light. Stay tuned for results. God above Goals.

Angelica W
Recently launched my website; a site serving the antiques & collectibles market in Ontario, Canada with listings of antique dealers by region, classifieds, the latest news articles, calendar of events, antique shows and more to come…
Angelo P & Lisa M
My husband and I have been talking for years about what we could do to make extra money. We would only talk though and then finally, in January 04″ I signed up for some information about real estate. I had read One Minute Millionaire and knew this was a stream of wealth. I got a call and they made sure both my husband and I were on the line and we soon found out why it was so important for us to both make the decision. This is a life change and it has to be all or nothing. We risked it all. Although it has only been a little over a month, we have learned enough to never be able to go back to our old way of life. The mentoring has been has been such a great tool and even though we have not bought yet, we are not too far from an offer.
Angie G & Michael G
Wow! I started with $10,000 to paper trade and in about 10 weeks I almost doubled my money ($9600). Not bad for a beginner with only an 8 week basic course. Just imagine what I can do when I take advantage of Dr. Cooper”s other teachings! Thank you Dr. Cooper and EMI!
Anita H
I made an offer through a real estate agent to buy a lot in Florida through the Mastery Program. The idea is to buy preconstruction in a hot area which does not cost much to start process. Then choose a house to be built, and by the time it is ready (10-12 mos), the value will be up and then sell for a profit. Who knew about all these tornados? Now , I”m wondering if this will negatively affect the potential of the market. People may shy away from Florida for awhile. But, anyways I”m thankful for the Mastery Program, I need a lot of guidance and reassurance to get started.
Anita H
So far I have opened 16 paper trades under the guidance of Dr. Cooper. I began paper trading on 3/9/04. I have experienced a loss as great as 71% and a gain as great as 147%. I appreciate and understand the value of paper trading. It has allowed me to experience fear and greed as Dr. C teaches. One of the greatest advantages is learning about me and how I operate. Since I began learning and paper trading stocks, the market has been behaving strangely. At least so it seems to me. I have also come to appreciate the value of patience and the value of trading with a system in order to take emotion out of the equation.
Ann E
Robert Allen’s techniques work beyond real estate too! Not only did I save $5,500 on the purchase price of my car — I put nothing down and negotiated a lower interest rate with no credit check!
Ann H
Started an Income Tax Preparation Service in 1998. I have made a profit after taxes of $19660. My clients tell other people about my service and by word of mouth it has grown over the last six years.
Ann H & Robert H
Offered $26000.00 for a 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house that was valued at $35000.00. The offer was accepted.
Ann H & Robert H
I found this as a preforeclosure, initiated by the estate of the lender. The homeowner tried to sell at market value, then left town. The house went through auction, back to the estate of the private lender. I submitted a low offer, because I want to “spruce up” and re-sell. As a beginner, I made an offer that was embarrassingly low in order to keep myself out of financial trouble.
Ann M &
About 4 weeks ago I was walking around my neighborhood and found a house that needed work. Went home and researched who the owner was and other info available on the web. I work full time and got busy at work. Two weeks later the house was listed with a realtor, though I didn”t realize it was the same house. Once I did, I made an appointment to see it and place an offer the following day. It was listed at $99,000, was reduced to $95,000 after the first week on the market and I offered $68,300. We”ll see. : )
Ann P
I can”t believe we have purchased a 2nd home. Months ago I would have never taken the chance. I have a very good career here in California. But last month my husband and I took the chance and made the decision that we needed to be in Las Vegas with my step boys whom are now in High School. We wrote a contract for a home and it was accepted. At the same time I was refinancing my current home in order to have some access to money for investing. I gave my notice at work, knowing that they couldn”t transfer me. And, the plans were in motion. Within two weeks, our current house will be rented, the new house will close with just about as easy a loan process that we have ever experienced and my work has offered me to work from home….yes, in Las Vegas! The dreams that started to formulate late last year when Bob and Mark instilled a spark, are now coming true. Not only will I be able to be accessible to my parents, whom I take care of on the weekends, I will be able to stay at home with our two smaller children ages 6 & 7 (yup, we have 5 kids!) As if that weren”t enough I was just able to send my parents to a 4 day vacation. I”ve been wanted to do that for years! And, that was just the first one, the next vacation is to Hawaii! I have been able to donate more to my favorite charities, and I love every minute of it! We are ready to to buy another house and then we”ll keep going!
Anna S
Bought property at courthouse steps for $23,521.47. $1.00 over bank bid. No one else at sale. House was an older piece of property, a little small, and needed a lot of work. However, it was in a great area of the county, near a great school. Placed ad in paper to sell house “as is” at 32,000.00. Got a call from another investor, who bought the property in one week for 27,000.00 cash. Profit $3,479.00. Closed 1 week after I bought property. I love these kind of deals!!!
Anna W
I bought Conizant Technologies at $45.332 and sold at $50.49 using both fundamentals to select the stock and technicals to decide when to get into the market. The timing was perfect to lock in my profits.
Anne C
My first offer after beginning the ninety day challenge was to a FSBO that I called out of the newspaper. This was for a target area about three hours from my home due to the more reasonable cost of houses in this area. The owner was dumping his properties, thereby asking below market value. He accepted my offer and we entered escrow. This was my first attempt at a purchase without a realtor. I was incredible nervous about my wording on the offer. I only asked for a thirty day close. My plan was to turn the property to a new buyer with a simultaneous close. After talking with my teacher on the conference call, I decided to not pursue this purchase. I had not asked for a long enough close, the seller was not willing to give me any more days, and there was not enough money in the deal for me to pay a realtor to sell the property for me.
Anne D & Dennis W
I got a kick start in business through my father, who taught me by example the work ethic of a boy who came to America with nothing at the beginning of the depression and when he passed away in 2000 was a multi-millionaire. I did not have his strength when he was alive but I think he passed in on to me when he died. I have taken risks using my inheritance (which puts me at a distinct advantage over most people). Through EMI I have gained the knowledge to go with the strength. At the end of 2003 I made many offers on houses in Las Vegas and purchased three. I added a little paint, flooring where needed, over-the-stove microwaves and put them back on the market in just six to seven months. Two have sold just recently, and the last one is currently up for sale. I made a lasting friend in my real estate agent there and he and I are working on investment properties in Arizona. Also, through all of my EMI training I have included my assistant. Without her, I would be lost on the computer. My goal is to help make her a financially independent woman.
Annette C
Vicky & I were living at an apartment my company provided for us. we had moved out of our primary home (duplex) and moved on-site. I run a maintenance property manaagement company and after one month the company v.p. called me into his office and informed me that they had made a mistake and we would either have to move or take a pay cut and pay rent. We had 28k in the back from the refi we had just done to pay off some bills and re-invest, so we decided to look for a new home and move. We found two houses that we really liked and made an offer, which was accepted. We remodeled and moved in.
Anslemo & Vicky
Vicky and I have purcashed our principle home in 2003 & three rentals in 2004. All properties acquired using equity from a duplex rental we purchased in 1979 for $56,000. It rescntly appraised for $375,000.
Anslemo & Vicky

It all started with donuts.

My wife and I attended the 3 day Real Estate Workshop with Glenn Purdy in March 2004. Glenn made a contract with one of the students for 250,000 GURU Bucks to bring in enough donuts for everyone in the class by 8am the next morning. Not just any donuts either, they had to be Krispy Kreme Donuts. 500 of them. He then extended the contract to everyone in class. I felt 250,000 bucks was not enough, so my wife went to one of the mentors to negotiate a higher value. They told her the contract was set, but to be creative (wink, wink). As Bob Allen and Kurt Mortensen had told us 10 days earlier at the Persuasion class in San Diego, “If you’re gonna go, GO BIG”! And so our journey begins.

We started by going to the local KKD shop and speaking with the manager for about 15-20 minutes. Asking him questions about other orders that might have come in, trying to figure out how many other students might be taking up the challenge. We concluded, that at 9pm that night, there was only one potential order for our class all ready called in. At that point, the creative juices really started flowing. We started thinking about all the potential donuts that may show up the next morning. Keeping in mind that there were 500 students, this could have easily turned into a donut-fest with several thousand donuts being provided. Obviously, we didn”t need that many donuts. So we started to think of “Enlightened” ways to donate the donuts.

One of our favorite charities is the Children”s Hospital. We found out from the employees at KKD that there was a Children”s Hospital only 2 miles away and the lights went on! We left KKD and headed to the Children”s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). At 10pm it was pretty empty. Only security guards were present. We told them we wanted to donate 500 donuts the next morning, but they couldn”t help us and no one else was around to speak with. My wife noticed that some workers were setting up tables in the lobby, but the guards didn”t know what they were for. I then called the main CHOC number, told the person who answered a little about what we wanted to do and she said I would have to call back the next day. However, she did know about the tables. CHOC and the Kiwanis Club were having a community awareness drive and carnival the next morning at 10am. BINGO, we knew we were in the right place. Now it was time to plan the presentation of the donuts.

How could we deliver the donuts the next morning to class and “be creative”? We thought about having some Disney characters bring them in since we were at the Disneyland Hotel. A 10-15 minute conversation with the hotel manager proved fruitless. She was very intrigued and excited by our situation, but in order to have Disney characters at a function required an application, committee review and 90 days notice. Bummer! We also remembered that the United Spirit Association was having its annual spirit competition with groups of cheerleaders from all over the country. We spoke briefly with a cheerleader in the lobby, but her team was performing at 8am in the Orange County Convention center. We started walking through the hotel looking for other cheerleaders. While my wife looked, I decided to check the phone book under entertainers to see about getting a small band or barbershop quartet on short notice. I was shocked by most of the businesses contained under the “Entertainment” heading. Let”s just say it”s not for the faint of heart.

\r\nBefore I could make any calls, my wife had found a group of high school drama students who were also intrigued by our situation. They started coming up with all sorts of ideas to “creatively” deliver the donuts from launching them into the crowd, to coming in early and creating a Mickey head display with the donuts, to creating a donut domino display and knocking them over at the beginning of class. To top it all off, they offered to deliver the donuts and sign a song of our choosing. Of course, it had to be a Disney song we thought. This was a

Anthony C & Sue C
While I knew about straddles, I had never found one with good moneymaking potential. After one of my coaching sessions with my one-on-one coaches, on 30 September 2003 I bought a QLGC Oct 47.5 straddle for $4, looking for share price movement due to earnings announcement. On 17 October, I sold the call leg for $5.60 and left the put expire worthless. The $160 gain was not large, but was a 40% gain in 18 days. More importantly, it was my first profitable straddle trade.
Anthony E
On 4 June 2003 I bought 3 Lexar Dec 7.5 calls at $1.80 per share. On 22 July, I sold 1 of them for $5.70 per share, leaving me 2 contracts with no cost basis. On 1 Dec, I closed out the remaining 2 contracts for $14.30 per share. If I treat the $14.95 comission as my cost basis, my percentage gain was 19000%.
Anthony E
Everyone told me that there was no such thing as “no money down” deals, especially in the California market. Well, I proved them all wrong by hitting the pavement and searching for a good deal on a fixer upper while meeting real estate agents one after another. I finally hit pay dirt with an agent that had started her career by flipping houses and knew exactly what I was talking about. She helped me get into my first property (ever) for “no money down” and minimal closing costs. I have been listening to all of Robert G. Allen”s CD”s and reading his books which seem to help me find that certain something inside of me to keep going when things are looking tough. I am hoping to continue to use the techniques that I am learning from the Protege Program in order to create a better life for my family and me.
Anthony H
I”ve been pursuing pre-foreclosures for most of the summer looking to work with distressed homeowners. The majority have no equity which I then pursue a shortsale with their lender. It”s taken me alot of time and patience to work with lenders and the homeowners to obtain all the necessary information most lenders require. What a GREAT RELIEF to finally have faxed an offer. Now, counter-offers don”t seem so distant…
Anthony N & Tiana T

Until recently, I have maintained certain anonymity. By maintaining a low profile, I was able to gain access to the top marketing minds in the world. And, as a result, I have slowly and methodically risen to the top of the field of direct-response advertising.

I have taken the valuable knowledge I have learned from Robert Allen, and decided to specialized in the Internet market. Although I had created a profitable business model in pre-World Wide Web days using Compuserve way back in 1984, it wasn”t until August of 1992 that I started my first 100% Internet company. I met Robert through a mentor named Joe Land. I immediately liked Robert”s attitude and I began following his teachings carefully.

Around 1984 I read Robert”s book “Nothing Down: How to Buy Real Estate With Little or No Money Down,” which allowed me the opportunity to purchase a number of properties at a time when interest rates were through the roof and no one was buying. Many years later I read Multiple Streams of Income and a year or two later, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, both of which I credit my business model of creating many, many small Websites that each make money.Today my companies earn millions of dollars each year.

However, my most passionate interest is in creating small to medium- sized Internet businesses, and, more recently, as the co-founder and CEO of a new company located in San Clemente, California, I have joined with my wife and business partner, co-founder and president Yolanda, to help aspiring entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, publishers, and information marketers (many of whom cannot afford my $7,500 per hour consulting fees) make a full-time living on the Web by providing them with nuts and bolts tactics using traditional direct-response marketing methods, and adapting them and super-charging them for high performance on the Internet.

Anthony S & Yolanda S
I hunted for weeks for a seller that would sell his distressed property. Finally I found a gentleman who needed a quick sale for personal reasons. I offered him $187,000 cash and a 10 day closing. He accepted. I then went to work finding a buyer. It took me a week after closing and I had someone who could pay cash for the property at $240,000. We closed and in a matter of weeks I had made just over $38,000!
Antonio P & Barbara P
After several months in the making, our website was launched on August 11th, 2004. We are very excited about this and although newbies at the internet, we are constantly learning and revising our site, especially since reading “Multiple Streams of Internet Income”. With this new found information and listening to the internet marketing teleseminars, we are confident of turning our site into a very profitable and informative site.
Ardi M & Glenn M
Since launching our site, we have made our first sale via an affilate program. We have made $5.98US. We appreciate that this is only small, however we are now on our way to much larger profits.
Ardi M & Glenn M
Our first offer was on a 3 bedroom brick house on 980m2 block. Selling price $215,000. Our offer $185,000. To date no reply. 2nd offer was on another 3 bedroom block house on 638m2 block. Selling price $219,000. Our offer $185,000. Real estate called us back and declined offer. Our third offer was on a 2 bedroom unit close to the beach. Selling price $179,000. Our offer $120.000. This unit sold to another buyer for $155,000. Our fourth offer was on a 2 bedroom house. Selling price $159,000. Our offer $145,000. Real estate agent suggested we keep looking elsewhere, yet the very next day the house sold for $148,000.Recently we have found a block of 6 units that overlook the beach, very close to all handy amenities. The units require alot of renovation work but have great potential because of their location. We have since put a letter together and will be sending this off shortly to a potential real estate investor we found through our networking. The units will go to auction on September 25th. The estimated price is $700,000. We have put together a proposal to our potential investor to put up the money to purchase the units, we will fund the renovation and carry out all renovations ourselves, re-sell the units and split the profits 50-50. Will let you know how we go with this. Although we have yet to purchase our first property, we are learning alot about real estate thanks to the EMI program.
Ardi M & Glenn M
We seem to have found our niche. We have bought 5 houses in foreclosure at Sheriff sales. 10% cash at the auction, then paint, carpet and appliances, an 80% interest only loan from our local banker for a no money down deal, just carrying costs. $1,000,000+ value with $200,000+ profit. All should be resold in the spring. BE BOLD !
Armin & Beth B
Bought our first single family foreclosure at our local Sheriffs sale. Problem was the owners were still living there. After talking with them and finding out they were good people with bad luck, we determined they couldnt afford to rent their own house back. We found out how much rent they could afford and told them we would find them a new smaller house. It took us a month to find one and another month to renovate it. Now we have thankful tenants and are spiffing up their old house for a quick sale. Net profit $68,000 and $180/month positive cashflow.
Armin & Beth B
I first attended a Robert Allen Seminar 20 plus years ago, we lived in a trailor at $50/ month. We bought our first house 6 months later using the Nothing Down principle. It was my first ever seminar, and my eyes were opened to providing value, setting goals, and eliminating obstacles. I am now a speaker and trainer for personal development.
Arnie P & Joy P
Paper traded accoring to the rules outlined by Dr. Cooper and made 32% in 7 days on options for EBay. I had previously traded options without a systematic process and lost quite a bit of money. I am very grateful to have a system that makes sense and really works.
Arnie U & Linda U
Using Stephen Cooper”s strategies, was able to identify the perfect “Channel break trade” of Hershey. Total for 3 weeks $38,000.
Arnold B

We have a product that many people use to take them out of depression and handle stress. We never realized it was going to sell from our site better than our books. The unit sells for $297.00.

We are setting up a separate site for it now. We have sold 1,500 plus units from back-of-the-room sales and our website. We are setting up an e-zine for the site.

Our new concept with ebooks will make our books available in many foreign countries in their language with our new print on demand process. The customer orders from our site. We set up a printer in the specific country to receive a PDF in their language so they can print it and ship it within a specific country in their language. This eliminates printing books in other languages, warehousing and shipping them.

Art M & Susie M

With my books published I need a web site to let people know about my work and my books. I went through three web site developers before I was able to get what I wanted. In the last two years we have changed our concepts of how we want to market with our site.

Since we have been through training with Cori Rudy we have added more tools and software to promote our website. Paul Hartunian was a major opening for us to learn how to write copy. This year we are setting up multiple sites to market our products. We finally realized that it was not the graphic design of the site that sells, it is the copy and the simplicity of the message.

Art M & Susie M

I sold the stock for $3,500.00 and in many stock transactions that year. I ended the year with a profit of $14,000.00.

I became a day trader and an options trader when there was no options market. I had a broker who would find investors who would sell me options. My net gain on these transactions was $25,000.00.

We used this money to make the down payment on the Ranch in Napa Valley.

Art M & Susie M

Purchased a 180 acre ranch in the Napa Valley CA. for $125,000.00. It was an abandoned Winery and Vineyard that had gone back to forest. It Had not been operated since prohibition. We cleared the land to start planting vineyards. We re-established the winery and operated it for 7 years. We sold it in 1976 for $250,000.00.

The winery building boom was on which pushed grape prices beyond our reach. So we moved on to build a restaurant in Sonoma CA. We built from an empty paint store, in 1976. We sold it in 1978 for $125,000.

Art M & Susie M
Our first two businesses had no real written marketing plan, as they were retail businesses. When we opened the restaurant it was an immediate success because we were offering a service that no other restaurants had. We were in the black in four months. Our investment was paid off in a year. When we sold the restaurant it was all cash in our pocket. The third business venture required a marketing plan because it was going to involve other people working with us. It was an immediate success when we opened the doors. It seemed like this venture was not the right one for us as we kept hitting roadblocks. The business itself was successful, but the underlying structure was not working. The landlord had rented us a building that was not up to code for public assembly so we had to move the following year. When moved were in a more prime location but it never really recovered. We closed because our employees were stealing products and money. We had no way to recover it because they had none to recover. The old story when one door closes two more open if you are aware enough to see them. This opened many as it forced me to look for other venues. People came from everywhere asking me to present a lecture to their group so success was back on the road. This time the marketing plan was to be a sole operator with no employees that worked out fine. I work out of my home with no overhead.
Art M & Susie M
We went out seeking a publisher to no avail. Nobody was interested. The old story the teacher appears when the student is ready. I met an editor who was freelancing because his publishing company had gone out of business due to overextending and poor management decisions. We put my book proposal into a publishable book in March 1998. I since self published five books.
Art M & Susie M
I studied the market and traded some stocks which seemed to make good gains but I did not have any free money to invest. I explained this to my mother and she agreed to give me her 100 Shares of Pan American Airlines stock to sell. I could pay her back from my profits.
Art M & Susie M
I have been in business since 1967. My first venture was a winery in the Napa Valley. My second was a restaurant in Sonoma CA. I retired to find myself then went back into business in a bookstore Counseling Center in 1984. We closed that venture in 1987 and focused on my practice as psychotherapist. Many people were asking me to write a book about my practice which very different than most therapists. I was traveling around the west coast presenting workshops and seminars that were very successful but I had no medium to advertise and promote my concepts. It took me ten years to get the courage to write a book about my work. When I did our business went out exponentially. My venue had increased from California to North America. I developed a group of practitioners all across North America.
Art M & Susie M

In 1978 I sold my restaurant and retired at age 41. We though we had it made and paid everything we owned off. No debt at all. Six years later after returning to college and receiving a degree in Psychology we got the itch to go back into business again to open a bookstore and a therapy center. Which was a successful venture in the beginning. We had three partners who ran the business into the ground and embezzled $30,000 from the business. We had to close the business after they left us almost bankrupt. We had to pay back sales taxes they had not paid; the state and federal Govt. had locked up our bank account to pay the taxes. I had no place to practice so with no income and no bank account we could not pay our outstanding debts. We lost our rental house because it was tied up in a contract of sale and the buyer stopped paying the payments to the bank knowing we could not refinance with a cloud on the title.

We did not have enough available funds to pay for both our house and the rental too. One of our cars broke down and we could not pay the bill so we lost it too. We went from having a $500,000 net worth to nothing in six months. We had to pay our house payment weekly because I was afraid I would not have enough money at the end of the month to pay it. This way I could ensure we had a roof over our heads.

It took us ten years to recover due to the fact that we did not file bankruptcy and we paid almost all the people we owed money. We kept up our tithing with what little income we had which I feel was one of the actions that saved us as we began the turnaround in our life. We have no skeletons in our closet because we paid back instead of taking the easy way out and filing bankruptcy. It took longer but we survived it. My sense of why it happened was I was getting all my validation and self worth from outside of myself rather than from inside. We had to be taken down to ground zero so we could experience that it was not people outside ourselves that support us. We have to support ourselves from our inner power. We learn that over the next ten years.

Now we are back on top again but it has taken all the funds we have earned in the last 15 years to get here. We moved from victims to survivors to winners. We have regained our financial abundance but it is from a different perspective. We know it cannot be taken away from us again. The income flow has allowed us to purchase the items we had always seen out there but never felt we could afford. I have published five books of my own and five more for other authors with our own publishing company. My practice and teaching has expanded all over North America. We are reactivating our foundation. We set it up in 1986 to donate funds to people who found themselves in a bind with no money to pull themselves out. We do this anonymously so they do not know where the money came from. We get our leads from people who know them and send them a money order so they cannot trace where it came from. This way we are making direct contact with no administrative costs draining off any funds. We check the people out to make sure they are in need and will use the money for good purposes.

I published a book about my experience of moving from a physical being having occasional spiritual experiences to become a spiritual being in a physical body having occasional physical experiences in 2001. I feel my introduction to One of the most supportive activities in my life now is being able to network with all the people I have met through the Enlightened Millionaire institute. I feel this support will push us over the top. This is our year to become millionaires and the tools and information is before us. We are taking every advantage of each program to the maximum level no matter what it costs because we know it will push us over the hump. I appreciate everything that Bob and Mark have done to make this possible.

Art M & Susie M
Our first trip was the International New Age Book Expo in June of 1998 with my first book 2011 The New Millennium Begins. We received so much information on how to market books it was amazing that everybody was so helpful. We set on using all the contacts to set up our marketing plan. It seemed like every opportunity just opened up. All the major wholesalers accepted our book for distribution. Barnes & Noble and Borders Books accepted our book too. We realized how important the cover graphics are when many of the buyers said they picked our book up based on the cover. This book is now distributed all over the world. With all our success I was energized to finish my second book. It was published in September of 1998. With all my enthusiasm I filled my car with books and went on the road visiting almost every bookstore I could locate on the west coast including Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. I arranged many book presentations and signings for the next year. A partner who published a book at the same time and I decided it was time to hit the big time so purchased a booth at Book Expo America in June of 2000. I just finished another book so felt it was the right time. What we found was disappointing. It seemed be an institutional show for book people to get together. There were very few retailers attending. That did not slow us down. My books were getting out there and I was getting calls from people who wanted me to come to their city and present lectures and workshops. I packed my books up and began venturing outside of the west coast in 2001. The book I published “Your Body is Talking are You listening” in 1998 was revised and rewritten in 2001. It has proved to be my best book and a great advertising medium. In 2001 I published two more books. In 2002 we decided that since we had book publishing down and working very well we would venture into book publishing for other new authors who could not find publishers. Since we have all the contacts with all the venues to publish and distribute books my editor and I decided we could do this very easy. It has proven to another stream of income that works very well. My books are now distributed all over the world now. The next step is to get the Internet working better.
Art M & Susie M
Purchased home in St Helena CA for $30,000.00 in 1975. Sold it in 1985 for $160,000.00. We put in about $10,000.00 in remodeling.
Art M & Susie M
A real estate agent friend of mine mentioned to me that a property is going to be listed which is worth looking at. On the same day it was listed I was the first one to see the property and give an offer. The property was immaculate (3300sq feet. with all appliances the top end models. The seller was going through a divorce and there was a tenant who was not willing to move out . So a frustrated vendor. Fortunately it was priced below the market price and he discounted only $500 from the listed price. I accepted the offer and bought the property. Down payment was from my savings, PLC and from friends. Signed the papers on the 29th of Feb. 2004. Property is already getting an offer for $340K and I bought it for $318K
Ash V
Bought the property on the 29th of Feb 2004 for $318K. Current price is $340K This is our first property and we would like to live here for some time as we liked this house.
Ash V
I always wanted to write but could not muster courage to start the process.Thanks to Mark and Bob and the team and all the other co incident events and people who appeared in my life to begin the process.I have almost completed writing my first book, which needs to be edited and published now.This I wrote in just one week’s time.Also I have almost finished my second book (kind of my own life experiences and learning).So excited about it and cannot wait until it gets published.
Ash V

I was looking for a house for my son and found one that had a three foot high lawn. The door was broken in and everything in the house had been dumped on the walls and floors and furnishings. Food, paint, glue, cleaners, oil, papers, dishes, powders, pills, everything.

I went to the courthouse and found who the owner was and then went searching for three weeks with no luck. One evening I stopped by the next door neighbor”s and asked, “How do I get hold of Bob?” “He died three years ago,” I was told. OK, how does one buy a house from a dead man? I did a title search to find out who held the mortgage thinking they would give a deep discount on a three year delinquent loan. It was free and clear. But, there was a personal representative to the estate. I searched again and found her Dad who was very protective of his daughter. I gave him my number and a few days later she called.

I told her I was interested in the house and asked if she”d be willing to take $1000 for it. “It”s been a three year nightmare with the State”, she informed me. She”d be more than happy to be done with it for $1000. It was worth $120,000 before vandalized and there were $140,000 of medical liens against it. I told her I”d be happy to take over her position as personal representative, “When could we meet? Tomorrow?” That was not good for her. A fellow was coming to replace her window tomorrow; however, he had stood her up twice before.

“I”ll tell you what, I”ll come replace your window and then we can talk.” “OK!” The next day it took me about 2 1/2 hours to replace a rotted bow window with a new picture window and trim it out. “How much do I owe you?” she asked. “Well what was the other guy charging?” “$500 and I was supplying the window” she answered. “I can”t charge you $500 for 2 1/2 hours work”, I informed her. “Think of something else.” “Well”, she said. “I wanted the window in and I got it. You wanted the house, so… you got it.” And she gave it to me.

I worked with the State and got the liens released, put about $12,000 into the place, rented it for a year at $800/m and then sold it for $125,000. Good pay for a 2 1/2 hour window job.

Thank you Robert for teaching me to ask.

Aubby M

I got a free tape by Robert Allen from a Multiple Family units guru. On it Robert asked if I”d ever been paid for taking someone’s house off their hands. If you haven”t, he said, it”s because you never asked to be paid. An acquaintance of mine had a friend who needed to get rid of her house and he told me to go talk to her and relieve her of her problem. A few days later, October 10, 2000, I made the 2 1/2 hour trip to the 5 bedroom 3 bath house on 5 acres with a horse barn and about three hours later, left my new property with the deed and $10,000. I couldn”t believe it. I asked and they agreed.

Well, we spent a few thousand dollars on cosmetics for the place and sold it on contract for $379,000 in May of 2001. $300,000 was owed on the underlying @ 6%. I got $20,000 down and carried the rest @ 7% for three years.

What do the numbers look like? 10k + 20k upfront 7k on the spread over 3 years and 59k on the back end…96K total. Not bad for listening to one free tape by Robert Allen, but that”s not how it happened. My buyer got in a bind and gave me a deed in lieu of Foreclosure, (gave me the house back). The underlying owed is now about $290k and it was appraised at $420,000. I get to keep the $37,000, (about 33 after expenses) and now have $120,000 in equity. Where did I go right? I just did what Robert said.

Thank You Robert Allen.

Aubby M

I will be receiving a contract for review today from my printer for my book. The contract will go to my lawyer over the weekend and we should have a deal sometime within the next 15 days.

This all came out of listening carefully to what was needed by Mark and his host of experts at the Mega Book Seminar in LA, becoming an Eagle, being on the protege calls, going to the BEA with my homework completed, yet in the flow, and clear intention, working the process and prayer.

Audrey R
I had a web site built last year and was so frustrated by the end of the project that I have had the site dormant for the last 10 months. After taking Steve”s class I could see that I had no idea how to communicate what I needed from the site builder. The planning section of the quickstart is INVALUABLE for non-technical folks like me. I would definitely keep and possibly expand this section. Thanks for all the internet classes. They have been great.
Ayo F

As new protégés, we are focused on the income streams that flow from the marketing and Internet mountains. This is an exciting time as we absorb the principles and strategies developed by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen. These provide an excellent road map for success!

We have developed a web-based marketing plan for our natural health business that is comprehensive and far-reaching. We have developed a Strategic Attraction Plan to identify our ideal customer and the products and services that we plan to offer this customer base. Each segment of our marketing plan is focused on attracting these “hungry fish” and providing information that is invaluable to their health and well-being.

Our website, which went live earlier this year, is currently being updated based on the principles of AIDA that we are practicing and implementing. From this site, our objective is to offer to our clients natural health education through a multi-faceted InfoPreneuring strategy. My sister and her husband have over forty years of collective practice in the natural health field and provide the expertise that is the foundation of our business. My husband and I provide the business and marketing expertise from our prior careers.

We are also protégés of T.Harv Eker and his declaration that speaks directly to us is that successful people do “whatever it takes”! We are so proud to be part of the Enlightened Millionaire Institute and are committed to doing just that –“whatever it takes” to achieve our goals in a principled, enlightened way!

Barbara B & Joseph B
Before becoming protégés, we first studied the principles presented in two important books, Multiple Streams of Internet Income and The One Minute Millionaire. We utilized the strategies presented in these books to develop an extensive marketing plan for expanding the products and services offered by our natural health center. This was in January 2004 and we are very excited with the progress that we are making towards achieving our goals. As we continue with the protégé program, we are learning tools that are essential to the success of our business. We are so indebted to Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen for sharing of their time, energies and experience through this mentoring process!
Barbara B & Joseph B
Our web site is live and we used the models in Robert Allen”s Multiple Streams of Internet Income to develop the site. We continue to learn, as we are new proteges, but feel that this is a critical first step in the process.
Barbara B & Joseph B
I located this property through a FSBO website. Emails between myself and the owner went back and forth. The necessary questions about the property description, mortgage payments, insurance, taxes and monthly expenses were obtained. However, when my offer was presented, the owner”s reply was the offer was about $50K less than what he already had received. He also mentioned that because he had a “conventional loan” I would have to get my own loan. I do have to say, that although the offer was not accepted, this owner did part with words of “happy hunting”. And yes, “the hunt goes on”.
Barbara C & Kehau P
I have sat wanting to re-finance my existing property for the longest…it is a 4 plex with about $200 equity…I attended the event held in Atlanta w/Rob Allen & Mark V Hansen and became very inspired…I joined the protégé program…with my fear removed, I applied for the $50,000 cash out re-finance and everything went smooth…I have began looking in the right areas as Rob Allen pointed out and I am beginning to see more opportunities…I also placed an offer on a property that sold for 350,000 in 2002, but was now being offered as a foreclosure for $200,000…I made an offer but was out bid by another investor…even though that property did not come to me, I still feel that I am now ready, poised, and eager to start creating wealth by investing into other multi-family properties using these newly acquired techniques and education. Thanks
barbara g
Read OMM and realized that any action is better than no action. Continued to read, learn and educate myself on the markets and stock analysis. Read Forbes and discovered a small company, top ten company under a billion cap, which makes protective body armour for the troops and vehicles in Iraq. The stock is up 21 percent in just over 8 weeks.
Barbara J
Read OMM and realized that any action is better than no action. Continued to read, learn and educate myself on the markets and stock analysis. Read Forbes and discovered a small company (top ten company under a billion cap) which makes protective body armour for the troops and vehicles in Iraq. The stock is up 21% in just over 8 weeks.
Barbara J
Read OMM and realized that any action is better than no action. Continued to read, learn and educate myself on the markets and stock analysis. Read Forbes and discovered a small company (top ten company under a billion cap) which makes protective body armour for the troops and vehicles in Iraq. The stock is up 21% in just over 8 weeks.
Barbara J
Read OMM and realized that any action is better than no action. Continued to read, learn and educate myself on the markets and stock analysis. Read Forbes and discovered a small company, top ten company under a billion cap, which makes protective body armour for the troops and vehicles in Iraq. The stock is up 21% in just over 8 weeks.
Barbara J
Found a apt. bldg converted to condo”s, I presented an offer after doing my due diligence. Unfortunately it was declined, but it is great to know that is one fear I have conquered. I”m ready to try and try again.
Barbara M

I went to a foreclosure auction at the court house steps. I placed the winning bid and went into action to close the property as soon as possible. On Sunday before the closing I drove by the property. It appeared to us that the people living in the house were making no effort to move out. On Monday I called my attorney who was doing the closing the next day and asked how to get them out. We knew that we could do nothing until after the closing but we wanted to be prepared. The attorney”s office said they had done their work and the owners who had been foreclosed on lived several states away. They nor we had any idea who was living in the house. On Tuesday we went to the closing and took possession of the house. We left the attorney”s office and drove over to the house. I had taped to the back door a notice saying that the occupants where to call me within 24 hours or to vacate the property within 48 hours (this was done at our attorney”s suggestion. As I was taping the a second copy of the notice to the front door a car pulled into the driveway. As the lady in the car is getting out we asked her who she was and in the same sentence we told her we where the new owners. The lady introduced herself and said that she lived there with her daughter and son-in-law. She then called her daughter at work. Within 5 minutes her daughter was home and her son-in-law was there 5 minutes later.

The daughter and son-in-law had an idea that someone would be knocking on the door any day but they did not know what to do. They had been renters for 1 year and really liked the house and the neighborhood. The sheriff had left on the property the foreclosure papers they had passed them on to the management company they paid the rent to but did not know where it left them. They had other complaints about the management company as they had requested that some repairs be made and they never were. We asked the couple what they wanted to do. They said they wanted to stay as renters for the time being but that they would like to buy the house in the future as this is where they want to live. We asked why they did not want to buy the house now and they said they had some credit problems that they were in the process of cleaning up and would not feel right in buying the house until then. We asked when they would be ready to buy the house and they said in the early fall. We asked how much rent they were paying to the former owner. That amount was satisfactory for us. We gave them a lease for the same amount. In the next few months they are giving us several more dollars as part of the down payment and each month we are giving them credit for half the rent payment toward the down payment. We also have a mortgage banker who will give them a great rate on a new mortgage. The tenants are very happy (we have taken care of some repairs that we thought should have been done) and we are happy with them and the deal we have with them. They are a young couple who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their family and we are in no rush to cash out of this home so we are doing our best to help them get that better life.

Barbara M & Charles M
I did not buy a property but I made 4 separate offers to purchase on the same day. All the offers were for houses that had previously been foreclosed on. I made very low offers and did not expect them to be accepted. I wanted to try and see how the banks reacted to them. Only one of the offers came back with a counter offer but I felt we were not on the same level and I did not accept the counter. One of the houses has been on the market for a long time and I have decided to make the same offer to the bank next month. I will continue to make the offer until 1 of 2 things happens: 1. they accept my offer or 2. someone else pays full price for the house.
Barbara M & Charles M

I presented my first offer to Gary and Kelly on Friday, July 02, 2004 at the Starbucks coffee shop. Gary called me from an ad I placed in the local Sunday paper. Gary had previously tried to sell his property using a REALTOR, however was not successful. On Thursday, the day before my meeting with Gary and Kelly, I analyzed the property and later that day went to the property to inspect it. On Friday, I reviewed with Gary and Kelly the result of my inspection and listed every item that I found needed to be fixed or repaired. Next, I reviewed similar properties that sold in the area since January 2004. I pointed out to Gary and Kelly that they had priced their house higher than the sales price of any house that had been sold in the area since January 2004. I showed them how “UGH” (a company that bought ugly houses) calculated their offers, then I showed them how I calculated my offer. They asked if this was a firm offer. I told them I would review the offer with my partner and give them a call to confirm it. They thanked me for explaining the calculations and gave me the best number to contact them during their vacation. After the meeting was over, I called and reviewed my offer with the member advisor line and with Rick Brown. Both said I made a good offer. I called Gary and left a message confirming the offer and telling them to think it over. If they decide to accept the offer, they could call me on Wednesday and I would have the papers ready for them when they returned from their July 4th vacation.

Presenting my very first offer was a major hurdle for me and I finally did it! I felt very nervous during the presentation, but afterwards I let out big sigh of relief! Now I am ready and have already scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, July 6th to present an offer to a seller for a different property. After presenting the first offer, I now look forward to presenting my next offer! I am grateful for the advise from Rick Brown, Leonardo Diaz (my assigned mentor), and the member advisor line!

Barbara N
At the end of last summer I returned from vacation to find my best friend in a panic. The home she had rented since her divorce 2 years ago was being sold and her family had to move. She was low on funds and didn”t know what to do or where to go. Although I did not have the funds to buy her home, I used what I had learned at Robert Allen”s seminar that I had attended a few months before. Together, we found a lovely home nearby that I was able to afford. Then we worked together, along with my banker, to set up a lease/purchase plan perfectly tailored to my friend. With the plan in place, she would accumulate enough money to buy the property from me in 3-5 years. I make a modest monthly profit and she gets a home at 2003 prices in 2006. It is a definite win/win: I am in the blessed position to help my friend and she doesn”t have to worry about losing her home.
Barbara R
I”m in a state of shock at my growing equity in new home construction in Northern Virginia. With no more than $5,000 TOTAL out of pocket, primarily using the “cash in my backyard” (home equity line of credit), I”ve already gained OVER $350,000 equity, and will surpass $500,000 by the time the various homes all go to closing by December 2004/January 2005. I”ve seen approximately a 600% ROI already!!!! Pre-construction/early Phases with nominal dollars to lock in is the way to go! MUCH EASIER than rehabbing! Many new home developments are now restricting investors, so “buy early, buy low, and buy often!”
Barbara S
After reading “One Minute Millionaire” and “Multiple Streams of Income”, and especially after attending the four day Enlightened Millionaire Retreat in Orlando in January 2004, I realized the importance of developing several streams of income. I wanted to stay in the general real estate area, but go more widespread, using 21st century technology. I just started my first website, which deals in brokering real estate and other tangible notes. It should be up and running within the week. I realize that after a few weeks/months of hard work, I”ll begin to get residual effects. I also subscribed to a Guaranteed Target service, guaranteeing at least 1800 qualified hits a year. Just one contract should net me between $2,000-$5,000! When I realize that I work hard all year in my “regular” job, hoping for a 5-8K raise, I realize how crazy that is. Doing a web business/real estate/et al, we can make that much easily in a weekend! It”s all in one”s perspective and mindset. We ALL CAN BE MILLIONAIRES….we just have to ACT ON IT! Good Luck!
Barbara S

While reviewing a website for FSBO/Foreclosures, I came upon a small ad for a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath colonial in an area I”m interested in. When I called the seller, he said he already had a contingency offer on it. I said that if I liked the house, I could pay cash in about 45 days, no contingency; with that, he said “come on down! Let”s talk.”

The home is immaculate, elegantly wallpapered, model home show condition. It”s a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Colonial with a 2 1/2 car garage in a wooded cul-del-sac area. It has a nice 12×18 wooded deck, new siding, roof/garage door (the garage has lots of wooden shelves and work area), upgraded kitchen, gas fireplace, natural gas, walk-out basement, and rough-in plumbing for a full bathroom. The house has several bay windows, newly asphalted driveway, and lovely landscaping.

The sellers allowed me to buy it about 30k under market, and lock in the price today, even though settlement won”t be until next April 2004 (they”re building a house in Myrtle Beach, SC). This should allow me to gain an additional 15-20k in equity. They”ll even let me show the house to prospective tenants before settlement. Additionally, they”re leaving a lovely mahogeny bedroom suite, Christmas wreaths custom made for the windows, etc, with the house. What”s exciting is that they”re not even requiring any financial hold on the property (I”ll probably give them $1,000 for escrow). The money for my 5% down will come from a HELOC from an investment property I own with about 70K equity. The rent (about $1,800) should provide a positive cash flow, since I”ll probably do a 1 or 5 year interest only financing!

Barbara S
After calling some new home developments, I became aware that there was going to be a $25,000 price increase November 1st. Because homes had sold so fast (in the Warrenton, VA area), the developer had to take sales off the market; to encourage new activity, they were having a two-week special promotional. The first developer wanted $30,000 to hold the property, which I promptly walked away from! Then, in a nice residential area, with 1/4 acre backing to 30 feet of mature trees, I was able to contract for the following: Base Price $265,000, with $21,000 in various options, for contract price of $286,000. The developer GAVE FOR FREE a SunRoom (worth $13,000), a gas fireplace/marble surround/mantle (worth $3,500), and free appliances, which I didn”t even know about (free washer/dryer, under-the-counter microwave, upgraded oven and refrigerator, worth almost $2,000, or a total of $18,500!) Settlement isn”t scheduled until August, 2004. The county only allows 25 homes to be sold in a development per year, so the developers increase the price $10,000 every five homes. SO, by next August, the DAY I SETTLE the home will be worth $379,500! (286K plus 25K price increase Nov 1st, plus 50K price increase after selling 25 homes by next August, plus $18,500 in free options). I”ve only had to put $5,000 down (taken from a home equity loan on my personal property, with the remaining 5% (9,700) also coming from my HELOC). Within a few weeks after closing, I”ll refinance it for 90% ($380k x 90% = $342,000, minus the mortage (286,000 minus 14,300 = 271,700). So, 342-271 equals 71,000. Then, I”ll subtract my 5% (14,300). So, 71,000 minus 14,300 equals $56,700 NET PROFIT, for effectively a no money down deal. The developer is also paying $5,000 of my closing costs, and my realtor has agreed to give me 1% of his commission ($2,860)..so I shouldn”t have any closing costs. Isn”t God great!
Barbara S
I bought property that increased in value, then I joined eworldmedia and earned over $60,000 shares stock. Furthermore, I purchased $30,000 of Stock at $.50 a share that traded at $1.80, then I sold the stocks and made $15,500.
Barbara V
A realtor who we met was researching potential properties for us. She found a home that was going to court house auction in two days. We made a short sale offer through her and stopped the aution action. We were successful and the offer was accepted.
Barry R & Ricki R
We made a short sale offer 15,000 below the loan amount on a property @ 410 Porte Cimi Pas, the offer was accepted and we helped the owner avoid foreclosure. This was really a win win because she was ill and had lost her income because the chemo treaments did not allow her to work. We rehabed the property and currently have an offer pending, which will close May 7th.
Barry R & Ricki R
In 1997 we bought our first multi family on a foreclosure. We lived in the second floor unit and rented the first floor. We purchased the property under market for $60,000.00. Two years later we sold the property for $125,000.00. With the proceeds held in escrow we did a 1031 exchange and purchased three additional properties with the proceeds from the sale.
Bart R & Paula L
Right now I”m on my way to be a Millionaire. As I need money desperately as I”m sick of living from pay check to pay check and it”s now or never. My husband was forced to retire at the age of 49 yrs because of his health. He had COPD. I always felt there was a way somehow to make it better. My mother told me when I was growing up that I would never amount to anything. I went to tech school, got my GED, and always took some classes to better myself. But we always had money problems. Now I feel it”s about time to get that Million dollar life. I want to give my children a legacy. Just to say it can be done if you know the way. And because I can be persistant I will get there and I hope to do it in a year or so. Maybe two. BUT I WILL DO IT.
Bea T
This property came from a realtor. The property”s owner passed almost a year ago, and the daughter lives on the opposite coast. The daughter decided to list the house at 60% of market value. When my realtor spotted this, she called and told me to get to the property immediately! Upon inspection of the home we realized no one had been in the house after the owner”s death (food was still in the fridge…). We called to make an offer, only to find three other investors had already offered more than the asking price (49,900). We decided to give an offer of: $500 better than your best offer (which you can provide a signed offer letter), not to exceed a specified price. Included in the offer was: “Buyer takes possession of all property currently in the home and will FedEx to the seller any and all personal paperwork in order to save the seller the trip across the country.” This was done because of several expensive baubles in the home that could have helped with the purchase… That part was crossed out, but the offer was accepted. Since signing the contract, the owner has had several offers higher than mine! We close on March 26th.
Beate B & Michael B
I have had a very hard time overcoming fear of stepping out and offering a bid on a property. But this week I made the decision that I would take that step instead of stopping once I had researched the property I had found. I found a house in the newspaper, called and made an appointment with the realtor to see it, visited the property with my clipboard in hand, and jotted down all the things I saw that needed to be fixed. I then went to the local Home Depot and priced everything on my list. I figured out the approximate cost of everything and came up with a repair figure on which to base my bid. Today I called the realtor and submitted my bid for the house. It was refused but found that it was all so easy to do that I am ready to find another one now and see if I can be more successful in purchasing my first investor property. Beatrice White
Beatrice W & Thomas W
I”ve been an entrepreneur most of my life, but have always overworked myself (wearing myself out and not having my best to give to my family and community) and have always struggled financially. After reading One Minute Millionaire, I began to make some mental shifts. After enrolling as a protege, I have made huge leaps in my own vision of what is possible in my life. Since then the businesses I am running has made significant improvements. I”ve also started a couple more businesses that tie in with what I”m doing and that will produce residual income. It”s taken me a long time to believe I could really be successful, but I am now starting to realize that I am already successful, resourceful, and full of persistence (it”s so great to know that all that stubbornness is valuable and paying off!). I really am a winner!
Becky G
I made my first offer on a pre-forclosure but it was not accepted.
Behdad A
I didn”t think I”d ever get my first business builder in my networking business. However, due to focusing on the type of person I was and allowing myself to let the others go that were just taking up all my time, I found an awesome woman that is totally passionate about the products. Now I have a stream of income that comes in monthly and all I need to do is use the products to keep healthy that I was already using before; oh and I now also have a great friend to build our businesses together and help many others with their health concerns.
Belinda V

I have my office in this Semi-residential and semi-commercial building. I heard the owner talking to the super that he might be interested in selling this building. So I contacted him that I would want to sell it for him. He declined, telling me that he doesn”t want to pay any brokers fee etc. because he needs the full amount to buy a bigger building. So I asked him how much he wants for it, and he told me nothing less than $1,450,000.00 or else he is not selling the property. I agreed right away on the sale price and wrote up my promise to purchase and included that I may assign this agreement to any one plus I put in another few clauses as a get out strategy,. The seller counter offered that because he is giving a balance of sale, I can not assign it just to “any one”, and that individual must have good credit. I agreed.

I immediately put an ad in the Newspaper using the wording that I learned in the MSI Real Estate weekend help session in California with Glenn Purdy, and got 50 calls! It took about a week of showing the building to lots of people, but by the end of the week it was sold!

I should be getting my check of $25,000 the first week of December, straight from the Notary.

Ben W
Knowledge is power. I have been studying real estate for many months now, so much so that my friends and family have gained confidence in my ability to help them to handle some of their problems. Being asked to help I was able to aid in closings of two houses for a family member within the last year, which gave us a net profit of $285,000.00. I was reward for my efforts with approximately 5% of the net profit. I would not have been able to do this if it were not for this program. I love this program and the people that are in it. I”m growing in more ways than I could image day by day.
Beresford K
After taking Dr. Cooper”s course, in 2002 I made 21.61% on my total investments in the stock market, in 2003 I made 42.91 %. This year I made up to 18.78%. My goal for 2004 is to make 100% profit from my investments in the stock market.
Berge B
Purchased 2 contracts of May95 calls of RFMD at 16 1/4. As of today, May 95 call is 57 3/4. I would make 355% return on investment in one month on this paper trade.
Bernard M
I know someone who I helped before to purchase a house that was on a relative name. Later on he want to refinance the property and called me back to see if I could help again. I tried to get some information about why he wanted to sell. He wanted to go to Florida and the property is in Louisville, KY. Trying to help him to do the process and telling him the potential of the house he asked me if I was interested in buying the property. We talked and got an agrement. I will buy it with 80% down and he will carry a 2nd mortgage of 20%. The property was still under construction (he was adding on to the property). We signed a contract with no earnest money and for 90 days. I chose all the conditions and he accept everything. It was a good experience.
Bernardo C & Guillermo C
It was the New Year, we had had a series of challenges and the business sustained a large financial hit. My partner and I were brainstorming, looking for some way to recoup what we lost and to get us back to covering our monthly cost and making a surplus. I personally have put all I have back into the company in the previous 6 month , not realizing that one of my employees was not only stealing from me but doing all she could to ruin the company”s reputation with the intent of becoming my competitor. She was my senior manager and had access to the marketing & bus. plan for the upcoming year. As my new partner and I threw out one idea after another we came up with a new service that would fill a void in our marketplace, as we continued to explore this idea we simultaneously realized that we have been giving referrals for years for free. Our company is highly profiled in the media and even the government hot lines forward calls to us. This element was still intact… we decided to create a Trades and Service Directory and come up with a number of methods in doing so that will provide these trades and services with a strong marketing tool (patent pending). We began faxing invitations to purchase a spot in this directory and offered a great 1st time price and to our surprise we had orders come in before we could complete the faxing. We made $22,500 in just less than 3 weeks and are now printing the early version. We have contracted a salesperson to give this their attention and expect to raise better than $100,000 by June 30, after expenses. We are still catching up financially but we have filled the holes, replaced the cause of the problem with even better solutions and can only go up from here.
Bernie W & Louise C
I consider my biggest success to be my attempt to buy 76 condo unit permits and land that was being foreclosed upon. I made my 1st offer the day before the foreclosure. Offer rejected. Three weeks later one of the partners called me to resubmit another offer. I made the second offer at 1.7 mil on the property that was appraised at 3.7 mil. I had lined up a condo developer, and had someone to back me on the offered price. My second offer was rejected with only 20 minutes left on the clock. Someone with deep pockets came in and made a partnership deal with the 3 partners. So I lost out this time but I did push through this process. Even pushing my self to putting down 50K as down payment. I learned a lot about myself about my comfort level and determination. I will not be denied I know that at some point in the future I will hit a home run. It”s now time for me to put all of my desire and imagination to work in a focused concentrated manner. I will not be denied the freedom that I”ve come to enjoy nor the goods things in life. Time to spend with my family. I thank you all for your programs. But I particularly thank Robert Allen for making me act through his inspiring leadership and training!
Bertrand S
Actually, I made three offers, but they were not accepted. The offers were on condo”s.
Bessie M
I thought I was really successful when as a single mother I put myself through engineering school, received my Bachelor’s Degree and started a job with the government in 1987. Again I thought we were successful when I remarried and eventually my husband started a business with friends (and I continued to work as the sole source of income for a few years and had a baby) This Company was eventually sold to a larger company and we owned some stock in the new company. But we both still had to work. By this time I was no longer satisfied with my job and wanted to stay home and raise our youngest. (My oldest was about fully-grown). So we rearranged our finances to make this work. Bottom line we still did not have enough money without one of working for many years. While still working I read Robert Allen”s Multiple Streams of Income and started making some changes. But it has only been the last two years that we”ve really seriously working on our MSI. We”re getting there and thanks to continuing planning and growing our multiple streams of income and learning from people like Robert and Mark we”re getting there.
Beth W & Chris W
Offer made and accepted on 5 new manufactured homes on permanent property in Jeffersonville Indiana. Appraisals for each home are $79,000. Sales contract is 79,000 for each. Addendums are that we will be paying to the developer 60,000 for each one. Putting 10% down, covering closing costs and sales commissions out of the 19,000 with the difference being given back in a check at the closing. Intention is to do lease options on each home.
Betsy C & Brett C
We are purchasing 3 four plexes from a realtor who wanted to do a 1031 exchange since the properties are paid for and fully depreciated. Everyone said she would not be interested in doing any creative financing but I thought it wouldn”t hurt to ask. My realtor and I sat down with the owner/agent and when we left she agree to carry a 2nd mortgage of 18,000 for 5 years at ZERO percent interest. This allowed us to purchase the properties with no cash outlay and all expenses and closing costs covered. If it hadn”t been for the Robert Allen training I would have never been able to ask a very successful real estate agent/investor for what I wanted and needed.
Betsy C & Brett C
I went to see a couple of properties with my Real Estate agent last week. One of the properties seemed to be a good investment so I let Connie know I was interested in making an offer and let her know it would be a low offer with little cash down. Saturday I went to meet with her to put this in writing. She thought the offer to low and thought I needed to put more money down but she took the offer and added my addendums.
Betty M
I received a check for $83.78. Since then I have personally sponsored two people under me, so that check will grow bigger by next month.
Beverly E
My church hosted my book launch in the fall of last year but since then it has been slow moving for my self-published book on personal budgeting. Since listening in on Mark & Associates teleseminars, I have truly become enlightened. I am working on several project guides and booklets in my niche and am in the process of partnering with a high school and also acting as a liaison for one of the summer program for the city of Chicago regarding money management. I am stepping into my role as the personal budgeting expert. Both of these projects are on a volunteer basis, but I am certain that with these seeds planted (giving me strong credentials) that the money will come. Thank you so much Mark.
Beverly S
After reading Multiple Streams of Income and learning of an all inclusive website building provider, I followed up on his recommended choice. I had been searching for a host and the best way to get on line without breaking the bank – and this was it. For $35.00 per month I have a web presence to sell my products and services and to share information with the masses in the areas of budgeting, career options and living a balanced life. Thank you Robert Allen for helping me break free of analysis paralysis.
Beverly S
We found a property that was bank owned. Spent over 1 1/2 hours looking over the property in detail writing down everything we could find that needed fixing. Based on our estimate of expenses, we put a bid in on the property. The bank will not let us know for 2 weeks whether the bid was accepted.
Beverly S & Lloyd S
I attended the 3 day Real Estate seminar in Seattle in Dec 2003. The instructors were great and my success story to date is that I “got” the power of the concepts but realized I needed the support system of the Protege Program. I have since attended three exceptional seminars and plan to continue to learn from Bob, Mark, Glen Purdy and all the other great seminars provided. Thank you Bob Allen for the love and inspiration.
Beverly T

My first week of WIZETRADE PAPER trading after the training course I made $2,610.00 dollars on 10 trades. My second week was a lot lower then that about $800.00 dollars on PAPER TRADES.

I have been concentrating on Real Estate since then, But… I took my 14 year old son with me to WIZETRADE Training and he is up about $980.00 on PAPER trades this week. I think I”m going to give him some real capital to work with in another week or two.

I know this isn”t from the protege training program but it is still cool!

I haven”t started the Stock Market classes yet with Dr. Cooper.

Bill & Kathy M

Your secrets to investing with “Nothing Down” have been the basis for my success. The most amazing part of what follows is that I learned these principles second hand. Someone that you had previously mentored taught me. Once I grasped your “Nothing Down” techniques my business exploded. In October of 2000 I had no property in my inventory. As you know, a real estate investor with no property is simply out of business. Applying these principles I was able to acquire $2.3 million worth of property in a 90 Days!

Your impact on my life has been POWERFUL and POSITIVE. Each day is an exciting adventure. I wish that everyone could have a personal mentor to guide them on the pathway of success. For those that prefer the success super highway over slaving for someone else while hoping to win the lottery, The Robert Allen Protege Program is your road to financial freedom.

Bill B
Located a HUD foreclosure appraised “as is” for 55,000. It is a small 2 bedroom house located in a rural area. In market condition it should sell for approximately $80,000. We made an offer this evening for $52,000.
Bill B & Ellen B
Using Dr Cooper”s training as my basis I “paper traded” 13 stocks and compared their performance versus 13 stocks that were unanimously recommended by 5 investment firms. My paper gain was 34% higher than the “experts”!
Bill B & Ellen B
1st offer accepted! Very nervous and on the way!
Bill C
Made an offer on a 12 unit Apartment building which was visited while in the Millionaire Academy Class of the Mastery Program. My offer was for $940,000. Financing was a combination of Seller financing, Mortgage and $24,000 down. The offer was not accepted. I have never bought any investment properties (besides my own Condo), and have never been to any classes besides emi. The combination of the emi Real Estate Help session and the Millionaire Academy session gave me the confidence to make such a large offer as my first one. I have recomended both programs to several people.
Bill L
Owner wants to move to Ca. quick. Wanted $1k at closing. 2yr old house. Payments $721 PITI. Could lease option rent $995 mth. Houses have appreciated 5% in three months. Offered him everything he wanted, but he would only do cash close. He is scheduled to close in three weeks retail.
Bill N & Rhonda N
We bought our first investment property, a duplex, on October 9, 2003. It was a foreclosure from a bank… we had met a realtor in July who called us a week later about the property. She told us that she had just received the listing from a bank and had not listed it on the MLS yet and asked us if we wanted to see it before it went on the MLS… we got the first bid in and won! It needed some renovation, so we enlisted friends of ours, a husband and wife team, who are knowledgeable at “fix-ups”. We now have both apartments renovated and rented and have it up on the market for resale. We estimate a 100% ROI when it is sold!
Bill O & Kathie O
I have been trading Stock options using Dr C”s trading course and in 6 months turned $2000 into $5400. Thats %170 profit! Not bad for a guy who”s never played the stock market! This information will make me a lifetime of profits. Thanks Dr C and EMI
Bill S
I have been a student of Dr. Cooper”s for about four months and have been trading with real money for two months. My return for the two months is a whopping 242%. That”s after making a lot of mistakes.
Bill S
After about a month of paper trades with instruction with my personal coach, I finally made the leap and started trading calls with real money on August 26, 2004. In the past few month I have hit a few Home- Runs, each of which made over $1,000. Which covered the losses from a few Foul-balls. As of December 3rd, after just over three months of trading, my account has a net gain of over $8,000!! The techniques that I learned really work and through ongoing contact with my coach, I haveve become much more comfortable trading options in the past few months. Thank-you for this excellent training program!!
Bill T & Ramona T

I bought a 7 story office building in downtown Cincinnati for $750,000 with no money down. With a partner, we sold it for $1,300,000 later.

Had 98 acres of raw land under contract for $650,000 while we had it zoned, platted, engineered for an independent sanitary sewer system, drilled an 1100 foot water well to supply the anticipated subdivision, for access to entry onto state road, and annexed into nearby town. Had a contract to sell property for $1,500,000 4 months before actually purchasing it myself. Closed the sale 5 months after my own purchase, using the buyers contract to purchase to borrow the funds to do so. Did a 1031 exchange out of this deal to buy a truck stop out of foreclosure for $2,000,000. estimate its current fair market value at $3,000,000

Sold 15 unit apartment building for $390,000 that had original cost to me of $295,000. Did another 1031, using proceed of sale to purchase a 30,000 square foot warehouse with fortune 500 tenant, at cost of $1,600,000. Used only $82,000 of my own cash and received all of that back in first 5 months of rental income.

Bought a 30,000 square foot abandoned car dealership building for $200,000 that was bank owned. Sold it 60 days later for $325,000

Bought a closed fast food restaurant for $290,000. Sold it several years later for $700,000.

Have under contract 3.66 acres of land that I purchased for $350,000 to sell for $690,000.

This real estate business works!!! Bob Allen, thank you very much.

Bill W
The first deal I did as a Protege and Inner Circle member closed on August 27, 2004. I was able to find some below market value properties due to people being in financial problems and a second having the “tired landlord” syndrome and wanted out since he was also having health issues. The properties,especially the first one, are fixer deals. Cosmetic woes and text book cosmetic needs leading to an increased equity value. We sold a townhome and bought this first and second property as a protege using proceeds which was investment capital gain…..1031 exchange issues kicked in and we therefore bought 2 good fixer deals from the proceeds of selling one investment property. The biggest learnings? You won”t get shot for making lowball offers, low offers do get accepted and you don”t necessarily have to use “real estate agent”s forms”. Both of these deals were written up and accepted on the purchase forms available on this site.
Bill W & Judy W
I have made way over 10 paper trades to date. I followed the stock tracking/filter tools taught by Dr.Cooper. Using these tools, I began to see how they would work in real life trades. I also tried a few trades outside the scope of the filters Dr.C teaches. It demonstrated to me how doing so created much more risks around results. Since I felt comfortable with the paper trades, I opened my first real money option call position on URBN stock at$4.10 and it sits today, 6 days later at $6.10 (which incidently is the conservative bid low). This represents a 24.5% or 1,490% annualized increase!!! not too bad
Bill W & Judy W
March 8, 2004—-well, today I put in my first embarrassing written offer on a property that is already one UGLY house, thinking in the back of my mind the seller will call back asking me if I”m on drugs offering so low a price. I”m truly running with a “ready,fire,aim” mindset, as I have an idea but need confirmation on the market value of this puppy once it”s fixed up. I faxed the offer March 8. This morning March 9 I got a call from the seller basically with a counter. They can”t meet my price, but are willing to look at somewhere in the middle. So stay tuned my friends. In the end, the worst they can say is “no”.
Bill W & Judy W

I”ve completed the basic RE 101 as my major and Financial basics 101 with Dr. cooper. I”m ready to attack the Real Estate Strategies 105 sessions beginning tomorrow. I”ve started and am in week 5 of Stock Options 110. I pick up the Millionaire Psychology sessions via replay as I can. 

Seeing as I started pretty much the first week into the new year, I covered, learned a lot but have soooooooo much more to learn. It”s like taking a drink out of a fire hydrant. But I”m having fun and getting under my belt enough information to pull off the “ready, fire, aim” principle. 

I went to a conference on real estate in early February by the National REIA association. It was held on a cruise (I know….tough life!!!), but so much information is coming together. In 8 weeks, I”ve learned more about money making strategies than I did in my 4 years obtaining my MBA……no lie.

Sometimes it feels like overwhelm……way too much information to absorb. But then I have to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint……that I can always go back and review information…..that I can call the main hotlines for one on one advice. Though I may not remember every single tool to use, I will remember the tools are available to go over again.

I”ve got my real estate business cards printed and my separate stock account to handle options only/covered calls only trades in once I”ve gained experience on paper trades. on of my stocks I”ve been tracking as though I bought an option has gained over 20%…..not bad once you see this is over a period of one weekend, Friday to Monday!!!

I”m taking it a day at a time and trying to remember the Enlightened Millionaires guidelines. In fact, my tithing has gone out ahead my officially making any deals. When I look out and see some people are just looking for food today, I realize how much God has blessed me, my “problems” are relatively good problems and I”m in a position to get some people food today….so I did.

I”m looking forward to the weeks ahead. My million dollar check is written to me to be cashed January 12, 2005. And I WILL be cashing it…..no doubts.

Bob and Mark and Kurt and Dr. Cooper, etc…..thank you!!!

Bill W & Judy W
First I begin by saying that a mother”s day gift from my oldest son pretty much sums up my life success. He made tape for me and on that tape said, “Mom, one of the most important things you have done for me is showed by your example that it is never to late to start over.” He has seen me do that many times. I just will not be put down for the count. Of course my greatest success in life is my family – 6 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Professionally, I have purchased and sold 7 properties. I now have two – one in Utah and 1 here in California. I own a construction company that I am selling, the sale will be final in June of 2004. In the meantime, I am making offers on property, 3 this week. I have stated another company, STRONG Associates and the emphasis of this company is the multiple streams of income: real estate, internet web sites, and children”s books. Yes that is alot to handle, but I know I can do it. The tools that EMI provides are priceless, the conference calls are great, the philosophy has always been in my heart and my actions. I do contribute 10% of my income to charity. I know this has blessed my life. For one thing it has brought people and money into my life when I was desperate, a direct result of my willingness to help others was that help came to me in my need. I firmly believe, you cast your bread upon the waters and it comes back buttered. I love the practice of doing something good for someone every day. The world takes on a new perpective when you are always looking for a way you can help someone else. I have my million dollar check on my fridge, the win/win philosphy in my heart and tons of new information that I have learned through EMI. My dream team and I meet on a conference call on every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. The seminars I have attended have helped me to believe in myself. The synergy that is created in a room where 300+ people are gathered who all have the same goals is incredible. Thanks to you Bob and Mark, and as Bob always says, God Bless!
Birdie S
My Company, STRONG Associates, has purchased the right to sell and maintain website on the internet. We have our first 3 clients, have developed our website and have unlimited free websites for one year that we can either rent or sell. My duaghter, a member of my dream team, is heading up this stream of income. She is a single mom and is very excited about leaving her college degree – (earned) job and coming into this full time.
Birdie S
I bought my first duplex from Bob Allen “nothing down” What a great experience to work with a man like Bob, who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.
Birdie S
Dr. Cooper”s system is easy to follow. He has a great program for managing your money. By following his ideas I have found that it is realistic to gain 40 to 80 percent return – even for a beginner. I never thought it was possible before. Thanks Dr. Cooper.
Bob C
I have not completed any income-producing courses as yet; but I believe the Personal Financial Basics has already saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year. It was for this reason, I pledged $950 to my local United Fund.
Bob L
My first associate is one of my daughters. She is going to New York in the fall to follow her dreams of acting on Broadway. She will leave her current full-time job, but has no job prospects in New York. To pursue her acting career, she needs an income source and the flexibility a home-based business can give her. Her experience in acting, job, and her desire to be in theater make her good fit for network martketing.
Bob L
Being in the midst of a divorce and having to sell my own home as part of the settlement and teaching full time and trying to find a place to live, I have NOT been able to devote much time to real estate investing. However, through the Creating Wealth with Real Estate 3-day seminar, I acquired just enough knowledge AND fortitude to venture into purchasing a home without the need of a realtor. I found a house with motivated sellers from a listing watch supplied by a couple of realtors. The sellers were motivated because of their desire to retire and move out of the area. The asking price – which I met – was $30K to $50K below market value because the sellers were attempting to avoid capital gains taxes. To sweeten the deal for the sellers I offered to throw in the commission for a realtor had I used one, following the dictum to always leave money on the table. Since the realtor is the next door neighbor to the sellers, I made a conscious effort to appear to be a good future neighbor. As a result the realtor pushed my offer though others were close if not monetarily better. The profit is present in purchasing a below market value home in great condition, although it severely needs updating. Actual monetary profit will be realized on updating to present-day standards and selling after two years of residency, thereby avoiding capital gains tax (unless the sale price is more than $250,000 over basis). So, my first offer was also my first property bought.
Bob L
Soon after I signed up as an independent associate in a nutritional Network Marketing compnay, I received a $100 check in the mail. I just brought one of my children on as an associate. So, life is looking good!
Bob L
Being in the midst of a divorce and having to sell my own home as part of the settlement and teaching full time and trying to find a place to live, I have NOT been able to devote much time to real estate investing. However, through the Creating Wealth with Real Estate 3-day seminar, I acquired just enough knowledge AND fortitude to venture into purchasing a home without the need of a realtor. I found a house with motivated sellers from a listing watch supplied by a couple of realtors. The sellers were motivated because of their desire to retire and move out of the area. The asking price – which I met – was $30K to $50K below market value because the sellers were attempting to avoid capital gains taxes. To sweeten the deal for the sellers I offered to throw in the commission for a realtor had I used one, following the dictum to always leave money on the table. Since the realtor is the next door neighbor to the sellers, I made a conscious effort to appear to be a good future neighbor. As a result the realtor pushed my offer though others were close if not monetarily better. The profit is present in purchasing a below market value home in great condition, although it severely needs updating. Actual monetary profit will be realized on updating to present-day standards and selling after two years of residency, thereby avoiding capital gains tax (unless the sale price is more than $250,000 over basis). So, my first offer was also my first property bought.
Bob L
I spoke to someone about my network marketing business who was initially excited, but then decided not to participate. I gave him a copy of “The One Minute Millionaire” which he didn”t read for six months. We kept in touch, and one day he called to say he finally got around to reading the book, and was changed by the concept of enlightened wealth. He wanted to join immediately, even though he had forgotten everything about the business. He just wanted to be associated with the kind of people who had the desire to help others as the foundation for their business. After reviewing the business with him, and making sure it was best for his family, he joined the organization.
Bob L & Janel L
My success story revolves around my network marketing program. I had never been in a program like this before, because if the products are bad, or the comp plans are bad, you”ll scare away your friends, etc. All the things you always hear. Well, I found a company that has a product that is great, it works, and for the first time ever, I feel like I am helping people when I introduce them to this product. And as a resut of this different mentality, I am doing very well, and will continue to do so.
Bob M
This was a REO found by a buyer”s agent. With a check for $100.00 earnest money, we located the private money investor for the down payment and a loan broker for the loan to purchase this property. We intend to do minor fix up and sell this quickly.
Bonnie C & Patricia L
Calling For Sale by Owner properties, we found a great deal in the rural areas near our home. We made the offer to buy this property with 30% seller financing planning to do a sub-divide and sale. The owner was not willing to do any owner financing even though it would have provided her with a stream of passive residual income and reduce her capital gains.
Bonnie C & Patricia L

I send out several hundred postcards per week to FSBO”s, NOD”s, out of state landlords and any other list I can find. I get about 1 call per 100 postcards, and of those calls about 1 in 3 is a truly motivated seller. The first offer I wrote up was for a property that had been trashed by the last tenants. The owner had filed bankruptcy, and then the bankruptcy was dismissed. She just wanted to be rid of the property before it went to foreclosure, and she was willing to walk away and give it to me.

When I started the “due diligence” process of checking out the property, I discovered it had lots of (major) deferred maintenance, as well being situated in a flood zone. In addition, the owner decided she wanted $5000 to give me control of the property. The potential profit from this transaction, if everything went as planned, was over $40,000, so there was a lot of room to share some money with the homeowner. The only problem was that she wanted her money up front, before she would sign the property over to me.I really wanted to make this deal work, since it was my first offer and I was very excited. My mentors and other investor friends were not enthusiastic about the situation, and because I trusted their experience, I walked away from the property. Since then I”ve learned a lot, and do not spend time on this kind of situation. Now, when a property has too many negatives or a homeowner is not sufficiently motivated, I just say, “Next!”

I”m very grateful to all the people who are willing to share their time and experience to help me, and others like me, have success in real estate investing, and who keep us from falling into “newbie generated” disasters.

Bonnie D & Vicki A
Since July of 2004 after reading the One-Minute Millionaire and the Power of Focus, I have started setting boundaries in my life, and overcoming fear. I am learning that I am a winner, and that I can succeed.
Bonnie J
After listening to my first Robert Allen call, I made an offer the next day. It was accepted.
Bonnie L & Phillip M
We purchased a property for $29,000 with the use of our low and no interest credit card cash advances & $10,000 in funds with a partner. This property was a “deal” that we found with assistance from our realtor. The property is in a historic district that is being rehabbed and it is fully rented. Because we want quick cash we found a buyer willing to pay us $41,000 via a land contract. We are now selling the note at a discount, waiting for that to be finalized, but anticipate getting $35,000 or more in cash for the note, with a profit of at least $4,000 in cash after we pay our partners and other costs.
Bonnie L & Thomas L

Write your Vivid Vision Now! The Results Could Surprise You.

This was the challenge I accepted when I was first introducedto the Enlightened Millionaire program, and the results have been truly amazing. When I sat down to write my vivid vision on December 11, 2002I was determined to make it as fulfilling and rewarding an experience as I could. If, as Robert Allen said, writing my vision was the first step, I wanted to get off on a solidfoundation. I started writing at 10 AM. and did not finish until 8 O”clock that night. I put my heart and soul into creating the vision of what I wanted my life to be like in the next 5 to 10 years.

In fact, while writing, the vision was so real that for hours afterI was through, I had trouble relating to the reality of my present life. I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

Within a very short time, elements of my vision began to manifest.Here”s what happened…

1. A prize was offered for the most outstanding visions, andI envisioned myself receiving the prize. 1 week later in thefollow up teleconference, mine was the first of about 6 visions read, and I received Robert Allen”s tape album set”Empower Yourself and Your Downline” as a prize.

2. Within 8 weeks I made an offer on a beautiful house whichI now call home. As I write this report from my upstairs homeoffice, I have a beautiful view of the intercoastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. But what gives me goose bumps is that this house, in almost every detail, is an exact replica of the dream house I envisioned 8 weeks before.

3. 8 months later, I completed the purchase of a Skin Carecompany, the revenues from which in time will give me thefreedom I envisioned when I wrote my vivid vision.

4. 10 months later at the Last Minute Millionaire Conference,I got to know Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen on a first name basis. In my vivid vision I described them as personal friends of mine.

5. In my vivid vision, I described Bob and Mark traveling with me in my private Lear jet, spending a few days with me at my dream home on the island of St. Eustatius, and being guest speakers on my TV program promoting health, wealth andspiritual development. 

In about 18 months from writing my vivid vision, I expect, as a member of Mark and Bob”s Inner Circle, to travel around the world with them, promoting health, wealth and spiritual development. 

Can you get excited about your vivid vision becoming areality as well? In week 2 of Mark Victor Hansen”s RICH RESULTS news letter,he said: “I’ve always asked people to become visionaries for their own lives, to hope for and inspire toward a bigger vision. Oddly though, it’s those … goals that may seem the most far out that come true in shortest order.

“Go ahead, write your vivid vision. Claim Your Phenomenal Life NOW. The results could surprise you!

Boyce B
I determined to expand my Real Estate holdings and develop it into a full time business. In 1998 I bought my first complex, a 3 triplex property with nine units for $370,000.00, no money down. In 1999, purchased a duplex for $108,000.00, 10% down, and in May 2002 I purchased an 18 unit, four building complex for $450,000.00, no money down. I took my real estate agent to lunch and asked him to keep his eyes open for multiple unit residential property. Presently there wasn”t anything on the market that would interest me. At 5 pm. he called with a brand new listing that hadn”t gone public yet. It was a premier complex with 23 duplexes. Asking price was $2,700,000.00. We submitted a no money down offer the next day.
Brad M & Carol M
We used other peoples money to purchase a $2,700,000.00 premier 46 unit/23 duplexes complex. Our intial no money down offer was not accepted by the seller. He was willing to hold a 12% second. Our bank would agree to a LTV of 78%/22%. We needed to come up with the remaining 10%. Through negotiation with the real estate agents they agreed to a loan at 5% interest that was equal to their commission. A family member invested 3% and we invested the remaining 1%. We closed on the deal (a deal we never thought was possible) Jan 6, 2004 using 1% of our own money.
Brad M & Carol M

1st Deal: Bought a $150k student rental house for $120k, owner financed $113k @ 3% for 25 years with NO REPAYMENT PENALTIES!

I paid $100 earnest money deposit. Prior to close, filed income tax return as a “Sole Proprietor” Real Estate Investor. Canadian Govt cut me a cheque for $7,700.00 – which I used for the outstanding balance of down payment and closing costs…virtually a NOTHING DOWN deal!!

I”m re-zoning the place for 5 students. Room rentals in this market are approx $400/month. That”s $2,000.00 GROSS Profit…on a $535/month mortgage!!!

Step 1, Deal 1, toward my BHAG – Raising $1Billion toward various not-for-profits from my Enlightened products and services to find a cure for cancer and support efforts to abolish childhood sexual abuse over the next 25 years…

Brad W
We researched a business to buy; located it and wrote and presented a marketing plan to our bank. They accepted it and funded our business venture. We had two home shows where we gathered several leads, and obtained different bookings from it. This business will provide our primary source of income while we work on the other streams.
Brenda B & Darrell B
This sale was made as a result of a home show we had. She won the $500 of free product we were offering and then purchased more on top of that.
Brenda B & Darrell B
Bought a vacant lot and have $30,000 equity as is. We are in the process of fixing it up. We plan on keeping it and renting it out to a section 8 family after refinancing it for $50,000. We rent it for $830, so we have a postive cash flow of at least $300 a month, and provide a family with a decent place to live.
Brenda B & L B
Paper trades only Purchase March 10, 2003 Biovail BVF July 60 call $3.85 4 contracts Sold March 19, 2003 $5.05 Profit 81% 9 days Purchase March 20, 2003 Bank of Nova Scotia July $52.50 call $2.50 5 contracts Sold April 25, 2003 $3.10 Profit 24% 36 days
Brenda C
Joined a network marketing team in May 2004, received my first cheque in June 2004.
Brenda C
Hey Hey this is Brendan C. I”m going to let everyone in on a secret. Mark and Bob don”t know it yet but I will become their biggest success story ever. I haven”t even had my first class yet but its a sure thing, just wait and see.
Brendan C
I made my first of 2 offers today and I”m ecstatic to just be over the hump! 🙂 Making that first offer is always the hardest. I made an offer for $465,000 on a property that is currently listed at $519,000. The started at $579,000 6 months ago. The house needs about $30,000 worth of work, which will take about a month. The informed me that they can”t take my offer, but would entertain one for $500,000. Now I got to go back and crunch the numbers to see if I would make enough profit if I bought it for $500,000. Wish me luck!
Brendan M & Leah M
Dear Mr. Allen, I want to thank you for all your free teachings and positive messages on how to be an enlightened millionaire. It is a rather new way of thinking for me that has had a very profound impact on my life and those around me. Two years ago I purchased a fixer-upper in the small town of Lompico in CA. I got it at a good discount as it had a lot of deferred maintenance. With the help of your teachings and advice from your staff, I learned how to get good discounts on building products and professional labor for doing the major fixes. Implementing these teachings enabled me to save $20,000 on rehab costs! My wife and I lived in the house while we were doing the rehab work and over the two years we spent there, we started learning more about the neighborhood. It turned out that the neighborhood we moved to, Lompico, had a VERY BAD reputation from the 60s and 70s. Lompico earned itself a reputation for being a rowdy neighborhood that forced property prices down. Lompico changed over the years and today, 2004, it’s a quaint, sleepy bedroom community located 10 minutes from the Santa Cruz beaches and 30 minutes from Silicon Valley. As I got closer to selling though, I realized that everyone outside of Lompico had this outdated vision of the neighborhood. The stigma was so bad that it started hurting my business! I run my own Marketing Communications and Web Site Development Company and when I told prospective clients where I lived they would respond, “You live in LOMPICO?! You must not be doing very well, huh?” People would sneer at me and make rude comments about my neighborhood. It truly upset me as I had come to love the neighborhood and my neighbors. Not only was I upset about the outdated stereotypes bestowed upon my neighborhood, but I also knew that when it came time to sell my house, I wouldn’t get the ROI it deserved. So, I set out to make a difference. Robert, you taught me that it’s important to give back to my community through tithing and volunteer work, so I started brainstorming on how I could tithe as well as change the reputation of Lompico. As I have many years of experience in Marketing Communications and Web Site Development, I realized that I should put these skills to work for the community. I immediately purchased the www.Lompico.org domain name and set out to create a spectacular web site that would highlight all the great qualities of the neighborhood and detail why Lompico is such a great place to live. I slaved away at researching the history of the area, creating great graphics and content and then pulled it all together by putting out a press release (something I learned how to do on one of your Enlightened Millionaire Weekly Teleconferences). The reaction to the web site and press release was phenomenal! A local newspaper interviewed me and featured an article on the front page of the paper! Within 2 hours the web site received over 35,000 visitors!!! I then took the Marketing Communications Plan one step further by doing the following: · I registered with the major search engines. · I paid for Google ads so that the web site would pop up first in the results. · I distributed flyers about the web sites being a great sales tool to all local Real Estate Agents. · I created flyers geared towards new homebuyers and hung them up all over town. I even asked local merchants to hang them in their store windows. · I created HUGE 10’ x 5’ posters at Kinkos and hung them over all the major freeway overpasses: Highway 1, 17, 880, 680, 101, 85 and the 87. This massive effort only cost me a total of $450 and about 200 hours of time.
Brendan M & Leah M
I have no story yet worthy of this block, but hope to have one here soon. I”m 27 years old and just returned from Iraq. Serving as an Infantryman in Iraq was a very enlightening experience for me. I have returned with a passion and a purpose to gain financial freedom. When your life is in danger on a consistant basis, you learn to appriciate time on a higher level than the average person”s understanding. I”m trying to take that simple pearl of wisdom and become free from the daily grind. I”ve taken a real-estate course, joined a network marketing business, and returned to my old job as an account executive at a radio station since my return to civilian life. With these plans in motion and the possible knowledge I recieve from this seminar I hope to eventualy achive my goal of financial freedom. Thanks for the opportunity,
Brendon M
What a ride! The help & instruction from my PMG Mentor combined with the book “Multiple Streams of Internet Income” helped me get through some tough areas. After my orignal host provider suffered a couple of gliches… I created a “sister-site” and got things up & running quick. Now I can”t wait to update my GAIN score!!!
Brian A

My wife and I recently purchased 2 duplexes from a lady that owned them as part of an inheritance. We were able to purchase them with a significant equity position. She was out of state and a don”t wanter. We structured the deal with 90% bank financing 5% seller 2nd, and 5% down from outside investor. Seller pays 3% closing. We based this deal on information from my Creating Wealth with Real Estate by Robert Allen classes taken in fall 2003. This nothing down deal became even more interesting when I later found out that my mortgage broker had gotten me pre qualified for 100% on investment property at 4 units or less. Persistence pays off!! When I first tried to find financing the best I could do is 70%, then 80% then 85%, 90% now 100%.

The duplexes are managed to take away my headaches and cash flow 225 a month each. I plan to purchase 3-5 more this year. The Robert Allen Class has changed my attitude and made me extremely motivated. It”s out there if you don”t mind working for it! NOTE! FSBO – We recently called a FSBO duplex in the same neighborhood. The sign was hard to read and run down. The duplex is in good condition and fully rented. We are negotiating an offer that I believe will go through. It will offer a 30-40% equity position and about 400 cash flow on one unit with no money down! It doesn”t hurt to call and make offers! You may be extremely surprised with the results.

Brian B
I orginally thought I was being stupid, but with several lines of business to work with, we jumped in. It only took a month to get to the first check, and while we didnt get rich at this, it paid some bills and continues to provides some income and other benefits as well.
Brian C & Ginger C
We sponsored our fist associate within 1 month of beginning this business
Brian C & Ginger C
The first profits from my travel affiliate web site were from selling airline tickets to my sons college football team.
Brian C & Ginger C
My success story starts with having read No Money Down and Creating Wealth. Shortly after completing these, my partner and I formed a small corporation to acquire real estate, using the principles and techniques in Robert Allens books. Within two days we had found and closed our first deal, a nice clean 3/2 brick ranch, which was in foreclosure. The ranch was worth $65,000.00 and we purchased it for $28,342.00. We financed it at 80% LTV and within 30 days had pocketed $22,000 non taxable at closing. Since then we have refinanced this home twice pulling out another $30,000 in non taxable cash. The property had a positive cash flow every year! Roberts methods and techniques work for us then, and they continue to work for us now. We have been at this since 1982! Oh, By the Way, the owner we saved from foreclosure was a tenant of ours after that for 25 years, and ultimately moved right back in their home! It felt really good helping these folks out as we did, and they always remembered it, they were less than 24 hours from being on the street when we found out about their situation and stepped in to help.
Brian C & Ginger C
We found this foreclosure property less than 24 hours before the family living in it were going to hit the streets. Bought it for $28342.00, paid their back utility bills, and kept them from foreclosure and eviction. We financed the home at 80% LTV and pulled out $22,000 at closing 30 days later.
Brian C & Ginger C
I started out with the stock market training knowing very little about stocks. After taking Dr Cooper”s course I now have the knowledge to begin trading. He teaches a system that if you follow to the letter you will make money. Currently I am paper trading in the 90 day stock market challenge to build up my confidence so when I use my own money I will be sussessful.
Brian D & Kim D
I found a foreclosure that had already been remodelled. It was ready for move in. However, the property was very irregular and had some potential encroachments. I placed the house under contract, waited almost 1 yr. to resolve the boundary dispute, and made over 30K. While is was a difficult deal, it was worth it.
Brian M
My partner and I are launching our new seminar business, “Fit, PHAT and Fabulous” in January, 2004. We prepared our marketing plan to submit to friends, family and angels. Our mantra: “We”re looking for loaners, donors and angels to raise startup funds for the new business.” (Other people”s money) Within four days, we made our first sale to my uncle Gene, a “donor,” who in effect conveyed a message through this donation that he believed in us and in our idea. It was a great boost to our spirits. Onward and upward.
Brian P & Sandra P
I am currently paper trading stock options, with the anticipation of completing my first real trade shortly. Also my business partner and myself are starting a clothing company. The web site just went live and we are working on our first sales.
Brian T
My success has been in Taking Action despite fear of loss. As we live in Hong Kong, a trade on the NYSE 12000 miles away, seems quite foreign to us. We read and study as much as possible on world markets, trends and world events. We study and use all the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks as taught by Dr Cooper. We then combined this with guidence from leading financial magazines and finally just dove in with an 11K buy of a company which manufactures Humvee and body armour for the troops in Iraq. Purchased at 55, it is up 10% in a week and thats 100 FOLD better than the interest it was making just sitting in a savings account for the past year!
Bruce & Jacqueline J
As recommended in No Money Down, by Robert Allen we were just brousing the ads in a local paper while visiting family in New Hamshire. We were visiting from Hong Kong. I noticed a FSBO, 1.5 acres 1500sq ft. 3 BR for sale. I put down the paper and jumped into the car for a drive by. Then I did a web search for all other properties in the area and the next day drove-by and viewed as many as possible for a feel for value before actually going to see to owner of the original house. I felt it was below market (maybe 10%), possibly because the owner was soon moving out of State. I made an offer on the spot for another 10% below ask. We settled at 5% below asking after other peoples higher offers fell through on financing. Not being a resident of the US or an American citizen, I took a cash advance on my Credit Card for the down payment and re-financed a property in Canada for the balance of the payment. Although the US dollar has slid 20-25% since then, we are still well above $25,000 in equity. Thanks to Robert Allen for the ideas and encouragment. Had I not read the book, I would never have gotten out of my chair that afternoon last year in NH! Although not raelly a no money down deal, I am excited and motivated to learn the ways of the Masters. 1 down 20 to go!
Bruce & Jacqueline J
As recommended in No Money Down, by Robert Allen we were just brousing the ads in a local paper while visiting family in New Hamshire (We were visiting from Hong Kong). I noticed a FSBO 1.5 acres 1500sf. 3 BR for sale. I put down the paper and jumped into the car for a drive by. Then I did a web search for all other properties in the area and the next day drove-by and viewed as many as possible for a feel for value before actually going to see to owner of the original house. I felt it was below market (maybe 10%), possibly because the owner was soon moving out of State. I made an offer on the spot for another 10% below ask. We settled at 5% below asking after other peoples higher offers fell through on financing. Not being a resident of the US or an American citizen, I took a cash advance on my C/C for the down payment and re-financed a property in Canada for the balance of the payment. Although the US dollar has slid 20-25% since then, we are still well above $25,000 in equity. Thanks to Robert Allen for the ideas and encouragment. Had I not read the book, I would never have gotten out of my chair that afternoon last year in NH! Although not really a no money down deal, I am excited and motivated to learn the ways of the Masters. 1 down 20 to go!
Bruce & Jacqueline J
After reading MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INTERNET INCOME by Robert G. Allen, I met with my webmaster and we totally changed my publishing company”s website. Now we include fiction and non-fiction sections of the website and even offer e-books, seminars, and consulting services. Using inexpensive advertisements in a targeted group of e-zines and print magazines, we generated over 3,000 new customers visiting the website. 634 of them subscribed to our free newsletter and we generated sales of $1,242 in the first week! As we add new products and services and expand our advertising and marketing even further, sales should increase even more!
Bruce G & Andrea G
Earlier today I handed my literary agent a book proposal for my non-fiction book. My agent has an appointment to pitch the book with a major New York City publishing house later this month. She successfully sold two other books I wrote to another New York City publisher last month. They are offering me $7,500 advances on each of the books. The Infopreneuring training made this possible and as a result I”m living my dream.
Bruce G & Andrea G
Through the Infopreneur and Internet Entrepreneur training, I have redesigned my website and implemented a new marketing plan. For the fiction side of my publishing business, I have started a free web magazine. For the non-fiction side of my publishing business, I have started a newsletter about home based businesses, personal investments and personal finance. These free newsletters are advertised through e-zines that reach my specific target markets. In just one week, we have generated over 3,000 new customer visits to the website and created sales of $1,242! Plans are int the works for seminars, home study courses, and consulting services to be marketed through e-zines and print magazines beginning in August.
Bruce G & Andrea G
As a result of reading Robert G. Allen”s book MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INTERNET INCOME, I have totally redesigned my website to sell my fiction and non-fiction books and e-books. Using the knowledge I learned I have driven over 3,000 new customers to my website and sold $1,242 worth of products in just the first week! My webmaster couldn”t believe all of the new things I had learned about website design and marketing in just six weeks.
Bruce G & Andrea G
Purchased 3 bedroom 1-1/2 bath for $82,000 and rehabbed sold for $99,000 2/14/04. Purchased 3 bedroom 2 bath for $92,000 sold lease option (4,000) $110,000 sale price plus 300 per month positive cash flow. Purchased 4 bedroom rehab project will sell for $30,000 minimum for $13,000 profit. Have another house with $400.00 cash flow and $30,000 equity. It works if you do!
Bruce H & Evelyn H
After attending Robert Allen”s Millionaire Matrix Seminar in Singapore I became more pro-active. I began to leverage more on my contacts and was able to make a few hundred dollars by helping to close a few sales. The best part is I enjoy doing it very much! I have also applied the teachings I have learned and have gained greater confidence!
Bruce S
I was inspired by Robert Allen”s Millionaire Matrix Seminar held in Singapore, and decided to take action. I sat on this affiliate program for 5 years! I applied what I learned and received $100 in less than 30 minutes!
Bruce S

I am a Real Estate Agent and buying properties at bargain prices can be a challenge. However in the right circumstances I can safely do a transaction that gives the Vendor a good wholesale price while I get the chance to purchase it at a reduced price. This particular property I know has real appeal in it”s location, condition, vendor”s flexibility and the potential rental return is definately worthwhile. Also this particular townhouse is positioned in the best row of the complex, making it highly appealing to renters and future purchasers alike.

This vendor called me having seen my sold signs going up on other units in the complex. She was toying with the idea of selling. Initially I was planning to encourage her to let me market it. Which I think she was happy to. I knew the complex really well and have been impressed with the others that I sold and also the Body Corporate management systems they have in place. I actually had a buyer who had missed out on two others I”d sold so let them know about this great unit which was far better than the ones they had put offers in on. I could get them through as soon as possible and if they liked it, list and sell it to them. The vendors were not planning to do anything serious until Jan next year but were open to these folk coming because they were really motivated buyers with good cash in hand. Hmmm.

On meeting the vendor to discuss price and selling methods, she revealed to me what she wanted to cash out. It was realistic and I would have no trouble selling it and after commission she”d get her figure. However after looking over the unit, doing my own numbers, and knowing the unit right next door to it was rented for $600 per week which is a fantastic value. I thought, I”ll give it a shot. I offered her a price a little higher than her bottom line net figure as a private sale. I had not listed it at this stage. She looked at me, smiled and said, “I”ll take it!!”

Now I had in the meantime arranged for these other buyers to come through. Oh dear. Unsigned listing, I”m obliged to these buyers. I can”t take it from under their nose at a lesser price than they would buy unless they say no. What if they want it?? OK this is definitely in God”s hands. I picked my wife up at her lunch hour and took her through the unit. It pays to keep the other partner informed! She was happy with it, could see the potential and liked it”s presentation and potential.

I had a colleague of mine bring the other buyers through. That way I”m not in a position of influence. My wife and I went away for the weekend and as you can imagine were praying very hard they would not like it.

I rang the agent as soon as I knew they”d been.

“Oh” she said “they love it” \r\nI gulped! ” Oh really” I said “That”s great!” thinking “liar!”.

“But you know what” the agent went on. “Amy”s father rang the day before and her mother has just been diagnosed with “Multiple Sclerosis and it looks like they are going to have to completely review their buying ideas and look for something for her parents to live with them also.”

“God” I thought “you didn”t have to go that extreme. Why couldn”t you have have just made them hate it!”

A very sad situation and as a result the buyers have now said an emphatic no, our prayers were answered, not quite the way we expected, they are happy to move on, thanked me for giving them the opportunity and I have now the green light to go ahead and have our offer written up and signed to go unconditional on 26th Nov, with no obligations to the Real Estate company. The property was never listed.

Having done the sums and checked out loan rates, we are looking to make a gross return of nearly 25% above all costs for the town house every year. If we get a good offer meantime we”ll flip it. But in the meantime we think a hold on it for a couple of years at least will make a good little profit from it and will enjoy renting it to a business couple who can take in a student as well if they wish to rent the third

Bruce W & Tracey W
Immediately after meeting with my mentor from PMG I got a young and energetic realtor on my team. She just keeps pulling the junker properties from the MLS and sending them to me. I sorted and ranked the list and she set up appointments for us to see 5 of them in one afternoon. None of the properties were anything that I would want (didn”t score well on Robert Allen”s Property Selection Grid) but I still made offers on all 5 of them. If any offers are accepted I will assign to a rehabber that knows what they are doing and pocket a few grand for my troubles. Through this process I hope to refine how my realtor and I work together so that we spend our time visiting only the best opportunities from the MLS. It is a start.
Bryan C
Inspired by Nothing Down, I used $1000 of my money to buy a duplex 4 months after graduating from college. Before I moved, the pipes froze and blew up 7 of 8 radiators. Insurance put in a new heating system and paid me to fix up the property. While living there, I rented out the other unit and the basement for 5 years and was acutally paid to live there. I then sold the building for $95,000 with $26,000 profit. I used the profit to buy a new home and a renter condo at Hyrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Bryan S
I traveled to China in October and was introduced to the world of freshwater pearls and magnetic jewelry. I purchased samples, as well as silk merchandise, and organized a private sale upon my return to the US. It was a success, netting approx. $200, and now I have recruited some partners to expand the business.
Buzzy G
My first offer done today: $400,000 on 3 homes/6 acres with a fair market value of %550,000. NEXT!
It was so easy! I wrote a strength-training manual for athletes at the facility that I work at. Several of them were asking me to put something together. Finally, with the help and knowledge I gained from the Protege program I put together a booklet. I invested a little of my own money and took advantage of the printing department at my work. I just started selling the manuals and already I have to order a second printing to fulfill all of the orders. This is just a start. I will be holding free workshops and will be selling these manuals as well as other books and audiotapes at these workshops. My first workshop is scheduled in a month and a half.
Calvin B
This is the first offer we made, but it will not be the last. Thank You..
Camille J & Paula W
My wife and I have developed several streams of income online. A bookselling business, a travel website, and a web hosting business. Also, I have authored a book and co-authored two others. Recently, we purchased a house which is in an area appreciating, and hope to double our money within a year.
Carl B
Same story as the first offer story.
Carl R
Read about the property in the foreclosure listings and had my realtor team member call the listing broker and scheduled an appointment to view the property. We inspected the property and made an offer of $69,900 to submit on 11/06/2004. The Bank accepted our offer on the REO on 11/12/2003. We closed on the property on 12/12/2003. The rehab of $22,500 will be completed soon. We have an offer of $130,000 to purchase the rehabbed property upon the completion of the rehab. We had no money but used funds from a hard money lender to purchase and rehab the property. We found a buyer.
Carl R
After learning some techniques from the Nothing Down Deals books, my wife and I were able to purchase our first home in Haltom City, TX using borrowed funds from family. The property was purchased from BuyOwner at appraisal district price. Once in the property, we took out a home improvement loan from Wells Fargo in the amount of $7,000 and made repairs to the property. We lived in the property for three years while I was attending the university and my wife supported the household. Upon graduation, I was offered a position in Orlando, FL and the company purchased my home as part of a relocation package offered to us. We sold it for $75,000 and left the closing table with $34,000. We paid back our parents for the initial funds and paid off credit cards with the rest. It was such an eye-opening experience that a year and a half later, I left the job in Orlando to work real estate full time in Houston. WHO NEEDS A BOSS!
Carlos G

My wife and I bought this property with some relatives for $170,000 and eventually bought them out for $30,000. and refinanced the property and took some cash out to buy our next home. The cash we used was borrowed so it was a no money down deal.

We did this without knowing these principles. I just realized this today, July 16, 2004.

It was meant for me to be at this retreat.

Carmelo B & Josie V

I joined my company in june of 2000, and my first check was in july 2000. It was for $17.00.

Since then I have sponsored several others and have learned how not to do the business.

Monetarally, I have not realized the profit yet, but we are growing and I have eliminated my bad habits and have become enlightened.

2004 is a wonderfull year and is the year I earn my first $100,000.00.

Carmelo B & Josie V

I started finding out about real estate just over a year ago, when my business went bust and I was in complete financial crisis. I was given the “One Minute Millionaire” book by a lady I met at a seminar, and reading the book really did change my life for the better! At first I was very hesitant about getting involved with something completely new to me like this. But I literally had nothing to lose, as I had no job or steady income. Plus I realized that I”d unconsciously followed all of Bob Allen”s principles anyway, when I”d bought my house for no money down in January 2002, and it”s already almost doubled in value! Some of the equity in the house I used to pay off the massive debts I”d gathered by the failure of my business. But there was just enough left over to help me finance my first investment property.

In summer last year I was looking around for multi-units, as I felt this would be the best way to make a regular income from real estate. I couldn”t find anything affordable in my area, so I was starting to look around other places. Scanning the local paper one day I found a motel for sale, 32 units, in Winslow Arizona. It just so happened that I had visited Winslow on vacation the year before. So one night after work (I was performing in a play at the time) I drove to Winslow – much to the surprise of my friends – and went to see the motel. Well it really was a fixer, but it was actually cheaper than my house had been when I first bought it! For 32 units with already a good income on them, I thought this was a deal. When I got back to LA, I told my friend Michael about it. Michael has been working in real estate for about ten years, fixing up and selling houses, and he had been encouraging me to get into real estate for ages but I hadn”t listened to him till now. Originally I just wanted his advice, but when he heard about the deal he asked if I”d like to partner up with him on it. So I said yes, because I felt his input and experience could be very valuable, and I felt nervous about doing this first deal on my own.

To cut a long story short, we made our first offer in July 2003 and finally bought the place in October 2003. We encountered a lot of challenges in buying the property, but every challenge just made us stronger and more determined. We decided that our experiences would provide us with lots of stories to tell people when we start doing our own seminars about real estate investing!

The listing agent on our first motel told us that his friend was also selling a motel, in Raton New Mexico. So we refinanced the first motel and bought the second motel for cash. Michael then went on to buy two more motels on his own, and I”m looking at two more to buy on my own, in Colorado and another in Arizona.

Suddenly, we”ve become motel moguls! Despite daily challenges and things to deal with, I”m really loving this new life of mine. Finding the properties and working out how to make the deals is very exciting. Plus I get a kick out of traveling all over to new places I”ve never been before. And I love the fact that we”re renovating these old buildings and making great places for people to stay, plus we”re creating jobs for all the resident managers.

I haven”t yet made enough income to give a lot to charity, although I am keeping a 10% tithe in a specific bank account for that purpose and I have a list of organizations and people I wish to give the money to. It will be so exciting when I can give my first large check to a group I believe in.

Carmen L
Our Real Estate Agent has been e-mailing us info on REO”s as soon as they showed up on the MLS. After several offers on different homes that were either rejected as too low or out bid, we found a small home, (a fixer upper) made the right offer and it was accepted! Now to fix it up and get it sold!
Carol M & Dean M
Although I”ve no associates as yet, since MMI in May (1 month) I”ve signed up 3 Preferred Customers
Carol R
Finally received my first check. Just hang in there!
Carol R
I bought a “fixer-upper” plex 2 years ago, and joined a new network marketing company. In January 2002, I earned over $60,000 shares of stock with new network marketing company. Furthermore, I purchased $30,000 in stock at $.50 a share and it traded at $1.80, after which I sold the stock and made $5,500.
Carol S

I have to thank the Mark and Bob group for; all the enlightenment I have received has given me much strength.

When a family situation happened and I co-inherited 2 properties I didn”t agree to sell, I said great opportunity to apply what I have learned.

All the creative ideas, skills and knowledge I have learned from Mark and Bob have made my worth almost 3 million dollars.

I am excited and planning to attend the Anaheim retreat and participating in the Awards program! I have to Thank the Mark and Bob group for all the enlightenment I have received.

With much love to all involved

carolann m
I am just a “green” beginner and so is my husband. My mother wrote out her life story in longhand, before she passed away, and I am dedicated to typing it and publishing it. She was in “foster care” before there was even a name for it, as she was orphaned at three years of age. She was one of the first women to learn to fly as a pilot; she did not know Amelia Earhart, but was of the same generation. My husband”s great-grandfather also wrote out his life story as a pioneer and Ernie is going to publish it. Our ancestors had very interesting lives, and many people have expressed the desire to read about them.
Carole P & Ernest P
Minor triumph at this point – we made it over the hump of making that first offer, and that was after there was another offer that delayed us earlier!
Carolyn C & John C
I was scared to make my first offer on a house, so it was a big first step. I made a low bid because there were several repairs to be done and from research I did it looked like some work had been done illegally. My bid was rejected and I was glad, but I learned a lot about what and how to look for in a prospective property. It started me on the way to getting my team together.
After looking at a lot of houses, I made an offer on a 3/2 for $125,000 and the owner could walk away (out of state stepson closing up an estate). We made the offer contingent on acceptance that day (12 people were to look at it the next day), and they accepted. My realtor who only works with investors walked me through step by step what to do next: the inspection, pricing things I was going to need for repairs and updates, and insurance, and financing. He”s on my team. He sent me to a couple of trade shows where I got a lot of information and met people in the different fields I will be needing to work with. Made some good contacts and stretched my wings a little further. My team is starting to grow with each step. We are now trying to close and I am finding out about all the detail work, and how some people don”t follow through on what they say, but my team is starting to grow further. I am in awe how God brings people into my path that can help with one thing or another. This is an interesting (and sometimes frustrating) journey. My wings are anxious to be in use.
I recently bought an affiliate web site and started marketing to sell web sites. I have not made anything yet cause I am still learning. I applied for a home business license and I think I am on my way to something big! I have always given to various charities whenever I could, however it will be nice to be able to do this on a regular basis. What good is it to have all this money, if you can”t share it? Mark and Robert, I am so glad you came into my life! God bless you both! I will keep you updated!
Carrie J & Jeff B
My seminar income has increased 5X since I decided to believe that I am an enlightened millionaire April 2004.
Cassandra C
I formed a partnership with two women. We have developed a marketing plan for a one-day seminar for women that includes:1] Offering the seminar for free to the unemployed work force in our town and inviting the local newspaper and TV station to preview it; 2] Offering an Early Bird Special seminar to women that are “connectors”; 3] Offering advertising space on our new website; 4]Securing the location at a national oriental medicine school and receiving an endorsement from them; 5] Receiving endorsements from local key education board members. We have the dates and locations for 1] and 2], as well as the public seminar. We have received six advertisers for the website. We have completed 4] and 5].
Cassandra C
On Oct. 26, 2003, when it appeared we would need to evacuate from our home, the FIRST things I packed were my Protege materials that I had received a couple of weeks before. I didn”t REALLY think the Paradise Fire would affect our home, but I had just rearranged my bookshelf to place the new books and CDs in a prominent place in my home office. Our home was completely destroyed in the 2003 California wildfires. Fortunately, we had purchased our first investment property, two triplexes, and just a couple of months before and had a vacant unit. We (a family of 6 plus 1 dog and 6 cats) moved into a 2-bedroom unit for a month, then “upgraded” ourselves to an empty 3-bedroom (where we still are while finishing renovating the triplexes). For the past year we”ve been listening to the CDs, reading the books, and are now listening to the conference calls. We decided to focus on building our real estate investment business instead of rebuilding our house (figuring it would take about the same amount of time and energy, but the business would product enough to buy/build MANY houses!). We purchased the two lots adjacent to our home acreage for the future. P.S. I had attended Bob”s 5-day Wealth Training back in 1989, and read his books over the decade of child rearing after that. Finally, we”re putting it all into practice. Thanks, Bob.
Cat M & Rodney M
we bought a flipper property in Lethbridge, Alberta. The original cost was $124,000.00. The asking price when we looked at it was $114,000.00. We bought it for 99,000.00. It is in a good location in Lethbridge and when it is fixed up will be a good family home in a nice neighborhood. Based on comparables- it should sell for $130,000.00 when its updated. It is a solid home and only cosmetic upgrades are necessary. This will be a learning experience for us as we fix it up. We expect that our reno skills and speed will improve the more we do. It will be fun to fix it up. Even more fun to sell it again!
Our first offer was on a flipper property in Lethbridge, Alberta. The sale price was $85,900.00 and we were succesful in our offer of $73,000.00. We had to pull out of the deal however as the building inspection showed structural problems and probable hidden costs which would have taken away our profit margin. We will not fix up a house for the fun of it! I still consider this a success however as I accompanied the building inspector around and was able to ask him loads of questions and learned a great deal more about what to look for regarding possible problems. So I am much more informed than I was before. The more I learn, the better a success I will become
I am in the 90 day challenge. This week I have contacted the court house and local utility company about three vacant houses. I have requested “change of address” information from the Post Office and I”m waiting to receive an answer. I also checked with a realtor and now have the list for tonight”s call (0 to 50,000) or lowest price point. I also made the decision to attend “The Millionaire Mind intensive” in CA and made the necessary arrangements; airline tickets, hotel reservations and someone to stay with my son. That may not sound like much but I am terrified of traveling across this country and attending this seminar by myself. I just keep saying “one step at a time”.
cathy w

I”ve been in the Internet marketing business for almost 10 years. The first 3 years were the worst years of my life. I began the company in an undercapitalized situation and I soon had collection agents hounding me and the phone company threatening to cut off my phone. My anxiety was chronically at extreme levels and my health was terrible.

I read Multiple Steams of Income and was encouraged to learn of all the other ways to make money. I persisted when times were tough and now I”m a multi-millionaire living my life by design. I work in my pajamas from my dream home with my backyard on the ocean. I get to hang out with my family whenever I want to and I get to meet all kinds of interesting people through my travels.


My success story is really very small in many ways but seems huge to me right now. I have only written a query letter for my book. I am very excited about it because the training I have had with EMI has made my initial “small idea” into a multi-million dollar idea.

I am taking my book idea and adding on many different products to support the healing and life transformation methods included in the book. Thank you EMI Team for being such a wonderful energy in my life!!!

I am still working on my team, my main team member, my step father, died on Fathers Day. He was a driving force in my life and will be impossible to replace. He helped me research marketing and different suppliers to support my ideas and products.

I now have a no money down property by knowing no money down was the strategy I needed to use. Currently it is in escrow to become a break even property. It has given me the courage to continue investing and learning about investing in real estate. The greatest success is being in the company of like minded, encouraging mentors and coaches. It keeps the dreams and goals alive and in action. I can”t begin to thank you enough for your enlightening training.
Celestine B & Shiva D
House was purchased from someone who prevented it from going into forclosure. It appraised at $120,000.00. We bought it for $81,000.00 with no money down or out of our pocket. We did a short term loan for $90,000.00 from the bank with no monthly payments until we resell the house. Expecting to sell for between $108,000.00 and $115,000.00 for a $15,000 – $20,000 profit.
Chad K & Pamela K
It was an ad in the paper. I called up the ad and it turned out to be an agent. I discovered that the home was in a nice area, but needed a lot of work. It seemed to be a decent price, but with so much work, I did not think I would be able to make a profit, so I passed on the deal. Two weeks later, I got a call from the Agent that she was able to convince the homeowners to drop the price $20K. Hearing this, I scheduled an appointment and jumped in the car to view the property again. I submitted a lowball offer and it was turned down. Moving quickly, I submitted another offer which was again rejected, but the homeowners came down another 5K. I submitted a third offer, this time asking the sellers to cover some closing costs. This third offer was finally accepted and the sellers agreed to pay $500 in closing costs!
Chaffee-Thanh N
Robert Allen was the first seminar that I went to and it introduced me to the world of Real Estate Investing. Since them I have purchased 3 properties and I”m looking to purchase an additional 3 in the next 6 months. I”m on my way to financial freedom!
Chaffee-Thanh N
While I was reading The One minute Millionnaire book and listening to the first 2 teleconferences, I received an email about a job offer without any other information only to talk about residual income. So my intuition told me to call. I met with them the same day. While listening to your courses and talking about that 3rd mountain of multiple stream income of networking and finding the right one with a very successful upline and great sponsors, my prayers were answered, so I joined. I have a great team and already enrolled 3 people whom one of them is my best friend Michelle. I talked to Michelle about the Protege Program and since then we have joined and we are working together to reach our goal of becoming Enlightened Millionaires. So we have started building our Network mountain and aiming for the top!!!
Chantal T & Michelle M
Wow , after being in this business for only 2 weeks, I got a first check already for the month of July of $51.29. I also enrolled another person since then. Slowly but surely.
Chantal T & Michelle M
In 1986, using Robert Allen”s strategies, my wife and I bought a home listed for $150,000 for $135,000. We refinanced the house when it appreciated to $325,000 and took out $100,000! We bought the house by assuming a loan.
Charles G & Alma W

I got a call from my real estate agent today with verbal acceptance of a contract we offered on a bank foreclosure.

This is our first deal! An $83,000 1700 square foot brick home with a beautiful pond and view in back in definite need of some TLC! Comps for the area project an ARV of $130,000. Is it really this easy? I guess we”re fixin” to find out!


Following advice learned in the Robert Allen real estate course we attended last month, I started looking on the internet for foreclosures.

A web link led us to a mortgage broker who we called then met and got preapproval for a loan.

With that in place, I contacted three real estate agents to look for properties.

Meanwhile, in a strange twist of fate, my wife was assaulted at her place of employment by another worker who had been fired that day. We took this as hers cue to tell her employer (a bank!) that we no longer required their services.

She received a measly 30-day severence from them with an agreement not to say anything to make them look bad.

Up to this time we had intended on finding some foreclosures for renting out.

After the change in our monthly income due to her job loss, we decided to focus on finding some fixer uppers which we would then flip. I have a good bit of construction experience and a lot of repair experience, and my dad is a carpenter getting up in years but still looking for work. Seems like a win-win situation to me.

Anyway, things are lined up and ready to go. Meanwhile we”re working another stream of income with our network marketing business which we”ve received three checks on. I also do occasional video work on the side as another stream of income. Full time, I”m an Army officer. So our multiple streams of income are beginning to flow!

We”re already sharing these concepts to anybody who”ll listen! And we can”t wait for the day when we can donate a goodly portion of our profits (above our tithe) for some special needed project.

Charles G & JoAnn G

I took the Robert Allen Real Estate Seminar in October of 2003. I made my first deal involving a small house in Arlington,Texas with a partner for $45,000. We sold the house in February 2004 for $89,990. This was the first profit I made after the seminar.

In May of 2004 I purchase my first rental property for $86,250. The property appraised for $115,000. I am presently renting the property for a cash flow of $350.00 a month

Charles M
I was laid off 4 years ago in October of 2000 after devoting my heart & soul to the company. After that, I decided that I would never again want to feel the depression, anger, and helplessness of being laid-off, so I started doing computer consulting for a business. \r\n\r\nThrough computer consulting, I barely got by, but I acquired a multi-millionaire mentor that helped guide me through the hard times & introduced me to business opportunities. I was struggling financially and it was leading to family problems. My in-laws, friends, and family thought I was a “Loser” because I couldn”t keep a steady job. I was having negative cash flow and using my home equity line to pay bills. I even joined credit counseling to help manage my unsecured debts and credit cards.\r\n\r\nIn the middle of 2002, I attended Tony Robbins” “Unleash the Power Within” Weekends. Even though I barely have money for living, I figured that if I kept on doing what I”m doing, I’m going to get the same result unless I do something different. So I took a leap of faith & joined Tony Robbins’ “Mastery University” program for $10,000. \r\n\r\nFrom there, I trusted my intuition and started a partnership with two of my friends and later that year, joined Robert Allen’s Protégé Program. In the middle of 2003, the partnership with my friends failed, but I didn’t give up. Out of frustration & disappointment, I woke up at 3:00 am and started to write out what I didn”t want in a business relationship, what I did want, and what I was willing to stand for in order to attract the right kind of people to do business with. \r\n\r\nSeveral weeks later, an insurance broker company offered me a position at the corporate office working directly with the owner. From that, I was able to bring in more consistent income & help me to become a financial advisor. \r\n\r\nAlso around the middle of 2003, I attended Glenn Purdy”s “Advanced Real Estate Workshop” in Anaheim, CA. From the training, Glenn helped me to realize that I don’t have anymore excuses for not investing in Real Estate. So, I decided to start investing in Real Estate & I needed to find a mentor who lived locally. \r\n\r\nTwo to three months later, I woke up at 3:00 am downloading mp3 files from “Success with the Masters”, from the Protégé Program and I recognized Al Robinson, a guest speaker Mark Victor Hansen was interviewing. Al Robinson was a Real Estate Investing trainer back in the 1980″s and early 1990″s. I was usually Al’s youngest student & even got him to help my parents buy a commercial building. \r\n\r\nSo, I called Al the next day & he still remembered me. I told him I was ready to invest in RE & I needed his guidance. He told me to attend his monthly RE Investor meetings that he held once a month. Through his meetings, I learned I could take some money out from my appreciating home & invest in RE. \r\n\r\nIn November 2003, he found me a real estate project buying a 20-acre piece of land to develop. I was excited to work with a multimillionaire who had over 28-years of experience in RE. We bought the land, and the land value doubled in 60 days. We just finished mapping it & are either planning to sell it or to develop condos on it, making at least 200% to 300% on our money in less than a year. \r\n\r\nIn addition, Al also helped me get into two family residence houses that we might quick turn to make quick profits.\r\n\r\nOverall, I was a struggling so called “Loser”, from the In-laws & family members. Because of courage, determination, and support from my wife and kids, I preservered & won. I’m currently an insurance broker/financial advisor, a mortgage broker, a real estate agent, and a real estate investor. I have multiple streams of income and on my way to building wealth with Real Estate Investing. \r\n\r\nI’m developing to be a speaker, to inspire & educate people, to help them overcome obstacles & follow their dreams…. My purpose in life is “to share my wealth of love and to inspire people to be what matters most….”\r\n\r\n
Charles N

Last night we received an e-mail regarding a rehab for sale. The house is going for $1,495,000, but it”s after repair value is in the neighborhood of $2,000,000. Our Protege Mentor called shortly after that for our weekly training call. We talked briefly again about filling out the contract, and I filled it out last night and attached the escape clauses.

Out of all of the real estate related things to do, the contract worries me the most. I hate filling out paperwork. Especially anything I have to sign. I faxed it up to our mentor a couple of hours later and we went to the movies.

Our appointment to see the home was at 1 o”clock today. Great neighborhood, George Steinbrenner lives 4 or 5 houses down. Seven bedrooms/seven baths, a boat dock, one two-car garage, one single-bay garage, over-engineered to stand the test of time. It was a divorce situation and it hadn”t been finished. The owner still had people working on it, was willing to re-do things, and explained the concept he and his former wife had had for each room. Most things were built the way she wanted them, so he didn”t want to keep the house. Great place. The owner is looking to move it in the next week or two.

There were a couple of other investors (partners) there from the local Real Estate Investors Association and the lady brokering for the owner (who was living elsewhere) is also a member. We had joined last month, so they all gave us tips along the way. When the tour was over I handed her the contract. The contract stated we”d put down a $250 deposit on the $1,400,000 and needed 45 days to close. We put in several “subject to” clauses, including the right to show the place ourselves, and I signed it “and/or assigns”. The broker informed me he would be against that, and I had already been informed that he wanted it done in the next couple of weeks. I gave her the contract anyway, but I expect it to be rejected…but that”s okay. It”s the first of many more I”ll be writing. My wife, and I went to lunch. I was still a little nervous, the seller is a lawyer and I could just imagine myself getting stuck with that contract and him doing nasty, lawyerly, things to us, even though I had put in all of the right clauses. Our mentor reached us on the cell phone while we were at lunch and told me the contract looked good and I had nothing to worry about.

That”s it. The first one is done. No more worries. It”s on and up from here.

Charles S & Denise S
I made my first offer today. The house was listed for $99,900, and it needed some repairs which I estimated at around $20,000. I submitted an offer of $70,000 for the property. This one could be a real winner if my offer is accepted.
Charley M

Eight weeks ago I knew nothing about options trading and felt it was something beyond my capablility to fully understand and use successfully.

The results I attained while participating in Dr. Cooper”s “Paper Trading competition” were outstanding. My overall investment increased by 27% in a matter of three weeks, with some trades moving up substantially higher.

Here are my best results:

Expedia Oct 50 call moved up from 7.00 to 10.70 for a gain of 55% in 12 days.

nasdaq Sept 26 call moved up from 2.10 to 3.30 for a gain of 57% in 15 days.

Qlogic July 40 call moved up from 3.80 to 6.00 for a gain of 58% in 8 days.

Charlie S
I bought property for $26,000 and spent around $20,000 for improvements. I ended up selling it for $96,500.
Charlotte A
I was very excited to receive my first network marketing check of the new year. Looking forward to many more!
Chelyn B
We have been in the EMI program for two months and have been diligently looking for properties to purchase. We had wanted to find a townhouse that would work for us. Often they would be sold before we were able to walk through them. We spoke to a new agent about what we wanted and when he called us, we almost didn”t go look. The area had looked rather shabby a year ago, but we figured it”s worth checking out. In fact, the area has “cleaned up” some and we were thrilled with the place. We pulled together our estimate of costs to repair and made an offer that evening. It was our first offer and they accepted it the next day!!! It was the right time and the right circumstances for us all.
Cheryl C & Johnny C
I spent countless hours creating my first website. I had people coming out of the wood work to help me, all with different opinions and the best of intentions. This process was all new to me and I found the variances of information, approaches, and opinions overwhelming – so I followed my heart. The site was beautiful. The artist in me loved the great graphics and overall layout. The Life Coach in me enjoyed being able to express my philosophical views on life. While I got many compliments on the site – it did not bring me any new business. I signed up to be an EMI Protégé 5 months later. I decided to focus first on the internet offerings so I could make my site effective. I was overjoyed as I learned the many different thought processes, details, tips, and design elements that create a powerful and effective site. One of the great things about mapping out an effective website is that you MUST have clarity about who your market is and how you want to serve them. This process is critical to the success of ANY successful business. As I continued taking the courses, I excitedly mapped out my new site building on the clarity I was obtaining from my assignments. My website was updated on 12/21/03. It feels great to have a powerful foundation for building my business available on the internet.
Cheryl H & Mike T
After spending about a month of educating myself, learning the market, calling on ads and looking at properties, I finally found one I wanted to make an offer on. I live in a very hot market, so finding properties below market is a challenge. After looking at the property, I drove back to my work office and called the help line. The coach walked me through the process, and the next day I put in my offer. I was nervous, but excited – I”m really doing this!
Cheryl L
Finding a property below market was a real challenge, but it is so great to know that they really are out there, even in my hot market where things are sold almost as soon as they go on the market! I put in an offer, after help from the coaching staff, and after a couple of counter-offers, it was finally accepted. I now have a P&S on a $146,000-valued home for only $128,000, and the sellers agreed to pay all the closing costs. I did have to put up 3% down, but not a bad return on my investment! I plan on flipping this property for a quick profit, so I can move on to my next one!
Cheryl L

I was listening to Bob Kokott’s calls on Foreclosures and was inspired to work the Pre-Foreclosure market. I was sending out letters to people who were about to lose their homes. I was contacted by a man whose mother is paralyzed form the waist down, his dad was going through cancer surgery, and he was going to be foreclosed on in 4 days. We were able to work out a deal so that he sold his SUV, endorsed the check to me so that he could get access to the funds right away, and I kept the difference in what he owed the lawyers and what the check amount was for.

I was able to allow him to keep his home. He cried when this transaction happened. The feeling that gave me was priceless.

We can indeed help others and ourselves without being dishonest or taking advantage of people.

Cheryl P & Terri D

I had been investing (on my own, as well as through a “paid Financial Advisor” for several years. While initially the investments were going well, during the late 1990″s and early 2000″s and the dot-com bust of 2002, my investments took a nose-dive. I got no help at all from my “paid” Financial Advisor, who DID NOT protect me during the downturn, by not advising me to get out of certain stocks and vetoing my personal gut-feeling sell requests. (He got paid based on a percentage of the $ actually invested in the stocks and bonds, and not on cash reserves in the acct. So he was always reluctant to be in ANY cash position, and also continuously stated that certain depreciating stocks were NOT yet on a downgrade, so I should not get out of it, while it steadily continued to depreciate.) I finally got disgusted with this very clear case of self-interest/conflict-of-interest on his part at my expense. After my portfolio shrank to a third of its original value and after he had made several tens of thousands over a 3-1/2 year period, I “fired” him in December 2002, and took charge of my own investments.

At about the same time, I also got “right-sized” by my employer, with just a few weeks of severance pay, and finding a suitable position over the next year produced few tangible results.

I decided that either I could sit and blame my “misfortune” on others or take my life as God was giving me, and upon prayer, I decided to improve my skills through learning, and doing.

I had heard of Robert Allen through some e-mail as well as an ad in Newark Star Ledger. I took the “plunge” and attended a session of the 3-day Creating Wealth Through Real Estate seminar, in New Jersey, in late June 2003, and, as part of the follow-up, joined the protégé program. The “other” multiple streams of income (about $5,600 in the past month), such as Stock Trading, and Book Publishing appealed to me very much. While I am making some modest and steady gains in stocks, I am in the process of writing a book, and hope to convert that opportunity into a seminar teaching.

Chet K
When I was 26 years old I started my first training business. I loved it but I was trading time for money and I needed to build a company that others helped do the work. So I started a new company that sells training programs to independent trainers. I am now 35 years old and have a $3,000,000 DEBT FREE company. I have time, money and freedom. My company continues to grow every year and in April my wife and I are expecting our first child and my wife can stay home full time to be with him. God has really blessed us.
Chip W & Karmin W
3-30-04 Thought I might date this so others can follow along with our success and see the steps as they go. We bought our first house, a couple of years ago. My neighbor decided that he was going to move, so we worked out with him to buy his house. Because of the availability in mortgage products, we decided to move into the new home even though it was smaller, and rented out our first house. We are now prepping this home for rental and are looking for a new place to move.
Chris B & Mary B

I attended The Millionaire retreat in Los Angeles in October 2002. After the retreat, I was so excited I tried many things: real estate, network marketing, notes and stock trading.

Results I lost my job, and went broke a year later.Now, let me tell you the beauty of all that. First and foremost, at the retreat I met the woman of my life, just for that reason it was worth all the millions of the world. She is priceless.

Then, I offer myself the best gift I could ever receive: I found who really I am.I remember one day I was supposed to get paid $15,000 for one of my real estate deal. The deal closed and I end up with $2,000. This was not enough to cover all my bills. After a day of panic, I asked myself: “so now what’s next?”And here is my answer: “Well, I paid my rent for the next month and I have my computer; I guess I’m going to write the book I always wanted to write!”The day I started to write my book, my world changed, no more stress, I was happy and fulfilled for no reason, just bliss. Bob Allen and Joyce Edelbrock helped me tremendously in the Infopreneuring course. They open my eyes to the endless world of Infopreneuring. Their support and entertaining teaching style were an immense source of inspiration. Result: I’m going with Bob and Joyce to the Book Expo America 2004 and today, I do what I love and I love what I do.

Chris K

My Father soared over the 19 year olds car. Dads yellow Ducatti racer motorcycle skidded off without him aboard. My Dads helmet protected head impacted with a sick sound, wrist bones shattering like uncooked pasta. He sprawled crumpled in the fresh grass, not moving. Or breathing. Speedy life savers arrived with skidding tires, lights and sirens ablaze. The “Life Star” helicopter lifted off as open mouthed strangers strained to see who or what had happened here. Trauma center. Worried professionals rushing along well lit corridors. Blood. Tubes. Slow drip of an I.V. Respirator. Not breathing on his own. COMA.

After a long, long story, we pulled the life support, and my Dad died in hospice. These events however, led up to the purchase of my first investment property.


3bd/2.5bath 1500 sq feet, Track home , golf course community, H.U.D. repo, 100% financing for $240,000 $1600 P.I. (actual payment) 1875 P.I.T.I. comps came in at $260,000-265,000 we won the bid by 1500, asking for .5% paid by H.U. D.

Almost no work to be done. Lots of clean up true “sweat equity” closed in 3 months, total out of pocket $6,000. Ran adds for lease option, HUGE response. Signed 2 year lease with family who said “this is a miracle for us Chris” Payments of $1895/month+ deposit of $1,000. Used Robert allen Lease option form.

Couldn”t have bought it without my wife!

Who gets paid/wins?? My wife and I get paid, plus experience. Agent gets 14,000 in commissions, lenders paid, H.U.D. rid of problem, and net profit, Neighbors happy because only brown yard on street is getting fixed. Leasees get to own a home after 10 years of renting. Tenant is concrete contractor with bad credit, but makes about $8,000 per year. His landlord of ten years states that he always is good for the $ and is an excellent tenant. Robert Allen gets credit for protege program. Real estate agent gets referrals from my newspaper add. I get 10% of any commission from his referrals. Win/Win/Win.

Chris R & Karra R
We started our protégé program in Oct. 2003 in Real Estate, Internet and Info Preneuring. We made our 1st offer in Oct. 2003 on a foreclosure. It was rejected. We’ve made 4 offers so far, and our 4th offer was accepted last week in Jan.2004. It”s a 2 bed room town house, and we are currently searching for a mortgage for it (because our banker refused our terms for a loan). We have 30 days to find a mortgage, and we are excited about our 1st investment property.
Chris&Mei G
I signed up with host for profit and got my web site live so I could make money in the affiliate program. Since then I have bartered with a person to fine tune the web site and help me keep it updated. I wrote my book, created a dream team, paid to have it printed and sold 250 copies in the first 4 weeks.
Christina C & Morton O

WOO-WHO! I”m getting excited! And to think that yesterday morning I was feeling really disgruntled and unhappy that none of the places I”d checked out had appealed to me.

My realtor and I looked at the insides of 3 properties yesterday and walked around a fourth. The first (exterior tour only) was a 4-plex. Ok shape, not the greatest. Owner asking $293k for it, rents $650/unit.

Across the street was another FSBO 4-plex with (get this!) a 2/1 house included– for $367k; total rents were $3670 per month. We toured the insides of both… and discovered that they both had huge amounts of deferred maintenance and physical problems that were beyond me. Not to mention the two properties are on one lot and cannot be split apart (I”d have to check on that, but I”m not inclined to go in on those unless I had a developer or someone very interested in doing huge amounts of construction on them!).

But we DID tour a meticulously well kept (“cream puff”) duplex in the same neighborhood… it”s an area of town that is slated to have an old vacant brewery updated and modernized by an architectural firm. Asking price on the duplex is $200k, owner-occupied (15 yrs!) on top, tenants paying $750 on bottom. Tenants pay all utilities; owner is only responsible for taxes, insurance, mortgage, and trash.

Owner doesn”t want to close till July or August (she would lose her medical assistance if she sold it & rented the rest of her time in it until she can move into her new condo)… but I am going to put in my offer anyway!! Never hurts to offer; the worst she can say is “No” and I”d be on to the next.

My mortgage broker says, “Excellent! Looks like it will cash flow. If you can get your hands on 10% ($20k) for down payment, I can even line up 1.95% financing for you.” Yowsa, if she accepts my offer, it looks like I”m going to be attempting to “beg, steal, or borrow” $20k over the next 4 months. Hey, I can do that. The only downside to a very long closing date is that my lender can only lock in rates for 60 days… unless I want to pay $750/month for the privilege of locking in a rate. If I knew I had access to $20k, it”d be worth it. Not till then.

Now if I can just re-educate my realtor a little more… she still seems to be unable to shake the impression that I”m going to stop at buying one property and wants me to look around some more before deciding on a purchase. I”m NOT stopping at one, are you kidding??

Christina L
I submitted a letter of intent to purchase a duplex (priced at $199.5k), offered to obtain conventional financing at $175k and have the seller carry a note at 5% 30 yr amort for $20k, which would bring seller”s gross to $201k in seven years. Little did I know that the seller was on medical disability for anxiety, of all things! She was so convinced that I didn”t have good credit and offended by the idea of not getting full cash up front that my realtor didn”t even want to submit my back-up offer to purchase (at $198k with conventional financing), since that contained some hand-written modifications I”d made. Well, lesson number 1: be very careful with people who are anxious! Lesson 2: find a flexible owner means find a flexible owner! She turned out to have a very rigid mind.
Christina L
Well, my partner and I just recently became students so we have not yet acquired any properties. However, we have opened escrow on one property which later fell through because of the inspection. I do want to say that the learning curve is huge. With every deal we work on we get one step closer. It is so close we can taste it. I would like to Thank Robert Allen in helping us to achieve this dream as well as how to become ENLIGHTENED millionaires!
christina m & nicolo v
This was a VA foreclosure we found out about thru their internet site. The protperty was a house on a lot. Because the house had been “gutted”…needing walls, ceilings, floorings, appliances etc. it was valued at $40,000 and the asking price was $21,000, easily the value of the land alone. We found out about the bidding 2 days before it closed and we bid $2,000 cash. We did not win the bid and haven”t been able to find out how much it went for. Our plan if we had won the bid was to live in the house while we renovated it and then re-sell it.
Christina R & Rick R
This is actually our second sale but since the first was to a relative, I”m not counting it. This second sale was from a perfect stranger. He purchased our product off our web site. What an awesome feeling that was when I checked our order page and voila! There it was.
Christina R & Rick R
Our site is up and running! Don”t have all the bugs worked out yet, but we”ve received 2 orders and I”m sooo psyched.
Christina R & Rick R
Since I became a Certified Firewalking Instructor, 10 years ago, I dreamed of one day opening up and running a highly successful Center for Holistic Living. After joining the protege program in March, I”ve taken action and created Quantum Leap Awareness Center, in Coos Bay Oregon. It is an actual entity, registered with the City of Coos Bay and with the State of Oregon. Although we don”t have a physical home yet, we are proceeding with business. The goal of the Center is to * raise public and personal awareness of the body-mind-spirit connection * enhance the quality of life * assist in identifying and achieving goals * stimulate creativity * inspire personal growth * nurture spiritual evolution * promote physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social and financial well being * foster feelings of love, unity, joy, compassion and respect We accomplish this by sponsoring a variety of workshops, programs, seminars and events. Our first program is The Certified Public Hugger Program. The purpose of this program is to spread joy, compassion and healing love around the world, one hug at a time. We can see a day, when two strangers, wearing their CPH buttons, meet in a public place, like a store. They recognize a fellow hugger and with eyes locked, smiling, they approach and embrace warmly. Medical research has only substantiated a small amount of the benefits of hugging…decreased blood pressure and heart rate, lessened feelings of anxiety, depression and stress, and increased feelings of self-worth, security and bonding. Our goal is to promote the Certified Public Hugger Program so that the CPH Packet is the most popular stocking stuffer for Christmas, 2004.
Christina R & Rick R
I managed to refinance all of our debts into one mortgage with the purchase of an investment property. The exciting “win” for both parties was that the vendors were in a poor financial situation and they now have a substantial sum of money which they are going to use to purchase a new property for themselves, plus they plan to travel overseas to visit family they haven”t seen for quite some time. It has really taken pressure off them (they are both almost 75 years old with only a government pension to live off) and they can now really enjoy their “golden years”. And for my husband & me, it has meant we have consolidated all our debts into one low interest rate – now instead of only repaying interest, we will actually also be repaying principal and we have an asset as a result of our efforts. Financially things are a lot more manageable for us with this deal becoming a reality and we are now in a position in which we can move forward into other areas such as the stock market. We also have managed to get some working capital out of this deal so our business is in a position to expand further. Thank you for all your work that has enabled me to understand these concepts and put them into practice so that lots of people can benefit from the results.
I had been working, with great effort, on getting a Site Build It site up over the last 2 years. When I was in the Internet Site Building 30-day Quick Start, I got the idea of creating a landing page to market a network marketing project. I had it done in 2 days! It took a little while longer to get it approved by the network marketing company, then up on the server and live. But I was amazed at how quickly I was able to create a web page. Now I just have to market it and get traffic to it.
Christine F
Our first property was one I found in the local paper, barely 2 lines long and an “A+” ad! It also happened to be our first offer, which made it all a little more exhilerating. We did offer the sellers their “lowest” price, $180K, which was only $5000 below their original asking price. The reason? This student rental is directly across the street from a major college. By spending $50/year to be on the student rental website, this house has consistenly had a montly positive cashflow of ~$625/month with 6 rooms in the house and zero vacancy (even thru summer months since the college”s main focus is co-op programs and placements). When we add in the 7th room in the new year, cashflow will be boosted to ~$1050/month, which is about $150/room. That”s even charging about $50 less than the average rentals in the area, so we have room to easily move the rents up over the next few years. This has basically been turn-key, knock on wood, and we”re already looking at two more similiar properties now just two days after our closing. Yay!!
Christine G & Steve G
We submitted our first offer this week. We offered only $5000 under the listed price, as the owners had candidly told us that was as low as they were willing to accept. However after doing our rental analysis we found there to be ~$600 positive cashflow per month right now, with the potential to boost it up to ~$1050/month. Hence we felt that this was a profitable property worth buying at a “premium” so-to-speak. Hopefully, this will have taken some of the scariness out of making offers for us, making the next one that much easier!
Christine G & Steve G
Well, I really did it! I bought a FSBO in my town, not a bargain, but a decent price. It”s an older single family home zoned business. My first financing fell through 2 weeks before closing because of the zoning. Live and learn. I happened to attend a real estate investment club meeting that same evening where a creative loan officer/investor was a guest. His bank could handle the financing I needed and within 1 week, I had a loan! 100% financing to boot! This was considered a commercial loan and I didn”t have to jump through all the hoops like a regular residential loan, plus it was much less expensive. Due to real estate tax credits and a home inspection repair credit, I walked away from closing with $700! It really can happen–considering I paid earnest $, a home inspection, appraisal and insurance all out of pocket and then received $ back after closing costs, I paid a total of $1500 to buy a $135,000 house! Now, I”m trying to rent it out or to do a “rent to own”. Thanks, Bob and all!!!!
Christine H & Jeff H
Just made my first offer tonight. It was a verbal offer to a FSBO I had been talking with over the last few weeks. He was asking $140k and offering seller financing, so I offered $130K at 5% amortized over 30 years with a 5 yr balloon, with no down payment. The area is very active and things are selling fast. This property would be rented out for $1100, and would give me about $100/month cash flow. Not much equity right now though. I don”t think he was happy with the price, said he would get back to me in a few days, and would discuss things with his attorney. I am willing to go up to $135K, but even if I don”t get this property, I wouldn”t be heartbroken. Just the fact that I did it is good enough incentive for me to keep going. NEXT!!!!
Christine H & Jeff H
I got my first-ever website up and running, and am continuing to improve it. For me, it adds legitimacy to my financial advising business, as well as added services for my clients. I have also just added an on-line term quoting system (4-2004), as well as annuity and LTCi quote request forms. I am working on ways to drive business to my sites and obtain new customers. I know the website has helped generate business for my financial seminars, from which I am making money.
Christine P

My success story may seem small by comparison, but it”s a big step for me, and I know it is a stepping stone for future successes.

I have now completed giving 4 financial seminars, from which I am gaining new clients and making money. I was so afraid to get up in front of people and speak, and I must say I procrastinated doing this for over a year, even though I knew it was an essential step in my marketing campaign. So, I found a partner and finally did it! It was a great experience. Not only did I find out that I wasn”t so afraid to do it once I was up in front of people, but that the seminar attendees thought I was great! What a confidence builder. I”m ready to get going on the next seminar!

Christine P
We put in an offer on a Townhome in a gated community thru a realtor. She did not like the offer but put it in anyway. The seller did not even counter offer. During that week we put in 2 more offers both of those were not taken either. We are working with a realtor friend and hope to make a few more offers in the coming week.
I bought property on a real estate contract, then refinanced with no money down, moving in with 20 percent equity.
Christopher C & Abigail D
This was my first “short-sale” purchase. I got a tip from a realtor that this house was headed to foreclosure. I contacted the current owner and told him I might be able to help. He was receptive and I started negotiating with the bank. After jumping through all the hoops the bank discounted the purchase price 75% from what they were owed! This built in almost $70K in instant equity. My bank loaned me 90% of my purchase price and I used money in an insurance account for the rest. No money out of my pocket and easy flip. I just want to find more of these!
Christopher H
We joined an interesting multi-level marketing company and received our first check of $148.00 only one week after our first investment! We are currently telling others about what we are involved in and looking forward to a prosperous future!!
Christopher P & Erin P
After listening to last nights call, I realized how easy and risk free making offers can be. I have made offers and bought several rentals over the last 2 years but none yet using the nothing down or flipping techniques taught by Robert Allen. I had used traditional investing with more risk. It is very exciting and we”ll see what happens. My goal is to make at least 3 offers weekly.
Christopher S & Jennifer S
Hi, I found a 4-unit property on a FSBO web site, negotiated to take over the property subject to the existing financing on an installment land contract, escrowing the deed with my attorney. At closing, I paid $1200 for title insurance and closing costs and received $1300 in security deposits and rents. The property has a $400 per month positive cash flow and $10,000 worth of equity.
Christopher S & Jennifer S
My wife and I bought our first property, a brand new two bedroom condo, from a bankrupt developer for 5% down with the 5% payable over the first twelve months and the rest (95%) coming in the form of a first trust deed. The total purchase price was $69,000.00. Interesting fact, the 1TD was at 12.5% interest while prevailing interest rates were in the 18% range. Sold this property in 1990 for $118,000.00 and used the proceeds to start my now very sucessful real estate business.
Christopher T & Darlene T
I have made over 25 paper trades using Dr. Cooper”s information. He has taught me so much, so fast. On one of them, an call option for URBN-urban outfitters, I made $16,400 in two weeks. Now to do this with real money. Look out world.
Christy M
My wife and I were working in Public Schools. I was a teacher and she was a counselor. We were broke. We couldn”t even afford to pay rent in the house we were living in. We decided that we needed a change in our life, and then we saw the full page ad in the newspaper. We started buying houses in May of 2003. Since then, we have bought over $3,000,000 worth of homes. I have quit the teaching job and work as a real estate investor full time, well, I guess you can call it full time. I spend more time on the golf course. My wife kept her job for this school year, but will not return. Thanks so much to Bob for all the help and guidance.
Chuck N & Audrey N
Since starting the protege worth by a factor of 4.program I have become debt free (aside from investment debt) and have increased my net.
Chuck R
I made a complete plan to purchase 9 homes this year. We will be selling 2-4 and keep the rest for our selves. We are working on foreclosures and I am getting my Mortgage Broker License.
Chuck W & Tammy W
After attending T.Harv Ekers Wealth and Wisdom” 2003 ( where I met R.Allen for the first time- awesome!) I was approached for a Network Marketing business. The timing was great because I had just finished the chapter on Network Marketing in “Multiple Streams Of Income”… SO I decided to go for it and got a friend interested and sponsored short after.
Chuck W & Tammy W
I got my first check of 114,- for sponsoring one person and getting 2 customer points.
Chuck W & Tammy W
I had found a person going through Divorce and was getting ready to lose his house. I made an offer but Other Investors had already made him scared enough to not want to sell and let it go to forclosure. We had worked with him for three weeks and made an offer before he backed out on us. We haven”t found another one yet but we”re looking!
Chuck W & Tammy W
Before starting the Robert Allen protégé program I knew I needed to set up a web site for my place and plug business in order to maintain sales, to say nothing of growing sales. However, I had no idea how to start. In fact, the whole subject was overwhelming! After the teleconference courses I sat down at my computer and set up our site in less than 4 hours. It was incredible. I talk to people periodically who indicate they have a web site and feel pretty competent and about 5 minutes into the conversation I realize that I know so much more than them – just from the teleconferencing courses! I can”t wait to complete additional Robert Allen courses. There is sooo much more to learn.
Cindy E & Jeff E
I have actually made it through the fear of buying my first investment property. A town close to where I live is one of the fastest growing communities in Western Canada. I have been watching the real estate market there for a while now. After stalling on making an offer on a property that had some cash flow, but not the amount I was looking for, I noticed a ‘For Sale by Owner’ property. This property offered very similar amenities, suited down stairs and full garage in a better location and for forty five thousand less. My offer for 148,000 was accepted and total financing including the down payment was arranged with no money out of my pocket! I now have two renters in the property with a monthly net cash flow of $500! I am looking steadily for the next best deal! Thank you for providing the tools to help me move beyond my fears and confidence to actually get into an arena I previously had no interest or even awareness of my ability to be able to compete. Having two young sons to raise on my own, EMI is truly a program that has brought the hope and courage to me to improve the quality of our lives I have so desperately been searching for.
Cindy H
I participated in Dr. Cooper”s class in January and February 2004. I”ve done 10 paper trades so far, opening 5 trades on Feb. 9, opening 3 trades on Feb. 11, one on Feb. 12, and one on Feb. 27. So far I have closed 4 of these positions, losing $35 on one, losing $70 on another, losing $405 on one and gaining $1600 on another. I still have the remaining positions open and am up overall on those. I have already learned so much I just cannot believe it. I”m going to continue paper trading for at least another month and start real slow with real money. I am very excited about this because I cannot believe how successful I am with such little experience. Dr. Cooper is such a pleasure to learn from. I really like the simple, straightforward strategies and love being able to work from my computer from home.This is awesome. Thank you all.
Cindy J
I have made an offer on a 3 bedroom older property at 12 Bradley St., in Saco, Maine.
Cindy J
In the last couple of months I have Lease/Optioned one house, purchased 3 houses and sold 2 of the 3. The third is set to close on January 15. Currently I am looking for a house for us to move into which will be a 4th purchase and then the Lease/Option will be sold in April. So, you can see I have started to move with this business and am very much looking forward to getting a year older because I will know so very much more than I currently know. Anyways, things are moving and I am tithing my 10%. This is a wonderful business and I love it!!! And, I owe so very much to the Robert Allen team. The other night I ended up being the speaker for our local investor”s meeting because the real speaker didn”t show up. One of my most compassionate statements was that one really doesn”t need to purchase an abundant amount of material to be successful in this business. What really counts is what we bring to it. And, this is what Robert Allen has taught me and given to me in such a wonderful way. As I have always said, this was the best educational dollar that I have ever spent in my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
After 3 months of negotiating with 2 lienholders to complete the first short sale, I was able to purchase my first property for $56,000 below what was owed. My favorite part of this story is the woman whose house I bought has a life that is falling apart. The day that we closed the deal (and the house was flipped to the new buyer), we went out to dinner. I told her about my “poverty friends” who “live” in an uninhabitable environment. Though this woman had just lost her house, the next day her sister was going into cancer surgery and her son was facing jail, she was eager to help support this “poor family.” I am so impressed with her beautiful heart! She has coordinated a group of her friends to contribute to this “poor family” many gifts so that they will have the best Christmas ever. Now, what could be more rewarding than to see something like this played out before your very eyes?

Well, I”ve only just started with EMI! However, so much has changed since I started 2 months ago. It has blown my mind and made me realize there are opportunities everywhere. I”m just about to start paper trading with options and am really excited about it! I”ve just started Karen and Duncan”s 105 Real Estate course and know that by the end of it I”ll have at least one deal, I”m determined. It”s quite a challenge in the UK as you can”t assume mortgages etc. and there are other differences but I know I can still find a great deal if I do my homework.

I would say that the success that I”ve had so far is that the course has completely changed my mindset. I”m confident that if I follow the system I can be a millionaire and help others on the way. It”s made me realize that it”s not greedy or immoral to want financial freedom as long as you do everything in an enlightened way.

Thanks guys! You”re brilliant!!

Claire R

We are starting to see the results of our marketing and networking pay off. Our training is starting to book up and we”ve even had our first sales of our e-book via our website.

We”re passionate about learning from what”s working & what”s not, so check back here in a couple of months and we”ll have some amazing stuff to report!

Clare J & Andy J
One and one half years ago I was very poor and sleeping in my car, after a divorce and other unexpected events entered my life. I saw an advertisement in the San Diego newspaper about Robert Allen”s promise to create new millionaires. I went to the introductory evening class and knew that what was offered was exactly what I needed, but could not afford the price of approximately $3,500. I considered that a real bargain for what was offered, but nobody I asked would lend me the money and I had no credit. I had to wait and build credit for one year to be able to afford the weekend seminar in the bay area to get what I needed. At the seminar I met a mortgage broker. I started to try and get my first property financed. The broker turned out to be “not very good” and after losing a lot of time, I decided to chance a new broker. This was a little bit like quicksand and without telling me, changed the companies he worked for and so further delaying the deal. Finally, after waiting a very long time, the deal came through. To my surprise the interest rate was much higher than I had anticipated. On the other side, all the mix and change had a very positive side effect. I not only financed 100% but, because of an “error in the understanding about the sales price” I immediately got about $16,000 cash in hand out of this deal. Considering also an immediate appreciation of about $300,000 made this transaction a very worthwhile process to go through. I learned a lot about fear and being patient. It seems everything was pre-arranged to work out in the very best of my interest. Much more than I ever could have expected. Thank you so much.
We met a don”t wanter who didn”t mind selling the house for under market value with little money down.
Clifford G & Tatiana G
After attending the 3-day, Real Estate Help Session in Las Vegas, Nevada, in November 2003, we took off! Since then we have purchased and/or have under contract four properties valued at over $810,000 with a gain of $335,000. One of our properties is a 4-plex (two, 4-bedroom and two, 2-bedroom units). We were able to purchase this $300,000 REO property for $138,000 with no money down. In addition to receiving 100% financing, we will receive $60,000 for rehab and $40,000 cash at closing. The Real Estate Help Session was the catalyst for removing our fears and giving us the confidence to come out of the gate and really get going. The tools to be true real estate investors have empowered us and made a difference in our life and the lives of others.
Clifton P & Diane P
My Web site, has been up since April 2000. I am in the process of increasing traffic to my site. This month I have increased visitors to my site by 40% through different methods to increase traffic so that more people can become aware of my Ebook.
Clive S
Determined to become financially independant I hit this challenge with everything I”ve got. In less than 2 weeks I have inspected 20 properties and submitted 10 proposals – ALL no money down. One that I never expected to accept has verbally agreed to my no money down offer. Two homes on lot 1 is 5 bedroom the other 2 bedroom. An investor liquidating his assets, I offered 5% amortized over 30 years balloon pay off in 5 years. That will give me enough equity to refinance. My profit is 439 per month. I can”t wait to sign the papers.
Colleen B &
This is unbelievable! I searched the local newspaper and found a “must sell” ad for a duplex. I looked at the property; it needed some work, but work easily handled by my partner & me. The seller was asking $72,000 for a property he paid $75,000 for 4 years ago. He travels for work and didn”t have time to manage the property, it was empty, but the rent potential is $1150 per month. After the negotiating was done – we paid $68,000 for the property. This is the total after the seller paid the closing costs and gave us $6,550 back in repair money. I am excited and can”t wait to make my next deal.
Colleen B &
Took infopreneuring class and book proposal class, went to BEA last June and sold one of the two proposals to a publisher. Book is scheduled to be produced in Spring schedule, 2005 by Capital Books.
Colleen M
Colleen T

I was going down the path to poverty when I was a teenager, living by my mother”s philosophy of don”t pay your bills if you don”t want to because they can”t squeeze blood out of a turnip, when one day a bill collector called me wanting me to pay my bill. I told him I wasn”t going to pay it because they can”t squeeze blood from a turnip, then he informed me that my credit would be ruined for the next 7 years if I didn”t pay my bill. That creditor educated me at an early age of how the credit world really works, fortunately.

Since then I have been very conscious of my credit score, and when I got married, my husband and I wanted to buy a house. I went to the library to check out some books on how to buy houses and found Robert Allen”s Nothing Down book. I loved it and signed up as a protege.

We”ve bought 7 properties, three mutual funds, sold stuff on ebay, have three businesses, tax lein certificates, giving money to charities, and we have a great lifestyle with two spoiled, happy children. All of these are thanks to the Robert Allen Protege program.

Connie G & Steve G

You might say that my success is a work in progress. As March 2004 starts, I look forward to the future.

Three years ago, I read Robert Kiyosaki”s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and started collecting and reading his book list. One of the books was “Creating Wealth” by Robert Allen. I found “Creating Wealth” and then “The Challenge” in used book stores. These led me to “Nothing Down for the 90″s” and his web-site and the protégé program. A whole new world opened up for me and the possibilities were and are still staggering. I have been involved with the protégé program for 2 years. It”s been a challenge to bring my mind into discipline and focus. I studied and read and even made some offers on properties while I was still employed at my last job, but the confidence was lacking to follow-through on any deals. 

Then a year ago, I lost my job in 9 days. Having always been a hard worker and never having lost a job, it was a blow to my already ragged ego. (very mentally abusive boss) Well, desperation can be a great motivator and I went into things with a vengeance.

I started be reviewing some of my real estate course work and started going to Sheriff”s sales. I started looking through the paper and real estate magazines. I collected business cards from possible buyers (I didn”t have any money and I hadn”t quite got the -No Money Down- concept yet). Since then, I have helped buyers purchase 4 houses and although I haven”t received much income from this, the experience is invaluable and my confidence in what I”m doing is rising.

I started studying my stock charts with a definite purpose. And in 14 months I was able to make a 67% return on options trading. I have also taken the initiative to design and submit an invention to the Patent and Trademark Institute, which is coming up to the market research phase. Hopefully, it will be on the market in the next 6 months. (Sometimes I”m not as patient as I should be).

I have also written a children”s book and am working with my cousin Pat to illustrate it. Then I would like to self-publish it. So, although I haven”t shown a lot of immediate profit, the potential possibilities and the hope that I now live with have given me new focus, initiative and direction. I have learned about goal-writing and how to plan my life instead of letting everyone else plan my life. It”s great to KNOW (really know) that I am in charge of my future.

I have recently accepted a part-time job teaching at a local college, but I know in my heart that I”ll never have a full-time J-O-B again. There are too many ways to have a life instead of earning a living.

I would also recommend saturating yourself in positive, motivational tapes, cd”s, and books, as well as getting around right-minded people either in person or by conference calls. I would have fallen back into my acceptance of low self-worth without these positive influences. I send a huge thank you to Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen for the “Success Strategies” calls and to all the speaker-guests. And also to all of the helpful people at the Enlightened Millionaire Institute. You”ve helped turn my life around.

Connie H

Upon signing up for the Real Estate Mountain and receiving Robert”s Road to Wealth and some workbooks for getting started building my “Golden Goose” (per Harv Eker and his mentors), I read the Road to Wealth and saw the property evaluation grid; I immediately thought of a property on my street right around the bend which met the criteria of a “don”t wanter”. I went to the county courthouse and got all useful data for establishing property value and value to owner. From comps I figured the “repaired market value” at $550K but current value @ $350K and loans outstanding @ $136K.

I was ready when Bret Ehlers from PMG called–he was assigned as my mentor for the next 6-10 weeks…I can”t remember now. I told Bret about the property on my street and my sense, at the time, of no cash available. Bret recommended I go to look for properties in nearby areas that weren”t quite so expensive. I did find a property at $250K value but the owner wasn”t flexible enough. And, I learned I”d have to drive an hour away to find more of these. Bret offered a phone script for identifying a true don”t wanter before I”d spend the time and gas, in the future, to check out the property 1st hand. Bret also provided a fast track system for buying first properties, with my goal to earn $100K to $1M in 90 days.

From here, I insisted on at least making an offer on the property I”d already located on my street. I planned to split the equity with the owner, so I the $214K (refer back to paragraph 1-end) divided by 2 = $107K. I wrote an offer for $321K with a cover letter introducing myself and enumerating the benefits I could provide when he called me and I left my #. His # was available no where, not the web, not anywhere I could find.

Unfortunately it was difficult to make more progress just then; I was booked solid with 2 major volunteer groups and many other commitments, including my dance instruction business. None but the dance instruction business were bringing me closer to my life goals of funding any long term care I may need, funding active retirement in my desired lifestyle, including 10% contribution. It took me 3 months to clear my calendar.

Then I started getting together my Dream Team–Mastermind Group. I quickly and easily met a RE broker who has become my business partner–at a Business Expo, a peer was telling me of his interest in dance lessons for him and his wife. He told me what he did and I asked what his wife did. When he said she was a RE broker, my antennae were up for Dream Team members, and I said I”d like to meet her. Jo Preston and I arranged to meet, we found our strengths balanced each other, our values, energy and enthusiasm aligned and “the rest is history”.

In Nov 2002 I attended a Millionaire Retreat and met Jeff Kaller who told about the $9-$11/mo cost of tracking down ph #”s. I was still interested in the property on my street for two reasons: 1) if the owner could be turned into a don”t wanter, it would be easy to deal with the property and owner because of the proximity, 2) I really wanted that property in my neighborhood cleaned up. So I tried this service but, in this particular case, I got as close as a sister of the owner of that property but never reached the owner and he never replied to my mailings.

I did try two additional mailings, insuring that I was mailing the offers to the same location as the county was mailing tax bills.

My win: I did write this offer (along with 3-4 others in my first 6 months).

My learning: 1) Don”t wait for reply to send out offers on other properties, 2) Keep, at least some, unresolved property info to return to when owner”s circumstances may have changed, 3) when an owner doesn”t reply, a good response for me is, “NEXT!” and on to next best property to make an offer on.

Connie P
My story began in November 2002 when a friend of mine gave me a copy of the “One Minute Millionaire”. In my entire life, I’ve never been a reader, but I couldn’t put this book down. I had always thought about being a millionaire, but was certain that wasn’t in the cards for me. After reading this book I was sure I was wrong.\r\n\r\nIn December 2002 I signed up for the Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen Protégé Program. I began listening to tapes and reading all the books in the protégé package. The on-line classes became part of my everyday life. I’m still amazed at the quality of instructors provided by this program. Up until I had entered the protégé program, I had spent several thousand dollars trying numerous “get rich quick schemes”. I knew within a few months of being in this program that it had paid for itself already.\r\n\r\nIn January 2003 I began making offers on houses, actually 6 of them, and building a personal team. I followed the guidance provided by the instructors on-line and began to realize I was actually on my way. I began looking at fixer-uppers. My first goal was to find someone(s) that could help me determine the cost of repairs when I located a property. Then I had to find someone to help me find the properties. I tried making phone calls out of the paper and found that was not my cup of tea. (I since have changed my mind). I spoke to a realtor and explained to him I was a beginning investor and I fully intended to buy several properties that year. He actually worked with other investors and knew exactly how to help me get started. \r\n\r\nThe realtor knew of a foreclosed property owned by another investor. We took a look at it and I got pretty excited since this a property where I could do most of the work myself. I asked if the investor was willing to do any financing himself and after a couple of discussions, we decided on the following arrangement. If I would purchase the house for $120K, he would use the equity in the house to pay for closing cost and 5% down. The agreement would be in the form of a Promissory Note. After closing, the investor would tear up the Note as if it never happened. I still own this property today and it was appraised last month for $154K. One lesson learned here was to double check with the title company to ensure the promissory note is released if it was recorded at the Court House. Mine was recorded and I wasn’t aware of it until I purchased my second home. This wasn’t a problem since I was dealing with an honorable investor; but beware of whom you are dealing with, not all investors are above board.\r\n\r\nAt the same time I was working on this first real deal, I was visiting with insurance companies, title companies, mortgage companies, banks, contractors, carpet companies, you name it. I learned a lot of lessons during this first experience. One lesson was dealing with contractors. You make money by doing the contracting yourself and not allowing a sole contractor to sub-contract the work for you. I was amazed later to find out how much I could have saved simply by getting smarter and hiring the right contractors myself. Today I have my own team; but that doesn’t mean I’m not continually looking for new members – and of course better prices.\r\n\r\nAnother thing I did was find out what local organizations I could join to start networking with other investors. In Colorado Springs I found two major organizations. The first is the Apartment Association of Colorado Springs. Simply joining this organization makes you a member of the Colorado Association and well as the National Association. This group is powerful nationwide in lobbying for the right and regulations pertinent to landlords, legal issues, etc. Both investors and vendors belong to this organization and meet once a month. The other organization is the Pikes Peak Landlord and Investors Group. In the year I’ve belonged to this group, they have doubled in size and are continuing to expand. The speakers and networking are awesome. Every investor, especially new ones, sh
Cookie C
My partner, Julie, brought the 28 unit appartment complex for handicapped individuals to our group to consider buying. We reviewed and did the cash flow analysis with the information that we had available. We visited the complex, talked with one of the owners and asked lots of questions. We found out that they were selling to keep the new ex-wife of one of the partners from getting anything. So they were willing to accept way below market value to sell it and get rid of her.
COOL T & Ellen S
Placed first offer on 10-21-04. Counter offered 10-28. No word back yet.
Court & Deanna
The name of our project is Change Your World. It started as a postcard idea, which I got while listening to MV Hansen”s Thinking Bigger audio series. He mentions a guy who sold millions of networking postcards. So my wife and I developed a series of postcards, which will also become a book and much more. Our goal is to sell 10 million postcards by the end of the year. I have some experience with HTML and WebPages–though I am very rusty–and so I set up the basic site.
Courtney H & Lisa H
My first offer was on a house built in 1942, 2 sisters just had recieved it out of probate court. Asking price was $89,900.00, the house needs about $10,000.00 in repairs but the tax assessed value is $116,500.00, and a repaired value of approx. $122,000.00. I made an offer of $85,000.00 cash and a quick closing. I should find out tomorrow if the offer is accepted, then I will need to fund it. Find it, Fund it, Farm it.
craig c & karen c
My story began when I met the women I wanted to marry. We wed and had children. Twin girls and a year later had our first boy. The 3rd child scared me to death and I saw a Robert Allen headline in the newspaper to buy real estate. I have always been one attracted to late night TV and knew the stories of wealth in RE. I went and went again until finally on the third night and at the third location I signed up. It was a touching moment because my wife Karla came with me on that last night to hear for the first time the sales pitch from the RA clan. She cried and said she trusted that I could do it, and with crying eyes she went with me to register. I was scared when I went to the retreat but I had a mission to suceed and prosper and give back. Two years later I have ammased a number of properties some fliped and some to hold. I thank God for revealing such a powering organization to me and my family
Craig H & Karla H
I found a property that was vacant and gutted. I found the owner through the county website and sent a letter to him. He called me and we spoke about the property and he said that he would be willing to sell it. I then submitted the property information on the deal maker pro and presented the owner with an offer based on the discount worksheet. Next, I put the information of the contract with the addendum and mailed it out to him. I am now waiting to hear from him as to whether he accepted the offer.
Craig L & Zenaida L
Having known nothing about real estate prior to becoming a protege, I was exceptionally nervous about completed any real estate transaction. I have always been a go getter and was not about to let this challenge and goal in life to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing get the best of me, regardless of the amount of fear I had. About 3 months into my training at the Enlightened Millionaire Institute, I finally started making some terrifying moves forward. After a few real estate offers, I ended up finding a deal that was too good to be true. I had an accepted offer shortly after Thanksgiving. I had $500.00 earnest money in the deal. I was able to get a fixer-upper house that had an after repairs appraisal of $66,000 for only $27,000! I had a 100% loan and left the closing table on December 20, 2004 with over $1,200.00! Before the closing, I had already accepted an offer to sell the property for $10,000 more than I paid for it! I will be closing on this same property again on January 10, 2005, putting more money in my pocket than I have made working my full time job for several months! Thanks so much for showing me how to make my dreams a reality!
Crystal B

I wanted to share something miraculous with you that happened since I have returned from our Speaker”s Training with John Childers.

I have written a book. When I returned from our weekend in Las Vegas, I was invited to do a half hour TV talk show on my book. Out of that opportunity, I created 7 different products and begin shooting my video series to go along with the book shortly.

Crystal N
I”m still learning the real estate training but have begun in a multilevel marketing company. I”ve hired two associates and sold two legal memberships and two indentity theft memberships. I am very excited about this opportunity.My goal is to be fully self employed in two years doing multilevel marketing and real estate, and leaving my J.O.B. behind.
Curt D
My journey began April 2004 when some wonderful Christian friends introduced us to two of Robert Allens books – The One Minute Millionaire and Multiple Streams of Income. I was at a time in my life where I was looking for something more fulfilling and that would provide for our future needs. I thought it was going to be a full time job, I was wrong! In the eight months time since I read those books, I have grown by leaps and bounds! If someone had told me I would launch two businesses and have over $500,000 in real estate purchased, I would have told them they were nuts! I have worked on three different income streams these last few months – Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and Real Estate Investing. Right now, of these three income streams, real estate investing has proven to be the income leader. While I was at a convention this past September I met Robert Allen in person. He gave me an unexpected one word challenge. When I introduced myself and told him I was a Protege, he said, And?… That brief encounter with Bob was the nudge I needed to dig in further with my multiple streams of real estate income. Since that September meeting, I have joined the EMI Mastery Level program and signed contracts for 3 properties. The people I have met along this journey have been so helpful. I feel like a butterfly whose wings are continuing to open and expand. NOW is the time to fly! I will thrive in 2005!
Cynda C & Jim C
My success story has only been written up to Chapter 1. Even the Table Of Contents remain is it”s development stage. I”ve traveled what feels like a long and hard path in my 29 years. I consider it an accomplishment that I’ve gotten this far on a path that was outside my comfort zone from step one. Having a background in Science, I’m finding that the business world is very different. It”s a scary place for me to be right now, but a place that I’m learning how to navigate with more ease than I expected. I”m finding that the things I fear the most, are also feared by others and when I actually get off my duff and do something (not just talk about it) that it happens smoothly and that I enjoy doing it. Having left research science behind, something that ignites passion into every cell in my body, I didn”t think I would be able to love doing anything else. As I meet more people and get involved in more things, I’m finding that there IS the possibility and that I can grow to be almost as passionate about what I’m doing now. That is exciting! I feel like I’m on the verge of accomplishing something great, just need to create my Millionaire Minute! Stay tuned for Chapter 2… coming soon (because after all, this IS my year!)
Cynthia G
I did not really know where to start. A woman came into the office and said that she needed to sell her mobile home TODAY. She was moving. We went to look at the mobile home, she wanted $2000 to move. We gave her the money and sold it-owner financed for $6000 in the next two weeks. Since then I have discovered that mobile homes is not where I want to be but it was an inexpensive experiment to get into real estate transactions.
Cynthia M
I bought a foreclosed mobile home for $11000 that I have insured for $25,000. I currently rent out the unit for $465 per month. It is nice monthly income. Since then I have learned quite a bit about the problems of selling mobile homes, you can”t get financing. I have another mobile home that was foreclosed that I purchased for $5000 and am owner financing for $17,000. These are not great amounts of money, but it is enough that I got started doing something. I am now looking for cash flow properties and can see myself making a monthly income on real estate. I am not afraid to look at properties differently. It surprises me though dealing with real estate agents, how limited they are at ways to purchase a property. Wow, what opportunity there is thinking outside the box. But this thought process also has great challenges because it is not the norm of how realtors operate.
Cynthia M
I have two websites with the vision and products to help all people, globally, achieve Prosperity. I offered an AHA “Everyone Manifests” from One Minute Millionaire to my readership and coordinated the sale of this book with a banner ad. I am thrilled with the affiliate program that allowed me to make $71 while I slept – true passive income. I put the banner ad on an announcement email, both sites and used a variety of lines, pages and graphics to give my readers many opportunities to order this promotion. I”m just beginning and am truly inspired to stay with this mentorship and trust the process. Thank you Bob and Mark!
Cynthia P
I was informed thru an email about a property that the deal fell apart on from a local agent. It wasn”t the best offer I could have made, but I wanted this particular property for my portfolio due to its location and rental market. They were asking $148,900 and I offered $145,000 asking for 3% commission,and for 3% closing costs and to close in less than 3 weeks.
Cynthia S
I purchased a home in a highly desired area after hearing that a buyer backed out during the transaction and I was able to get $4,350 for commission, $3,175 in closing costs, the washer, dryer, refrigerator and the home inspection, termite inspection, survey and appraisal had already been completed and paid for by the previous buyer, so I paid a $50.00 transfer fee to have the appraisal re-certified in my name and that was it. I plan to keep this as my first rental and will be at a positive cash flow of $330.00 a month once it is rented. I have now gotten over my fear and am ready to buy the next one!
Cynthia S
We found a For Sale By Owner property and made an offer of $105,000 which was about $10K below market value. The house had recently been remodeled and was ready to rent. Rents in the area were in the $1000 per month range so we knew we could see a significant positive cash flow. Our offer was accepted and we entered into a 60 day escrow.
Cynthia S & Michael S
We purchased a new home for ourselves and lease-optioned our former home. We received a $1000 non-refundable option (renewable each year for 3 years with an additional $1000 to continue option) and are realizing a positive cash flow of $600 per month on rental payments. We agreed on a sales price at the high end of the current market averaged with the appraised value at the time the option is exercised. We rented the home to friends of ours and are helping them repair their credit through this process.
Cynthia S & Michael S
I called a woman selling her house in a “for sale by owner” magazine. After talking to her for a while, she revealed that she was going through a divorce and things were really hard for her. I felt for her, told her so, and offered to keep her in my prayers. When I went to see the house, she revealed even more to me; mainly that she was a payment or two from foreclosure. Initially on the phone, she had wanted about $119,000 for a house selling and worth about $130,000 indicating she needed some of the equity for her husband. (I offered to talk to the husband and see if he would take a note for the equity with terms that would give me some time to flip the property.) When I met with her and made an offer, the selling price had dropped to $115,500 as her father was going to pay the equity due her ex-to-be and that was the total of the underlying loan. The rapport I had built with her really helped make this happen.
I have just begun building my fortune. So far I only have my own home, and some debt that I am in the process of reducing. I am now committed to build my fortune, and will be buying my first foreclosure soon. I am also looking forward to starting some stock investing.

We had gotten to the point that we needed a bigger apartment, or a house. I was committed to quit paying rent, and throwing that money away every month. We had been to a lender and been pre-approved for a mortgage. We just had to find the house we wanted in the right price range.

I have lost track of how may houses we looked at before we found one we liked. We had contacted a realtor, and used their “Drive-By” list. We had seen the interior of about a dozen homes. We were out with our realtor looking at homes when we saw a for-sale-by-owner on the same street. We made the mistake of stopping then to look rather than coming back without the realtor. The realtor went to the door first, and bargained with the seller before we saw that house, so we were obligated to let her help with the deal if we decided to purchase.

It turned out that this seller had been trying to sell for quite some time, and was waiting for the “right” buyer to show up. They had had several people interresting in the house, but none of them felt right to the seller. The seller wanted to sell to someone who had similar religious beliefs, and could continue the “missionary work” they had been doing with the neighbors. They had been fasting and praying that day that the right buyer would come.

We liked the house. On impulse, my wife asked about the local church congregation, and where they met. This was the signal the seller had been waiting for. Now the seller was on our side, and would do almost anything to help us get the house. They told us details of exactly what they needed to get out of the house.

The next evening, I called the seller directly to try to make an offer that would save us the expense of realtors commissions. They said they would be willing to take the offered amount, but they had committed to our realtor that they would work through her if we bought the house. I called the realtor, and got her working in the paperwork to make the official offer


We had gotten to the point that we needed a bigger apartment, or a house. I was committed to quit paying rent, and throwing that money away every month. We had been to a lender and been pre-approved for a mortgage. We just had to find the house we wanted in the right price range.

I have lost track of how may houses we looked at before we found one we liked. We had contacted a realtor, and used their “Drive-By” list. We had seen the interior of about a dozen homes. We were out with our realtor looking at homes when we saw a for-sale-by-owner on the same street. We made the mistake of stopping then to look rather than coming back without the realtor. The realtor went to the door first, and bargained with the seller before we saw that house, so we were obligated to let her help with the deal if we decided to purchase.

It turned out that this seller had been trying to sell for quite some time, and was waiting for the “right” buyer to show up. They had had several people interresting in the house, but none of them felt right to the seller. The seller wanted to sell to someone who had similar religious beliefs, and could continue the “missionary work” they had been doing with the neighbors. They had been fasting and praying that day that the right buyer would come.

We liked the house. On impulse, my wife asked about the local church congregation, and where they met. This was the signal the seller had been waiting for. Now the seller was on our side, and would do almost anything to help us get the house. They told us details of exactly what they needed to get out of the house.

The next evening, I called the seller directly to try to make an offer that would save us the expense of realtors commissions. They said they would be willing to take the offered amount, but they had committed to our realtor that they would work through her if we bought the house. I called the realtor, and got her working in the paperwork to make the official offer.

The paperwork seemed to take forever, and to have small problems at every turn. The closing date was set for about a month away, and they needed proof that I could come up with the down payment money. I worked up the budget information, and could calendar out where the money would come from by that date. Then they moved up the closing date, and wanted me to have the money now. I had to borrow the money from my parents (They had to sign a paper that said it was a gift, but we all knew it was a loan.), so that it would be in my checking account when the mortgage company checked my accounts. The sellers brother was a realtor, and kept encouraging them to find another buyer because he didn”t think we would qualify. He kept trying to make it harder for us (I still have never figured out why he was trying to sabotage his brothers sale).

The closing day finally arrived. We spent about 2 hours signing a ream of papers, and the house was ours.

The original sale was for $85,000. We have refinanced, and used equity for other purposes, but the house is now worth at least $135,000.

My first introduction to real estate came in the 1980″s when I read a book authored by Robert Allen called “Nothing Down”. I was a full-time university student at the time, and even though I was financially broke, I actually contacted a local real estate agent and viewed a few listings. The experience was both terrifying and exciting at the same time. Although I did not choose to pursue Real Estate at that time, the ideas from that book stayed with me and came to fruition in later years. Due to a series of events in my life, I found myself in Bakersfield CA working in a blue collar job, commuting over 3 hours a day. This was actually an improvement to my previous employment which was too far away to commute on a daily basis, so I worked two jobs, slept in the back of my pick-up truck (it had a shell) and went home on the weekends. But after 3 years of living in the back of my pick-up and another year of a 3 hour daily commute, I was tired of it all and wanted to be able to afford to live and work in the same town. I started looking at rentals as a way that I could afford to work and live in the same town. I could live in one unit and rent out the others, and live for free. In Bakersfield, CA in 1995, it was truly a buyer”s market. My first 4-plex I bought with $1 because I am a veteran. I was able to purchase another 4-plex borrowing the down payment from my mother, and I found a tri-plex where the owner actually paid me $5000.00 to take it. Later the next year I came across the deal of a lifetime. It was a 34-unit apartment complex that was in preforeclosure. It was listed through the agent that I had purchased my other units from and I just happened to stop in his office to see what was going on. The only problem was he needed $100,000.00 down. I was able to get him to take payments on his commission thus reducing the needed down to $40,000.00. I was then able to take a cash advance on my credit cards to come up with the $40,000.00. As I look back on the situation, I can honestly say that I really didn”t know what I was doing. I read a book and some 15 years later took some action, found a good real estate agent, bought 43-units total and today I am enjoying a six-figure income with over 2 million dollars in equity. With the help of my mentor, I have been able to access my equity and am currently in escrow with another 24-units. I firmly believe that if it wasn”t for the nothing down ideas presented in that book that I read back in the 80″s I would not have been adequately prepared to move ahead when the opportunity presented itself. Thank You Robert Allen!
D. Scott F
My father-in-law and I went in on a property together (he was the one who enabled us to get the financing). It is a 1.25 acre piece of property in Salt Lake City, with 2 duplexes on the front quarter acre. We purchased the property for $220,000. We had to re-zone the back acre and then we built 2 four-plexes on it with enough room for parking for everyone. We made some cosmetic upgrades to the duplexes along with a little yard work. The tenants had formed an association and were very happy for the changes and from the looks of it will be there for quite a while. After all was said and done the property appraised at $642,000 and we receive a residual income each month of $6800 (which we split) and it has allowed my wife to replace her income and stay home with our children. I am looking forward to our next deal. To be continued…
D. T
I first met Robert Allen back in 1983 at a Nothing Down Seminar. At that time, what he had to say really made an impression on me. After that, I went back to my normal, daily life and my day to day job. But always with the ideas and concepts of investing in Real Estate with Nothing Down in the back of my mind. It wasn”t until I came across the Enlightened Millionaire Institute and entered into the Protege Program that I realized how much time I had wasted in not pursuing my dreams of becoming successful as a Real Estate Investor. On 9/27/04, I lost my job and had already been planning on attending the Enlightened Millionaire Wealth Retreat in Anaheim, CA on 9/30 – 10/3/04. I am now totally committed to pursuing my dreams of being successful in Real Estate Investing and now it has become imperative for me to take the action that I had never before taken to go for it!
Dale C & Jennifer C

I met with a realtor after our first session to see a home that was in pre-foreclosure. This home did not fit the bill since the owner wasn”t really motivated and really did not have any negotiation room since she had borrowed 100% when she financed it the previous year.

However, the realtor and I had a nice conversation and I explained to him what I was looking for and if he came across anything to let me know. He put me in touch with a mortgage broker that handles one of the local mortgage companies troubled properties.

He offered me a deal on two units of a 4-plex that had a deed in lieu of foreclosure signed over to the mortgage company. The units were appraised at $150,000 each. The mortgage company had notes of $110,000 on each unit. I had my realtor write a contract offering them $102,500 for each unit with $2,500 down on each unit. I gave them $2,000 up front with the contract and a promissory note for the remaining $3,000 due at close. In addition to this the mortgage company was to carry the note at 6% interest and set aside $5,000 in escrow for fixing up the units. They accepted the offer.

Now for the second part of the story. During the title work it was discovered that the previous owner had put a second on the two units and a judgement against him that he did not disclose to the mortgage company when he did the deed in lieu of foreclosure. This has stopped us from being able to close and get clear title to the property. Now the mortgage company has made the following amendment to the contract. They will increase the fix up amount in escrow to $7,500, will close the property in escrow, and will not require loan payments on the property until the official foreclosure is finalized January 24, 2004. If for some reason this does not happen they will refund all out of pocket money and cancel the contract.

I have already had the units inspected and they were cleared of any problems other then the cosmetics that need to be done. I have ordered new windows for both units for $3,500, new carpet for one unit for $1,200 (the other unit has new carpet), new stoves and refrigerators for both units for $1,300, and contracted out the drywall, countertop, window blinds and painting which comes to $3,000 for a total of $9,000. Both units already have new cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. The carpet and appliances were purchased at Home Depot and put on a new charge card that has no payments and no interest for 12 months. This gives me $1,000 left out of the $7,500 to use on cleaning the carpet in the one unit and having both units totally cleaned.

Since I can”t sell them until the foreclosure is finalized my plan will be to go ahead and list them for sale with a January 31, 2004 close date and will consider an early move-in if they have pre-qualified for their mortgage. The market value on the units after they are fixed up is between $150,000 and $160,000. This leaves me a lot of room to negotiate and still make a nice profit. We close tomorrow and start fixups next week.

Dale M & Bobbi M
Offered mortgage company $102500 each for 2 units of a 4 plex that was valued at fixed up $150k. The units were in foreclosure and were boarded up and basically totally destroyed inside. We asked the mortgage company to pay $7500 for fixing up the units and to carry the loan.
Dale M & Bobbi M
Mortgage company took our offer and financed the property on a 3 year balloon. We fixed up the property and have it list for sale or rent. At this time it is still vacant. We are trying different options to bring in either tenants or buyers.
Dale M & Bobbi M
I got my first sign up.. now she is deciding whether to go to next level.. when she does I”ll jump for joy
Damian D & Miyuki I
We purchased our home in 1998 for $400,000 with a current value of approximately $950,000. This was a convential financed deal.
Dan C
With the techniques we have learned from Mark & Bob and the EMI team, we have been able in the past year to: a) get a series of websites up and running, and earning income; b) learn options trading (with Dr. Cooper) and have been able to realize a significant profit from using these techniques, and c) put in an offer and have it accepted for the purchase of our first income property. Thanks Mark & Bob (and Dr. C. and everyone else at EMI)!
Dan G & Kathleen B
In the first month of Real Money trading, I executed 3 trades, and had an overall gain of 29%. In the second month, six more trades, for an overall gain of 20% for that month. While I had a setback in my third month of trading (down 4%), things are still progressing well, and I am ahead 17% through 3 months of trading (so far). I am pleased, and look forward to continuing to learn, and to trade using Dr. Coopers systems.
Dan G & Kathleen B
We have received a small profit to date from our website using affiliates, and merchandising. In the coming year, we plan to expand our efforts with more affiliate marketing. Thanks Mark & Bob.
Dan G & Kathleen B
We have been looking for investment property for some time, and during a visit to Florida for a conference, stopped by a realtor that we had met during out last visit. To make a long story short, a property had come on the market that the realtor believed was undervalued, and we put in an offer that day, and it was accepted. We will be closing in a few weeks. Had we not been involved with EMI Training, we would not have been comfortable evaluting the propery on the spot nor would we have had the courage to make an offer with such a time pressure.Thanks Mark & Bob!
Dan G & Kathleen B

Went through the courses with Dr. Cooper, and have had a ball paper trading (so far) using the TTC template that”s taught in class. Hoping to do well in the 90-day stock market challenge as well (although just on paper to start).

I can see the idea behind the concept, and I”m hopeful that with enough practice paper trading that I”ll be comfortable using “green presidents” as well.

I”m planning on going back and listening to the classes again on MP3 (a great way to learn on a long commute) and continue to reinforce the concepts (and work on exit strategies, which I”m still a little weak on).

Also–the “OnlineOption” website is wonderful, especially the “War Room” (BBS style message system). This is quite helpful where others can share their wisdom and experience with others.

Dan G & Kathleen B
Just the first of many websites to come. With help from the seminars, we”ve been able to put up our first commercial site, with affiliate programs, products, etc. More to come as we build in forums, photos, shopping carts, and mailing lists.
Dan G & Kathleen B
Paper traded for over 6 months. Listened to many different editions of Dr. Coopers lectures using the MP3s downloaded from the website (so I could listen in the car on the way to work). Eventually got to the point where I was comfortable paper trading, and progressed to real money trading (which has been successful for me). Thanks Dr. C! and Mark & Bob!
Dan G & Kathleen B
I have about $600,000 in equity from property that I own.
Dan H & Vicki H
A Realtor brought this deal to me. Instead of having the Realtor make the offer, we called the seller”s Realtor and got the agreement to allow both me and my Realtor to make the offer in person. We established some relatively good rapport with the sellers. I used the phrase “What were you hoping to get?” when the seller was asking $255,000. The seller immediately jumped down to $245,000. From there, we were still $10,000 apart. I left the seller with a new written offer on the table for $238,000 (I had started at $225,000). The house would take about $30,000 to fix, did not show at all well, and the seller had already received two low-ball offers, but believed he could still get at least $245,000. We left on amicable terms, with him saying he would crunch some numbers with his Realtor. The next day he called back and asked if I could come up to $240,000. I said yes. After fix-up, I hope to sell the house for $320,000.
Dan P
A Realtor brought this deal to me. Instead of having the Realtor make the offer, we called the seller”s Realtor and got the agreement to allow both me and my Realtor to make the offer in person. We established some relatively good rapport with the sellers. I used the phrase “What were you hoping to get?” when the seller was asking $255,000. The seller immediately jumped down to $245,000. From there, we were still $10,000 apart. I left the seller with a new written offer on the table for $238,000 (I had started at $225,000). The house would take about $30,000 to fix, did not show at all well, and the seller had already received two low-ball offers, but believed he could still get at least $245,000. We left on amicable terms, with him saying he would crunch some numbers with his Realtor. The next day he called back and asked if I could come up to $240,000. I said yes. After fix-up, I hope to sell the house for $320,000. After holding, closing, and selling costs, I should net $35,000 to $40,000.
Dan P
Without using Nothing Down techniques learned over the years from Robert Allen, we would not be recovering from the financial devastation wrought by cancer and heart surgery/complications. It was never supposed to happen to us! But by using the knowledge gleaned from years of working in real estate, we knew we could start all over from scratch, if necessary. It”s now necessary and with the support we”ve received throught the protege program, we”re working smarter and with greater purpose. Thanks EMI!
Dan T & Mary T

We began paper trading in the 5th week of Dr. Cooper”s class. We had actually gone through the class once before and then hit and miss on a second round through due to family interruptions at class times. This time we had enough focus to start to break through the real understanding. We also relistened to Dr. Cooper”s tapes that we received in our Protege program at least three times. I had never known even the vaguest principles of the stock market before Dr. Cooper”s classes and tapes. We paper traded 10 stock options and made a profit on 8 of them.

PHS Aug 45 Call brought us a 32% profit in 28 days, PHM brought us a 78% profit in 3 days, and then again an 82% profit in 25 days. QQQ brought us a 40% profit in 9 days. SNDK brought a 66% profit in 28 days. BLL brought a 66% profit. CECO, a 20% profit in 18 days. DNA brought an 87% profit in 4 days. GPRO brought a 100% profit.

Dani R
My paper trading from Dr. Cooper”s class created us 9 profitable trades. We entered our first real trade on 9-11-2003 and made a 57% profit on our first real trade. Thank you tremendously for all you have given to us.
Dani R
We placed out first real trade in mid September after going through Dr. Cooper”s class (actually 2 or 3 times) and doing many paper trades until we felt like we understood what we were doing. Our first trade was a Call Option on BSX. Although we learned a number of real time lessons by mistakes in this first trade, we still earned a 57% profit in 12 days.
Dani R
78% in 12 days. EMI section on Option Trading is working, if you”ll ask me. Dr. Cooper”s trading tools allowed me to make a profit of 78% in 12 days on HOV in the month of Nov. 2003. I enrolled in the course in Aug. 2003.
Daniel B
I made at least 10 paper trades as a result of what I learned in the Stock Market course. Dr. S. Cooper is a great teacher who introduced me for the first time to the stock market and to option trading. I love it and I did paper trading during the eight weeks course. I continue to do paper trading as a side learning avenue besides real money trading. On the average I made about 20% gain on my first 10 paper trades. These were my first trades ever.
Daniel B
While I was starting real estate, I suddenly came to know this person who happened to be the four-fold winner of the “Wall street journal competition”. After a nice conversation I asked him the question (taken from 1-minute millionaire): “What would like to do but you don”t have the time to do it?” Well, the answer was that he wanted to write a book. However, he didn”t recognize the full potential of the concept. After taking some of the info-preneuring classes I started to see how massive this opportunity is. Thanks to Bob”s classes and course materials he opened my mind to this opportunity. Moreover, I am seeing so many opportunities now that don”t even have the time to take them all! Apart from the mind-opening I find his tools very straight-forward and directly implement able. The book and the website (and other materials) will be ready next X-mas, so 2004 is going to be very exciting! Bob I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences us. I am looking forward to see you at the Orlando retreat!
Daniel O
I sent a letter to someone in foreclosure and he responded and told me all about the house & what was wrong with it. He did not respond to calls very fast so it went to sale and I bought it for $1 above what the bank bid. My bid was $88,729.72. I bought on 07-29-2003 got possession on 09-12-2003 sold on 09-30-2003 for $110,00 with a 2y rent to own contract for $1200/month. My actual net has not been determined yet but it should be between $20,000 to $44,000.
Daniel P
I sent a letter out to someone in foreclosure. She responded 9:30pm the night before the sale; she needed $145,000 to stop the sale. I could not get the money to the sale in time. The property sold for $230,000 at auction. I noticed thru reviewing court papers that the sale had been accelerated illegally. Therefore I wrote a contract to the owner for $200,000 and then asked the buyer at the auction if he would like to purchase the property for $5,000 less than he bid. He accepted and at closing I received a $23,500 check. Out of that check I had to pay my attorney $4,529 netting me $18,971. I think that was great for my first offer.
Daniel P
Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen know what they are doing and in my mind are masters at teaching how to create wealth and prosperity in your life. Ever since attending their Millionaire Retreat last year my life and business have sky-rocketed to a new level of success. My business, struggling to get off the ground last year, is now well on its way to huge growth and is already profitable less than a year from its conception. I”m currently in the process of setting up an investment account for myself in which I will utilize leveraged funds (discovered because of Robert Allen), options, and the use of strategic and growing companies. I also have several other people who want me to manage their money for them because of the high return and relative safety my investing style and proven success can give them. This is not just a talk to boost up my self esteem because the reason I”m telling all of this is to show you the power of these two great men. MVH and Robert G. Allen have played a huge part in my success in life so far and they will continue to do so! Thank you for your knowledge and contributions!
Daniel S
After much weeding through MLS listings, my real estate agent partner and I located a couple of fixer-upper properties that looked like don”t-wanters: one estate sale, one bank-owned. We went to visit both of them. I must say, looking at the properties in their disheveled states were sad, sad sites to behold. My agent-partner, with her vast experience, was able to show me how these properties could be fixed up and about how much she thought it would cost. We did a market analysis and determined the offer prices we could make and still come out with a profit on either. And then I froze. I was terrified. I was overwhelmed. I was staring the beast in the face and I shut down. I couldn”t think. I could barely drive. I wanted to just leave the offer-writing for another day, so I could sleep on it… perhaps regain perspective. My partner suggested that these were *very* good deals and that to snooze would be to lose. Still foggy with overwhelm, I knew I needed an attitude adjustment. Ben & Jerry”s to the rescue! Some cool, sweet treats for us both and we were back on track. DEEP BREATH. Okay. Back to the real estate office to write up some offers. We did it. They”re written. They”ve been sent to the sellers. Eep. Really. Really big eep. I have just turned the corner. We found out that on one of the properties there have already been two offers of exactly the same price as ours. That made me feel very good that this bargain-finding team was really on to gold. Question is… three times the charm? Regardless, we know we”re on the right track. Wish us luck! This property and started to make calls and offers.
Daniel S & Kelle S
I bought a property with no money down and made a net profit of $15,000 in only 15 days! My net worth has gone from $32,000 to $226,000 in less than 5 months.
Danny M
October, 2002 purchased a 9 unit bldg with an initial equity profit of $31,000 this has increased to $82,000. Went to the millionaires retreat in Anaheim, CA March, 2003. July, 2003 purchased a 24 unit which has increased in capital growth $130,000 and we already had $30,000 profit at purchase which we were thrilled about. A brought a partner to close this deal who was the realtor selling the property. My share is 80% being $128,000 plus the $82,000 bringing this to a total of $210,000. This has taught me to just keep looking and asking and the principles of teamwork and leverage will work incredibly. This does give a lot of inspiration that allows you to do more. We just put an offer on the table for another 21 single homes package with no money down (already has $130,000 equity). The seller has agreed and we are under contract. The deal is not done as we are searching for the right financier or lender to fund this deal. Will keep you posted as to the outcome. Thanks for your instruction and inspiration.
Danny S
Made money using Robert Allen”s Nothing Down methods by purchasing a duplex and triplex on one property and netting an income.
Darek C
A single family that was inherited by the owners son. The home is pretty much vacant, except for a friend who watches the propery. It has been for sale for almost 60 days. Even if my offer is not accepted, I”M ON MY WAY!
Darleen R
I have become an Independent Representative for a home builder in August of 2003. I also have a web site and now I have 55 New orders for New homes and I met with a Major developer whom is entertaining the idea of using my homes for a 300 unit Subdivision in the area. I have been working very hard to promote my products. It is my hope that by building these 3 New custom homes I will get a huge response from the community of which I am trying to improve. I am truly dedicated to serving my community and being of service to the world”s needs. I thank you all for the opportunity you have given me. “I”ve only just begun”.
Darlene D & Teodora V
I have ideas for 3 books of which I am already starting to write. I truly believe they will be a success.
Darlene D & Teodora V
I have just completed 15 major surgeries only to result in the amputation of my right leg 6″ above the knee. Last June 2003 at the same time I signed up for your programs, became an Independent Representative and have 55 New home orders. I have successfully completed the purchase for 4 parcels of land and plan to build 3 custom houses at over 3,000 sq. ft. each to be sold for $450,000.00 in approx. Sept. 2004. I estimate that I will net approximately $500,000.00 and will end up with a $550,000.00 completely paid for. My success story is that I hope to be a living example to amputees all over the world that nothing can stop you if your will is strong enough! I am a basically starting over after having lost everything to medical bills. But, I know God is with me and he has brought me to this wonderful organization for a reason – possibly to give others who have been in my position hope that there is a future if you follow what God has told us all along – “Seek and you shall find, Ask and it shall be given to you, Knock and the door shall be opened unto you”. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. May God’s Blessing be with all of you and yours forever!
Darlene D & Teodora V

I have been trading the Australian stock market for over 2 years and scrapping 1% here and 5% there.

I attended to Dr C. classes in Feb 04. My first few trades made me around 38%. A few months later and a lot of study I started to develope my own style using Dr C. as my base. It all clicked 5th August 2004, this is ironic because my goal card reads, “I am so HAPPY that I SEE, HEAR, and KNOW that I will achieve MARRIAGE, GOOD HEALTH, and at least one CHILD. I will become RICH and a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE before Saturday August 5th 2006 by 10am and it could happen sooner.”

Now this statement may be premature, but I moved in with my long time girlfriend and my future became clear as to what to do on this day 5th August, 2004. (It looks like i”m going to be a multi-millionaire within two years whether I like it or not.) My trading system to this day 19 Aug, 04 has become profitable one after the other, in any market direction. I can see the money clearly comming in, all I have to do now is rake it in.

Darran G
Last year, I wrote my first book. I was excited about the book but at a roadblock in editing it and promoting it. On a call, I learned about outsourcing the editing through elance. That was completed in a week. At a recent Jay Abraham event, I completed my business plan complete with a back end software product and an affiliate program. The software is being developed right now.
Darrell A
My wife and I purchased the course in Nashville, Tn. in November 2003 while attending a Real Estate Investment Course. Mr. Lorenzo Spencer was the speaker and was excellent. After returning home to Mississippi we knew this is our time fulfill our dreams of becoming financially independent. I have actually made 4 offers on properties since the Nashville course. We bought 4 prime acres of property in our city for $30,000 dollars from our Bank, with an appraised value of $56,000 dollars. I have had multiple offers from local builders asking to buy us out. Our plan is to build 4 new 1,000 Sq. Ft. homes for $87,000 dollars and have 2 contracts for these homes already and they are NOT built. My net profit on those homes will be more than $110,000 dollars. I have bought one 2000 Model Mobile Home, 3 bedroom and 2 baths for $7,550 dollars as a Repo., from a Loan Company and have it sold for 17,500.00 on a Lease Option. The Bank loan value is $23,000 dollars. WE”VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!
Darrell C & Wanda C
My husband and myself had formed a mastermind group with two close friends of ours that we trust with all sense of the word. We had decided to work together using each other’s strengths and talents. Any way, long story short – we knew we needed a business coach or mentor and came across EMI, which fit in perfectly with what we had in mind. We”ve been working together and masterminding together for a short few months and are having a ball. We closed our first real estate deal and have many more in the making. We are all looking at leaving our jobs here in the next few months to do this full time. Thank Robert and Mark – you truly are making a difference!!!
Darren E & Tina E
We actually bought our first no-down property and the seller”s were excited.
Darrin S
After years of “in”-action we finally put the Multiple streams of income and no-down theories to work. Surprisingly enough, if you put your fear aside, you can accomplish great things.
Darrin S
This was a new offer on a distressed property in So. San Francisco, CA. Asking price was $429,000. We offered $386,000 with 10% down and 10% second. There were 40 offers on this house and our offer was rejected.
Daryl & Richard P & Gerd K

It was amazing, we sent out an e-mail blast and the next thing we know, we got an order! We had to wipe are eyes to see if it was for real. We received the money and the Affilate sent out the product. It was so easy!

Thanks Robert Allen For your great coaches at PMG Mentors and special thank to our coach Dave Mink.

Daryl R& Dennis S
My success story is that I have just made my first offer (two actually, and had the person choose between them). This is a success for me because I have been terrified at the thought of actually presenting an offer to a buyer in person. The rough details of the deal in progress is that the seller owes $320k and will be foreclosed on in a few weeks. The offer was for me to purchase the house for $360k (20k at closing, remainder in a 3 month balloon payment) and then put it back on the market for the next few months. I believe I can resell the house for $390k (which is still a sizeable discount from market value), the result of which is the seller is no longer in foreclosure, has a large check from the sale, I have made money, and the new buyer will have bought a house with significant equity built-in. None of this would have been possible without the encouragement and motivation that EMI has continued to give me. Thanks!
Dave C
I found a for sale by owner add I called he is asking $145,000 real market value the best I can estamate is $111,000 so I wrote an offer for 65% $72,150 he laughed and said he is not going to budge off $145,000 so I thanket him for his time and am looking for another.
Dave D & Jamie D
My first courage in action story. This was an Estate Sale. In much need of repair. And this was a referral from a past client. Action #1 I made my offer using my new last name (And Or Assigns) and a $100.00 Money order as my consideration. Action #2 In less then a month I assigned my interest to this property to an investor for a $20,000 dollars assignment fee payable as followed. $5,000 on the date of the assignment agreement $5,000 at the closing. And the $10,000 balance when he sells the property or in three month, witch ever comes first. Action #3 I got my self incorporated. Action #4 I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive Program in Florida. Action #5 I also attended the Glenn Purdy Training in Chicago with at least two potential team members. Action #6 $2,000 will go to my Charity of choice. Action #7 Last but not least is to share my story with you. Then Three Pete.the process. This was an incredible confidence BOOSTER to me, and it should be to everyone that reads this story because this really, really works. Thank you Bob and Mark for all your lessons and the knowledge that you share. I am now on my Enlightened Millionaire Mind Journey.
Dave T
Bought a single family residence and subdivded the lot. Will sell both.
Dave W
I made my first offer after calling many ads in our local newspapers and on websites. This property was a condo conversion that was just starting. I made my simple offer after calculating prices of comparable condos in the area. My first offer was not accepted, but it felt great to make it. The seller was very kind and told me how much he would need if I wanted that property. I made two more offers on his other condos as they became available.
Davee K
A friend of a friend called, whom I had recently spoken to about his successful real estate investments. He told me about a condo conversion in Oceanside, California. I normally would not look in this area, because it is approximately 60 miles from my house. I did go look at it and got some comparables from one of my real estate agents. The condos in the area seemed to be selling for $374K and up. This condo conversion was offered at $319K. After a couple of days, I called back and bought another one. My idea is to flip one of them and put the gain back into the condo I keep. One closes next February 2005, and the other one closes April 2005. I hope to ride the appreciation ladder while waiting to close. The delay is because the rental leases need to expire. I will attempt to contact the current tenants and see if either one wants to renew the lease with me with new terms. If one says yes, then I flip the other condo. Both condos are 2/2 and the cheapest ones offered in a very well maintained community. I have these condos reserved, and will put them under contract in a couple of weeks.
Davee K
On our second property we made an offer and after a counter our offer was accepted on a duplex for 183K. The property has a value of 200K. We purchased the property with nothing down and used none of our own money. After all expenses are covered, we are netting $450 cash flow per month. This was all done based on the knowledge that was gained through the protege program with Robert Allen.
David W & Judy W
We are just starting, it was started through a cell group in our church. We help and teach and grow with each other. We have been inspired through EMI and its material. As a team we are putting into action.
David A & Anita A
In 1986, due to circumstances beyond my control, I got divorced, lost what little business I had and could not make my rent payment. In 1987 I was a higher-powered kind of guy delivering water from a hire source. One of my customers was a young guy like me, and I was always inquisitive of what people did for a living. Mike told me that he bought “Real Estate”. I said “oh, you buy and sell?” He said “No, I buy and rent”. I said I always wanted to do that, but never had the 20% down. Mike handed me this book titled “Nothing Down, by Robert Allen” and said “read this book and when you”re ready apply the principals. In 1993 my new bride and me were in a position to use my GI Bill and purchase our first home. Then the house next door to us came up for sale, I went to a local bank, took in all the credit cards I had and proposed this deal to them. I can use these and cash them out to buy this house, or do you want to make the cash? They asked what do you have in mind? I said I want a 1-year interest only loan, I”ll give you 10%. They said we still want you to put something down, so I told them I would use a credit card down. We bought the house, fixed it up, and moved in and rented out our old house. We then refinanced the house and put 10 grand in our pockets. The bank liked how we worked so well, that I started to ride my bike around the neighborhood pulling foreclosure notices off the doors. The bank helped me finance more houses using my credit card down, then renting out a profit. I just bought 2 more properties last August, and building my children”s legacy and security of my family. Thanks to Robert Allen and Nothing Down.
David A & Nancy A

Started the EMI program in November 2002, and focused on the Real Estate. Read, listened, scanned the newspapers. Scared, nervous, timid to make the first call, the first offer, but did it anyway, with a slow start.

The real estate market was warming up and then became hot. By the time my confidence grew, the market was so hot, the houses were on the market for only hours or days. Got doubtful and questioned if it would work. My wife came on board and help, looking for house, expanded the search area, and started looking for a bigger house to live in. I had only been focused on rental or flipping. She found a to-be-constructed house out of town, which had just fallen thru, just before they poured the foundation. December 2003 the builder had a crew ready to go and no buyer, so we got a good deal and rolled the money into increasing the size of the house to fit our large family. My wife was nervous that we paid no money of our own for the house. We worked the equity from our original home to get a line of credit to cover the down payment and then financed the new house thru the bank. The house was built in 5 months, and presently has increased in value nearly $60,000.00.(2004 Jan to Aug)

We also successfully rented out our original house. What is really amazing it that for basically the same mortgage payment, we now have increased our potential equity from $225,000 to $575,000 and with none of our own money

it was scary, stressful and pushed our comfort zone majorily, and we are so glad we did it. We are thrilled at moving in, developing a residual income and having a bigger house with the 4 children. It is quieter and the kids have their own rooms. A definite improvement in our quality of life, and a step towards more free time and financial independence

David B & Sandra B
Made an date-open written offer on an apartment for 20% below market price, with the understanding with the buyer, that if the apartment did not sell for the price he was asking, he had a fall back position. It was not exercised.
David B & Sandra B
A few years ago before the dot com crash, I picked up Multiple Streams of Income in a book store, and I was intrigued by the advice for investing in the stock market. I took Robert Allen”s advice to invest in S&P 500 index funds. Since that time, my 403b fund (through my employer) has grown dramatically. I am glad I didn”t have to worry about which stocks I had invested in. Based on both contributions and market growth, my 403b has grown to nearly $100,000.
David D
I signed up on September 11, 2004. My primary goal was to have an active website to sell several writing and grammar books that Ive written for teachers. I submitted my site to the search engines on December 16, 2004. I am now crossing my fingers as I begin using the marketing strategies presented in this program. I am looking forward to the first of many sales. I would love to see my name climb that ladder on the EMI Hall of Fame.
David D
The mindset I developed during the EMI training created a new awareness of opportunities all around me and now I”m to be a book co-author with well-known celebrity authors and already an infopreneur with my own eBooks and domain! Using the principles taught, I bartered thousands of dollars to leverage my cash position, and love writing and speaking as multiple streams of my coaching income (I”m a professional coach, consultant and facilitator). And I”m creating new products as we speak ~ thanks for creating an opening for me to be truly fulfilled.
David F
I purchased an option to buy a home with a three-year lease for $1,000 down. The first years lease payments are $1,100 and the two additional years payments will be $1,200. The owner had rented the house for $1,500 in the previous two years. The house had an asking price of $180,000 and I have a purchase price of $172,500. I am taking advantage of the low lease payment in the first year by living in the house myself and taking care of minor renovations. I believe in three years the house should be worth close to $200,000. In the spring I plan to either rent the house out for $1,500 a month or if possible sell an option to a tenant with a one-year lease.
David G
My wife and I started a construction company 2 years ago. We had decided to build homes in preparation for retirement. We attended the Robert Allen Seminar in September last year. With the information from the seminar we have increased our production and also got into looking at other Real Estate Investments. With the increased confidence that we got from the knowledge gained we can now visualize quitting our day jobs within the next 2-3 years max. It is a great feeling to know that we are now in control of our destiny. Thanks to Mr. Allen and his wonderful staff for all that you have done for me and my family.
David G & Carla G
While the first offer that my wife and I made may not subscribe directly to the Robert Allen teachings, it was a large step for us. We started a home building company in April of 2002 and made our first offer on a lot for a spec home in May 2002. Since that time we have built approximately $1,565,200 in residential real estate. We are continuing to grow our business and have also bought and investment lot in June of 2003 that we just sold and doubled our money on using none of our own money. We are currently looking at additional fixer uppers and have set a goal of $150,000 in income for this year in real estate.
David G & Carla G
Scanned Sunday classifieds “OWC @6%” and called immediately. Scored 13 on property profile. Found out that someone else was going to view the same thing. Drove through a blizzard in Denver and was able to sign the contract and gain a considerable income.
David K
Before I joined the Enlightened Millionaire Institute. I was struggling in a failing business that was operating at a loss of $3,000/month and had another small business that I felt I needed to let go of to try to turn around the failing business. But, after I became a Protege, I realized that I needed to sell the failing business (which I did in August 2003) and focus on my true passion, which was to educate, inspire and empower women entrepreneurs to experience business, spiritual, personal and financial fulfillment. In 2003 alone I experienced over 400% growth in my small business and it has become my sole business. I started a seminar division of the company following the model I learned from Mark and Bob… and my first seminar was put together in 2 months and netted several thousand dollars. I have built the business from nothing to something that helps women globally… and I”ve learned how to incorporate multiple streams of income with membership sales, networking meetings, teleclasses, seminar and JV opportunities. This life would have never been available to me had I not became a Protege. Thank you!
David K & Christine K
My soul mate and I set out to create enough money to catch me up financially, so that we could retire at the same time. My mate is six years older than I am. We decided to start out by designing and building our own home and living in it for two years. We would then sell it and keep up to $250,000 each tax-free each two years. This December 10th will be two years and we are now planning for the sale of the house. We are also into the construction of our new home, which should be finished in the spring of 2005. We are also living in an area where land is hard to find in a desirable area. We therefore bought some land and within 3 months sold one of the two pieces for a profit of $50,000. The other is now in escrow and will close in the middle of October for a profit of $35,000. We also worked with real-estate agents in different towns who call us when what they feel a good deal comes along. We just bought a home that was $80,000 below the market and have put a family member in it for the next two years. She will make the payments and then we will sell it and share in the tax-free profit. I have a 17-year-old daughter who is going to high school during the day for half a day. She then goes to college three nights a week and is taking a business and real-estate class. She is absolutely excelling at this! I feel my actions and the sharing of this information with her is going to give her the advantage I wish I had had at that age. I am going to take her to a real estate seminar in January. That”s it for now! But believe me… there is a lot more to come from this team!
david k & dorothy t

10-20-03 Action is my success. I drove by a property on Davis St. and called fsbo. Fsbo said, “Help” and I said, “Here I am Lord, I can help”. Wrote an offer at $79,900. They said, “Yes”. I ran an ad for lease and for sale. $1,500 lease and 100% financing $955/month. By 10-26-03 5 showings for $1,200-$1,500 who want to move in now and 7 showings to buy now. 10-26-03 I wrote an earnest contract on notebook paper at $100,000. My mortgage broker said we can close on my deal 11-03-03 and cash in on $100,000 deal on 11-06-03 making $18,000 after closing costs. Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen got me thinking big, acting big, and becoming bigger than I was thinking before.

So I wanted everyone to know “What you think about, comes about”. Say this to yourself every morning. “I am a genius and I apply my wisdom” because this program works if you work it.

David L
Today I have placed two reserve bids on two recreational cottage lots with Ocean view and right of way to the beach on the Northumberland Straight in Nova Scotia. I will definately update this post if the bids are succesful.
David M
I found a HUD foreclosure they were asking $34020 for, I got it for $24000, it will take about $16000 to update. I will rent it out for $600 per month. That is the going rate for a 4 bedroom in my area.
David M
We were quite literally at the bottom of the barrel, financially and emotionally and had tried everything else including 25 years in corporate life and then as an entreprenuer owning 16 businesses. Most were successful failures. Every day we give thanks for finding a program that works.
David S & Sonja S
I made an offer on an under valued property about to be foreclosed on. I offered their asking price of $99,500. I later had the property appraised for $134,000. Unfortunately they reneged on the deal and filed for bankruptcy in order to save their home. I am still searching for deals though!
David W
After reading on this website how others made money off of the Internet I decided to bite the bullet and go all out. My website is a testimony of economic empowerment. Reading multiple streams of income helped me to realize the sooner I start the streams the sooner I realize my dreams.
David W
I bought buy my condo over 5 years ago and it has gone from $63K to a recent appraisal of $289K, I am debt free.
Dawn J
I bought buy my condo over 5 years ago and it has gone from $63K to a recent appraisal of $289K, I am debt free.
Dawn J
Thank you, thank you, Mark and Bob. Your training and books have inspired me to help us achieve abundance after my husband”s long term illness.
Dawn M
After reading “Nothing Down” in the early 90’s, I put it on the shelf. I came across it again two or three years later, read it again. Right after that, I bought a duplex. I also purchased a restaurant by taking over the monthly payments. We obtained it with $175,000 owing and now owe $120,000. Last month we decided to see just how much it was worth….wheeeeeeeee…….If we eliminated the building and the business, the land alone was worth $325,000. Add the building and business it is now worth $450,000.00. We optioned it out with $40,000 down and pmts. I do things simple because I love this business. Since March 2003, the Florida Millionaire Retreat, my partner (my daddy) and I have been super busy. Deal after deal, and the best part of everything is that most deals helped people. We probably could have made more, but some deals I walked away from because it was only in OUR best interest. For years I seemed to struggle, trying to figure out the answers. The answers are simple……keep it simple……care about people…..and once you aren”t in it for just the money, the money comes. We bought a 5 unit, put less then $1,000.00 into it and right now it nets over 1,000.00 per month positive cash flow (and the seller sent us the down payment back lol). We bought a 3 unit; put $4,000.00 into it and it nets over 500 per month . We bought a foreclosure for $107,000 and it is worth at least 175,000 and it has split able lots on it. I could go on and on. I am not flashy, don”t have my masters in real estate, I am just a down home country gal having fun.
Dawn M & Gerald H
Well I attended the Sheriff Auctions and bid on a house that has equity and is in a great neighborhood. The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. We got it for $119,000.00 It has an appraised value of 145,000. Needs carpet and paint in most rooms
Dean E & Kelly E
In just over 1 week of becoming an EMI protege, I have climbed the Internet mountain, started my Internet business and launched my website!!! Thanks EMI – I”m on the path to become an “Enlightened Millionaire”!!!
Dean M & Andrea M
Seller had already had several offers fall through starting at $350,000, so we made a no money down offer at $310,000. We would go to a mortgage broker for $248,000 and he would carry the other $62,000 on a 10 year interest only balloon note at 6%…The offer has not been accepted yet, but he is still interested.
Dean T
Our first offer was on a HUD repo in Logan Utah. The asking price was $93,000. Our bid was $83,500. The Market analysis indicated the property would be worth about $110,000. The house was sold for $85,500. We made the offer the second week after enrolling in the program.
Dean W & Barbara W

I asked a realtor friend of mine to keep his eyes open for me for a distressed or bargain property and he called that day and we met at a townhouse that had been foreclosed on and the junior lender had reclaimed. I looked it over carefully and found the repairs to be manageable and put an offer on it. He called the next day and said there were 5 offers at the same price. So, I raised my offer and found out later that someone else had out-bid me by $5000. I learned a lot of lessons from that. Since then I have gone up to 3 doors of homes being foreclosed on and talked to the owners. (That was a h I asked a realtor friend of mine to keep his eyes open for me for a distress or bargain property and he called that day and we met at a townhouse that had been foreclosed on and the junior lender had reclaimed. I looked it over carefully and found the repairs to be manageable and put an offer on it. He called the next day and said there were 5 offers at the same price. So, I raised my offer and found out later that someone else had out-bid me by $5000.

I learned a lot of lessons from that. Since then I have gone up to 3 doors of homes being foreclosed on and talked to the owners. (That was a huge step for me!) One is paying up to get out of foreclosure, one wasn”t interested (yet) and the other had already sold his property. That is 4 rejections—I”m on my way to getting the big one.

Deanna P & Sean P
Using one of the techniques I learned, “Seller-Finance” I was able to take over a condo although I probably could not have qualified for any type of financing. After all, I have no job! But with $5000.00 down, I was allowed by the owner to finance the remainder of the down payment ($5000 over ten months at $500.00 per month) and he also carried the financing for the remainder on a seperate note. I leased it right away, and after ten months I will have a positive cash flow.
Deb T & Tom T
I was able to focus in on and pursue the forclosure market. I have also gained new confidence in using the equity in our home to invest. Before Robert Allen, we were afraid to use leverage to reach our goals. We now have $100,000.00 in an investment that is yeilding 20% monthly as well as other investments that are long term with the potential for massive growth.
Debbie G & Sergio G
So many changes in our life. Our biggest blessing involved using mental tools. Through written and recorded affirmations, read and repeated out loud often, I focused on what I want to see happen (financial independence) instead of how to get out of massive debt due to long term disability. We were able to eliminate over $100,000 credit card debt, create a positive cash flow, and gain the confidence of ongoing success. Bob and Mark were the first to introduce us to rates of return of the wealthy. I never would have thought I could be earning a guaranteed 15% interest on my money. That and using an equity line of $200,000 at 5.5%, I borrow to invest earning a net 10% and the interest on the loan is tax deductible as either mortgage interest or as investment expense! Forever blessed.
Debbie R
I went online for the first time fall of 1999 to sell predominately Christmas Cards. First, no one knew we were online, as I really didn”t know how to make the site visible to those searching. In the meantime I have studied how to get decent rankings in the search engines. What seemed to help most was getting other sites to link to me. I did a few other things to generate traffic in the meantime by buying traffic (pay per clicks). I also set up an affiliate program and advertised it to affiliate directories. I have yet to set up any joint ventures, but that is my next project. This past season, I actually got on page one on Google for the term, “Christmas Cards” which returns over 2.5 million responses. I was thrilled but I have slipped to page three right now. I have no idea what happened, as I had not changed a thing. I plan to get a lot more sites linking and see if I can get back up. However, before I did all that linking, we were buried on page 16 for the same term. My net income from the first season of practically nothing has increased to almost $100,000 this past season!
Debby S
I read Robert”s book Nothing Down in 1993 and was very interested in buying, selling, and owning real estate, but could not see how to take action on it at that time in my life. However, it planted seeds that came to fruition 7 years later with owning my first rental property. Now, three years after that (2004), I have over $150,000 in real estate and am ready to make rapid advancements in this and other areas of my life.
Deborah F & Dean F
I received an email asking for an EFT session via the telephone. We set up a time and proceeded. During the call I offered another therapy as something that could be done in addition to EFT and she decided at the end of the call to go ahead. I”m in the process of completing that therapy now. The original session was $45. I”m getting closer and closer to having my web site pay for itself.
Deborah M
When leaders at EMI have said, “I closed that deal in a week” I was always a little suspicious BUT NOT ANY MORE… The 90 day challenge has made me realize that anything is possible when you set a time frame for yourself. We found a house and will close on it FRIDAY! THANKS for the encouragement and inspiration Tom & Mark!
Debra B & Frank B
After not doing anything in the business for three months (after all, planning and being in your own wedding can be a great distraction!), my husband and I sat down and said, “What are we going to do about this MLM thing?” We decided to do a private home reception, and invited everyone we knew. Within the next week we had our first 3 distributors–all from that initial meeting! And now they”re off and running and getting others into the business. It was simple. And we thought to ourselves: “Why didn”t we do this sooner? What were we waiting for?” For us, timing was important. But more so, it was MAKING THE DECISION TO MOVE FORWARD, and then TAKING ACTION in that direction. Intention followed by action = winning results!
Debra L & Bill L
To date my greatest success has come through affiliate marketing. The key for me has been to find something I truly believe in and am passionate about. That way,when I make the referral, it is heartfelt and sincere. I truly believe I am support others” highest good by referring them. It is very rewarding. And also creates a wonderful residual income!  
Debra L & Bill L
Becoming an INternet Ambassador for a major training organization was one of the smartest decisions I have made. Using the power of the Internet and e-mail, I sent invitations to all my friends and colleagues to attend a powerful 3-day seminar I believe wholeheartedly endorse. The personal message I added to the introduction compelled people to read on. The bottom line? Thousands of dollars in residual checks are on their way to me. And there is no end in sight! The key for me was being able to personally endorse something that I had already experienced and could speak passionately about. That made all the differencee in terms of people following through who read my message, and then deciding to buy.
Debra L & Bill L

On May 28, 2004 I became an associate in a nutritional product MLM business. My initial investment including my distributor kit, personal product, tax and shipping was approximately $208 US. On June 15, 2004, I received my first rebate check for $7.80 US. Although this check is not a great amount of money, it represents the start of a business which as the potential to generate a monthly residual income.

With very little effort–no real selling or distributing of information–simply word of mouth and honest discussions with friends, family, and new acquaintances, my second month looks as if my rebate check will be more and I have begun to generate a reoccuring monthly product purchase with several people who are in their first month of using the products I have sold to them.

As more people benefit from the use of these high-quality health products, I know my business will increase and my network will grow. Therefore, I see my first rebate check as the start much more than its size. . .it represents a potential like a snowball gaining more and more snow and speed as it moves down a mountainside after a gentle, yet determined push to get it started.

Debra M

On March 2, 2004, I closed on my first investment property. The purchase was a totally nothing down deal and one that shocked both the listing agent and my buyer”s agent! I bought a REO house for $27,900 below the list price and $35,000 to $37,000 below market value in a 100% nothing down (no money out of my pocket) deal and most of the repair costs will be will paid with nothing down too. There are approximately $8,000 to $9,000 in repairs, all of which are primarily minor exterior or cosmetic changes on the inside.

Upon the initial on-site property walk through I could not stand to be inside the house for a long period of time do to the stench of cat urine. The house was absolutely a mess with personal property all over the floors, counters, etc. making it difficult to walk through each room and/or see the “diamond in the rough” beyond the physical debris. It was sad to see how someone”s life had been turned upside down and to the point where they had to leave behind so much personal property.

After discussing the house and numbers with Bob Kokott on the Foreclosure help session, I went back with digital camera in hand three days later to take pictures of the messy inside and the visible repairs needed the house needed. I planned to use the photos as back up to an offer justification letter I was sending along with an offer to purchase contract. However, upon arriving at the house my realtor and I were shocked at the new inside condition of the house . . .it had been completely cleaned! The kitchen and bathroom cabinets were move-in clean, the personal property was completely removed, and the cat odor remained but was not as strong. I was not sure now if my plan would work out, but I went forward anyhow and wrote a letter to the bank and submitted my offer. The next day my realtor called with the bank”s counter offer. They wanted the washer and drier I had asked for as personal property to be removed from the contract (I could still keep it, but they did not want to be legally responsible for either in the event someone stole them before we could close on the house) and if I”d agree to remove that from the offer, the house was mine! No counter offer on the price!

It gets better. . .that afternoon I drove by to show the house to my daughter, and there was a man power washing the outside of the house! He was busy and I could not catch his attention, but was thrilled to see the difference the power washing had made on the house. The following day, I drove my husband by the house (since he had signed the contract to purchase it, but had not seen the house!) and the same man was there finishing up his work. We were able to talk with him though. He told us he”d been hired by the listing agent to power wash the house, clean out the gutters, clean the yard, wash the driveway and edge the side walk! In addition, we were able to find out from him that the cleaning crew, who removed the personal property, had been there over the weekend and did a remarkable job just before the “man went in to steam clean the carpets.”

We went from having a disaster looking house on the inside to having a gem with minor cosmetic fix-ups and some TLC. Again my realtor was floored at what had transpired in just a few short days, and all at no cost to me–the bank was paying to have all this work done.

The next amazing thing to happen was being reconnected with someone I”d lost touch with for nearly 15 years. My CPA recommended me called a mutual contact (Sam) about finding a real estate attorney in my area. Upon questioning why I should call Sam regarding an attorney, my CPA said Sam had changed professions about 15 years ago (which I did not know) and now was a mortgage broker. Sam not only connected me with an attorney who had been solely focused on real estate for 25 years, but also immediately suggested my husband and I close our existing home equity line of credit and get a new one for 2.4 times higher the amount we currently had been capped at by our bank. Sam said, “you don”t ne

Debra M
In October 2003, using the knowledge I obtained from studying Robert Allen”s Nothing Down techniques and being part of his protégé program as well as attending weekly Real Estate classes, I made two offers on two different properties. One was a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) and the other was a real estate owned (REO) property. On Monday night, I had an accepted offer by the FSBO and by Tuesday night I had successfully bid on the REO property. By Wednesday morning, details negotiated through my real estate buyer”s agent and the bank were determined to be mis-communicated, and I was able through a clause in the contract to back out of the deal. By Thursday afternoon, I obtained additional information regarding the FSBO and determined I had misestimated the equity in the house, and through another clause in the FSBO contract, I was able to terminate the contract. Although I did not end up in a position to purchase either property, I was extremely happy to have had the knowledge to know how to write the “subject clauses” in each contract addendum and be able to terminate the contract, thus saving myself thousands of dollars. Thank-you Robert Allen and the protégé program, specifically Karen and Duncan for all their support and guidance via the support sessions! Also, in October I began the Millionaire Hall of Fame 90-day challenge, and have been extremely thrilled with all the progress I”ve made. If all goes well, I will be closing on my first “enlightened” house purchase shortly after the 90-day challenge ends . . . the deal is in the works. One thing I do know is my life will never be the same since I began my journey on being an enlightened real estate investor and future millionaire.
Debra M
My success story is yet to happen!! I have quit my job to become a full time student of the EMI!! I have a successful website, but yet to make it profitable…..hence my joining the multiple stream of income. I am so excited of the whole package that I am making the full time commitment. My Goals as of 03/03/04: Complete the internet course and start marketing my site. Start 5 different streams of income this year. Buy 3 houses in 2004 with the real estate program. Write an Infopreneuring program for scrap booking. And dabble in some stocks!!! That”s a start for 2004 ~ By end of 2005 I plan to be a millionaire. Aggressive YES, DOable….time will tell!! My attitude and RA and VH methods I am sure to win.
Debra P

I worked with Steve Waters to create a web site that advertised the property I made an offer on. It described my company and the property I was trying to sell. It included photos of the property. I had a few qualified buyers look at the site but no one bought.

Since then I”ve developed my company further. My web site will be relaunched shortly. I”m working with Daren Falter to make this happen. What”s interesting about my company name is that by abreviating real estate to “RE,” a new company name forms. I use both names. The purpose of the second company is to train business owners and sales professionals to improve their marketing and sales efforts. I have been trained as an accelerated learning trainer with T. Harve Eker and Blair Singer. My web site promotes Blair”s products along with my marketing and sales workshops. I have links to the Millionaire Mind Institute, among others.

To anyone reading this story who believes in prayer, I would deeply appreciate some for the launch of my company. Thank you and God Bless.

Debra-Sue C

I created a detailed marketing plan for the launch of Cope Resolutions, LLC. In a nutshell, my plan is to speak to groups of real estate sales professionals and small business owners about how to market themselves succesfully and become top-notch sales professionals. I”m offering maketing and sales workshops using the accelerated learning technique and selling Blair Singer”s products. I will soon have my web site relaunched. It will be my “non-disposible” maketing materials. Also, I”ll promote my site on the Internet.

Through contact with me, my clients will learn about the Millionaire Mind Institute and the possibility-reality-goal of becoming an Enlightened Millionaire, i.e. “financially free and generous.”

Prayers for success gratefully accepted.

Thank you and God bless.

Debra-Sue C

This is a non-monetary success that will bloom into a monetary success. I”ve been building my own business. In the process I have, on one hand, managed to spend all my savings, go into debt, and weaken my credit rating. Oops. Now I”m not suggesting that everyone has to take this route in order to become successful. But just when I”m “running out of time,” things are beginning to happen.

My web site is almost complete and I have someone who will run the internet sales end of my business. I have three workshops scheduled next week at which I can sell product.

For a long time my children have been saying that I”ve become more positive. I feel my spiritualiy has also been validated by listening to Robert Allen. Go Robert!! Due to some early childhood experiences, I became an introvert, but I always felt that label was a false limitation on my real personality, which is starting to emerge in a more confident, outgoing way. Oh yes, the butterfly has wings, at last.

So, even though my finances are WORSE off having joined the Protege program in January 2003, I”m happier AND I sense, my finances are about to change through the success of my business which is to help others get more of what they want (via sales and marketing)–I”ll keep you posted as I, in turn, get more of what I want.

Thanks to the Protege program, I”m a more competent me.

Debra-Sue C
I made three offers, two accepted, one I went through with. Unfotunately, I didn”t follow the program closely enough and I lost $1000. That”s ok–I got my feet wet. Now I know more and won”t make the same mistake.
Debra-Sue C
So this is my Success Story in the making. I close on a rental property tomorrow and pick up over 16k of equity along with $300 cash flow. This gives me 26k of equity in my rentals and $550 cash flow each month. I found a partner to start doing rehabs with. We just missed out on two deals while we were working out our details. What we did learn was that we need to attack our deals more aggressively. Shake the analysis paralysis and get going! We failed to pick up two deals that cost us roughly 30 to 40k that we could have made in less than three months. I can see how to do it now and learned from the lesson. So I feel poised now to break through. My goal is to quit my day J.O.B. by the end of the year. I”m going to make it happen and because of Robert Allen and the crew – I have a system and an understanding that I could not have gained any other way. Thank you.
Dee & William B
We had gotten these options to buy my husbands company stock and never did anything about it. After listening to someone talk about options at the Millionaire Retreat, we plunked down the cash and bought some, realizing an over $900 gain. That is nearly a 30% ROI, instantly. I never would have thought to use the options, had I not heard someone speak about them.
Dee & William B

Here are some stats:


1 rental ($100/mo cashflow)

1 business (worth around 20k)

1 J.O.B.

*Less than Three Months in the Protege Program*

1 rental ($210/mo cash flow, we refinanced and pulled the original investment out, 10k equity)

1 REC ($230/mo cash flow – my original investment was back OUT 5 weeks after purchase, roughly 21k in three years at call of note)

1 Purchase agreement(waiting on boundary dispute, at least 30k equity

1 Purchase agreement(signing TODAY on counter, at least 20k equity)

100 shares of stock (bought on option, profit around $950, 28% ROI at purchase)

1 business (still worth around 20k, we are expanding next year)

1 LLC for real estate

2 different partners (one for big fixers, one scouting foreclosures for me and doing repairs)

2 investors (money farms)

I am just hit the 100k mark in equities and cashflow. I am quitting my J.O.B. at the end of the year (one month left!). I am soon to be out of the rat race. Not IF, but WHEN, and when is soon. 

I will *never* work for someone else again in my life. That is a powerful statement.

So what is the point of all this? I am truly grateful. Thank you so much, Robert Allen, for the knowledge and the kick in the pants that I needed to see beyond a job. I have been a Serial Employee, never staying anywhere longer than 4 years. Always moving up and making more money…for someone else! LOL

I will be an Enlightened Millionaire.

Dee & William B
I made an offer on a triplex that needed about $3,000 of fix-up and looked pretty bad cosmetically. It was an REO and listed at $89,900. My first offer was at $60,000. We went back and forth a few times, and then they dropped the negotiations. A month later, the property is still on the market but at $80,900. So I resubmitted my last offer of $73,000 again and I am waiting on the response. Even at $80,000, I can make $500 cash flow off it a month (ROI 82%). While the deal is not creative (5/1 Interest only ARM at 10% down), the cash flow is good and, if I do get the bank to agree to the lower price, I can always fix it up, rent it out, and sell it for at least $95,000 as a fully rented investment property. Because of Robert Allen”s training, I knew to have a few exit strategies and knew more of what to look for in terms of cosmetically unattractive properties that could be made more attractive through minor fix-ups and full occupancy. It was the first time I put an offer in on a multi-unit property.
Dee & William B
A realtor was showing us a property that had way too much fix up involved (it was an unfinished remodel) and he said he had a property that was in foreclosure that we might be interested in and we were. We had a remodeler look at it and give us a written estimate on the repairs. It”ll be nice when we have our own per square foot estimates on repair costs because this process took 7 days! I was nervous with that “official” offer and spent a lot of time reading it and making sure all the phrases and addendums I”d heard about were in it. Our realtor was unfamiliar with several of them, but he said “This is good. I”ll know next time that this is the way you want it.” Now we get to wait–while we”re looking for other deals! We”re glad to get the first one under our belt.
Dee B & Travis B

I have been in the protégé program for over three years. Last year I published my first book that is the only wealth book for moms. I have applied many of Bob and Mark”s teachings to have appearances on Good Day Dallas (Fox4), Positively Texas (CBS11) Daybreak (WFAA ABC), At Home Live, Healthy Wealthy & Wise (Family Network), Paths Across America (Inspiration Channel) and Oprah. I am actually considered a local expert. I am developing a great speaking career my portfolio includes seminar, workshop and keynote speaker at the Women of Influence Inc. Personal Development Conference, Spirit of Sisterhood Empowerment Expo, women’s groups, chambers and many civic organizations. In the midst of info-preneuring, my husband and I were able to buy a home with nothing down with over $200,000 in equity. Without Robert Allen”s teachings I would have never thought this was possible. 

My book has been accepted in Barnes and Noble and I am currently working on Wal-Mart. I am starting a national print media campaign for my book in the fall. By demand, I am creating a training seminar and workbook based on the themes in my book. I am also putting my popular talks on CD. Although I have multiple sources of income, my main focus will be my speaking career. It sells many books, people enjoy my speaking, and I love inspiring people to new levels and dimensions.

Through the protégé program not only was I able to find my passion, but I am able to create wealth doing what I love. 

Wealthy regards.

Del-Metri W & Rudy W

I have two successful businesses as a result of the One Minute Millionaire program. I have created with joint venture partners a web site. We are in internet radio network dedicated to changing the way we “do” politics in America. We are reaching people in 45 states and in 28 countries around the world. We launched in September of 2003 and are growing 165% per month on average in listeners and hours listened around the world. We are dedicated to uplifting the business of politics in America and around the world by creating a media source that does not allow profanity, mudslinging or hype. Our goal is to provide an educational tool for voters and students, and to be the authoritative source for political information on the web. We are #1 on every search engine. And, we are number one in our genre of government/political websites on Live 365 – our bandwidth provider that hosts over 13,000 internet radio stations on the web. 

The second business was launched in February 2004 and is a seminar company dedicated to teaching self defense to women. We have four speakers in four states presenting seminars to colleges, businesses and organizations every day of the week. This company was founded by my husband and partner, Richard and was born of a passion for public speaking and providing an opportunity for speakers to learn and practice their craft.

Denise B & Richard E
We”ve begun a huge project with other Proteges and entrepreneurs. We are one of five owners of the LLC created to support it. It is an online all politics radio station dedicated to changing the way we do politics in America. We offer commercial-free, no mudslinging, talk-about-the-issues political information not controlled by government or media, and educational programming to help teach everyone in America about our political system (and hopefully stimulate a dialogue about how we can make it better)! We are creating one station for each state in the US, we currently have two station managers in Canada and a stationmaster who”s creating stations in Australia. We have been running one station since our launch September 15th and have listeners as far away as China, Japan, Germany and Peru. We are in Phase II of our startup (this is where we start making money!) and have been written up in many newspapers throughout the country and have moved in ranking from 148th to 4th in our genre on Live 365 – our bandwidth host. All of our stationmasters are independent contractors and have been working very hard (with no pay up to this point) and all are dedicated to the ideals of the One Minute Millionaire and the teachings of Bob and Mark – be socially responsible – tithe 10% of profits to charitable organizations, create million dollar businesses that create jobs and support families and use OPM to get it done! We”re almost there and we”re having a blast!
Denise B & Richard E
I have been looking at a rental property in my area with 3 units. An investor is liquidating and wants $195,000. I”ve went to the county and ran the numbers. I know the most I can pay assuming 6% int. is $172,000 so per my coach I have sent in an ABC offer. I am terrified and excited. If my A. offer is taken I will have $3600.00 profit above expenses this year. If B or C are accepted I am going to just increase these #”s. WOW this is fun. When I breathe!!!
Denise M & Larry M
Well, from a person who new very little about computers other than they never worked when I used them, have now got my web site to go live. I have spent the last 3 odd months listening to the internet courses, taking pages and pages of notes, working through the exercises asked of me, and reading all I could. What a leaning curve – It was great. I have to give most of the credit to the mentors who have an ability to explain so clearly, that I was able to understand and put into practice some of the main requirements for a site. I have a long way to go to refine my site and that will take more time. However I do believe this will be an easy task given the contacts and links that I have been given. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me.
Dennis P & Angela P

I was at our local bookstore with my children on a Saturday afternoon. The kids were taking their time looking at the kid”s section, so I sat in a chair and picked up whatever book was the closest to me. It was “The Enlightened Millionaire”. It perked my interest enough for me to buy the book.

I started reading it that night and couldn”t put it down. I went onto the website and from there listened to the teleconference that was offered. It was there that I learned of an incredible offer to become a student with Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen. I discussed it with my husband who was very leery about getting into something like this. After he saw how enthused I was about doing this, he said that I should be the one to take this school. I don”t think he was very interested at the time.

I started with Real Estate. We, I say we because my husband was strongly encouraged to participate, bought our first two rental properties in the first month of taking this course, and the third rental property was purchased shortly after. In a space of a year, we have purchased four rental properties and are thrilled with what is happening in our lives. 

In November, I decided to take the Stock Market portion of the course, and so totally got into it that I knew that I had finally found something that I will love to do for the rest of my life. I live and breathe it and have gotten my husband to take the course just one month ago. He has just started paper trading, and I”m sure he will love it as much as I do. His whole outlook has changed so much. I am so pleased!

I have also signed up to go the “Millionaire Mind Intensive” three day seminar coming up with Harv Eker in May to be held in Orlando, Florida. I can”t wait! I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life in just the past year alone. I cannot imagine what wonderful things will happen in the future.

I want to thank Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen and Dr. Stephen Cooper for providing this wonderful feast of information! I know it”s done from their heart, and it is greatly appreciated.

Deppy T & John T
Since we last submitted our success story we have purchased a preforeclosure and are currently renting the property out for a positive cashflow. Thanks Bob Kokott for the great class!
Derek F & Mike(Michelle) F
My wife and I moved to Colorado and found a need for a running magazine. So, we decided to start one from scratch. It took a lot of work to get it off the ground, but now it is out there and doing very well.
Derek G & Jessica G
Found an ad in the paper for a distressed property that a lady was wholesaling. She accpted our offer!
Derek G & Jessica G
I made my first offer on Oct 8, 2004 on a bank owned property. The property was listed 20% below market, and it was in great shape and in a desirable location. It scored a 13 on the bargain finder worksheet and I made an offer with a preapproval letter that I received from the bank. The offer was not accepted but the more offers I make the better the chances that I will find a deal.
Derek H
I have an ad in the paper with the heading “I BUY HOUSES”. I received a call from a lady who owns a semi. I went to look at the property and I left her an offer that was about 70 cents on the dollar.
Derek V
A way to use OPM and create a winning environment. My sister was trying to refinance her house due to back taxes and a bankruptcy, her house payment was going to double. She was also going to have to pay pts up front and would have to sell the house shortly after the refinance, which included a pre-payment penalty. Her interest rate was going to be 7+% and she would incur about $3000 in closing costs. In addition she had a 10% car loan, her husband had left her and they were on a payment plan for IRS backtaxes. She was about to go into default on her house, even though she had equity. I hadn”t talked to her in 6 months and was shocked at how her life had turned for the worse. However, I said, “Believe it or not this is what I do now. Help people get out of bankruptcy or backpayment problems and create a win/win situation. Let me help. I”ll buy your house and help you clean up this mess.” By temporarily putting up the downpayment, I bought the house in my name, got a new loan at 4 1/2 pct, and all equity proceeds from the house will be immediately deposited in my company bank account to cover all my costs. She will get her remaining equity when I sell the house. She will sign a lease that covers PITI and her payment will be $600/month less than it currently is. We will clear up all her tax issues, pay off her car and still cover all my expenses. Now we can get the house ready for a top dollar sale, instead of a distress sale. This transaction will save her over $10,000 in fees and hopefully get her top dollar for her house. At most all I said that I would take is 1/2 of the dollars that I”m saving her. I plan to use most of it to give her a paid vacation. In addition to bankruptcy, divorce, parental problems, she has MS. Hopefully by relieving her of this stress, she will have many more happy years.
Derry D
Upon the advice of my PMG coach, my husband and I researched Notices of Default at our County Recorders Office. We sent letters to the homeowners offering to help them by purchasing their homes with no commissions. We received a phone call from one of the homeowners, who described the situation and we arranged to meet. After establishing rapport, collecting information, and inspecting the home, we approached our PMG coach with the problem and possible solutions. With his support, we came up with a win-win solution. We would purchase the owner”s current property at 10 percent under market (we are in Northern California and the market is HOT), we would lease-back the property so the owner”s would not have to move twice with payments they could afford and enough to provide a slightly positive cashflow for us, then we would purchase a replacement home for them and lease option it for one year. This way, they can repair their credit and afford the monthly payments, while we receive positive cashflow and profit at the end of the one year lease when they purchase the property. The owner”s are thrilled that we would and could do this for them and we are excited to be able to make this offer to them, which is really 2 deals in 1! Deslyn O”Dell
Deslyn O & Robert O
I have a property(4/2) that was sent to me by one of my associates on my team that is appraised at $170,000 but is being offered for sale at $145,000. The property has a tennant paying $1,500 in rent. I am presently working on title search and plan to visit the property tomorrow to see the condition. My broker is currently checking on getting me an interest only loan for the appraised value to cash out at closing.
A real estate client of mine found this 950sf stucco in a popular historic area of our town and wanted to fix it up and then re-sell it a bunch of years later for a profit. She was selling her house but didn”t think she had enough money to go into another fixer-upper. We talked it over a few times and I told her I would be glad to go in and buy it and be a partner with her. In the end she walked away and decided she didn”t want to do it. Instead, I leaned on my mom, one of my support partner”s, and she said go get it. I will confirm all those stories floating out there regarding realtors…it doesn”t matter how many you”ve sold for other folks, it”s still scary putting yourself out there. For me it was putting myself totally on the line. My dad was tolerant but hardly supportive. I found the arena of sub contractors a fascinating world. I bought this little diamond in the rough for $30,000 and sold it 90days later for $60,000. Deducting for fix up of $20,000, I walked away with $15,000 in my pocket. That was sweet. I never forgot the lesson. It just took me way too long to start the repeative process that I am doing today.
dian s & myra m
As a brand new protege, I was reading the books and listening to the CD”s. My husband and I made a trip to Texas to look at lakes and lakeside property thinking about retirement options in the next year or so. When talking with the real estate agent about properties we might want to live in, I mentioned that I would also be interested in investment properties. He got very excited about this and took us to see a house his firm had just listed. It had been on the market for over 18 months and was reduced from $317,000 to $258,000 during that time. The current comps in the neighborhood are averaging $130/sqft.The house has 2300 sq ft on waterfront with a double boat dock with electric lifts. The house is the “worst house in the best neighborhood”! The yard/landscape is overgrown, the boat docks need cleaning and the inside needs basic paint/cleaning and minor repairs. The majority of this work can be done with personal sweat equity!! We estimate it will take less than $5000 to do this work. I made an offer on the property for full price and that the sellers will pay closing costs and prepaids. The offer was sent to the owners on Saturday morning and they accepted the offer with no changes that afternoon. I have 18 days to secure financing!! I am so excited!! I will be calling to talk with one of the EMI coaches about the financing part tomorrow!
Diana M & Sara H
After taking the foreclosure classes I started to send out letters stating I wanted to help. I got a call back from my first batch of letters. It was owned by a man who was living there with out any water or elec. He needed $750 within the week to pay an attorney to take care of a DUI. It needed lots of work to say the least. I called the bank and got the amount owed to bring the loan up to date. It was almost $4000. I ran an add in the local paper looking for buyers with some cash to put down, a willingness to clean and paint and then lease with an option to buy. I had one good qualified buyer and she signed a lease/option and then was to get back with me the next day with the cash. She then fell off the face of the earth. I”ve not a clue as to what happened to her because she refused to return my calls. The seller was so frustrated with me because I didn”t have the cash I said I would, because the buyer didn”t come through, he wanted to sell it to someone else. I had to walk away.
Diana T
This was a mobile home that was owned by a friend of ours he was building a new house needed out from this home. Was willing to take a lot less than what it was worth just to sell fast. We bought it re-painted it fixed up minor things and now have it on the market to rent in a college town where rents are very high we will make a cash flow of around $400.00.
Diane C & David C
Purchased new construction home for passive income of $125.00 per month from renting it.
Diane H
After receiving the Protege materials in July, I started listening to the foreclosure conference calls. I was so pumped and excited when I sent out 50 letters. I didn”t hear anything for about a week. Then I got a call. I picked up the phone and one of the recipients of one of the letters said he had a house that was in foreclosure. I gathered some basic information from him and set up an appointment to meet with him in person. By the end of the meeting we had agreed upon a purchase price. The house is a 2000 sq. ft home on the 13th tee of a golf course. It just needed a good cleaning before being able to lease to own it out. I closed on the property on September 10th. I had it Leased to Own on September 18th with a $200 monthly cash flow. In two years, I will have made a profit of $53,000. This system really works!
Diane M
I made my first offer on a house that was shown to me by Steve Kalinowski from Ron Rose Realty. The offer was accepted and was to close 12-30-02. The seller did not have his paper work in order so the closing has been moved to01-08-044. I am meeting Steve and a contractor at the house Friday to discuss work to be done. The house was purchased at 208,000 and appraised at 232,000!
Diane O
There was a property being auctioned due to foreclosure. I had been following it and knew many of the details. I submitted a bid for $400K on a home that is worth about $550K. The trustee called to let me know I was in second place and if I wanted to up my bid. I did not and I believe the home went for $495K. However, it got my first bid in and the trustee turned out to be another local investor whom I later took to lunch and have developed a relationship with.
Dianna D
I have done real estate for years, but now I have taken it into a whole new arena. My brother and I are in the middle of closing on 6 acres of land (this week) and will then open a construction loan to build two houses. We put very little down and the total worth of the project once we have built on all 6 lots will be almost 6 million dollars. The most expensive property I had ever done before this was $600,000 — so what a financing person in this group told me is that now it will be members of a whole new club, where we will qualify for vast amounts of money, maybe even at no interest. Sounds good to me!!! Thank you for all your inspiration and help!!!
Dianna W
I am finally getting out of my way and creating the life I want. I now own 3 houses, have some money in the bank, and have a huge RE deal underway (which I just submitted). I am also going to every seminar I can until I launch my seminar business.
Dianna W
I”m a pmg member of the success team,I joined up two weeks ago,theres so much Info I don”t know where to start.But I do know that every time I read the one minute millionaire it lifts my spirits and I”m ready to go again and see the possibilities of what I can do. Thank you very much
Dirk H
Well, finally got enough nerve, after listening to Todd Dodson and many others, to start making low ball offers. Who would have guessed that my first offer would be accepted. No it wasn”t as easy as it sounded, I spent probably a year and a half listening but not really taking the necessary action I needed to get a deal. Anyway, I offered $95000 for a house that was worth $140000 and the offer was accepted because the house was part of an estate that just wanted the money. Lucky for me, the realtor knew another investor who was willing to buy the deal from me for $3000. So in three days, without any of my own money, I wholesaled a deal to another investor and made $3000. It really works! Now on to my next deal…Thanks!
Dominic F

I started EMI about 2 months ago (three months after moving from the UK to Canada) and bought my first property last month. I have to say that the transaction was the most exciting thing I have done for a while. As a recently landed immigrant with ZERO rating it is very difficult to get easy financing (esp. in Canada). All financial institutions insist on a min of 35% deposit here if you are an immigrant. So I have the choice either to use someone else”s money and take a % or do an ETO of my house. I chose the ETO as my deposit for the bank as I want to make all the profit on the deal.

The deal is: We bought a fourplex for 10% below market value and to rent out during the ski season for a monthly profit of $3,000. After 6 months we will fireguard each property and sell them as individual units for a net profit of about $100,000. We are committed to donate 10% of this to Charity + donate our time as well. So far we have donated 10% of our rental income + done two weeks free time environmental school training in China for WWF.

That”s the strategy and thanks to EMI”s fantastic advice we are now on the road to making $1,000,000 and donating our 10%!

Dominic F

I have bought my first property!

It is a fourplex which hasn”t been fireguarded and therefore you can not sell each individual property. What we are doing is renting them out during the ski season (for a huge profit) and then fixing up the place in May-August to sell in September. We estimate that we will make about $100,000 profit from the deal.

Dominic F

When I registered as a protégé almost a year ago, I expected to start climbing Millionaire Mountain on the Infopreneuring Path with links to the Internet Path. Several months later, I still did not seem to be making any progress. The courses were challenging enough, perhaps too challenging for my level of expertise. I hesitated to turn to the Real Estate Path because I had had too much negative experience with that kind of activity in the past.

That left the Stock Market. I had already had some successful forays making trades over the past decade, more by luck though than design. I had a portfolio of Canadian securities worth about $20,000 in a cash account and 100 shares of MARVEL which I had bought for about $500 three or four years ago based on a magazine article that I had read on an airplane. I had not paid any attention to their value since. I knew nothing practical about options, short selling, covered calls, and margin accounts. What I did know lead me to conclude that there were more risks in exploring the Stock Market Path than I could afford to take. And yet, I believed that I should explore this Path before my year as a protégé expired.

Thus, last August, I registered for Dr Cooper’s eight-week session. In a calm and collected way, he guided me and the other members of the class through terminology and practices that were both foreign and exciting. I made dozens of paper trades and scored very well, still doubting that I could succeed with real money.

I placed my first real buy order in October for DGX FEB 60 at a below-market price of $4.90 just as the charts were indicating a possible TTC confirmation. Two weeks later, I closed the position with a selling price of $9.50.

Concurrently, I discovered that my MARVEL stocks had quadrupled in value since I bought them. I considered selling them to raise money for some more options trades, but decided instead to use them to support a successful covered call, another useful learning experience, which brought in almost as much cash as I had originally invested and left me holding stocks that were continuing to rise in value.

All of that was an exciting beginning which led to other trades in TEVA and GILD. Altogether, I netted more than $12,000 just before the Orlando Retreat. That was an exciting validation of all that I had learned and the Retreat was a powerful inducement to begin exploring the other paths up Millionaire Mountain as well.

A year ago, I dreamed of making a million. Today, I have experienced enough success to know that it is quite possible to do so. Moving from the dream to the possibility has been a major success for me. The action plan seems so much easier now. I am even preparing for some more Infopreneuring, Internet, and Real Estate activity with confidence that I could not have imagined a year ago. Thanks for all the help along the way.

Don F

When I registered as a protégé almost a year ago, I expected to start climbing Millionaire Mountain on the Infopreneuring Path with links to the Internet Path. Several months later, I still did not seem to be making any progress. The courses were challenging enough, perhaps too challenging for my level of expertise. I hesitated to turn to the Real Estate Path because I had had too much negative experience with that kind of activity in the past

That left the Stock Market. I had already had some successful forays making trades over the past decade, more by luck though than design. I had a portfolio of Canadian securities worth about $20,000 in a cash account and 100 shares of MARVEL which I had bought for about $500 three or four years ago based on a magazine article that I had read on an airplane. I had not paid any attention to their value since. I knew nothing practical about options, short selling, covered calls, and margin accounts. What I did know lead me to conclude that there were more risks in exploring the Stock Market Path than I could afford to take. And yet, I believed that I should explore this Path before my year as a protégé expired.

Thus, last August, I registered for Dr Cooper’s eight-week session. In a calm and collected way, he guided me and the other members of the class through terminology and practices that were both foreign and exciting. I made dozens of paper trades and scored very well, still doubting that I could succeed with real money.

I placed my first real buy order in October for DGX FEB 60 at a below-market price of $4.90 just as the charts were indicating a possible TTC confirmation. Two weeks later, I closed the position with a selling price of $9.50.

Concurrently, I discovered that my MARVEL stocks had quadrupled in value since I bought them. I considered selling them to raise money for some more options trades, but decided instead to use them to support a successful covered call, another useful learning experience, which brought in almost as much cash as I had originally invested and left me holding stocks that were continuing to rise in value.

All of that was an exciting beginning, which led to other trades in TEVA and GILD. Altogether, I netted more than $12,000 just before the Orlando Retreat. That was an exciting validation of all that I had learned and the Retreat was a powerful inducement to begin exploring the other paths up Millionaire Mountain as well.

A year ago, I dreamed of making a million. Today, I have experienced enough success to know that it is quite possible to do so. Moving from the dream to the possibility has been a major success for me. The action plan seems so much easier now. I am even preparing for some more Infopreneuring, Internet, and Real Estate activity with confidence that I could not have imagined a year ago.

Thanks for all the help along the way.

Don F
We acquired our first property last week and take possession on Sept 20, 2003. We were able to assume a mortgage w/o qualifying and used our credit line for the down payment. We plan to suite the basement and rent it out. We may try to do some fix up and flip it, but if not we will keep it for revenue.
Don R
I started two companies in 2004 in addition to working with my partner on real estate and Internet. One company is a photography and digital arts business and the other is a fine art gallery. I had my first official “sale” for the photography business from doing consulting work in February and we made our first sale of art in the gallery in April 04. I have been doing considerable tithing work for people and organizations this year using my photography and digital art talents.
Dona O & Melissa L
I don”t have a success story about making $5,000 or $50,000 on a deal, I have a success story that is historical in my career and business of real estate. On June 16th 2004 I was able to make my very first “risk-free” offer. Following Robert Allen”s techniques in writing up “totally risk free” offers, has given me the confidence to know without a shadow of a doubt, that if you know the rules, you can play the game anywhere, anytime, anyplace. In this first case the homeowner didn”t accept the deal even though it was only $2,000 below what they were asking for, and I came to the realization that I didn”t die from the rejection of my offer and most importantly, I didn”t lose out on any earnest money, thanks to my “handy-dandy-all-purpose-deluxe-get-you-out-of-any deal-without-any-risk” addendum. I have totally adapted Glenn Purdy”s saying that goes something like this….if you cover your assets going in…you can”t get in trouble getting out. Thank you all at EMI for giving me the confidence to go forward in pursuit of my goals and dreams without fear of getting in trouble.
Donaciano “Donny” G & Abigail G
This is just an update of our website. We made our first sale and profit on the site in Dec 2003. It was only a sale, but I made 28% profit on one sale and that”s what I want to see continue. I have a long way to go to actually make a profit, but at least I”ve started. Now I have to figure out how to get visitors to the site to buy, not just visit.
Donald M & Grace M

My first website was completed (ready for product sales) in mid-November of this year. I worked with a mentor from PMGmentors to select products and design the website. Now that I have a professional looking website, I”m participating in the EMI course on Making Your Site Sell. I”ve put about $10,500 into the business and have not sold a product yet. I”ve discovered that the hardest part of internet business is the selling…so I look forward to learning as much as I can about marketing.

This is a part-time job for me, but I would love to turn this into a successful business and begin learning about other streams of income such as the stock market and infopreneuring. My wife is also participating and is applying some of the things we learn to her business, which was already successful before we joined EMI.

Donald M & Grace M
I was a contributing author in the book “Wake Up…Live The Life You Love”. It was released January 2004 and went to #1 on Barnes and Noble its first day out. In February we did a nationwide book signing with authors in various states. In March, I contributed a story for an anthology that will be published this summer.
Donald P
I have a business selling other people”s stuff for them on eBay. A land owner asked me to start selling 1/4 acre properties for him. He typically sells these lots for $400 to $1200. I sold the first one in seven days for $600. My cost $0 – my profit $60. I will be selling three to four lots a week to start.
Donald P
I started attending real estate investing classes in January of 2004. I found a copy of Multiple Streams of Income in early February 2004 and read it. I made my first offer for the purchase of three properties in Baltimore from the same seller in April of 2004. The Settlement is pending. I wrote a contract on another property in Virginia in June of 2004 and went to settlement 9/04. I am currently in the process of rehab and plan to put it on the market within the next 30 days for a net profit of around $120,000. I am currently working on the purchase of two other properties from the same seller as well as several commercial properties -one of which is a 3.2 million shopping arcade. This is too exciting and I can attribute it largely to the mindset and resources of EMI.
Donald P & Joan A
I have broken the barrier to success! I eagerly anticipate progress that has eluded me so far. I currently have a property that I have sold on a RE Contract. I bought the property on a Contract, paid it off while living in it. I rented it and the tenant wanted to buy it. After he twisted my arm I agreed. I bought the property for $22,000. I sold it after living in it for 10 yrs for $60,000 on a 10 yr contract.
Donald S
14 days after completing the 3-day course in Dallas, I signed the papers to purchase a condo in Scottsdale, Arizona. I took out a home equity loan of $100,000 which was added to $28,500 of my savings to buy the property. I paid $500 in Title Company fees for a total cost of $129,000. Since January, 2004, we have spent $16,000 in rehabbing the property, totally. Everything is done except the two bathrooms. I believe I did almost everything wrong on this my first investment property; I paid about $3,000 too much; I involved myself with a needy family member who has lived in the condo while providing expert direction for the rehabbing; I have a 100% negative cash flow and don”t see that changing any time soon. The two bright spots in this first real estate investment venture of mine is that I paid no loan origination fees, and I did make a buy. The other plus is that property values are rising rapidly in Scottsdale. I have turned down an offer of $160,000 for the condo which is a nearly completed show-place, worthy of House Beautiful.
Donald W

Teaming and Partnering in Detroit highlighted this first phase of the current 90-day Challenge. Teaming with Jeff Schnitter”s amazingly comprehensive coordination of all the components needed to cooperate with the equally comprehensive planning of the city father’s designing a shining future for Detroit.

I am happy to be included among all the other participants of Jeff”s 3-day training seminars rejuvenating this city one house at a time, one block at a time.Partnering. At the conclusion of the seminar, I announced my offer to provide funding in partnerships formed much as suggested during the seminar. Several individuals stepped forward. I remained two days further to become familiar with various districts, particularly in the historical ones. Soon thereafter, Jim Carpenter called on me and we agreed to terms. He located six houses and prepared the paperwork; I provided the initial funding. We”re off and running.

Next, after I had transferred funds from a traditional IRA, paid the taxes, and set up my Roth, I instructed my custodian to forward option and down payment dollars to Panama City, Florida, on a condo to be built with construction to start in a few months. Upon completion, a $239,300 locked-in investment will appreciate $40,000.00 to $50,000 in value. Contracts include provisions for unforeseen circumstances that will protect the interests of both developer and investor. After completion, I will have the option either to sell or to keep and rent for a steady positive cash flow equal, annually, to, or greater than, several times the initial investment.

By funding in my ROTH IRA, ALL cash out will be tax-free forever. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A ROTH IRA—NOW.

Finally, this next weekend will find me in Lehigh Acres, all expenses paid, to inspect further new developments (lots and new houses) with the offer of extremely low prices to get on board.

Donald W

I found a bank foreclosure that the realtor said the bank was willing to do “some” financing, so I went to view the property. It is a condominium in a small town. There are three buildings, housing four units each with an attached laundry room between the buildings. There is town water and sewer. The units are small and have electric heat. The units were built in 1988, and are sound. The monthly condominium fee is $125. The rents for these units are $650 per month.

Now for the problems. The bank wants $59,500, and they are assessed at about $42,000. There are no recent sales for comparables. The immediate area is poor. What I mean by that is there is trash in the complex; broken washing machines, and bicycles, and several non – registered cars in various stages of disrepair. There is no broken glass, or graphite, just trash. For the unit itself, it has been on the market for several months with no offers. The previous owner blocked off the cellar staircase, and cut a five foot diameter hole in the living room to put in a very nice (but very inappropriate) circular staircase to the basement area. My intention would be to restore unit to original intent. I offered $20,000. I got a late verbal counter from the bank of $50,000. Almost immediately I was notified that one of the tenants in the complex made an offer of $56,000 that was accepted by the bank. It has not closed yet.

In my discussions with the realtor I learned that an out of town attorney wants to sell seven units in the complex as a package. I am now perusing this. He wants $407,300. The units are assessed at $335,500. He may do some financing, but early indications are that he wants $50,000 down. Not as vigorously as I would like to (time constraints) but I am moving forward. I have not done all my homework yet but early indications for me are that currently I am thinking of offering him $297,500 with no money down, or $262,500 with alternate financing. I will try to keep you informed

Donald W
My real success story does not have to do with real estate and/or making money. A little over ten years ago, I was listening to some Robert Allen tapes over and over again. On the tapes, Robert Allen asked the question, If their was one thing that you could change in your life, what would that be? From listening to those tapes, I stopped smoking. I was a chain smoker for over thirty years. I went to a smoking cessation clinic for several evenings at a local hospital in my area, and I QUIT SMOKING!! Thank you very much, Robert Allen.
Donald W
Off to a slow start. Husband”s father very ill and needing lots of care. Died in January and then the house and property had to be prepared for sale and sold. Finally back on track with my new business. My first associate was someone who was in the looking zone. They were looking at many different options. It took some time and repeated contacting until they finally saw the vision. My first associate is now a valuable member of our team. We are reading self help books, listening to motivational materials and our business is building. What would we do without those of you who have served as our mentors when we need you the most? You help us grow and stretch beyond those comfort zones. Thank you.
Donna (Kitty) W & Jerome W
I came back to the U.S. after living in Mexico for the past eight years. During my stay in Mexico I discovered the benefits of leveraged income. My husband is 20 years older than I am and we live on his Social Security and Veteran”s pension. I realized I had to do something to put myself in a situation where if anything happened to my husband I would have my own income. A friend introduced me to a network marketing company. I knew I had found my vehicle to independence. One week after after signing up I went to convention. That is where I heard Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen for the first time. I was pumped and motivated to learn more and to start working on my personal development. I felt the company I was associated with was really going to go places so I bought some stock. Sure enough it went from $6.50 to $17.50 in a few months. I was sorry I hadn”t bought more so I put all my extra cash into the stock at $17.50. That stock went to over $60 and split. I needed a new car and my neighbors were selling their 2000 Toyota Avalon. Cherry red, leather seats, moon roof, all the bells and whistles. It”s what I”m driving today thanks to my stock purchase.
Donna (Kitty) W & Jerome W
I got my first check in my network marketing company because I came in with a professional purchase. This not only gave me all the tools I needed to get started but qualified me for a check. I believe if you are going to do something you need to do it right. Always start with as many advantages as possible.
Donna (Kitty) W & Jerome W

This morning we had an early appointment for scheduled maintenance on our automobile in Rockville, MD. Being relatively new on the east coast we chose a repair shop out of the telephone book about 20 miles from home. We are a single car family, so as the car would be in the shop all day, we decided to take the Metro into Washington D.C. for a day at the National Air and Space Museum.

Before going into D.C., we found a place for breakfast. After eating , we wondered out into the main area of the building, only to find that we were in the Montgomery County Courthouse building. Now, what was exciting to us was that just last night Bob talked about how our higher power knows where the properties are and if we ask for help, we”ll get it. Well, this seemed to be a prophecy fulfilled. Here we were in Montgomery County for the first time, stumbling upon a restaurant that happened to be in the Courthouse building! Wow!

In a short time we were directed to the circuit court where we found the public records department. There we were able to search in a book for property foreclosures and tax liens from yesterday back to the beginning of the month. We copied down case numbers. Armed with this bit of info, we can now do an online search to find property and owner contact information. We have about 50 prospects and we only got through the “B”s” alphabetically!

After returning from the air and space museum we picked up the car in time to do a walkthrough on a $500,000 FSBO we had driven by at the beginning of this week.

Donna A & Dale D
I found the true meaning of Christmas this year through my volunteer work with Dare to Dream Childrens Foundation. My visit to CASA a YMCA Shelter in Dallas changed my life this week. Just going out there delivering gift baskets was a gift to me as we talked with 7 teens about their dreams. Their dreams became my nightmare when I went to bed that night. I wondered and imagined what had happened in their lives to cause them to be so far from home, being so young and living in a shelter. I tossed and turned as I heard their hopes and dreams echo in my head. I had to go back, I had to make a difference, I had to do more. This was only the beginning of this story!
Donna A & Keith W
It was a Saturday afternoon when we met Dan Thomason for lunch. Dan is one of the trainers for Scott Lamb. We spent four hours and my business partner and I left that luncheon so motivated we went straight to a house that I had called about and made an offer. Within 24 hours of that lunch and with some extra coaching from Dan we signed the deal on a $300,000.+ property. Before that time we would have never considered trying to buy in that price range. What a difference one can make just by changing your thinking process. Our world has completely changed since getting into this EMI program. We have both retired from our corporate jobs and we are off on our own to build our multiple streams of income. THANK YOU MARK VICTOR HANSEN AND ROBERT ALLEN!
Donna A & Keith W

When we first looked at investing in real estate, we were getting qualified to buy additional real estate with our own money and credit. I learned at one of the retreats that we should never be using our credit and money to buy houses. Once the risk was eliminated, it was easy to “play” in real estate. I got started by finding the owners of vacant property. It was very easy to get them to sell me their house because they had already abandoned it for whatever reason. I acquired the houses with nothing down and no risk using Bob”s techniques. Once I realized I had nothing to lose, it was very easy to talk to the owners. Once I had the ball rolling it was easy to move forward with other offers for homes in other situations. I started with deed on 4 vacant houses. Only one of those ended up working (where I was able to take the house to sale) but I had gained the confidence I needed to make other offers. I also started to collect a list of other investors that I might be able to sell properties to. I started with the paper, then collected numbers from signs and finally ran a fixer upper ad. Armed with over 30 investors to sell the properties to, I had the capital as well as the confidence to tie up more properties.

Today, I have a good relationship with one particular investor that will pay me a finder”s fee of 10% of equity on any size house. This works out great for when I have situations I have no time or inadequate funds to capitalize on. Instead of losing out entirely, I flip the house to them and get 10%!

My recommendation to others is 1. Write your offers with an out for you (subject to partner”s approval or whatever) that should give you the security to write offers. 2. Find a mentor or program that will give you your next step. Someone told me in the beginning that I would stop moving forward when I reached the point where I didn”t know the next step.

Just Do IT!!!!

Donna M & Robert H
Completed the first phase of a new Marketing plan for my health care agency initiated as a result of the vision created thru the Enlightened Millionaire program I put together a whole business plan which resulted in financing thru a local bank and SBA. We brainstormed ( getting some people from outside the industry)about who had unmet needs for health care staff etc. and found totally new clients who also didn”t know our services existed. Because of our innovations and “thinking outside the box” we now have potential clients calling us asking if we would consider providing such and such a service because no one else is doing it. Thank you to the staff of EMI for giving me the courage to take a GIANT LEAP outside the box!
Donna T & Gregory T
I recently was asked to teach a five hour community course entitled Finances, Freedom and Change. I based the classes on The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and utilized lecture/discussion and workshopping ideas. The class was a hit! Participants were there to create a “wealth mindset” and seemed to understand the power of this effort in their transformation. We covered the “disease of poverty” and shed new light on how we could help by shining our own light and embracing our “right” to be rich in every sense of the word. I truly felt like an enlightened millionaire, giving back lessons I had learned and continue to expand on. I recommend all protégé’s get out there and teach!

My best friend and business partner and I decided to write a book about success principles from a biblical perspective. The book takes 12 common accepted success principles back to their biblical roots.

We originally intended to self-publish the book, however before doing so, we sent it to a small publisher located in Baltimore, MD. We were pleasantly surprised when we received word from them that they would be “delighted to give the book the chance it deserves.”

We have a signed contract with the publisher and expect the book to come out April 2005.

Doris W & Andrea S

Our company develops products for Authors, Coaches, Experts and Speakers to use as “back-of-the-room” sales generators. We recently completed our first project where we took a motivational speaker into the studio to cut a CD. After convincing her to utilize her God-given talent, we helped her script the audio program, and coached her.

The program is a interview-style talk where she discusses how she overcame adversity and how her story can apply to anyone”s situation. We start with her bio, followed by her extremely uplifting speech and an interview with some really thought provoking questions.

We have just begun the marketing portion of the program, however, just from word-of-mouth, we have sold over $300 worth of product. People are so excited about what we are doing that we got an additional $100.00 “love offering” to support our project.

We are part of a master mind group that will meet for 3-days to develop a strategic marketing plan to not only market this project but discuss ways we can go after opportunities to create multiple steams of income.

Doris W & Andrea S
I am excited that I have found a team that has built a website for me that allows customers to build their own site for little money, yet includes all the bells and whistles. I plan to use the marketing ideas I am learning through EMI to promote it.
Dorothy I & Lynn I
I attended Glenn Purdy”s Real Estate Help Session in Orlando and after doing the homework, he told us the next day we had just written a business plan. I am going to continue to work on this as I develop my real estate investing business.
Dorothy K
I made my first offer on a pre-construction piece of property, following Glenn Purdy”s information shared. There is ten percent equity built in to the 100% loan to value financing. So, my profit on this first deal should be about ten to sixteen thousand dollars when I flip it.
Dorothy K
On 02/15/2004 I filled out my first offer, on a 3 bedroom 2 bath home on 701 Memorial Dr. Wylie TX. House had market value of 99,400 only in top condition; seller owed 49,000, and paid 62,300. The area was in an old neighbor-hood, but nice. House needed painting on inside, the carpet in livingroom and bedrooms were bad, and some plumbing work was needed in the master bath. Seller wanted 89,000 and I offered seller 69,500. He was not interested in the bid. He would not budge off of his asking price. The estimated work to be done on the property was about 5,500 and I let him know that if he doesn”t receive an offer give me a call. The market showed the houses surrounding his had a market value of 80,000 to 95,000. The last time a property sold in the area was over a year ago, and it took 8 months to sell. I gave the property 12 points.
Dorothy T & Billy T
I have created an amazing multimedia presentation for use in large corporate events. It is entitled The Mark of a Leader. It is being completed this month, as I write, for its first screening March 30. The plan is in place and it is being done! I plan to take it to corporate audiences across North America starting in May.
Doug K & Pam S
I have made my first sale of The Mark of a Leader to a large technology firm, Celestica, for their national sales meeting in May. This is my first client – 400 sales people who have a big vision and I am going to help give them the belief to get to it!
Doug K & Pam S
I used the ideas of zero down to structure the purchase of a fuel and oil distributing company from a friend who was a motivated seller. I got the bank to finance the purchase and a neighboring company heard that I was buying the company – he sold his company to me and took back 75% of the purchase price as seller financing – most of which is structured as a performance lease agreement (the monthly lease payment is based on sales volume). Without the conference, I wouldnt have had a clue on the second purchase.
doug m

I have purchased a dwelling that was listed as a single resident 3 bedroom rental domicile, I bought it for $183,000. I had a vender take back enough of the mortgage so that I could get a mortgage for the rest of the cost of the house. I applied to the city for a duplex permit which I have received the authorization for and am presently finishing off. I am doing a lot of the work my self but had to get a secured line of credit against my own home to pay for the professionals to do their things i.e. electrical,plumbing,furnace upgrade and maintenance. The rest I have done myself. My real estate agent says that the property even as it sits right now 25% finished, on the market would be worth $225,000.00 and when finished with tennants probably closer to $240,000.00.

But I have it rented out at $2050.00 right now which gives me aproximately a $900.00 per month posative cash flow. I just got a call back to my other full time job which will make it a lot easier to get a mortgage for the next house I buy. The next one will already be a legal duplex at least. I have put way too much work and valuable time into this house even though it will eventually come back. I have looked at a tri-plex and three different private dwellings but no diamonds just yet but I will keep looking I have seen some good looking stones but I want just diamonds for thet next few houses to build up enough cash that I dont have to beg at the banks to get mortgages. I am helping out with our local Bethesda House, for those not familiar they are shelters for battered wives and children. My neighbours daughter works there so that is an other good reason for me to help out there.

Douglas S & Fran S
Submitted my first offer today! Excited, scared and nervous all at the same time. Submitted an option agreement to purchase bank REO property. Offer 1.8M. ~ value 2.3M. I took the first step. Yup, it is a big one!
Douglas F
Currently involved in two residual income based network marketing opportunities. One, endorsed and has ivolvement from Robert Allen. Between the two ventures, I have 5 websites up and running. These two ventures are just part of my plan for multiple streams of passive income from a variety of sources.
Douglas F

I found a house that had been on the market for about 80 days. Brick veneer house, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom and 2 car garage. House was owned by the bank and they wanted $59,900. The house smelled like cat urine and needed new carpet and padding, landscaping to make the house more attractive which included getting some stumps removed in back and some other minor fixup items. I made a bid of $30,000 which was rejected but this is what I needed after all expenses to include closing to make a minimum $10,000 profit. I have made 3 offers since but lack of courage is my biggest downfall. I am working on this. I have yet to purchase a house other than my own but working on it.

I am working with a buyer broker to find houses but now spending more time on my own looking at FSBO houses. Desperately wanting to find that super deal and learning more everyday on how to hone the skills I am being taught.

Douglas F

I signed up for the Enlightened Millionaire Institure on Sept 20, 2003. I had already read The One Minute Millionaire. Once I received the materials I proceeded to read the Multipule Streams of Internet Income.

Just as an experiment to see how easy it would be to setup a site on Vstore I went ahead and tried to set up a site. Well it wouldn”t let me set one up.

It was not hard to tell why it wouldn”t. It turns out that I had set one up for books in 2000. So once I remembered the password it was a matter of 5 minutes to setup the new store and update the old bookstore. I have since linked another website I have to them.

I am currently refocusing the website and once it is done will be refering customers to the vstores for some extra income.

My wife has a home business (through home parties) and will be setting up a website with auto responders to generate leads, and extra income.

This is especially hard for me because I have always had problems with speaking to people. When I was a little kid I would not even go in to a store to ask for directions. I always made my brothers and sisters do it. So every day I put myself in a postion where I have to call people I do not know. I have also gone through the Dale Carnieges course on speaking 2 times.

My advise is work on your fears everyday and little by little they will become more manageable. Some may even go away and others will become just a minor inconvenience. If you do this you will have a much more enjoyable and rewarding life. “

Douglas T

I have completed a book and a marketing plan and started several other books. Book will go to print in May. Title: What You Say Is What You Get: The Secret Language of Great Business Results. Crafted as your Engine and Four Wheels, this positive powerful language system speeds your business to success. The book includes compelling emotional true client stories combined with practical success secrets, lessons learned, quick quizzes, practices exercises, and FAQs. A lot of interest and radio commitments are surfacing.

Also made $166,000 in stock market!

Dr Linne B
We heard that they would give you their homes. Yea sure they will. When all of a sudden a man called to give us his house. We asked him to keep the loans in place, which he did. He owes 120000 the house; fixed up is worth 200000. It needs about 25000in it. We will make 50000. Wow it really does work. Thanks Robert!

I found a builder of a 14 condo subdivision in forclosure. I found out the lender was GE Capital in Texas. I contacted them, but failed to buy it. They put it on the market with a Realtor and upped the price.

I contacted them again and talked with the high up officer who is a decision maker. I explained to him how my offer without the Realtor commission is higher. They complained that I am asking them to carry, and they want out. I offered them a sweetener: $1,000 down on each = $14,000.00 cash. They carry back $49,000.00 each at 7.5% interest only all due in 10 years. They countered with 8% for 3 years. We continued negotiating until we agreed to 7% interest only, all due in 7 years.

The manager insisted on signing all papers in person in a lunch meeting in San Francisco. It was an honor, I responded. We concluded the deal within a week.

I just sold 12 of them in this high market at $140,000 to $160,000 each.

Currently, I am busy writting offeres on forclosures. The latest is a house on 2 acres on the Island of Hawaii. BofA is asking $340,000. I gave them what they are asking, The Realtor said I almost won. A last moment local as home owner, offered them $390,000.

Dr.Makram S & Mary S

We first started reading the One Minute Millionaire in August of 2003. Dre was freelancing his computer skills & Annie was growing weary in her job as an employment coach, she”d been there too long and she wanted out. In September 2003, we started with the Enlightened Millionaire Institute; a step we knew would change our lives forever.

Our initial aspirations were as Infopreneurs but we soon discovered that we needed to make some money first (this dream is still in progress). Then we went to the Real Estate Event with Glenn Purdy in October and realized that Real Estate would play an important role in our financial future, but it was not to be our first stream.

After a couple of months of soul searching on both our parts, we finally started walking down path of the Internet at the beginning of 2004. Major internal blocks have been clearing away as we prepare for our inevitable financial success. In January 2004, we closed the door marked “security” and Annie quit her job! This was a major leap of faith and with only a couple of domain names registered, we set the course for our greatest success.

Only sheer determination and a desire to succeed along with the weekly help we get from the mentors of the Enlightened Millionaire Institute have kept us going.

Much of our success to date has been internal rather than financial. That being said, we now have the tools in place (credit card processing, search engine submission tools, joint ventures, etc) to start selling products this month. Our first product is a golf handicap tracking software. Our first month’s projected sales are $1000. We know that our profits will grow exponentially from there as we have 2 more sites in development. We are creating a “cookie cutter” approach to our Internet Marketing system so we can duplicate what you”ve taught us over and over and over again.

So as for our success story, it”s really just beginning. Watch out! You”ll be hearing more about DnA (That”s Dre & Annie) in the very near future!!!

Dre & Annie L

I have to admit that I was much calmer than I had predicted. I believe that my inner peace came from the knowledge that we were presenting an offer that was a true win-win scenario. We were anxious to obtain our first property and the homeowners were anxious to leave Las Vegas and relocate to Alabama. We did our due diligence and were prepared for our presentation/offer. The actual presentation took less than 15 minutes. We excused ourselves and went outside to give the homeowners time to consider our offer. Approximately 30 minutes later they invited us back in and accepted our offer.

Our initial contact by the homeowner came at about 3:00 pm on Thursday. We previewed the property around 4:00 pm that same day. Our presentation/offer was made the following day (Friday) and we took possession of the home on Monday! It was a whirlwind of activity and we are most grateful for the opportunity and experience. Most of all, we are pleased to be of service to the homeowner.

Earl S & Sandra S
My brother and I are partners and began with EMI sometime ago. Our first property was purchased for $11,000 cash. We rehabbed the property which was $20,000. We mortgaged the property for $51,000. We put $20,000 cash in our pockets on our first property. It is now rented out generating $200 monthly profit after expenses.
Ed F & Don F
we have had the networking business for sometime but decided in June 2004 to take it to a new level by adding the concentrated efforts of internet marketing. At July 10, 2004 we added 2 new live websites. We have begun advertising for business partners; some ads direct them to the website, some to our toll free number. We have also registered with our home company”s lead generation system with Virtual Office Systems and are posed to begin working that system a solid 10 hours a week beginning on the day of our return from the Dallas Wealth Retreat.
Ed W & Cheryl W
Bought 2 Oct 45 Put option on Qlogic at $9 on Jul 18; sold the option at $10.50 on Jul 25. 16% gain (before commission) in one week.
Edith L
I starting trading with real money in June of 2003 after paper trading for six months. my return so far is of 75%!
eduardo d
Edward P
While taking Dr. Cooper”s Option trading course we were encouraged to begin paper trading. Using his TTCA template, I placed a June 60 call on WalMart. After 12 days I have made a 70% gain.
Elaine H & Larry H

I just completed Dr. Cooper”s option trading class. During the class we were encouraged to begin paper trading. I bought a call option on WMT and after 12 days have made 70%. I also opened an online trading account and am excited to begin using real money. Dr. Cooper impressed upon us the importance of paper trading first though so I will be continuing with that for a while yet.

Dr. Cooper”s course was great; I found his teaching style easy to follow and the manual easy to read.

Elaine H & Larry H
10 paper trades beginning Feb 17, 2004, last one closed on March 10 7 profit, 3 loss Total money invested, $14735.00 Total gain $4300.00 Total loss $1510.00 Total over all at the end $17525.00 Average gain over the 10 trades $279.00 Average percent gain 24% The biggest gain was COST 73% over 7 days The biggest loss was QLGC 26% over 13 days I continue to paper trade and have made a gain of 368% over 7 days on one, and a 100% loss over 31 days on another. I continue to learn from the war room and my own trades and look forward to the real money trades to come soon.
Elaine H & Larry H
At a seminar, I noticed a billboard advertising 15% interest paid monthly. I paid $40,000 from the sale of my home. I am told I have $9,000.00 in the mail for interest over 2 months. I agree this was not businesslike, however my intuition is abundantly active.
Elanne O
Started promoting a valuable product I had been using for our family and some friends. Made first sale unexpectedly to a friend/client due to results he was seeing from using it and he has since become an active distributor.
Eleanor M
Due to training received thru the programs with Mark and Bob we revamped our OnTrack Engineering website and are continuously now improving it. We learned to not put everything on the site and how to start collecting visitors to the site for follow-ups, etc. The site has become a more active tool due to its ever improving positioning on the search engines.
Eleanor M
Due to training with Denise Michaels and Joyce I proposed writing a book to precede the release of a new software program being released in late 2004. We have made arrangements for printing and for the collaboration of a well-known professor to co-write and provide the research documentation to back up the stats in the book as well as have his name lend credibility in the industry as he is well known compared to us.
Eleanor M
Rewriting our business plan with primary goals being substantially changed. The first is to restructure the company so it is positioned for purchase before the end of 2006.
Eleanor M
I am delighted to be approaching starting my first series of lectures/information sharing sessions re improving and enhancing one”s own health. I am starting with a limited attendance of 20 persons and have future plans to take portions of this program into a series available over the telephone.
Eleanor M
I was afraid, very afraid. My partner guided me through this whole nightmare process. I made an offer to buy this rental property in College Station. As we executed the contract we were set to close on 4-12-2004. I went to sign documents and paid only 291.56 @ closing to buy this 4-2 home. That was the best deal ever. For that price I couldn”t even buy a pair of nice shoes:)
Elizabeth N & Vinh T
I bought my first and second property for no more than 1000 dollars. The 1st property is 100% financing. The 2nd one was 5% down but we took 7% down from the 1st to close on the second. Awsome real estate is the way to do… Thanks mentor.
Elizabeth N & Vinh T
Since taking the Robert Allen Seminar with no money down, bad credit and no income, I purchased 3 houses value $854,100..I sold them four months later for a profit of $247,000. I then purchased 3 more houses, value $1,513,000 for $17,000..I am in the process of selling these homes for an anticipated profit of $450,000, This week I will be finalizing the purchase of 10 more homes for $20,000. I have buyers lined up for these. I am not sure of my profit but am sure it will be in the areas of $15,000 each. I share my story with others interested in real estate..tell them Robert Allen program has techniques to help anyone in any circumstance begin to have a secure financial future. If I can do it without cash, credit, or job..anyone can..simply have faith, believe in yourself and follow the path of all the others who have achieved prosperity and their dreams. I have been most happy and motivated finding and contributing to favorite charitable casues, one in particular..www.smiletrain.org which provides reconstructive surgery for children born with cleft palate”s or significant facial deformities, so for every house that is sold, at least one child gets a second chance on life…a chance to smile…for this I truly thank Robert Allen and his philosophy for prosperity and giving back. I have set up my corporations, limited liability Company, and through referrals I am working on getting my personal credit improved. This is all very exciting, along with that I am drafting my first book, joint ventures, and beginning to speak to community groups. What I tell them is that becoming a millionaire can certainly be done if you follow the program and fund a charity. Your effort and giving will provide you with prosperity and make a difference in this world. Robert Allen”s program has changed my life. Thank you is an inadequate word..but THANKS.
Elizabeth B
Under the guidance of Denise Michaels, I completed a book proposal for the 2003 BEA in Los Angeles. Denise suggested consulting Michael Larsen”s book “How to Write a Book Proposal”. As I explored the Expo with a pile of proposals in hand, I happened to glance down at a nametag on the person adjacent to me. It was none other than Michael Larsen! I thanked him for the help his book had given me in preparing the proposal I had in my hand at the time, and he was nice enough to take nearly 15 minutes to review it with me. He pointed out the strong points and also the areas where I needed improvement, namely that I didn”t have much of a “platform”. Then he suggested ways to correct that problem; ways that I considered quite practical and which were in fact a part of my marketing plan. It was great confirmation that I was on the right track, so I”ve plunged right in and gotten started!
Elizabeth E
I am almost ready to send my first book to the printers. It is a children”s book written from the viewpoint of a Saint Bernard. The Saint Bernard is my dog, Apollo. He tells how he came to live with me and how he (helps?) me take care of my grandkids. There are actual photos of him and the grandkids on every other page. The words tell one story and the photos tell another quite different story. I plan for this book to be the first in a series about Apollo. I hope with the right marketing that this will generate sells of many “Apollo” products such as, pajamas, tee shirts, cups, whatever…
Elizabeth F &
I have created a master website with the help of friends which has links to my affiliate websites. It also has a link to my network marketing company website. This website has a connection to sign up for a weekly e-zine and an announcement about the forthcoming book which I am currently putting together. I have as of today (1-18-2004), just contracted for 10,000 views to my master website. Therefore, there has not been time to see any financial results yet.
Elizabeth F &
I have started the real estate program with my mentor Dave. I have been listening to cd”s in the car wherever I go. I have been looking for properties 2 weeks now in the Sunday papers and made about 20 calls to FSBO”s. I know I will eventually work up to finding an excellent deal and property where everybody”s needs are met and I make some profit. I have been facing some fears–talking to strangers on the phone about their property, and going to drive by to see a Flexible Seller”s property which is in a neighborhood which is known to be not well kept up and even dangerous at night. I wanted to see the neighborhood for myself. It is probably not a good place to invest in. I am moving steadily along.
Elizabeth P

This deal is actually nearest and dearest to my heart because it involves writing. I love to write. When I have money coming in from other ventures, I”d happily spend all my time writing everything from advertising copy, to literary non-fiction, to mysteries. In my “spare” time I”ve worked with a coach here in Iowa City and another one through a Writers” Group in Connecticut to hone my writing skills. I have in the planning stage a website for writers and have some friends from my literary non-fiction writers” group working on this with me.

The special opportunity that fell into my lap this fall was an offer from Shawn Casey to participate in his latest project. Mine is lucky Chapter 13. It just hit the e-book market, and I think it will sell well. It”s both entertaining and full of practical advice. I get 80% of the profit for the copies I sell, and since many of my referral sites are also given in the book, I should get some additional business from that. Besides, it”s nice being considered a “guru” after only 9 months. I hope to be reporting some profits in this project over time.

One other opportunity that doesn”t really fit neatly in a category is a joint venture I”m working on with a Rotary friend and her husband. We are forming a company to develop and market language learning materials, initially for the ESL market. We have a business plan and have started the marketing plan for the first product of this line. We should be doing some pre-sales marketing by spring and have the first product out next summer. By the second year we should be in profit.

I”m having a ball tossing all these multiple streams of income into the air. I”ll be thrilled when more of them start paying income.

The first offer was not successful except as a learning experience in negotiating with sellers. As suggested by my coach, Todd Benson, I had a buyer”s broker working with me. She had an in-house deal she wanted me to look at as a fixer-upper for a quick turn-around resale. My agent felt we”d be able to make a deal if I was willing to take only $5,000 in profit after anticipated expenses. That is just how it would have come out, except, we had agreed that I should not work a deal that would provide less than $10,000 after expenses. I passed on the owner”s counter to my original offer and went on for what turned out to be the entire summer, and one after another fizzled deal, before we finally reached the first buy. The summer-long search for the right deal was frustrating, but I could pat myself on the back for the tremendous amount I was learning about real estate investment in the process.

My first website, to advertise my library consulting and free-lance writing business, went live toward the end of October. I have been working on an additional website, a weblog, to keep library managers apprised of articles outside of the normal library press, but of value to library managers on forecasting technology trends and handling management issues. I will use this as a vehicle for growing the consulting business, and it is a needed service not otherwise available to the library management community.

Another website is also under development to cover some web networking I”ve explored over the last several months. Last February, sensing the possibility that my day job would be in jeapordy with budget cuts, I started looking at home internet businesses, as well as the investment real estate path to wealth. Well, it has been a long nine months! Yet, I have persisted and have learned lots about what to avoid and what to do in internet marketing. My website will be for internet business consulting in order to advise through a short questionnaire what kinds of internet opportunities fit with a prospect”s goals and interests. I am also a representative for the Mind Gold Newsletter and Power Pointers Page, both services I can advertise as an affiliate rep, and also as a method to capture leads for my other businesses.

At this point I have “graduated” to the level of “Super Affiliate.” I”m still not entirely sure if that stands for “sucker who spends on lots of programs” or “knowledgeable, responsible affiliate who knows which projects will pay off.” My pocketbook shows that the jury is still out on that one, although it feels as if I”m finally getting some recognition by the “pros” (I like that word better than “gurus”) and people are starting to sign up for my offers, finally. I hope to update this area over the next several months with a success story.

I decided after the offer on the second investment prospect fell through to concentrate on finding a duplex rental, if I could find one with positive cash flow. Duplexes are easier to finance than triplexes and larger, as I found out when I tried to get financing earlier this summer for a triplex. When my realtor and I walked into one side of the duplex we eventually bought and I saw a picture of one of our best City Council members and his kids on the wall, I knew I”d have reliable tenants. (Turns out the people on the other side are both reliable and neat.) The place is in great condition, well maintained by the previous owners with no immediate maintenance needs. The property is valued at $137,000 and we paid only $119,000. After downpayment we now have almost $30,000 of equity in the property, and after 6 months, could borrow against that balance with a line of credit if we need it. Rents are $1,165/month, and the mortgage, insurance and taxes are $915/month. When I reserve $100 per month for my maintenance budget, that leaves a cool $1,800 annual expected profit. Hey, it”s a start!
On January 15, 2004 three partners and I will formally adopt an Operating Agreement for a company, Componica, L.L.C. We will at the same time christen our marketing plan and our business plan. Our mission is to create cutting edge software products in voice simulation, recognition and imaging. Our first products will be in the area of language learning systems, initially for the English as Second Language market. We expect to have our first product in the marketplace by July 2004 and we expect the company to have made its first million dollars in gross profits within 2005. I owe to the EMI much of the sense of drive and optimism that encouraged me to believe in this venture and move forward with it.
This is my first day. I am trying to complete this as quickly as possible because the first, 90 day challenge phone call is in 12 minutes and I want “in” on it. My first success story is that I contributed $1,000 to the Bloomington dePaul School, which is 10% of what I have made since the beginning of the year– even though I am not making enough to meet my expenses. I KNOW that “as I give to the universe” it will return, tenfold. I have never had money problems in my entire life, until now. My 15 year old son has developed a major, medical problem and I am in debt for the first time, ever. I am determined to get him everything he needs and to become financially free, so that I may turn my attention to creating and contributing from all my talents, skills and abilities, to the world. I am finished with having a “job”. It is time to align with my destiny.
Ellen B
In July of 2002 I lost all my money with an unscrupulous investor (who is now in jail). A good friend of mine introduced me to the Millionaire Eagles created by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen. I became a protege and attended classes. I got a mentor and started doing real estate while I”ve worked a full time job. I have realized a gain of over $250,000 in net worth over the last two years!! I want to thank Mark and Bob sooooo much for their vision, education, inspiration and tenacity. I attribute my success to their ability to present and find presenters of information that can be utilized and put into action.
Ellen D

On the Pacific Beach (San Diego) oceanfront condo listed at $995K on which I determined that I should offer $555K based on recent comps, I got a call back from the real estate agent saying that the seller was not entertaining offers less than $900K.

Update on the home that is risk of preforeclosure that is owned by someone I know, I found out more details…his mortgage is $4,000/month because his first mortgage is at a little less than 7%, but his second mortgage is more than 9%. I examined the house closely and it needs a lot of work. I”d estimate that the house needs $25-35K to bring it into good condition to rent or sell matching comps in the area. I judge the market value to be about $600K now and the mortgages combine to $580K…not good numbers to proceed on.

I went to six open houses of FSBOs last weekend and made offers on all the properties. There is a recent housing shortage in our area because of the So. CA fires that destroyed 1,250 homes. I didn”t even get counters on my offers.

Ellen S & Emily W

On our 3-day seminar with Glen Purdy in Las Vegas, we all joined the 90-day challenge. We didn”t have to wait for June so I took this opportunity to have a head start. On the second day of the seminar, he gave us an assignment to call 5 people from the classified ads. There were over 700 people in the seminar, and I figured that I will be competing with all of them. Since I didn”t know the area very well I called up realtors instead. I also implemented the herd-mentality that he taught us.

It took me quite some time to get in touch with these realtors. I most definitely didn”t give up knowing that I have two days to look at properties in the area. One of them called me up at around 2:00 p.m. and said that she will get back to me after she”s done with her client. That”s perfectly alright since I was with another realtor that time anyway. I finally spoke to her and she brought me to a preconstruction development. When I saw the model homes I wasn”t initially impressed due to the floor plan. However, when I went to the sales office, I realized that the properties in the 3rd and 4th phase are $25,000 cheaper for exactly the same models in the 5th phase. There are a total of 14 or 15 phases. It was a no brainer! I will already have that equity if I get the house immediately. Right there and then, I decided to show interest and spoke to the lady in-charge.

Unfortunately, she mentioned to me that I have to be pre-approved first to be eligible. It will take 72 hours to be pre-qualified and I only have 24-hours. On top of that, I didn”t have my checkbook for the earnest money. Time is more valuable than money! I didn”t give up! That same day, we applied online.

The next morning, I called up my banker to wire me the earnest money. This check will not be cashed out until the closing day which will be around August. She still didn”t agree to accept it originally because I have not been pre-approved. Unfortunately, I don”t have the luxury of time because I had to be at the airport at 5:00 a.m. the next day. Due to persistence, I told her that I will surely be approved and I offered cash. Well, that was the turning point. She finally agreed! I didn”t have to pay cash just the same. While I was signing the contract, she said that the price will go up by $30,000. Wow! That deal just made me equity of $55,000 within less than 24-hours. On top of that, the equity of the house is still rising and I still have not paid a single cent. The earnest money will only be collected until the closing of the house.

Thanks to Glen and everyone from the team. You guys are exceptionally great! I wouldn”t have gotten out of my comfort zone had it not been because of your encouragement and support. I truly appreciate your kind efforts.

Elmie L
Although this is was my second property (the first I closed in November last year)this a very interesting story: I bought a seven-plex in a small town north of Toronto called Orillia. I saw a huge potential for many reasons, I will tell you later on. So this Victorian house remodeled to a seven unit building was not in the best shape, actually no bank wanted to finance it. We were about fifteen days away to the closing day and could not arrange financing. At the end I managed to take over an existing private mortgage in the property, got a small second and a big down payment because I did not have too many credit references since I had been in Canada for just a little bit more than two years. When the spring came I went to the bank asked for a line of credit and started to fix the property updating the rents and getting rid of bad tenants. I also split a tree bedroom apartment in to two one bedroom, put new windows, shingles, insulation and son and so forth. I also paid the $25,000 second mortgage in summer. It took the rest of the year to fix the house and increase the income by 13%, but this is not all, now let me explain you the numbers: I bought the house for $289,000 last December, I got a line of credit for $80,000 to fix the property and I just refinance it this December for $450,000. I got 72.5% financing which is $325,000, thus I recoup the $80,000 to fix the house I paid the private mortgage of $157,000 by the time of closing plus refinancing costs and I end it up with $ 88,000 which pay for 72% of my original investment. Besides all this incredible deal the private lender agreed to loan me back the money to buy another property. Isn”t that cool?
Emanuel M
We received a phone call the night before a closed bid was due on a property that was three doors down from a university campus. We were at our weekly meeting and decided to go for it. Our brother took the bid and we were the top offer. We told the seller we would close in 30 days. We needed to get an appraisal for the loan. Our appraiser started the process but then had personal difficulties and was unavailable for almost 3 weeks. When he finally submitted the appraisal it wasn”t correct and our initial lenders refused to make the loan. The second lender also had questions on the appraisal and had an independent firm check it over, which our broker told us afterwards usually means that the loan won”t go through. It was finally approved almost 1 month late. The problem with this is that we were using this house for a student rental property and we closed 1 day before school started. We had the property but no renters. We cleaned the place up and put ads in the paper and sent out flyers. One week later we had 2 renters at a reduced rate. We delivered flyer”s again, gave out free movie tickets and cut our rates. We felt that we had done all that we could do. Then 2 weeks later while we were at our weekly meeting, we received a phone call that informed us that 8 renters wanted rooms!!! We continued with our meeting when one member suggested that we stop and immediately thank our Heavenly Father for this miracle that we had just received! We knew that our Heavenly Father came through just in the nick of time. (It is amazing the difference between our time and God”s time) Now we have a total of 15 renters which will cover the payments and allow us to keep the property and have a much better cash flow for the next school year and many more to follow. When you put Heavenly Father first, he will not fail you.
Enlightened Pursuit
Just started no profit yet. I guess for me the success is just completing this project and getting online. I started last year and did nothing after building a website. May not even have finished and just gave up on the project. I have been listening to Robert Allen”s Multiple Streams of Income tapes and that inspired me to go back redo the web site new e-books, software and services to offer. And not only complete it but publish it to the internet. Need to promote the site but really don’t know where to start. Funds are low but could afford some $100 to 200 dollars a month to invest to get this started. I plan to re-invest all the profits back into this and other businesses for about a year or so. Surely until business takes off to a good reliable cash flow.
Enrique M & Tammy S
My website is finally coming to live, it”s amazing how much you learn, when you take action. I”m finalizing the final touches as of today 4/26/04. I have already set, and my launch will take place in a week. I have been building my opt-in offline. My website is going to have a newsletter and will be marketing my 1st book 101 Reasons You Should Fire Your Employer & Start Your Own Business. I can”t wait, this has been a goal of mine for sometime, and I”m finally getting to it thanks to the EMI (Mark & Bob).
I have finally finished of my first book. Before becoming a protege I had an idea for a book, but never knew how to do it and where to start. Once I prayed for a mentor I was truly guided into Mark&Bob”s Program. My book has crytalized into reality only three months after becoming a protege. Now I”m on to the publishing and marketing aspects of the book. Thank you Mark & Bob. Instructor Joycebelle and fellow protege Lynn Rose.
A few weeks ago I launched my first test website. Today I”m proud to say that my second website is alive and I”m already getting hits on and I haven”t even started to do the marketing. My website is mainly to do a pre-publishing publicity for my book. What”s so exciting is that I have a couple of subscribers to my newsletter as I learned in class of the recommended way to gather opt-in list. Thank you Bob and Mark, and also Instructor Joyce Belle and fellow protégé Lynn Rose. You have been central to my success.
We borrowed $18,000 from some investor friends. $10,000 went to purchase the property and $4,000 went to refurbish the home. The rest went into our personal bank account. The house rents for $450/month. For the first year, we are paying 8% interest on the $18,000. Then, in 12 months, we will refinance at 80% LTV and pay back the $18,000 and pocket the rest. We will still have positive cash flow as well.
Eric B & Dina B

I had the great fortune to get my first deal the day after i finished the 3 day seminar. I had done a lot of looking in the paper and on the internet in the days leading up to the seminar. On the evening of the final day of the seminar i had made a number of calls from the on line FSBO and then switched to calling the newspaper adds, and the very first call i made there was a lady in a divorce and about to lose her house. I called another class mate from the seminar who had financing available and we together went to her house the next day and got a contract for approximately $80,000. below the market value of $360,000.

Thanks Robert!

Eric R & Cynthia R
Positive cash from flippers: $158,000 for the first, and $1,500 for the second.
Ernie V & Kathy V
My success as yet has not been monetary. I have received so many benefits from the training I have received to date. I have been able to create a congruency in many facets of my life and am still bringing it all together. My goal is to be completely congruent, thus I will be able to go beyond the stars with both my real estate business and my network marketing business.
Esther V
My first associate that I truly had to convince, was a person that most people were scared to talk to let alone convince. She was financially sound, but she was not happy with her job. I spoke to her about the business, gave her the information, and because she trusted my opinion she looked into the business. A week later she signed up and is progressively looking into expanding her basin for her business.
Esther V
Made a benefit of $84,000 in my first real estate property when I was 27 years old and no money in the bank what so ever. I then re-invested it in another two properties which I still own.
Esther M & Tito E

While attending a National sales meeting, I made offers on four properties in Du Bois PA. All of these were done with my credit card.

The first was a Bank repo which they wanted $14,000 and I offered $10,000. Then a offered $19,000 on another property for which the bank wanted $25,000.

My best deal came when I found a school house in Falls Creek Township PA for sale. The owners sold it to me for the same price they paid for it three years earlier. I signed the contract on my birthday! I will make it into a museum.

As Marshall Sylver said, “Just do what you love and the money will follow.” I will add “treating it as a business” in there somewhere.

Thank you for all your encouragement!

Eugene W
Three years ago, I was down and out in the Philippines. I was in debt for over $135,000 dollars with around $1,200 dollars in my pocket and no job. I prayed one night and said to the lord that if that was his will for me to be a bum, then so be it; but I also said that if he gives me a business, I will do the following: 1. I will be fair to my people and provide responsible employment. 2. I will be an instrument of his peace and make the company serve his will to bring others to be their best at what they do. 3. I will not steal from the organization and give back 100% to the business and the people. 4. Improve myself in any way those he sees fit. Within 30 minutes, I had a call from a friend who gave me an idea. After that, I called some family members who referred me to some critical contacts who could help my idea. Within 2 weeks I closed a contract with one of the largest companies in the Philippines. Within 3 months, the business was generating $6,000 dollars per month. Two and a half years later, the organization now has over 13 first to launch products and services in the Philippines with a network of 10 locations nationwide. The business has also expanded to the education industry where we have 7 schools nationwide, transcription industry where we have 2 locations in the city, and several other products and services to be taken to the United States. I truly believe in the enlightened millionaire way of thinking. It is absolutely impossible that someone like myself will come up with the ideas I am coming up with without a higher power. It has come to a point where I am the youngest by 15 years in the industry with locations that shall expanded to over 15 locations within the year. Now is the time for me to give back and I thank this seminar in connecting me back with my WHY in life. I realize its a constant journey but I think as long as I dedicate this business to the service of all and make it an instrument of His peace, all will go in the direction he sets for me. I take no credit for all this and give Him all the credit because it is only by his intervention and direct help that I am able to even think in the way I do. There is so much more I can do and the opportunities are endless. I pray that God continues to use me to serve all whom join the organization the God has built through me. Either way, it”s by Him I am able to be here.
Eugenio G
Purchased a foreclosure home. Fixed it up and sold it for $40,000 profit. Also have $50,000 equity in a business.
Evan B & Kelly B
I have a recurring income, that is, I get paid every month for something that I did once, and didn’t need to do anything else to again. Its all from a link I placed on my site and people just click on it to see what its all about. Eventually someone buys the product that they pay a monthly fee for and I get a percentage every month as long as they keep paying. This Internet stuff is GREAT!
Evell B
My success story is that with the help of Robert Allens course not only did I buy my own first house but was also able to completely furnish it when I moved in.
Evell B