School Challenge

Would You Like To Earn Warren Buffett Stock, Cash And Prizes

For Simply Attending A Live


Livestream Class On Success And Money

Do You Have

A Group That Is Looking For A Fun Activity?

The Success And Money Foundation

Is A Non-Profit Educational Foundation

That Teaches A


Class Called

Play The Game of Success and Money

Where Everyone Wins and Some Win Big

The Interactive Workshop

Is Designed To Be Fun and Entertaining

Each Participant Earns Cash Rewards for Attending


Can Earn Additional Rewards

For Participating in the Workshop

The Workshop is Based on The Best Selling Book

5 Success and Money Steps to Financial Freedom

Your Playbook For A Successful Life

Each Participant will Receive


Access to The Online Book and 400 Additional Classes


Students Can Earn Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Stock

By Simply Completing The "Share The Wealth And Win"


"Earn While You Learn Classes"


You Can Earn Additional Stock By Sharing Your Personalized Link


Attending Additional Live Zoom


In Person Classes

In Addition

Your Group will Receive A Cash Reward for Participating

We Ask That You Do A Service Project with 20% of the Reward

Your Welcome to use the other 80% for Your Own Group Activity

If You Have A Group,

Please Text Tom Painter at 801-318-8667

Email at Tpainter96@gmail.com

Here Is An Introductory Video Of Our Class

Here Is A Testimonial Video From Our Students

Here Is A Summary Video Of A Recent Class

Here Is More Information On The Group Class