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Make A Difference - Tom's Birthday

Make A Difference - Mother's Day

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In Many Countries Around The World,

We Have The

Pay It Forward
Make A Difference Programs

This Is Where A Student Can Receive A Small Amount Of Money

From The Success And Money Foundation

And It Is Their Job To Help Others In Need

One Third Can Be Given To Family Members

One Third Can Be Given To Friends And Associates

One Third Can Be Given To Complete Strangers

The Money is Used For

Medicine, Doctor Bills, Food, Water, And Other Items

In Order To Qualify Please Fill Out This Form


Step 1
Fill Out This Form To Get Your Initial Make A Difference Money

Step 2
Receive money from the foundation

Step 3
Make a difference in someone's life and take a photo

Step 4
Fill out this second link and tell about what you did

Step 5
The best stories will receive an additonal donation so you can go do it again.