Buffett Bucks - How It Works

Step 1:
Earn Buffett Bucks

Earn Buffett Bucks When You Attend Class

Earn Buffett Bucks When You Share With Others

By Using Your Personalized Link

When You Have Earned

At Least $10 In Buffett Bucks

Redeem Your Rewards

And We Will Send You Warren Buffett Stock (BRK.B)

Step 2:
Redeem Buffett Bucks

(Must Have At Least $10 To Redeem) 

Step 3:
After Redeeming

Fill Out The Form

In Order For Us To Send You Your Berkshire Hathaway Stock 

Fill Out The Form 


Tell Us How You Would Like To Receive Your Funds 

(Gcash, Paypal, Venmo, Etc)

Step 4.
Once You Have Received Your Funds

Immediately Go Into Your Investment Account
And Invest In Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Stock (BRK.B)

(All Funds Received From The Foundation Must Be Placed Into Berkshire Hathaway Stock)

How to Fund Your Investment Account
And Purchase Berkshire Hathaway Stock