Meet the Team

Tom Painter, Founder

Funding the Foundation

Tom & LaDawn Painter

Donated $3,000,000 To The Foundation

As An Endowment

They Did This Using Real Estate, Berkshire Hathaway And Facebook Stock

Each Month The Foundation Makes Money From It's Investments

That Money Is Donated To
Schools, Churches, Charities, Groups And Teams

From Around The World

Foundation Advisor

Robert Allen


Content Advisors

Robert Allen

Kurt Mortenson

Software Engineers

Ethan Bird

Kyson Briggs

Logan Norene

Brady Bott

Technology Partners

DOMO For Good

Josh James (CEO)

Greg Olsen

Friends Of The Foundation


Greg Warnock

Savory Fund (Swig, R&R BBQ, Mo' Bettahs, Via 313 Restaurants)

Andrew Smith

Shauna Smith