How To Open An Investment Account

To Receive a Financial Rewards



You Must OPEN and FUND an Investment Account

You Can use any Investment Account You Wish


If You’re In The United States Or North America

We Recommend Robinhood


In Most Other Countries We Recommend GoTrade


Link to Free Robinhood Account


Some People In Foreign Countries Are Using GoTrade

The Advantage Is You Can Buy Individual Stocks,

S&P 500, and Berkshire Hathaway


Link to FREE GoTrade Account



Here is a Video on How to Open An Account and How to Invest

Many People in Foreign Countries are Using Gcash/Ginvest

The Advantage Is That You Can Start With As Little As 50 Pesos


In Order To Receive In Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Stock

From The Foundation 

You Must Open A GoTrade Or Similar Account 

That Allows You To Invest In Berkshire Hathaway Stock


Many People Used Their GCash To Transfer Funds

From Their GCash Account To Their 

GoTrade Or Investment Account


The Goal Is To Transfer Money Into 

Your Investment Account On A Monthly Basis