Oprah Winfrey The Foundation of Success and Empowerment

The Foundation of Success and Empowerment

Key Takeaway #1: Everyone is Seeking the Same Thing; Fulfillment of the Highest, Truest Expression of Yourself

  • Understand that no matter what someone’s background or career path is, they are all seeking the same thing: to fulfill the highest, truest expression of themselves as a human being.

Key Takeaway #2: Find Stillness to Make the Next Right Move

  • During challenges, take time to reflect and find stillness, then ask yourself what the next right move is. Remember, life is bigger than one moment, and every experience, encounter, and crisis will make you better and help you rise.

Key Takeaway #3: Fill Your Cup

  • Your number one job is to fill your cup and make yourself whole. This can be done through meditation, prayer, or a spiritual practice, and is necessary for success, well-being, and giving to others without resentment.

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