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To Improve People's Lives

Our Mission

Free Success And Money Classes
For Anyone, Anywhere

Provide Eyeglasses
And Food For Those In Need

Give Donations To
Schools, Churches, Charities,
Groups And Teams

We are a

Non-Profit Educational Foundation

That is Dedicated to Teach

Kids, Teens, Young Adults, and Adults


Success And Money Principles

There are Over 300 FREE Online Classes

By Best Selling Authors and Educators

Introducing The

Success and Money Foundation




The Foundation
Has 2 Purposes

Success and Money Classes


We Study the

Success and Money Secrets

from People Like:

Robert Allen

Warren Buffett

Bill Gates

Elon Musk

Jeff Bezos

Robert Kiyosaki

Randy Garn

Mark Zuckerberg

Tony Robbins

Dave Ramsey


Mark Victor Hansen

Tom Painter

… And More!

FREE Online
Success & Money Classes
For Anyone, Anywhere

When a School, Church, Charity or Non-profit

Organizes a Group

And the Participants Attend

FREE Online Classes

The Top Scoring Organization will Receive a Donation

From The Foundation

In Addition

The Top Scoring Individuals can

Nominate their Favorite Organization

To Receive a Donation

From the Foundation

The Student Gets the Knowledge

The Organization gets the Donation

Here are Charities
That our Students Nominated

Charity Nominated By:
Mabuhay Deseret Foundation Brady Bott
Volunteers of America Justin Bauer
Kids Better World - Africa Heshie Segal
Feed My Starving Children Swen Pipatanangkura
Joyce Meyer Ministries Shelia Adams
Koala Hospital of Australia Karsai (Pearl) Gyongyi
United Negro Fund Shelia Adams
PBS Canada Sammaiah Niemeier
Project Needs Shannon Keating
Cordelia Closet Lee-Ann Luke
New Hope Baptiste Church-West Indies Choix Melchoir
Catholic Charities Dan Darrant
Mary Kay Foundation Marcella Bain
Pathways - India Brittany Barnes
Cystic Fibrosis Jennifer Bassett
St. Judes Cory Rodin
St. Johns Judith McKay
St. Charles Catholic School Justin Bauer
Alzheimers Association Allyson Carter
Charity Vision Ali Houshmand
Basic Charter Schools Gwen Pipatanangkura
Big Brothers Vancouver Sammaiah Niemeier
St. Judes Cory Rodin
Center for Spiritual Living Patty Fenner
Charity Vision Laurel Gaumer
Better Kids World - Africa Heshie Segal
American Dream Grant Charles Gavin
Servies to Abused Families Scott Vinci
Charity Vision Heshie Segal
Charity Vision John Lee
Better Kids World - Africa Heshie Segal
The Joy Foundation - Uganda Jasmin Davy

Additional Charities We Believe In

Matthew 25:40

“When you have done it unto one of the these, You have done it unto me”


“Every Soul has Equal Value, Every Life is Precious”


Giving the Gift of Sight and Feeding the Hungry



For Every Hour a Students Attends Online Classes

The Foundation Will Donate a Pair of Glasses


Feed Someone in Need

Total Hours Of Online Learning

Total Number of Glasses Donated

Total Number of Meals Provided

Make A Difference,
Worldwide Programs

In many countries around the world,

we have the Make A Difference Program

Not only do they students learn about investing,

They Open Investment Accounts and Start Investing with Real Money


In Addition, The Top Scoring Students Can Also Participate in the

“Pay It Forward Program”

This is where they receive a small amount of money

From the Foundation and it’s their job to give it to others in need

Country Spotlight -
The Philippines

In the Philippines

50 of the Top-Scoring students received money

 to open up their own investment accounts.


In addition,


100+ of the Top-Scoring students participated in the

“Make a Difference” program.


The Success and Money Foundation

sent money to these 100 individuals

who then paid it forward by giving

 it to someone else in need.


These Students Have Made a Difference in Over 400 Lives



The money was used for medicine, doctor bills and food.

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The Student Gets The Knowledge 

The Organization Gets the Donation

In Addition To Our Online Classes
We Hold Weekly Live Interactive Classes
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Thursdays: 5am PST, 6am MST, 7am CST, 8am EST  (USA)

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9pm Philippines, 10pm Japan

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Our Goal is to Give Away
Between $5,000-$10,000 per month

To Top Scoring
Schools, Churches, Charities,
Groups, and Teams

The Student Gets the Knowledge

The Organization Gets a Donation

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