About The Painter Family

Mom And Dad

My Parents Were Jim and Zoma Painter



They Were Born in 1930

Just After the Great Depression



They Grew Up During World War 2



They Fell In Love, Married And Started A Family 

They had 10 Children

35 Grand Children and 35 Great Grand Children


My Father Worked as a Teenager

with His Dad Fixing Up Old Cars

Eventually Becoming A Car Dealer, Entrepreneur And Investor


Our Parents Taught Us How to Be Compassionate Capitalist

Starting With Nothing They Grew A Thriving Business

More Importantly, My Dad Taught Us

About Money By Example


In 1984 They Had 12 Grandchildren

They Started an Investment Account for Each of Them

They Planted A Money Tree, Took Care of it and Let It Grow


Today There Are 70 Grand and Great Grand Children

Each Of Them Have a Money Tree (Investments)

 To Help Them On Their Journey Of Life


Both Of My Parents Have Passed Away

They Left A Legacy of Love and Learning