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We are a non-profit educational foundation that is dedicated
to teach kids, teens, young adults, and adults
Success and Money Principles.

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Free Financial Education
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Our Mission

Teach 10,000 Students
Donate $1,000,000 to
Schools, Churches, & Organizations

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300 + Free Classes

Learn success and money secrets from
Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins, Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki,
Kurt Mortenson and more.

Financial Education

Learn success and money secrets from best-selling authors and educators. Courses like Think and Grow Rich, Multiple Streams of Income, Road to Wealth, and 5 Steps to Financial Freedom.

Multiple Methods of Learning

We support
our students with free online courses,
live interactive ZOOM classes, and online support.

Real Donations

On a monthly basis, the Success and Money Foundation will award the top schools, churches, charities, groups and teams a donation from the foundation.

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If you have been invited to be a part of a group, register to be apart of that group by clicking a “Join Now” button. 
If you want to create a new group, email us at successandmoneyfoundation@gmail.com. Otherwise, you can learn as an Individual.

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Success and Money Challenge

Play the
Game of Money

Playing the Game of Money is simple: you learn the basics of managing money through our 5 Steps to Financial Freedom and Wealth Formula, as well as how to share this valuable information with others via our Money Made Easy series for kids, teens, young adults, and adults.


Our Online Learning segment is where you will watch and learn from best-selling authors and educators, including Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and many more! You earn points for each video, which become real donations from Success and Money Foundation.

Show Me the Money

On a monthly basis, the Success and Money Foundation will award donations to the top schools, churches, charities,
groups and teams. 
The individual gets the knowledge…
The organization gets the donation.

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