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We teach financial skills and success habits to people all over the world.
Learn about investing and success from world-class teachers. Join thousands of students in a thriving community. Earn real rewards while learning.

Why Take Classes With The 

Success And Money Foundation?

– Free, Easy-To-Access Learning

Get top-notch education from top-notch mentors, for free. Knowledge should be available to everyone.

– Real Rewards For Learning

We want to reward active learners. As you complete our courses and introduce the foundation to others, you can receive stock rewards as an incentive to keep learning.

– Supportive Community

Our community of thousands of students is here to help you overcome challenges and keep you motivated.

– Tailored For You

Tools and courses that fit you. No matter where you are in your journey towards success.

We’re Here To Make Positive Changes 

To Big Problems

– We Fight Financial Confusion

Schools rarely teach even basic financial literacy. Our classes give students free tools to make smart financial choices.

– We Empower Overlooked Earners

With access to the right tools and team, everyone can be successful. We’ve created courses and a community that unites people with ZERO sales pressure.

– We Teach Success Skills and Habits

We teach more than just finance and investing, because education is useless until students learn to overcome challenges and develop a personal success routine.

– We’re Bridging the Mentorship Gap

It’s hard to find financial and success mentors that aren’t trying to sell a product or system. We match students with mentors without sales motives. Our best students become mentors to new learners.

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