Why Do We Study Successful People?

Because You Didn't Attend Those Classes In School

How Do
YOU And YOUR Group
Earn Cash And Prizes?

Our Impact

To Date

Number Of Students


That Have Completed

Hours Of Free Online Learning



Hours Of Free Live Classes


Total Hours

Success And Money Foundation
Is A Non-Profit Educational Charity

2023 Goals

20,000 Students

9,926 To Date

49% Achieved

200,000 Hours

130,879 To Date

65% Achieved

Some Of The Groups We Support
Eye Sight
Clean Water

So What's The Catch?

No Catch

We Are A Non Profit Educational Charity

That Is Supported By Successful Entrepreneurs
Best Selling Authors And Educators

Why Are THEY Doing This?

#1. They Want To Leave A Legacy, And Give Back

#2. Because You Didn't Attend Those Classes In School

#3. To Provide The Resources So That
You And Your Family Can Live A Better Life

Why Are They Giving Out Cash And Prizes
To You And Your Group?

#1. To Create Incentives To Learn
#2. To Support Individuals And Groups
#3. To Encourage People To Start Long Term Investing

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